Mod 11 Tankadin *Yeti update revision*

by Grymgroeth on March 11, 2017
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Mod 11 Tankadin *Yeti update revision*

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With all the changes recently, we’re somewhat overdue for some mod 11 guides.  The build I’m working with was compiled from a couple of places along the way but I can only find is the Mod9 guide from CaptnSpicyPants to offer inspirational credit. I have updated a bunch of sections to be specific to the deflection damage bonuses this build counts on and removed a bunch of PVP recommendations since I know pretty much nothing about that side of the game.

As pointed out by early commentators, this is not necessarily the build you will want for Fangbreaker or master Svard main tank if you are looking for maximum possible hit points or damage. This works for getting to that point but it’s by no means the only viable build getting to end game and is highly specific to mod 11 circumstances. This is focused on leveraging the things you are going to do anyway as a tank by amplifying deflect and area effect damage as much as possible and I’m added known limitations to my recommendations where possible.


  1. Human- This is for those wanting to utilize more heroic points and 3% more defense over other races
  2. Sun Elf – This is for those wanting 2% more action point gain and 10% resistance to crowd control effects
  3. Dragonborn – On initial stat roll you can place +2 on two different stats of your choice (In my case I chose this race and went with Con and Charisma) you also have 3% higher power and critical than that of other races.
  4. Drow – Debuff Defenses (Note you will have to roll for a decent con and charisma as this is not a race inherit roll)
  5. Half Elf – Con, Charisma and one other stat attributed on roll also higher deflect and money gains.
  6. Tiefling – Stat rolls for this build also an option for more DPS (what I rolled with and based this build on)


As a protection paladin our primary focus is tanking and survival you should upon initial roll focus heavily on Constitution (Attributes to health and defense) and secondary Charisma (This attributes to Action Point Gain and Stamina Regeneration or in game terms the time it takes for your Shield to recharge and how quick you can use your daily power.)

As a Human I would focus your +2 roll into Constitution

As a Sun Elf you cannot choose Constitution in this case Charisma is the viable choice

Dragonborn take both stats.

Whichever race you choose your primary stat roll should be your highest, if not balance with secondary, try to go for 18 to 20 upon your rolls.

STAT Goals (in no particular order):

  1. Defense – The in game effective cap is 80% and your unbuffed target will be in the 50-60% range depending on your ability to generate astral diamonds for upgrading Bonding Runestones.
  2. Hit Points – Surviving a big hit takes a considerable amount of hit points a comfortable range of HP on a paladin should be above 120K HP but don’t stress on this because almost everything gear wise and boon related is HP based. Also one of your Auras is HP related (Courage)
  3. Deflect – You’ll get plenty from gear if you use the recommended Shadowclad armor enchantment. Never, ever, should you enchant or deliberately stack this though.
  4. Power – This stat is an easy stat to obtain anything above 10K power is viable of course increase this based on not sacrificing survivability
  5. Armor Penetration – the in game PVE cap is 60% keep in mind Paladin threat in its current state is broken, abilities like binding oath or our initial 500% threat bonus do not work, the work around to this is doing damage so aim for 60% but do not sacrifice defense to get there unless you’re over 50% damage resistance unbuffed
  6. Recovery – This is a very important stat this determines your cool downs on your encounter powers through gear and boons, always take this over regeneration where possible on gear.
  7. Critical chance – For this particular you will focus on NOT stacking crit rating. The recommended companions will make up the difference in what crit you could realistically stack without sacrificing survivability.

Gear and Enchantments:

Tankadin gear is a mix of Restoration and Ward based on the stats listed above.  Do not panic if you’re running 135 gear and mixing to 140+ – gear stats are overall greater than Item level. Specific points of interest for this build are the Greater Everfrost pants and shirt from the Storm King’s Thunder campaign store and the Greater Black Ice artifact – both sets are currently best in slot for the goals of this build by solid margins due in large part to their respective set bonuses. For what it matters, I’m running 3pc Elemental Drowcraft with Blackthorn until I can get Relic armor from Fangbreaker Island.

  1. Offense enchantments- I find the best results come from Silvery on your gear and Dark for your companions. The recent change to Underdark rings doesn’t actually hurt us with Shadow Demons not having ring slots.

Special Note: to boost your damage as a tank, it is highly recommended that a Tenebrous Enchantment be slotted.

  1. Defense enchantments- Azure (you and companion) until you hit 50% unbuffed damage reduction. At that point Radiant (you only, Bonding do not transfer companion hit points) becomes an option for extra hit points. There are no other recommended enchants for this build. As a point of interest, the % gain to deflect is based on your actual deflect stat – 5% gain with deflect stat of 4000 gains 200 deflect rating, not 5% deflect chance
  2. Weapon enchantment – I find Terror to be the most useful enchant for this build, though Holy Avenger is an interesting alternative. On paper, Dread looks good as well but in practice, there simply isn’t enough crit to justify the steep increase in cost 
  3. Armor enchantment – Shadowclad. This allows us to not stack deflect but still see deflection rates on part with guardian fighters who do stack deflect and run far more expensive negation enchants.

