Otikoruk’s Mod 11 Oathbound Protector Build

by Shuro on April 6, 2017
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Otikoruk’s Mod 11 Oathbound Protector Build

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This is a hand-built Ally-Based protector build, so therefore you cannot kill enemies on your own unless you have oodles of time to burn. It’s a feeble attempt to bring back the protector paladin as a viable playstyle, and works very well for my personal play style and character.

I apologize for the long, badly illustrated post.

The stats required for this build are PowerRecovery, and Defense, with Deflect being a luxury, and Control Resist being for bonus points. Attempt to keep Critical StrikeLifestealArmor Penetration, and AoE Resist to a minimal, if not 0.

Stack Recovery over Defense over Power.

Your Skill Points for every 10 levelups should be straight across Constitution and checkerboarded across Wisdom and Charisma.

At-Will Powers:

Oath Strike: 4/4, Left Trigger (Applies Lock-On Debuff to enemies, allowing Allies to attack, flee, or heal unhindered.)

Sheilding Strike: 4/4, Right Trigger (Your main At-Will. Adds a shield to you when the same enemy is struck three times in a row.)

UNTESTED (For solo play):

Radiant Strike: 4/4, Left Trigger (Plus Armor Penetration and Damage)

Daily Powers:

Divine Protector: 4/4, Primary Daily [Usually ‘X’ depending on playsyle] (Bubble. Use in conjunction with Absolution for pre-nerf damage resistance.)

Lay on Hands: 4/4, Secondary Daily [Usually ‘Y’ depending on playstyle] (Used to top off allies’ health after a battle. Healing is contagious.)

UNTESTED (For solo play):

Heroism: 4/4, Secondary [Replaces Lay on Hands] (For when Templars Wrath fails.)

Class Features (Auras):

Aura of Wisdom: 4/4, Passive (Reduces cooldown times for you and nearby allies)

Aura of Protection: 4/4, Passive (Increases damage resistance for you and nearby allies)

UNTESTED (For Solo Play):

Aura of Truth: 4/4, Passive [Prefferably replacing Aura of Protection] (Slight decrease in damage taken by you vs. AoP)

Encounter Powers:

Templars Wrath: 4/4, First Use [Usually ‘X’, but other times ‘B’] (Great amount of Golden HP when used in a group of enemies)

Binding Oath: 4/4, Second Use [Usually ‘Y’] (Reduces damage taken by 50%. If it explodes, grants a dose of Devine Call Energy, but deals an amount of damage to you]

Absolution: 4/4, Third Use [Usually ‘B’, but other times ‘X’] (Adds a shield to the targeted Ally for 50% of their max HP and reduces incoming damage by 50%. If you don’t have a target, applies to you. Make sure everyone is shielded completely before and after a fight as much as they cooperate.)

UNTESTED (For Solo Play):

Circle of Power: 4/4, Second Use [Replaces Binding Oath, swap with Templars Wrath] (Improves AP and Damge Generation).


Because I’m lazy, Here’s a picture of them. I’ll do my best to explain them, though.

Oathbound Protectors’ feats.

The first row of the Justice paragon is a playerstyle choice. If you have a hard time controlling your character at a high-speed, or keeping enemies in DPS grasp, use Bound by Light to give a bit more of a break in-between rotations. If you have no issue with maintaining speed and enemy position, use Swift Flash for a chance at dodging attacks and flying through a pack of baddies unscathed.

After that, it’s Encounter Cooldown over Self HealsAlly Agility/Evasion over Self SurvivalAlly Heal over Self-CooldownAlly Healing over Self Damage Up, and Self Cooldown Reduction.

As for the Light paragon, it’s Ally Heals.5 over Ally HealsDefense over AP, and Ally Power Plus over Ally Heal Plus.



