Devoted Cleric Anointed Champion Heal/Buff/Debuff Build Mod 10

by stinger1824 on October 26, 2016
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Devoted Cleric Anointed Champion Heal/Buff/Debuff Build Mod 10

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Hello Everyone! This is my first build guide and what I think is a good Cleric in the game. I have seen a lot of posts on this site about DPS Buff Debuff Cleric but no AP Gain Clerics with decent heals with Buff and Debuffs to keep the team alive in clutch moments. I feel as though the DPS route doesn’t provide Paladins with the keys to help the group if you happen to be with a Paladin as Paladins rely on AP gain to get their Bubble up for protection. This build if focusing on specifically on getting as much Action Point gain for ourselves as possible so we can cast Anointed Army daily as much as possible so we can Buff up the party.

I will be discussing the everything about this build and what powers to use in each situation and why you should use them.

Race Choice

The best races for this build will be Dragonborn because you get to choose where to put the 2 stats. Sun Elf and Human are the second best. I chose Human for my class because you get 3 extra feat points and added defense. If you decide Sun Elf it will be because of the +2 to Charisma.

Race Roll Stats and Point Allocation

If you chose the Dragon born race you will want to put your 2 point class stats into STR and WIS and try shoot for a roll of 18 STR, 10 CON, 10 DEX, 10 INT, 18 WIS, 13 CHA.

I chose Human so you will want to put your 1 stat point into WIS and try to roll for a 16 STR, 10 CON, 10 DEX, 10 INT, 18 WIS, 13 CHA. You want to try to roll your WIS has high as possible while still balancing STR and CHA with STR being a little higher.

While you are leveling your character at every 10 levels you get to put points into your character. Put all points you get into WIS and CHA. WIS will give us the bonus healing we need for this class while CHA will give us our much-needed Action Point Gain and Recharge Speed Increase for our encounter powers.

Combat Power Point Allocation and Paragon Path

You will want to choose the Anointed Champion Paragon path when it becomes available to you.

You will want to try to put 4 points into all these powers and try using them while leveling to get a feel for how they are casted and how long it takes to cast them. We want to try and cast powers as quickly as possible.

  • Astral Seal: This at-will grants us and allies with a heal every 4 seconds when that target is hit.
  • Sun Burst: Great encounter, but should only be used in boss fights as you will make your allies mad when casting this. It does damage as well as heal and this encounter power will generate the most Action Point Gain we need for this build.
  • Healing Ward: Great encounter to have as we will get 3 Casts to heal allies and will generate great Action Points and also has great distance 80′ so we can get those out of reach allies.
  • Flame Strike: This will be your main Daily when soloing as this will be our most damaging Daily.
  • Hallowed Ground: Awesome Daily to have in Boss fights as this will Buff the party and give the Party a Damage Resist Buff. Only down fall to this Daily is that when casted you will not be able to generate any Action Points until has expired.
  • Chains of Blazing Light: Only use this when soloing as this will be your main source for damage.
  • Divine Fortune: This Class Feature is always active and should always be slotted, because it will give us 20% more divine power and we need to gain divine power really fast for this build.
  • Blessing of Battle: This will be our primary at-will as this will generate the most Divine Power and will give us and our allies a little Buff to their defense.
  • Bastion of Health: This will be our most powerful heal, but has slow casting times and will also generate Action Points that we need for this build.
  • Anointed Armor: You will use this Class Feature when soloing as it increases our Armor Class and Deflection chance.
  • Break the Spirit: Awesome encounter to use in Boss fights as it will Debuff and Buff the party when fully empowered. Decreases enemy damage and Increases your allies damage. It also generates decent Action Point Gain.
  • Divine Glow: Awesome encounter to use in all situations as this will Buff our allies grant them heals and Debuff the enemies. It will also generate awesome Action Point Gain.
  • Astral Shield: Awesome encounter to use, but only when fully empowered as it will give our allies a Damage Resist Buff. Not very useful if not fully empowered.
  • Anointed Army: This will be the daily we use the most as it is useful for trash mobs and Boss fights. It grants allies with immunity to control effects and takes almost all damage and the best part is that it will give our allies a lot of Power so they can do alot damage really fast.
  • Hastening Light: The most important Class Feature when in dungeons and with a party. When we activate a daily power allies will have their recharge times on encounter powers and dailys reduced by 4 seconds.

