Mini Lego’s HR Full PvE Combat Build Mod 10.5/Mod 11

by Mini Lego on March 12, 2017
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Mini Lego’s HR Full PvE Combat Build Mod 10.5/Mod 11


I have 2 years of experience with the Hunter Ranger Class on Neverwinter and have made builds in the past. This is my latest and greatest (as with some mods a lot of changes take place) build for PvE. It is absolutely outside of the traditional Trapper build that I would say 75% of the HR community use, which is due to the recent changes making this a very very viable Paragon Path for PvE.


This is my first time using MMO Minds :P

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This is an amazing build. If you have not already tried out Combat or just overall want an awesome Hunter Ranger PvE Build give this a go.

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Whats Up HR Fam! My name is Jase AKA Mini Lego and this is my Full PvE Combat Stormwarden Build.

If you want to see a video on this build instead check out my youtube video here: Neverwinter: Mini Lego HR Mod 10.5/ Mod 11 (The Cloaked Ascendancy)

Alright lets get this started, this is a High Crit Strike/Crit Severity build. From what I have seen, Hunter Rangers only have 2 viable builds for PvE which is Trapper and Combat (Archery for me anyway, has been crap lol). This build works well for all Item Levels, but of course to get the full potential out of it you need to get all the Crit Strike/Crit Severity boons you can get.

Trapper vs Combat, which is better? So this is one of the most asked questions and I’ll give it to you straight, both can out DPS the other depending on the scenario. It all comes down to playstyle, which do you like best? I strongly encourage anyone that has not already, to try out both types and see what they like best.

If I missed anything make sure to let me know or if you have any comments or questions again make sure to write below, in my video, or if you want to message me directly you can find me on Twitch and on the Free Messaging App: Kik (channel/Username: Jase4yaz)

The Races

So what race should you use for your Hunter Ranger with this build? Honestly I think any Race would work well, but of course there are certain races that are better for this Class than the rest. In this scenario for choosing our Race we are going with as much Power as possible.
But wait I thought you said Crit>Everything?
I did, but Dexterity here is important for our damage. We are getting a lot more out of the Dex Trait (Power) then we would for our Wisdom Trait (Critical Chance), so with that we want to get as much Dexterity as possible (Ill explain this further in the Feats Info below). For our 2nd trait we would definitely want Wisdom for that Crit chance, but again its Dex>Wis. So lets take a look, so in order from 1 down these are the Top 5 Races I think work best for this Build.

  1. Dragonborn: +2 Dex/+2 Wis, +3% Critical Chance and +3% Power, also 5% more healing from all spells and abilities. If you go
    *Metallic Ancestory Dragonborn: you get all the above +3% more HP.
  2. Half Orc: +2 Dex/+2 Strength, Critical Hits do an additional 5% damage, 10% speed increase for 3 seconds, once every 20 seconds.
  3. Drow: +2 Dex/+2 Wis, 5% chance when attacking a foe to apply a 10% Defense Debuff for 4 seconds (no coolown and it can apply to multiple targets).
  4. Wood Elf: +2 Dex/+2 Wis, +1% Critical Chance, 10% Resistance to slow effects.
  5. Halfling: 2 Dex/2 Con, 3% deflect chance and 10% Crowd Control resist.

Which should you pick? It is all about personal preference, you can even go Dwarf if you really wanted, point of the game is to have fun.Again to put it in perspective, I went Halfling which I even ranked as 5th. A lot of people that go Dragonborn hate staring at their character all day, and right fully so. I would hate not having the ability to put on Helms/Hats, but maybe thats just me, idk.

The Rolls

This is easy. Literally just go with as much Dex as possible for the race you want to go with. I dont care if you chose to be a Dwarf or a Dragonborn. Again you want to keep hitting the button until it puts you with the roll that gives you the most Dexterity possible.

The Paragon Path

Stormwarden. This Paragon Path has both a burst-damage melee encounter (Throw Caution) which is only available by choosing this paragon path, along with an at-will (Clear the Ground) that works amazingly with the combat tree. I also consider this more of a multi-target type paragon (compared to Pathfinder that feels more aimed towards Single Target DPS).

