Bufferoni Devoted Cleric Build

by The Real Bufferoni on January 15, 2017
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Bufferoni Devoted Cleric Build

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So, before you invest time in reading my guide, go to Jarek’s guide. He is the only dc I can say worth reading. His guide is basically the guide all clerics starting out should read. After you get accustomed to cleric builds, you should really invest time in reading everyone else’s guides.


My name is Bufferoni, currently a Ps4 player. I came here like all other clerics to explain to them my build. Im sick of seeing all these 2.5-3.3k clerics think they are all high and mighty cause they stole information off Jarek’s build.

Im a 4.2k cleric, in one of the best guilds on Ps4. I love how the assumption goes to Im pay to win. If you play this game, or dont, it will show in your item level by this time. Spare me your comments on how Im pay to win when a game baby feeds you item level and refinement.

Now with that said, allow me to explain why I am making this guide. I am making this guide in order to help justify why I am the highest APG% cleric on Ps4. My APG is usually low, but my % usually climbs to well over 400% in combat. I dont think many first time clerics can achieve this right off the bat but I think its more or less a priority to strive for, I dont think 400% apg will come over night as well.


There are 2 trains of thought on Wisdom, Charisma, Intelligence, Strength.

Our builds tend to focus for recharge, Charisma is very good in terms of APG and recharge. (Ive noticed more top clerics switching from wisdom to intelligence)

– Intelligence and Charisma. (This is the current setup for my cleric)

– Wisdom and Charisma.

Power is our primary stat. When you have a choice between any stat and power, always choose power. Radiants for Offensive slots.

Action point gain to 1400 is a standard. Beyond 1400  has diminishing returns. I like 1400 cause 9%, its personal preference if you want over 9% but be prepared to dedicate a lot of apg to get another % point. I work for ‘%’s, So I strive to stay above 300% APG% while in combat. This happens with a combination of a multi-proc most clerics can do on negation.

Recovery is extremely useful, anywhere 8k-13k is fine. 10k is very good.

Defense is very good, damage resistance is fairly crucial, you will take damage at some point in time, this is just preparation for potential damage. Azures in defense slot.

Crit Strike when you can, do not take away from the above stats for crit because your build will suffer. Owl bear companion coming out in mod 10.5, you will find you may not need crit at all.

Armour penetration is something that should only be taken when the above stats are not suffering from it.

Life Steal can be beneficial, do not slot for it in your armor. Try achieve this another way.

In terms of Offensive, Defensive, Utility enchantment slots (***- use these before all)

The reason I do not like Black Ice Enchantments is because they give crit. I do not need any crit on my build. Even on the enchantment it may give more overall numbers 460 power, 230 crit, 230 recovery. I would rather have cruel instead. If you are a healer cleric, Black Ice Enchantment might be something you may want to try.

Offensive- Radiants*** ( 700 Power), Cruels (420 Power and 420 Recovery), Silvery (700 Recovery)

Defensive- Azures*** (700 Defense), Cruels (420 Defense and 420 Deflect)

Utilities- Darks*** (700 Movement)

Armor enchantment- Negation (there is current an exploit where D.C. And pallys can proc negation recovery to well over 50%)

Weapon enchantment- Plaguefire/Lightning (plaguefire for rebuff and buff and lightning for cool down and increased damage)


Relic gear is considered best in slot.

Helm: 5% everfrost resist, 12,624 Hp, 743 power, 1114 recovery, 721 defense

Chest: 8% everfrost resist, 25,248 Hp, 1733 power, 1155 recovery, 1082 defense

Arms: Unfortunately I have not gotten these yet.

Feet: 8% everfrost resist, 12,626 Hp, 743 power, 1114 recovery, 721 defense

Dragonflight is another great option.

Arms: 10,554 Hp, 626 power, 939 recovery, 655 defense

I prefer to prioritize Power, Recovery, Defense


Sigil of Devoted- It doesnt actually do what it says. It actually increases your recovery and APG.

Heart of the black dragon- Power, Recovery, Defense

Symbol of Fire- Power, Recovery, Defense

Symbol of Air- Power, Recovery, Movement

Tiamat Orb- Mainly for set bonus and APG. Mammoth doesnt really like this set, I agree with him. I use this set only for APG.

