MOD 8 Master Infiltrator PVE/PVP TR Build CA=AP

by Jonathan Tyler Turner on April 6, 2016
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MOD 8 Master Infiltrator PVE/PVP TR Build CA=AP

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MOD 8 Master Infiltrator PVE TR Build CA=AP

So to start off, I realize that Trickster Rogues have been through a lot of changes and since MOD 6 drop they have been on a downward slope in both going from TOP DOG in PVE and PVP to an amateur in PVE and with Underdark rings basically just like every other character in PVP. Well just basically using the TR it is just one of those classes that cannot keep up with the rest until you look at the science of the class as far as what you can actually stack together. I am going to explain what I mean by the real science of the class. This build runs off the Combat Advantage damage building Action Points for Power and immediate stealth regen to give you a high/constant critical chance through stealthing. Dungeons will really show your true potential as keeping above 35k power and up through the whole dungeon along with close to 150% plus critical severity in combat.

I do not read or will read other builds for a TR but I do accept critique. From what I see on other rogues, I see people stacking critical chance or even armor penetration and with that not really taking in the passive features into account. This build is going to be very specific to how this build works and why I chose these specific ways of playing. So let’s jump into it. All information is based on readings on the Neverwinter Wiki page, my personal knowledge. I will only reference useful information as to the build. For my credibility, I have been a TR since the beginning of the launch release (Xbox One) so I know my way around the class, I did not jump ship when they hit the fan unlike most people. Also I have played both paragons so I am not just choosing MI as of that’s all I know but what works better.


^This is my TR as of 3/28/16. I do not spend money and I am pretty cheap but I make things work with what I got, so if you have the money then make your TR the best but if not my actual equipment setup works pretty well.

Race Choice:

Human (3 extra heroic feats and extra 3% defense) (+2 to any ability score) {my choice}

Dragonborn (3 % extra power and critical severity) (+2 to any two stats)

Half Orc (5% critical severity) (+2 to Dex and either +2 to Con or Strength)

Ability Score Roll:

Attribute with percentages page 1     Attribute with percentages page 2     Attribute with percentages page 3 end.

Roll for a high Dexterity stat which is primary stat for rogues. Then as a secondary go for strength and third as charisma.

Dex is basically your crit chance, Str is your power, and Charisma is your Combat Advantage

Heroic Feats:

Feat Path, Heroic and Paragon

This is where I like the Human over other races for the extra Heroic feat points, ACTION ADVANTAGE(AA) IS A MUST here. If you do choose another race then take away those you see unnecessary but keep AA.


  • Action Advantage 5/5
  • Weapon Mastery 3/3
  • Cunning Ambusher 3/3
  • Twilight Adept 1/5
  • Endless Assault 3/3
  • Scoundrel Training 3/3
  • Improved Cunning Sneak 5/5


EXECUTIONER Paragon Feats:


  • Arterial Cut 5/5
  • Grim Pleasure 5/5
  • Vicious Pursuit 5/5
  • Dying Breath 5/5
  • Deathknell 5/5
  • Last Moments 5/5
  • Shadowborn 5/5
  • Exposed Weakness* 5/5


*The EXPOSED WEAKNESS 5/5 I use is for PVP, so if primarily a PVE person replace with TWISTED GRIN 5/5.


Campaign Boons:


Sharander Boons

Dark Fey Hunter

Fey Precision

Elven Haste

Elven Ferocity

Elvish Fury


Dread Ring:

Dread Ring Boons

Reliquary Keeper’s Strength

Evoker’s Thirst

Forbidden Piercing

Shadow Touch

Rampaging Madness


Icewind Dale:

Icewind Dale Boons

Encroaching Tactics

Refreshing Chill

Sleek Skills

Cool Resolve

Winter’s Bounty



Underdark Boons

Primordial Might

Primordial Focus

Drow Ambush Tactics

Dwarven Stamina

Abyssal Strikes


Tyranny of Dragons:

Tyranny of Dragons Boons

Dragon’s Claws

Dragon’s Gaze

Draconic Armorbreaker

Dragon’s Greed

Dragon’s Fury (3/3)



PVP Boons

Legion’s Valor

Vanguard’s Resolve

Versatile Warrior


STRONGHOLD BOONS will be given as your guild provides, keep these in mind when picking what stats need but also remember you may not be in that guild forever.


