[Mod 10] Swiss Army Trapper

by Senpai Andrew on October 18, 2016
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[Mod 10] Swiss Army Trapper

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Hello! My name is Senpai Andrew, I’ve been maining the Hunter Ranger since last December. Mostly dedicated to the Trapper Paragon. With the recent Balance Changes on the Hunter ranger a lot of players have considered switching towards other paragon since they are now able to compete with the Trapper paragon. Personally I prefer the more fast paced play style the Trapper Paragon has to offer. This build if primarily going to be a High DPS build, with the ability to swap out certain encounters when needing to play more supportive roles. (Xbox Game Clip of a 5 HR CN run. EST 15 min full run)  I will be posting alternatives to the gear that I have slotted as well as my reasoning behind my loadout, feats, powers, etc


I worked on this until late at night, but I forgot an important portion. the BOONs! I’ve added the boons into the guide. I apologize for overlooking such an important aspect.

Starting Race / Stats

Races: Wood elf (+2 Dex/Wis, +1% Crit Strike)

Drow (+2 Dex/Wis, 5% chance to lower def 10% when attacking)

Dragonborn (picking Dex/Wis, Power & Critical Strike increased by 3%)

Stat Roll: Dex&Wis: 18, Str: 12, Con/Int/Cha: 10

All of your points should be put into Dex and Wisdom to increase your damage and critical chance

Stat Focus

Swiss Army Trapper Gear Page

Swiss Army Trapper Stats

Swiss Army Trapper Stats

As of right now, I’m not maxed out fully on my gear (dang you resonance stones!) but my gear is primarily focused on these 3 stats (Get as much point into these as possible) Power, Critical Strike, and Lifesteal

The secondary Stats are Armor Pen (You want to get around 4k) and Recovery. (You want 2k-3k)

Power: Where all your damage comes from. Big power = Big damage

Critical Strike: Makes your have a chance to hit harder. The higher the percentage, the bigger your numbers (Killing things is fun!)

Lifesteal: We’re squishy and dont like to be hit, like, at all. But on the off chance we are smacked, we gotta get that health back. With the encounters we’ll be using we’ll be doing a lot of Area of Effect (AoE) damge that also is Damage over Time (DoT). Due to the massive amount of numbers we’ll be seeing that just means more chances for that lifesteal percentage to pop. I personally average around 25k-60k damage for each tick. so on the chance that I proc the lifesteal, I will be getting the majority of my Health back.

Armor Pen: This is a PVE build, so we dont want our resistance ignored (see image 3) to go past 60%, because anything past that doesn’t effect our damage output. Mine is at 48% because when my Bonding Runestones on my companion proc, it pushes my resistance just above 60%. I will get in more detail for my companion and Bondings later.

Recovery: This is going to reduce our cooldown time for our encounters. With our Feats we’ll be investing into, this isn’t super significant and its not something I personally focus any stats towards but if an artifact gives me recovery and a primary stat, I’m not going to turn it down.


Helmet: Dusk Raid Hood

Chest: Elven Assault Coat

Arms: Elemental Alliance Raid Bracer

Legs: Dusk Raid Gaiters

I personally mainly run group related dugneons, I rarely ever solo anything. So the Dusk Set bonus is better for me over the Dragonflight. Dusk set bonus (for having 2 pieces) gives me 1000 Power (While in a group). Dragonflight set for 2 pieces gives +500 power with a slightly increase stat bonus on the gear. So if you Solo a large amount of content, Dragonflight would be your better choice. But Group play you have better power stat with the Dusk set.

If you are rolling in astral diamonds, a good idea is to work on the Leatherworking Mastery Profession. With this, you could craft the Umbral Raid Bracer as an alternative to the Elemental Alliance Raid Bracers, But it is a large investment and not really affordable.

Rings: Ring of rising power & Ring of brutality (Gotta get more power)

Rings do not stack upon each other if they are the same item(two +4 rings wont proc the buff twice on your character), so its a better move to have 2 different rings.

