Seducer: Alluring Guide to Scourge Warlock (Multi-Loadout Mod 11)

by Stathis Joestar on May 2, 2017
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Seducer: Alluring Guide to Scourge Warlock (Multi-Loadout Mod 11)

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Seducer: Alluring Guide to Scourge Warlock


Part 1: Enter the Patron

Gather ‘round, fellow darkwalkers.
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With the coming of the loadouts in Mod 11b, a new milestone is set for Neverwinter. Sharpen your pact blades and dust off your grimoires, for our cunning and allure is put to the test.  Loadouts present to all classes the opportunity to explore and enjoy every aspect of their character; and Scourge Warlock is a rather versatile class that makes the whole ‘shifting through builds’ all the way more exciting!

I decided to make a series of notes and thoughts on what would be some good choices for loadouts. This is more to establish a groundwork for Warlocks’ options and preferences, rather than make it a guide that specifically calls you to run certain gear or teaches everything Warlock.

With no further ado, the two main and initial (free) loadouts will be:

(1) Hellbringer Fury, with the task of facing the hordes of mobs in dungeons, and

(2) Soulbinder Fury, ready to slay and melt down the dungeon boss.

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There is “no subtlety here”, we’re here to do some serious DPS; the Warlock’s true nature is that of a Striker and Leader, that drains the life of his foes (for breakfast) and decimates anyone insolent and foolish enough to challenge him (sorry poor souls, but the Patron called and the rent is due!).

These two loadouts will cover the AoE and Single DPS aspect of the PvE. Personally, I plan to get 2 more loadouts to cover every feature I love about this class.

(3) Hellbringer Temptation curses his way through the fun, being our full-fledged Heal & Support build. Unlike our two previous Fury builds, that will skip supportive stuff and focus on personal DPS (for our Patron’s pleasure of course), Temptation will be an excellent healer/buffer that will do some decent and sinister damage.

(4) Hellbringer Fury PvP; every challenge is welcome and a PvP build should be included, as we’re set to hone our Warlock in every aspect of the game (you could make some other PvP build entirely, like Soulbinder or Temptation).

[If I were to include more loadouts, I would fill my max 8 loadouts with: (5) Soulbinder Fury PvP, for which I would get a 2nd Off-hand with Borrowed Times and invest on Deflect for PvP, (6) Hellbringer Damnation, for having fun with the path and to unlock it as an option (7) a second Hellbringer Fury that will be a fast switch to Single damage (instead of its AoE damage-fest; especially for when I decide to bring some added support before a boss) and (8) a second Soulbinder Fury, again as an easy switch to AoE damage (instead of using it solely for Single damage). With the second set of Fury builds I would make minor tweaks to feats & boons as well.
I consider just the first 4 options to be essential, while the last 4 are only there as mere options that I may or may not include myself. I presented them anyway so you’ll have an archetype when going through your own choices.]


Part 2: Gear

I largely leave the choice of gear up to each player, as it’s more about balancing your character overall and highlighting your preferred stats. Gear comes and goes, gather the pieces that you need the most; what matters more is making the most of it afterwards with all those options that are now presented.

As for the stats you know the drill: you need to reach (up to) 60% Resistance Ignored for PvE, and max your Critical Chance (I suggest going for 85-90%), then boost your Power all the way. For the defensive stats of your character, reinforce your HP pool or Life Steal, while at your summoned companion put Defense or Life Steal (mind what your Temptation loadout needs more). Our 2 vital Attributes are CON and CHA, offering us Damage & HP, Critical Chance & Combat Advantage respectively.

For PvP (may your Patron be with you) it’s debatable how much Armor Penetration will avail you (mainly by switching to Penetration stronghold boon and/or Penetration mount bonus). Prosperity insignias and high HP offer a lot of survivability, while going for Deflection (or a mix of HP and Deflection) may be the way for you (more so for Soulbinder). Honestly, certain game imbalances are rather apparent in PvP, and the Warlock is in a tough spot when compared to the competition; but one can only fail if he quits. Needless to say, reaching 2k Tenacity is a must; upgrading your PvP gear will help, especially since you’ll become sturdy enough to switch to Psion’s Shroud for added HP.

Weapon: I consider that the Relic weapon remains the best for Mod 11, followed closely by Aboleth. For our multi-build we’ll focus on having just 1 Main-hand (with a possibility of 2 Off-hands), so the key here is just to have your Weapon Damage up to the meta.

Main Hand effect:  The 10% boost to Hellish Rebuke is the one we need, as at-wills account for an important portion of Hellbringer’s damage (and that’s 3 out of our 4 loadouts), while not so for Soulbinder.