Feats and Paragon Tree Point Allocation

  • Remember I chose human so I get 3 extra feat points, but if you chose another class I will tell you where to put your feat points. We will also be putting points into the Virtuous Tree and Righteous Tree.

Heroic Feats

  • Healing Action 5/5: We will gain 5% more Action Points when we use healing abilities.
  • Greater Fortune 3/3: WIS now grants 3% more healing.
  • Toughness 3/3: This will increase our maximum hit points by 9%.
  • Weapon Mastery 3/3 if you are not a human 2/3: Increases our Critical Chance by 3% or 2% if not human.
  • Domain Synergy 2/5 for humans only: Gain 2% more Recovery.
  • Repurpose Soul 3/3: When one of our spells has a critical effect, the target of that spell disperses a small area effect heal, healing us and our allies for 15% of the spell’s effect.
  • Bountiful Fortune 4/5: We gain 12% more Divine Power.

Virtuous Paragon Tree

  • Lasting Wishes 5/5: We heal for 10% more.
  • Battle Fervor 5/5: Blessing of Battle’s buff now also increases affected target’s Power by 15% of our Power.
  • Gift of Haste 5/5: Our Heal Over Time powers also grant the target 5% of their AP over 5 seconds.
  • Purity 5/5: Our Heal Over Time effects have a 10% chance to heal allies for an additional 200%.
  • Cleansing Fire 5/5: Our damaging encounter powers have a 50% chance to apply a Heal Over Time effect to all allies within 30′ of the target. This effect heals for 350% of our weapon damage over 15 seconds and does not stack.
  • Shield of the Divine 1/1: When we, or an ally within 30′ takes damage, they receive a Heal Over Time from us, healing for 500% of our weapon damage over 10 seconds. An ally cannot trigger this effect while already affected by Shield of the Divine. Additionally, Healing Ward, Bastion of Health, and Divine Glow no longer directly heal allies and instead apply a Heal Over Time to affected allies for double that amount over 12 seconds.

Righteous Paragon Tree

  • Furious Intervention 5/5: We generate 10% more Action Points when dealing damage.
  • Ancient Warding 5/5: When the Anointed Army daily buff ends, the holder is Healed for 3% of their max Hit Points, and gains 5% of their total Action Points. Anointed Action Class feature now lasts 20% longer.
  • Weapons of Light 5/5: Allies within 30′ of us have their Power increased by 10% of our Power.


Campaign: Sharandar

  • Dark Fey Hunter: We will gain 400 Power.
  • Fey Precision: We will gain 400 Critical Strike.
  • Elven Haste: We now gain Action Points 3% faster.
  • Elven Tranquility: When being struck by a foe we have a chance to heal ourselves for up to 20,000 Hit Points.
  • Elven Resolve: Our stamina regenerates 10% faster in Combat.

Campaign: Dread Ring

  • Reliquary Keeper’s Strength: We gain 250 Power and 250 Movement.
  • Illusory Regeneration: We gain 400 Regeneration.
  • Illusion Shimmer: We gain 3% Deflect Chance
  • Enraged Regrowth: When taking damage we have a chance to heal up to 20,000 Hit Points over a few seconds. After this effect ends we have 4000 more Defense for 10 seconds.
  • Here I went with Rampaging Madness but you could also go with Burning Guidance as our healing spells will burn enemies for up to 2000 Radiant damage.

Campaign: Icewind Dale

  • Encroaching Tactics: We gain 400 Combat Advantage Bonus.
  • Appreciation of Warmth: We gain 400 Incoming Healing Bonus.
  • Rapid Thaw: We gain 400 Recovery.
  • Cool Resolve: We gain up to 2,000 Power based on how much Stamina is missing.
  • Winter’s Bounty: Chance to gain bonus 10% Action Points when killing a target.

Campaign: Underdark

  • Primordial Might: We gain 400 Power and 1,600 Max Hit Points.
  • Primordial Focus: We gain 400 Critical Strike and 1,600 Max Hit Points.
  • Drow Ambush Tactics: Combat Advantage damage bonus is increased by 10%.
  • Dwarven Stamina: We now gain Stamina 5% faster.
  • Abyssal Tenacity: Demons do 5% less damage to us.

Campaign: Tyranny of Dragons

  • Dragon’s Claws: Grants 400 Power.
  • Dragon’s Gaze: Grants 400 Critical Strike.
  • Dragonscale Defense: Grants 400 Defense.
  • Dragon’s Blood: Grants 400 Regen.
  • Dragon’s Fury 2/3: Grants 6.5% increased Critical Severity.
  • Dragon’s Revival 1/3: Grants 10% increased Incoming Healing.