Alternative Rings: Ring of Rising Precision, Ring of Sudden Precision (Bumping up critical strike)

I have yet to be lucky enough to get any +5 rings, but Personally I would run on my character a Ring of Sudden Precision +5 and a Ring of Brutality +5

Belt: Greater Twined Belt of Dexterity

I use the Twined Belt because when refined to orange is gives +4 to the dexterity stat. if a perfectly rolled character that mean you can hit 30 Dex witch overal stat bonus is 20% damage increase. the Lostmauth set is an alternative set but after a recent patch which reduced the effectiveness of this articaft set bonus, the damage output isn’t as good as just pushing the 4% increased overall damage from the Twined belt.

Cape: Lostmauth Necklace

You can pick alternative Capes as well, as long as you push towards the Primary Stats of Power and Critical Strike and Arm. Pen. Since this build doesn’t use an artifact set.

Shirt: Gemmed Exquisite Elemental Tunic

Pants: Gemmed Exquisite Elemental Pants

Weapon Set: Twisted Set

It is still the best weapon set for the Hunter Ranger with its set bonus which gives roughly 4000 power. and with roots procing damage and massive DoT, the 24 stack is maxed out constantly while in combat.


Offence Slot: Brutals (Power and Critical strike)

Offence Alternative: Azures (Critical Strike)

Defence Slot: Darks (Life Steal)

Utility Slot: Dragon Horde Enchantment and Fey Blessing

With the Horde enchantments, the percentage cap is reached at 5% max, as well as there is a cooldown timer on these enchantment to gain refining stones (They start giving less drops the longer you play)

Fey Blessings also cap at 5%, but they do not have a cooldown for drop rates.

With my current gear I have 5 Ultility Slots, so I push 3 rank 9 Fey Blessing and 2 rank 9 Dragon hordes to maximize the percentage and drop rates from both types of enchantment.

Alternative Utility: If you dont feel like getting free stuff for killing things, I suggest adding Darks into the utility slots for a movement speed buff. We will be doing a lot of running back and forth and the faster you can do that, the better.

Weapon Enchantment: Dread Enchantment

The trapper paragon has extreme encounter cooldowns, therefore you’ll be poping encounter more often than at wills, so the Critical severity buff on the Dread enchantment is much more effective than using a vorpal enchantment.

Armor Enchantment: Soulforge Enchantment

Though Negation is also a valid armor enchantment, I find that in big dungeons, I occasionally get 1 shot. It happens. So the soul forge is there to be my saving grace. And since we’ve already stacked into Life Steal, we’ll come back up after getting hit alittle too hard, and steal that remain HP back and keep on pushing out damage!


Main Slot: Wheel of Elements (fire buff gives 30% damage increase, Power, Stamina Gain, HP)

Slot 2: Heart of the Blue Dragon (Critical, Recovery, Combat advantage)

Slot 3: Lanturn of Revelation (Critical, Arm. Pen, Combat advantage)

Slot 4: Lostmauth Horn of Blasting (Power, Arm. Pen, Control bonus)

I based my artifacts to give a balance of 2k (when mythic) of Power, Critical, and Arm. Pen. onto my character, and a little extra recovery from the Blue Dragon. The secondary stats I focus on was combat advantage cause that just mean I do more damage when I’m sandwiching a boss in a dungeon, control bonus helps with rooting enemies, and stamina gain so run away alittle extra.

Other Good artifacts:

Heart of the Black Dragon (Arm Pen, Recovery, AP gain)

Kessels Sphere of Annihilation (Arm Pen, Power, Combat Advantage)

Black Ice Beholder (Arm Pen, Recovery, Combat Advantage)

Thayan Book of the Dead ( Crit, Arm Pen, AP gain)

Sigil of the Controller (Crit, Power, Control Resistance) *

Belial’s Portal Stone (Life steal, Power, Control Bonus)

Rod of Imperial Restraint (Life steal, Recovery, Control Bonus)

Sphere of Black Ice (Life steal, Recovery, Control Bonus)

Symbol of Air (Power, Recovery, Movement)

Shard of Valindras Crown (Power, Life steal, Control Bonus)

Sigil of the Hunter (Power, Recovery, Stamina) *

Sigil of the Great Weapon (Power, Arm Pen, HP) *

Tiamats Orb of Majesty ( +500 Power, Recovery, Crit, Arm pen, AP Gain )

*  I do not advice using the Sigil, I personally do not like the fact they cannot be used as refinement so when you decide you do not want to use that artifact, all the refinement invested into it is no longer relevant. That is a personal preference, therefor I listed sigils on this list as well.