Off-hand effect: All-Consuming Curse’s 5% Crit. Severity boost will be the one we’ll be using mostly. The debuffs from No Pity No Mercy and Flames of Empowerment are capped (one is bugged too), the Dust to Dust’s damage boost is exclusive to our one Soulbinder loadout (with whom we’ll be focusing on bosses anyway) and Prince of Hell’s DR boost won’t be accessed by our two DPS PvE loadouts.

Armor: As of Mod 11, having 3 Relic pieces offers the most, due to the whooping 10% damage boost it provides. Choosing your stats to go and whether you’ll proceed to a new armor or skip, is left up to you in this guide. However, Psion’s Shroud is advised both for PvP and for PvE (for Temptation loadout and for Aura of Courage buff).

Weapon Enchantment: The staple here is Vorpal for Hellbringer, Dread for Soulbinder and Feytouched for PvP.

However, having 2 (or even 3) sets of weapons is something costly/time-consuming that will take a toll on your time, effort and resources (since new weapons will appear eventually). Noting that this is a budget multi-build and going for more sets of weapons and WEs is not advised. My opinion is that all 3 enchants are viable. (I won’t mention other WEs since Warlocks don’t get as much benefitted by the rest of them, and also for this multi-build we need 1 WE that will fit for all of our loadouts.)

For starters, Vorpal is convenient for granting 50% Crit. Severity universally – boosting our DPS significantly in our main builds (HB Fury, SB Fury, Temptation & PvP Fury).

Next on the list, is Dread, which is a favourite for Soulbinders, since their damage is based greatly on encounters. Mind you, it won’t be lackluster for our Hellbringer, as our main playstyle will focus on killing the mobs with Hellbringer (2-4 encounters for each mob group; won’t be able to land many Hellish Rebukes) and slaying the bosses with Soulbinder. Thus, Dread enchant fits both Hellbringer and Soulbinder amazingly, since this is a versatile multi-build.

Last but not least, there is the Feytouched, granting superior damage and survivability in PvP. But that is not all it does! For the Hellbringer PvE part it does a good job of buffing our Pillar of Power (unlike the staple Vorpal) and providing adequate damage in general; while for the Soulbinder PvE part it is crucial for proccing lots of Soul Sparks when Hadar’s Grasp crits on bosses. Not to mention that our Temptation build will treasure greatly its compelling debuff on enemies’ damage.

While I suggest any of the 3 enchants, my go-to for this playstyle seems to be no other than Feytouched, fulfilling its role proudly for all 4 loadouts.
Edit: Feytouched has an important bug with Hellbringer’s Pillar of Power.

Armor Enchantment: Lesser Soulforged will do for PvE (you don’t want to waste time upon a death – especially from a tough hit that got you; and Negation enchant works with stacks). For PvP, I suggest T. Shadowclad (otherwise settle with Negation).

Artifact and Artifact set: For your Primary Artifact go for Sigil of the Devoted (to always have a Daily ready through mob groups; for Hellbringer Fury) or Wheel of Elements (for the 30% damage boost, mainly during the boss fight; for Soulbinder Fury). During PvP, Oghma’s Token of Free Movement is a life-saver, otherwise stick with Wheel of Elements for the heal.

I don’t consider the Orcus set much of a breakthrough, as enemies die rather fast to make the most of its rising buff, and it also derails our stats/attributes. Cloak of Black Ice and Greater Belt of Black Ice make up for it with a constant flow of AP, constant damage boost through suitable attributes and nice DPS stats (the Black Ice Beholder artifact will not be needed). Alternatively, you can use a Greater Plated Band of Constitution and/or one of the new masterwork cloaks (Budget build? No, I said nothing about a budget build… moving on!) that will boost our attributes further.

Companions: For your summoned companion, diversity is certainly good. Apparently, our best options dps-wise are the Sellsword (3 offense slots, 10% uncapped Debuff for the whole party, plus more fitting when with Temptation) and the Fire Archon (3 offence slots, personal damage-boosting active bonus, 2 ring slots that are easier to fill in with something good, plus it fights in mid-range distance).

For your 4 active companions get your hands on: the Earth Archon and Air Archon, the Owlbear Cub (a must-have for Hellbringer), the Siege Master or the Erinyes of Belial.


