[MOD 10] Tactical CW PVP SpellStorm Build

by Just A Thought on September 15, 2016
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[MOD 10] Tactical CW PVP SpellStorm Build

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MOD 10 Tactical CW PVP Build

Artifacts you want to get and use for this build:

  • Primary Artifact:          Symbol of Air ( you use this artifact NOT on anyone as it gives you a 30% movement speed bonus when you do not attack somebody with it, unless you are fighting on a node, but i would mainly safe the artifact for running to a node)
  • Secondairy Artifacts:   Shard of Orcus’ Wand ( This is the only artifact with Movement speed that has an excellent set bonus )
  •                                   Aurora’s Whole Realms Catalogue (Besides the awesome portable shopkeeper you can summon if you swap it to your Primary Artifact, This Artifact Grants you 1000 Movement and a 1000 Deflection wich ads 2,5% deflect chance to your survivability
  •                                   Black Ice Beholder  ( You probably ask: why this artifact? it has no movement! why not the siege masters one? thats because you sacrifice 600 movement for 1000 recovery = Faster encounter cooldowns, Faster Action point gain, and 1000 Armor Penetration for your resistance ignored as you want to deal atleast some dmg! and 600 CA = combat advantage to increase your DPS even more


Okay so those were the artifact setup that you will need for this build as it goes all about speed and be there fast where they need you!

So as we have some lack in armor penetration and power now since we choose this artifact, we need to make that up with other stuff like equipments, enchantments, mount insignia, mounts equip power etc etc 🙂


Artifact Weapons you want to get and use for this build:

Well guys, there is only 1 artifact weapon set you want to use for this build

and thats the Howling Artifact Weapon Set

wich includes the: Howling Orb & Howling Talisman

Its all about the set bonus:
When you dodge or block, your Run Speed is increased by 50% for 2 seconds, this effect may only occur once every 10 seconds.


So thats another tool to get you moving fast to where you need to be! and the good thing it can occur once every 10 seconds, so if you time your dodges right.. that means you move on 50% speed for 12 seconds every minut


Armor with tenacity you want to get and use for this build

For this build you want to get 3 pieces of the Warborn set as it gives you 500 tenacity for 2 pieces and another 400 tenacity AND 6000 Movement. This effect is when there are 2 or more enemy players nearby, and 1 piece off Prestige gear

  • Warborn Executioner Cap ( HP,Crit,Recovery,Armp,Defence,Tenacity )
  • Warborn Executioner Robes (HP,AC,Power,Crit,Armp,Defence,Tenacity)
  • Warborn Executioner Armlets (HP,Power,Crit,Armp,Defence,Tenacity)
  • Prestige Duelist Shoes (HP,Recovery,Regen,Defence,Movement,Tenacity)


Jewelery you want to get and use for this build

okay since we got the Shard of Orcus’ Wand artifact for this Build, we also going for this set bonus ofcourse!

  • Baphomet’s infernal Talisman ( Power, crit, deflection, 4% action point gain every 3 sec while in combat)
  • Demogorgon’s girdle of might (Power, crit, deflection , +2 to your CON and STR)
  • Ring of Brutality +4 or +5 ( This ring gives you 4000 power for [+4] 8 seconds and [+5] 10 second every 30 seconds )
  • Ring of Sieging +4 or +5 ( This ring gives you 30% increase DR after [+4] moving for 2 seconds or [+5] moving for 1 second )

The Demon Lord set bonus:

Deal up to 20% additional damage based on the difference in hit point percentage between the player and target.

Why the ring of Brutality? This restore some of your lost power in artifacts as we didnt focus every artifact for power

Why the ring of sieging? This is an survivability ring, and as we focus on moving, and actually moving pretty fast it gives you damage resistance for when you move for either 2 seconds for +4 or 1 second for +5, all with all, an excellent ring!