Now let us start talking about equipment, slots, and companions for PVE and move setups for both PVE and PVP.


Air Archon; Earth Archon, Water Archon, Fire Archon, and now as your active companion you’re going to strive for either a decked out Mercenary companion for proccing power stat, Owlbear Pup companion for the chance to do 50% of power on a non critical strike and good offense slots, or the Black Dragon Ioun Stone for the superior offense slots and the 10 extra crit chance and severity under 50% of health points. This is what I use myself.

Also one could stack Critical Severity companion and an augment/proccing companion. All depends on how you configure this to your playstyle. Recommended for someone wanting higher critical chances in the build.


Equipment Slots:

Dual setting I find is better than putting 3 of a kind as the set bonus for having 2 of each of these are better. My opinion though.

  • (Head) Dragonflight Raid Mask (need access to rank 4 guild market)
  • (Armor) Dusk Raid Vest (trade bar merchant)
  • (Gloves) Dragonflight Raid Gloves (need access to rank 4 guild market)
  • (Feet) Dusk Assault Boots (trade bar merchant)


*(Ring Slots) Personalized Gemmed Adamant Ring of Piercing [X2] or if too much Armor Penetration use the Recovery based rings instead which can also be made personalized. {Will need rank 25 Jewelcrafting}

*These can be replaced with certain Underdark rings as you see fit for the build.


(Neck) Lostmouth’s Hoard Necklace *part of artifact set* NEED

(Waist) Golden Belt of Puissance *part of artifact set* NEED


(Main Hand) Burning Dagger [Roll for the Duelist Flurry artifact power]

(Off Hand) Burning Stiletto [Roll for the Infiltrator’s Action artifact power and the Combat Advantage state increase]
*The Burning Set is obtained by getting 100 Fire Motes out of the Fiery Pits, can google for more information.

**These weapons can be replaced with Twisted set from Underdark or kept with Elemental Fire set if you have a Flail Snail or another AP gain based mount that will be introduced in MOD 9. Drowned set if more of a PVP player would be adequate.


For your 4 artifact slots:

Lantern of Revelation (Active for PVE) for it helps the group and yourself.

Lostmouth’s Horn (Active for PVP) THIS IS A REQUIREMENT FOR ARTIFACT SET stated as it procs 10% or so of the damage per critical hit landed.

This is where you have options for your last two artifacts out of this list –

  • Sigil of the Trickster – ( I use)
  • Sigil of the Controller – ( I use)
  • Kessel’s Sphere of Annihilation
  • Heart of the Blue Dragon
  • Horn of Valhalla


Enchantment Slots for Equipment: Assume best possible rank of enchantment for these slots.


Offense: Radiant

Defense: Draconic (can use really whatever you like here since TR is a very squishy class)

Utility: Dragon’s Hoard for PVE or Dark for PVP (Replace Dragon’s Hoard with Dark enchants once all equipment is legendary)

Armor Enhancement: Soulforge for PVE and either keep Soulforge or use an Eleven Battle for PVP. I personally feel as a negation is useless for a squishy class.

Weapon Enhancement: VORPAL ALWAYS at the highest able to obtain.


Now that we are done with all of the items needed or to strive for we can get into the move sets for PVE and PVP, also a soloing technique for long based stealth I will include.


PVE MOVESET: This allows for full long term Combat Advantage buildup of the Action Points along with high power rating. This move set will cause quick bursts of stealth gain for guaranteed critical chance within stealth.

The powers you see active/button mapped in the pictures are how it should look for PVE.

