[Mod 11] Lightning God [PS4]

For Whom The Bell Tolls
by Raujaku on May 5, 2017
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[Mod 11] Lightning God [PS4]

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This build is only meant for end game characters.

Special thanks To Nairo who collaborated on changing Deep Gash to Battle Awareness and who helped tremendously on various test



Human for more feats points and Versatile Defense

Half Orc for Furious Assault





Unstoppable Action 3/5- gain 15% AP when dealing damage while in Unstoppable mode

 Disciple of Strength 3/3- Increases the amount of damage you get from the characters strength attribute

Endless assault 3/3- encounters deal 6% more damage

Steely Defense 5/5- gives you 20% more power based off your defense stat

Weapon Mastery 3/3- increases critical strike by 3%

Devastating Critical 3/3- increases critical severity by 15%


Instigator – Paragon

Student of the Sword 5/5- critical strikes will lower the damage resistance of what ever your hitting by 5% for 5 seconds


Destroyer – Paragon

Great Weapon Focus 5/5- increases the damage of your sure strike and WMS by 10%

Disciple of War 5/5- gives you 25% more power based off your recovery and armor penetration

Staying Power 5/5- reduces the defense of whatever you hit with WMS by 10%

Executioner’s Style 5/5- IBS and sure strike get a bonus damage of 30% as the health of whatever your hitting lowers

Relentless Battle Fury 5/5- reduces the cooldown of Roar, Takedown, and Battle Fury by 50% the damage of Roar and Takedown are increased by 25% and the amount of time Battle fury stays active is increased by 25% (we don’t care about Roar or Takedown, this is just so we can use Battlefury more often)

Focus Destroyer 5/5- Destroyer has a 25% chance to stack even when we are only hitting one monster. It also increased the damage we get per stack by 3.5%

Battle Awareness 5/5- Savage Advance gets a 25% cooldown for 15 seconds and Slam gives you 25% more power while active ( this will make you love Slam)

Destroyer’s Purpose 1/1- you gain points for your determination bar when damaging anything, Unstoppable Mode also increases your encounter powers by 20%, you also gain stacks of while in Unstoppable mode which increases your damage by 5% for a max of 10 stacks which will last for 25 seconds.




Armor Set

Vivified Headsman’s Raid set (excluding Helm)

Helm: Jarl’s Gaze, The reason is the 2149 power you receive from it. (Some people say Bloodlord’s Visage is better, but I disagree, you gain 100 power per kill for a total of 25 stacks. These stacks you must gain in 1 minute and can give you a total 2500 power versus a fixed amount of 2149 power that you get from Jarl’s Gaze.)

Arifact Set

Demon Lords’ Immortality Set



Shirt: Bloodstained Shirt (The Berserker’s Gemmed Exquisite Elemental Chainmail)

gives 228 power, while the bloodstained shirt gives 25 power for each percent of health you are missing. Since your gonna be loosing HP quite often the shirt will proc you some nice power gains)

Pants: Berserker’s Gemmed Exquistite Elemental Chausses


x2 Greater Ostorian Ring of Dod


Required: Shard of Orcus’ Wand, Wheel of Elements, Sigil of the Controller

Optional:  Fragmented Key of StarsTome of AscendanceEye of the GiantTiamat’s Orb of Majesty (if these aren’t available to you any other artifact with critical strike will do)




Defense- Azures

Offense- Radiants, Brutals (I don’t recommend brutals but Nairo does)

Weapon- Lightning

Armor- Anything really, they all suck

Utility- Doesn’t really matter. Darks for movement or Dragon- Quartermaster for AD




Class Features

Destroyer, Steel Blitz

At Wills

Sure Strike, Weapon Master Strike


Battle Fury, Hidden Daggers, Indomitable Battle Strike


Slam, Crescendo


The rotation is one of the most opened, start off with daggers then use Battlefury as your running towards the enemy, WMS til your determination is full, if your daily is ready use Slam then Unstoppable followed by IBS, if Slam isn’t Ready use use Unstoppable followed by IBS.


At any time if a certain skill isn’t ready another one will already be ready

You want to mainly use Slam as your daily since the Feat Battle Awareness will give you 25% more power.

Crescendo should only be used as a quick teleport.

Steel Blitz will proct with WMS , which in turns gets procted from your Lightning enchant.



Rule1: Power over all else


Rule 2: If power isn’t an option choose defense, thanks to the feat Steely Defense we will gain 20% power from our defense stat


Rule 3: Critical Strike over anything else that’s not power or defense, if your critical strike is over 100% percent from azures, replace them with radiants. This build is designed to place you at 95%-97% critical strike and gain the final amount from Baphomet’s Might procing


  1.  Dark Fey Hunter- 400 power
  2.  Fey Precision- 400 Critical Strike
  3.  Elven Haste- AP gains are 3% faster
  4.  Elven Ferocity- Chance to deal an additional 20k damage
  5.  Elvish Fury- Each kill nets you 135 power which can stack up 30 times for a total of 4050 power, this boon has a timer of 45 seconds.

