Monkey’s Scourge Warlock Build – Mad DPS (MOD 10)

by James on January 17, 2017
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Hi all, I am monkey. This is my First Build Guide. The Scourge Warlock has been my favorite class ever since i started playing NeverWinter. They are a lot of fun, and can fulfill many roles. The role i believe it is most suited for is DPS so that is what i will be talking about. One of the main changes in mod 10 was the nerf on the soul puppets for Soul Binder (SB). That one change made it almost impossible for SB to be a viable dps class, and switched it to what it should have been (IMO) as a survival/buff/debuff class. This gave HellBringer (HB) the role it deserved as DPS while also giving strong Buff/Debuff. HB has a lot that it brings to the table for the whole party though with the use of Pillar of Power(PP) and Dread Theft (DT), But enough about that, lets get to the build parts.


Race i believe is not as important as you think. The bonuses from certain are good, but if you do not like your character, you wont play it the best you could. Recommended races are Tiefling, Human, Dragon Born, and Sun Elf. I chose a Sun Elf because i think it is the best looking class, but look into the bonuses for the other classes and decide if aesthetics or slightly better stats are worth it to you. Remember, if you don’t like your character, you wont play it well.


The powers you will be using to be the best scourge warlock you can be will be listed here. everything else you can just throw into something you think looks cool. I will be going through the most important skills (max those out).

At Wills

There is no real debate on which at wills are the best at the moment.

Hand of Blight

Hellish Rebuke

those two are the best. I normally use hand of blight. It adds so much of everything to your fight. It attacks faster the closer you are, so you will normally be up close and personal with the enemy (learn how to Shadow Walk). it also ads bonus damage because of the feats we will choose, This power also adds a debuf that reduces damage, and after the 4th hit will add an extra Stack of Blight. Make sure you are using this skill or hellish rebuke every time you have cool-downs.


the encounters you will be using are fairly easy. you will always have 2 of the same powers. you will only be changing one.

Arms of Hadar

Pillar of Power

Fiery Bolt

Killing Flames


You will always have Pillar of Power and Arms of Hadar, so that makes it pretty easy. Fiery Bolt, Killing Flames, and Dreadtheft will be switched out due to circumstance. During your dungeon runs Fiery bolt will be used to clear mobs. Fiery bolt will be used the most. Any time there is more than one enemy close together this ability will be the best for damage (make sure you curse your target before you use this ability). Killing flames will be switched in during boss fights. That ability does the most damage against single targets and gets even more powerful the more the boss is weakened. the final one is dreadtheft, which will be used if you need extra buff/debuff. if you are running the dungeons and you aren’t doing nearly as much damage as the other players, dreadtheft will help your party shine even more. it is the support encounter ^^


these powers can be messed with a little bit.

Tyranical Curse

Gates of Hell

Flames of Phlegethos

the most important ability here is Tyranical Curse. this ability will melt single targets like they are nothing it add a huge percentage of damage to single targets like bosses, but it works even better if there is a strong enemy in the middle of other mobs. At max the damage link goes up to 30% bonus damageGates of Hell is another great one to use if there are mobs, but nothing too strong that would make Tyranical Curse unable to wreak havoc. Flames of Phlegethos is a good single target ability, but the way i like to use it is on bosses that already have Tyranical Curse on. Orcus wont know what hit him.

Class Features

these powers can be messed with to your liking. the only time i have changed these has been when i was lvling and i needed a bit more sustainability. but as far as damage is concerned this is the way to go.

Flames of Empowerment

All-Consuming Curse

These ability are hands down the way to inactively raise your damage tremendously. All-Consuming curse at rank 3 gives you a 100% chance to add a lesser curse when you crit an enemy, and at rank 4 makes those lesser curses do 50% more damage. Flames of Empowerment adds a debuff on enemies that can stack 3 times. at rank 4 you will be able to deal 15% bonus damage at full stacks just for using at wills like Hand of Blight. Flames of Empowerment is one of the reason that Hand of Blight is so amazing. The attack speed will get you to that 15% in no time at all.


One of the main changes in mod 10 was the nerf on the soul puppets for Soul Binder (SB). That one change made it almost impossible for SB to be a viable dps class, and switched it to what it should have been (IMO) as a survival/buff/debuff class. This gave HellBringer (HB) the role it deserved as DPS. Even with the nerf to Tyranical Threat (TT) HB still has the most damage by far. HB also has a lot that it brings to the table for the whole party though with the use of Pillar of Power(PP) and Dread Theft (DT), But enough about that.


I have pictures that i took specifically for making this guide, but as things would go i am not allowed to post them on this site yet. lol i will be adding them hopefully in the near future.


