MOD 10 Combat HR by Hater

by Hater on October 26, 2016
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MOD 10 Combat HR by Hater

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Hello! My name is Hater, I’ve been maining the Hunter Ranger for about 3 months now on PS4. I was playing Trapper Paragon but with the recent Balance Changes on the Hunter ranger i just couldnt find the damage i once had which admittedly was nothing compared to GWF’s or broken Scourgeys. I decided to give combat a shot and since then im keeping up with if not surpassing GWF’s no one else is really a competition.  I have been asked alot for my buid and rotation so i decided to cut out the middle man make this and redirect people here lol. This build is primarily going to be a High DPS build.  I will be posting alternatives to the gear that I have slotted as well as my reasoning behind my loadout, feats, powers, etc.

DISCLAIMER!!!!: You will lose 10% crit in this build my crit is only 70% fully buffed but then again im just 2900. I have seen this build be a dps lose for those under the 50% crit mark fully buffed.

Starting Race / Stats

Races: Wood elf (+2 Dex/Wis, +1% Crit Strike)

Drow (+2 Dex/Wis, 5% chance to lower def 10% when attacking)

Dragonborn (picking Dex/Wis, Power & Critical Strike increased by 3%)

Stat Roll: Dex&Wis: 18, Str: 12, Con/Int/Cha: 10

All of your points should be put into Dex and Wisdom to increase your damage and critical chance

Stat Focus



My gear is primarily focused on these 2 stats  Power and Critical Strike

The secondary Stats are Armor Pen (You want to get around 60% Armor Pen) and Recovery and Lifesteal

Power: Where all your damage comes from. Big power = Big damage

*Critical Strike*: Makes you have a chance to hit harder. The higher the percentage, the bigger your numbers (My personal goal is 90%+)

Lifesteal: Less work for your healer.

Armor Pen: This is a PVE build, so we dont want our resistance ignored (see image 3) to go past 60%, because anything past that doesn’t effect our damage output. Mine is at 48% because when my Bonding Runestones on my companion proc, it pushes my resistance just above 60%.

Recovery: This is going to reduce our cooldown time for our encounters. More recovery = more tasty gushing wounds. fully buffed mine hits for 3mil+.


Helmet: Dusk Raid Hood

Chest: Elven Assault Coat

Arms: Elven (crit and armor pen ones)

Legs: Dusk Raid Gaiters

I personally mainly run group related dugneons, I rarely ever solo anything. So the Dusk Set bonus is better for me over the Dragonflight. Dusk set bonus (for having 2 pieces) gives me 1000 Power (While in a group). Dragonflight set for 2 pieces gives +500 power with a slightly increase stat bonus on the gear. So if you Solo a large amount of content, Dragonflight would be your better choice. But Group play you have better power stat with the Dusk set.

If you are rolling in astral diamonds, a good idea is to work on the Leatherworking Mastery Profession. With this, you could craft the Umbral Raid Bracer as an alternative to the Elemental Alliance Raid Bracers, But it is a large investment and not really affordable.

Rings: Ring of rising power & Ring of brutality (Gotta get more power)

Power means you hit harder fully buffed im sitting at 70% crit I would use a rising Prec over rising power but i hate POM.

Alternative Rings: Ring of Rising Precision, Ring of Sudden Precision (Bumping up critical strike)

I wouldnt recommend sudden Precision crit is a dice roll stat and having it on a timer will add less dps then just stacking more power through your rings. You will find crit in other places.

Belt: Golden Belt

Str for Armor pen Dex for damage. Crit power and more armor pen. ( Will be switching to orcus set when i get another shard drop)

Cape: Lostmauth Necklace

Set Bonus and good stats

Shirt: Gemmed Exquisite Elemental Tunic

Pants: Gemmed Exquisite Elemental Pants

Weapon Set: Twisted Set

It is still the best weapon set for the Hunter Ranger with its set bonus which gives roughly 4000 power. You are gonna hit 6 times with every at-will it will stay stacked.