Sigil of Hunter- Very good for the same reasons, Power, Recovery, Defense.


3/3 Toughness- Goes without saying more Hit points the better.

3/3 Greater Fortune- Wisdom granting healing is nice, doesnt matter how much

5/5 Domain Synergy- Recovery is pretty good, helps your cooldowns. Ive noticed that it doesnt proc over 3%, so if you feel you want points else where 3/5 is viable as well.

1/3 Weapon Mastery- Cant argue against free crit chance, easier to build it here than other place.

3/3 Repurpose Soul- One of our spells has a crit effect, we generate an area heal. That heals allies for 15% of the spells effect. Its the most consistent feat we have as clerics.

1/3 Cleanse- 10% chance to remove DOT (Damage over Time) effects. Having more than 1 point can be wasteful in terms of the other feats we have that you can prioritize.

4/5 Bountiful Fortune- 12% more divine power makes sense since we use that to build for our empowereds. We find that putting the 5th point in for 2% gain is wasteful and can be readjusted else where.



5/5 Furious Intervention- 10% more action points for damage being done.

5/5 Ancient Warding- Heals those affected by Anointed Army for 3% of their max hit points, also gains 5% of their total action points. Very useful.

5/5 Weapons of Light- Power share 10% of our power to others within 30′. This is a pretty good feat because power sharing is crucial to our builds as buff clerics.

5/5 Bear Your Sins- As of recent update, this correctly works. Not sure how pc is being affected, on console this correctly works.

5/5 Condemning Gaze- Whenever you hit 5 stacks of condemning gaze, you deal 15% more damage from all sources for 15 seconds. This is very good for group buffs.

1/1 Avatar of the Divine-  40% more damage, cooldown increases by 40%, this will apply every 60 seconds.


5/5 Have Faith- Allies affected by heal over times receive 5% more damage resistance.

5/5 Battle Fervor- Blessing of Battle now buffs for 15% of our power to nearby allies.

5/5 Gift of Haste- Heal over times grant 5% of their AP over 5 seconds.


5/5 Respec- You suck and should respec. Take a hint.


At wills/Encounters/Class Features/Dailies:


At wills are kind of a given: Astral Seal, Blessing of Battle.

4/4 Astral Seal- Allies striking target marked by astral seal now grant a heal every 4 seconds.

4/4 Blessing of Battle- Blesses nearby allies with a small defensive buff reducing incoming damage. This combined with Battle Fervor grants power sharing.

Encounters- (***- use this move over others)

Encounters for the most part we agree on and more cleric builds in the Anointed Champion spec agree with.

4/4 Chains of Blazing Light***- Great way for us to build our Action points. Insta casting very quick to build up AP, also applies a stun which may help on mobs.

4/4 Forge Master’s Flame- Applies Damage over time affect, Casts quickly in divinity, at empowered buffs allies granting 5% more damage per stack.

4/4 Bastion of Health- Heal, need I say more?….Basically an insta heal at empowered.

4/4 Break the Spirit***- Our BEST buff ability. Applies damage over time, reducing incoming damage by 20% while reducing threat. At empowered increases damage done by 10% per stack. This is actually an area buff contrary to what most people think. One of my main encounters, I almost never take it off my tray.

4/4 Divine Glow***- Heal over time, debuff, buff. This is one of my main encounters, I almost never take it off my tray. One of our most versatile encounters.

4/4 Astral Shield-  Defense boost that makes use nearly invincible. This is based of HP so you may want to consider mainlining HP instead of defense if you use this. VERY GOOD IN PVP.

Class Features-

Basically there are only 4 good class features to rely on.

4/4 Divine Fortune- This will build your divinity faster, granting more divinity per hit with at-will.

4/4 Holy Fervor***- Grants 20% more APG%. This applies directly to your percentage. I always use this because who can deny free 20% apg?

4/4 Anointed Armour-(my current meta) Grants Amour Class and Deflect Chance, if you pvp this is a very good feature that will help keep you alive in combination with astral shield. I always use this because I developed a style of a gritty play, I like to be up in close on FBI and this is amazing for taking damage.

