FNHUSA57 PURE DPS Control Wizard (MOD 10 Spellstorm Mage)

by FNHUSA57 on December 15, 2016
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FNHUSA57 PURE DPS Control Wizard (MOD 10 Spellstorm Mage)

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I am FNHUSA57.  I started playing neverwinter as a control wizard back in mod 5, it’s now mod 10 and time for me to give you my updated build for level 70 over 3K item level… This Build can be used under that item level as well.

A bit about the CW:  This class is very fun to play and very versatile. With that said we are going to be very squishy and this can be hard to deal with at some times. As a CW you can do good DPS in a boss fight but you do most of your damage to all the mobs and trash in PVE. This build will work in PVP as well if you change some powers.

How this build is played:  in PVE you will be on the front line with the tank your job is to freeze/stun all the trash mobs and kill them as fast as you can.  Remember you are NOT a tank, 1-4 hits will kill you so you need to try and stay out of red!! To combat this glass cannon fact we must stack life steal and HP split with Defense (mostly from your guild BOON). This video will show you the full build.

RACE & STARTING ROLL: The best race for this class is Tiefling or Human. The rest of this build will assume that you are Tiefling, as this race your starting roll will be 20 Intelligence, 15 Charisma, 13 Wisdom.

STATS: when you are level 70 you want to spend all of your stat points in Intelligence (this gives you Damage bonus & Recharge speed increase) and Charisma (This gives you Critical Hit chance, Companion stat bonus, Combat Advantage Damage)




Your Paragon path will be SPELLSTORM MAGE, your Heroic Feats will be:

Controlling action: 2/5 Gain 4% additional ACTION POINTS when using powers on a controlled target

Weapon Mastery: 3/3   Increases your Critical chance by 3%

Toughness: 2/3            Increases your maximum HIT POINTS by 6%

Fight on:     0/5             Encounter Cool downs reduced by 2/4/6/8/10% (this is a trap feat)

Battlewise:  0/3            You create 2/4/6% less threat (this is a waste of time NEVER use it)

Wizard’s Wrath:  3/3    Your Area Effect powers deal 3% more damage

Blighting Power: 2/3    Your cold powers deal an additional 4% damage to targets affected by CHILL

Lightning teleport: 0/5 When you kill a foe you restore 2/4/6/8/10% of your maximum stamina (this is a trap feat)

Arcane Enhancement; 3/3 Your Arcane powers deal 3% more damage

Learned spellcaster: 0/5  Increase the amount of bonus damage INTELLIGENCE gives you by 1/2/3/4/5% ( this is a max of 2.5% more damage so at over 3k item level it is a waste if not Human)

Prestidigitation: 2/3    You and your Allies gain 2% increased stat ratings (this is a + to all of your stats)

Focused Wizardry: 3/3  Your single target powers deal 30% more damage and your area of effect powers deal 10% less damage ( with BLIGHTING POWER & ARCANE ENHANCEMENT + WIZARD”S WRATH this is only a net loss of 3-4% on your A.O.E powers)


TEMPEST MAGIC: 5/5  when your target is below 30% max HIT POINTS you deal an additional 5% damage

MALEVOLENT SURGE: 5/5  when you kill a foe you gain 5% more damage This lasts 15 seconds

ELEMENTAL REINFORCEMENT: 5/5 When you cast a fire, arcane, cold or lightning encounter power your gain 5% increased damage for 10 seconds. Each element may apply this bonus separately. ( so if we cast a cold, arcane and lightning powers then we have a + 15% damage buff)

SPELL TWISTING:   5/5  Your encounter powers apply SPELL TWISTING for 10 seconds, which stacks up to 3 times. When you cast an at will power, your stacks of SPELL TWISTING are consumed to reduce the cool down time on recharging powers. Cool down is reduced by 10% per stack.

FROZEN POWER TRANSFER: 0/5  CHILLING CLOUD now grants 5% bonus damage for every target you strike with its third strike.  This bonus lasts for 20 seconds and stacks up to 3 times. This has a glitch and some times will not work.

ELEMENTAL EMPOWERMENT: 5/5  dealing COLD damage has a 15% chance to apply CREEPING FROST. CREEPING FROST deals 85% of your weapon damage as cold damage every 2 seconds for 12 seconds. Dealing ARCANE damage has a 15% chance to apply WARPED MAGICS. WARPED MAGICS deals 50% of your weapon damage as ARCANE damage every 2 seconds for 12 seconds, WARPED MAGICS ignores half of a target’s resistance. These effects do not stack.