1/5 Energizing Curse

3/3 Weapon Mastery

3/3 Toughness

3/3 Empowered Rituals

5/5 Determined Casting

2/5 Blood Pact of Cania (5/5 if you rolled a Human)

3/3 Devastating Critical


This is where a little debate is right now. The Fury Tree is where we are going to be putting most of out points, but the way we do depends on one thing. If you are wanting to put points into Dark Revelry instead of Power of the Nine Hells, you will need to spend your points a little differently. To do this you will need to move some points around from fury and put them into temptation and have none in damnation, which did not seem to worth it to me. I went with Power of the Nine Hells because i am always using PP and it made more sense to me than losing that buff.

FURY – Paragon

5/5 Critical Promise

5/5 Offering to the Prisoner

5/5 Infernal Wrath

5/5 Helltouched

5/5 Executioner’s Gift

5/5 Brutal Curse

1/1 Creeping Death

Damnation – Paragon

5/5 Parting Blasphemy

5/5 Power of the Nine Hells


making sure you have the right artifacts is one of the most important gear choices you can make. Once they are fully lvled they will give you 2k into 2 different stats plus another 600 into another stat. Always look for Crit Strike, Power, and Armor Pen (just try to keep that as close to 60% as you can. anything over that is wasted at the moment). Those should be your focus when choosing your artifacts. There is a difference with artifact equipment however. With artifact equipment it is best to build with the set bonus instead of the stats. Most artifact equipment stats are far less than other equipment, so they are worthless until you get a full set. The set bonus is where you will get all the benefit.


Sigil of the devoted

Lantern of Revelation

Thayan Book Of the Dead

Sigil of the Devoted (cheaoer alternative to Thayan Book of the Dead)

Wheel of Elements

Artifact Equipment
-Orcus Set-

Shard of Orcu’s Wand

Baphomet’s Infernal Talisman

Demogorgon’s Girdle of Might

The Orcus Set is by far the best set for warlocks. Just look at the name of all the items it was created specifically for us. This set will deal up to 20%additional damage based on the difference in hit point percentage between the player and the target. if you are lucky enough to have the Shard of Orcus Wand i am jealousy, but on ps4 it is the most expensive artifact in the game so im waiting for a drop.

-Lostmauth Set-

Lostmauth’s Horn of Blasting

Lostmauth’s Hoard Necklace

Golden Belt of Puissance

The Lostmauth Set is the second best set for scourge warlocks. I am currently using the Lostmauth set, until i can get my hands on the Orcus set, and My damage has went up a bit from when i was using the Black Ice set. The stats aren’t all there like the black ice set, but the set bonus is way better. the set bonus for this item is every time you crit you do an extra hit of weapon damage. that is still pretty great with use of fiery bolt. all the crits you get from that one skill makes this set pretty worth it. It is also not too expensive, at least on PS4

-Black Ice Set-

Black Ice Beholder

Greater Cloak of Black Ice

Greater Belt of Black Ice

The Black Ice Set has all the stats there for the Scourge warlock. The Greater Cloak of Black Ice gives a bonus to action point gain while in combat, the Greater Belt of Black Ice gives a bonus to CON and CHA, but the set bonus is not very good. the reason being it only gives a “chance to deal additional unresistable damage equal to 10% of your weapon damage”. That bonus kills it for me which is why this set is 3rd best for scourge warlock.

Any of these sets are good for Scourge Warlocks, and honestly the Black Ice set and the Lostmauth set are not too far apart from each other. if you get any of these sets they will help you out a bunch. weight out the benefit with the price, and also ask yourself if you would rather put your refinement into something that you will become worthless, or if you want to pay the extra for the better.


Offense Slot

Brutal Enchantment

Radiant Enchantment

in my opinion Brutal Enchantments are better at rank 12 than Radiant Enchantments, but they are also more costly. so either of these are a good choice.

Defense Slot

Savage Enchantment

Dark Enchantment

Same as above. These will both work well, the Savage Enchantments have them split between hit points and life steal. both are pretty important to me, but the Dark Enchantments are going to be the cheaper rout.


Dragon’s Hoard Enchantment

Quartermaster’s Enchantment

Fey Blessing Enchantment

These enchantments are all situational. it depends on what you need. They all give a %drop rate of an item, and using different enchantments at once will give you even more of those items.

Weapon Enhancement

Dread Enchantment

Vorpal Enchantment

These two are in debate as to which one is better. For how i play the Dread Enchantment is the best for me. with the dread each of my encounter powers hit with bonus crit severity. It also causes dread which deals more necrotic damage, and reduces the enemies defense. For a Scourge Warlock i believe the Dread is the way to go.