Powers (Role Swapping time!)

I will be listing the powers to invest in for both Paths. Since both are valid choices. Personally, I prefer the Stormwarden because it is more focused on AoE damage for its Personal Skills and At Wills. But for some single target damage (if thats what you’re into) the pathfinder is the better choice.

Non Path related Powers

At Wills: Aimed Strike / Rapid Shot

Aimed strike has received a major buff with Mod 10 which reduced the charge time dramatically. I personally only use it on occasion, but I like to have it skilled up when I fill a more ranged oriented build. Rapid shot is best quick attacking at will, which is what we will be using to help add our stacks of Aspect of the Serpant.

Personal Class Feature: Aspect of the Serpent (This will be the first thing you make 4), Aspect of the Lone Wolf, Aspect of the pact, Seekers Vengeance.

I know a lot of Trapper builds advice Crushing Roots for the daze aspect that it adds, you’re welcome to put points into it, I just personally don’t. Most damage situation the adds that can be hit with the roots die rather quickly, so the daz that if placed on them seems irrelevant.

Aspect of the Serpant will be the first power you bring up to 4. It will be you largest source of damage increase. I will go into further details when I talk about my personal Rotations.

Aspect of the Lone Wolf: A good defensive feature to help you when you’re in the thick of it, by increasing deflect it increases your survivability. I personally do not run it unless My group is severely struggling on staying alive.

Aspect of the Pack: Great when you want to play a more supportive role, this power gives everyone on your team a boost to their combat advantage. Combat advantage buffs are great when you want to selfless give your teammates better damage.

Seeker’s Vengeance: Tired of buffing your team with Aspect of the Pack? Try this on for size. Whenever you hit a enemy in the back, your damage goes up an extra 10% at rank one, and increases by 3% for each point. maxing out at a 19% damage increase (as long as you’re hitting them from behind). Excellent feature for those greedy DPS Hunter rangers.

Encounters: Hindering Shot, Constricting Arrow, Binding Arrow, Fox’s Cunning, Longstriders Shot, Cordon of Arrows

With these encounters, you’ll see how this build actually is a Swiss Army Hunter Ranger. Using different encounters you can play the roles of buffing everyone’s damage output with a supportive role, boosting the Def and damage resistance of your heal along side of healing for a Healer role, and eliminating damage as a tank role, but still able to switch a DPS monster. Bye bye Others classes. This is Hunter Ranger Territory now.

Hindering Shot: This is a Damage oriented encounter that I personally keep on at all times. It’s melee stance ability applys Strong Roots that will be dealing damage from Thorned Roots. And it also keeps the enemy in 1 spot so you can just go out and start pushing other encounters. The primary damage output for this is the melee stance, where the range stance is there with 3 charges to quickly fire off and reduce the cooldown of your melee encounters to get back into slaying your fiercest enemies.

Constricting Arrow: Constricting arrow is another encounter I use when I’m maximizing Damage. it’s range stance applies Strong grasping roots (AKA most of your crazy stupid damage, them roots are our damage). and it’s Melee stance gives us our stamina back. so we cant shift (dodge, whatever you want to call it) back out and smack them with more arrows and not worry about running out of stamina.

Binding Arrow: So you want to be a healer. But no way do you want to play a cleric. This is the encounter for you. The range stance is good for rooting single targets with strong roots (or multiple if they’re all bundled together) but the Healing comes in with the melee stance, Oak Skin. What Oak skin does is it buffs the defense of all members of your team (at rank 3) so nobody takes as much damage. And on top of it, it applies a heal over time. Now I’m going to be honest. The heal over time is very minimal. You wont out-heal a cleric with this, but if they’re like me and you like to run all hunter ranger groups, this will help keep everyone alive. The Def increase from oak skin also stacks upon itself so you can pop it as frequently as possible (or get 2 people using the encounter) and bring everyone’s defenses really high. giving your team better survivability and a light kiss of healing on the side. So you put out damage in range stance, and defensive buffs to the team in melee.