Power layout 1

Power layout 2
**Avoid that I emphasize on ITC.

Power layout 3

Power layout 4

At will – Duelist Flurry and Cloud of Steel

Encounters – Dazing Strike, Lashing Blade, and Smoke Bomb

Class Features – Infiltrator’s Action and Invisible Infiltrator (These make the BUILD)

Dailies – Bloodbath and Whirlwind of Blades


PVP MOVESET: This is for taking down big targets or really any target quickly. Remember to switch to PVP armor for Tenacity. Executioner sets of Burning and Lionsmane are the recommended.

These you can fool around with to fit your playstyle, this just my personal setup/recommendations

At will – Sly Flourish and Cloud of Steel

Class Features – First Strike and Invisible Infiltrator

Encounters – Shadow Strike, Lashing Blade, and either Smoke Bomb or Deft Strike or ITC

Dailies – Bloodbath and either Shocking execution or Courage Breaker


Soloing (Long based stealth): Made to dwindle down mobs and not die in process, will allow you to stay stealth a very long time if done correctly.

This is pretty much going to be your best bet for doing dailies/campaign dailies/solo running missions if a lower Item Level character or until your confident enough with your character in general.

At will – Gloaming Cut and Cloud of Steel

Encounters – Shadow Strike, Bait and Switch, and Smoke Bomb

Features – Tenacious Concealment and Invisible Infiltrator

Dailies – Bloodbath and YOUR CHOICE


I am not going to explain the rotation as I feel it is more adequate to learn the rotation other than just me telling you how to do it for all of the areas, PVE, PVP, SOLO. Actually learning what to do will value yourself better as a TR than just reading and getting frustrated. Just take time and you will get how it works.

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  • April 8, 2016 at 12:40 am

    Please feel free to critique or reccomendations by all means or even questions.

  • Skyler
    April 16, 2016 at 9:22 am

    Under PvP personal abilities you have cloud of steel. Could you please revise?

    • April 16, 2016 at 2:17 pm

      Assuming that you mean to explain this and not the meaning of change, sure. Cloud of steel is one of those great abilities that gives the TR quick ranged offense for killing enemies that run off or dwindle down those tankier classes that can manhandle you if you happen to get close enough. Its always good to keep it slotted for every situation PVE/PVP. The melee move used can be altar for the fit of play style ,but again I highly recommend keeping Cloud of Steel slotted.

  • crazycupcakes
    April 17, 2016 at 2:20 pm

    with the Lostmauth changes would you suggest an different set over it?

    • April 17, 2016 at 3:37 pm

      Well I wouldn’t but for the exception if you cannot happen to get a base critical chance of 40% then the Black Ice set would be the only other good option or if you PVP alot the Black Ice set would be good as far as the changes go. The new set dropping with MOD 9 seems pretty good in theory, I would look into that if you have any other doubts.

  • April 30, 2016 at 3:04 pm

    Im a rookie and with theese settings the game went from hard to fun and plossible )


  • Zak
    May 1, 2016 at 9:51 pm

    interesting concepts, just 2 things:

    1. “Class Features – Infiltrator’s Action and Invisible Infiltrator (These make the BUILD)”

    I’m not sure infiltrator’s action actually makes this build. In dungeons you rarely lose combat advantage. In many cases you have 4 other people and 5 pets running around lol. Plus, oftentimes other classes can give you some CA through feats and powers. And on top of that we have small windows of guaranteed CA from stealth (which I assume happens more often in your build due to invisible infiltrator being proc’d more due to the higher ap gain and burning set). Even when solo I think people just have to dps opposite their pet. So would people following your spec be better off with another class feature such as tactics or tenacious concealment?

    Also along the same lines maybe you want to suggest the combat advantage companion duo since CA is such a big part of your build?