The Feats

Alright this is MMOMinds so ill take my time and go through each one; 1) What is is 2) What it does 3) why I picked/didn’t pick it

  •   – Predatory Action: Daily Powers deal 5% additional damage.
    • This one is pretty easy choice. I have seen some of my Seismic Shot Dailies hit for over 250k when by myself.
  •   – Weapon Mastery: Increate Critical Chance by 3%.
    • This will add to our Crit which will work with our Crit Sev giving us extra high Orange numbers 🙂
  •   -Toughness: Increase Max Hit Points by 3%.
    • Honestly this is the best of the other two options. Max HP will help us stay alive so this will do.
  •   – Agile Combatant: After switching Stances, deal 3% more damage for 5 seconds.
    • As we will be using our Ranged Stances quite often during our rotation this is a good pick.
  •   – Endless Assault: Encounter powers deal 6% more damage.
    • We always need to proc our encounters to then deal our heavy hitting at-wills. So this one is definitely a good selection for any build.
  •   – Scoundrel Training: At-Wills Power deal 9% more damage to foes not targeting you.
    • I have gone back and forth and decided to go with this. I tend to run with a group/group content where I will care about getting more damage so this works best with a tank. Although another good choice though would be to go 2/3 for here and putting the last point into Disciple of Dexterity.
  •   – Disciple of Dexterity: Increase the amount of bonus damage Dexterity gives you by 4%.
    • This adds to our Dexterity’s damage, so yes please.
  •   – Serpent Weave: Shifting lowers Melee cooldowns by .5s.
    • This is actually more important than it seems, I may have missed this in the video, but shifting as much as possible is a good thing. For a lot of the boons I have chosen in this build we get an increase in Critical Chance when we are low in stamina. So with this as we shift we are also lowering our Melee cooldowns.
  •   – Warden’s Courage: Increase damage bonus and decrease the damage resistance penalty of Throw Caution by 2.5%.
    • Throw Caution is very very underused and I am not sure why. This melee encounter is amazing, this encounter along with gushing wound basically represent the burst damage when it comes to the combat tree.
  •   – Skirmisher’s Gambit: *Your Critical Chance is reduced by 10% but your critical severity is increased by 50%.
    • As I mentioned in the beginning, this build revolves around Crit Severity. So this is where we are being granted 50% crit severity, but this is a double edged sword. As we are granted this increase in crit severity we are loosing are crit chance. With a lower crit chance we wont be getting our crit severity. Especially for lower item level/toons with less boons, I would leave this feat to put points in last, and slowly start integrating points into this. Again if your crit chance is low, this will do more harm than good.
  •   – Lucky Blades: Critically Striking or Deflecting an attack grants you Lucky Blades for 6 seconds, which increases your AP generation by 10% and your Encounter power damage by 15%.
    • With your Crit Chance high and with the deflect we have, Lucky Blades will continue to proc consistently giving us our 15% Encounter Power Damage all the time.
  •   – Piercing Blade: Melee attacks deal an additional 50% damage as Piercing damage. Piercing damage is Physical damage that cannot be resisted or deflected.
    • I mean the description says it all, this is where we get all our piercing damage from for this Melee build.
  •   – Wilds Medicine: Deflecting attacks cause the Hunter to be healed for 5% of their HP over 15 seconds. This effect can stack 10 times. You can only gain one stack of Wilds Medicine every second.
    • Wild Medicine is very frequently overlooked as a “wasted” boon, but I assure you it is not. As much damage and as much power as you want, you need to make sure you dont have to rely constantly on support classes. Wild medicine heals us and gives us a bit of tanky-ness.
  •   – Scything Blade: Melee attacks deal 5% more Damage, and an additional 5% more Damage for each foe within 25 feet.
    • This one is a no-brainer and works perfectly for the multi-target aspect of the build. As we are near foes we gain damage.
  •   – Battle Crazed: Melee attacks grant 3% more Deflection Chance and Melee Damage. This effect stacks up to 5 times. Lasts 6 seconds.
    • As you can see by having read these Feats Deflect and Critical Strikes are what we want to focus on for making this build work. So with that, as we perform melee attacks we can deflect and melee damage.
  •   – Blade Hurricane: Using a Melee Encounter Power grants Flurry for 2 seconds. Flurry causes your Melee At-Will attacks to strike two additional times for 165% damage each time.
    • This is our cap-stone and what our rotations revolves around which is Flurry. Rotation: Activate a Melee Encounter (any one you want) then hold down your At-Wills Buttons/Key for 3-4 seconds, then re-proc flurry by activating another melee encounter and keep repeating 🙂


Before looking at these, please please please make sure you understand Soft Caps, once you pass 1200 of a certain stat you start to get diminishing returns. Whats that mean? to quote the site found here: Neverwinter Diminishing Returns and Soft Caps 