Campaign: The Maze Engine

  • Abyssal Regeneration: We gain 400 Incoming Healing Bonus.
  • Demonic Influence: We gain 400 Combat Advantage Bonus.
  • Demonic Swiftness: We gain Action Points 3% faster.
  • Engine Inspiration: Our healing spells have a chance to heal allies around us for 20,000 hit points.

Campaign: Elemental Evil

  • Wave of Force: We gain 300 Power and 2000 Max Hit Points.
  • Earth’s Renewal: We gain 400 Regeneration and 2,000 Max Hit Points.
  • Blazing Resilience: We gain 400 Recovery and 2,000 Max Hit Points.
  • Wall of Wind: When taking damage we have a chance to heal up to 24,000 Hit Points over a few seconds. After this effect ends our Recovery is increased by 1,000 for 10 seconds.

Campaign: Storm King’s Thunder

  • Frosty Demeanor: We gain 2% Control Resistance and 1,000 Max Hit Points.
  • Hardy Constitution: We gain 400 Stamina Gain and 2% Everfrost Damage Resistance.
  • Chill Determination: We gain 2,000 Recovery based on how much Stamina is missing
  • Glacial Strength: Our Max HP is increased by 3,200 and 2% Everfrost Damage Resistance.
  • Healing Warmth: Our healing spells have a chance to damage up to 5 enemies near the target for up to 4,000 damage.

Companion Choices

When leveling you want to choose a good defender pet. I went with a Earth Archon or you could go with a Yeti. If you can’t afford either of those go with the Man at Arms. When you reach level 70 these are the Companions I recommend.

  • Flame Sprite: This pet will increase our Action Point Gain. Try and get this pet Epic.
  • Polar Bear Cub: This pet will give us 5% Outgoing Healing when Epic.
  • Earth Archon: This pet will Increase our damage when we are at full health. Try and get to Epic.
  • Con Artist: This pet will grant us critical strike and Debuffs enemies defenses by 10%. Try and get this to Legendary and make this your active companion as it has 3 ring slots. Try for double slotted rings that grants up Power, Recovery, Crit, or Defense. Make sure you also have Bonding Runestones in the 2 Offense slots and the 1 Defense Slot.
  • Silver-Scaled Cleric Disciple: This pet will increase our Incoming Healing and Outgoing Healing. Try and get this pet to Epic. Now for you PS4 players this might be hard for you as you can only get this pet from the Dragon Scale Merchant in Protector’s Enclave, because you can only get dragon scales out of specific lockboxes and it won’t be on the trade house because it binds on Pickup. I would go with a pet that grants some form of outgoing healing or you could opt to go for a pet that grants Power or Action Points and even Recovery.


Here you can have any mounts that Stack our Primary Stats for this build. Those Stats include Power, Crit, Recovery, Defense, Action Points. Since we can have 5 mounts I would try to get 1 of each.


Okay now for the nitty-gritty of the Character, our gear. Since Mod 10 just dropped we will want to try for the Relic Gear: Item Level 150 when full Restored, that you can get from the new dungeon Fangbreaker Island and the Boots come from the Heroic Encounters. When you hit level 70 you can get some of the Item Level 135 pieces from the Trade Bar Merchant. You will want to go with all Restoration gear no matter what you decide to go with when you hit level 70. As of right now I will write down what I have equipped to my character.


  • Elemental Dragonflight Restoration Coif for the Head.
  • Elemental Dragonflight Restoration Surcoat for the Armor.
  • Elemental Dragonflight Restoration Braces for the Arms.
  • Lighttender’s Restoration Cuisses for the Feet.

 Main Hand and Off-Hand Weapons

  • Twisted Omoioma: Item Level 140: For the artifact power you will want to slot Astral Seal, because it will increase the healing by 32%.
  • Twisted Icon: Item Level 140: For the artifact power you will want to slot Hastening Light as it will gift all allies with 10% of their Action Points and for the 2nd power you want to go with Action Point Gain Maxed to 400.

The Twisted Set Grants us more Power when we hit enemies and grants us more Defense when we are hit, but I feel this set is not the best for this build. The best weapon set for this build will be the Burning Set that you get from farming Heroic Encounters in the Fire Pit as it grants 25% AP back when we use a Daily Power. I refuse to farm for this set so if you want to try this would be the set to get, but the Twisted set works just fine as we will be Buffing our allies with even more Power.