PvE: Protector’s Camaraderie, Protector’s Friendship, Artificer’s Persuasion, Assassin’s Covenant, Gladiator’s Guile

PvP: Oppressor’s Reprieve, Survivor’s Blessing, Vampire’s Craving, Champion’s Return, Gladiator’s Guile (or Victim’s Preservation/Barbarian’s Revelry)


Part 3: Builds


1) Hellbringer Fury (AoE damage)


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-> Arms of Hadar, Pillar of Power, Fiery Bolt

-> All-Consuming Curse  and No Pity No Mercy  (or Shadow Walk)

-> Hellish Rebuke  (and Dark Spiral Aura)

-> Tyrannical Curse  and Accursed Souls  (or Gates of Hell)


-> Arms of Hadar, Pillar of Power, Killing Flames

-> Flames of Empowerment  and All-Consuming Curse  (or No Pity No Mercy)

-> Hellish Rebuke  (and Dark Spiral Aura)

-> Tyrannical Curse  and Flames of Phlegethos


2) Soulbinder Fury (Single damage)


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-> Arms of Hadar, Fiery Bolt, Killing Flames (or Blades of Vanquished Armies/Cursed Bite)

-> All-Consuming Curse and Shadow Walk (or Dust to Dust)

-> Essence Defiler (and Dark Spiral Aura)

-> Tyrannical Curse and Accursed Souls


-> Hadar’s Grasp, Soul Scorch, Killing Flames (or Blades of Vanquished Armies/Warlock’s Bargain)

-> All-Consuming Curse and Shadow Walk (or Borrowed Time/Warding Curse)

-> Essence Defiler (and Dark Spiral Aura)

-> Immolation Spirits and Brood of Hadar (or Tyrannical Curse)


3) Hellbringer Temptation  (Heal/Support)


<Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Note: Aura of Despair seems to be working again, might want to test it first.


Image and video hosting by TinyPic




-> Blades of Vanquished Armies, Pillar of Power, Arms of Hadar (or Dreadtheft)

-> Shadow Walk and Dark One’s Blessing (or All-Consuming Curse)

-> Hellish Rebuke (and Hand of Blight)

-> Tyrannical Curse and Gates of Hell (or Accursed Souls)


-> Blades of Vanquished Armies, Pillar of Power, Dreadtheft (or Warlock’s Bargain/Killing Flames)

-> Flames of Empowerment and Prince of Hell (or Shadow Walk/Warding Curse)

-> Hellish Rebuke and Hand of Blight

-> Tyrannical Curse and Flames of Phlegethos


4) Hellbringer Fury (PvP)


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-> Killing Flames, Pillar of Power, Warlock’s Bargain (or Blades of the Vanquished Armies/Hadar’s Grasp/Arms of Hadar)

-> Flames of Empowerment and Shadow Walk (or Dark Prayers/Prince of Hell/No Pity No Mercy)

-> Hellish Rebuke and Hand of Blight

-> Gates of Hell and Brood of Hadar (or Accursed Souls)


Part 4: Menacing closure

Closing with a panorama of my depraved and alluring warlock, Seducer. Hers is not the face of mercy. ^.^

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Perchance, you’ll have fun by making the most of a mix with HB Fury, SB Fury, HB Temptation and PvP loadout as well.

Hope you’ll enjoy going through this thread! Any ideas, loadout builds or criticism is welcome, to add to the discussion of unraveling the full potential within our Scourge Warlocks.

May Tenebrous be with you upon the Shroud of Souls

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and praise the Nine HAMSTERS! =)


For any added information, be sure to check the comment section here below & on Seducer’s Guide (forum)!


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  • Gadf7
    May 3, 2017 at 6:57 pm

    Great guide and layout. Atm my SW (on Pc) is a lvl 60 SB Damn. It’s ok to play Damn but I’m not to keen on the soulsparkm mechanic. Would you advise tho that I should stay like this until ‘past’ 70 for soloing ? And what minimum iLvl do u suggest for ur HB Temp build ? Because I would like to try it for my 2nd Loadout either before or at 70 🙂 Thx for any advice and pls keep up the good work.

    • May 3, 2017 at 10:35 pm

      Thanks for your kind words =) It’s great that you enjoy playing Damnation, it’s a fun path! Damnation is a nice choice for leveling/progressing too, since you’ll feel less dependant on gear, and also the Soul Puppet is a strong ally to have alongside.

      Now for soloing, I’d suggest you change to Hellbringer. The Soul Spark mechanic will tire you more at this point. Soulbinder has many skills that focus on single target (Essence Defiler, Immolation Spirits, Soul Scorch). Hellbringer, on the other hand, will be a more suitable choice for all the Campaigns and quests you have ahead of you. You’ll be dealing with plenty of mob fights; so Gates of Hell (strong AoE daily), Pillar of Power (amazing buff and debuff) and Hellish Rebuke will help you a great deal! Hellbringer also gets more offensive Class Features like No Pity No Mercy, that will turn Hellish Rebuke into a strong burst to finish off mobs.

