Night Wisp’s Hybrid DO-DC [Mod 11 PvE] [Update in progress]

by Night Wisp on January 29, 2017
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Night Wisp’s Hybrid DO-DC [Mod 11 PvE] [Update in progress]

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I’VE STARTED UPDATING THIS BUILD. However, there are still some things missing out (thoughts on loadouts etc etc.)
I will delete all the side notes once I’ve fully updated this build!

Welcome the madness…

Heyho guys! It’s me Night Wisp, a.k.a. Amelie, a.k.a. @thesilentforce and due to me procrastinating from doing my stuff for university I decided to write down my build on here, so

welcome to my Hybrid Build!

Some important stuff first: English isn’t my first language so please excuse any errors.

So what’s this build all about?

Healing, buffing and dealing damage.

Who might like this build?

If you like to be at the battlefront and if you dislike to stand far away to throw in a heal at times; if you like to stay close to all the damage dealers to hand out buffs and if you like to play a lot and actively with your Divine Power.
I want to hand out a WARNING at this place: I respecced Night Wisp to this build when I was at about 2.4k Gearscore or so and changed it/worked on it ever since. But this means that I have NO idea how this build might work out while leveling up and such.

 Can we cut the build down to a few lines? 

Most certainly yes. As said above, this build runs for healing, buffing and own damage. It’s like the path in between being a damage dealer, a healer and a buffer. You are none of them all, but at the same time you are all of them at once.

You will heal, maybe even more than virtuose and faithful clerics with some training, but you could easily get outnumbered regarding the heals in a 1vs1 against a virtuose. (This could happen, it may also be that you outnumber a virtuose depending on the situation)

You will buff your allies, but you won’t buff as much as some other cleric builds will do (due to them focusing on recovery and power). The biggest difference? >> You will most likely not be able to have a 100% uptime of Anointed Army with this build. You might get close to it, but you won’t accomplish it.

You will deal damage, but not as much as a full DPS-DC may deal. On the other hand, you will be able to heal yourself while a full-DD-DC will be struggling to do so. As your GS keeps rising you will find yourself dragging groups with “low-GS-players” through some dungeons, which is a thing I love to do. You might as well find yourself being a tank at times, since you’ll generate tons of aggro.

Please note, that everything that I got on Night Wisp is not bought with money and that it took a long time to get to this point which also still is far away from being “maxed out”. Please keep in mind that gearing up can mean a lot of grinding and patience 🙂

(a few lines… well that’s what she said)


So let’s get started, shall we?

Char and Stats



As you can see I chose an Half-Elf as my cleric-to-be. There is no deeper meaning to it other than maybe the +2 to Wisdom Half-Elves can get.

I wouldn’t call this the non-plus-ultra class, personally I love it and I always like to believe there is no use in playing the “best race” for your class if you dislike looking at it. You won’t play a char which you hate looking at 😉


But as much as Half-Elves are not all bad, here is a short listing of all the races which fit well with this:

Half-Elves (oh the irony): +2 Con and +2 Wis can come in really handy. Also your critsev is increased by 1% which is really great for this build (huehue)

Humans: +2 into Wisdom or Strengh (I’d take Wisdom), a great race for every class, especially because of the +3 heroic feat points

Dragonborns: I think I don’t have to say anything about them, they are as humans: good for every class since you can decide freely what to spend your 2x +2 Ability Points into.


-Ability Score-

As you can see: All points into strengh and wisdom. strengh gives us critchance and this is very important for this build!

Powers and Talents

-Paragon Path-

Well well… Since they changed the Anointed Champion in a way that I’ve no longer been willing to play as one I switched to being a Divine Oracle. You will loose great powers like

Anointed Army
Blessing Of Battle

but will win great powers like

Terrifying Insight

“Hooray”, you may think. “Switching out two great powers for one? What the -?”
Now let me enlighten you. I’m well aware that the way Anointed Army worked had been a bug since basically forever, but they didn’t patch it out for years. Now they basically fixed it to the way it was supposed to work since the very beginning and therefore you’ll now loose the buff of it fairly easily and fast. There are still many clerics who will stay as an Anointed Champion, the paragon path didn’t turn into anything awful due to the changes, it’s a personal thing. My full respect goes out to those who stay at being an AC 🙂


Side note: in editing mode it seems like the picture got a strangely low resolution. If so, I’ll have to replace it later on when I’m home again and not working from my small laptop any longer.


Clerics got really awful heroic feats but well… we need to spend our points, don’t we?