4/4 Hastening Light***- When casting a daily power you decreases recharge time on allies within 50′ by 4 seconds. If you party with Great Weapon Fighters you may want to consider using this more, its one of the only abilities in game that actually decrease GWF dagger’s cool-downs. I rarely ever use this cause I find it a crutch, better for use at lower lvls


Dailies you should always spam are Anointed Army. You should try for 100% up time on AA.

4/4 Anointed Army***- This is our bread and butter, allows you to take 4 hits, buffs 50% of total power. Basically these are Jesus balls. If you do not use this, just spec into faithful.

4/4 Hallowed Ground- 20% damage buff, 20% damage debuff. If you run with an AA cleric, this is not so bad to use to maximize outputs.



Best mounts are going to be the legendary mounts, these mounts help if they have power, recovery, or some APG ability.

Black Ice Warhorse- 4k power

Tenser Floating Disc- 4k Recovery

Manticore- 1k power and 1k defense, Share 500 power and 500 defense with group, This is what I use cause power sharing is something I strive for.

Guard drake- 2k power

Enchanted courser- 2k recovery


Mount Bonuses:

Bufferoni Setup- I do have to say this is not the most optimal setup. Im between changing up certain things as well as testing out other stuff.

Assassin’s Covenant- Lose 10% of your Defense, Deflect, Life Steal, and gain the combination of lost stats as power. I notice that they power you gain through twisted set is not shareable, but the defense gained accompanied by assassins covenant does power share.

Artificier’s Persuasion- Whenever you use an artifact power, receive 10%  buff to recovery, movement, APG, stamina gain based on your power.

Protector’s Camaraderie- When companion attacks receive 3% buff to power and defense for 10 seconds, this stack 4 times.

Barbarian’s Revelry- Crits will heal you for 1.5% max hit points.

Gladiators Guile- When your Stamina is above 75% you more 15% faster. When your stamina is below 25%, you gain 15% power as stamina gain.


This is the Bufferoni setup. The company list is comparative to best optimal buff/debuff setup.

To be honest, what ever companion you use will be contingent based on what you require out of your build. I use the Con Artists as my summoned because of the rings I have are dual slotted. I usually slot recovery in my companion and defense. Any power you put in your companion slots will only affect you and not your party. I use Ring of Hellig and Rosegold Restoration rings in my companion as well. Recovery and Defense. I suggest not going for power because you get more benefits out of recovery on companions then power.

Pheora- 1000 regen, 1000 power on resurrection for 10 seconds to my summoned company which come back to me as 2.5k+ more power. This is an underrated companion.

Con Artist- at Epic 10% debuff

Rust Monster- 25% chance to inflict a 5% damage debuff on attacker, stacks 3 times.

Any Spirte- 2% APG

Atral Deva- When summoned companion deals damage, 10% chance to heal companion and palyer for 3% max health.





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  • mr.J
    January 17, 2017 at 9:42 am

    This is the most lazy guide I’ve seen. 4k gear score doesnt make a good player. We all know how these big guilds get their gear

  • mr.J
    January 17, 2017 at 5:33 pm

    U come here with a narcissist attitude saying all these guides r wrong and u with “your clerics” have sit on a round table and decided what the meta is and everybody else is wrong when u’r not even a PC player ?!

    Who r u no offense ? Yeah u r buffaronni 4K of PoG ? Who the hell r u or PoG dude ?

    U think just because u pay money like a sheep among the sheep guild to buy gear and become 4K it will entitle you to decide what the situation is ?

    Let that aside, ur guide is literally the worst guide I have read here. It has zero information. Half of it is missing and the other half is just wrong.
    U only got the bear ur sins bug right. But ur answer to that is what ? I just wanna waste 5 feat in it anyway. Lol

    Ap gain from ancient warding is bugged, repurpose soul is also bugged. It doesnt give the correct number. Offhand hasten light ap gain feature is bugged it doesnt work…. oh wait, u never mentioned any weapon set information whatsoever ! What about weapon/armor enchants ? Rings ?