      Temptation’s heals depend on his Life Steal chance (you’ll have enough from Feats, Boons and Class Features) and on his damage (honestly, prioritising on gear is more important for a Warlock than for a Cleric to heal). During fights the heals are constant and, aside one-hits, allies usually die just when they’re running ahead, so you’re not hitting something yet. Hard to give a minimum item level, but things like: Owlbear Cub (it bolsters Pillar of Power and makes it a strong AoE on top!), some basic Bonding Runestones for companion and having enough Penetration are important to help you support the party safely.
      The rest will come steadily, but after level 70 I’d personally invest in an Owlbear Cub for my Hellbringer, to ensure I pass around AoE damage & heal during the whole fight. Having this constant and adequate damage/heal/buff/debuff of Pillar of Power + Owlbear Cub feels to me like a more appropriate minimum, than a specific item level as a minimum.

      Hope this was helpful. Have fun ! ^.^

  • Gadf7
    May 5, 2017 at 7:16 am

    Thank you for your quick response and also WOW, I didn’t expect this detailed reaction/explanation. Yes this is quite helpful and I really appreciate it. So when you say go Hellbringer; do u mean Hellbringer/Fury or Damnation? I’m thinking Fury cuz u haven’t got a HB/Damn build up but just wanna make sure 🙂 And thx to you I’ll be changing to Hellbringer.

    • May 5, 2017 at 3:17 pm

      I do plan on including an HB Damnation loadout and a Soulbinder PvP loadout as well, just not yet. This is the Damnation build I am trying: .
      I am intending to play Damnation with personal damage as my aim, though when with better gear and at tough dungeons, Fury currently has the lead in personal damage.

      In my guide I present HB Fury as my first choice, to have as a basic build. With the current meta HB Fury has the most potential in damage among the Warlock paths, making it also the popular choice. However, Creeping Death (Fury’s capstone) lasts 6 seconds; so its damage would be more apparent in endgame content, where mobs last long enough.

      Also ‘Paingiver’ is far from all there is; I love the dynamics of all paths and I believe you should play with the path you enjoy more!
      Damnation has plenty to offer at your level, both in survivability and damage. Levelling up, completing campaigns and gathering gear, will be an easier experience with the Soul Puppet. So you could go either HB Damnation or Fury at this point; and later on you can add the other path, if you see it fits you more.

      All in all, I consider both Damnation and Fury viable and fun, for your current adventures, and would just suggest a switch to Hellbringer. =)

  • Gadf7
    May 5, 2017 at 7:22 am

    Oh btw, before I forget. In your intro I think you mean ‘dust off’ your grimoires instead of ‘undust’ :-). Just a friendly tip. Still a kickass intro though hehe. Keep up the good work.

    • May 5, 2017 at 3:26 pm

      By the Nine Hamsters, I expected ‘undust’ to be an existing word in the dictionary hehe xD
      Thanks for pointing it out, I listed it on the things to be corrected/included. 😉

  • Gadf7
    May 5, 2017 at 11:19 pm

    Thx for the quick responce again 🙂 and your welcome. I think I’ll try your HB Fury LO for my 2nd LO slot as it’s currently empty.
    -My SB- Damn build looks mostly like yours but I got 3 Xtra Heroic Ft points as a Human. 2 extra in Energizing Curse(=3/5) + 1 extra in Blood Pact of Cania (=3/5). Used those 3 extra points at my discretion. For Damnation I got 5/5 Relentl Curse, 5/5 Sparkb, 5/5 Spiritfire, 5/5 Warding Spirits, Ghastly Commander and 1/1 Soul Desec.
    -And in Tempt: 5/5 Hope Stealer, 1/5 (will become 5/5) Vampiric Sparks and 5/5 Dark Revelry (by the time i get to Lvl 70).
    I got this build from a guy on Youtube but he used it at the time because it was the highest Dps build and he went for Dark Revelry to add a bit of support to party’s. All in all being SB-Damn is ok but building up those Soul Sparks is a pain and I Loathe the Encounter skill that uses them lol. So if HB-Fury is the thing for me; where should I put my 3 Xtra ft points in your Fury build ? If it is I might change my SB-Damn to HB-Temp at some point. Btw, I checked out that Owlbear cub comp u suggested. and will have to save up a bit for that 1 (even the green 1 is expensive hehe). I did buy a Flame Enchant for my MH to give me a bit of added damage for now. Thx again and take care.

    • May 7, 2017 at 9:04 am

      For Human race I would definitely add those 3 Heroic Feat points on Blood Pact of Cania.
      It is an additional 3% damage increase! Our goal is to achieve as much damage as possible for the Fury build.

