Scourge Warlock MOD 8 Pve BUILD

by Jack on May 8, 2016
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Scourge Warlock MOD 8 Pve BUILD

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imageimageMy SW pve build for Mod 9 I did change it a little this is still a good build

I swap to the merc companion in he zen market not the black dragon ion stone currently those screen shots is my black dragon join I would recommend tiefling or human …

im running all dragon flight now updated build coming soon just never had time to get to it

back to the build I have on my merc companion bonding rune stones rank 12s

in  combat my power goes up to 49 k

critical strike should be at or around 10 k

armor pen 6-7 k

artifacts   Wheel of elements sigil of the Cw or the thayanbook of the dead Lantern of course

i use fiery bolt , souls scorch , Dread theft

on boss lvl

I use  immolation spirits I get 5 soul sparks as fast as possible then I spam souls scourch  as much as I can till my immolation spirits go away

you will see high numbers on mobs

of course us Tryannical threat with Dread theft

I would recommended using   For rings   Ring of rising pricison ring of rising power

if you have both and your critical is a little over 13 k with buffs

then get rid of some azures balance it out get the rage drake and that 2 k crit when it comes out

that gives you more room that lets you get rid of 2 azures and replace for radiantls

well there my build I’m 2.9k item lvl now

I hope I explained everything ok

Enjoy my SW build



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