Offence Slot: Brutals (Power and Critical strike)

Offence Alternative: Azures (Critical Strike)

Defence Slot: Darks (Life Steal)

Utility Slot: Dragon Horde Enchantment and Fey Blessing

With the Horde enchantments, the percentage cap is reached at 5% max, as well as there is a cooldown timer on these enchantment to gain refining stones (They start giving less drops the longer you play)

Fey Blessings also cap at 5%, but they do not have a cooldown for drop rates.

With my current gear I have 5 Ultility Slots, so I push 3 rank 9 Fey Blessing and 2 rank 9 Dragon hordes to maximize the percentage and drop rates from both types of enchantment.

Alternative Utility: If you dont feel like getting free stuff for killing things, I suggest adding Darks into the utility slots for a movement speed buff. We will be doing a lot of running back and forth and the faster you can do that, the better.

Weapon Enchantment: Vorpal Enchantment

The Combat paragon has a huge focus on at wills as well as encounters i havent tested but i feel the vorpal is the best here.

Armor Enchantment: Shadowclad Enchantment

The build comes with deflection. Defelection also means damage. For soloing and pvp while running lonewolf your a deflection machine.


Main Slot: Wheel of Elements (fire buff gives 30% damage increase, Power, Stamina Gain, HP)

Slot 2: Sigil of the Controler (Crit, Power, Control Resist)

Slot 3: Lanturn of Revelation (Critical, Arm. Pen, Combat advantage)

Slot 4: Lostmauth Horn of Blasting (Power, Arm. Pen, Control bonus)

Crit and Power as well as some armor pen!



I will be listing the powers to invest in Stormwarden is the only viable paragon.

Non Path related Powers






At Wills: Split Strike

Quickest hitting allowing you to achieve 3 flurry strikes after an encounter.

Personal Class Feature: Blade Storm, Aspect of the Lone Wolf, Aspect of the pact, Seekers Vengeance.

Blade Storm gives your abiliteis a chance to do 50%

Aspect of the Lone Wolf: A good defensive feature to help you when you’re in the thick of it, by increasing deflect it increases your survivability. I only run it while soloing pvping or im pulling threat super hard.

Aspect of the Pack: combined with the artifact weapon off hand this will give you a near infinite up time 8% dmg buff as well as perma combat advantage.

Seeker’s Vengeance: Tired of buffing your team with Aspect of the Pack? Try this on for size. Whenever you hit a enemy in the back, your damage goes up an extra 10% at rank one, and increases by 3% for each point. maxing out at a 19% damage increase (as long as you’re hitting them from behind). Mainly only used on Orcus…

Encounters: Thorn Strike, Throw Caution, and Gushing Wound

Thorn Strike: Quick big damage ability on a short cooldown nothing more to say mine hits for about 300k at times.

Throw Caution: Huge self buff apply this then hit gushing wouds and laugh in enjoyment

Gushing Wound: This is your big Damage right here… mine fully buffed crits tick for 175k… 20 times! The melt is real.

*Longstriders Shot*: Honestly i just use it for a speed buff during disconnects from mobs.

Daily Powers: Forest Ghost, Cold Steel Hurricane

Forest Ghost: Speed Boost during Disconnects.

Cold Steel Hurricane: Looks cool and i scream Kamahamaha thre my headset whenever i do it ( sorry guys).

DOnt really bother using them for damage all of our dailys suck for every path lol.






Heroic Feats

Weapon Mastery 3/3: 3% increased critical Chance

Toughness 3/3: 9% more Health

Battlewise 3/3: 6% less threat (You gonna need it…)

Agile Combatant 3/3: deal 3% more damage when switching stances. (Very rarely switch stances except during disconnects but everything else sucks lol.)

Endless Assault 3/3: Encounter powers deal 6% more damage. (MORE DAMAGE FOR GUSHING!)

Scoundrel Training 2/3: Your at-wills deals 6% more damage. (more Damage for split strike and aimed

Disciple of Dexterity 3/3: Increase the amount of damage you get for each point into dexterity.