Storm Kings Thunder; Frosty Demeanor, Hardy Constitution, Glacial Strength, Chill of Winter, Healing Warmth, Frozen Reflection

PvP; Living Wall, Combat Triage, Versatile Warrior

Sharandar; Dark Fey Warrior, Fey Elusiveness, Elven Haste, Elven Tranquility, Elven Resolve

Dread Ring; Reliquary Keeper’s Strength, Evoker’s Thirst, Illusuon Shimmer, Enraged Regrowth, Rampaging Madness

Icewind Dale; Enroaching Tactics, Refreshing Chill, Rapid Thaw, Cool Resolve, Winters Bounty

Underdark; Primordial Vitality, Primordial Regenesis, Drow Ambush Tactics, Either, Abysal Tenacity

Tyranny of Dragons; Dragons Claws, Dragons Shadow, Dragonscale Defense, Dragons Greed, Dragons Revival, Dragons Grip, Dragons Thirst

Stronghold; Power Bonus, Defense Bonus, Revive Sickness, Any

The Maze Engine; Abyssal Regeneration, Demonic Influence, Demonic Swiftness, Baleful Clutch

Elemental Evil; Unassailable Tide, Heart if Stone, Blazing Resiliance, Wall of Wind



This is the gear I personally use. Feel free to comment and link better gear, and I will attempt to update the post.

Armor: Dragonflight Restoration Cuirass (Bonus points for elementaslized)/Deepkngiht’s Brigande

Head: Dragonflight Restoration Armet (Bonus points for elementaslized)

Arms: Dragonflight Restoration Couters (Bonus points for elementaslized)

Feet: Dragonflight Ward Poleyns (Bonus points for elementaslized)/Fadeless Walkers

Main Hand: Burning Mace (Haven’t had a chance to use the Storm Kings Thunder relic weapons)

Off Hand: Burning Kite Shield (Haven’t had a chance to use the Storm Kings Thunder relic weapons)

Neck: Greater Lathenders Cloak

Rings: Ring of Rising (preferred)/Sudden Defense/Recovery +5

Waist: Greater Lathenders Belt

Shirt: Drowcraft Chaincoat

Pants: Drowcraft Chausses

Artifact1: Lathenders Eye/Sigil of the Devoted

Artifact2: Oghama’s Token of Free Movement

Artifact3: Sigil of the Hunter/Rod of Imperial Restraint

Artifact4: Symbol of Fire/Lathenders Eye

Offense: Radiant

Defense: Azure

Utility: Player Choice

Weapon: Holy Avenger

Armor: Negation

You want the lathenders eye to keep the set bonus, but the sigil of the devoted as your primary artifact if you can. In the case you use the Sigil of the Devoted, you’ll want to replace either the Sigil of the Hunter, Symbol of Fire, or Rod of imperial Restraint.



Any recovery, defense, or power mount will do. I use the leopard of chult.



Energon (Max HP Plus and AP Recovery)

Frozen Galeb Duhr (Plus damage resist as your HP diminishes, can be replaced)

Dread Warrior (Aggro Plus)

Air Archon (Plus 5% Damage, can be replaced)

Lillind (Conatgious Heal on Daily Use, build optimal)

Combat Tactics:

When you enter combat, try to make sure all of your allies have a shield, including yourself. Run into a pack of bad people, and hit Templars Wrath, Binding Oath, Absolution, Divine Protector, Divine Call, Divine Call, Templars Wrath, Binding Oath, Absolution, Divine Call.

Use your bubble widely yet wisely. In the initial rotation shown above, if you can’t hit Divine Protector, don’t worry about it, but try to make sure all your other powers and divine call are cooled down and recharged before entering combat. After the initial rotation, throw the powers as they appear, and throw templars before Binding Oath if you can.

As long as a dungeon isn’t on inferno difficulty, a new level 70 with starter level 70 gear should be able to tank eToS no issue, and orcus with relatively little issue, so long as they know how to run their character and build.

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  • Op the monster
    April 7, 2017 at 3:39 pm

    Work perfect for my style!

  • April 8, 2017 at 7:18 pm

    Urghhh second time writing this comment.