      Note that this is a buff of 5% damage overall, which is multiplicative.
      (Side note: I can’t find now my notes on how to calculate this, need to test it again to find exact numbers; but for Seducer that has 28 CON without potions, this 5% buff would be in fact a ~5,9% buff; as it states in the tooltip it interacts with CON, so this is how it really works: 5% plus a little more depending on CON) =)

      Damnation used to be indeed a really high dps path, but that is before the SW rework. Adding support is great, you could have a nice mix of dps/tanking/support for your Damnation build. Dark Revelry is a great buff too, it gives 20% more Power to the party.
      However, that is 20% “base” Power, it doesn’t account for the buffed Power (doesn’t include even the Guild boon of 8k Power as far as I remember). Personally, I would leave support to my support builds and make Damnation full dps; going for Dark Revelry is something I would be doing when Damnation was at its prime, for now (and with the Feat changes) I’d add as much damage as possible to bring it on par with my dps builds.
      To invest 15 points on Temptation you need to skip either Ghastly Commander or Wrathful Souls on Tier 5 of Damnation. Both of those feats are so good, the first is a 10% buff for you (Dark Revelry wouldn’t provide as much damage to you) and the other is double damage for your Soul Puppet. Plus some of the previous Damnation feats got improved with the rework as well.
      But that is what I plan to do with Damnation, there is not just one way to play a path! ^.^
      Have lots of fun with your Warlock!

  • Gadf7
    May 8, 2017 at 10:13 pm

    Cheers :-), and I get what u mean with his build being based on ‘old data’. I should’ve thought about that. I checked ur build link but I was wondering why u took Mocking Spirit & Burning Puppets ? Wouldn’t MS interfere with the Tank’s threat in groups ? Also; I got Ghastly Comm but not Wrathful Souls or Burning Puppets. Could get WS but my Relent Curse ft changes my Warlocks Curse into Lesser curse after using an encounter pwr. So wud I still need BP ? And sorry I didn’t ask this before but did u mention earlier that now with either Damn or Fury I’m better of in HB and what min % in LS wud I need for your HB-Temp build ? Thx again.

    • May 10, 2017 at 12:10 pm

      Yes, if I had to start anew through the content or stick with one paragon, I would go for Hellbringer first, for either Fury, Damnation or Temptation. It’s less bothersome (no Tab-spam or single target focus) and dominant in AoE (Gates of Hell, Pillar of Power, Hellish Rebuke, No Pity No Mercy); it is what we need for dailies, campaign quests and against dungeon mob groups.

      For HB Temptation your Life Steal chance will be 25% minimum and will range up to 50% even (or more, just not needed), depending on setup and situation. First things first though, how do you achieve as much Life Steal:
      It actually requires no effort (once you progress on Campaigns).
      -> 4,25% LS chance (1700 Life Steal stat) from Boons (+400 from Dread Ring t2, +400 from Tyranny of Dragons t4, +400 from Underdark t2, +500 from Cloaked Ascendancy nostura’s)
      -> 3% (up to 5%) Tyranny of Dragons t5
      -> 3% Heroic Feat ‘Soul Reaping’
      -> 5% Temptation’s Feat ‘Hope Stealer’ (upon critical)
      -> 5% Temptation’s Feat ‘Aura of Cruelty’

      plus up to 2 of the following Class Features:
      -> 5% Shadow Walk (during AoE)
      -> 10% Dark One’s Blessing (during AoE)
      -> 8% Prince of Hell (during Single)

      Depending on personal choice, you may also add Dark Enchantments at your Companion’s defense slots. Personally, on Seducer I have boosted Defense instead, but with just 3 Rank 8’s you could get 6,3% LS chance (280 LS -> *3 multiply due to 3 defense slots -> *3 multiply due to 3 R12 Bondings & Legendary companion. = 2520 LS)
      (I know Bondings cost far too much, but it should be a priority to start upgrading them steadily)

      -> up to 20% from Stronghold Life Steal Boon !

      All in all, with just your Feats and Boons you can casually have 20,25% LS chance, and adding Shadow Walk during mob fights, that would be ~25%LS chance; so 1/4 of your damage would heal the party.
      It’s up to you whether you’ll have 10% more from Dark One’s Blessing or even an easy ~6% more from your bonded companion. But whatever the case, you can exchange 32k HP for up to 20% LS chance from the Stronghold Boon. That is if the situation calls that 50%+ of your damage being a party heal is not overkill, or your personal damage is not enough yet (maybe low Armor Penetration). Of course, you should keep a slight distance from mobs if you drop your HP for more LS.