    And did u seriously summaries the whole gear section in just 3 lines ? THREE !

    Hear of the black dragon: check it again to know what stats it actually gives cause u r wrong !

    Companions section is absolute garbage.

    Con artist: 10% debuff. Debuff of what ?! And how does it work ? Dont u think this is vague to ppl who want guides ?

    Rust monster: chance to reduce incoming dmg by 5% stackable 3 times at 25% chance. U r gonna be dead before u stack the 15%. Is 15% even worth wasting a companion ? Especially when u have an AA on 100% as u claim. U r immune to dmg u dont need 15% dmg resist at 25% chance.

    Pheora: 1000 regen. R u serious ? U have a cleric and u wanna get regen ? This is the one stat that every single human being has agreed and accepted that its useless. U wanna use it on a dc that fully heals a full party in 1 second ? Or is it because of the amazing 1000 power AFTER U DIE “if u ever die” that doesnt even share with group cause yeah u dont share extra buffs like these.

    This is what happens when u buy ur gear with real money and not know wtf ur playing. Arrogant attitude with misinformation

    I bet u still fail to do elol at 4.2k and blame it on the dps or tank

  • January 17, 2017 at 6:40 pm

    LOL, dude you are a joke. Go back to Finn’s build. This build isnt for the people who cant obtain endgame material. You dont like? Dont use it. The keyboard warrior strikes again! We can compare stats in game, Im on PS4…Thats where you will find better players, Im sure you are from xbox (you sound so elitest).
    Youa re probably one of the sheep who think more sprites the better, lol complete joke you are.

    • mr.J
      January 17, 2017 at 11:04 pm

      Well finn build is way better than this crap at least. Sprites r useless yet here u r using one haha

      Still sprites r better than rust monster and phoera

      Its just so sad that ppl become 4k and still know nothing about the game. Did u pay ur daily fee for PoG ? LOL

    • mr.J
      January 17, 2017 at 11:07 pm

      U r the one who came here with an elitist unknowledgable guy not me. U dont say all ppl r wrong when they play on a better platform and have so many ratings while u r a nobody coming from ps4

      • mr.J
        January 18, 2017 at 2:16 am

        With a shitty half guide like this. Its not even a guide its just all wrong. My problem is not with ur build. Its with ur shitty attitude when u know nothing about the class and with less than a half guide like this

  • January 18, 2017 at 3:47 am

    Lol I have an attitude? You are the one who is coming at me, you are just a guide whore. Calling me pay to win, you must be one of the people we stomped in PvP. I’m sorry you lost in pvp, I’m sorry I made money on neverwinter to grind,my characters to be better. I’m sorry I have the highest apg on console. You happy now? Go cry about how you will be a 2.9k or 3.3k. You clearly have a problem with me that’s fine, got plenty of haters, see you on console when you ask me for my build there lol.

    • mr.J
      January 18, 2017 at 5:06 am

      Lol. I dont know what to say more. U obviously paid ur way to 4k. Do u think its hard to rack up the numbers ? Thats exactly what money does. But do u know how it works ? How to play dc ? Absolutely not.

      Just spam whatever stat u get. Thinking the higher the better and everything works like it looks like but actually it doesnt. Ur a console player u cant even know whats going on. And u come here saying ppl with access to data files and measuring applications and more updated game that they dont know what they r doing. But u do haha. Just beat it peasant. I told u what I had for u. I have nothng else.

  • January 18, 2017 at 5:26 am

    83% of neverwinter player base is from concole, 58% of that is from ps4. The game is all about numbers, the fact you say otherwise is a joke. Btw, with 4 double refinements most of ever played who stuck it out is 4k or higher. You clearly don’t know how the game even works. Please go back to Finn’s build since you want to be an average cleric so badly.

