Daddy’s DC Buff/Debuff DPS build. (built for ps4 – Mod 10.5)

by Damien Johansen on January 8, 2017
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Daddy’s DC Buff/Debuff DPS build. (built for ps4 – Mod 10.5)

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Hello, My name is Daddy, Also known as Daddy Norway, I play as a AC/DC  Buff Debuff!  ( English aint my native language, so please don’t judge! )

This build is all about Maximizing Power share, While being able to do outstanding DPS.  In combat i average about 150 – 210 000 power, depending on Group setups.

To every cleric out there that finds this weird, or strange, Try it, get used to it, The power share is way better, Your DPS is WAY higher, and you’d simply feel way better:)
PS: You’re not supposed to keep up on dmg with anyone at your own Ilvl, Clerics aint built that way, unless you go straight up DPS, with close to 0 buffs 🙂 We actually pack a heavy punch when we go full dps.

Added a Video at the bottom where you can See the buid with Low ranking Bondings! The average player runs R8’s, so added one with R8’s!


I want to point out that to use this specific build i highly recommend being geared, and having R12 Bondings.

Class choice, Depending on your current stats and gear, either Dragonborn, or human!  i was Dragonborn untill i hit 4200, Then i swapped to human, due to the 3% power and crit just doesn’t justify loosing 3 Heroic points,  but any of those 2 Races does work!   if you want to maximize all trough out, you wanna go Dragonborn untill you hit 30 000 power unbuffed,  as soon as you hit that, you want to be human for those extra heroic points.


Gear setup : Head : Lighttender’s Raid Coif

Chest : Lighttender’s Raid Surcoat


Arms : Lighttender’s Raid bracers

Boots : Lighttender’s Raid boots.


Weapons before patch would of course be Twisted! can’t get any better than that! at least not for pve!  if you are a PVP’r, you deffo want a drowned set on the side, just for some offheals,  tho i still use Twisted for PVP,  nothing should get close enough to kill you anyhow,  You’re a Cleric!

10.5 Weapons is well.. their great if your main focus is DPS, you deffo need them, However if your main focus is power buffing, you still wanna be using twisted, due to the 2set bonus, 25 stacks of power outweighs the power you get on the new set


Neck/Belt : This is a tough one, Really depends on what you want out of your build, Either Tiamat set for Pure Power Stacking( +2 Wisdom) but it does nothing for you as a off DPS,  If you want to put out somewhat higher damage,  Orcus set, or even Lostmouth set is the way to go, ( yes i know all about the nerfs, but still better than the tiamat set if you want numbers )

Artifacts,  This is important, as it’s for your AP gain, And Arm pen Cap: Something you need for Your Anointed Army, If you’re going the ”rebell” way like me, and ignoring the mainstream Recovery(crap) build, You need these exact ones at MYTHIC :

Thayan Book of the Dead : 1.000 Crit, 1.000 Arm Pen, 600 Action Point Gain.

Lostmouths horn of blasting. 1.000 Power, 1.000Armor pen, 600 Control Bonus

Heart of the Black Dragon : 1.000 Recovery, 1.000 Armor Pen, 600 Action Point Gain

Sigil of the Devoted : 1000 Power is the only thing that matters, However, the use effect can’t be beat by any other Artifact for a DC, its mandatory W/O going with the silly recovery build.

Shirt : Prelate’s Gemmed Exquisite Eemental Chainmail , Power, Crit, Recovery,

Pants: Prelate’s Gemmed Exquisite Elemental Chaisses (Pants) Power Crit Recovery


Gems, Since you’re a Pure power buffer, You want to stack Rank 12 Power Gems as offensive, And you can choose what to do with Utility and defense as you self please.  However, i stack Rank 12 Radiants as defense aswell, and i use Dark Rank 12’s in utility..

If you’re geared properly, that should take you to arround 30-32 000 power unbuffed.


Overload slots : Greater Corrupt black ice enchantment.  Power and AP Gain?  Yes please.

Rings : Rising power +4(5)

Sudden Precision +4 (5)


Wep Enchant : transcendent Dread Enchantment, You are not an At will class, Tested out Vorpal for a day of CN and FBI, and do NOT get a Vorpal, it comletly destroys your damage. Repeat, do NOT use a vorpal, you NEED a dread.

Armor enchant, Either Rock soulforged, or do as i do, Rock a trans Elven battle, Stam gain = movement=Survivability + You’re ready for pvp aswell! double win!