Special Note: Do not, ever, for any reason, use Transcendent Shadowclad if you are tanking for a group. It will cause you to lose all threat when it causes you to vanish. This is purely a PVP improvement in the stone.

  1. Rings- Rising Power and Defense simply because you can maintain a constant up to 1350 power and defense while in combat as opposed to a sudden ring which gives a burst stat of 4000 with a cool down on activation. +5 is your goal but even +3 is better than anything you’ll get before Fangbreaker Island or Svard.


Keeping in mind that our primary goal is to tank while doing damage to hold aggro better, the following are what I have found to work best with this build.

  1. Sigil of the Devoted- This is your main go to artifact in order to obtain this you must have a cleric level 60+ and complete the Artifacts of Legend quest on the cleric. This artifact I highly recommend getting to Mythic first and fast as it will be your main slotted artifact ability allowing you to regain Action Points really fast with a 1 minute cool down.
  2. Sigil of the Great Weapon – requires level 60+ Great Weapon Fighter with Artifacts of Legend quest completed. This gives Max Hit Points, Power and Armor Penetration. Acceptable substitutes would be Wheel of Elements. Eye of the Giant, Token of Chromatic Storm, Lostmauth’s Horn of Blasting, Heart of the White Dragon, Champion’s Banner, Eye of Lathander, Sigil of the Oathbound Paladin
  3. Black Ice Beholder- This can be obtained via Kessels Retreat skirmish and various artifact pacts or the auction house. I recommend the entire 3 piece set. The belt itself (Greater Belt of Black Ice) at Legendary will give a +2 Con and +2 Charisma stat increase our two primary attributes. The necklace (Greater Cloak of Black Ice) gives X% action point gain based on quality and power, critical and armor penetration. Lastly the artifact (Black Ice Beholder)  gives Recovery, Armor Penetration, and Combat Advantage Bonus and all 3 pieces cause your powers to have a chance -unstated to deal additional unresistable damage equal to 10% of your weapon damage –extra damage = better aggro holding
  4. Heart of the Black Dragon- Obtainable via Trade Bars or Auction House. This gives Recovery, Armor Penetration, and Action Point Gain a good substitute for this would be Thayan Book of the Dead
  5. Weapons- Your goal will be the Oathkeepers set from Sea of Moving Ice, acceptable alternatives while you work for access to Svard would be Twisted from epic Demogorgon or Aboleth from River District (Lifeforged is acceptable if you are having survival issues for some reason)


After the nerf somethings definitely changed here but are still very viable in terms of surviving and doing damage

  1. At wills – Radiant Strike and Oath Strike are by far your best options here in both terms of holding threat and doing additional damage. Radiant will be your  2nd opener this will allow you to charge into enemies from a distance and increasing your damage and armor penetration. Following up with strikes Oath Strike this will, on the third swing, make any target focus on you this is actually one ability that works as intended ignore the less damage portion from allies as this only seems to apply in PvP.
  2. Auras – Train all Auras with a minimal of three points except for Solitude, Wrath and Valor. Wrath isn’t all that great because you’re goal is to stay alive not allow hit points to diminish so you will be healed or full HP more often than not. Valor doesn’t seem to work in terms of holding threat one of our broken abilities and one could make the argument if allies get hit you want to hold threat but why are your allies playing in red? Solitude requires you be alone and that should never, ever, be the case in PvE because you’ll have a summoned companion. Primarily you’ll run Aura of Courage almost 24/7 this is HP based and added damage for you and allies. Now why the other Auras? You’re a situational tank whether you’re struggling with recovery times, secondary aura would be wisdom, or having issues with damage resistance, Protection and Truth are great options here, you need to be able to swap the auras based on what you’re doing.
  3. Daily Powers – Your go to daily is going to be Heroism. 100% hit point and 15% damage resistance, need I say more? While the bubble (Divine Protector) has been nerfed to 3 seconds and dropped from 80% to 60% reduction it still overall is something in the case of a protection Paladin you do not want to dismiss and will be the second power you place 4 points into for those oh **** moments.
  4. Encounter Powers – Binding oath. Dare I say this is still very overpowered if used properly in the right hands? Sure they nerfed this in terms of overall damage output but in terms of absorbing damage and survival you can literally god mode yourself this should always be your main opener.  Templar’s Wrath if for nothing else temporary hit points all day and even in PvP this can be a nuisance to enemy players as the stun is a great interrupt –stuns trash mobs as well. Burning Light another great, heavy hitter, AOE encounter power that once again immobilize/interrupt enemies and is great for farming dailys. To utilize this power properly you must charge this ability by holding down the corresponding button or key and once the meter is full releasing. For group play, you’ll want to replace Burning Light with Circle of Power for what should be obvious reasons.