  • January 18, 2017 at 6:11 am

    I didnt even want to post here but you keep bringing my build up like yours is holding some secret truths. Honestly, I was expecting to see some really interesting things when I opened up your guide, but its the same stuff you see in every clerics guide, much less actually. You talk about APG like you know about it, yet your info is sparse, if not nonexistent. You dont mention they ways to clear soft cap and you say you tested recovery, but if you did, you would know recovery means nothing to late end game builds, specifically an AA Cleric. The fact you keep coming back to my guide and keep mentioning my name, even in your own, makes me think I personally hurt your feelings or something. People have different builds that cover all sorts idea’s about how a cleric can play, and you are the only person I have seen in 4 forums and guide locations that thinks he needs to put down someone for their own idea’s on it. If you think yours is so much better than everything else out, cool bro, im happy for you. I’d love to see video of your build in action since its so top dog.

    Also, “You wont see where the flaws of your build are when you are using a good group composition, not saying you should group with bad players but keep in mind you wont notice certain issues when you have good groups.”

    Thats real convenient too. I tested my build while running pug dungeons for a month before I even posted my guide. I doubt you can say the same.

    • Just some guy
      January 26, 2017 at 9:35 pm

      Im glad you posted this Finn i swear by your build and can see you put the effort in where others did not. Plus your kindness in situations where others havent been shows the true idea behind any support player im here to make everyone better as a team. Well done Finn… well done

  • mr.J
    January 18, 2017 at 10:07 am

    Exactly ! Its not about builds. Everybody has his own and everybody should respect the others. U dont come here brag about ur 4k like a kid who just bought new clothes and say hey u all r wrong and then after all that he puts an empty guide that is supposed to be talking about TWO BUILDS not just one and doesnt even mention weapons, rings, enchantments or even explanations for like anything. AND he’s using all the bugged feats which clearly tells he has zero knowledge of the class.

    If I didnt do my research and didnt see every single person’s opinion in his guide and respect it I would have been using crap build with bugged feats and useless companions just like this idiot guy.

    I took my build from all the guides I found. I choose what suits me.

    I always believed someone of these nice ppl will add something to me even if I dont like his build. I dont even follow finns build but I did get useful information only finn mentioned. Its just the little details that r personal preference.

    Bufferonni is an arrogant kid. He thinks he’s a god because he paid whatever amount of money to get boosted to 4k with the help of a pay to win guild that is ofcourse using exploits and tricks that even these r taken from ppl who play on pc And then comes here and say these ppl r missguiding u. Look at my half assed guide that doesnt include half of the build and the other half is wrong and doesnt even say what con artist actually does lol

    • January 20, 2017 at 11:29 pm

      Mr. J, you are a joke really. I grinded for my gear, I wear lighttenders. I worked the ah like any reasonable person would. You come here accussing a better player of being pay to win because you cannot achieve the same level, let’s break down arrogance here. I’m coming here to put my guide here, I want people to see why my apg% sits at 420% tell me any other cleric with a higher percentage, I dare you. This build isn’t the best, but I’m not gonna sit here ramming the same thing down everyone’s throat, top clerics who are using aa, have higher recovery than all these builds. The emphasis here is that recovery is needed over apg. I’m sorry that you are too immature to understand that and that the end result is your average dc build

      • mr.J
        January 21, 2017 at 11:11 pm

        I never said anything about ur build. I dont like it at all but I still never said anything. I reapect that its ur build. My problem is not ur build

  • z00se
    January 25, 2017 at 11:29 pm

    1) What companion do you have summoned to proc your bondings? 3 defense slots?

    2) Owlbear companion, 10.5, care to elaborate?

    3) In another post you wrote ” I personally think that once cleric heals over time get fixed on ps4 in 10.5 tank builds like my own will become the new thing for clerics. Haste clerics are crutches so the 2ks can remain competitive.” Can you explain what is “tanky” about your build? Defense slotted companions?

    4) What companion best keeps your bondings proced?

    • January 26, 2017 at 9:59 pm

      1. I like to use rings due to dual slots. More slots More stats, I tend to use hellig, rosegolds on my companions for recovery and defense. I don’t like to put power on my companion unlike most clerics. Con artist is good for genuine stat gain. Because content in end game favors consistent buffs not burst buffs, I use rings that don’t rely on procs like; brutality, rising power, and suddens.

      2. Owlbear companion will help for,most crit based and clerics. This is not something I’m 100% familiar with. I tossed it in because mammoth thought it would be a nice addition to mention.