Pants and Shirt you want to get and use for this build

  •  Everfrost Pants and Shirt as it gives awesome set bonus for lifesteal or deflection ( Everfrost res,HP,defence,lifesteal for shirt ) and ( Everfrost res,HP,defence,deflection for pants )
  • Gemmed Exquisite Elemental Pants and Shirt as it gives you high stats and usefull ones (Power,crit,armp,defence for shirt) and ( Power,recovery,armp,defence for pants )


Ability Scores you want to roll and increase for this build

  • INT as it gives you: Damage Bonus and Recharge Speed Increase
  • WIS as it gives you Recharge Speed Increase, Action Point gain, Control Bonus and Control Resist

I rolled 18 INT and 18 WIS ( as a dragonborn where i put the 2 times +2 points i have in INT and WIS

Note: If you dont have the dragonborn race, you also can choose the Half-orc for the race bonus: You gain 10% bonus to runspeed for 3 seconds when you enter combat, this effect can only occur once every 20 seconds

or the Human race for the 3 extra heroic feat points


Enchantments you want to get and use for this build

  • Offensive Enchantment Slots: Vicious Enchantments ( for the loss of power and armor pen we got from choosing these artifacts and artifact set
  • Defensive Enchantment Slots: Gigantic Enchantments ( for deflection and HP as survivability, it also gives you defence )
  • Utlity Enchantments Slots: Dark Enchantments ( for Movement speed ! )
  • Weapon Enchantments: Transcendent Feytouched Enchantment (debuffing and buffing yourself for dmg in your battles)
  • Armor Enchantments: Transcendent Negation Enchantment ( 30% increased dmg res, 10% Recovery, 10% inc heal )


Heroic featpoints and Paragorn featpoints:


  • Encounter Powers
  • Tab Button: Steal time, Steal time on tab give you runspeed and combat advantage bonus, stuns the enemy players, this powers works the best when you have stacks of arcane mastery ( You can acquire arcane mastery by using your magic missle as an at-will)
  • Q Button: Disintegrate, Disintegrate is your hardest hitting encounter with a very short cooldown, it will hit even harder when you freeze your target and have stacks of arcane mastery wich you can acquire by using your magic missle at-will
  • E Button: Icy Terrain, This power is good because you freeze the ground under you and if there are enemy’s on the ice they will get chill stacks on them, and with your ray of frost you will add more chill stacks on them, so when they freeze your increased dmg bonus from the class feature chilling pressence is doubled, but enemies in pvp seem to break free very fast out of frozen state, so i would quickly hit him with a disintegrate
  • R Button: Shield, so yeah folks dont worry, shield is included in this build as you were probably shocked about the steal time on tab, but the shield doesnt go into your tab slot, but in your R slot, Shield is a great encounter power, its a power you have to activate by pressing the button you assigned to it, and once you have activated, it only goes away when you die, so than you have to reactivate it, once it is active, never press that button again untill you die, its your survivability encounter.



  • At-wills
  • Left click: Magic Missle, You will use Magic Missle to attack enemy players and build yourself some stacks of arcane mastery as it increase your arcane dmg based spells like: Steal time, Disintegrate and Opressive force
  • Right click: Ray of Frost, You will use this at-will when you do your combination, Freezing the ground under you with icy terrain and than use ray of frost till your enemy freezes and quickly do a disintegrate for the more dmg you deal when the target is frozen or if you have your daily up, you use an Ice Knife, but dont waste it on people who are using an Transcendent Elven Battle Enchantment, as they break to quickly free out of the frozen state, the disintegrate might just be intime when you use it on people with that enchantment.


  • Daily Powers
  • 1 Button: Ice Knife, Ice knife is one hell of a daily power! deals incredible dmg, adds chill stacks to the target, and hit harder when you have chill stacks allready on the target
  • 2 Button: Opressive Force, This daily is an awesome crowd control power and adds a stack of arcane mastery to you, i would recommand using this power when you are with alot of enemy players on a node so you can quickly freeze the ground and do your steal time and run anywhere you need to be or when you are 1v1 on a node trying to hold it but the enemy player is too strong so you almost died, use opressive force, steal time and run away, to run away faster you can make use of the Champions Battle Horn or if you have your artifact up you use that to escape, and when you recover some health, you go back and face your opponent again, or you ask in party chat to swap with a stronger player to face that opponent


  • Class Features
  • Class Feature 1: Arcane Presence, Arcane Presence makes your Arcane Mastery increase the dmg of your cold based attacks by 34% of the buff value, it also increase your Recharge speed by 5%
  • Class Feature 2: Chilling Presence, Chilling Presence increase the dmg you deal by 2% for each stack of chill on the target, This damage bonus is doubled on frozen targets.


