Azaylin’s Conquering Tank

by Azaylin on April 7, 2017
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Azaylin’s Conquering Tank

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Updated 4/28/2017

Hello Everyone

Azaylin here and I’m here to show you a little bit about how I play my Guardian Fighter.

A shout out to Quinn Ironside for his guide I plan to use that as a boss killer loadout when we finally get the loadout features. I based my layout of this post off of his design.

1st Rule of tanking your a tank first! I have fallen into the “I want to do more dps” trap more than once, and was weighed, measured and found wanting by orcus on more than one occasion! Once again Tank First! Dps 2nd!

Disclaimer: This build is going to deal a lot of damage but when you’re grouped with high dps you will be coming in 4th but your job is to tank not lead the charts.

So with all this why not spec Tactician or Protector?

Protector final feat is broken … no real gain from the tree as dmg resist is capped at 95% you can reach that in Conq, what are you gaining here?

Tactician is great if lower geared, or if you want to buff more. But lets look at the facts you’re adding 5% AP gain, 5% additional dmg from into the fray, and debuffing dmg of target by an additional 2% if your shield slam them (hey its 10%, yeah but I have never seen a taction run combat superiority granting 8%, and I promise I am spreading that 8% whenever I hit a target  more than your spreading that 10% with your shield slam), and AP gain when you take dmg that you’re constantly mitigating.I know my dmg is higher than a 5% boost for the party. How much dmg the ap gain from the Martial Mastery is up for debate and most DC’s and other already can spam their daily like an encounter anyway.


I picked Dragonborn for the stats

Ability Scores: Grants you +2 to any two stats.
Dragonborn Fury: Your Power and Critical Strike are increased by 3%.
Draconic Heritage: You receive 5% more healing from all spells and abilities.

But any race should work.

Ability Score

Constitution for the increased health points and AP gain.

Strength for the dmg Bonus, Dot Resistance, Guard Meter .

Paragon Path

I picked Swordmaster paragon path for

Weapon Master Strike – Great AOE at will that will spread your weapon enchantment like crazy and major dps threat gain.


3x Strength Focus

Increase the Bonus from Strength by 15%.

3x Toughness

More health points.

3x Armor Specialization

More armor class which helps us survive the big hits.

5x Distracting Sheild

When you block reduce dmg of whatever hit you by 5%

5x Powerful Attack

More damage = More Threat

1x Weapon Mastery

Had 1 left over

Conqueror Feats

5x Take Measure

When you are crit, gain Temporary Hit Points equal to 1/2/3/4/5% of your maximum Hit Points. (50 second cooldown)

5x Wrathful Warrior

When you have Temporary Hit points, you deal 3/6/9/12/15% more damage.

5x Jagged Blades

When you critically strike a foe they begin bleeding. This bleed lasts 10 Seconds and deals 150%/300%/450%/600%750% of your weapon damage over it’s Duration.

5x Crushing Shield

Your Shield Slam and Tide of Iron powers now deal 4/8/12/16/20% more damage.

5x Tactical superiority

Deal 1/2/3/4/5% more damage and Combat Superiority Grants an Additional 1/2/3/4/5% Damage.

1x Reckless Attacker

When struck in combat you gain Reckless Attacker. Reckless Attacker increases your damage by 5% and Critical chance by 2%. Reckless Attacker lasts 10 seconds and stacks up to 5 times

Tactician Feats

5x Fight On

Lowers your cooldowns on encounters = more buffs & threat

5x Daunting Challenge

Marked targets now deal 2/4/6/8/10% less damage to your allies, and you.(tool tip lies)

5x Rousing Speech

Allies within 30′ of you gain Action Points 1/2/3/4/5% faster.



Start with a into the fray boost, Mark target, Lunging Strike into the fight, Enforced threat to grab that agro, Tide of iron to debuff, then Weapon Master Strike. Then rinse and repeat.