  • Dark Fey Hunter (400 power)
  • Fey Precision (400 Critical Strike)
  • Elven Haste (3% Faster AP gain)
  • Elven Ferocity (Chance to deal 20k damage when striking a foe)
  • Elvish Fury (Gain 135 power for every foe defeated for 45 seconds. can stack 30 times)

Dread Ring

  • Conjurer’s Gambit (250 Crit and movement)
  • Evoker’s Thirst (400 Life steal)
  • Forbidden Piercing (3% resistance ignored)
  • Shadowtouch (When Dealing damage, a chance to deal 20k damage, target receives 25% less healing as well)
  • Rampaging Madness (When you deal damage, gain madness. After 50 stacks of madness you gain 4k power, lifesteal, and regeneration for 10 seconds)

Icewind Dale

  • Encroaching Tactic (400 Combat advantage)
  • Refreshing Chill (400 stamina Gain)
  • Sleet Skills (2% crit Severity)
  • Cool Resolve (Gain power depending on the amount of stamina missing)
  • Avalanche (After taking 20 hits, you deal 15k damage to nearby targets)


  • Primordial Might (400 power and 1600 HP)
  • Primordial Focus (400 Critical Strike and 1600 HP)
  • Drow Ambush Tactics ( Combat advantage damage bonus increased by 10%)
  • Dwarven Footing (Control effects are shortened 5% when applied to you)
  • Abyssal Strikes(10% increase damage to demons)

Tyranny of Dragons

  • Dragons Claws ( 400 Power)
  • Dragons Gaze (400 Crit)
  • Draconic Armorbreaker (400 Arm Pen.)
  • Dragons Greed ( 400 Life steal)
  • Dragons Fury 3/3 (8% increased Crit Severity)

Guild Boons

  • Offence: Power or Critical Severity
  • Defense: N/A
  • Utility:XP

Maze Engine

  • Abyssal Siphoning (5% life steal severity)
  • Demonic Influence ( 400 Combat Advantage)
  • Demonic Swiftness ( 3% increase AP gain)
  • Baphomet’s Might (Chance to gain 2000 critical strike when attacking a foe)

Elemental Evil

  • Wave of Force (300 power and 2000 HP)
  • Heart of Stone (4% life steal severity and 2000 HP)
  • Searing Aggression (400 Crit and 2k HP)
  • Gale of Retribution (chance to heal 24k hp and Critical is increased 1000 for 10 seconds after being hit)

Storm King’s Thunder

  • N/A


At Wills: Aimed Shot(LT) & Split Strike (RT)

Encounters: Thorn Strike (Square), Throw Caution (Triangle), Gushing Wound(Circle)

Personal: Aspect of the Pack & Blade Storm

Rotation: The start of the fight I open the door with ranged stance I fire off Longstriders and Forest Ghost to close the gap. then stance switch to melee

(Square -> RT -> RT -> RT ->Triangle -> RT -> RT -> RT -> Circle -> RT -> RT -> RT)

You then use Square whenever it is up and try to keep Your throw Caution Buff up as uch as possible when you use gushing wounds. Always trying to get in 3 At wills in the 3 seconds after an encounter to take advantage of flurry.





The Bigger the Bonding Runestones, The bigger your DPS. You’re going to find that this is the situation with all Classes. The biggest focus outside of your feats and your weapon/Armor enchantments are your companions and your mounts. The bonuses both of these give you are going to be where most of your damage. You can gain almost 300% of you companions stats with a full set of Rank 12 Bondings.

Your Active Companion you are going to want is the Fire Archon


Since the update I do not recommend using any sudden rings on your companions after 30mins of testing i averaged 2 secs of up time off my companions +4rings.This is due to the delay in the companion activating the bonding stone and the fact that it gets overwritten with each activation where as before you get those stats for the full 20 seconds. totally not worth.

The other 4 Companions I use for the active bonuses are as follows:

Erienes of Belial – +10% Critical Serverity

Earth Archon – 5% dmg while full health

Air Archon – Increase damage to heros not at full health by 5%

Seige Master– 4% dmg

I personally dont know of any other effective companions at this time with sufficient Stat bonuses. I apologize for my lack of information upon this topic. if there are companions you like for your hunter ranger please leave a comment!