Read the Below CAREFULLY:

For most stats there are no longer diminished returns. Especially the main stats.
Only Combat Advantage, AP gain (not as part of recovery), Control resist, AoE resist, Stamina gain, Companion influence, Incoming healing bonus, control bonus. (and probably something I’ve missed)
In those you will want to be around 1k (if you want the stat) and no more than 1200 (really bad return at and after 1200)
The main stats are mostly 400:1 (for 400 points you get 1%) Those are: power, crit, defense, deflect chance, regeneration, life steal chance, movement.
ArP is 100:1 and has a slight DR at high values (10k is about 110:1), you will want this at about 60%.
Recovery is 200:1 Recharge speed and 400:1 AP gain. There is no DR in recovery in the simple form but there is one when looking at recharge speed.

Again for the Stats metioned above (Combat Adv., AP Gain, Control Resist…) you do not want to exceed 1200 or you get shitty returns. To Note, I currently have wayyy too much Combat Advantage as I recently changed up my Artifacts which give me 1200 CA, but my intent with putting them on was for the Crit Increase they give me.

Boons! Every little bit adds up and makes a huge difference. If you haven’t already, make sure you try and get all your campaigns done to get these boons. A couple things I want to note:

  • You WANT to go for Crit Severity>Crit Strike>Power>Deflect>Life Steal
  • You DON’T need Armor Pen: With this build Armor Pen is not needed at all. I have tried staking Armor Pen with this build and it did absolutely no difference. Your feats from the combat tree are already giving you piercing damage leaving you no reason to put stats into Armor Penetration.
  • You DON’T need Stamina: there are 2 Boons: Storm Kings – Chill Determination (Recovery) and Icewind Dale – Cool Resolve (Power), these two boons give you an increase of 2000 stats based on how much stamina you are missing. With most good things there are bad things, this lower stamina takes away from our Seprent Weave feat, but for the most part I am not too woried as my melee encounters tend to refresh pretty quickly especially with a DC in the group running Hastening Lights.

Powers (At-Wills/Encounters/Dailies/Personals(Class Feature))

  • At-Wills (see The Rotation for more info on these At-Wills)
    • Main At Will: Split Strike
      • This at-will provides damage in a cone in front of you. This is what we want to use specifically for Single Target (bosses, etc.)
    • Secondary At Will: Clear the Ground

      • I really love this one, Clear the Ground works in a 360* manner. If you have a horde or group of adds jump in the middle, activate plant growth or throw caution (I tend to use throw caution for lower hp Adds and plant growth for higher Adds) then hold down clear the ground. It will tear these suckers up.
  • Encounters
    • Longstriders/Gushing Wound
      • Longstriders, I cant say enough about this encounter. Provides you and everyone and I mean everyone around you with a nice little damage and speed boost. Gushing Wound is our #1 Damage Encounter. This Encounter provides the biggest burst damage output. I tend to always use (depending if the target can withstand a lot of damage) longstriders than gushing wound on the target.
    • Cordon of Arrows/Plant Growth
      • Plant Growth gives us a good amount of damage with a nice DOT (Damage Over Time) effect. The power has been recently fixed to apply the DOT much more consistently. Cordon of Arrow also provides a manually placed target “trap” as I like to call it that deals a good amount of damage. I especially use this when I wait for target(s) to spawn in.
    • Split the Sky/Throw Caution
      • As I mentioned from the feats, throw caution here provides us with a huge burst of damage. Split the sky I rarely tend to use unless I have time before the target shows up to drop this into the sky.
    • Thorn Ward/Thorn Strike (Alternative)
      • if you have other heavy hitters and are lacking in debuffs, especially for single targets, thorn ward provides a nice little defense debuff to the target.
  • Personals – Class Feature
    • Aspect of the Pack
      • YOU ONLY WANT TO RANK THIS UP TO RANK 3!!!. Make sure to pay attention to this one because ranking this up to rank 4 will break the Off-Hand Artifact Class Feature (Confirmed for Mod 10.5 and Mod 11 this is still the case). But this power grants you and your ally Combat Advantage which I dont really care for, its again the Artifact Class Feature that you will see below in the Artifact Bonuses Section.
    • Blade Storm
      • Here is another awesome reason we went Stormwarden, this personal does the following: When dealing melee damage, gain a 25% change to deal an additional (when at Rank 4) 20% of your attack’s damage in an area around you. This really adds up and is an awesome personal/class feature.
  • Dailies
    • Forest Ghost
      • This daily actually works with our piercing damage, as we forest ghost we go stealth giving us the ability to get behind the target(s) and unleash our damage.
    • Seismic Shot
      • This is the most powerful DPS Daily we can use and can provide us with loads of damage. If I have a wave  or line of targets in front of me that I know I can eliminate with this, I tend to start with Longstriders then use Seismic Shot on them.