Orcus or similar Boss fight’s “turtle tank”

Use into fray, Iron Warrior, Mark Target, shield up rush forward in between his attacks go for the following while using the Shield Slam(if stamina is low / slow dps) Else use Aggravating strike

Into the fray


Commander Strike,


Iron Warrior(stamina gain dmg resist)



Weapon Master’s Strike

Best Damage at-will that is an AOE.

Tide of Iron

Stamina Gain and also puts a debuff increasing dmg by 20%


Lunging Strike

(when you want more aoe/ movement)

Charge at your foe, and finish with a hearty stab that also damages enemies in a cone behind them. Enemies damaged by the cone receive 1/3rd damage, but you still build full threat against them.

Comanders Strike

(when you want to help the group melt a single target)

This skill makes your groups next encounter deal extra damage on any mob that is marked.

Enforced Threat

Aoe Taunt and marks every mob hit by it that applies the defense debuff.

Into the Fray

Great Damage buff for the group and increases run speed


Combat Superiority – Always on

Grants 5% bonus damage to the target and the target will deal 5% less damage to you. Ranking up this power will now increase both of these effects by 1% for every rank 8% max.

I also use the offhand ability to add more threat to anything affected by Combat superiority

I again switch my second personal depending on the situation

Steel Grace

Helps with movement speed and deflection.

Steel Blitz

If you feel like doing more dmg being slower

Shield Talent

For when you want to be a turtle tank(Msva/FBI/Orcus)


Villains’s Menace

You deal increased damage and become immune to CC’s

Fighter’s Recovery

After you activate this daily every hit you perform will heal you for the damage that it does.




I recently changed the sellsword debuff is just too good!

10% Bonus dmg for everyone 

3x Offensive Slots for bondings and a Sword Knot, Belt and a Necklace

Equipment my companion runs

Rank 12 Bondings(most important thing there is for stats)

Personalized Aberrant Belt of Recovery Azure in Off and Def


Personalized Adamant Necklace of Recovery Azure in Off and Def


Fierce Sword Knot of the Companion +3

I switch out the Sword Knot for Defiant with a Azure in the Defensive slot for FBI/MSVA tanking


Air Archon

Increases your damage against targets not at full health by +2/3/5.% E

Fire Archon

Increases your damage against targets with less then 50% Hit Points by 7%

Earth Archon

Active Bonus: Increases your damage against targets by +3/4/6.% when you are at full health Each additional active Archon increases this bonus by .5%

The last spot I change depending on the situation

Death Slaad (dps)

Active Bonuses: On At-Will use: +12/14/15% chance to infect your target with a poison that stacks up to 4/5/5 times, and explodes into an AoE that damages up to 5 targets.

Rust Monster (tanking)

5% damage debuff on attacker when you are hit and stacks 3 times.


Purple Courage and Aggression are the insignia’s to focus on.

There is a huge amount of stats and Abilities to focus on here you can add a lot of defense from purple Courage insignia’s.

I suggest running

Again I swap out the 5th Mount depending on what I am doing

  • Assasins Covenant – More dmg(can use blues /greens for insignia’s stats not as important) I use this solo and anywhere that is not FBI /MSVA as my defense is enough for everywhere else.

I keep Blue insignia in the Wonder’s fortune mount, due to not being so reliant on stats while farming. But I do keep insignia’s in each mount for a faster switch.

DPS Mode

Tank Mode


Stats to aim for fully buffed

Your a tank you should always focus on Defense / Damage resistance first and hitting 80% Damage resistance. After your bondings from companion proc and Protector’s Camaraderie gets 4 stacks you should be at 80% Damage resistance. Let shadowclad or negation take you the rest of the way to 95%.

Next focus on things that debuff the targets dmg, aka

Set Bonus: Valhalla

Companions: Rust Monster, Chicken

Feats:Daunting Challenge, Combat Superiority, Distracting Shield

Defense>Arm Pen>Crit>Deflect>Lifesteal>Recovery


Defense helps you survive hits so more is better and increases your damage resistance.