    Question for Feat Choice:

    Why Bound By Light, Beacon of Hope, and Prism. As a tank you should be tanking not healing. Try using it’s counterparts, they do a lot more. (This section was a lot longer, just to lazy to rewrite… my page refreshed. Screw Ctrl+R)

    Question for Stats and Power Choice:

    Why Defense over Power. As a OP, you should be stacking Health not Defense. What I mean is Templar’s Wrath gives health based on triple the damage you deal with it. Well then Power becomes much better. And OP’s have enough abilities that give DR. For you powers, BO, Absolution, Oath Strike isn’t that useful. After BO nerf, it got bad, since before the nerf you could use it every 8 seconds with recovery high enough and become invincible but that non-existent know. Absolution is crap. As an OP you should be generating enough threat to keep agro off teammates so Shield does nothing. For Oath Strike vs Shielding Strike use one or the other, not both.
    Sorry if this seems like a rant, just want to know your reasoning behind these powers! This really is shorter than my original version, and much worse quality too.

    • April 9, 2017 at 5:50 am

      This is the first comment I’ve posted on here, so bear with me if I did it wrong.

      I explained earlier that bound by light was useless, required to get further down the path. Swift flash is more useful if you have an easy time controlling your character and powers while maintaining enemy positioning. I cannot do any of the above things, but I’ll add a choice explanation if I can.

      I chose beacon of hope over echoes of light because I personally am anti-chance of possibly doing action x. Additionally, there should be a rare occasion with this rotation that you need you power back, like, now.

      I chose prism over purifying fire for a few reasons, which I’ll try to explain. Not only is purifying fire removed upon using an encounter power – what this build is based off of, but prism doesn’t require you to be missing Hit points to proc – just hit by a targeted heal. For instance, if I have divine protector going, and a cleric heals me for 50k health, all allies are healed for 50k health, not just me, and therefore is more helpful to the team. Additionally, a tank can’t help against all AoE’s and attacks that aren’t affected by threat, and players often just kinda manage to lose hitpoints, so healing is a plus in the case you’ve lost or don’t have a cleric, say in Lair of Lostmauth, or they got whacked early on. If the cleric AoE heals you and your companion, everyone within 40′ gets healed twice, trice if by the cleric, too.

      Defense over power because this is a survivor build, not a DPS build. Templars wrath is kind of.. broken in that aspect. If I don’t hit anything, I get 25k Golden Health. If I hit 8 allies, I get 225k Golden Health. If I hit demogorgon in phase 1, I get 45k Golden Health. If I hit 8 powries, I get 110k Golden Health. If I hit 8 trolls, I get 135k Golden Health.

      Binding Oath is used to not only reduce damage taken, but if you have a shield on you from Absolution, you only take 25% of the damage, not 50. Additionally, if an ally goes down, and you hit Binding Oath, ressurect them, then hit them with Absolution, it’s equivalent to their entire health bar, giving them a chance to recover from the down.

      Absolution, again, is used because it prevents one hit kills, acting as an additional health bar equivalent to 100% of their max health, not affecting their real health. Additionally, it gives the more reckless players a surviving chance in the case of a bad matchup, rather than an insta-dead.

      Oath strike is similar to the HR’s disruptive shot. If you use it at the right time, the attack will never happen at all. Or, in the bigger window, will be redirected to you instead of hat squishy scourge that can’t lose aggro even though her life depends on it.

      Shielding strike is used because it is the only at will that fits this build spec, because it, well, shields you.

      The build isn’t aimed at players with all mythic and legendary gear, it’s meant for new and mid-spec players that want a surviving chance for the, and their friends, but works rather well at 4K.

      Additionally, it requires some skill to perfect, unlike the perma-bubble that was literally a mindless ‘whack whack whack bubble whack whack whack’.

      If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

      Update: I forgot to mention, when you hit bubble, it heals allies, including yourself, proccing prism repeatedly, likely due to lifesteal, yet therefore healing the entire team. You can force prism by using Lay on Hands on your companion in the case of an emergency, also healing your entire team for that amount, usually about 40k. That’s providing they’re within 40′ of you, of course, but in most boss rooms, they will be, additionally healing the source of the health twice.

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