ASSAILING FORCE: 1/1    Dealing damage to foes has a chance to grant you ASSIALANT. When you have ASSIALANT your next encounter power deals 15% of the targets max HP as Unresistable damage (max 800% of your weapon damage). This will only affect 1 target when used in an AOE. This feat is half as effective and can resisted and deflected when used on players.


BITTER COLD:  5/5     targets take 5% more damage for 6 seconds after being affected by CHILL. This effect does not stack

CHILLING CONTROL: 5/5   SUDDEN STORM now applies 5 stacks of chill to targets hit by the primary strike.

ICY VEINS: 4/5 When you activate an encounter power all foes within 15 feet of you have 4 stacks of chill applied to them.

FRIGID WINDS: 1/5 Foes who have been frozen take 2% more damage from all sources.


AT-WILL:  CHILLING CLOUD rank 4  & Ray of Frost rank 4

neverwinter-control-wizard-pure-dps-build-level-70-mod-10-screenshot-2016-12-14-23-46-43 neverwinter-control-wizard-pure-dps-build-level-70-mod-10-screenshot-2016-12-14-23-50-38

CLASS FEATURE:   CHILLING PRESENCE rank 4 &   STORM SPELL rank 4 neverwinter-control-wizard-pure-dps-build-level-70-mod-10-screenshot-2016-12-14-23-54-05neverwinter-control-wizard-pure-dps-build-level-70-mod-10-screenshot-2016-12-14-23-55-49

DAILY                      OPPRESSIVE FORCE rank 4  &   ICE KNIFE rank 4 neverwinter-control-wizard-pure-dps-build-level-70-mod-10-screenshot-2016-12-14-23-58-09neverwinter-control-wizard-pure-dps-build-level-70-mod-10-screenshot-2016-12-14-23-59-59

ENCOUNTER POWERS:      ICY TERRAIN rank 4   &  SUDDEN STORM rank 4   &    STEAL TIME rank 4   with DISINTEGRATE rank 4 or CONDUIT OF ICE rank 4 in the spell mastery slot. neverwinter-control-wizard-pure-dps-build-level-70-mod-10-screenshot-2016-12-15-00-04-04neverwinter-control-wizard-pure-dps-build-level-70-mod-10-screenshot-2016-12-15-00-05-41neverwinter-control-wizard-pure-dps-build-level-70-mod-10-screenshot-2016-12-15-00-07-06neverwinter-control-wizard-pure-dps-build-level-70-mod-10-screenshot-2016-12-15-00-22-07neverwinter-control-wizard-pure-dps-build-level-70-mod-10-screenshot-2016-12-15-00-23-19






DREAD RING: CONJURER’S GAMBIT, EVOKER’S THIRST, FORBIDDEN PIERCING, SHADOWTOUCH, RAMPAGING MADNESS.neverwinter-control-wizard-pure-dps-build-level-70-mod-10-screenshot-2016-12-15-00-27-48

ICEWIND DALE:  ENCROACHING TACTICS, APPRECIATION OF WARMTH, SLEET SKILLS, COLL RESOLVE, AVALANCHE.neverwinter-control-wizard-pure-dps-build-level-70-mod-10-screenshot-2016-12-15-00-29-58

STORM KING’S THUNDER: COLD HEARTED, SURVIVAL INSTINCTS, ICY WRATH, VENGEFUL HEAT, CHILL OF WINTER. neverwinter-control-wizard-pure-dps-build-level-70-mod-10-screenshot-2016-12-15-00-34-01

UNDERDARK: PRIMORDIAL MIGHT, PRIMORDIAL FOCUS, DROW AMBUSH TACTICS, DWARVEN FOOTING, ABYSSAL STRIKES. neverwinter-control-wizard-pure-dps-build-level-70-mod-10-screenshot-2016-12-15-00-36-39

TYRANNY OF DRAGONS: DRAGON’S CLAWS, DRAGON’S GAZE, DRACONIC ARMORBREAKER, DRAGON’S GREED, DRAGON’S FURRY x 2, DRAGON’S THIRST. neverwinter-control-wizard-pure-dps-build-level-70-mod-10-screenshot-2016-12-15-00-38-44

GUILD STRONGHOLD: POWER, DEFENSE & XP GAIN. neverwinter-control-wizard-pure-dps-build-level-70-mod-10-screenshot-2016-12-15-00-39-55