      Strong hits with dot ticks can maintain your party’s life quite easily even with ~25% LS chance, for example when using Warlock’s Bargain, Hellish Rebuke, Dreadtheft, Pillar of Power, Flames of Phlegethos, Tyrannical Threat etc.

      So I would say aiming for 25% Life Steal chance now that you are progressing, is the minimum you’ll have by default and also fairly enough!

    • May 10, 2017 at 12:54 pm

      As far as Damnation is concerned, some thoughts:

      Lesser Curse and Warlock’s Curse co-exist, so the error of seeing Lesser Curse overwriting your Warlock’s Curse is either visual or you should repeat Tab once again to be sure it’s not Warlock Curse’s clunkiness after you re-applied it. I can’t recreate this scenario and test it to be exactly sure, it does happen to me as well, not that often though.
      I wouldn’t give up on Ghastly Commander and/or Wrathful Souls for reaching Dark Revelry. However, you could drop Mocking Spirit for Hope Stealer (Temptation t1), trading 50% HP on Soul Puppet for 5% Life Steal chance on both of you, in case its threat is interfering with the tank. I don’t play as Damnation in the endgame dungeons so it hasn’t been a problem to me. And the Soul Puppet is sturdy anyway, without the feat.

      If I were to drop Burning Puppets too, then I would go for Critical Promise and Gatekeeper’s Empowerment in Fury path (you should also switch Relentless Curse with Parting Blasphemy).
      During mob fights I use Shadow Walk and No Pity No Mercy (not any better option there), so it would be either a 25% buff for my Hellish Rebuke during the boss only, or a 10% damagebonus for the Soul Puppet.
      My feats would be like this:

      I’m still testing things and wouldn’t give a final optimal build for Damnation, so any input from fellow Warlocks would be helpful! =)

  • Gadf7
    May 11, 2017 at 12:04 pm

    Thanks for another extensive explanation; this really helps me out. What I meant about Relent Curse is that after applying a curse to a enemy with Tab; Enc Powers consume it but Relent Curse applies a Lesser Curse after the Encounter hits on said mob if they’re still alive (at least on PC). So I don’t have to Re-apply a ‘normal’ curse. Saves me some hassle hehe.
    Btw I like your suggestions about keeping Hope stealer and using my last 10 points in Fury instead. Also, I used my 2nd LO to get your HB-Fury Build. Not lvl 70 yet so still got a couple of skills/class feats to get though. After briefly trying out what i got so far; I found that I:
    – Loose my LS (class) feats and skills (which I quite like)
    – It limits my mobility because of PoP and Hellish Rebuke
    -it forces me to get into melee range of Mobs (in Duns/Demo) which I really like to avoid if
    possible. But perhaps I’ll just have to get used to it. If I use the ‘All Cons Curse’ Class ft I might not need Relent Curse though. So I’ll have to see how that goes when I reach it. Going to Lvl some more and then make a decision :D. Depending on if I can get used to it; I’ll either keep HB-Fury as my 2nd LO or maybe HB-Temp hehe. Please let me know if you thought of something I’m missing. Anyways; GL with your SW and take care.

  • PermittedtoKill
    May 15, 2017 at 8:30 pm

    Hi Stathis Joestar. I have recently turned lvl 70, what would you recommend getting for rank 4 skills in high to low priority order for both Soulbinder Fury Single and AoE ? (I’m mainly focusing on Single).

    • May 16, 2017 at 4:23 pm

      I’d recommend getting to rank 4:
      Soul Scorch -> Hadar’s Grasp -> Killing Flames -> Immolation Spirits ->
      Fiery Bolt -> Shadow Walk -> Brood of Hadar -> Accursed Souls ->
      Tyrannical Curse -> Arms of Hadar -> Essence Defiler -> Dust to Dust ->
      Blades of Vanquished Armies -> All-Consuming Curse -> Borrowed Time ->
      Dark Prayers (if you PvP) -> Dreadtheft -> Warlock’s Bargain ->
      Warding Curse -> Dark Spiral Aura -> Deadly Curse ->
      Hand of Blight -> Cursed Bite -> Dark One’s Blessing

      Of course make adjustments as you consider more suitable, and have fun with Warlock!

  • PermittedtoKill
    May 18, 2017 at 12:02 am

    Thanks dude this helps out a lot ☺

  • Ferideh
    May 18, 2017 at 9:43 pm

    Thanks for the guide I have always wanted to TempLock and scraped even trying.. with the new load outs it seems like an option to try. My first run through laustmouth’s and I had to switch back to HB Fury to help kill the scorpions.. so I need to work with it. Why no vampiric embrace in your loadout if that is the capstone power?