Neck and Belt Pieces.

  • Greater Lathander’s Cloak: Item Level 140: Grants us +8 AC as well as power, recovery, and defense.
  • Greater Lathander’s Belt: Item Level 140: Grants us +2 WIS and +2 CHA as well as power, recovery, and defense.

Once again this isn’t the best Neck and Belt Piece set we can have, but it is by far the second best. The best neck and belt piece we can have is the Amulet of Tiamat’s Demise for the neck and Tiamat Sash for the belt. You can get these items from doing The Temple of Tiamat. The Neck will grant us 4% Action Points every 3 seconds and the Belt will grant us +2 WIS and +2 CHA. I do have both of the pieces, but I want Tiamat’s Orb to go along with this set as it will increase our outgoing healing by 5% and incoming healing by 5%.


  • Ring of Brutality +4:Every 30 seconds we gain 4,000 power for 8 seconds.
  • Ring of Rising Focus +4: On hitting a foe we gain 115 Recovery for 4 seconds and can stack 10 times.

Here can go with any power ring. I was lucky enough to get the Brutality. You will also want a Crit or Defense ring. I chose the Rising Focus, because I feel Recovery is more important. Just make sure you have at least any of the +4 rings or if your lucky +5 rings for this build.

Shirt and Pants

  • Prelate’s Gemmed Exquisite Elemental Chainmail: This is the best Shirt we can have at the moment. Make sure when you get the chance to slot Everfrost Resist Armor Kits on both the shirt and pants that you can get from the store in Byrn Shander.
  • Prelate’s Gemmed Exquisite Elemental Chausses: This is the best Pants that we can have at the moment. You can craft these your self when you Jewelcrafting reaches level 25 or you can spend Astral Diamonds and buy them off the trade house.


  • Eye of Lathander: This completes our Lathander set. When refined to Mythic we can Resurrect an ally from afar and restores 80% of their hit points. Range of 80′. This is a lifesaver. I don’t know how many times this has saved allies when they have been one shotted from a boss fight. Also if you are returned from Near Death status, you and nearby allies will be healed for 50% of their max hit points and receive a buff to their Recovery of 500 points for 10 seconds. We are also immune to injuries due to death.
  • Sigil of the Trickster: This will grant us Critical Strike, Deflection, and Combat Advantage Bonus.
  • Sigil of the Oathbound Paladin: This will grant us Max HP, Power, and AoE Resist.
  • Sigil of the Devoted: This will grant us Power, Defense, and Incoming Healing Bonus.

These are not the best we can have though this is just what I am running at the moment. We want to try to get these Artifacts instead.

  • Tiamat’s Orb
  • Sigil of the Oathbound Paladin
  • Sigil of the Hunter
  • Sigil of the Great Weapon or Sigil of the Devoted

You can even go for the Wheel of Elements instead of the Sigil of the Oathbound Paladin.


  • Offense slots we want Radiants.
  • Defense slots we want Azures or you could go Radiants.
  • Weapon Enchanment Trans Frost. You could even go with Trans Dread, Trans Vorpal, or Trans Holy Avenger.
  • Armor Enchantment Trans Soulforged or Trans Negation.
  • Utility slots Dragon Hoard or Fey Blessing enchantments.

Encounter Power Rotation and At-Will Rotation

  • Soloing and doing your daily missions. Slot Astral Seal and Blessing of Battle as your at-wills. Sun Burst, Healing Ward, Chains of Blazing Light as your encounter powers. Flame Strike and Anointed Army as your daily’s. Divine Fortune and  Anointed Armor as your Class Features.
  • Sunburst will provide you with room if you start to get over run by enemies and give you a much-needed heal.
  • Healing Ward will provide you with heals when needed.
  • Chains of Blazing Light will be your damage dealer along with Blessing of Battle and Flame Strike.

Dungeons with a party that is Squishy

We want to slot Astral Seal and Blessing of Battle as our At-Wills.

Astral Shield, Bastion of Health, and Divine Glow as our Encounters.

Hallowed Ground and Anointed Army as Daily’s

Divine Fortune and Hastening Light as Class Features.

This is the rotation you will want to follow to max your AP Gain and keep the party alive.

