(Mod 8 XB1) Rohini’s DPS-Buff/Debuff Cleric 2.0

by Rohini on March 24, 2016
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(Mod 8 XB1) Rohini’s DPS-Buff/Debuff Cleric 2.0

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Changes for 2.0: Big changes to feats, enchantments, artifacts, and passive powers. Basically, I switched Negation for Elven Battle and as a result am now using Foresight instead of Prophetic Action. The older combo of using Negation with Prophetic Action and it’s off-hand boost is still very viable and may be less expensive since a Perfect Negation is cheaper than a Trans Elven.

Hi all, I’m Rohini and this is my Xbox One Underdark Mod 8 build for DPS-buff/debuff Cleric. I’m sure there’s plenty of other experienced players who have come up with their own great builds, but this one has worked great for me after numerous tweaks and revisions. I do an even share between PVP and PVE, so I wanted to create a build that could be valuable and viable in both settings. I’ll be the first to admit that this building is not much of a healing build. That being said, I can provide heals if needed but I consider my own strengths to be laying down the hurt, surviving, and increasing team DPS. We also do not use Gift of Haste, so if you’re playing with groups that are expecting that then prepare for an onslaught of criticism.

This whole build started when I decided that I didn’t want to have to create multiple characters to fulfill different roles. My Cleric was my first level 60(then 70) character, and now I play her almost exclusively since she can play almost any role in the game. She’s great for solo content and can be a huge asset on PVE teams, and I very quickly earned the Head Hunter and Dominion Champion titles with this build in PVP. I got frustrated with playing the role of “healer” in dungeons and on PVP and ending games with next to zero kills or damage. If this was to be my main character, she had to be able to do more than just heal other players while they have all the fun. So here’s how I personally think this character stacks up.


  • Relatively high DPS(you’ll rarely top the charts, but you won’t be at the bottom)
  • Ability to buff/debuff for the entire team
  • Survivablity, and the ability to pseudotank in a pinch
  • Control resist for PVP
  • Easy solo content
  • Versatility
  • Ability to kill Tanks


  • No great way for quick healing
  • Mediocre crit chance/severity
  • PUG teams may get upset with you for not being “healz healz healz” or “haste haste haste”

So with that said, here’s the build.

Race selection

For me, it was all about Control Resist, which leads to either Moon Elf or Halfling. Halfling would technically be a better choice because of the Deflect chance, but I went with Moon Elf for aesthetics and the AP gain is nice. Dragonborn could also be a good choice for stat selection as well as the increased DPS.

Ability score

Wisdom, wisdom, and more wisdom! This will increase your damage, healing, control bonus, and control resist – all particularly important stats. Between secondary stats, strength is probably more appropriate than charisma. For my level ups, all my points went into wisdom and strength. Unfortunately, neither Moon Elf nor Halfling let you pick Wisdom so it’s all personal preference for Ability Seleciton at character creation.

Paragon Path

So it boils down to this:

  • Annointed Champion is going to have slightly better survivability, but worse DPS
  • Divine Oracle is going to have better control resist and significantly better DPS

For that reason, I think Divine Oracle is the only way to go.


This is of course the meat of any build. After numerous respecs, this is what seems to work best for me:

Screenshot original

I don’t think it’s worthwhile to talk about these individually, but a few things worth mentioning:


  • Domain synergy and Initiate of the Faith are not worthwhile, as even at max level they provide only small boosts
  • Templar’s Domain has an insanely high(5 minute) cooldown and is not worth putting points into
  • Putting a single point into Cleanse can and will safe your character’s life


  • Living Fire is not going to help us out, as we are very rarely going to have low enough HP for it to proc
  • Power of the Sun can be viable solely for PVP but is not going to significantly help much in PVE, so I chose not to use it.
  • Condemned will give a nice DPS boost to your teammates
  • Astral Fury, Righteous Suffering, Piercing Light, Bear your Sins, and Fire of the Gods are going to drastically improve your personal DPS.

Changes for 2.0:

  • Ditched Weapons of Light and Piercing Light in favor of getting into the Righteous path for Benefit of Foresight.

Companions -these are the ones I currently use:

  • Mercenary(summoned) – fill this guy up with bondings and in the equipment slots put stuff that will give power and recovery. With how rapid it proccs Companion’s Gift there are very few reasons to ever unslot him
  • Fire Archon – dps
  • Air Archon – dps
  • Owlbear Cub – huge DPS booster with how high our Power can get
  • Chicken – the run speed is huge, especially in Epic Demo

Honorable mention(or if the above are unavailable/too expensive. I also included some I haven’t personally used but look interesting.

