Elbowmedic’s little b spankadin PS4 PvP PvE

by Elbowmedic on April 6, 2017
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Elbowmedic’s little b spankadin PS4 PvP PvE

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‘Sup Gamerz! Elbowmedic from Exterminatus First post so might miss something.

K so I originally made a Healadin and during a rough CN our tank bailed and the pug gods delivered us a DC so ZombieBoss peer pressured me into tank. I respec’d to tank at door for Orcus. So some boons are a happy mistake. This build is PvP strong!! something I’ve never enjoyed till now! It has stuff not normal for tanks but I used cause theoretically was right.

  • Race: I like human for bonus feats as long as you roll CON CHA pick the race you like my 3 faves are human dragon and halfling. Some of you might notice my HP fluctuated in pics that’s a proximity buff from my companion. Not because I was half naked in the pic.
  • Feats

  • Powers: max aura of wisdom to be safe sometimes you get the DC who can’t spam AA and it helps them build AP
    • Always on: radiant strike, aura of courage, heroism, binding oath, oath strike, templars wrath, divine protector
    • Solo, and Boss fights*: bane, aura of vengeance. * Turtle Boss FBI: aura of radiance, vow of enmity
    • PvP radiance, relentless avenger

  •  Boons: no particular reason other than theoretical. Didn’t include PvP or stronghold boons but will tell you its armor pen, D, and movement. My guild is rank 18 and offers me the armpen I need.
  • Companions: no matter what a Pali tells you the lion is best in slot!  I run lion, man at arms: 300 Def, Ioun stone: stamina gain,  energon: hp gain, and my swappable black ice prospector: companion aggro and AoE resist. The last one is really for dungeons the hard taunt from lion gets boosted and will cause the giants to throw rocks at it instead of you. It’s swappable cause when solo for dailies go with owl bear cub slotted for a little damage boost. Slot with Bondings and a mix of power and D equipment. Don’t be stingy on the gems for your primary companion it matters!
  •  Gear: the biggest variable in the build because a lot is based on what you can manage with AD, luck of drops, zone, PvP, and your own level. My focus is on HP power and D.
    • Weapons are the relic set. I got them with my healadin so the stats might be different not sure. Offhand weapon power companion influence is a must!
    • armor jarls gaze when in zone, blackthorn when not. If the skelator mask ever drops that will be my go to.  Deepknight’s Brigadine will swap in zone for oath keepers ward. Survivors wraps when pvp warborn medic, haven’t gotten the relic armor yet. Feet still using dragon flight again 300 Bryn heroics and no boots. Frostborn when in zone. Black ice set: to the people who say con belt is better sorry unresistable damage from powers set bonus means better aggro that equals better tank. Undergarments are greater everfrost with greater everfrost reinforcement. rings  charging bull and impenetrablity why aggro and the oh shit moments. Will most likely swap out impenetrablity for stien +5 if it drops or a rosegold  if I continue to PvP.
    • artifacts black ice beholder, token of free movement, Pali sigil (main) . And for the next day GWF sigil being replaced by wheel of elements. White dragon and sigil of devoted are also viable choices. Might level both to see what combo works better.
    • Enchants briartwine or thunderhead. Both are viable briartwine is a tank enchant for PvE and PvP.  BiS weapon is the Bronzewood armor debuff to marked target, increase from party, and you take less damage from marked target. You are a DPS sponge why not kill it quicker and take it better. The rest are radiants in offense except one silvery for recovery, Defense are Azures, utility are a mixed bag of Drop slots, dark, and azure on my PvP arms.
  • Mounts. Again lion beats all! there is a rumor that the two lions increase your mount speed as someone who pulls away from other legendary mounts I believe this to be true.

So I’m on PS4 will update after the content drop. I’m a PuG demo troll cause I like being on the DPS top 5 and when you get gold does it really matter that the tank is opening greens to pad his stats. You will often see me running pug Sherpa runs farming for another soon to be good DPS or DC.

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  • Darknuggets
    April 6, 2017 at 8:48 pm

    I play with Lilb on my DC heal. I can attest that this is a great build that ppl should read!

  • Babyfacekila
    April 13, 2017 at 1:25 am

    Was looking forward to a decent dps guide, all of the screenshots are blurry and can’t make anything out. Most of the guide makes no sense also. It is lacking detail

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