So how does the rotation work generally.

Usually you will open with Binding Oath, Charge in with Radiant Strike, Pop Heroism if needed here, follow up Templar’s Wrath, Charge Burning Light-release, and use your class feature to activate Barrier granting yourself a damage shield ending with a few Oath Strikes as needed, rinse and repeat.


If I haven’t melted you with a wall of text yet hey thank you for making it this far we’re almost done so let’s get through this process quickly.

Divine Action 4              Light’s Shield 5             Dominating Presence 0              Steadfast 5

Weapon Mastery 0        Exemplar’s Haste 3       Impassioned Pleas 0                 Divine Wisdom 0

Toughness 3                 Wrathful Strikes 0          DivineAttunement 0                   Force of Will 0

This is all about survival and damage but notice there’s no Critical trained here. Human bonus points I recommend Wrathful Strikes or Impassioned Pleas.

Bulwark Paragon

Unflinching Resolve 5/5 10% Contol Resist because stunned = 0 threat

Stand Fast 5/5 5% Damage Resistance and Deflection when standing still, paired with Binding Oath and the additional damage on deflect, this works surprisingly well

Martyr’s Blood 5/5 Paired with the recommended Tiefling race, what’s not to like about an extra 10% incoming damage reduction

Exemplar of the Light 5/5 Basically, permanent 1500% of weapon damage incoming damage you just don’t take

Avenger’s Presence 5/5 You want to make it easier to get my threat generators back when the mobs beat on the party? Of course I want it

Holy Barrier 1/1 This power alone justifies grabbing every bit of hit point gear you can without sacrificing survivability

Justice Paragon

Bound by Light 5/5 Control Strength over movement speed (Swift Flash) because what threat we do have Control Strength applies you won’t miss the movement bonus unless you PvP

Flash of Light 5/5 Encounter Powers have a 25% chance to reduce cool downs of allies powers by 10% this pretty much explains itself.

Radiant Champion 5/5 You and at least two allies near each other have shorter cool downs and 25% more movement hence why you won’t miss swift flash



  1. Dark Fey Warder – 400 Defense
  2. Fey Elusiveness – 400 Deflect
  3. Feywilds Fortitude – 1600 hp; Everfrost set bonus means we want as many hit points as possible without sacrificing mitigation
  4. Elven Ferocity – chance when striking a foe deal up to 20000 additional damage triggers a lot with burning light now this can be swapped for Elven Tranquility for those of you lower item levels, having a harder time surviving, as the heal proc is really nice but once you build yourself up I recommend doing more damage.
  5. Fey Thistle – You will deflect a lot with this build why not do an extra 3000 damage. Note Elvish Fury sounds good but in all honesty does you no good in both PvP and Boss fights this is generally for trash clearing if you can kill the mobs before your group mates or you’re soloing quest thats about it.

Dread Ring

  1. Reliquary Keeper’s Strength – 250 Power and Movement though crit works if you want more damage
  2. Evoker’s Thirst – 400 Regen purely for the incoming heal boost, small though it admittedly is
  3. Illusion Shimmer- 3% Deflect Chance.
  4. Shadowtouched- Chance when dealing damage additional 20000 Damage again like Sharandar Enraged Regrowth is a viable option for those lacking in terms of defense.
  5. Rampaging Madness- Dealing damage builds stacks once you hit 50 gain 4K power, Life Steal, and Regen this is like having another Brutality ring or lifesteal ring easy to achieve and proc quite often an option for those lacking in defense or surviving would be  Augmented Thayan Bastion

Icewind Dale

  1. Encroaching Tactics- 400 Combat Advantage Damage because you’ll be in CA quite abit placing yourself in front of an enemy your allies behind the enemy will do extra damage and honestly AoE resist well you can block most AoE attacks what’s the point?
  2. Appreciation of Warmth- 400 Incoming Healing Bonus. I choose this only because I don’t have an issue with Stamina gain and if I need heal ill take a big heal please.
  3. Rapid Thaw- 400 Recovery , yes please no crit severity needed here.
  4. Cool Resolve- Added Power the more your stamina drains. You may think Cold Shoulder sounds nice but let’s be realistic if Orcus hits you for 400,000 damage do you honestly think 398,000 damage is going to make a difference?
  5. Rousing Warmth- Seeing as you get healed from many sources this gives you 3000 extra damage quite often and damage= better aggro holder


  1. Primordial Vitality- 400 Defense and 1600 Hit Points
  2. Primordial Regenesis- 400 Life Steal and 1600 Hit Points (Could honestly go either way here if you wanted more crit)
  3. Drow Ambush Tactics- Combat Advantage Bonus 10%
  4. Dwarven Footing- Control Effects 5% shorter duration (Don’t really have an issue with stamina gain)
  5. Abyssal Strikes- 10% damage versus demons only time I took damage over control because I have so much control bonus this one you won’t notice if trained or untrained may as well do additional damage to keep that threat on you.