    • May 20, 2017 at 7:51 am

      The reason behind skipping Vampiric Embrace was that the other available options had more to offer.
      In both AoE and Single, Pillar of Power is a must with its nice damage and essential buff/debuff. Dreadtheft also provides a great flow of damage and some added buff/debuff if needed.
      In AoE, Blades of Vanquished Armies also ticks regularly to keep the heals coming and bolsters our survivability significantly. Arms of Hadar is a skill regularly re-applied with a useful crowd control.
      In Single, Warlock’s Bargain is a very strong and constant damage/healing factor, whereas Killing Flames is an alternative burst heal/damage if we so choose.

      Comparing Vampiric Embrace to Killing Flames, KF would be x1.25 times stronger than VE at full enemy health, rising to a maximum of x3.15 times stronger than VE as enemy health diminishes.
      Arithmetically, KF seems to be a more favorable option than VE, but honestly I haven’t been using Vampiric Embrace.
      I will have to test it out and see how exactly its mechanics work and update it here, for a more appropriate comparison.

  • Your_Lies
    May 23, 2017 at 10:09 pm

    I like what you’ve done with the place, please keep up the good fight

  • June 5, 2017 at 4:22 pm

    Nice build! Couple of questions/comments…

    You chose Murderous Flames for the single target build, but not the AoE build – I was thinking it would be the other way around, but not sure of the intent.

    I’ve found that with AoE, no single mob enemy lasts long enough for Tyrannical Curse to be fully effective. I usually switch it in for boss fights.

    Are you seeing Flames of Phlegethos do more damage than Brood of Hadar? I go back and forth but can’t decide.

    • June 16, 2017 at 10:11 am

      As far as Murderous Flames is concerned, choosing it for a Single target build and skipping it for the AoE build seems paradoxical.The intent is as follows:

      With Hellbringer, you’ll have a knack for AoE damage. Slotting Killing Flames is a nice finishing move to guarantee you’ll get a huge chunk of dps (from the toughest mob) at each mob group, while you slay/weaken the rest of the mobs with your AoE encounters. It could replace Arms of Hadar or Fiery Bolt if it so suits you.
      However, after AoE-hitting the mobs (and with your party doing the same), it is rather common that Killing Flames will be the last hit on the mob; maybe you’ll even pursue hitting the tough mob after it’s been weakened enough so you’ll do even more damage; or you won’t have the time to hit mobs as they die fast, and you’ll force Killing Flames as the last hit. Since you’ll last-hit the mob with Killing Flames and it will die after the hit, Murderous Flames won’t activate now on the surrounding mobs. Another possible scenario is that the tough mob will be alive after the Killing Flames hits it, but will the surrounding (weaker) mobs still be alive as well to receive the Murderous Flames hit?
      Personally, I’d chose Murderous Flames for the extra 30% damage I can do on single target, ’cause for the AoE part it “misses” in certain cases, and on top of that I don’t use it in my main AoE rotation anyway.

      With Soulbinder (or a PvP loadout) I focus on its Single target damage (rarely I’ll use my Soulbinder loadout for AoE). On boss fights (or PvP fights) I’ll have Killing Flames slotted in my main rotation and make the most of its 30% damage boost on single target. In the case that there are minions (or I’m in an AoE fight with Soulbinder), the boss will survive the Killing Flames, so Murderous Flames will proc and split evenly. On top of that, the mobs will take some Creeping Death damage (if they had Warlock’s/Lesser Curse) and get hit by an Owlbear Cub proc (personally I don’t switch companions between loadouts). The minions will be inflicted with some serious dps even though I may have my focus on single target.

      As Hellbringer I don’t always use Killing Flames, or may not make the most of it when I choose it.
      As Soulbinder I favor it for its awesome Single damage boost, plus some AoE utility I may lack.

      Note that I haven’t compared Murderous Flames/Killing Flames with some other choice of feat/power for Hellbringer with ACT; if you have different experiences or test findings, please share. 🙂

      • June 16, 2017 at 10:43 am

        I also choose Tyrannical Curse for certain boss fights. Most mob groups die rather fast for it to excel (actually to be even cast :p).
        To be fair, Tyrannical Curse can do wonders in almost all MSP mob fights, as well as in FBI at the mob fights before Hati (first boss). This apparently has to do also with the use of Vorpal or Feytouched (I’ll have to check for the latter).

        Flames of Phlegethos indeed does more damage than Brood of Hadar!
        FoP procs Creeping Death for each tick, while BoH only for its first tick. Creeping Death is what makes the real difference in damage, otherwise they’re almost equal.