“Greater Fortune” 3/3: Grants 3% more healing through Wisdom, and with this build we will be happy to have those!

“Toughness” 3/3: More HP is always great and since you will regenerate a whole lot of aggro with this build at times (which hadn’t been intended in the first place though) you’ll fall in love with these 9%

“Holy Resolve” 3/3: This has a pretty long cooldown, however it can be a lifesaver at times. 15% of your max.HP as temporary HP can really be amazing!

Quick site note: If you are really not amazed with this feat, put three points into “Healing Action” instead. DON’T use “Domain Synergy”, doing the math that one sucks.

“Weapon Mastery” 3/3: An increase of 3% to our critical chance is great since this build is focusing on critical hits. Don’t leave this one out under any circumstances!

“Repurpose Soul” 3/3: When one of our spells critically hit there will be a small area affect heal to heal us and our allies for 15% of the spell’s effect. Since we will crit most of the time this will happen pretty often, so yaiii free healing!

“Cleanse” 2/3: A 20% chance to remove a negative effect from an ally. This has a 20 sec cooldown per ally but remains awesome, you will be very happy to have this feat many many times!

“Bountiful Fortune” 3/5: Gain 9% more divine power. Divine power is the life spirit of any cleric out there and I think no build in this world doesn’t use this feat.

Quick site note: As a human you can max out “Cleanse” to 3/3 and Bountiful Fortune” to 5/5 too. At the same time, if you feel like 10% chance for “Cleanse” will also do, feel free to spend just one point into that one and four into “Bountiful Fortune”


“Astral Fury” 5/5: 10% more damage, do I have to say anything else about it?

“Furious Intervention” 5/5: regenerating 10% more AP when dealing damage is super cool and usefull.

“Righteous Suffering” 5/5: You deal 10% more damage for 10 seconds after taking damage. This effect ALSO procs when you dodge an attack. Since you’ll always stand next to all the DPS-classes in your group you might also take a hit from time to time, so…

“Weapons Of Light” 5/5: Allies within 30′ have their Power increased by 10% of our power, amazing group buff!

“Bear Your Sins” 5/5: Also adds up to our list of “amazing group buffs”. Foes affected by one of your DoT powers will take 10% more damage from all sources. This will be up constantly, you will soon see why.

“Condemning Gaze” 5/5: Your damaging powers build up stacks of “Condemned” on the target. At 5 stacks the target will take 15% more damage from all sources for the next 15 seconds. This effect can not be renewed until expired.
Note to this: Divine Glow also counts as a “damaging power”.

“Fire Of The Gods” 5/5: This is the reason why “Bear Your Sins” will be up constantly. When you critically strike a foe they will take a huge DoT-damage for 15 seconds every second. As said above, this build specializes on critical hits, more to that below!

“Avatar Of The Divine” 1/1: “When you enter combat you gain Avatar. Avatar increases your damage by 40% and increases your cooldown speed by 40% for 25 seconds. After you have activated Avatar you cannot benefit from it again for 60 seconds. Avatar will reactivate automatically when it is ready. Leaving combat cancels Avatar and resets its cooldown.”
Just one thing to say: Awesoooome!


“Lasting Wishes” 5/5: We heal for 10% more. We will need this, trust me.


Many powers just got points because of XP-Overflow points which I had to spend somewhere.


So to the powers which you NEED to level up, I won’t write something down to every single one of them. However if you want me to do so, please tell me.


“Astral Seal”
“Brand of the Sun”
“Sacred Flame”

_Encounter Powers_ 

“Healing Word”
“Chains Of Blazing Light”
“Daunting Light”
“Forgemaster’s Flame”
“Bastion Of Health”
“Break The Spirit”
“Divine Glow”
“Astral Shield”


“Flame Strike”
“Hallowed Ground”
“Divine Armor”
“Hammer of Fate” is meeeh so no really worth the points except you are doing PvP and such… 

_Class Features_

“Healer’s Lore”
“Divine Fortune”
“Holy Fervor”
“Terrifying Insight” (!!)
“Foresight” (!!)

“Hastening Light”


Out of these powers, the ones which you will use the most will be: 

“Brand Of The Sun” or “Sacred Flame” and “Astral Seal”, slot them and never unslot them!

“Bastion Of Health”, “Divine Glow” (<– another power will shall never leave your power trail again!) and a third power which might change depending on the dungeon you are running and the people/classes you are running with.