Rotation/Using Flurry:

This is the Main Focus for this Build on how to use it and how to do damage. Our goal with the rotation is to Proc “Flurry” (again look above for the description on what it does). Now to do this it is very very simple. All we need to do is activate any melee encounter once and we have a 2 second window where Flurry will be active and we want to strike with our At-Wills as much and as fast as possible.

I covered this and the following in my video (this is kind of hard to explain without a visual xD)

So my Rotation is as follows and again it is very simple:

  • Pre-Reqs:
    • If I know enemies are going to be summoned or where they are coming out of “Lostmauth for example after the circle in the middle section” I Put down all the Cordon of Arrows I can on the floor where the target(s) spawn then apply Split the Sky.
      • Why? As soon as they targets spawn they can take in as much as 400k damage from “traps” or ranged encounters that I apply on the floor/sky.
  • Single Target:
    • I start off with Longstriders from distance (you need to get use to the range and what point you can use this, usually when I activate Longstriders I jump Forward getting me closer to the target, to note Longstriders will proc from you starting position, so If I am in range from distance and jump forward to where I am out of range and shoot it at the same time, it will still proc Longstriders as my starting position was in range) so with that I get that huge speed and damage boost then as soon and as fast as I can I use Gushing Wound as this Melee Encounter does the most damage. Finally I use Split Strike (I just hold down my trigger) for 2-3 seconds. After this I start the process over again by using Throw Caution Melee encounter.
    • Again to recap its:
      • Longstriders –> Gushing Wound –> Split-Strike (2-3 seconds) –> Then repeat with another Melee Encounter.
  • For Multi Targets (depending on where they are oriented if they are around me (360 degrees) I use Clear the Ground At-Will, if they are in a cone in front of me I use Split Strike):
    • I repeat the same as I do for Single Target, Longstriders then instead of Gushing Wound (as most multi-targets dont take in as much damage) I use Plant Growth as it has a big AOE as provides some good ticks. Even though there are Multiple Target if one of them can take more damage then I would start with Gushing Wound (again the reason I spread these out are because Gushing wound has a long cast time and can really take away from the rotation.

Gear/Artifacts/Main-Hand and Off-Hand Bonuses

With Mod11 incoming there isnt any better gear you can get that I have seen other than the Relic Armor. With that said I don’t have relic armor so I am currently sticking with the following until Mod 11 drops and I can run Spellplague to get the Relic Armor with ease (the drop rate from the end chest is supposedly higher). My focus with my current gear is getting the most Crit and Power I can (Crit again being most important). Again the below is what I currently have and honestly is not hard to get. The 1 Dragonflight piece I got from doing DF at the Stronghold, the Elven Assault you can get from the Seal Vendor in Protectors and the Raid Gaiters (the only end gear piece I was able to get so far) I got from doing Heroic Encounters in Bryn Shandar.

  • Helm: Dragonflight Raid Hood
  • Chestpiece: Elven Assault Coat
  • Arms: Elven Assault Bracers
  • Feet: Vivified Trailblazer’s Raid Gaiters

My End Gear (Goal) is to get the following:

  • Helm: Vivified Trailblazer’s Raid Hood
  • Chestpiece: Vivified Trailblazer’s Raid Coat
  • Arms: Vivified Trailblazer’s Raid Bracers
  • Feet: Vivified Trailblazer’s Raid Gaiters (I have this!) – Power/Crit (I didnt go with Assault Gaiters as Armor Pen is a lost stat for this build, even though it has higher Crit I dont think its worth it to lose the Power)


I currently have the Trailblazer’s Set (which has a good bonus of 10% outgoing damage when using an encounter once every 30 seconds) but I will be going for the Aboleth weapons for PvE and Mirage for PvP. With all that said i still think Mod 11 Relic weapons (Trailblazer set) is BIS for Pve.

Main-Hand Artifact Bonus:

I actually plan on using two different Main Hand Artifact Bonuses. How and Why?