Fox’s Cunning: Here’s the tank role encounter. The range stance allows every player on your team (at rank 3) to automatically dodge the next attack directed at them. You get 2 or 3 Hunter Rangers running at the same time with this encounter, people wont die anymore. and everyone continues to push out damage by quickly lunging into the group of enemies with the melee stance. this gives the hunter a quick opening to drop the other melee encounters on top of the enemies and then quick jump back out to push the range encounters. Rinse and Repeat. You need a tank, the HR has you covered.

Longstriders Shot: With into the fray being not as effective (Sorry Guardian Fighters), the Hunter Ranger has the ability to make up for it with this range encounter. When you are 30 ft away (its a pretty big distance that can take a bit to get used to moving back out there) you gain a 60% movement speed for everyone in your group for 4 second as well as a 40% Damage buff to all members of your group. The Melee stance (Gushing wound) causes a bleed that every time it ticks with help of Swiftness of the Fox all of your ranges encounters should instantly be recharged allowing you to pop off another longstrider shot (when you hit the 30 ft distance from the enemy you are hitting). Buffing Support Role? You bet.

Cordon of Arrows: This is the biggest Damage encounter that you have. The range stance also is a super effective control encounter. You will bundle your enemies in to a tiny condensed pile of pure hatred to you. You wont mind, you’ll be smacking them with roots that eats away at their damage soon enough. Similar to hindering shot, this encounter has 3 charges of it while in range stance. The melee stance is going to be your amazing damage. Think of Plant Growth as your 12 gauge shotgun, blasting away your enemies HP in close combat. Plant growth applys entirely different roots than the Strong grasping roots that deal damage. So you can stack both roots on top of each other for maximum damage. I love running this encounter with hindering shot because both roots are applied in the melee stance and they work together to destroy your enemies.

Daily Powers: Seismic Shot, Forest Ghost, Disruptive Shot

Seismic Shot: This is an entirely damage oriented daily. It has a similar ability to Cordon of arrows which will bunch your enemies together. But most times they smaller enemy wont survive the attack anyway. I use this daily most.

Forest Ghost: The hunters version of Stealth. Great for making runs to revive ally. It also received a buff so it no longer just hits a target 1 time, now it will hit targets multiple times at 1 second ticks. So it deal more damage. Though I personally only use it when a teammate need to be revived to help keep me from getting smacked in the face and dying right next to them.

Disruptive Shot: When you’re fighting enemies, and they’re about to drop a red area of unhappy feelings on the ground, use this daily on them. The attack applies daze and on uses 25% of your AP. so you hit one of your encounters and you’ll be back to full in no time. I rarely use this myself, but sometimes it just good for saving ya from a big hit you might not be ready to dodge out of.

These are all of the Encounters and abilities and all that fun stuff I use which are not Path based, below will be the features for each class that I find to be effective.

Stormwarden Powers

At Wills: Electric Shot

This at will is the big brother to rapid shot in my opinion. it works in the same way as a fast hitting attack, but now it does AoE damage. I switch rapid out for electric shot when there are a large groups of enemies.

Daily: Cold Steel Hurricane

This is the Single target/ big boss killing version of Seismic shot. Dealing major amount of damage to larger enemies. It is extremely effective on Dragons and I use it on them over anything else. its not as effective for groups as seismic shot and also lacks any control effects. but if you are fighting dragons, this is the daily to go too.

Class Features: Twin-Blade Storm & Blade Storm

Twin-Blade Storm: Group damage monster feat. at rank 3 whenever you are hitting more than 2 enemies at a time (this means 3+, cause They like to word things strangely) including the damage from roots, you deal and additional 12% damge (rank 3) and 16% damage at rank 4. It is a very effective feature if you’re scared to go back to using blade storm after the bug in it being fixed.

Blade Storm: If you aren’t scared, keep using blade storm. the chance to deal 20% (rank 4) of your attack in the area is super useful. when you are in a group of enemies and you hit something for 40k damage and every enemy around you is going to hit 8k damage to everyone around you.

Pathfinder Powers

At Will: Hunters Teamwork

This at is great for putting damage out as well as Debuffing the enemy. In range stance the at will marks and enemy and cause them to deal less damage. The melee stance tragets and enemy and applies a damage over time. This at will is best used on high HP enemies and Bosses.