  1.  Reliquary Keeper’s Strength- 250 power 250 movement
  2.  Evoker’s Thirst- 400 Life Steal
  3.  Forbidden Piercing- 3% resistance Ignored
  4.  Shadowtouch- Chance to deal an additional 20000 damage
  5.  Rampaging Madness- each damage tick you create creates a stack, at 50 you gain 4000 power, 4000 life steal, and 4000 regen

  1.  Encroaching Tactics- 400 combat advantage
  2.  Refreshing Chill- 400 stamina
  3.  Sleet Skills- 2% critical Severity
  4.  Cool Resolve- up 2k power based on how much stamina you are missing
  5.  Rousing Warmth- Chance when healed to gain 3000 damage boost on your next attack (Wall of Wind and Gale of Retribution from Elemental Evil will proc this boon quite often)

  1.  Primordial Might- 400 power and 1600k HP
  2.  Fey Precision- Primordial Focus- 400 crit and 1600 HP
  3.  Drow Ambush Tactic- 10% combat advantage bonus
  4.  Dwarven Stamina- Stamina regain of 5%
  5.  Abyssal Strikes- 10% increase damage when fighting Demon class monsters

  1.  Dragon’s Claws- 400 power
  2.  Dragon’s Gaze-  400 critical strike
  3.  Dragonscale Defense- 400 defense
  4.  Dragon’s Greed- 400 life steal
  5.  Dragon’s Fury- 8% critical severity

  1.  Abyssal Siphoning- 5% life steal severity
  2.  Demonic Influence- 400 combat advantage bonus
  3.  Demonic Swiftness- AP gains at 3% faster
  4.  Baphomet’s Might- change to gain 2000 Critical strike for 6 seconds

  1.  Wave of Force- 300 power and 2k HP
  2.  Heart of Stone- 4% life steal severity and 2000 HP
  3.  Searing Aggression- 400 critical strike and 2000 HP
  4.  Wall of Wind- change when taking damage to heal up 24000 HP over a few seconds, increases recovery by 1000 for 10 seconds

  1.  Cols Hearted- 2% life steal, 1000 HP
  2.  Hardy Constitution: 400 Stamina, 2% everfrost resistance
  3.  Chill Determination- 2000 recovery based on how much stamina your missing
  4.  Glacial Strength- 3200 HP, 2% everfrost resistance
  5.  Chill of Winter- chance to gain a stack of 10 every time you create damage, At 10 stacks you deal 14000 damage and reset your stacks.





Combat Power 

Tenser’s Floating Disk ( which I don’t have yet, but it is the best for GWFS)


Equip Power

anything that can give you 4000 power (which I also have yet to received)


Insignia Bonus

x3 Protector’s Camaraderie, Protector’s Friendship, Assassin’s Covenant (I don’t think it’s possible to get any more dps out of your mounts with any other insignia bonuses)



Regals: Regal Insignia of Dominance ( power)

Barbed: Barbed Insignia of Dominance ( power)

Enlightened: Enlightened Insignia of Skill ( critical strike)





These are just my preferences, Fire Archon can be changed out, so can Air Archon, and Siege Master

Erinyes of Belial should stay, Siege master can be switched for Cambion Magus, and I highly recommend keeping Death Slaad ( his active can proc off of Steel Blitz which as said before can proc off of lightning when using WMS) just don’t upgrade him pass blue or his active will end in an AOE instead of the constant poison damage that he does at blue


Companion Gear

Anything with the Heroic or Fierce Prefix that is +4 double offensive slotted


Companion Enchantments

X3 Azures ( this needs to by in 3 of your companions offensive slots to give you that 95%-97% critical stike)

X3 Radiants

X3 Rank 12 Bondings



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  • City Boy
    May 24, 2017 at 11:35 pm

    Did a good job rain !!!. I run with this dude all the time and he does massive damage !!!…This is your TR friend City Boy

  • Rayf
    May 27, 2017 at 4:50 pm

    Awesome build, only at 3500 but usually always top for in groups. Definitely recommend this build.

  • Victarion
    May 31, 2017 at 3:25 pm

    the build seems good and I have a question. Do you recommend this build only for a certain item level of a character or is it viable for every level 70 player? And if fresh level 70s would play it, what kind of changes would you recommend?

    Ty for the answer.

  • Andy Johnson
    July 4, 2017 at 12:01 pm

    Great build Rain, fro myour Alliance buddy Meaningless One. I plan on doing a respec for my boons as i am 80% similar to this build by luck and a little judgement. Just need to save up for my R10 lighning 🙂

  • Adam Lee
    January 14, 2018 at 8:50 pm

    any still using this build? 6 months since last reply on this.

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