  • How? I plan on having two different Weapon Sets for PvE come Mod 11 because I have two extra sets (not including my Trailblazer set) that I have at Orange (my old twisted and my old drowned set) that I can dump into another artifact set.
  • Why? With using two different weapon sets I can take advantage of my other and very awesome Multi-Target At-Will Clear the Ground (covered this above in the powers section).
  • So as a default Split Strike is the way to go for your Main Hand Artifact Bonus, but this is best for Single Target/Targets in a cone in front of you. This equip power does the following: Stamina restored up to 40% depending on Split Shot hold time. Increase damage done by Split Strike by 10% and restore 10% Stamina.
  • With another Artifact set I will go with Clear the Ground as my Main Hand Artifact Bonus. My intent is to use this during the dungeon on my way to the End Bosses. This of course would require me to have additional Enchants and Weapon Enchants, so with that I plan on trying out the Lightning Enchant (as this chains really well especially with Blade Storm). I have dont this in the past and it worked amazingly. This equip power does the following: Increase damage done by Electric Shot by 10% and Increase damage done by Clear the Ground by 10%.

Off-Hand Artifact Bonus:

Until they get the Hunter Ranger Class’s Off-Hand Artifact Bonuses Fixed, I am sticking with Aspect of the Pack so why? Because it does the following:

  • Aspect of the Pack Artifact Bonus: now also increase your damage by 2% for each ally within 15′ up to 8%.
    • So keep your teamates close 😉
  • As for the Stat Increase I just went with AoE Resist as my overal AoE resist was way below the 1200 soft cap. A stat instead of this what I would go for if I had the cubes would be for Companion Influence.


  • Wheel of Elements (Main)
    • As with any DPS Class everyone wants that fire! this artifact drops 4 symbols in front of you each doing something different (you can only pick one but anyone on your team can grab one). So whats the Fire do? It grants you 30% Bonus Damage as fire for 28 seconds.
      • Equips: 4000 HP, 1000 Power, 600 Stamina/Guard Gain
  • Sigil of the Controller
    • After the main artifacts all we are concerned with is the Equip Powers as we wont be able to use the “use” of the artifact. But with that this one isnt going anywhere, it grants me my two main stats that I was for this build.
      • Equips: 1000 Crit, 1000 Power, 600 Control Resist
  • Horn of Valhalla
    • Honestly for this one and the next one, Im just here for the Crit it gives.
      • Equip: 4000 HP, 1000 Crit, 600 Combat Advantage Bonus
  • Sigil of the Trickster
    • Other than the Crit, the Deflect is nice on this one.
      • Equip: 1000 Crit, 1000 Deflect, 600 Combat Advantage

Enchants/Armor Kits

So depending on where you are with your stats you would want to go with Critical Strike Armor kits or Power Armor Kits. Again this would depend on what your Crit Chance is at, I would think getting to 100% Crit Chance with Skirmishers Gambit is not easy so Critical Strike Armor Kits may be best.

Weapon Enchant?:
This is most likely not going to change for a bit, but its going to be the Vorpal Enchantment. I would recommend you at least go for the Perfect Vorpal as this is where the Crit Severity caps at with 50% Crit Severity increase everytime you attack. If you have high crit and crit severity and you switch to a Vorpal you will see a ginormous increase in damage.

Armor Enchant?:
I am obviously not trying to sell you anything here which is why I am telling you, you do not need anything higher than a Lesser Soulforged. The whole point is if you go down for whatever reason, you get a free pickup, which hopefully by then you can spring back up and get a quick hit on a target to get you back to 100% health. Again this Lesser Soulforged has saved me more times than I can count. Another one to look at is the Shadowclad (adds to your deflect rating), but I personally would stick with the Lesser Soulforged.

Offense Enchants?:
During the last double refinement I made a choice to go with the best enchants possible for this build which are Brutal Enchants. So double stat enchants such as Brutals, Cruels, Savages, etc. at R12 provide 420 of two different stats. Brutals again for example provide 420 Crit and Power. A single stat enchant such as Azures, Radiants, and Silveries only provide 700 of one stat. So why put in the extra effort and AD to go with double enchants. The Difference when added up between 10 Brutals vs 5 Azures and 5 Radiants is 10 Brutals give you 4200 Power and 4200 Crit giving you a combine of 8400 worth of stats (I said 10 as its easier then doing an example of 9 enchants as I have 9 Offensive Slots in all my Characters Gear, but again as you will read Below I also plan on using all Brutals in my Companions Equipment). The 5 Azures and 5 Radiants give you 3500 Power and 3500 Crit which totals out to 7000 stats combined.