  • On your main hand weapon
  • The perk you choose in your mainhand weapon is your at-will: Ray of Frost, as it will add more chill stacks on your target


  • On your off hand weapon
  • The perk you choose in your off hand weapon is the class feature: Chilling Presence, as it increase your dmg by an additional 0.5% per stack of chill on your target
  • The other perk you choose in your off hand weapon is Control Resist, why? because you are wearing a transcendent negation instead of an Transcendent elven battle enchantment, what does that mean? you lose 80% resistance to controlling effect so you will try to get as much control resistance you can have and you will get them from.. this perk and Boons


  • Armor kits and Jewelery kits
  • For your headpiece, your armor piece, your gloves and your boots you will use the Major armorpen kit, this will give you a total of 800 armorpen as we lack a little armor pen, this is a good choice
  • For your Neck,Ring, Second Ring and Belt you will use the 2 of the major action point gain kits and 2 of the major stamina gain kits, to get a little bith of both, this will increase your stats by 200 Action Point Gain and 200 Stamina Gain


  • Its time for BOONS!
  • Storm kings thunder boons: Frosty Demeanor, Survival Instincts, Chill Determination, Glacial Strength, Chill of Winter
  • PVP Boons: Supply Line, Vanguard’s Resolve, Tactical Redeployment
  • Sharandar Boons: Dark fey hunter, Fey elusiveness, Elven haste, Elven Ferocity, Elven Resolve
  • Dread ring boons: Reliquary keeper’s strength, Evoker’s thirst, Illusion Shimmer, Enraged regrowth, Rampaging madness
  • Icewind Dale boons: Encoaching Tactics, Refreshing chill, Rapid Thaw, Cold Shoulder, Avalanche
  • Underdark boons: Primordial might, Primordial regenesis, Drow ambush tactics, Dwarven footing, Abyssal strikes
  • Tyranny of dragons Boons: Dragon’s Claws, Dragon’s shadow, Draconic armorbreaker, Dragon’s greed, 1 point Dragon’s grip, 1 point Dragon’s revival, 1 point Dragon’s thirst
  • Maze engine boons: Abyssal regeneration, Demonic resilience, Demonic Endurance, Displace fate
  • Elemental evil boons: Wave of force, Earth’s renewal, Blazing resilience, Wall of wind
  • Guild boons
  • Offensive:  Armor pen or Power, depends what your guild has, if they have both, take a look at your armor pen and make sure its atleast 9-10k if not, choose armor pen, if you do have it, choose power
  • Defensive: Hit points boon as primairy choice, if your guild does not have the hitpoint boon go for Lifesteal, and if thats not the case, go for Defence
  • Utility: XP bonus if you do not have your encounters, at-wills, dailies, class features that you are using rank 4, if you do and its available, go for mount speed bonus


  • Mounts
  • Combat Power: Tencer’s floating disk: For 12 seconds, you gain 10% Power and move 10% faster, and gain +2 Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, and Armor Class.
  • or another great combat power  is: Swift Golden Lion: Summon your Celestial Lion to knock back nearby foes and grant nearby party members a Shield for 10 seconds. After 10 seconds, affected party members gain up to 3 stacks of Radiant Weapon based on the amount shield remaining.
  • Equip Power: This is a tricky one, i would aim for the 4000 movement, but if you are missing other very important stats like armor penetration , you better go for armor penetration.. atleast if its 4000 armor penetration ( Axe beak ) dont waste 4000 movement for 2000 armor penetration as you can get insignia’s wich give you 200 armor pen PER insignia so.. take a good look at your stats and decide
  • Movement for your mount speed: Is simpy, if you got a legendary mount change it to +140% if you got epic you can only go to 110%, if you got rare, can only og to 80% and if you have uncommon you can only go to 50% etc..