Tyranny of Dragons

  1. Dragonheart – Everfrost set bonus and Aura of Courage, every bit helps
  2. Dragon’s Shadow- 400 Deflect
  3. Dragonscale Defense- 400 Defense
  4. Dragon’s Blood – 400 Regen, again for the admittedly small incoming heal bonus
  5. Dragon’s Grip- Increased Control Strength I only recommend doing 1 or 2 in here and putting your last into Dragon’s Thirst by this time you should have no problem holding aggro as best the Paladin class can with its broken threat threshold this is about as good as it gets.

The Maze Engine

  1. Abyssal Regeneration- 400 Incoming Healing Bonus- Yes please
  2. Demonic Resilience- 5% shorter duration in control effects – get out of stuns faster
  3. Demonic Swiftness- 3% Action Point Gain
  4. Baleful Clutch- 10% Increased Control Strength. The only viable tanking option here

Elemental Evil

  1. Unassailable Tide- 300 Defense and 2000 Hit Points
  2. Earth’s Renewal – 1600 hit points and another admittedly small increase to incoming heals
  3. Blazing Resilience- 400 Recovery and 2000 Hit Points
  4. Wall of Wind- Best damn boon in this whole thing great for surviving and gaining 1000 recovery for ten seconds triggers often.

Storm King’s Thunder

  1. Frosty Demeanor – 2% Control Resist and 1000 hit points
  2. Survival Instincts because when you need heals, you need *HEALS*
  3. Icy Wrath because you’re going to get hit, a lot
  4. Glacial Strength because hit point based abilities and Vengeful Heart only counts if you score the killing blow
  5. Any combination of Chill of Winter and Frozen Reflection works here. I personally run 1 Chill 2 Frozen but all about personal preference

The Cloaked Ascendancy

  1. Gyrion – These both suck for tanks, it makes no difference and you’re only taking it to unlock #4
  2. Kabal – Healing Heart because *HEALS*
  3. Nostura – Soothing Zephyr because life steal just doesn’t do much (comparatively) for us at this point
  4. Aberrant Power



The following is relatively expensive but in the end worth it. A note on companions other than the Shadow Demon – potentially cheaper and/or more effective if you want more damage would be Siege Master, Fire or Air Archon, Repentant Dragon Cultist, Aranea, Stalwart Golden Lion. Energon is an interesting choice for a hit point boost.

**Late May 2017 Update** Due to changes to the Yeti ability, the 5 seconds every minute uptime leaves me unwilling to call the bonus effective for a tank. As such companion recommendations are being changed to reflect this new development.

  1. Shadow Demon: Chance when deflecting damage you take no damage once every 30 seconds this is your main augmented companion stack with 3X Bonding Runestones for Companions Gift – he procs it often and fast plus he hit’s like a truck.
  2. Owlbear- Mainly the reason we have very little critical in this build you simply do 50% additional damage based on your power every time you fail to crit. It is night and day with taking this companion off doing damage then re-equip him and watch those numbers climb.
  3. Blacksmith- Damage Taken 25% chance to reflect 10% of that damage back this happens a lot stacks well with Aura of Vengeance (5000/6000/7000 block reflect limits I believe, I’ll update with ACT parse if I can get anything conclusive)
  4. Galeb Duhr- Deal up to 10% more damage based on the percentage of damage you have taken through internal testing removing him and being smacked by a large enemy and following up with burning light this can be the difference of 1000+ extra damage with him equipped every tick. I personally use Fire Archon here as the damage boost is more consistent and I’m very rarely not full hit points.
  5. Any of the mentioned companions at the top of this section are acceptable here, Dread Warrior would also be a good choice if you find yourself with threat issues.

Companion Gear:  With the addition of Illusionist’s Gambit, there are now viable alternatives to the Gateway gear other than what rarely drops in guild strongholds.If you dislike or simply don’t want to lay out the AD for Loyal Defender or Adorable Rolls gear, Defiant <whatever> of the Champion is your best bet.



Your mount equip power should be from the Flail Snail, Gorgon (can get with trade bars) or Embellished Apparatus of Gond for 15% action point gain after you cast a daily power. Legacy and Legendary versions of the Flail Snail offer a 25% version but are extremely expensive.

Insignias-  Regal of Courage and Barbed Insignia of Aggression in every mount giving you Defense, AP Gain, Armor Pen, and Incoming Healing Bonus and you want to stack your mounts for Protectors Camaraderie / Friendship these do in fact stack.

You may also find it beneficial to run a mount with Wanderer’s Fortune to aid in upgrading your gear artifacts and relics. Gilded Giant Spider is the least expensive option available at this time, but more options may exist later.

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  • shiram
    March 11, 2017 at 7:55 pm

    Did you just copy and update Captspicypants build? It sure seems like it.

  • March 12, 2017 at 5:27 am

    Considering the first paragraph admits to doing almost exactly that, I can see where you might get that idea

  • John
    March 13, 2017 at 2:03 am

    Hey, actually there’s some stuff that you gotta change..