THE MAZE ENGINE: ABYSSAL SIPHONING, DEMONIC INFLUENCE, DEMONIC SWIFTNESS, BAPHOMET’S MIGHT. neverwinter-control-wizard-pure-dps-build-level-70-mod-10-screenshot-2016-12-15-00-41-56

ELEMENTAL EVIL: WAVE OF FORCE, HEART OF STONE, SEARING AGGRESSION, GALE OF RETRIBUTION. neverwinter-control-wizard-pure-dps-build-level-70-mod-10-screenshot-2016-12-15-00-43-49



for your summoned companion you will use a MERCENARY, CON ARTIST or FIRE ARCHON.

for gear you use three bonding rune stones (at least rank 9), (you want +5 rings but +4 ring will work) +5 ring of sudden LIFE STEAL with your 2 best AZURE enchantments, then if you have it a +5 ring of Brutality

for your other active companions you wan the AIR ARCHON, FIRE ARCHON, SIEGE MASTER, ERINYES OF BELIAL. neverwinter-control-wizard-pure-dps-build-level-70-mod-10-screenshot-2016-12-15-00-48-23


MOUNTS & INSIGNIA BONUSES: HEAVY TWILIGHT NIGHTMARE, WINTER WOLF or your choice of legendary mount, WHITE TIGER, POLAR BEAR, LEOPARD OF CHULT. INSIGNIA SET BONUSES:   VAMPIRE’S CRAVING, MAGISTRATE’S RESTRAINT, PROTECTORT’S CAMARADERIE, BARBARIAN’S REVELRY, ARTIFICER’S PERSUASION, ASSASSIN’S COVENANT.  these are the ones I like but you use what you like.  neverwinter-control-wizard-pure-dps-build-level-70-mod-10-screenshot-2016-12-15-00-52-08

GEAR:     FOR GEAR I USE: ELEMENTAL DRAGON FLIGHT ASSAULT CAP,  Warborn Executioner Robes, elemental dragon flight raid armlets, Elemental Dragon Flight Assault shoes.

For my main hand and off hand I use the TWISTED set, for my artifact set I use the Amulet of valindra’s favor, belt of Valindra’s guard, shard of valindra’s crown.

For the rest of my artifacts I use the Lantern of Revelation, Thayan book of the dead, Belial’s portal stone.

Last for rings use the best that you have at the time I have a +5 ring of Rising Life Steal and a +4 ring of Brutality. neverwinter-control-wizard-pure-dps-build-level-70-mod-10-screenshot-2016-12-15-00-58-18









I hope you like this build and have fun playing as a PURE DPS  control wizard, with a side of survivability.   If you want a fast reply then email me or message me on Facebook or YouTube.



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  • Rothulf
    December 20, 2016 at 8:54 am

    Really nice guide, following it and having a lot of fun at the moment !

  • Jay Moon
    December 22, 2016 at 9:22 pm

    Why Valindra and not Shard of Orcus?

  • Chris
    December 23, 2016 at 6:31 am

    So single target powers for bosses what do you suggest also in ways of rotation for boss fights didnt see that on your video

  • mr.J
    December 23, 2016 at 1:30 pm

    What if I drop the nightmare mount for apparatus of gond ? Same power. Different insignia.

    Apparatus has the gladiator guile (already have it) and assassin’s covenant

    Nightmare has vampire craving, survival blessings and slayer’s redemption. Obviously Only the craving is useful. But since I already have high lifestealfrom rings then I doubt the usefulness of this mount.

    The decisive factor is assassins covenant. How effective is it ? Since it only takes from the items stats. Not bonding buffs

  • Munki
    December 24, 2016 at 12:44 am

    What single target rotation do you use as not shown on your video

  • Bxpo
    January 26, 2017 at 10:18 pm

    is this build still fine to use?

  • Silvnaous
    February 5, 2017 at 2:58 pm

    Could you provide some indication of where to focus on stats? For example, posting a picture of your character’s stats and what priority you focused on bringing them to those levels.

  • shawn
    February 11, 2017 at 9:20 pm

    Why Azure or Savage in defense and not Dark for the LS?

  • Silverton
    September 18, 2017 at 7:06 am

    I play a 13k+ archer and aimed shot hits just short of 200k in a party. Demon set. Aboleth set. Owlbear cub summoned. Have bear cub too for lifesteal bonus. Air n earth archons n shadow demon. So long as im not strongest in FBI its not a problem. Morlanths armor survivors arms league boots shaman mask. It worx. Aimin at 480 n 500 gear to go higher.

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