  • Young yeti – nice DPS boost
  • Sylph – huge if you aren’t using a Transcendent Feytouched
  • Cockatrice/Crab – root can be helpful in open world PVP
  • Rust Monster – possibly helpful in open world PVP
  • ?Will-O-Wisp – not available yet but looks promising
  • ?Sprite – AP gain always nice
  • ?Dancing Shield – a little bit of a deflect chance

Boons – these honestly don’t contribute a ton to the build, but here were my choices. My focus was on Defense, Deflect, Regeneration(for HP regen between PVP fights), Power, and improving survivability through HP recovery.

  • Sharander: Defense, Deflect, AP Gain, HP recovery, Fey Thistle
  • Dread Ring: Power, Regeneration, Deflect Chance, HP recovery, Augmented Thayan Bastion
  • Icewind: Combat Advantage, Incoming Healing Bonus, Recovery, Winter’s Bounty(AP gain)
  • Tyranny: Power, Deflect, Defense, Regeneration, Control Strength
  • Underdark: Defense, Critical Strike, Combat Advantage, Control Resist, who cares
  • PVP: Defense/Deflect, DR bonus for teammates,
  • Stronghold: Armor Penetration OR Power(PVP OR PVE, Defense, Movement Speed


  • Get the best Duelist Set you can get your hands on, ideally Lionsmane.
  • Twisted Weapon set for both tankiness and DPS
  • If you need PVE gear, the Dusk set is more than enough to get you by
  • Lostmauth Necklace and Belt for set bonus and Armor Penetration
  • Ring of Ambush can be very helpful in improving survivability while your high Regeneration restores you in PVP
  • The other ring slot is variable — I like the Ring of Brutality, personally.

Changes for 2.0:

  • Nothing really – but I did obtain both an Imperial and Valindra’s set in anticipation of Lostmouth getting nerfed. Nobody knows how good or bad it will be after this, so I would wait before heavily investing in a set if you don’t already have one


  • Transcendent Feytouched in PVP
  • Any other debuffing weapon enchantment in PVE – I personally use Transcendent Bronzewood as nobody else does so it stacks other debuffs
  • Transcendent Elven for that sweet, sweet control resist. This is not viable if you can’t afford Transcendent(see below), as it doesn’t protect from stuns.
  • For offensive slots, go with Dark for Armor Pen – incredibly important for killing tanks
  • For defense slots, go with Azures until your Damage Resistance is above 40%, then go for Silvery for Deflect

Always on: Lostmauth’s Horn, Forgehammer of Gond(or Guardian Sigil), Oghma’s Token
Active: Sigil of the Devoted(PVP PVE in groups) or Token of Chromatic Storm(PVE solo)

Screenshot originalScreenshot original

Axebeak(PVP) or Strider(PVE) for APen or Movement, respectively. This will likely change when the new mount system rolls out


These are the ones you absolutely want to have available:

At will:
Brand of the Sun – this is the most important At Will in your lineup and a huge source of Damage Over Time
Astral Seal – useful for dragon fights and for proc’ing Cleanse
Lance of Faith – Primary DPS At Will and quick Divinity Gain

Break the Spirit – incredible powerful skill. Provides our main source of CC in PVP, fast casting speed, and at fully empowered gives the group a massive 40% damage boost. Also another source for Damage over Time
Astral Shield – always to be used with at least 1 charge of empowered in PVP – can play a roll in undergeared groups in PVE if there’s no Paladin
Sunburst – major source of DoT in PVP, heals to proc Cleanse, and a knockback effect in PVP
Divine Glow – another great buff/debuff that can be fantastic in PVE
Prophecy of Doom – useful debuff for large bosses like dragons
Daunting Light – for solo content
Chains of Blazing Light – an optional second AoE for solo content

Foresight – with the feat boost and off-hand gives an amazing +13% DR and +3% deflect to your entire time, equivalent of 5200 def and 1200 deflect.
Terrifying Insight – great DPS booster

Changes for 2.0:

  • I am now using Foresight instead of Prophetic Action

Hammer of Fate – Massively underrated power. This is a huge solo target DPS that hits over 3 ticks AND provides control immunity for the 2.5 seconds its active. I’ll very frequently open a fight with a CW or HR with this to throw off their rotation and start them on the defensive
Hallowed Ground – our best buffing move out there. Incredibly useful for large fights on a node in PVP and better for most PVE content.

