Jojo’s Guide to Midgame Glory Mod 12

by Jojo on May 12, 2017
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Jojo’s Guide to Midgame Glory Mod 12

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Hello fellow DCs. My name is Jojo and I’m a member of Bloodrage in the LGPG Alliance on PS4. I’m not a native speaker so I’m sorry for my lousy grammar. I’m currently using 4 different builds on my dc and want to particularly share my DO faithful build with you since there already are plenty righteous builds in here, which are great for endgame DCs but might not be working for new lvl 70s. I want to show you how you can sufficiently heal AND buff regardless of your equipment.

This build is not a full PvP build, but if you’re only PvPing occasionally it’ll be sufficient and you won’t need another full PvP loadout. I’ve been doing fine with it before we got loadouts. If you really like PvPing I would advise you to make a fully faithful loadout.


The righteous DC is by far the most popular choice nowadays. The reason is that you’ll come to a point where your stats are so incredibly high, that they’ll grant you enough heal without actually skilling healing feats. To achieve this DO DCs get a reasonable amount of crit plus a dread enchantment while ACs share their power with their pets which buffs them through the bondings. Most people also enter dungeons with two DCs now. So they shouldn’t have two care about survivability anyway.

So why didn’t i share a righteous guide then?

  • First of all approximately 95% of the DC guides on mmominds are already righteous and i don’t feel that there is much more to add. I get really bored everytime i see the same old righteous guide posted in here.
  • If you queue random or your guild is short on DCs anyway then you’ll be the only heal. I’ve heard it too many times that a DCs lets his group down because ‘i’m not a heal, i’m a buffer’. If your group needs healing and you’re the only heal in the group then it is indeed your job to actually heal the group. can’t believe i have to say this.
  • If you’re running with a squishy team and/or aren’t equipped well yourself, then you won’t have enough heal through your stats and need some healing feats instead. I would advice 70+% crit for a righteous DO or 30k+ Power and r10+ bondings for righteous AC.
  • With this build you’ll have access to all the buffing powers/feats on the DO path. You will only lack two debuffing feats, which are less important, since buffs are calculated multiplicative while debuffs are only additive and also debuffs grant diminishing returns up to 300% max. So depending on the group you might not further profit of those anyway.
  • Righteous builds require a lot of skill and BiS equipment to outperform a faithful build in PvP.


With this build you’ll have great buff and heals. You also are quite tanky. Your dps will be low and your debuffs will be mediocre.

1) This guide works great for twinks and low IL players. Most DO buffs scale with feat points and not with equipment (power). Faithful healing is a no brainer if your timing isn’t great yet and the healing amount will be well even if your equipment isn’t. You can’t buff dead team mates so leave your hands of the full buff/debuff builds until you’re sure to grant enough group survivability.

2) If you mainly play an AC righteous DC this will be a desireable loadout. Your stats will already be suitable for this build (the high recovery would be a waste on a DO righteous but comes really handy on a DO faithful DC). Particularly in msva the debuffs will be at the cap anyway and the cooldown reduction of the righteous capstone will be replaced by haste DCs or Paladins.

3) If you don’t want a loadout for PvP only this will be a great hybrid build. This build can be adjusted to grant some PvP ability while still being a good buffer in PvE.

Don’t use this build for questing. it is not dpsing enough.


Since we have loadouts on all platforms now you’ll probably be thinking about how to use them. This build is really efficient, since it requires the same equipment as an AC righteous which is the endgame goal for most DCs. My advise is:

For leveling:

  • Full dps DoRi. You’ll get one free respecc token to change this build later on.

Level 70 (low IL)

  • My guide for dungeons
  • An AcRi one for questing or if there already is a DO in your group. i would advise this one:

Level 70 (high IL)

  • My guide if there already is an AC in your group/ if you need some extra survivability (like inMSVA)/ for PvP)
  • An AcRi build for dungeons/ questing

If you want to purchase further loadouts noticable options are:

  • Full dps DoRi for questing if you want to speed up your daily grind
  • Full faithful DO or AC Tank/Heal for PvP


Dragon Born is definitely the best choice for DCs, but it has to be purchased and the looks are… yeah… special?! Every other class can choose at least one main attribute (+2 on STR/WIS/CHA) and would be alright. CHA is the least interesting of those three. I chose halfling because they’re great if you PvP sometimes and most of all they look soooo cute.

Put your Ability points into STR/WIS. You won’t have trouble getting your Ap up and the cooldown reduction of CHA is only 1% which is easily achieved through some recovery. If you want to PvP useing this guide, then WIS/KON or WIS/DEX will be a good hybrid roll.


If you’re new on this game in general, then I would advise you to look for an active guild. They have access to good equipment and maybe even boons. And most of all the social part is the best about neverwinter and will keep you playing even if lag drives you crazy. Your first AD should be spend on VIP and an epic mount. Always keep an eye on current events like double refinement points so you’ll be prepared. A DO righteous build will be more suitable for questing until you make some friends who’ll help you with your campaigns.