  • Your group is dashing through the whole dungeon? >> “Forgemasters Flame” or “BSreak The Spirit”
  • Your group is pretty low and/or needs a lot of healing? >> “Healing Word” or “Astral Shield” (for more protection)
  • You feel like any further buff would be unneccessary or you are running as a DPS? >> “Daunting Light”
    Note: “Running as a DPS” doesn’t exclute healing. If you run as a full DPS, switch out “Bastion Of Health” to “Break The Spirit” too.
  • You are running solo? >> “Daunting Light”, and switch out “Bastion Of Health” to “Chains Of Blazing Light” or “Break The Spirit”

“Hallowed Ground” and “Divine Armor”
“Divine Armor” is great for dungeons where it can come down to attacks from the boss who nearly kill the party. For example: The biting attack from the Dragon Sea Turtle in FBI or the Death Word of Orcus. If casted at the right timing, you can spare your party from taking any damage, since this Daily will give you 80% of your HP as Temporary HP for a few seconds. It can be a life saver in many many situations!
“Hallowed Ground” should be used in any other situation or always in between. It buffs amazingly and it will also boost your defense. However, it won’t shield you from great attacks like said above.
If you are running solo, you should think about switching out one of the Dailies to “Flame Strike” to kill stuff 😉.

“Healer’s Lore / Holy Fervor” and “Terrifying Insight” as class features.

  • You are running solo? >> Terrifying Insight” and “Holy Fervor” (or anything among the lines of the second one), for the damage boost of TI and the bonus AP from HF.
  • You are in a simple dungeon? >> keep “Terrifying Insight” and “Holy Fervor” OR switch out “Holy Fervor” for “Healer’s Lore” when needed (more heals) or “Foresight” (bonus protection for the group)
  • You are running stuff like FBI? >> honestly think about switch in “Foresight”, it can help a lot.

As you may have noticed: I keep “Terrifying Insight” slotted throughout everything. The class feature itself boosts the party damage by 20% at rank 4, which is a great buff for EVERY occasion.







Do you want me to say anything about them? Let me know, otherwise I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves. If you got questions why I chose something, tell me!

Playstyle & Divine Power Management


Yep, this would have fitted perfectly underneath the powers. Aaaaanyway, now let’s talk about my playstyle.

As said many times before this build is focusing on critical hits, which means it is also HEALING through critical hits because yes, healz can hit critically too and that is pretty cool. Since we got many buffs which only affect a small area (“Annointed Army”, “Blessing Of Battle”, “Weapons Of Light”…) we need to ALWAYS stay close to our teammates.
This is not a cleric build to stay in the back and watch the others fight. You need to stay in between all your teammates to buff and heal them.

Writing down a rota for a cleric is always difficult. Especially if you run something in between a healer and a DPS monster. Your rotation will always depend on your teammates, the dungeons and with how many crosses of Divine Power you enter the battle.
Therefore I don’t know how to write down a proper rotation, sorry for that.

Playing a cleric is mostly about being good in Divine Power management.

Life hack #1: Try to always keep one cross of Divinity for worst-case-cases. It happens pretty often that something is happening you aren’t prepared for and your group needs healing instantly. If all your cooldowns are up at that time it might be that you all are doomed. So being able to cast a Divine Bastion Of Health can really save the day.

Life hack #2: Try to end up with casting Empowered Divine Glow OR Empowered Astral Shield. If you use Break The Spirit Or Forgemasters Flame those should also be empowered from time to time.

Apology #3: Sorry if I have to disappoint you here, but there IS no “real” and “only” rota. I can only give you some advises at this point. But rotas will always change, as said above.
I will link a video of mine at this point and yes, it’s an older video but that doesn’t change a fact other than the numbers and that I don’t have a crit chance of 70% buffed anymore and moreover a buffed crit chance of 93%. But however.

At around 6:00 min I start playing through different rotas and a bit later on at 8:30 min again!
And yes, this video will be updated some time in the future, I didn’t get to recording one up to now sorryy!

Enchantments & Enhancements

Pretty simple:

Offense slots: Azure Enchantments (crit), or high ranked brutals (but those are really expensive once more…). Radiant Enchantments for power are also great but since we are working on a high crit chance we want the crit.

Defense slots: Azure Enchantments (Defense) or Radiant Enchantments (HP), depending on what you prefer. I got Azures.