Class Feature: Cruel Recovery

This is an interesting feature to add when you are playing a healer or other supportive role. Every time you land a critical strike, you’ll gain temporary HP. This is proc off every critical strike from your roots, at-wills and everything else. so though it only adds 1hp every crit, you’ll be hitting criticals so regularly you’ll be gaining temp HP and great amounts.


The Feats are what pull all of the encounters together into making whatever power role you feel like playing at the time effective.

Swiss Army Trapper Feats

Heroic Feats

Predatory Action 5/5: 5% more damage from dailies.

Weapon Mastery 3/3: 3% increased critical Chance

Battlewise 1/3: 2% less threat (I just kinda put it there cause I didn’t know where else to put it, and having the enemies not want to attack you is good)

Agile Combatant 3/3: deal 3% more damage when switching stances. Since we switch stances contantly as a trapper, it only makes sense to get more damage for doing it.

Endless Assault 3/3: Encounter powers deal 6% more damage. We’ll be having our encounters more often than switching stances, so lets make sure they hit as hard as possible.

Scoundrel Training 2/3: Your at-wills deals 6% more damage. I use aimed shot, which is our hardest hitting At Will, so it only made sense to buff At-Will damage.

Disciple of Dexterity 3/3: Increase the amount of damage you get for each point into dexterity. This is why we use the twined belt of dex and we push everything into Dex. So we maximize out damage that way.

Trapper Feats

Readied Stance 5/5: 5% more AP when you switch stances. I like having dailies, and I never really saw a significant difference in the run speed with Fleet Stance, so more AP = More Dailies = More damage

Deft Strike 5/5: Melee encounters make your range encounters deal more damage, and range do the same for melee. 10% more damage to be exact!

Trappers Cunning 5/5: 25% chance when you crit to apply weak roots. They don’t do damage but the help keep your enemies still while you make them regret being on the wrong team.

Forestbond 5/5: When you apply Grasping roots you reduce your cooldowns on your powers. by 5% (Oh! now trappers cunning is more useful! Awesome)

Ancient Roots 5/5: Makes your weak grasping roots last a little longer (whatever) but makes your strong grasping roots last 5 SECONDS LONGERS (More Damage, That’s what I like to see)

Swiftness of the Fox 5/5: You melee attacks in general (Used to just be encounters, they’ve made it so you’re at-wills also work) reduce the cooldown of your Range encounters, and Range reduces melee. (Pathfinders, if you use Hunters Teamwork/Careful attack you’re going to love this)   DISCLAIMER: Encounters that have charged (range stance Cordon of Arrows and hindering shot) will not be effected by swiftness of the fox! as awesome as that would be, it is not a factor.

Thorned Roots 5/5: Big Daddy Damage is coming home. You deal 200% of your weapon damage every second with strong grasping roots. and just 250% if they cant be rooted. This is your damage, this is your friend. Damage only comes from Strong roots, not the weak graspping. Just a reminder.

Serpent’s Bite 5/5: every stack of Aspect of the Serpent that is used in now increased from 12% now to 17% and adds and extra 2.5% critical chance as well to each stack.

Master Trapper 1/1: Whenever you have someone rooted, when you switch stance you will proc Master Trapper. This will give you 20% of your AP back and increase your overall damage by 30%. On top of that, your roots last 60% longer. We just keep stacking more and more overall damage on our characters, I dont even know what were at anymore. This is the big damage boy that’s pulling everything else together. we are a DPS Machine now. But not only that, but were can throw supportive encounters listed previously and still push out a huge amount of damage.



  • Dark Fey Hunter (400 power)
  • Fey Precision (400 Critical Strike)
  • Elven Haste (3% Faster AP gain)
  • Elven Ferocity (Chance to deal 20k damage when striking a foe)
  • Elvish Fury (Gain 135 power for every foe defeated for 45 seconds. can stack 30 times)

Dread Ring

  • Conjurer’s Gambit (250 Crit and movement)
  • Evoker’s Thirst (400 Life steal)
  • Forbidden Piercing (3% resistance ignored)
  • Shadowtouch (When Dealing damage, a chance to deal 20k damage, target receives 25% less healing as well)
  • Rampaging Madness (When you deal damage, gain madness. After 50 stacks of madness you gain 4k power, lifesteal, and regeneration for 10 seconds)