Start with Astral Seal as this will provide a heal right off the bat then Blessing of Battle x2 as this will Buff you and your allies and get us into Divinity. Once the yellow bar on the Left is filled we will go into Divinity Changing the Bar to blue and casting Bastion of Health x3 as to provide more powerful heals and getting us to Empowered. You will know when you are Empowered fully when you have 3 blue spheres around you. Thats when we cast Astral Shield as to provide our allies with a Damage Resist Buff. Then cast Divine Glow, Bastion of Health. Keep doing this rotation until you have your Daily. If you are fighting mobs use Anointed Army as it increases your allies power and protects them from damage. Boss fights you can go with Hallowed Ground. Rinse and Repeat. It will take time to get the rotation down, but once you play the Cleric enough it comes natural.

Dungeons with a party that is not Squishy and can hold their own

We want to slot Astral Seal and Blessing of Battle as our At-Wills.

Sun Burst, Healing Ward, Divine Glow for mobs and Swap in Break the Spirit for Bosses. You could even opt to go with Bastion of Health instead of Healing Ward.

Hallowed Ground and Anointed Army for Daily’s

Divine Fortune and Hastening Light as Class Features.

Start with Astral Seal as to provide the team with a heal right off the bat then Blessing of Battle x2 as this will Buff you and your allies and get us to Divinity. Channel Divinity and cast Sun Burst x3 as this will apply a stacking Damage Over Time effect to any nearby foes and a Heal Over Time to nearby Allies. Once fully Empowered cast Divine Glow or Break the Spirit depending of the situation. Divine Glow will increase the duration of the Buff and Debuff by 2 seconds that it applies to allies and enemies. While Break the Spirit will Grant allies with bolsterd spirit, which will increase their damage by 10% per stack consumed and lasts 8 seconds. Then we will cast Healing Ward or Bastion of Health which ever you have decided to slot as your heal. Then Sun Burst, but only during a boss fight as this will give us a lot of AP Gain. Keep following this rotation until you have a Daily and use Anointed Army for mobs and Hallowed Ground or Anointed Army for Boss fights. Rinse and Repeat.

Dungeons with a Paladin that uses Bubble

Here we want the same load out as above, but this time we will take Healing Ward and we will take Divine Glow. The Daily’s and Class Features also remain the same.

Start with Astral Seal then Blessing of Battle x2. Channel Divinity and use Sun Burst x3, once fully empowered cast Divine Glow followed by Healing Ward, Then Sun Burst, but only use Sun Burst during a Boss fight or if your allies are taking a lot of damage as this will give a heal and give your allies breathing room. Then pop Anointed Army Daily. Rinse and Repeat.

I hope this guide was helpful and any tips will be greatly appreciated. I am no expert but I have had no problems running dungeons with these loads outs and this build. Any other ideas will also help me grow and maybe learn things I didn’t know about this class.

Thank You and I hope you Enjoy!!!!!

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  • Anderson
    October 28, 2016 at 2:41 pm

    Great guide! One question. Where do you get the Restoration gear?

    • October 28, 2016 at 8:10 pm

      You can get the gear from different venders in the Protectors Enclave or or from your Stronghold. There are 2 types of gear we can get that will have the name Restoration or Raid. We want the Restoration. A piece of Armor could say Drowcraft Restoration or in your guild it could say Dragonflight Restoration.

  • Anderson Papeti
    October 28, 2016 at 10:36 pm

    Is the frostborn restoration from the tradebar one of those you menction?

    • October 31, 2016 at 4:11 pm

      yes. you can get the frostborn restoration until you get better gear. it will work just fine. i believe the frostborn can be restored up to IL 140 so it is very viable.

  • October 29, 2016 at 2:35 pm

    I dont get it, how and where we can take this Dragonflight Restoration set. I saw in neverwinter forum that we must do Black Ice Shaping profession. So?

    • October 31, 2016 at 4:13 pm

      You get dragonflight gear from your guild stronghold once you unlock the market place rank. You can make it Elemental if you have blacke ice profession high enough which will give IL 142 instead of IL 140.

  • Adoleve
    October 31, 2016 at 2:36 am

    Any recommendations for starting out gear? Once I hit lv 70?

    • October 31, 2016 at 4:15 pm

      Once you hit level 70 any good gear you can buy from the Tradebar Vendor just make sure it is not PvP gear. You can also do dungeons and collect the seals and buy the elven sets. Just make sure any gear sets you buy say restoration and not raid.