Reinforcements is easy : AP gain on rings, neck, Belt, and Power on everything else.

Why recovery is useless?  At this gear level, and point of the game, Lets be real, most fights lasts for 30 sec,  Unless you’re in FBI with an average group.

However With Avatar as a talent, Your cooldown are rather low anyhow, and with my rotation, your AP gain Goes trough the roof,  Even more so if you have a GF Tactician in your group.

Rotation is really simple as a DPS/Buff Debuff,  You enter battle with a Empowered Astral Glow, Use x2 Chains as empowered, then chug out a Break the spirit ( if you’re x2 Clerics, You want to be the one using Forge masters flame )  Still, only use it while having 3 stacks of divinity,

Also, if you have 2 Clerics, If he keeps DG up, you can spam Chains, which gives you a massive AP gain, (And no, Divine Glow does NOT stack )  Same with BTS ( yes it says x2 BTS is on the target, but it makes no difference.. Better to use 2 buffs, than stacking 1 that does not stack.

Especially with Avatar… Chains has some sick incoming AP.. Anyone not using Chains is really missing out.. It outright beats anyone stacking 15 000 Recovery (Witch is silly, as you’d be loosing out of about 10-12 000 power, which is allot if you’re power sharing

If you feel you can’t perma buff Army,(if the fight takes longer than you think it would, just use your Cleric artifact, and BOM, you’re set )

I want to add, i have NO problems holding Army up 100% with this build,(in a good group)  if you do, you just have to practice your rotation, and Cooldown uses.


Right, Now to the build itself.

Since i’m lazy atm, Build Here

Prio’list for Skill points, in order: Seal, BTS, Army, DG, BoB, Chain, FmF, Atleast the order i would do, but order wise you can do what ever feels right for you! just make sure to get your major buffs sorted first.

Divine fortune as Personal is kinda handy, as you can cast x1 Seal, and x1 BoB, and you’re set! Should result in x3 Divinity points!

Also using Holy Ferevor for that extra APG!
However, when in a group with 1 more dc, and both using AA and HG, i change out Holy Ferevor with Hastening Light, and allso run the Hastening light buff on my Offhand, Witch = more AP gain for the team! The personals are kinda a personal thing, but thats what i do anyhow!

There is 1 talent you can change out if you want to, and that’s Condemning gaze , as it is At this moment, its bugged, Aka, it has 0 Effect at all, Done several rounds of testing, and it makes no difference with it on, than without it on. I’m just keeping it, in hopes that they fix this soon… its an amazing buff, but its completly broken, and serves no purpose yet.

Perfect rotation to enter combat would be : x1 Astral Seal,(Reason for starting with that is because its a ranged attack, you can toss that on before anyone even gets to the boss, Then chugg in a Divine glow When everyone is at the boss, x1 blessing of battle, x2 Chains, Finish it of with either BTS, or FMF. depending on your group setup. Just rinse and repeat that rotation, and you will be fine! Also, keep in mind, rotations change, depending on situations, i can list up at least 8 different ways to do it, but its all situational, So adapt, and do what feels right!

Boons : Boons to get

Companions is pretty straight forward : Air archon at Legendary(primary) Epic Warlock booster pack companion for Crit Sev bonus, Floating sword at epic for more Crit Sev, Earth archon and fire archon as Epic.
Reason for Using Air archon as >a primary is simply it has twice the attack speed than Fire, ( Tested at multiple occasions, However, its a melee, so it dies allot, but really doesnt affect the bonding proc at all, but i guess its up to each Player what they prefer.)
(update) Seems after 10.5 My Air archon does NOT work propperly, so i changed out my air as active, to Fire.. but it seems like i am the only one with this issue so far.. bondings does not proc correctly, but swapping to fire fixed that instantly.

Mount insig bonuses that I use : Assassins Covenant, Wanderer’s Fortune, Shepherds Devotion, and Cavalrys Warning.

Oh, just one more proof that Neverwinter is Buggy AF : FBI

Rank 8 Bondings CN Random run

FBI R12 Bondings ( PUG group)

All upcoming VIDS will be posted here.

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  • January 8, 2017 at 4:36 pm

    This looks like a good high end, BIS build for FBI etc. Similar to Jarek’s for PC.

    You might want to list your boons or re-post several separate, larger images as I can’t read them.

