AC PVE Devoted Cleric MOD 11

by Andrea Santa Subito on April 25, 2017
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AC PVE Devoted Cleric MOD 11

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Hi to everyone. This is my first pubblic build for Devoted Cleric. Usually my builds are used only in Ordine del Chaos guild but now it’s time to sharing to everyone. With recent module 11 some people say that ARC nerfed us, some people say that we are “out of order”. I think DC is more viable than in the past. Now we can spam HG and AA constantly and permanently togeter. Nice 🙂


I prefer Sun Elf, but Human is also a good choise.




I prefer AC because his power sharing and more power to share and share and share 🙂 And i love AA and nerf is so important is always very usefull, specially if you are a endgame DC, may be for low gear toon this is not the most viable path, but that is 🙂



Powers that i usually use are slotted like in the screens. But are not mandatory. In solo play i prefer Chain, but any person have a proper style of play. HG and AA are always slotted and the key is to spam them togeter ASAP and thanks to some tricks you will be 🙂


The most important thing is to obtain max from POWER and RECOVERY. Is not important how to reach it. I don’t want to suggest items beacuse any person have different approach and not everybody can buy or craft masterwork armour, or grind to take SKT relic armour or weapons.

Artifacts i use artifacts that have AP gain, set is TIAMAT. Weapons are RELICS, but sooner i will use new mod 11 weapons (FEY).


Mount is the key. If we use ARMOURED GRIFON’s POWER. Using an artifact power (SIGIL OF DEVOTED in my case) reduce recharging power by 35%. So this is how i can spam togeter and semi permanently HG and AA.



HARPER BARD is the best investment a DC can do. Buff and Debuff are incredible. For active bonus PSEUDODRAKE, OWLEBEAR CLUB, LILLEND and ENERGON. Obviously the main goal is to have 3 RANK 12 bounding.


I prefer not to explain boons because there is nothing to explain 🙂


This MOD is born afert many brainstorming inside ORDINE DEL CHAOS guilds. Many thanks to ULK alias FEANOR SOLAIRE and other guild mates that support continues test.

My XBOX GT is Midenta if you have questions.






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