    2. “Dailies – Bloodbath and Whirlwind of Blades”

    bloodbath does an okay amount of damage and is fun in solo play, but in dungeons do you think that it maybe spreads the damage too thinly? We rely so heavily on shadow of demise for dps and and it seems like there’s some higher dps options out there that might also have a bit more utility. Just a thought :]

    3. Have you considered the DC sigil as an active slot? Might pair well with your burning set. just a thought :]

    • May 1, 2016 at 10:28 pm

      Good questions.

      1. Action lets you keep combat advantage no matter the situation so in front or somehow aggroing (doubt will happen) or just going into a battle fresh assuming you make the time limit which is like 20 seconds or so. My combat advantage damage percentage now is 10% so I can keep an extra 10% damage boost constantly. True some classes give you combat advantage or if you wanna take the time to obtain combat advantage normally then yes you could switch this feat out but I find it a necessity. That being said with the feat Action Advantage we are constantly building Action Points. For the whole companion argument yes you could actually, there is a few different set of companions you could use thats just the only ones I have tested. Anything with crit severity is gonna be good, the archons are good as they stack and are useful actives at every section of the battle (beginning, middle, end), or could use combat advantage damage boosts to get a higher increase your CA damage which actually is a good idea imo. Not sure if it works as well but sounds good on paper. As for the different Class Feature, I do not recommend that you change but of course until you can build AP good with the CA damage then yes you probably will want to run another feature. Something like Tactics will suffice until then but as for Tenacious Concealment I would say no as it only lets you gain stealth passively better from which is should be fine as long as your not getting hit, just my thought. Could try that out and tell me if it does.

      2.This actually has that whole mentality of relying on yourself, this is a guaranteed save move for that OH SHIT moment. People cannot just solely rely on their team and honestly if your left as the last one left and in my experience a rogue who doesnt have this lasts about 1/3 of the time as one who does. In a comfort zone youll only be using one real daily anyway (Whirlwind, Lurkers, or Courageous). So why not have that save move thats gonna help with survival and soloing bosses (soloed lostmouth my fair share with bloodbath).

      3 An up close and personal class should always use a Lantern, I do not care whom says other wise. LANTERN LANTERN LANTERN, whole team does more damage and yourself. The fact is when you build AP to fast your gonna wanna use it or do not wanna let it go to waste. I give myself and my AP lets me have time to take advantage of my daily procced power boost. A constant spam of dailies will reduce your DPS.

  • RiqueSouls
    May 8, 2016 at 7:47 pm

    I was wondering if you have an alternative build such as a sabetour? I used the build u provided but saw that alot of times that this build is kind of more of like a glass cannon and i find myself getting beaten by other rouges who have sab or scoundrel

    • May 8, 2016 at 10:58 pm

      That is really all executioner builds are, glass cannon. Assuming your getting it kicked in pvp, really about gear at that view point. Having around 2k or so of tenacity will help alot and having pushed armor pen up as much as possible is key (80% is cap for pvp). The saboteur build is very good for pvp and i believe there is a build on the site or was about pure pvp TRs. Scoundrel is a toss up whether it would be good. Never saw it used since the MOD 6 drop. Executioner is the only build that can be a hybrid and do well in both IMO.

  • Nev
    May 27, 2016 at 12:54 am

    Needs update plz…..

  • Skyler
    May 31, 2016 at 11:55 am

    I saw you did a little revision since last I looked. Nothing major to affect me but I was just curious on your thoughts on an idea I use. Smoke bomb is really helpful in mob situations, especially with stealth effects and poison damage, but I was wondering if it couldn’t be added to have wicked reminder in for big boss fights. In my little experience I’ve found smoke bomb slightly useless on say Syndreth but wicked reminder has been helpful in its ability to break armor. Just something I started doing and was wondering your thoughts.

    • Skyler
      May 31, 2016 at 12:02 pm

      Also another thought. Sorry bout the double comment. Anyways the soulforged is a slightly expensive armor enchantment so could I suggest a bloodtheft until said ad is acquired? TRs are a squishy class but alot of my guild are surprised by my survivability. I think that enchantment may be part of the cause with its life steal like ability.