    I’ve had a high WIS/CHA/INT Tiefling AC DC on PC since Mod 2 and seen many changes. She has been Righteous/Virtuous since the DC and TR rework.

    At least on PC, Ancient Warding does not proc with Anointed Army (and neither does Anointed Action). As AA is the only Daily I use, and my APG refills before the duration ends, I have Furious Intervention for the extra APG instead. She also still has Gift of Haste from Virtuous as even after the nerf it’s still very useful. For passives I use Holy Fervour and Anointed Armour, sometimes changing Anointed Armour for Healer’s Lore for the extra APG and AP Gifts if the party is not too strong.

    Her Recharge and APG are so ferocious she has AA up 100% without even trying and does not need to use the Sigil of the Devoted for APG, This is in Mod 8 Elemental Drowcraft Restoration gear with Burning Weapon set and Rank 11 Cruels. She uses the Tiamat artifact for the Stun etc instead.

    She has the DC Sigil at Mythic, but the only use she would have for actually using it and having Ancient Warding and Anointed Action slotted would be to cast Hallowed Ground, use the artifact, and then cast AA before the HG wears off.


    On PC, Condemning Gaze was OVER proccing and often giving 5 stacks in one hit; I’d hit one of a mob with Break the Spirit for the DoT and they would all get the debuff from Condemning Gaze. I think each tick of the DoT was counting towards the stacks, and it was also working as an AoE. I heard they were trying to fix it, but it not working at all on PS4 is a new one on me.

    Also, Bear Your Sins does not work as stated in the Tool Tip and gives max debuff with one rank, but they are also intending to fix that, but I have 5 Ranks anyway. Maybe it’s already fixed on PS4?


    I specced out of Condemning Gaze and into Fire of the Gods a while ago as my AC DC was as tanky as hell and a great party buffer/debuffer/power looper, but solo did less than half the damage of my DO DC Dwarf with Lostmauth Set. She kills a lot faster now, and is just as tanky. The DO is not as tanky, has 1/4 of the Recovery but has 70% Crit Chance and heals a lot from dps via Repurpose Soul. He also has the advantage of Brand of the Sun as a DoT At Will for proccing Righteous dps Feats.

    I also have a high STR/WIS Dwarf AC DC I am booning up, with min-Maxed WIS of 30 with the Imperial Set. His Recharge/APG is a lot lower than the Tiefling, but he kills faster (not as fast as the DO) and is almost as tanky. Your build is certainly worth looking at when I finally decide to do mod 10. IF they make the zone stop making my eyes go all blurry!

    But atm, I am having more fun booning up my SWs, GFs, GWFs, CWs, HRs, TRs and OPs. Most of them were just invoking and Professing since level 30!

    Nice build, cheers!


  • January 8, 2017 at 4:59 pm

    Yea, it really is a good one for BIS-Endgame, i highly doubt anyone with lower Gear level would be able to utilize it as its supposed to be. However, would be fun to see anyone try!

    Thanks for letting me know, i use a chrome plugin that automaticly zooms the pic’s, so i dident realise they were that small, I will get on to that as soon as DF is done and over with! +1 for catching that!

    When it comes to warding/Action, those deffo proc on PS4 ! the APG is silly, they dident use to work on PS4, but i guess it was hotfixed or ninjapatched in a earlyer patch, as it deffo works! Actually, that was the main reason why i decided to go low Recov and Higher APG, and it works out smoothly, When thats said, it works smoothly for a endgame group, done a few FbI test runs with lower geared groups, and i must say, if the fights lasts like 5 min, i still would say some Recov is needed! Atleast so far i’m not able to Spam AA if the fight lasts 5min++ However, if i were to put a timer on it, i would say that over a 5min++ fight, my AA is still up for 93/95% of the time, Depending on Movement, (Chain ap gain ) seeing its a grounding spell, mobs kinda have to stand in it for it to work! (tho, changed out to Greater corrupt Black ice enchantment’s in my OL slots, to see if that bumps it up abit on those longer fights!)

    About Comdemning gaze, me and 4 others was testing that for a whole day, both on dummies, and in CN, did a few runs with 0/5, and 1/5, and 5/5, and it made no difference in damage at all, Same group trough out the whole day, Its absolutly broken, tho, when 10.5 hits, i shal do a new round of testing, to see if they ninjapatch that aswell. I hope they do, its an amazing debuff!