      3. I tend to aim for higher defense than recovery, for a more “tanky” aspect, more damage resistance. Its more for preventative damage.
      Defense in companions, as well as recovery to help put out certain buffs to create a more tank perspective.

      4.tbh, it’s all perspective. I find con artist as my fsvorite. He attacks quickly to keep the proc up. Another one good is the mercenary. Basically the same reasoning for con artist.

  • Larry
    January 25, 2017 at 11:35 pm

    This kid is one of the biggest douches on ps4. He’s not the best cleric there, but sure does spend a lot of time telling ppl that. He’s probably telling ppl the wrong stuff here on purpose. That’s the kind of guy he is.

    • January 26, 2017 at 10:07 pm

      Lol, I love the bashing. Look you don’t have to use my build, but 90% of the people I play with have respec to my build or I sit in chats with them everyday and help them. If you want to start coming at me, maybe you should try that in game, Larry. I’m on whenever you want to talk trash. My username is Tomcruise516. Just like most clerics on ps4, I’ll help you respec when you want to learn how to play a cleric right.

      • Larry
        January 28, 2017 at 12:58 pm

        Why would I need ur help respeccing my build? Ur doing the same exact thing most endgame clerics are doing on ps4 except you’re also using broken feats too. Most ppl who know their class know about recovery too. I’m not sure why you think it’s a secret. Ur basically taking Finn’s build, watering it down, and adding recovery and then dogging the guy for no reason.
        And most of the high end players in this game don’t respect ur guild at all lol. I wouldn’t publicly brag about being in that guild like it gives you some automatic cred.

        • January 28, 2017 at 2:19 pm

          Lol, dept what I’m doing gives me way more %s. He probably sits at 130-150% apg, meanwhile the good clerics have 300-350%.
          What high I’m players are you referring to? Lol I don’t think any guild hall under 15 has any good players left. Lol
          I’ve yet to be discredited on my buffs. How about to meet me in game and try to discredit me lol. It’s almost comical that an average player wants to talk trash but he doesn’t want to just see the build in action.
          You want to see a real cleric buff. Hit me up in game. There is no reason to defend my build with words. Just see what I can do. End of story.
          Btw, every dc build on here for a buff dc is just a rip off of jeaken (mispelt his name).

  • January 31, 2017 at 8:51 am

    One of the worst guides I’ve ever read. The narcissism and negative language abounds in this document. He/She opens up by disparaging other posted builds, but seems to have omitted an entire section for boons. No reference is made with regards to armor, weapon enchantments, mount insignia used, and many other additional details. With great guides, in terms of formatting such as Lia Knowles GWF, I shouldn’t have waste time to query additional details from the author. nor should I be commenting on inadequacies and omissions.

  • Bad Cleric
    February 3, 2017 at 9:39 am

    Nice 2 stars guide best cleric ever. Even if I want to respec to your build I cant cause your guide is garbage its missing half the details.

    400% ap gain is stupid.
    If u can keep aa up 100% u dont need anymore ap. Cause thats wasted stats I would rather put in anything else.

    I wonder how much power u share with all this wasted stats just to maintain a useless 400% ap

    Its so easy to stack recovery everywhere and get 400% but its not easy to be a powerful cleric and balance every stat to its maximum effeciency and not overflow it

    • February 4, 2017 at 7:31 pm

      I admit my guide is kinda garbage in terms of certain information. This isnt for the random internet bubs. I really put this here to help people I meet in game while im in chats with them.
      I have radiants in offensive, AA is 100% up time. But instead of having 1 AA up time. Id have 2 at 100% up time. Sounds pointless but its pretty handy at FBI and Msva. When you can take 8 hits instead of 4 depending on the amount of damage you take.
      I have 37k power, 13.8k recovery, 19k defense. I have the highest APG% on xbox and ps4. I have yet to see any cleric break past 280-300%. My stats on my build are not wasted at all.

  • ParrotZilla
    February 3, 2017 at 9:49 am

    Hey Mr. Cruise :), nice guide, love you 😀

  • Meat
    February 4, 2017 at 5:28 pm

    If anyone actually reads this comment please don’t mistake this guys narcissism for him actually knowing something that other (more friendly) high end clerics don’t.