    1- “and use your class feature to activate Judge reducing cool down powers/increasing damage”
    – There’s no such feature if you’re going for Bulwark.

    2- Bulwark is not good, all in for justice path is better

    3- Yeti does the animation of growing but you dont get the damage bonus (bugged)

    4- using a purple plated band of constitution + Greater cloak of lathander will give you a lot more HP and + 6 Armor Class (8 armor class if legendary)

    I’m not criticizing, just giving tips and information

    [email protected]

    • March 13, 2017 at 12:59 pm

      1 – You’re right, I missed an edit there, that should reference Holy Barrier for up to 5% max hp shield.
      2 – For the mix balance of damage, temp hp boosts and deflect damage this was designed for Bulwark is in fact the better option
      3 – Hopefully that gets fixed. Of course, paladin threat generation has been busted for how long so the yeti is a possible substitute for an Archon as well until then
      4 – AP generation on the black ice cloak and 10% damage set bonus combined are more useful than the raw hp gain and armor from breaking the set. The only places the armor might even be moderately useful right now are Svard, Fangbreaker and Orcus and they’re one shotting 4k+ ilvl tanks buffed well beyond the effective damage resistance cap using your recommended gear.

      Discussion and critique is all good and for folks looking to absolutely maximize hit points and potential shield buffer or dps you made good points for consideration that I appreciate greatly 🙂

      • John
        March 13, 2017 at 8:02 pm

        I like justice cause i have the cap on damage resistance, so with justice I can spam binding oath whenever the shield goes away, and I can use Templar’s wrath whenever my temp hp goes away to.. but that’s okie, bulwark is a good option too.

        and once you have the DR cap, heroism is not better than Divine Protector
        hp is more worth if you have DR cap and and a party that can debuff the damage (bane + aura of truth + DC debuffs)
        you could add that as an optional set

      • March 15, 2017 at 6:31 pm

        Not sure if you’ve actually checked the number the Black Ice set bonus is putting up, or how frequently the damage occurs, but it is severely limited. At most, it hits once everything 30 or 45 seconds (haven’t figured the cool down yet) for no more than 200 damage. This is with an epic Oathkeeper set. It is totally worth it to break the set up, the bonus is meaningless in terms of damage and aggro (BO is now a monster magnet, test it in SVA).

        The stat bonus is good on the Black Ice belt, but the set bonus is horrible. Thayan Book of the Dead is much better in its place. Additionally, the Owl Bear Cub is almost useless for the Paladin. The majority of our DPS comes from at-wills, which a mix of Archons is much better in its place. Furthermore, the Cub does not increase our temp HP from Templar’s Wrath. It would be much better served as a straight +%dmg increase.

        • March 15, 2017 at 8:15 pm

          I have actually parsed the Black Ice set bonus and the results are better than your observations would indicate. You are accurate on the damage being 200 or less (10% of raw weapon damage) but I have pulses as close together as 2 seconds and multiple pulses on AE effects. Are the numbers game breaking? Of course not but no dps numbers game breaking for OP at the moment.

          I’ve already noted that it’s possible to get more reliable dps improvements with archons (and other comp changes) and at no point has anyone I’m aware of claimed it would improve the temp hp from Templars Wrath but if you’re trying to maximize AE damage, owlbear isn’t useless. Yeti parse testing indicates a possible fix (and nerf to ~3.5% at green) for its active bonus as well but I’m still gathering enough data to rule out random noise causing the damage increases I’m seeing after blood thirsty procs.

  • March 14, 2017 at 3:43 pm

    This is bad in so many ways, I don’t even know where to begin…

    • March 14, 2017 at 3:58 pm

      If you have specific issues, I’ll be more than happy to discuss why I made the choices I did. If you’re just here to trash talk the new guy, feel free to go away.

      • March 14, 2017 at 5:14 pm

        No offense, but there’s a reason why every Pally goes Justice/Aura Gifts, or at least should. Ask any experienced OP. If you’re new to the class and don’t know how the class you’re playing works, do your research. I don’t blame you for not knowing, but by suggesting this build you’re actually hurting any new players who will use it thinking it’s good because it’s for the current mod.
        I don’t want to go into details, you know the saying “want something done right, then do it yourself”? I follow that, but here are couple notes:
        Paladin’s tanking relies on damage and Temp HP, more damage = more aggro, more damage from TW = more Temp HP. This is why Justice is the only viable path. Bulwark doesn’t make sense and doesn’t work with the way how you tank on OP especially considering endgame mechanics. There is one good feat in Bulwark – Sanctity which some are sacrificing Aura Gifts for. And Aura Gifts is the most powerful buff Paladins have, you’re hurting yourself by not using it.
        Stat priority. Defense is the least relevant stat (except Regen and Lifesteal), Prot OP relies on DR from buffs, not defense stat. The order goes: Arpen till 60% RI > HP > Recovery to at least 6k > Power > Crit/Deflect > Defense/Lifesteal > Regen.
        OP Sigil is a must have artifact, has perfect stats.
        Owlbear Cub was nerfed, not worth using now with the whole aiming for low crit. Blacksmith was nerfed in the past, the damage reflected was capped and pretty low.
        Friendly advice, do yourself a favor and spec for Justice/Aura Gifts, you’ll thank me later. Take Power and Crit over Defense and Deflect, use Negation until Pure Shadowclad for DR buff, stack HP – you’ll end up better, stack Defense on companion if you’re too squishy. If you want the feats, try: Heroic – 5002/3300/3103, Justice – 55541/00014/1, Light 00500/55000/0.