    Bear your sins – after testing it with both 1/5 – 5/5, the damage deffo went up with 5/5, was just 3 CN runs tho, so i cant say it was a extensive test, but i went 5/5 anyhow, just to be sure!

    Thanks allot for the tips on the pic’s and such! will get that sorted asap! i need to get back to DF, Have a great day!

  • January 10, 2017 at 8:24 pm

    Nice build. I just submitted mine as well. Out of curiosity, how did you get the image of your gear to post. When I wrote mine I didn’t seem to have access to html or an option to add in an image.

    • January 10, 2017 at 9:17 pm

      Thats awesome! Let me know when its up, so i can take a look at yours aswell!

      While you’re in the Main pannel, ( ) check that link, look at the Far right side where it says Text and Visual, Click on Text, and you should be able to see that bar with Links, pic’s and so forth! if you cant find it, let me know, and il try to hook you up with the htm code, its really simple

  • January 11, 2017 at 4:33 am

    My build is pending review so eventually it should show up. Thanks for the help with the images. Of course I am one of those Recovery builds that you mention in yours. I will likely switch over to a Powershare build once I hit 4k gear score but when you are scraping by with 3.3k you have to do what you can to make ends meet. 🙂

    As for your build I did notice that you are over building AP gain. The soft cap for Action Point gain is between 700-800 with significant diminished returns beyond 800. In fact, I suspect that if you were to remove your AP gain jewels you would likely see no loss in your % of AP gain. You are capping with those two artifacts. Most of your AP gain will come from recovery. At 3.3k gear score running an augment pet I am over 100% on both recharge and AP gain. I didn’t see your raw scores but if you are near 18k recovery then you are likely soft capping recovery as well. I suspect so if you are running AA 100% of the time. While you main not want to switch out anything for additional recovery, sounds like you are good there. You could likely move some of the AP gains over to something that will better suit your build.

    Currently I am running r8 bonding stones on my will-o-wisp (3 offense, 3 ring, 25% control resist) but mostly I run my Augment. My Augment is at legendary so I am getting an extra 15% on top of the 100% from the augment. This allows me to run different runestones and not take a loss until I get mine up to 12. In the meanwhile I am working on my other enchantments and such. I would like to switch over to a powershare build and I think that I am at a point where I can start to do so. I will just start moving my offense from Silvery to Radiant’s. I suspect that a greater powershare build will be required for FBI which I have been a little slow on the draw to get into.

  • Bad Cleric
    February 4, 2017 at 7:23 pm

    Are you sure that warding action works right ?
    Cause everywhere said its bugged I respeced especially to remove it. I’d like to take it back if its actually working.

  • Bad Cleric
    February 4, 2017 at 7:28 pm

    And another thing, twisted does not share power. Its a bad set for a dc. Im still with the crap elemental set. Should I get burning set or go to relic set ?

  • mr.J
    February 8, 2017 at 9:11 am

    Why is light tender set bis when it gives less power than dragonflight ? Way less cause it takes recovery as main stat and then power. Even at vivified its less power. Let alone elemental dragon flight

    Only the chest piece is worth getting. Other than that I dont see a reason to use it

  • Kallista
    March 6, 2017 at 8:33 pm


    One thing I have to point out about your build and that is being human does nothing for clerics due to how bad the DC heroic feats are. You literally gain nothing from having 3 extra heroic feats. I can see being a human for almost any other class but clerics are better suited as Dragonborn, Drow, or Sun Elf.

    Drow: Group Debuff
    Sun Elf: AP Regen
    Dragonborn: Power & Crit bonuses

    I play a Renegade Drow and still IMO it is better than being human, but if I was to reroll my character I would go with a standard drow.

    I just wanted to point this out as DC are all about buffing and debuffing and drow IMO is the best racial choice for a DC. Dragonborn for power sharing and Sun Elf for quicker AP gain.

  • Muiranden
    March 16, 2017 at 5:17 pm

    Quick Question – what is the Attribute focus or stat tree for this build? Reading through it, I do not see which attributes should be focused on. Thank you

  • hippie
    April 6, 2017 at 10:34 am

    Guys, does the apg stat lose value even more when patch arrives?

  • April 6, 2017 at 6:46 pm

    After rereading this build I noticed that a lot of points are going into APG. When I tested it there were significant diminished returns beyond 800. This build has to be pushing 2800+. Just curious, cause I suppose it doesn’t really matter since there is little to go into jewel kits other than stamina as an alternative.

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