Utility: Whatever you prefer. Dragon’s Hoard Enchantments, Fey Blessing Enchantments, Quartermaster’s Enchantments…


Weapon Enchantment Slot: Dread Enchantment. Other possibilities: vorpal, plaguefire (just for the buff though, that one wouldn’t be that great for the build itself)
>> Using a Dread Enchantment or a Vorpal Enchantment is important because it increases our healing and damage. A higher critsev = higher damage through critical hits = besser healing through critical hits.

Armor Enhancement Slot: I’d use a Soulforged Enchantment or a high negation/elven battle. Personally I use a Transcendent Elven Battle Enchantment since the bonus stamina is really great. I sometimes take the aggro away from tanks and then I have to run around a lot 😉 Soulforged however is the safest way to go in the first place.

Armor Set: When it comes to the armor sets I’m still running with the Dragonflight Armor because of my lag of time to get any of the others… And it is still great!
Stat-wise: Always take those with power and crit, eventually also armpen.

Talking about the rings: 
Ring of Rising Power/Ring of Sudden Power/Ostarian Ring Of Dod
Ring of Rising Precision/Ring of Sudden Precision

Regarding the weapon set: I got the aberrant set out of the River District by now. Some may say the fey set would be better for a healer and yes that may be true in some parts. But personally I didn’t feel the need to get that set for those very few percents of bonus-heals.





Now where do I begin…

A companion with Bonding Runestones is a must-have, but very expensive.
If you don’t have enough AD’s to buy bondings, get an augment companion or gather ADs. In whichever way, it also took me a long time to get mine and to get mine to that rank, it surely didn’t happen over night!

Yes, the Harper Bard companion got two Defense Slots and most players who run for DPS would do a facepalm at this point.
There is a reason though why I decided to run with this companion (since yesterday huehue). He is freaking expensive and I had to save up a bunch of ADs for him, but the buffs… THE BUFFS HE GIVES ARE JUST THE BEST! It decreases your own damage a bit but lifts up the damage of the whole party; therefore it’s great 😉

… and I’m willing to give away some of my power for those buffs.

Get a Sellsword if you don’t want to buy a Harper Bard Companion.
A Sellsword had been my summoned companion before I got this one. She had 3 offense slots and she had the power to shred the armor of enemy by 10% which was also a great buff (that buff unlocks on rank 30 on the Sellsword).

Regarding the active boni:
Errinye of Belial: 10% CritSev
Fire Archon: +10% more damage against targets with less than 50% health
Air Archon: +5% damage against targets not at full health
Earth Archon/Yeti/Blink Dog/Dancing Blade: right now I got the Dancing Blade for the extra +5% CritSev (gonna get him up to epic), but the other companions would also be great alternatives

Insignia Boni


I used to have mounts slotted with the bonus of “Protector’s Camaraderie”, however the Harper Bard is not attacking that fast and therefore it is not that usefull anymore. If you got a companion like an archon or the Sellsword who is attacking fast, feel free to use that bonus on as many mounts as you please.

“Magistrate’s Patience” is a great addition to that one though, or in my case I will switch out every bonus to that one eventually. The healing it can afflict is not that bad and the damage is also pretty decent. I fell in love with the Heal Over Time it does~


Sigil Of The Devoted (Power/Defense/Incoming Healing Bonus): The AP-effect of this artifact is amazing and you’ll need it a lot. You may switch it for the lantern in dungeons like tiamat where it all comes down to max. damage in no time.
Eye of the Giant (HP/Power/Crit/ArmPen/Defense): It’s a great personal damage and defense buff, I use it a lot right now, but still got the Sigil of the Devoted in my inventory and I may switch it in for dungeons like FBI, MSVA and stuff like that.
Lantern of Revelation (Crit/ArmPen/Combat Advantage Bonus)
Sigil of the Controller (Power/Crit/Control Resist)
Shard of Orcus’ Wand (Power/Movement/Aoe Resist); together with the Orcus’ Set.
Great alternative: Lostmauth’s Horn of Blasting (Power/ArmPen/Control Bonus)
>> I would recommend getting the Lostmauth-Set at first, since the Orcus’ Set is lagging behind when it comes to ArmPen. Just if you feel like you got enough ArmPen (which should be at around at least 6k buffed), think about switching sets.

Alternative good artifacts:
Wheel of Elements (HP/Power/Stamina Gain)
Sigil of the Great Weapon (HP/Power/ArmPen)



Speaking about leveling…


So as I said before I didn’t level up my char like this. Night Wisp was former known as “Sternenschimmer” and was a faithful cleric for over a year, before she changed her name and converted to being a virtuose healer for nearly another year. And since a little more than a year she is a righteous healer.
That being said, I leveled her years ago and many things have changed as some of you may know. Therefore, I can only guess what would be the best set-up to level with.