In the end with Brutals (with 10 offensive slots avail) you are getting an additional 1400 worth of Power/Crit compared to using 5 Azures/5 Radiants. I dont know about you, but 700 more Power and Crit sounds really really good.

Defense Enchants?:
With everything I said above, I don’t have to go into why double stat enchants are best. So which double stat enchant goes best for this build? I am going for Vicious Enchants they provide 420 Deflect and 420 Lifesteal at Rank 12. These two stats are exactly what I need. I don’t want to bother putting Radiant or HP into my Defensive Slots as there isn’t enough HP you can slot into your character to protect yourself from one hits. So best thing is to Slot Deflect and Lifesteal (deflect of which works really well with a lot of the feats that we covered above).


I can’t stress the important of Companions and Bonding Runestones. The reason I or any DPS class does so much damage is because they have Bonding Runestones. I am currently using “3 Rings” as my main Summoned companion for now. The reason I have been using this guy is because right now with Mod 10.5 on the console the Underdark rings bonuses still Proc on my companion giving him and myself a Enormous Amount of Lifesteal/Power. So with that below I will mention what I plan to use for Mod 11 with Enchants and Companions. Oh and to cover the Archons quickly, each additional active Archon companion you have increases the the active bonuses by .5%.

As far as my Equipment for my Active Companion, I am going to go for Double Offensive Slots so something Like the Ring of Adorable Bites. So it will give me Double Offensive (most important part) with some Power/Crit Stats. As for what enchants I am going to be slotting? Ill go all the way with R12 Brutals, of course these are pretty much Best In Slot, so if your lacking Crit, go with Azures if you cant get Brutals. Or if your lacking Power go with Radiants.

*If you want to do high DPS, before you start ranking up your Chraracter’s Enchants and Spending AD elsewhere, you want to get your Bonding Runestones as high as you can go. So why do I keep stressing this? just read the tool tip below:

Again these Bonding Runestones add up to alotttt of Power for you.

  • Summoned Companion:
    • Sellsword:
      • Not only is she a Strike Companion that will have 3 Offense Slots (compared to my current only having 2) she will have the 10% Defense Debuff ability (Wicked Strike) that will apply to a target. The reason I didn’t initially go with her was that again with Mod 10.5 Underdark Rings were working. With mod 11 we will have new companion gear that should match perfectly with the Sellsword Companion.
  • Active Companions:
    • Fire Archon:
      • Increases your damage against targets with less than 50% Hit Points by +7%.
    • Air Archon:
      • Increases your damage against targets not at full health by +5%.
    • Earth Archon:
      • Increases your damage against targets by +6% when you are at full health (which with life steal should be pretty close to all the time).
    • Now the 3 active Archons above are a definite, but for this Class the last companion I want as my active would be the:
      • Wild Hunt Rider:
        • On Encounter Use: 5% chance to increase damage by 10% for 5 seconds.
          • So why is this so good? With each hit (including the ticks from Gushing Wound encounter) give you a chance to get that 10% Damage increase which is huge. I know this sounds like a bit of a gable but with Hunter Rangers we have 6 Separate Encounter giving us the highest chances of all the Classes to proc this Active Bonus.
      • Seige Master:
        • Deal 4% increased damage.
          • Now obviously this one isn’t as good as the above because it only provide 4%, but the good thing about it is that it doesn’t come with any pre-requisites, you don’t need to do anything to get this damage increase. Also this Companion for me on Console is relatively cheaper compared to the Wild Hunt Rider. So until I can get the Wild Hunt Rider, this guy is best to have.

Mount Insignia’s and Bonuses

Now although my Mount Insignia Bonuses are very important for damage, I can’t ignore the refinement drops and heal over time ones I have before. So why?

  • Slayer’s Redemption: I went ahead and left this bonus in because the amount that I get healed for the amount of enemies I kill is very very high. I am constantly behind healed when I get hit. If I take a lot of damage from a Boss or In a Mob Fight and I am out of reach from being able to lifesteal but I have already killed some enemies, I get healed automatically. This allows me to get some tankiness and not have to rely heavily on my group for heals.
  • Protector’s Camaraderie: The description says it all, when my companion hits I gain a good chunk of Power and Defense. You can’t go wrong, this is one you should definitely have on as a DPS Class.
  • Assassin’s Covenant: This is another Insignia Bonus that you can’t go wrong with, you are losing Defense/Deflection/Lifesteal yes but you are gaining all those lost stats as power. This takes away from you survivability but that is why I slot Slayers Redemption.
  • Wanderer’s Fortune: So as I said before as much as I want to get all the Power DPS Insignia’s as possible, Wanderers fortune allows me to get more refinement drops to upgrade enchants. My enchants believe it or not are not all at R12, so this is a must for me anyway.
  • Calvalry’s Warning: You should only get this if you have a Mount Combat Power. That being said if you do have one, there is 0 reasons why you should not have this on. This Insignia Bonus Power is by far the best ever, it gives you an increase of 10% to your Power, Crit, Recovery, Armor Pen, Defense, Deflection, Lifesteal, and Regen. Seriously this one is a no brainer and definitely something to look forward to if your going for a Legendary Mount.