        • March 14, 2017 at 8:50 pm

          The only claim you make that I have a specific issue with is OP sigil having perfect stats – AoE resist is a perfect stat over any of the other options listed for GWF sigil? That said, how is 10% more defense from Light (you claimed last priority stat) from gear better than control resist and multiple sources of damage reduction from Guardian if one were to go all in for Justice? I agree completely with doing it myself if I want it done right but there’s no gain to being an elitist snob about it when you disagree with how someone else is trying to do it with a contribution to the community.

          • March 14, 2017 at 10:39 pm

            You want to keep secondary stats like AoE Resist and CA Bonus at around 1000-1500 because after 1200 there is a diminishing return. 600 AoE from OP Sigil plus 400 from boons gives 1000, there is no other artifact with HP, Power and AoE and AoE stat can be obtained from very few sources.
            About Light – did you pay attention? You have to spend 10 points to unlock Aura Gifts, AP from heals on Prot isn’t better than extra defense you can use with Assassin’s Covenant for more power to share through Aura Gifts.
            You can’t reduce damage enough with Bulwark to reliably tank on it in endgame, but you can tank anything if you can get Temp HP to over 1-2 millions which Justice/Aura Gifts help to achieve.
            I was just trying to give you some advice, seeing your feats and boons choices, as well as your reasoning behind that which shows you don’t really understand many game and class mechanics, but if you don’t want to listen to experienced OP then it’s your choice. Learn on your mistakes. I won’t argue with you anymore nor try to convince you to anything, but I’m really curious how you can tank on this build in CN, SVA or FBI without relying on AA or tanking pets.
            I’m working on my own guide, so I’m not gonna explain everything here. But as experienced 3900 OP I can say that Justice/Aura Gifts is the best and the only viable endgame path, go with Bulwark at your own risk.

        • Nikki
          April 13, 2017 at 5:52 pm

          Hey there, I would love if you could give me some advice please? I tank like a beast… until I get to Orcus lol. I just can’t last. Almost fully boomed, only 2700 il. I don’t know what I am doing wrong. If you could please chat with me in game and check out my toon I would greatly appreciate it. [email protected]_530. Thank You.

          • April 13, 2017 at 11:47 pm

            Orcus is one of those fights that tanks simply die on. He’s capable of crits of over 1 million pre-reduction damage which even with max reduction and debuff is at best a 2 shot kill. He also has a Power Word Kill ability that there’s no amount of damage reduction or debuff that prevents instakill – that’s why melee comps and ranged dps are so strongly recommended for him. Even if you do absolutely everything absolutely perfectly, you can, and often will, die tanking Orcus because that’s simply how that fight is designed.

          • Nikki
            June 4, 2017 at 3:50 am

            Thank You for explaining Orcus. I am now IL 2988, and I have no issue tanking him now with a fire archon. It takes practice on my rotation timing with BO, TW, and Bane. I also have Truth and Protection as my active auras. I rarely die now, but he does one shot me every now and then. I would say he is a tough one and it takes a lot of practice with a patient group to get it down.

  • uuuu
    March 15, 2017 at 11:44 pm

    i’m agree with you, i wait for ur build. sounds interesting. when you going to realse it proximitly??

    • March 16, 2017 at 10:21 am

      Hard to say, it’s a lot of information to write since I’m not writing simple build showcase. My build would be small part of it.