Icewind Dale

  • Encroaching Tactic (400 Combat advantage)
  • Refreshing Chill (400 stamina Gain)
  • Sleet Skills (2% crit Severity)
  • Cool Resolve (Gain power depending on the amount of stamina missing)
  • Avalanche (After taking 20 hits, you deal 15k damage to nearby targets)


  • Primordial Might (400 power and 1600 HP)
  • Primordial Focus (400 Critical Strike and 1600 HP)
  • Drow Ambush Tactics ( Combat advantage damage bonus increased by 10%)
  • Dwarven Footing (Control effects are shortened 5% when applied to you)
  • Abyssal Strikes(10% increase damage to demons)

Tyranny of Dragons

  • Dragons Claws ( 400 Power)
  • Dragons Gaze (400 Crit)
  • Draconic Armorbreaker (400 Arm Pen.)
  • Dragons Greed ( 400 Life steal)
  • Dragons Fury 3/3 (8% increased Crit Severity)

Guild Boons

  • Offence: Power or Critical Severity
  • Defense: Lifesteal or Defence
  • Utility: Revive Sickness. Or whatever you feel like using honestly.

Maze Engine

  • Abyssal Siphoning (5% life steal severity)
  • Demonic Influence ( 400 Combat Advantage)
  • Demonic Swiftness ( 3% increase AP gain)
  • Baphomet’s Might (Chance to gain 2000 critical strike when attacking a foe)

Elemental Evil

  • Wave of Force (300 power and 2000 HP)
  • Heart of Stone (4% life steal severity and 2000 HP)
  • Searing Aggression (400 Crit and 2k HP)
  • Gale of Retribution (chance to heal 24k hp and Critical is increased 1000 for 10 seconds after being hit)

Storm King’s Thunder

  • Cold Hearted (2% life steal Severity and 1k HP)
  • Hardy Constitution (400 Stamina Gain and 2% Everfrost Resistance)
  • Chill Determination ( up to 2000 recovery based on how much stamina you are missing)
  • Vengeful Heat ( deal up to 2000 damage to all nearby enemies when you kill a foe)
  • Chill of Winter (The exact Same thing as Avalanche from Icewind dale Campaign)

Rotations (I can’t wait anymore)

So We still need to talk about Stable Buffs and Companions. But I’m going to talk about the Rotations before hand. I’m going to split this into a few different “Roles” that I like to pretend are viable. But definitely are viable when you run full Hunter Ranger groups for dungeons. I will be basing these entirely off the Stormwarden Path. But just for ease of Pathfinders I would always put Hunter teamwork in my LT, and Rapid in my RT. And most times I would run Aspect of the Pack for support roles, and Seekers vengeance for Offensive roles.

The Big DPS

At Wills: Aimed Shot(LT) & Electic shot or rapid (RT)

Encounters: Cordon of Arrows (X), Hindering Shot (Y), Constricting Shot(B)

Personal: Aspect of the Serpent & Blade Storm or Twin Blade storm

Rotation: The start of the fight I open the door with ranged stance I fire off Constricting arrow for strong roots.Then I stance switch 2 times to activate Master Trapper and finish off my range encounters with Hindering shot then Cordon of arrows.

(B -> RB -> RB -> Y -> X -> RB)

After that encounter rotation I switch to Melee, using the ranged encounters I should have 2 stacks of Aspect of The Serpent for my melee encounters. So I’m going to start with my 2 hardest hitting encounters. Hindering Strike (Y) and the Plant Growth (X). Then hit with Steel Breeze (B). The problem a lot of players have is after the encounters they’ll just switch back to range and push their encounters back and forth. But if you check on a dummy, you’ll notice you would only have 1 stack of Ranged Aspect of the Serpent. To ensure you recieve both stacks, use your right trigger to shoot off a Aimed Strike (which might proc Blade storm with each bleed tick the melee encounter does) This way you definitely have 2 stacks of AotS range. So now you switch stances to range. The Bleed ticks with Aimed Strike will also proc your swiftness of the fox so your range encounters will be quickly recharged.