  • November 1, 2016 at 7:39 pm

    Nice build, i was doing something similar before haste was nerfed then I moved more down the dps path. Even after switching part of me wanted to go back to a build like this – I do miss haste, you no longer feel like a cleric on the dps path. Only con with it is that I found was some of the harder solo content could be a pain. I’d suggest this build to anyone who likes to pug dungeons, or anyone who runs with squishy groups (any combo this build works, just works better in those situations).

    • November 2, 2016 at 2:51 am

      ty for the comment. i agree, this build will be a problem doing solo content until you get to be around IL 3k. I spent at least 6 hours a day doing daily’s but now it takes 2 hours – 3 hours min. I never got a chance to play the cleric before the haste nerf, wish i could have gotten to use it then.

    • SoferDark
      November 5, 2016 at 6:36 am

      Totally agree, play alone with this configuration is very difficult

  • Aura
    November 5, 2016 at 11:10 am

    Thanks mate, the guide is super complete. I almost reach lvl 70 with my cleric and I’m practicing a lot your rotations. Thank you so much! 😀

  • Shad Carmean
    November 8, 2016 at 2:10 am

    I was having problems doing enough dmg while soloing with your solo rotation. I switched to chains of blazing light (x), daunting light (y), and divine glow (b). Oh, i use Divine Fortune & Holy Fervor as my class features. Everything else the same. Build the divine power with the at wills, hit chains, then daunting light. Switch to Divinity and blast with chains, divine glow, chains. Once empowered hit Daunting light again. Seems to work pretty well for me.

    Love the build. I was having issues keeping people alive on the Righteous Paragon.

  • Warfareltg
    November 15, 2016 at 4:21 am

    So I couldnt get my hands on a silver scale companion so what would u recommend as a replacement? I was thinking water archon, alchemist experimenter, maybe even wayward wizard.

  • November 26, 2016 at 8:29 pm

    Thank you I want to try this . my GT on xbox is pretty edward. my cleric and I get frustrated in CN when I know i couldve healed someone a little more (i ran haste before the mod changed) <3 Im gonna try it. Numinos is my cleric.

  • Furyfeet
    December 17, 2016 at 11:21 am

    Where can i get the flame spirit ? and if i cant get him anymore with which companion can i replace him? And what mounts do you use?

  • mr.J
    December 18, 2016 at 12:19 am

    Does the blessing of battle buff work on all enemies or just the enemy u hit with it ? The power buff and defense

  • Marec
    December 22, 2016 at 11:08 am

    There is same state sprite in the zen market.

  • DylVil
    January 21, 2017 at 7:23 pm

    Is this build viable to solo sometimes? Just want to be able to heal but also wanna be able to quest alone.

  • Goldie
    February 7, 2017 at 8:04 am

    The virtuous build isn’t realistic until 3500+ gear score and even still cannot survive the sea of moving ice. and also sunburst in dungeons? Where’s your break the spirit? Do you even play a cleric? What!? Sorry but +1

  • Dead-Child
    February 14, 2017 at 6:56 am

    You cannot roll a 13 on CHA with those other stats as Human. 24 heroic feat points? Lol? Dude how much false info is here? This is theorycraft (and bad) by obviously someone who hasnt even made it endgame.

  • matt
    February 16, 2017 at 11:07 pm

    Anoited champion or divine oracle

  • Sly
    February 20, 2017 at 11:14 pm

    What are the main encounters that should be used with this build?

  • pietro
    March 2, 2017 at 9:55 am

    Hey man, thanks for this build. i’ve reached the 70 about a month ago and this is the only build i’ve tried and i’m quite satisfied. I have only 2 questions because English is not my first language so i’m not sure what you mean with “Squishy” or “can hold their own”? and how can i know it when i’m in a group?

    • March 2, 2017 at 10:35 am

      Squishy means a toon that can easily go down in one hit by the simplest of enemies. And holding their own means that they don’t need that much healing. You can just buff the party and debuff enemies and not have to worry about someone going down.

  • Legolas
    March 20, 2017 at 12:13 pm

    for me this is the best build for dc right now! takes sometime to get all the gear, stones, etc that you say it here, but even with low item and i mean all epic, you can see better perfomance comparing with other DC with some legendary items and mithic artifacts…

    for DC this is the BEST GUIDE in MMOMINDS !

    thanks for sharing stinger1824

  • Unkown
    April 13, 2017 at 8:27 pm

    Would you change anything here for mod 11?

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