        FoP’s damage lasts 5 sec, plus 4 sec for its last CD tick. BoH lasts ~9 sec too.
        Considering FoP takes too long to cast, you’ll probably won’t want to use it for (let’s say) Soulbinder, as you could do more damage with something else in the extra time you lose to cast it.
        FoP is also not the best for bosses that die rather fast either. One should include its extra 0.5 sec it takes to cast, plus the ~1.2 sec it takes to start doing damage.

        At some point (in seconds), FoP will be better than BoH dps-wise; it actually requires a graph to be made in order to find and show how they compare.
        Lastly, they have different utility (for PvP mainly).

        There are many things I’d like to test around with, just having a lack of time recently; so as always everyone’s input is mostly valuable.

        • June 26, 2017 at 4:52 pm

          Thanks for the detailed responses. One thing I’m messing with right now is Dark Revelry in my Hellbring Fury DPS build. From what I’m seeing, it procs on my Con Artist companion, which procs right back to me. I’m getting about a 5K power boost from it with fairly constant uptime due to PoP.

  • Gadf7
    June 14, 2017 at 8:22 pm

    Hiya, it’s me again 🙂 & I hope you’re doing well. I was hoping you could explain in (simple) detail why/how the Owlbear Cub works so well for HB-FURY (if it still does) ? I ask this because my Guild Leader & Guildmate say that the OB Cub is broken atm (as in doesn’t proc as often as the description says ?) & I shouldn’t buy it. I hope you can shed some light on this. Much appreciated.

    • June 16, 2017 at 6:57 pm

      Normally, Owlbear Cub inflicts an additional hit that accounts for 50% of your Power stat, upon Encounter use and when you fail to critically hit. As of Mod 11b patch notes, Owlbear Cub doesn’t multi-proc for certain Encounter skills as it did before.
      Since we have a high-crit build, Owlbear Cub wouldn’t proc much for our HB Fury loadout; apparently we aren’t spamming our encounters and we get to critical hit a great lot.

      However, Owlbear Cub synergises with Pillar of Power!
      Pillar of Power ticks 16 times, and due to a bug it never critically hits.
      It procs though Owlbear Cub up to 16 times during its 15 sec duration for each mob within its radius; thus assisting us greatly with its constant and guaranteed AoE damage from (50% of) our buffed Power, while we get to unleash the rest of our rotation.
      This makes Pillar of Power an excellent aoe-dps encounter on top of its amazing party damage/defense buff & debuff. Personally, I recommend Owlbear Cub to any SW.

      There are rumours (just rumours) floating around the Nine Hells, that Owlbear Cub will get further nerfed for SWs. If it got indeed picked out and nerfed, it would be yet another bad instance where SWs where stranded of something without anything to compensate for.
      If however, Pillar of Power would get fixed instead, it would be a fair trade. Owlbear Cub would become obsolete for SWs, but we would free for ourselves a Companion slot, and make up for the damage loss with Pillar of Power now actually doing noticeable AoE damage by itself. Last but not least, Pillar of Power would instantly proc (upon critical) a Lesser Curse on all mobs within its radius, due to All-Consuming Curse; that would speed up our Creeping Death spread around the battlefield for the rest of our AoE skills.

  • lexblow
    June 15, 2017 at 6:48 pm

    Can you please say what races and initial stats should we pick on initial settingsfor each path? I think that would be a great addition!!!

    Very nice guide indeed!

  • Gadf7
    June 17, 2017 at 1:17 pm

    Thx again for your elaborate comment. Now I know what the deal is with that comp & PoP. I think I still might buy 1 🙂

  • Law
    July 2, 2017 at 4:28 pm

    This is great. Thank you so much for sharing it. My main character is a SW 70 (Hellbringer Temptation). I originally played a Soul Binder Damnation up until starting to do epic dungeons and then found my team needed some support. But I miss some things and have been hoping to use load outs to better solo and try some other fun things. I have three slots currently–I picked up one during the anniversary sale–I was thinking PVE (solo), team support (healer), PVP, but now looking at this I’m thinking PVP/PVE (single target), PVE (mob, skirmishes, etc.), team support (epic dungeons with my particular healing-shy group).
    One question, on your images of the boons you’ve chosen, are the arrows pointing to must-haves? Boons are where I’m actually most worried about screwing up or making bad choices.

  • August 8, 2017 at 10:16 am

    Out of all the builds mentioned here what would be the best for leveling? I just started playing and made a SW, but I’m not sure which would be best to level with.

    • August 9, 2017 at 12:15 am

      How come in some of the builds you have (and Dark Spiral Aura). Is it a use when you want to sort of thing? And, say, Hellish Rebuke is going to be the main source of damage for at wills?

  • babwvb
    August 29, 2017 at 5:15 pm

    What rings would you recommend?

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