      • May 31, 2016 at 5:46 pm

        Bloodtheft is a good cheap enchant, hell I would use it if I did not have a soulforge. Elven is also good for the stamina regen if you can get ahold one of those but bloodtheft is a great choice. Yes my build is def more about survive-ability IMO and DPSing vs. just pure DPS builds.

    • May 31, 2016 at 5:44 pm

      I use smoke bomb with everything but yeah smoke bomb can be switched out for wicked reminder for bosses where it is literally just the boss (lostmouth, orcus, etc). I just hate the animation time for it but it does help yourself and the team. Also keep in mind the using smoke bomb immediately after stealth depletion initiates shadow of demise (why i use it no matter what).

      • Skyler
        June 1, 2016 at 10:44 am

        Thank you for your responses and thanks for the build help. I really enjoy my TR. It’s not the best it can be by far (lack of equipment, enchantments, etc.) but she gets the job done.

  • Louie
    June 2, 2016 at 12:37 am

    I prefer executioner with 15 points in scoundrel for Back Alley Tactics. Vastly better than on death buffs and 1 hit only feats. Not to mention over 60% RI is meh which you get from gear. Much more stable dps. Keep your normal playstyle just change 15 points and you will be so much better off.

    • June 2, 2016 at 1:24 pm

      The way I have my TR build as you can see it saying PVE/PVP TR is a hybrid. I can take it into pvp and pve and do good in both, that being said survivability is a key point here as well. Back Alley Tactics would be very good for a common standard build TR that just focuses on a high crit chance with moderate power (Lacking the amount of ap gain and possibly survivability). Therefore your suggestion would be amazing for a different type of TR if that makes any sense. With mine now which is 3.1k and some change has 15% combat advantage damage with predominately stays up an entire run of use once my first daily is popped. Means I keep an extra 15% of damage of already boosted combat advantage damage up at all times, not to mention I am constantly popping whirlwind and/or lurkers assault (good on single target only bosses now that I have found out) or even bloodbath where survivability is key. As I said, all a manner of build types for me, I do not think that would be the best choice but I am not sure.

  • Matt
    June 2, 2016 at 3:41 pm

    I can only put 20 points into feat and you have 23 I’m lost

  • Lymiss
    June 2, 2016 at 9:15 pm

    Hey what were your base ability scores? I want to try your build but I am having trouble matching the original ability scores. I am assuming you put the human bonus ability points into dex.

  • Mac
    June 8, 2016 at 11:04 pm

    Do the earth and water archon help with dps? There only good when you and the enemy are at full health. Wouldnt a dancing blade and a erinyes of belial be better?

    • June 10, 2016 at 4:47 pm

      They all stack together for additional percentages so it boosts the percentage to like 6.5 or 7% each archon with all 4 (also at the time these companions were dirt cheap). You could though replace those with the critical severity companions as that would be a good choice (not tested). I feel as if I do enough crit severity with feats and vorpal in the mix (close to 200 crit severity). All personal preference.

  • Jonathon Nunez
    July 5, 2016 at 4:59 pm

    I recently came back to Neverwinter after a year long hiatus. I’ve been trying to determine what I want to focus on, class-wise. Is this build accurate and still viable for Mod 9 (according to the version number at the top of my screen, Xbox One is on Mod 9 based on this link:

  • Miho
    July 30, 2016 at 5:20 pm

    What can I plan for in terms of newer characters and leveling up? Same goes for which stats to rank up in which levels. Thanks!

  • Okever
    August 2, 2016 at 2:19 am

    I am new to never winter and going with this build. Can you give me some starting into on what perks to look for in weapons and armor?

    • Okever
      August 2, 2016 at 2:23 am

      Also I didn’t see SoD listed in feats to take. It is just assumed to put a point into it or is this build not using it?

  • Chris hope
    August 4, 2016 at 7:16 pm

    Will this work for the newest update?