    His feats/powers are bang on but are very straightforward choices and you’ll find pretty much the same as any other AA spam cleric build.

    His bragging on reaching such a high APG% is not something you’d really want to strive for anyway. As soon as you can spam AA every couple of seconds (very easy to achieve) you’re better off adding a little armour penetration to add to your net dungeon contribution. You can do this without sacrificing any power (purely sacrificing recovery which becomes unnecessary past around 8-10k as he does allude to).

    You achieve AA spam with a combination of the following; 8-10K recovery, 1.2ish K AP gain, devoted cleric sigil (not always necessary), burning weapons (again, not really necessary) and Artificers persuasion. The huge (400+%) APG is achieved by popping anointed army then hitting your artifact a second or so after. Artificers persuasion then takes your current power (probably 150-200kish assuming you have r12 bonding) and adds 10% of it as recovery.

    To be honest this isn’t exactly the worst guide ever but is just worded in a somewhat rude and non-constructive way. If you (like me) went straight down to the comments to check everyone else felt the same as you I’d recommend doing exactly what the guy says and reading Jarek’s guide. Then I’d suggest going to the cryptic forums and reading the comments and threads in ‘the temple’ which is the cleric class part of the Neverwinter forum. Also check out the Neverwinter Reddit.

    A few particularly helpful people there to look out for are ‘Tehpuppy’ (really enjoy all his comments), ‘Jeffslider’ (Jarek), ‘Putzboy78’ (did the Amber Gristle DO crit build), and ‘Diogene0’ (did a great video on all the ways to gain APG). Also google ‘Sharpedge CW guide’. Although this is not aimed at clerics it contains a huge amount of useful information of the stat caps (hard caps for certain secondary stats).

    In fact Bufferoni if you read this I’d recommend you do the same if you’re interested in min/maxing your build. I think you’d be interested in some of the current builds on PC using a ‘Heart of X Dragon’ artifact to repeatedly use artificers persuasion and free up other stats so you can heal/dps more.

    And Finn if you read my comment then please keep up the good work! really liked your guide and the way it was worded 🙂

    I think it’s important in games like this which are designed to cater to peoples ego’s to remain humble and try to share information in a constructive way to try to help others in the community. The current AA spam meta can be achieved with ease and then you’re free to experiment with your cleric however you like with anything past that point being valid for endgame.

    • Larry
      February 10, 2017 at 11:06 pm

      Now THAT is some top-notch next level advice. Thank you.

    • February 11, 2017 at 11:39 pm

      Actually the 400% is hit before artifact using negation multi-proc. The artifact will override the negation proc, so in turn I have to stagger the use of artifact every 40 to 60 seconds after negation proc. Which is a console only bug atm. I think I’m one of maybe only a few using this multiplicative trick which is amazing.
      As for the bonding proc 200k power, it’s possible but I’d rather have 50to 60k recovery bonded I found that more beneficial. I can’t really say arm pen is handy cause I’ve never found handy, pvp or pve.
      My guide really isn’t designed for random people to come up for a guide from scratch. This guide is designed for those in chats for me to help guide them. It basically provides me an additional forum to display instead of sending a bunch of pictures.
      Additionally, for all others looking for a D.C. Build….go read jareks guide. His is by far the best and will allow you to branch off into other areas in faithful, virtuous, and righteous.

    • what
      February 12, 2017 at 5:31 pm

      Almost everything Diogene said in that video was wrong and completely made up, there were maybe two corredt info.

  • Ps4Cleric
    February 9, 2017 at 10:16 am

    Your build aint bad ignore the hate dude, it’s personal preference

  • Skisgaar skwigelf
    February 11, 2017 at 1:54 pm

    All hates here i seen bufferoni builds and guide for people so using it they have insane good buff wittout rank12 bonding they do more buff than many people so have 12 bonding and pog is non exploit.guild not all there is pay to win

  • Birdman85
    February 12, 2017 at 9:20 am

    Dude, your arrogance is unreal.