Armor Enhancement

Elven Battle Enchantment

Soulforge Enchantment

The defense slot is very much based on preference. I am using a Soulforge Enchantment. I chose it because if I am in a dungeon and I manage to get hit I will most likely die. This enchantment brings me back to life without needing a rez and I am back in the fight again. Elven Battle is also pretty great. It raises your resistance to slows, immobilizes, disables, and stuns. The Elven Battle Enchantment is going to be the one i switch to eventually. The main reason i die in dungeons is because of CC effects.


boons are pretty self explanatory. you always go for the boon that will give you the most damage, or action point gain. if you need more help i have images, that i would be more than happy top share with you, if this website would let me use them. lol


Companions are super important because of the Bonding Runestone, Rank 12. The Air and Fire Archons are pretty good for this use, but the best companion you can get in the game right now it the Con Artist. Right now i am using all 4 Elemental Archons with my Air Archon as my active. Once i get my Con Artist up to Legendary i will be using that beast instead. The reason these companions are amazing is because of their active bonuses, but also because of their equipment slots. The Air and Fire Archons have 2 ring slots, which can be used to put +4/+5 rings into them. The Con artist at rank 30 Has Power that “Shreds 10% of the targets defenses”, which is awesome all by itself, but he also has 3 ring slots which is crazy good. with those rings plus enchantments and 3 Bonding Runestone, Rank 12 you will be getting 285% of your companions stats added to your own. Getting those Bonding Runestone, Rank 12 should be your top priority after you hit around 2.2-2.5k item lvl,


Mounts are pretty important. there are some in the auction house that add an extra 2k to a certain stat. but after that you also need to look into the different insignia bonuses you can get on them. if you are just starting out i would say get one from the shop that helps you out like the Rage Drake or something similar and then as you progress you will find some mounts to switch out for insignia bonuses.


Thank you all again who viewed this guide. This is my first guide I have made so hopefully it helps some people out there understand their class better. I want to make sure the reason for choosing things is clear, and if you have any other questions you can follow me on twitch. I try to make it a point to help out anyone who comes there and give any advice that i can. My Channel is

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  • Bollaren
    January 21, 2017 at 11:11 pm

    Hi are you the same Monkey on PS4 running as DDOS Monkey?

    April 5, 2017 at 1:24 pm

    Great guide. Lightning weapon enchantment is pretty good too. I’m currently using Black Ice set, that Orcus wand (set) is near impossible to get on PS4.

    • June 5, 2017 at 2:05 pm

      Thank you for the positive support. And I agree. I play on PS4, but I got super lucky with the Orcus set. I have friends who have ran CN several hundreds of times and have yet to get it. I ran it a couple hundred times as well, but right when the key update happened I ended up getting the shard twice. 😀 The black ice set is still a good choice as well, i ran with that for a while. And with the new changes to mod 11, I agree the lightning enchantment is very good. I will be updating my post in the near future with more updates to mod 11. I have changed a few things in my build, and hopefully mmo minds will let me post pics this time. lol

  • Mek
    August 21, 2017 at 3:41 pm

    Would 5/5 blood pact of cania and then no devastating crit also be good or even better?

    • August 21, 2017 at 4:09 pm

      Good question. Here is an example, say you have 21 con. This equals 11% bonus damage. So of you have 5 points into BPoC you would be 11×1.05=11.55% Bonus Damage.if you are built for crit chance the bonus from the 3 in DC gives you 15% bonus crit severity. I am at 100% crit. So everything but Pillar of Power does an extra 15% damage. Then putting the 2 remaining into BPoC gives a little extra damage to all including PoP. BPoC is not the best feat. I feel it is pretty bad at least as far as pve goes considering you can get to 100% crit fairly easily, but I have found nothing better than putting the remaining 2 points into BPoC for dps. Not much to chose from dps wise. But if you aren’t going for a 100% crit build or are nowhere close to it then the damage from BPoC could be more depending on your con stat.

  • Caren
    January 13, 2018 at 8:53 pm


    Really appreciate the build guide. I’ve been playing a SW for a while and was looking to beef up my dps, especially for dungeon running because my overall never got above 20 mil and I was lucky to hit that sometimes, especially in CC, ETOS, and CN. I mostly do dungeoning on my SW, so this will give a good idea on how to set up my 2nd loadout. Thanks!

  • Redjinzo
    January 21, 2018 at 3:24 am

    Would it be better to shift your Energizing Curse to at least 4 for better AP gain?

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