  • That guy Graig
    August 5, 2016 at 7:16 am

    How does this build stand up in PvE against other classes?
    I’m building this now and am around 1700 item level but get decimated by other players. I also die a lot, any tips?

  • Danz
    August 19, 2016 at 5:11 pm

    What Elemental Evil Boons did you use…?

  • Devil00713
    October 6, 2016 at 8:16 pm

    To the people asking about how this build would stand up against other classes in dps, the answer is not good. I think what he tried to do was make a pvp and pve build and in doing so made his tr mediocre at both. In order to win paingiver you’d need a true focus on pve. In order to win pvp.. focus pvp.

  • Jadin Klouse
    June 3, 2017 at 3:26 am

    Yes, this isn’t a bad build but I run a different build on my TR for PVE and I finish first or second in damage most of the time. Before they nerfed the TR it was almost a given for me to get paingiver every dungeon.

    In PVP when I use to play it (haven’t in about a year) my build was completely different and I was able to be pretty much a perma-stealth Trickster meaning I only came out of stealth to attack and went back immediately only to attack from the shadows and deal a death blow to a second enemy within seconds of killing my first victim. I usually finished games with 15-20 kills and 0-2 deaths. On off games I’d get around 8 kills and 2 deaths. That’s the beauty of a TR.

    I don’t agree with Infiltrator’s Action being necessary for a TR’s build. I don’t run it for PVE or PVP (I primarily dungeon) and I do fairly well. When you’re in stealth you will have Combat Advantage and most of your damage comes from stealth so it’s best to set a different personal. I spam stealth so there’s no point to running that personal, as I have CA constantly and use my most powerful moves while stealth is up.

    I do not like Dazing Strike. It’s range is not good. Blitz is a better move for range purposes, although is does less damage than Dazing Strike the area of it’s attack is much higher making it a more reliable move that DS. I use to melt level 1 mobs with Blitz before they weakened the TR but to be honest I wouldn’t run Dazing Strike or Blitz now. Both moves are inferior in my opinion.

    My TR build is a little bit different than most. I can’t figure out why other TR’s do not use Wicked Reminder. If you slot Wicked Reminder you go from 3 attacks to 5 attacks because of Wicked Reminders’ 3 charges. It’s also a single target attack and an AOE attack meaning if multiple enemies are stacked on each other then it will hit all of them simultaneously. This happens pretty frequently when I slot WR so you can use it when you are running through mobs in dungeons and during boss fights. Another thing about Wicked Reminder, if I remember correctly, it does as much if not more damage than duelist flurry. Except it doesn’t take 4 seconds to cast. It also reduces the target’s damage resistance by 10% and stacks up to 3 times which is a good move to help your group if you are playing with lower level players who don’t have 60% resistance ignored.

    You also didn’t list Skillful Infiltrator which in my eye is essential to have as a TR. When maxed you get +20% run speed, +4% critical strike, and +4% deflect. The run speed will help you get to enemies faster so you can kill them before anyone else in your group can (for people who care about paingiver) whilst helping you run from enemies. I’ve played with slotting and un-slotting that personal whether I ran Whisperknife or Master Infiltrator and let me tell you, that extra run speed can be the difference in you getting hit and dropping your stealth meter, forcing you to stay out of stealth only to be killed and you actually going into stealth, saving your life and allowing you to hit or run away. Speed kills and keeps you alive. You have to have that as a TR.

    Some guy was wondering if Bloodbath is a good move in dungeons. It is probably the best single-target daily for the trickster. I fluctuate between Lurker’s Assault and Bloodbath for single-target moves against bosses. If you get a mob obviously using Bloodbath is a no no. Use Whirlwind of blades in a mob. It’s the best AOE TR daily and you will receive a power boost for every enemy hit.
    If you are in a boss fight where none of his/her cronies will appear slot Lurker’s Assault and Bloodbath and activate Bloodbath when you are about to die. It will give you a respite from the fight while allowing a chance to lifesteal health for every hit given.

    knowledge reigns supreme

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