    Number 1, nobody cares about what IL you and the other wallet warriors at PoG buy your way up to. It isn’t indicative of skill or knowledge.

    Number 2, you have this hard on for how high your apg% is, but don’t realize it’s just an advertisement for how little you actually understand about your class. It is completely redundant and wasteful, and robs so much of the utility and well-roundedness that a truly competent dc can achieve. It’s like putting chrome rims on a Kia – they may be impressive rims but they’re attached to a piece of garbage car.

    Number 3, this is a website for guides. Your cop out of, “oh, this isn’t for beginners, that’s why I didn’t explain pretty much anything” is weak. This is 1 part ego stroking, 1 part shit talking, 1 part incorrect information, and the rest is misleading at best. The easy explanation would be to say you’re too lazy to do a proper guide, but reality is probably much closer to you just lacking the knowledge to actually put a cohesive, comprehensive one together.

    You can come out of the p2w closet, Mr Cruise, you aren’t fooling anyone.

    • February 16, 2017 at 5:41 pm

      Lol, my arrogance? Lol
      You don’t know me or my cleric. I can safely say you have most likely spent more on neverwinter than myself and the entirety of PoG.
      This website isn’t for guides, this website provides a forum for people who wish to provide knowledge.

      1#- item lvl does matter it’s a clear indication of a person inclination and adeptness to their class. Someone of 4K item lvl will provide better skill then one of 2k. Now to my next point, it’s a joke you accuse people who are better than you of being pay to win. The game has been out how long? They literally baby feed item lvl to people in the form of double refinement. Enough of pay to win, how about learn the game.

      2#- my build works in percentages, that’s how most clerics usually build a cleric. I like the ability to have full ap in one encounter power(no artifact). My Kia has spinners, scrub.

      3#- this website is a forum for discussion. Now continue to talk shit about PoG and how badly you got stomped by hem in pvp.

    • March 22, 2017 at 4:06 am

      I have many issues with you comment…. First, don’t assume every high IL is a “wallet warrior”, I know plenty that aren’t. Second, you aren’t much better, instead of hating, say your ideas in a respectful ways.. people don’t come to guides to see this. You’re right this is a WEBSITE FOR GUIDES. Nobody wants to hear you’re asinine ideas. As they say “If you don’t anything good to say, don’t say anything at all.”

  • Dante
    February 25, 2017 at 12:59 pm

    I’m surprised! Finally I found someone with my same build! Congrats, great job! I’m curious to know what will be your build with the incoming AA nerf

    • February 25, 2017 at 1:22 pm

      Hey, thanks. I see we are few and far between haha.
      As to the AA, I don’t think it’s a true nerf. They are removing 100% damage resistance…for 20% damage resistance. Really just means we need need to have a reliable tanks. No more blaming clerics for damage they can’t take anymore. They HAVE to be tanks now.

  • Legolas
    March 20, 2017 at 12:08 pm

    HAHAHA i really love this comments, i saw this Bufferoni post since the fist day he posted, and i really got this same feeling that he was too cocky, but this build is far from perfect, even thou i didnt repost anything… now i see you all got the same feeling as i.

  • Devlin
    March 23, 2017 at 5:35 pm

    Can you explain this 400% AP gain? I consider myself to be a pretty end game DC, and do not in any way shape or form come close to this number. Even with stack artificers / high power / high recovery / high AP gain, I don’t come close (Kicking around 140% I believe when all the wheels are in motion).

    How are you tripling my AP gain (for reference I am a 4300+ DC)? I don’t particularly think such a high gain is “needed”, but it certainly wouldnt hurt!

    You mention something about the negation enchantment….Is this a bug/exploit?

  • MasterOGA
    April 11, 2017 at 2:23 pm

    Saw another example of complete ignorance no one has pointed out yet:

    “Sigil of Devoted- It doesnt actually do what it says. It actually increases your recovery and APG”

    Check your mounts….

  • joe
    April 11, 2017 at 4:12 pm

    Sup bufferoni this atx just do you if it works why change it if people don’t like your build oh well they can look for another see in ps4 when the real dc be at jk jk

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