Insignias: This one is pretty obvious but you want to get the Insignia of Skill. Skill Insignia’s give you Critical Strike and Combat Advantage. The other one to go with (as not all insignia types can give you Skill) is to go with Insignia of Dominance. Dominance Insignias give you Power and Companion Influence (increases Companion Stats). Of course try to go with Epic, but as you can see I wasn’t able to and went with Blue due to not having enough AD (I also still have my PvP Prosperities in instead of PvE ones). I still am a ways out of getting the right insignias in, but the important part of all this is making sure you get the bonuses you want.

Thank you!

If you have made it this far, I just want to thank you again for taking the time to read my guide, if you have any comments or questions again make sure to write below, in my video, or if you want to message me directly you can find me on Twitch and on the Free Messaging App: Kik (channel/Username: Jase4yaz)

So Long and thanks for reading!

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  • AdamC79
    March 14, 2017 at 9:37 am

    I tried this build and it does do some serious damage. I am still building my HR up and at the moment is only 2.3k il. I tried this out in Dwarven Throne and topped the charts with 40 mil damage. In T2 dungeons I was too squishy as cool downs are quite long beings as I do not have all boons unlocked so I found myself a little vulnerable :). I will stick with my trapper build until I have better cooldowns and I will definitely give this another go as I imagine once you hit a high item level with all boons unlocked this build will be a lot of fun.

    Very well written and informative

  • GIJogie
    March 15, 2017 at 11:33 pm

    Thank you!! It is very helpful and helped me a lot.

  • Bsmash
    March 22, 2017 at 11:39 am

    Using this builld and it’s very nice. Question, what kinda rings ur using?

  • Lero
    March 28, 2017 at 6:26 pm

    It is not recommendable starting using this build. It is kinda hard to play with and survival is almost 0… when you have some equipments maybe it could be better.

    • Queenlee
      May 31, 2017 at 7:05 pm

      I beg to differ I am working on a 2.4k combat hr (5th 70) from this build right now and MELT everything and have died twice

      Once in ToS and once in CN

      It’s very easy to run if you follow rotation

  • Yankiebar
    March 30, 2017 at 10:11 am

    Hey i was thinking 2 use a negation enchantment, but would that go well 2 this build? And Will it still stack, though we have all the deflection?

  • April 13, 2017 at 12:44 pm

    I absolutely love the damage this build puts out , however it does feel very glass cannon , how much life steal do you recommend getting? also I noticed that you don’t use Demogorgon set is the amulet of valindra and the belt sufficient? my item level is 2.5k at the moment and my sellsword is only rare , but the damage is magnitudes better than my guardian fighter. maybe I can look u up in game and get some tips

  • Enigmatic LFC
    April 15, 2017 at 9:30 am

    Have really enjoyed switching to using this guild over my previous build. Have seen a huge increase in my DPS and now focused on getting my Bonding’s levelled up.

    Question though – what makes you go for the Firesoul set (I’m assuming this is now actually called Lifeforged) over the Aboleth set which is usually mentioned as being for DPS

  • Panzominator
    April 17, 2017 at 6:40 pm

    Hi there ! Thx for this build, i really enjoy to play it.
    But could u post ur powers screen plz ?

  • Anguish Novram
    May 2, 2017 at 1:34 am

    Great build, my DPS is through the roof!
    I have a few points/questions though…

    1. Lifeforged weapons reduce your defense, deflect and lifesteal, and you gain those lost stats as power, so you’re not gaining 30% power.
    I think Relic weapons are still BiS (at 10% damage buff), but Aboleth or Mirage might be 2nd (at 4% and 3% damage buff respectively)

    2. How much do you have in the deflect stat? currently I have 0, but I get ~30-40% deflect chance through buffs and using Pact of the Lone Wolf.