  • LeggoMyEggo
    March 23, 2017 at 5:12 am

    1. Paladin’s job is to KEEP THE GROUP ALIVE. Tanking is a way to keep the group alive. Divine Protector, Shield of Faith, Lay-on Hands, Aura of Truth, Circle of Power, Bane, and many other things you have forgotten is a way to keep the group alive.
    2. Dps is NOT a way to KEEP THE GROUP ALIVE. It is NOT a way to keep aggro, as too many stats are wasted in order to do the puny damage you will have compared to a real dps…
    3. Justice path is better as you can spam more Encounter Powers/Dailies. This means more dps, and also better aggro. i.e.: I have 6k power and 2.5k crit, that’s it. I can hold full aggro in my fbi dungeons by spamming binding oath with some smart rotations. I also use Aura of Radiance as it is incredible threat gen, although I am ps4 and have not seen what mod 11 does to it yet.
    4. Why does everyone believe a tank’s job is to keep only themselves alive? You are literally TANKING so that your group does not take as much damage and die. This means you need to be using every possible encounter, daily, aura, and feats to keep you and your group alive.
    5. You are not a GF, your job will NEVER be to do damage. So stop doing damage. No one gives a [email protected]#$ about a tank’s damage in a dungeon. Tell you what though, they will give a [email protected]#$ if you can: hold aggro: stay alive: heal others so that DC’s can focus more on buffs; It is currently almost possible to stack enough recovery/AP gain to keep a continuous Divine Protector up. Or maybe if you’re weaker you can have a constant Shield of Faith going which is 30% damage resist for everyone. That’s like giving all your dps/heals 12k defense…Why not do this?
    6. Deflect is important, as you can get a free 60% mitigation(No, I’m not going to tell you why it is 60 deflect severity instead of 50) for having some stats in there. Why not go for that? Even better, did you know the Priestess of Sune’s power can give ~ 20% deflect chance for 4 seconds out of 10 seconds? She heals me 12k hp a sec too. 3 defensive slots… 1 neck and 2 rings. Bondings still proc all the time, and even proc out of combat which means you can have them before you actually run into the boss fight.
    7. Am I stupid or is this not the best option? I just don’t know what I’m missing that everyone thinks you have to have dps builds for every single class in the game.
    8. Even though I do not agree with your build, thank you very much for taking the time to create this build and go in-depth about your opinions 🙂

    • March 23, 2017 at 2:05 pm

      1. Yes, the means by which they do that is keeping mobs off the rest of the party via dps. Some of those tools are in fact situationally better than my standard selection and it’s our job as tank to know those situations.
      2. DPS is the only reliable means aside from binding oath or our tab power to keep things off the real dps. Auras simply do not generate enough threat on PCs to maintain threat without half decent melee damage to maintain control of fights while binding is on cooldown.
      3. So correct me if I’m wrong but you just went from saying how damage wasn’t our job to saying the path that allows more damage is better than the path dedicated to damage reduction …
      4. Nobody here has even implied that the tanks job is to keep only themselves alive. This build is designed in part to help your healer focus on the keeping rest of the party alive by needing minimal heals on any encounter that isn’t capable of two shotting the tank (Orcus, FBI, Svard)
      5. The power goal of 10k that’s listed above is easily gained from incidental power on what is unquestionably tank gear (in my case that means 3p upgraded drow, skt pants/shirt, greater black ice set, somi weapons) – I have no idea if the stats on those are lower on consoles but your claim of 6k power indicates they very likely are. Also, PC cooldown on Divine Protector is no longer anywhere even remotely close to reasonably attempting to run a perm-bubble build, even with the cleric sigil and under no circumstances should tanks be focusing on healing the rest of the group by any means but holy avenger weapon enchants or some crazy setup with Lillend as your active companion.
      6. Deflect is important. You did notice I recommended an armor enchant that grants a large amount of deflect every time you get hit right? Priestess of Sune is not the best active tank companion, she’s not even a great tank companion on PC. Quite frankly, as little actual healing as OP tanks should need due to temp hp buffs and damage shields, she shouldn’t be a good companion on consoles unless things are far more different than I believe them to be. Also, please note that in addition to the shadowclad enchant, I have 2 companions providing damage on deflect and the shadow demon is buffed by the 3p drow I commented on still wearing.
      7. You aren’t stupid but there do seem to be quite a lot of differences between PC and console play that neither of us properly appreciate the magnitude of having not been exposed to them directly. This isn’t a dps build, that would have been what Trzebiat complanied I didn’t do with this build.
      8 . If everyone had the same ideas, we wouldn’t need mmominds. Disagreements are good for refining ideas and creating something better.