The insignia bonus you would get and use for this build


  • Mount insignia Bonus: 
  • Champions Return: Whenever you are reduced to 50% Hit Points, you instantly recover 20% of your Stamina and are healed for 20% of your maximum Hit Points over 10 seconds.
    This effect can only occur once every 60 seconds.
  • Gladiator’s Guile: When your Stamina is above 75%, you move 15% faster. When your Stamina is below 25%, you gain 15% of your Power as Stamina Gain
  • Victim’s Preservation: Whenever you take greater than 35% of your Maximum Hit Points in pre-mitigated damage from a single blow, you are healed for 10% of your maximumHit Points over 5 seconds. This effect can occur once every 10 seconds.

Those are the 3 basic insignia bonus you would like to have no matter your stats

There are 2 insignia bonus left that we can discuss

would we go offensive? or keep it on defensive? You have a legendary mount? or do you have the lifesteal boon instead of the HP boon because HP was not available in your guild? based on that we pick the last 2 insignia bonus

  • If you have a legendary mount: Cavalry’s Warning: Whenever you activate a Mount Combat Power, you gain an increase of 10% to your Power, Recovery, Armor Penetration, Critical Strike, Defense,Deflection, Regeneration, and Life Steal.
  • If you would like more offensive: Combatant’s Maneuver: Whenever you control an enemy, you gain 5% Combat Advantage damage for 10 seconds.
  • If you only have the lifesteal boon available: Vampire’s Craving: Whenever you perform a Life Steal you are healed for 3% of your maximum Hit Points over 4 seconds.
  • If your deflection chance is higher than ~15%: Survivor’s Blessing: Whenever you Deflect an attack, you are healed for 3% of your maximum Hit Points over 4 seconds.

Here is a list of insignia’s with the stats they give:

Insignia of Aggression +50/100/200 Armor Penetration +25/50/100 Action Point Gain
Insignia of Courage +50/100/200 Defense +25/50/100 Incoming Healing Bonus
Insignia of Dominance +50/100/200 Power +25/50/100 Companion Influence
Insignia of Evasion +50/100/200 Deflection +25/50/100 AoE Resist
Insignia of Gond [1] +50/100 Recovery +100/200 Maximum Hit Points
Insignia of Leeching +50/100/200 Life Steal +25/50/100 Life Steal Severity
Insignia of Mastery +50/100/200 Recovery +25/50/100 Control Bonus
Insignia of Prosperity +200/400/800 Maximum Hit Points +2%/4%/8% Glory, Gold, and Experience Gain
Insignia of Refuge +50/100/200 Regeneration +25/50/100 Control Resist
Insignia of Skill +50/100/200 Critical Strike +25/50/100 Combat Advantage Bonus
Insignia of Vigor +50/100/200 Movement +25/50/100 Stamina/Guard Gain


For offensive go Armor pen or Power

For defensive go Deflection

If you got enough offence and defence to make your dmg abilities and survivability work.. go Movement all the way!


Enjoy The Madness!




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  • Solberg
    September 23, 2016 at 8:52 pm

    Hi, nice guide, i stopped playing after stronghold campaign, because i didn’t have lionsmane, i already have 3 items of warnborn, was saving AD for rosegold duelist rings for 1k more tenacity!

    Your build sugest rings with 4k more power and 30% DR which is interesting, can you comment on this?

    Also how good is icy terrain without icy veins?