Artifact Powers

  • For main hand, I highly recommend Brand of the Sun for extra DPS and DoT
  • For offhand, the 3% deflect chance of Foresight is very helpful
  • For offhand stat, Control Bonus or AP Gain are the way to go


You are going to have two slightly different loadouts for PVP and PVE. Here’s the general idea:

– Loadout should be BotS, Astral Seal, Break the Spirit, Astral Shield, Divine Glow, Hallowed Ground with Sigil of the Devoted equipped
– Keep Hallowed Ground up as much as possible using Sigil of the Devoted
– Lay down AS, spam BotS and Astral Seal for divinity until filled
– Use Divine Glow unempowered, then Divine Glow in divinity x1(it is glitched and does not stack), use Break the Spirit x2 to unload divinity, and finished with a fully empowered Break the Spirit for massive group power gain

PVE(bosses, dragons, etc.)
– Loadout should be BotS, Astral Seal, Break the Spirit, Prophecy of Doom, Divine Glow, Hallowed Ground with Sigil of the Devoted equipped
– Keep Hallowed Ground up as much as possible using Sigil of the Devoted
– Use Prophecy of Doom, spam BotS and Astral Seal for divinity until filled
– Use Divine Glow unempowered, then Divine Glow in divinity x1(it is glitched and does not stack), use Break the Spirit x2 to unload divinity, and finished with a fully empowered Break the Spirit for massive group power gain

For an example, here’s a clip of an Edemo run:

As you can see, massive buffs!

– This is easy, spam Astral Shield, Daunting Light and/or Chains and use Divine Glow for your own healing and buffs. If you have a Token can use it for extra mob /boss dPS

– Loadout should be BotS, Astral Seal/Lance of Fate, Break the Spirit, Astral Shield, Sunburst, Hammer of Fate,  Hallowed Ground with Ogma’s Release equipped
– Spam BotS to build divinity and use either Astral Seal or Lance of Fate as your main damaging At-Wills once BotS is going
– Keep Astral Shield with 1 tick if empowerment up as much as possible – very few PVPers can hit through this
– You can perma-stun by alternating BotS with Divinity BTS after a bit of practice
– Use Sunburst to knock people off nodes and to proc Cleanse
– When fighting TR/HR/CW/SW, use Hammer of Fate for CC immunity and to try and end the fight as soon as possible with a quick kill
– When fighting GWF/DC/OP/GF, use Hallowed Ground to improve your survivability and increase your damage for a longer duration to wear them down
– When fighting OP or GF, stack DoT with BotS, divinity Sunburst, and BTS to wear them down
– In 1 on 1 fights, BtS and BOTS perma-stun combo is your go-to damaging combo
– In large fights on nodes, divinity sunburst and fully empowered BTS are your go-to powers
– CC is your worst enemy, use Ogma’s and Dodge liberally

Budget Options

This build admittedly can get very expensive. A few suggestions that can cut down costs:

  • You could use the Prophetic Action/offhand power and Perfect Negation instead of Foresight and Trans Elven Battle. This was the original 1.0 build and I enjoyed a lot of success with it
  • You could use the Guardian Sigil instead of Forgehammer
  • Prioritize ranking up your Azures before your Darks. Survivability is your number one priority


The Devoted Cleric is a surprisingly diverse class with multiple viable builds in Neverwinter. The debuff/DPS Cleric can be a great addition to any decently geared team for both PVE and PVP content. I’ll be revising this guide as questions and suggestions come in, so please feel free to comment!

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  • Gerry Springer
    April 7, 2016 at 5:02 pm

    Thanks man nice guide! I will be making a DC now during the x2 event on Xbox to reach level 60 for the Sigil of the Devoted artifact. I liked this guide and will be following it, but do you have any tips for new clerics starting out, I’m guessing this guide is good for lv 70 DC with some gear and such? Would you say it’s also a good and viable build for solo leveling up to lv 60 without the boons and feats and gear coming together?

  • Gerry Springer
    April 7, 2016 at 6:01 pm

    Also what about companions?

  • April 9, 2016 at 3:15 pm

    Why do you recommend piercing light but don’t slot it?

  • Shazza
    April 10, 2016 at 10:44 pm

    Thanks for this guide. There are so few current ones available, it is nice to see one focused on buffs / debuffs.

  • Kipz
    April 25, 2016 at 2:32 pm

    Nice guide! Does this work on PC? Or are there some major differences that make it unviable? (Am noob)

  • Chris
    June 2, 2016 at 5:05 am

    I wonder if this build is functional on the PC ?

  • steven
    June 18, 2016 at 6:23 pm

    i used to play clerics all the time while having fun with one but now when i see builds for them they dont explain what powers to use what armor set to get where it makes me not want to play them anymore

  • OG
    July 9, 2016 at 5:47 pm

    if dont have the moon elf what race can i use instead and how to speak the stats

  • Solberg
    April 4, 2017 at 1:36 pm

    Hi man, do you still recommend the lostmauth set at mod 10?

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