Here are the Mount bonus I personally use. I’m going to keep this topic rather short as well.

Combat Power: Tenser Disk is the Best in slot combat Power. It gives you 10% increase power, movement speed, and +2 dex, Str, Constitution, and Armor Class. Nothing beats it.

Equip Power: I use +2000 critical strike from the Heavy Howler mount.

Mounts that give Critical Strike: Heavy Howler (2000) , Rage Drake (2000) , Imperial Rage Drake (4000)

Mounts that Give Power: Apparatus of Gond (2000), Guard Drake (2000) , Heavy Giant Spider (2000) , Heavy Twilight Nightmare(2000) , Purple Owlbear (2000), Black Ice War Horse (4000)

The indvidual insignia bonus from each piece I would focuson are on Critical, Power, Movement, Armor Pen, and Recovery.

Ending Notes

Senpai Andrew: I stole your formating and some of your explantions on stuff hope you arent upset =)

This is my Build. if you have any questions, Feel free to leave any comments and I’ll be happy to answer them as soon as possible. In the end i feel trapper is dead and long live Combat.

GamerTag on PSN: Tempest71

IGN: Hater


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  • NGN Andrizzle
    October 26, 2016 at 2:59 pm

    The pictures that you tried posting to this are not showing up at all.

  • Revelynix
    October 26, 2016 at 10:38 pm

    Hi there. Nice write up and thanks for sharing. I’m also a hunter that moved to combat since mod 10. I use the same setup as you do except a few minor changes here and there. The main difference though is the rotation. I use longstrider and its 40% damage and speed buff to rush in since it’s only 4 seconds and use throw caution which is another 40% damage boost then get off one flurry, then get to gushing wound at an 80% damage increase…if there are multiple elites such as in demo I use plant growth and watch those numbers fly and the enemies die. Very satisfying.

    • October 27, 2016 at 8:16 am

      I believe Longstriders only buffs the first attack after its use so its only buffs your throw caution in this instance. I usually open with longstriders to close distance faster and then thorn strike. The only reason i dont use plant growth is the long cooldown. Which do you replace with plant growth? thorn strike? id feel like your sitting on cooldowns for a bit. I’d have to test.

  • UrzaPlaneswalker
    October 27, 2016 at 3:10 pm

    Can I ask where you read that the Fey Blessing and Dragon Hoard Enchants cap at 5%? I’m curious and need to know if I have to adjust my utility slots.

    • October 27, 2016 at 3:28 pm

      Rank 12’s cap at 5% it all stacks but Dragon’s have a few hour internal cooldown after a certain quota. It’s best to run 5 Dragon’s til you hit the cooldown then switch to 5 Fey’s i dont know the exact cooldown time tho =(. I personally run 3 fey’s and 2 dragons.

  • zedfighter
    October 30, 2016 at 7:37 pm

    Proofreading isn’t hard and shows you have some intelligence, or at least give a shit. And those pictures, WTF?

  • Laz
    October 31, 2016 at 12:19 pm

    I recently switched to combat as well In mod 10. Check out my channel on youtube “Laz X” and you can get a detailed description of my build on a 4k HR. I use plant growth over thorns, just added recovery to make up for long cooldown.

    • October 31, 2016 at 4:31 pm

      I tried plant growth average crit was 34k x3 on a dummy sometimes it only hit 2x’s on a 20 second CD. Thorn was hitting for 22k on a 6 second cd. Combined thorn is less but when you factor in flurry at wills and the fact that thorn hits harder with less hp of target thorn is much much better. Granted Growth may be better for aoe but idk requires testing.

      • Laz
        October 31, 2016 at 5:01 pm

        I recently switched out some stuff to still have 100% crit, with 8k recovery so plant growth is up when switch stance after second arrow to restart rotation. Plus i use the cordon once in awhile for filler, usually never needed though. Just what I use not saying if it is “the best” just works for me.