So I think it IS possible to also level up with this build. However, I would recommend to focus on power over crit while leveling up. Maxing out stats and shaping your character is something that is just possible once you reach lvl70 and there is no use in trying to optimize your cleric while leveling.
You still got enough time to start focusing on crit once you are getting geared up for endgame and when you are about to choose which armor to buy.

Try to always have one healing power slotted while leveling, it will make stuff way easier. Once you hit lvl50 and can use “Divine Glow” that one might also do, depending on how much healing you need for yourself.
Running the small dungeons you can either way decide between going full damage or, as in endgame, switch out some of your encounter powers for healing powers like healing word. But that will always depend on the group you are running with 😉

Quick side note: Basically “Bastion of Health” is way more efficient to work with when it comes to healing. In normal mode it has an unbearable long casting time but in divine mode it gives out a fast and sometimes really large heal. However, “Healing Word” has multible stacks you can use (3x) and is therefore sometimes a more pleasant power to work with. It feels to me like it heals less though. Decide for yourself which you prefer and which suits your playstyle.

Encounter powers like “Daunting Light” and “Chains of Blazing Light” will make leveling way easier.
Try it like this: Throw the chains at your enemies and get them chained to the ground that way (hehe), then throw in Daunting Light as nuke damage. Divine Daunting Light might be a better way to go here than the “normal” Daunting Light, since the normal Daunting Light also got an insanely long casting time and it might be that the chains will break before it will hit your enemies.

Hitting enemies with Daunting Light is something which takes a lot of training. Sometimes you are lucky, sometimes you have to anticipate in which direction the enemies will run so that you can place it slightly in that direction. You’ll miss enemies with it a lot and I also still miss them a lot with it; but if you can make sure that they won’t move a lot within the next two seconds an empowered Daunting Light can be really badass 😉


_a note from the author_

I’d been writing this down in one sitting now and I should also stop procrastinating now. I will look over this build within the next days once more to fix spelling mistakes and such and maybe also to add some stuff. If you read this in the meantime, feel free to tell me what you feel is missing and I will try my best to put it into this as soon as possible!

Until then!

Night Wisp

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  • mr.J
    February 7, 2017 at 9:54 pm

    Why is light tender set bis when it gives less power than dragonflight ? Way less cause it takes recovery as main stat and then power. Even at vivified its less power. Let alone elemental dragon flight

    Only the chest piece is worth getting. Other than that I dont see a reason to use it

  • ScorZa
    March 14, 2017 at 4:34 pm

    Hi i wanna try your build with DO so can you tell me what would be the change ?

    • March 16, 2017 at 7:23 pm

      hey there!
      sorry to be late with a reply.
      if you’d go for DO I would switch out the former “Battle Fervor” talent in the virtuous tree for “Furious Intervention” for more AP-regeneration OR “Power of the Sun” for some more group protection, if you want to use Brand of the Sun as an at-will 😉
      other changes I would make would be to use Hallowed Ground and Divine Armor as dailies all the time in dungeons.
      Terrifying Insight as a class feature is also pretty awesome and will buff your damage a lot, however I would maybe not slot it when running dungeons. For dungeons I would choose “Healers Lore” and “Foresight” in this case. But if you feel that you’d also heal enough without “Healers Lore” slotted, I would maybe switch to “Terrifying Insight”.
      Most likely I forgot to mention something but that would be it for now… I think ^^ as I said, most likely I forgot about something…

  • RothAr
    March 16, 2017 at 2:53 am


    Just wanna congrats you for take the time to write that great build, thx a lot friend!!

  • Legolas
    March 27, 2017 at 3:51 pm

    thanks for sharing this build, just a question, in weapon enchantment why you dont use Holy Avenger?


    • March 30, 2017 at 11:02 am

      I’m using the dread enchantment due to the debuff it gives, plus I’m running this as a crit build. That being said: higher damage through crit equals higher healing through crit (since healing can crit too 🙂 ). Critical healing is one of the points which are causing me to not completely fail at healing ^^
      Holy avenger is cool and has a nice buff, but I think my healing would really decrease using it 😡

  • Jesse
    March 30, 2017 at 1:00 am

    Hi! I’m currently making my way to lvl 70 with this building and it has made me fall in love with the cleric, so thank you! I’ve only got one question. You mention that you don’t have time to get a better set of gear than the dragonflight you’re using now. What would you consider to be the best set of armour if time isn’t a problem. Thanks again!