    3. Have you thought of using the Heart of the Blue Dragon instead of Sigil of the Trickster? It gives 1k crit, 1k rec and 600 CA

    4. I’m currently using Lightning enchantment and it seems nice because we hit so many times, but I’ve started thinking I may get more out of vorpal, upping crit sev from 125 to 175%. Any thought on lightning vs vorpal?

  • Yvo
    May 11, 2017 at 5:49 pm

    can you post screenshots of your Power Tree please?


  • Kemi
    May 20, 2017 at 5:26 am

    One question,what do you thing about owlbear cub active companion? it seems really nice by me

  • stefoid
    June 2, 2017 at 1:45 am

    Im also running a full combat HR right now but my gear is pretty bad. I can take out groups of adds like anything, but I am having lots of trouble solo-ing single bosses like the prison warden or the master alchemist from Well of Dragons. I can last for 1 or even 3 or 4 minutes depending on luck, but because these bosses can one shot it is very hard to get those flurries in AND not get an unlucky one-shot hit sooner or later. If I had top class gear then I could take down the boss with damage quite quickly, but I dont.

    So I am going to adjust the build to include the ability to put out higher ranged damage for those one-shot-bosses. This will mean losing 3 feats from the combat tree and putting them into the ranged tree so that you can get Longshot. The feats I will lose are skirmishers gambit, wilds medicine, and (very unfortuantely) sything blades. So while the build will lose some damage from trashing groups of adds, it will till be quite good at that, but in return (I hope) it will be able to put out respectable amounts of ranged firepower.

    In particualr, I have the aimed shot main hand artifact pwoer that gives +40% movement for a while after using it. That plus longstriders will give the build a lot of movement during ranged stance while shift-stamina regenrates at a fast rate. Also ‘interupting shot’ with only .25 AP is basically another ranged encounter which you get a LOT of extra from if you crit with Longshot. And both are very quick to shoot which is great, and ‘interrupting’ you can shoot without even leaving melee stance…

    Think about this – longshot from 30’ft, then move in with speed, then interrupting shot at close range to daze for your gushing. Then flurry. If you are too hot, you can shift out, aimed shot from 15′ and use the +40% movement to reposition quickly without wasting stamina.

    (this is theoretical, will test over the next week. A good test for me with my crappy gear is the alchemist who I could not defeat as full combat in 50 repeated tries…)

    • stefoid
      June 2, 2017 at 1:50 am

      I forgot to add that ‘aspect of serpent’ will be the active for this build, as we move in with 2xranged to get two stacks damage bonus (24%) and then the gushing, then CtG with 2nd stack (12%). Once we move out we will have 2 stacks for further ranged…and repeat.

      • stefoid
        June 2, 2017 at 1:51 am

        and lastly, if there is no super tough boss, you can swap out AotS for one of the blade storms, depending if you expect small crowds or large crowds…

        • stefoid
          June 5, 2017 at 10:42 am

          ha ha, this totally doesnt work. Longshot hardly increases your ranged firepower at all, as it only adds x100% of **weapon damage**. In practice it is a 15-20% increase in overall damage for aimed shot which in no way makes up for the loss of damage from the combat feats.

          For interrupting shot, where weapon damage is a large component of the overall damage, it increases the output a lot from ‘hardly any’ to ‘nothing much’. LOL

  • Ozpin
    June 29, 2017 at 8:50 pm

    How many points should be placed in certain powers, I’m not sure what to focus points into, sorry if I missed anything obvious.

  • July 2, 2017 at 9:41 am


    I rebuilt my HR according to your design, I’m pleased with the results. I’ve had better then half of dungeons turn out with my toon being top dps, typically by a good deal. Could you answer a question for me if you knows our have the time? Anyone else that knows for sure can answer swell.

    1) If I have legendary status on more then 1 companion will the 15% you receive from legendary companions stack towards your summoned companion? And if so if you’re using the big bonding runestones does it actually give you more than 100% over what they give you from the runestones already? I hope my question is understandable.

    2) Also I was thinking about still using the con man as my summoned and the Three Archon’s and the siege master as my 5th .. what do people think of that set up? If not the siege master perhaps the sylph. Any thoughts?

    3) How do you feel about trans dead and Perfect shadow clad?


  • Kay
    November 2, 2017 at 8:39 pm

    have most of the powers and information stayed the same since last year? I doubt it lol but I’m going to try all the same. It would seem maybe some of the info has changed.

  • Kat
    July 8, 2018 at 4:43 am

    Are you going to update your build mini

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