    • March 23, 2017 at 7:14 pm

      2. Heals + Damage + Threat = Aggro. DPS is in fact the way to keep aggro. Pally tanks through dealing damage.
      3. If you have to use any other aura than Courage and Wisdom (or Truth) then you’re not offering the group the best buffs you can, effectively lowering your group’s performance. That also goes for power sharing, with that extremely low power for endgame content you’re not very useful for the party, everyone knows that power sharing is one of the best buffs Pally can offer.
      5. The faster you burn enemies the less chances to make mistakes, and being able to prevent enemies to stack too much damage or even skip phases on boss fights, not to mention speeding up runs. And since the more damage you do the better you can tank it’s a win-win situation, you don’t have to sacrifice any of the tanking aspects for that, it’s the opposite, you can actually deal more damage while providing more buffs/debuffs for the party. Binding Oath for example does nothing for allies, while e.g. Bane, CoP and Smite do. And Shield of Faith does not give 30% DR for everyone, how can you not know that basic stuff if you play this class? It’s not DR buff but damage debuff.
      6. It’s impossible to reach a reliable deflect chance without sacrificing more vital stats like HP and power. Also if you need heals then there’s something wrong, as Prot you should always have Temp HP shield and hardly ever drop to normal health.
      7. Power/DPS approach on Prot is very correct. Since Temp HP has no cap you’re only limited to how much damage from TW you can deal (and that’s why crit is also important). If you spec for defense then you easily reach the 95% DR cap and any more DR after that does nothing for you while your power, damage and max Temp HP you can get, suffer. Let’s say you have 32 AC, 28 CON and 4762 defense (IL 135 gear and legendary Twisted base stat) – that’s already 11% + 9% + ~12% = 32% DR. With Prot Oath mechanic you get 10%, Divine Call gives another 10% for 10s, Circle of Power gives 25% (for everyone, so great party buff and increases your damage as well), and then you also can use Negation for up to 30% DR and that gives in total 107% DR. There’s also Absolution giving 50% DR while the shield lasts. And that’s without counting any Azures and bondings in defense slots on companion (which you can use to eliminate the need of DR from Negation) or other buffs. There’s really no reason to stack defense on character over HP and power (especially since you get power based on max HP when taking damage). While moving all that defense to HP and power you get a chance to get huge amount of Temp HP and in endgame where enemies hit really hard, having over 1 mil Temp HP available every couple seconds is better protection than counting on deflect to trigger with that 60% severity with elixir.
      It really looks like so many people don’t understand the basic mechanics of Prot OP.

  • MJD
    March 23, 2017 at 9:48 am

    Good read, ty for posting, just curious you’ve chosen Somi weapons over the new mod 11, I was gonna get the somi ones and right before I did numerous people said wait for mod 11 as they will be BIS. Interested to know your thoughts.

    • March 23, 2017 at 1:24 pm

      So, SOMI vs River District weapons …. SOMI will, compliments of the set bonus, hands down out perform River District weapons at the same rarity. That said, if you are considering SOMI weapons at say 2500 ilvl, you will be far better off in the short term using and upgrading River District weapons until you can get into Svard for the account bound marks to upgrade the SOMI weapons.

      • MJD
        March 23, 2017 at 2:48 pm

        Thank dude, currently at 2880 (ish), was a little late to the party so playing catch up really :/ back to the grind to open up Svard then as I stopped following the “don’t get em” advice! Look forward to future guides.

  • Charles Landrum
    March 26, 2017 at 4:49 pm

    I never see mention of Dwarves. Am I missing something?

    • March 26, 2017 at 5:20 pm

      Honestly, dwarves just aren’t a good choice for Paladin with their stat option being str (no bonus for Paladin)/wis(less useful than cha for tank). You might be able to build a passable healer but even then you’re going to have better choices to get the most out of the character.

  • March 29, 2017 at 2:07 am

    Thanks for your OP build, it was very informative. I am a newbie to this game only 2700 GS so I take advice from different sources in my quest to become the best Tankadin in the he game. So I have a question for discussion. I understand why you use Burning Light or Circle of Power for dailies and skirmishes I prefer Smite myself. But is Bane broken? Every time I have tried Burning Light on Orcus or the boss at the end of Grey Wolf Den they are immune to it. So outside of dailies skirmishes/trash mobs in dungeons it is useless. But Bane it decreases the amount of damage taken by 10% simultaneously increasing the damage that you deal to a target by 10% stacking 3×. So you get a decrease of damage buff by 30% plus a increase of power buff by 30% to a target. So unless I worded the percentages wrong or Bane is now broken isn’t it a better option for tanking bosses? When I use Binding Oath Templar’s Wrath 3 stacks of Bane Judgement in between Oath Strikes to increase threat and reduce the cool downs of my encounter powers I FACE ROLL all bosses that I tank. Again I am a newbie at this game so please excuse me if I have worded something wrong or if Bane is outdated. Thank you in advance for any thoughts that you may have about this topic.

    • March 29, 2017 at 5:00 am

      It’s not so much that Bane is broken as it is that it’s simply less desirable than Circle of Power in any group situation. Circle offers the same damage increase for you without having to stack the effect and changes the incoming damage reduction from 30% for you to 25% to the entire group so long as they’re in the Circle which makes life easier for your healers. As for Burning Light on bosses, I said up front you needed to switch it out for group work but that immunity you’re seeing when you use it is strictly to the stun effect, the damage still happens but it’s a horrible substitute for Circle of Power in a group.

    • Woefulrainbow
      April 23, 2017 at 10:10 am

      Any Boss you’re fighting, keep using Bane.
      Use the rotation you are.
      Saying Circle of Power is better than Bane during a Boss fight is completely insane.

      I’m sitting here talking to the other tanks in my guild, and we all are in agreement on that.
      5 of us ranging from 3500 iL to 4200 iL.

  • HarvestMoon
    October 16, 2017 at 10:58 am

    With the new mode out and in game issues with some of the companions, this build is outdated.

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