Don’t get to carried away though, because at a certain point it becomes less of a priority.

That amount you’re looking for is around 80% Damage Resistance

“Everyone knows 95% dr is the cap”

Let shadowclad or negation take you the rest of the way to 95%.

Armor Penetration

This helps you gain aggro and keep aggro on mobs.

I recently started stacking this via Artifacts and Mount Insigias to gain my guild power boon instead of the Guild AP boon, since I feel AP is a hard cap getting to 60% resistance ignored


Only after you are at the Arm Pen cap after companion procs my crit chance gets up to about 52% + 10% from restless attacker and even more if I run Steel Grace. I will be trying to get this to 70-80%, anything more feels like a waste as we don’t need 100% with how much AOE’s we throw out.

“Why not power?”

We heal from this Barbarian’s Revelry (Whenever you perform a Critical Strike, you are healed for 1.5% of your maximum Hit Points. This effect can only occur once every 2 seconds.With the amount of aoe’ dmg you’re spreading around you will almost always crit at least once every two seconds.


This stat makes it so you take 50% of the damage you would of taken.

Once you are DR capped focus on deflection I also like this for the boon and the Storm King Thunder Underwear set bonus.

Life Steal

This is just as important as deflect but I want it lower so I get the bonus from the Frost underwear to do more dmg on a reflect.


This helps you get your encounters faster so you can keep your Into the Fray up.We get a lot of cool down shortening from our lightning enchant so I don’t feel this is as important, I also almost always run with a Dev Paladin running Aura of wisdom.

12k is the soft cap.

My Gear


Azures in the offensive slots

Azures in defensive slots, I am trying to swap them to Black ice enchants while keeping Damage Resistance at 80%

Dark’s in Head, Arms, Boots for more speed

Dragon’s Hoard in Necklace, and Quartermaster’s in the Belt (no fey cuz I don’t like picking stuff up)


The Blackthorn

Reinforced 200 Armor Pen

Vivified Shieldbearer Raid Breastplate  

Reinforced 200 Armor Pen

Pure Shadowclad Enchantment

When receiving damage each hit adds 10% to your Deflection rating and a 4% increase to your Damage Resistance for 8 seconds. This effect can stack a maximum of 8 times and expires when you successfully Deflect.

This is a great enhancement to increase deflect and acts like a negation when you don’t / can’t deflect(when you’re using guard..shield up you can’t deflect)

Vivified Shieldbearer Ward Gauntlets  

Reinforced 200 Armor Pen

Vivified Shieldbearer Raid Sabatons

Reinforced 200 Armor Pen


Ostorian Ring of Stein x 2 with Azures for more Defense n Frost resist


Cloak of Valhalla

Reinforced with AP Gain


Belt of Valhalla

Reinforced with AP Gain


Shieldbearer Longsword

Transcendent Lighting Enchantment

You deal 32% weapon damage as Lightning damage with every strike. This damage chains 3 times at a 100% chance for each chain. If there are no chain targets you do 33% more lightning damage. Additionally, all cooldowns are reduced by 2% for the first lightning strike, plus an additional 1% for each chain.

This is the reason we can get by with less Recovery, and the chains help build AOE agro keeps those groups on you! Also you’re spreading your combat superiority 8% debuff 8%dmg buff.

Shieldbearer Shield

Combat Superiority artifact class power



I Will be switching this to Banner to flip between Lantern(dpsmode) and Banner(tank mode)

Lantern of Revelation

Use: Deals 5,500 damage to nearby enemies, and increases the damage they take by 16% for 6 seconds.

I will be switching this to a passive when tanking after next double refine.

Champions Banner

Helps the group by providing recovery and incoming healing.

Also Foes will deal 8% less damage for 30 secs.