(Y -> X -> B-> LT ->RB)

From here on out you’ll just keep a regular rotation that you’ll keep up with until everything around you is dead and you’re on the top for most Damage Dealt. In range stance you will use Constricting Arrow (B), then Hindering Shot(Y), Cordon of Arrows(X), and finish off with your Rapid shot or Clear the Ground (RT).

(B -> Y -> X -> RT -> RB)

And your melee stance will remain the same with (Y -> X -> B-> LT -> RB) then keep going back and forth as such.

You just stick with this rotation and you’ll see a great amount of damage output.

The Support Roles (This is great for Full Hunter Ranger Team)

At Will: Aimed Shot(LT) & Electic shot or rapid (RT)

Encounters: Cordon of Arrows (X), Fox’s Cunning (Y), Your Support Encounter(B)

Healing and Def Buff (Oak Skin)  – This is really only going to be run for all HR runs. or if you and your HR buddy come across a dungeon without a Tank. Works best with 2 HRs

Damage Buffing (Longstiders Shot) – This will be effective with melt teams that might already be up there on DPS. You could be alittle lower gearscore than your allies, so instead of struggling to halve their DPS, just make them hit even harder. Only need 1 of these per group

Damage Dealing Support (Hindering shot) – If you’re running with enough hunter rangers and no tank. You all can use fox’s Cunning to keep everyone alive as to roots bleed out from everyone destorying everything in your path. Leave no witnesses your warriors of the wilderness.

Rotations: We will start off almost every fight in range stance. My personal preference is the start with Fox’s Cunning (Y), then your support based Encounter (B), and then cordon. Afterwards switch stances.

( Y -> B -> X -> RB)

In melee stance you’re going to go in for DPS. You’ll have 2 stacks of AotS so you’ll want to make em last. I personally use Fox’s Shift (Y) to teleport me into the middle on the hordes of enemies, then use Plant Growth (X).

There is slight modifications depending on what support role you’re playing. if you are using oak skin, dodge out of the fight before using the encounter. Otherwise use your final encounter in the horde, your fast attacking at Will, and then dodge out of the fight.

(Y -> X -> B -> RT -> RB)

Once you’re out of the fight and back in ranged stance,, you’ll start you Rotation that also uses the At Will. Fox’s Cunning, Support Encounter, the Cordon of arrows, and your At Will.

( Y -> B -> X -> RT -> RB)

Rinse and Repeat these rotations. You’re welcome to switch to a rotation that you are more comfortable with as well, this is merely a suggestion.


Swiss Army Trapper's Friends

The Bigger the Bonding Runestones, The bigger your DPS. You’re going to find that this is the situation with all Classes. The biggest focus outside of your feats and your weapon/Armor enchantments are your companions and your mounts. The bonuses both of these give you are going to be where most of your damage. You can gain almost 300% of you companions stats with a full set of Rank 12 Bondings. For an example, my Base power is 22k, and when my companions bonding proc, my power jumps to roughly 50k power. (with rank 12s)

Your Active Companion you are going to want will either be the Fire Archon or Mercenary Companion.

Both the Fire Archon and Mercenary Hold all offensive slots in their runestone, so that allows you to push as much as possible into the Power stat. from the Bonding stones.

Both also hold 2 ring slots. I personally use a Ring of Brutality +4 and a Ring of Sudden Lifesteal. But this is mainly because I haven’t picked up any precision +4 Ring ever. (I’m not a very lucky person) If I could, I would personally put a Ring of Brutatility, and Ring of Sudden Precision into the slots. The Mercenary has a waist slot, I would add a gemmed belt of recovery), I’m not sure what a good Talisman for the Fire Archon would be. Preferabley one with 1 or 2 enchantment slots to maximize your stats.

Recent Update: I have officially Swapped my primary companion to the Fire Archon. This companion pairs with the Mount bonus Protectors Camaraderie, where the Mercenary companion was unable to. Additionally the Fire archon tends to not jump into the middle of battle so it gets downed less frequently, which keeps my characters stats boosted for longer time periods.