  • Itsa Trap
    November 6, 2016 at 11:49 am

    Great build man! I haven’t seen you in game but I also play a combat hunter with a very similar build. My name on ps4 neverwinter is Itsa Trap & a lot of people ask me for advice on a build & what to do & you honestly explain everything much better than I.
    I’m going to refer people to your build for tips. I have a few differences in my build based opon preference but Goodjob man! It’s great to see another HR getting creative with combat! Cheers!

  • Careid
    December 2, 2016 at 11:39 am

    Not sure if it’s worth it but there is a hawk companion that increases dmg by how far away u r from your target by up to 7% at 100 ft and that’s only at rare lvl it’s like having aspect of the falcon on. I’m new to Hunter ranger but thought maybe this would be cool to know

  • December 24, 2016 at 8:59 am

    I didn’t see mention of the Mercenary companion. I’ve been using my air archon instead of my Fire archon only because my air is higher ranked. Should I level my Mercenary up next or my Fire archon to use as my active.

  • December 28, 2016 at 6:36 pm

    what does your rotation look like?

    • nomnom
      January 1, 2017 at 4:58 pm


      At Wills: Aimed Shot(LT) & Split Strike (RT)

      Encounters: Thorn Strike (Square), Throw Caution (Triangle), Gushing Wound(Circle)

      Personal: Aspect of the Pack & Blade Storm

      Rotation: The start of the fight I open the door with ranged stance I fire off Longstriders and Forest Ghost to close the gap. then stance switch to melee

      (Square -> RT -> RT -> RT ->Triangle -> RT -> RT -> RT -> Circle -> RT -> RT -> RT)

      You then use Square whenever it is up and try to keep Your throw Caution Buff up as uch as possible when you use gushing wounds. Always trying to get in 3 At wills in the 3 seconds after an encounter to take advantage of flurry.

  • Samuel Alanis
    January 11, 2017 at 3:23 pm

    So you don’t switch back and forth from ranged to Melee stance ? You go longstriders shot then melee stance and your rotation? I just switched from trapper and am used to the constant switch.

  • January 16, 2017 at 2:12 pm

    Thanks for the build, I wanted to point out a few things. Deflect does not return damage, it only mitigates part of the damage. Also you should mention that using a rising and a sudden ring of the same type do not stack. The only benefit is that when the sudden ring wears off you will have the rising boost. Using rising in self and sudden on companion is generally considered a better option until you get lucky on a legendary ring of dod or two.

  • Lunox
    January 26, 2017 at 2:02 pm

    Hi Hater. Damn good guide. I think I’ve perfected it a bit though. Companion wise. Honestly speaking the fire archon is garbage for sudden rings. I too tested it and found the 2 second up time. But there is a huge but…….. the air archon is honestly much more OP. My air archon has a brutality and sudden precision on. With them the process for the rings lasts for 6.-8 seconds. In this time frame my crit chance goes to 116 percent. But. When one ring goes down the critical sits at 102 percent. The good thing about the difference between the two is that the fire doesn’t die as quickly because it’s more ranged. Thus when it attacks you receive the bonding proc too fast and the rings go up even faster loosing you seconds while in movement towards enemy. Using the air. It joins you on the front line and the bondings prickly once it’s there with you. The best part is that it dies regularly. Now that doesn’t obviously effect the bondings but it does effect the rings. Everytime the air is revived the rings both proc together. Also the extra 2 defence slots push your life steel through the roof. I tested it for a while and it worked really well. Look me up on ps4. Aurora from the Inglorious saints.

  • Lunox
    January 26, 2017 at 2:09 pm

    Apologies for the typos. Proc seems to auto correct too frequently from my phone. Lol

  • January 28, 2017 at 5:01 am

    Thanks for the build! Just leveling now but this build will be my goal.

  • March 5, 2017 at 5:40 am

    I disagree with 3 into battle wise that seems like a waste of time if the tank is good and instead of the Erinyes why not the Wild Hunt Rider?

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