Control Wizard Stacy – Spellstorm Mage / PVE – Mod 9

by Ezequiel on April 27, 2016
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Control Wizard Stacy – Spellstorm Mage / PVE – Mod 9

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Choose the one that fit, however we have three that stand out, and Tiefling Dragonborn, Human is also good.

I am human because of +3 points


For hum CW and specifically, the CW DPS We want to focus on Intelligence and Charisma. Wisdom AND A secondary feature so do not worry too much about it.
– Intelligence contributes paragraph Damage Bonus

– Charisma contributes to critical chance and combat Advantage

Try to Get a Higher Intelligence and roll Charisma Possible

Heroicos Made:

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Toughness – I chose this because Made in the Great Scheme of Things, I intend to Be Wearing a HV Defined full time while I play, and I’m going to need Each HP Minimum drop Can I Get an End to survive. However, even if you ARE using the HV set, I advise you take this quick que done anyway, like increase of 9% FOR Maximum HP and Very Nice.

Weapon Mastery – CW are extremely dependent crit, like magic Storm provides great hum piece so great of Our Damage. 3% chance to crit Additional, there’s no doubt about it, DO NOT MISS!

wizard Wrath – AoE damage Additional 3% Much Better Than Battlewise, and I do not’m So concerned about the reduction cooldowns Encounter (About Fight) Thanks to twist spell, so I would say que this is definitely the best option in que the Level.

Fight About (3/5) – This And The Best Option Two level not own, and reducing cooldowns without meeting IS NOT bad, THEN I put enough points paragraph Next To The Next Level in present hum.

Blighting Power – Additional Damage 6% MADE BY USING cold Powers against targets What you cold Applied. Since we’re going to USE 2 Meetings Colds, and hum the Will That Is hum cold Meeting this Done worth Take, for sure.

Focused Wizardry – I admit, I was skeptical hum not start when he came to this done, but some of my friends, since then, convinced me to Reverse. 10% AoE damage reduction, but 30% increase in Pará Damage to Single Target Skills. My logic And I do not need that extra 10% Damage against trash mobs Who die Within Seconds, but um 30% increase nsa Powers Single Target, which I USE heads against – THAT will make much difference.

Paragon Feats:
Magic Storm Surge and malevolent – BOTH Made offered increased damage, MANY occur and / proc times in combat. Are Better Than Both OS Made no Next Level, THEN I recommend fast que You Take The Two.

Twisting Spell – This and One More IMPORTANT made this compilation, and Best Take it! IT effectively reduces all cooldowns YOUR Meeting by 30%.

Elemental Boost – This was a difficult decision for me Both OS Made They are good, and to my route, I Get 15% damage bonus Fairly firm to any hum From these.. However, I found what Elemental Boost Performance Best in Situations Short AoE while transfer Frozen Energy got the Best Performance in situations individuals target / boss / Dragon. Really, this is a personal preference of issue.

Elemental Empowerment – Fast You’ll Be Very dealing damage with cold THIS compilation, and this Made procs Cold damage forums, THEN DO NOT For Taking it! HE MAKE A substantial amount of damage WHEN HE procs, I would say that It is worth.

Attacking Force – Thaum cornerstone, I need to explain? Of the Agreement with My Analyzes ACT, que contributes about 9% of my damage

Cold Bitter – Your Target Sera Almost always have a stack of cold it, THEN this Done And a damage extra 6%.

Sepultura Cooling Control OR Reaction -. I’m not a big fan of any of the facts available here, but these two looked at Least offer positive ALGO My Construction Refrigeration Control And Better For those who are concerned with repelling caused minor BY severe reaction. grave reaction can be useful for his gain AP, but has a smaller effect in repelling enemies That attack Voce. However, this effect is minimal because mobs has so CC immunity in dungeons.

Icy Veins – Finally, The Other feat More Important This compilation. Icy Veins grant YOU An insane amount of control. Basically, always quick que You USE A Gathering of Foes All Around You get 5 fast que cold cells, which is a short stack of freezing them. If USED WITH CoI OU IT, And Basically hum insta-freeze.


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Equipment artifact
From now, while there is a variety of artifact sets of gear out there, some of them outshine others with regard to damage to this compilation. Here is the Artifact equipment I recommend:

Gold Belt Puissance
Hoard Lostmauth Necklace
Drowned Orb
Drowned Talisman

Artifact / Enchantments

Signet Devoted Cleric

Signet Control Wizard

revelation Lantern

Trumpet’s Lostmauth

Vorpal Major or higher – Denial or Soulforge
Offensive stones: Blue (Critical)
Defensive Stones: Black (Theft of Life)
Stones Utilities: Black (Movement) or Dragon Hoard (Find refin stones)


Armor: Elemental Drow Raid Robles
Head: Elemental Drow Raid Cap
Arm: Elemental Elven Raid armlets
Legs: Elemental Drow Raid Shoes

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    • May 26, 2016 at 12:11 pm

      I really do need to update that, hopefully when school is over in a month I’ll have the time to properly test the impact of the lostmauth nerf, and time to test out the insignia bonuses and their interaction with companions (since I’m told that it’s pretty messed up and the lightfoot thief isn’t proccing them :/)

  • Uriah Milner
    April 30, 2016 at 2:45 am

    What encounters, class features, at wills, dailies do you use? Im new to the control wizard but really like how your class is built.

  • Rick earl
    August 13, 2016 at 1:03 am

    What powers are you using? Build looks good but need powers

  • xRavenFangx
    August 16, 2016 at 11:29 am

    Please update with powers and dailies and at wills

  • DrkWlf
    August 20, 2016 at 5:32 pm

    Awesome buold but can u share powers?

  • October 1, 2016 at 3:39 am

    I use this toon as one of my alts and it’s probably the most fun one I have. Anyway, the powers I use are (just my opinion but these seem to be pretty standard for most CW builds):

    tab – conduit of ice
    Q – steal time
    E- sudden storm
    R – icy terrain

    bosses –
    tab – conduit of ice or chill strike
    Q- Disintegrate
    E- icy rays
    R – ray of enfeeblement or chill st

    at wills, dailies, and class abilities I don’t change

    at will
    chilling cloud and whatever you feel like, I never use the second at will

    oppressive force for CC, ice knife for bosses

    eye of the storm, storm spell

    like I said, this is just an alt so I have no idea how survivable it is on epic dungeons other 2000+ item score stuff but it seems to freeze stuff easily and do its job on most of the CTA events that pop up every now and then.

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