The other 4 Companions I use for the active bonuses are as follows:

Erienes of Belial – +5% Critical Serverity

Bear Cub – 10% chance when taking damaging to increase your life steal Chance by 75% and Life Steal Severity by 25% for 6 Seconds

Air Archon – Increase damage to heros not at full health by 5%

Yeti – 10% chance when taking damage to increase the damage dealt by 7%

I personally dont know of any other effective companions at this time with sufficient Stat bonuses. I apologize for my lack of information upon this topic. if there are companions you like for your hunter ranger please leave a comment!

Swiss Army Mounts

Here are the Mount bonus I personally use. I’m going to keep this topic rather short as well.

Combat Power: Tenser Disk is the Best in slot combat Power. It gives you 10% increase power, movement speed, and +2 dex, Str, Constitution, and Armor Class. Nothing beats it.

I use the Armored Griffon combat power, which reduces the damage nearby enemies deal by 30%. Which seems like a solid debuff in my opinion.

Equip Power: I use +2000 critical strike from the Heavy Howler mount, but +2000 power is also I viable option.

Mounts that give Critical Strike: Heavy Howler (2000) , Rage Drake (2000) , Imperial Rage Drake (4000)

Mounts that Give Power: Apparatus of Gond (2000), Guard Drake (2000) , Heavy Giant Spider (2000) , Heavy Twilight Nightmare(2000) , Purple Owlbear (2000), Black Ice War Horse (4000)

If you do not have a Mount combat power, I would replace Cavalry’s Warning for Protectors Camaraderie. Protectors Camaraderie give your character 3% of your power and defence. And it is able to stack 4 times total. (Glitched on the Mercenary making it unable to be proced with him. That is mainly why I am not using it. until I can make my Fire Archon Legendary.)

The individual insignia bonus from each piece I would focus on are on Critical, Power, Movement, Armor Pen, and Recovery.

Ending Notes

This is my Build. if you have any questions, Feel free to leave any comments and I’ll be happy to answer them as soon as possible. My GamerTag on Xbox is Senpai Andrew if you ever want to run Hunter Ranger End tier Content. I’m always looking for other Hunters to discuss our classes features and learn as much as possible. I’m especially interested to see some of the Combat and ARchery Paragon players might switch to since they’re viable options to play with as well. I just personally cannot see them out DPSing a Trapper Build thanks to our constant and almost instant encounter cooldowns.

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  • Nekky
    October 19, 2016 at 2:19 am

    Yo man mod 10 start today on ps4 with that rotation u dont have any countdown ftom skil? Is like mod 9? Thanks

    • October 22, 2016 at 7:28 pm

      The only encounters that would have cooldowns are in range stance Cordon of Arrows and Hindering Shot. That is only because encounters with ticks are not effected by the feat.

  • mikromaxx
    October 19, 2016 at 5:52 am

    Looks good, will test it.
    Thanks ! 🙂

  • Olandar
    October 30, 2016 at 6:49 pm

    Leveled a ranger and just hit 70 and just wanted to say this is by far the funnest DPS toon I’ve played thus far.I don’t even have any good gear yet and can easily do influence runs solo at guild stronghold.Thank you for taking the time for the guide!!

  • Theoren Arrowe
    February 9, 2017 at 7:07 pm

    I would rank this build about a 4.5 once you get the rotations down. I am 2.5 IL and can consistently DPS toe to toe with an equal GWF or even exceed other classes with a much higher IL. Still working on it but I can’t wait to see my DPS when I hit 3k and beyond.

  • BloodyWolfXX
    February 10, 2017 at 8:07 pm

    Hey Andrew just wondering how much lvl’s did you put into your powers? can’t tell how much I need to lvl them.

  • Adam j davis
    February 10, 2017 at 8:11 pm

    Where is powers list i Don’t know how many points i need to put in all powers

  • Adam davis
    February 10, 2017 at 8:17 pm

    Just send a screenshot of your powers pls or post it on here

    • Theoren Arrowe
      April 20, 2017 at 7:57 pm

      For powers, put 4 in each active one. Pay special attention to the the DPS ones vs. The Hunter support ones.

  • February 28, 2017 at 2:36 pm

    wow!! I was struggling soloing the quest till I got to wells of dragon and lvl 70 quests doing heroic encounter and epic dungeon, seem to be struggling, I have used retraining token and copied your guide, it made a big difference, thank you so much for this guide still got work to do 🙂

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