Horn of Valhalla

Thayan Book of the Dead

I would suggest running another Defensive Artifact here if you don’t have the Emperor Beatle

Bruenor’s Helm (Till x2 Refinement) 


Check your stats when you upgrade gear and adjust boons and enchantments.

If you want to be conq at lower levels go for it I have been conq the whole time I have leveled up. Remember to stack Defense where ever you can get it boon etc take def over everything till you get up to your 80% damage resistance, life will get better after that. Remember to debuff the dmg of the target.Let your feats add to your dps and your offensive slots since those are free dps and you can not put anything defensive there anyway.

Try different things and see what works for you.

And remember Tank first Dps 2nd!



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  • Quinn Ironside
    April 8, 2017 at 2:51 am

    Not to bad if I say so myself.
    Couple things I would change
    Get rid of united and put the points into pin
    Run guarded assault (with offhand power)
    Get rid of shadow clad for brairtwine
    But other then that I might give it a try when loadouts come out.
    Good job.

  • Mars
    April 8, 2017 at 3:47 am

    I switched my wife’s gf to this build while being stuck in bryn shander and now I melt everything and take like no damage thank you!

  • Carmine
    April 8, 2017 at 8:23 am

    I Think I developed a brain tumor reading the first few paragraphs

  • Kriv
    April 14, 2017 at 7:10 pm

    I use a very similar build to yours. A few differences…

    Heroic Feats:
    Distracting Shield 1/5
    Weapon Mastery 3/3
    Ubiquitous Shield 2/5

    Paragon Feats:
    Improved Vigor 5/5 instead of 5/5 in Take Measure

    Instead of going with Tactician feats I went with 15 points in protector
    Amor of Bahamut: 5/5
    Plate Agility: 5/5
    Shield Defense: 5/5

    Like you said we should tank more and worry about DPS less. I went with a bit more defensive stats on my end as I know that as of mod 11 on console Devoted Cleric Anointed Army has been adjusted and will provide much less protection.

    Companion: I went with Moonbow Priestess companion that has three defensive slot, again wanting more defensive stats over offensive stats. This companion at Legendary level provides all players within 20′ of her a 20% critical chance buff and debuffs enemies critical chance by 40%.

    I’m only 2600 or with about 7K less defense. When my companion proc I get a very nice boost in my defense stat.

    I’m actually working on getting more HP and better defense by using my Bulette Pup when I tank and get more offensive stats from my Moonbow thanks to the new gear. The only issue I see with going this route is that non-bonding stones have lower stats than bonding. R8 = R9 for other stones stats for defense. It is kinda forcing my hand to use bonding but I want the HP transfer as well for my tank from the Augment companion, trying to hit 200K hit points. Currently at 165K.

  • zoro
    April 23, 2017 at 4:52 pm

    for the boons are we to pick defence over power and crit for the boons

    • April 23, 2017 at 5:39 pm

      Yes when ever I was offered defense I took it. I will update this build soon with the boons.

      • zoro
        April 27, 2017 at 10:08 am

        why u didnt put point on action surge for the AP gain

        • April 28, 2017 at 3:12 pm

          I get alot of AP gain already, and I use my daily more as a oh crap, gotta heal option rather that as part of my rotation. My ap sits full alot of times with me not using a daily I know its a waist but I dont feel the dailys add much except as a rescue option when we getting destroyed or healer is not keeping us topped off. I run with a pally so I get alot of heals, when I run with DC’s I tend to have to self heal more.

          • zoro
            April 30, 2017 at 8:28 am

            qot a question am IL 2.6 and tras lightning will be too expensive for me what other option should i go for

  • malletsmash
    May 4, 2017 at 4:29 pm

    you may want to try moonbow companion, -1% crit per level on enemies within 20 feet, +.5% crit to all allies within 20 feet. 2 defense slots 1 offense, neck, belt, and ring. her debuff once she is level 30 is constant unless she does but it lasts long enough that when she revives it’s back up

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