    • September 24, 2016 at 1:40 am

      hi Solberg! Yes, my Build sugest these 2 underdark rings
      1 is Ring of Brutality +4 or +5, gives you 4k power for 8 seconds with 30 seconds cooldown, and if out of combat, the cooldown resets, and
      1 is ring of sieging +4 or +5, gives you 30% DR when moving for +4 ( 2 seconds ) +5 ( 1 second )
      okay so i chose these rings because the 3 pieces of warborn and 1 piece of prestige, with the warborn 2 pieces set bonus ( 500 tenacity ) gives you a steady 2681 tenacity + if you are with 2 or more enemy players.. an extra 400 tenacity( and a sexy 6k movement ) so that would be over 3k tenacity, honestly i think 2.6 – 2.7 tenacity is way more than enough, because there is a hard cap on tenacity wich we allready reached by equiping these pieces, so rosegold rings would be an overkill, + the important stats we are missing from the artifacts we chose, so i figured we would need to make up some of those stats and add underdark rings to it, for more survivability and more dmg output, another great thing is, in this build you run alot to nodes and as long as you keep running the ring of sieging procs on you, and if you run away from a capped node and have nobody attacking you ( because you move fast ) the ring of brutality will reset its cooldown so whenever you face a new encounter with an enemy, your brutality ring will proc again!,
      so about icy terrain without icy veins, yes there is still some use to it, not as much as you were an opressor tho, you can replace icy terrain with repel if you find out icy terrain is not as usefull for you as you thought, + repel comes in handy on capping a node and preventing some damage against you giving you more time to prepare your counter attack!, the current use for icy terrain is to drop the ice on a node, people seem to try and avoiding it as they think they will be frozen instantly, so it 1 works as a scare tactic, but if people do stand it, you can take advantage of that and freeze em and control him, than possibly call a team mate to switch places with you, and you go off the node and do your thing, or assist your team mate in killing the target, up to you!
      Thanks for checking out my build!
      Have a great day!

  • ItsGodstealth
    September 26, 2016 at 10:39 pm

    ive got darks slotted in my defence slots, should switch my for silverys- deflection or azure – defence? wouldn’t the eleven be better for us control wizards so we don’t get stunned by them tr and hr? I’ve also got azure so slotted in my offence slots for crit.

    • Just a Thought
      September 28, 2016 at 4:23 am

      Hello ItsGodstealth! thank you for reading the build!
      to answer your question:
      The reason for offensive enchantments why i choose vicious – armor pen/power is because we are lacking a bit of armor pen and power because of the choice of Artifacts. thats why i would recommand vicous, but you could also go for a mix like Darks and Radiants ( armor pen, power ), so if you would go azure in offence, yes that gives you crit, but crit are negated in PVP because of Tenacity so stacking azure in offensive, i wouldnt do that, just vicious or a mix of darks and radiants.
      for your defensive slots you say you have darks, wich is lifesteal, for lifesteal to work good enough, i would recommand atleast 20% lifesteal if you go that way, but other than that i would go for enchantments like Deflect HP and maybe some defence, thats why i mentioned gigantic, but they might be expensive so an alternative would be silvery or radiants (deflect, HP ) or a mixture of both, wouldnt really focus on defence as the gigantic had in it, it was just an added bonus 🙂
      and about the Elven vs the negation, let me list some positive points about the elven and negation
      – good for an extra 30% stamina regen when its an transcendent
      – good against targets that control you alot, like other CW’s with opressor feat tree or HR with trapper feat tree
      – good for more dodges because of the stamina regeneration
      – Good for the look vs negation you will look like a decorated christmass Tree

      – good for extra 30% damage resistance wich makes you even tankier with your shield encounter!
      – at Transcendent good for a 10% increase to your recovery!
      – at Transcendent good for a 10% increase of your incomming healing!
      – people wont hit as hard on your as if you had a elven, but yes you could dodge more
      i think its important to have the 10% to your recovery aswell as the 10% inc healing
      so that means yes you being controlled more, but thats where you pick the boons in your campaign for more control resistance, and it shouldnt be as bad anymore + when you are out of control you dodge a few times and than start running if you really in danger, as you have alot of movement and the other controlling HR’s and CW’s dont.. an advantage for you!
      Thanks again for checking out my build, any more question? feel free to ask and i will respond
      Have a great day!

  • Ben
    October 5, 2016 at 3:21 pm

    Great guide. Just starting out and i am a huge fan of pvp. I had a queatjon about professions. What are the best ones to focus on? Thanks.

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