OP Healer Build

by TerrySch on April 2, 2017
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OP Healer Build

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Hi everyone, I recently noticed some people at my guild asking for an OP Healer build, so I decided to share my build with all of you. Feel free to comment any improvements and just to be clear this is just an alter but works pretty good healing for any dungeon at the game by now.




I went for the dragonborn, just because i like that class, it grants you +2 at two any stats, gets 5% more heals from spells and abilities plus 3% power and critical chance so not bad at all. But human is pretty good too, the 3% defense, +2 for any ability score and extra heroic point at lvl 10, 15 and 20.


Ability Roll


I rolled for a balanced stats  wisdom for more heal and critical chance; and charisma for more stamina regeneration and action point gain, didn’t care about constitution because we are not going to tank, just heal and it will get a decent stat by himself.




This is how i maily use my powers:


Cure Wounds: this is how we heal all the time, you have to target allies to heal, if no target it heals yourself.

Oath’s Strike:basically we need to hit 3 times our target to relase the extra 10% outgoing heal that will last for 15 seconds.


Bond of Virtue: we have to make sure we always have this encounter active, this grants us 60′ range and it will heal 20% more to allies in that range, 5% more each rank, and it share heals with all allies in the circle for by 15% with 5% more each rank.

Bane:This will make the target to deal 10% less damage and take 10% more damage for 10 seconds(+2s each rank) and stacks up to 3 times.

Circle of power: this will give 30% more outgoing heal to you and your allies if they are inside the circle. Can be changed for absolution to grant 20% shield to any ally or us, if used in a party member it will get 20% more heal too, but i still prefer more heal, Templar wrath works fine too.

Class Features

Aura of Divinity: Heal wounded allies in a range of 30′ every 3 seconds

Aura of Life: Allies in near death in a range of 30′ of you are revived(without touching) and healer by 15% of their hit points, they still get the resurrection sickness.


Lay On Hands: Heal for 100% and remove DoT to the target

Divine Judgement: just to do some damage, nothign else.

if you are doing good with heals there is no need for daily, but in a hurry lay on Hands should be fine.



Divine Action – 2/5 [Generate more AP with Divine Call.]

Toughness – 3/3  [To get extra Hit Points]

Exemplar’s Haste – 3/3 [our encounters recharge 6% faster]

Light’s Shield – 4/5 [Damage resistance increased by 2%]

Dominating Presence – 5/5 [Auras has 10′ increased radius]

Divine Wisdom – 3/3 [1% more healing]


Holy Resurgence – 5/5 [while stamine below 20% regenerates 30% faster]


Gifts of light – 5/5 [10% more heal]

Seraphim – 5/5 [When we take damage we have a chance to get “Seraphim” for 8 second this will make our heals 15% stronger]

Restorative Haste – 5/5 [We gain 10% more recovery from equipment]

Aura Gifts – 5/5 [Allies in a range of 30′ gets 25% of your power, they have to remain at 30′ for 6 seconds to get this buff]

Healer’s touch – 5/5 [You heal up to 50% more depending on how close to the target you are]

Deific Intervention – 5/5 [if you fall all of your party members near you are full healed and get maximum damage resistance for 4 seconds, has a cooldown of 180sec]

Holy Bonds – 5/5 [your recovery is increased by 20% for each ally in a range of 30′ maximum 5 allies]

Redemption – 1/1 [every 10 seconds we get redemption, using divine call consume redemption healing every second for 3 seconds to all damaged allies by 500% of our weapon damage divided equally for damaged allies in a radius of 100′]




Main: Sigil of the Oathbound Paladin [Makes a zone of safety that will grant 15% more damage resistance to allies inside the circle and getting healed faster]

Secondary: Sigil of the Devoted, Tiamat’s Orbs of Majesty, Waters of Elah’zad

Tiamat set will grants us 5% more outgoing heal.


2x Dusk for the extra 1k power&defense and hitpoints when in party.

2xDragonflight for the extra hitpoint.

Ring of Brutality +4( or 5)

Ring of Rising Power +4( or 5)

I wear those rings to get more power no need to use these rings, can be changed for defense/recovery.


Tiamat Sash


Amulet of Tiamat’s Demise


Twisted Ropalo:

Artifact power should be Cure Wounds

Twisted Hoplon:

Artifact class feature should be Aura of Life.


Utility: can be dark enchant or dragon’s hoard wont do any much at the character performance.

Armor Enchant: Soulforged recommended.

Defense Enchant: Azure for extra defense.

Offense Enchant: i use radiant for extra power, but can be changed to silvery for more recovery since when we fall the bond of virtue goes on cooldown and we need to activate it again as fast as we can or we wont heal the party.

Weapon enchant: trans holy or bronzewood works fine for this.


As i said before is just an alter(but works fine) so i use a goat (Augment) but of course we need a legendary grade companion with 3x bonding and more, feel free to comment any improvement for this topic, thx.


This is just an alter the insignias are just what i get from dungeon drops, but should look like this one but with epic grade insignias. Looking to change the uncommon grade mounts for medium black horse and Trained Gizzly for extra insignia slot.


I’m too lazy to finish some of the boons in here, but here is how they should be, for the cloacked im just testing the boons atm so there is no need to waste point like i did, will be posting when i take a look of how those boons work for op heal later.

This is how a normal dungeon run looks like with my build performance, Thx for watching my guide, hope it helps you.

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  • April 19, 2017 at 3:37 pm

    Pretty nice PvP build, but you should really use gear with Tenacity, it’s very easy to get 3 pieces Warborn. Also Drowned weapons are better, and Cleansing Touch is a must in PvP.

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