    • April 2, 2017 at 2:21 pm

      sry to be late I hadn’t been home for a few days 😡
      I would at least want to try out the set you can get through FBI (forgot the same of it sry, I currently can’t go ingame) but which requieres you to run FBI ooover and over again except you are lucky with drops… I had been in there quite a few times and haven’t seen any armor-drop up to now so welpp…. the dragonflight armor is still good, yes. But I would love to test that one out ^^ therefore I maybe wouldn’t consider it “the best” armor, but something which could be quite interesting.
      always good to see a fellow cleric, I’m glad you have fun with this class ^-^

  • Elm
    April 16, 2017 at 4:49 pm

    Love the build! Thank you for sharing! Any updates so far?

  • Anon2262
    May 5, 2017 at 7:47 am

    great build.

    Any update for mod 11? 🙂

  • Dhrd333
    May 9, 2017 at 12:28 am

    Love the build mate good job.cleric is my 1st and only class atm and was a little lost and wasn’t having much fun when I 1st started untill I searched for a build to help me understand a little better what I was lvling up lol yours was the 1st I found and to be honest the ac/dc in your description got me in to give it a try lol.I noticed the difference right away and really started enjoying the class and game and it made lvling alot easier for me…was lvl 30-40 I think when I re spected to your build. . Keep checking back for your updates on the build as I am still a long way behind you lol….keep it up mate love your work…

  • FlynHawn
    May 22, 2017 at 10:59 am

    You mention Sixth Sense as a class feature and using it in FBI, but I can’t find it in either your skills or mine. Was this perhaps an older skill that was changed to Foresight?

    • May 22, 2017 at 12:27 pm

      Heyho Flyn!

      I’m very sorry, that’s exactly what I meant (Foresight), I guess my mind had been circling around the german translation of it and somehow I translated that one back… don’t ask me why ^^’
      Thanks for spotting the mistake, I corrected it (I hope) and sorry for the confusion 🙂

  • May 27, 2017 at 4:34 pm

    Great build! I’m working on my DC as my alt char and you had a lot of great tips that you don’t see in most builds. =)
    Only question is what mount bonus do you use? You have a few epic ones so I want sure which one you had slotted. Only one I have atm is 2k power from guard drake off the market. It’s nice to have on all my toons, everyone needs power. xD
    Thanks again.

    • May 29, 2017 at 2:33 pm

      heyho Jake 🙂
      right now I’m also using a 2k power bonus 🙂 I’d made tests with using 2k ArmPen but I nearly feel like 2k power is helping me more by now ^^ also thought about going 2k crit but I don’t have such mount and I guess even if I would have, by now I would choose the 2k power over crit, just as you said, everyone needs power ;P

  • Love4apathy
    June 6, 2017 at 11:06 pm

    Is Prophecy of Doom any good? Because I know it used to be broken but was patched. I just don’t see it mentioned anywhere in the guide.

    • Buff Buff Pass
      June 8, 2017 at 1:10 pm

      I use POD for the AP gain that comes with the debuff. It really is situational. Better for boss’ imo. Use BTS for larger groups for the buff

    • June 11, 2017 at 3:20 pm

      hi! sorry I hadn’t been at home for the past few days 🙂

      Personally I barely use Prophecy Of Doom, sometimes on bosses but rather rarely. Just as Buff Buff Pass said, I also use BTS on larger groups for the buff and Prophecy Of Doom in some situations where I feel like doing so ^^ the power has a way too long cooldown and also takes way too long until “the damage is done” imo. It would only somehow make sense on bosses with a lot of HP

      • Buff Buff Pass
        June 19, 2017 at 2:37 pm

        Also the possibility of BTS and POD at the same time if you are in a group that isn’t in need of much defense, or heals.

  • damianking09
    June 18, 2017 at 11:57 am

    How your starting roll?

  • Buff Buff Pass
    June 19, 2017 at 2:42 pm

    By far my favorite build by the way. I made a couple tweaks for my preference, but this was the foundation. Very creative way to play a DC with great buffs/heals but can also play Solo with ease!

  • AceLandow
    June 26, 2017 at 3:10 am

    Thank you for the insight into the build. I was working on the AC-DC Mod while leveling up. What changes did they make that prompted the change to DO-DC? Is there any way you could show both Guides? I was surprised by the fact that your Hybrid AC-DC suddenly became a Hybrid DO-DC.

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