If you’re new to the DC class here are a few basic hints. You heal 70% less on yourself than you do on others, so don’t careless about defensive stats. Our class mechanism is devinity. You build up devinity by using at-wills. There is a bar that fills up next to your char. If you’ve filled it completely you get a ‘+’ next to the bar (up to 3). The bar, ‘+’ and your weapon will be blue if you’re in devine mode. If you use an encounter while in devinity, it will have a different effect than the normal one. The power also won’t have cooldown, but consume a ‘+’ and give you one stack of empowered (up to 3 stacks). you can switch back and forth to normal mode use at-wills and dailies, without consuming a stack of empowered, but the next normal encounter that you use will be ’empowered’ and consume all the stacks at once. Empowered encounters have an additional effect to the normal one. The effect gets stronger if multiple stacks are consumed. Alway check the tooltips to know what your powers do in which case.

This build is ment to work really well for you if you’re a casual player who runs dungeons with non BiS groups. So feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions. I usually respond within a day.



Astral Seal if everyone is standing far away from each other and you can’t spot them all or you have cooldown and no divinity just throw in an Astral Seal and they should be fine. It can only heal once every 4 seconds, so you should only cast it when it’s needed.

Brand of the Sun Builds some divinity instantaneously and some over time. Attack multiple targets with it and you’ll get your divinity up in no time. Also has a matching talent to debuff targets outgoing dmg and crit chance.


I’ll write powers that should be used in divinity cursive and powers that should be used empowered CAPITALIZED. If it’s written normally, then the power should be used neither empowered nor in divinity. I would advise you to read the tooltips of the powers to know why i use the powers in the way that i do.

Questing divine glow, chains of blazing light (1-3x), DAUNTING LIGHT

Dungeoning without tank Astral Shield, divine glow, divine glow (3x), BREAKING THE SPIRIT

Dungeoning as only DC with tank divine glow, divine glow (3x), BREAKING THE SPIRIT, bastion of health or bastion of health if needed and between fights. prophecy of doom instead of bastion on bosses if the heal isn’t needed

Dungeoning with another dc like above but one dc should use FORGEMASTER’S FLAME instead of BREAKING THE SPIRIT. Don’t both use Astral Shield.

Dungeoning with really squishy groups/ for low IL or new DCs astral shield, divine glow on enemies if tank is doing well or on tank if he’s squishy. devine glow on highest dpsing enemy and ally, BASTION or  bastion if heal is needed. If possible take out the astral shield or bastion of health for bosses and use BREAKING THE SPIRIT instead.

PvP again: this build isn’t BiS for PvP but if you don’t want to get a whole new loadouts for PvP it will be alright. ASTRAL SHIELD, BASTION/bastion, breaking the spirit (all 3 forms) or sunburst. it’s more situational than PvE. You can’t simply use a rotation but you’ll eventually get a feeling for it. Astral Shield has been nerfed in mod 12 so it might be less important. I still have to try it.


Questing Hallowed Ground, Flamestrike

PvE dungeons  Hallowed Ground, (divine Armor as second but barely usedby me)

PvP Hallowed ground, divine armor or hammer of fate if the other team really sucks hard

Class Features:

Questing Divine Fortune, Terrifying Insight

PvE dungeons Terrifying Insight, Divine Fortune/ Holy Fervor for better buff uptime or Healer’s Lore/ Foresight for better survivability, hastening light only if requested (not really worth it on DOs)

PvP Divine Fortune/ Terrifying Insight/ Prophetic Action (only with offhand feat)


Newerwinter PvP can be quite a pain. here is some advice for everyone who wants to try it out. I’d highly recommend you to go into PvP with a premade group with voice chat. Try to get some tenacity gear. warborn gloves are really cheap. you can take the blue PvP gear from the sh vendor for the other pieces. You’ll have it much easier if your group has at least one cc class. the leaderboard is currently bugged. so be sure to make an even number of games if someone in your group cares about their placement.

I still have to try things out under the new armor penetration/ piercing changes. So this part might not be completely up to date.

A PvP match ends once a team has aquired 1000 points. you get points over time for each node that you’ve conquered. the team which has more people standing on a node conquers it. so your team shouldn’t go blindly for the kills but stand on the nodes instead.

Many classes have powers that deal more dmg, when your health is low. So be careful at low health or even better try to keep your hp up all the time.

SW: one of the easiest opponents for DCs. They rely on dots which can easily be absorbed by an empowered astral shield. they don’t have any powers to push you out of it. Even after th AS nerf it might still be the best choice against SWs.

CW: tricky if they play on full cc. they can chain stun you while their team kills you. astral shield won’t help since they’ll push you out of it. just heal or try to stun them with divine BtS. Oghmas Token and an elven battle enchantment and you’ll be fine. otherwise hope that your teammates kill him.


  • combat HR: deal piercing dmg. so your astral shield won’t help a lot. just heal. dodging helps a lot if they didn’t fixate you already. Since piercing dmg has been nerfed they should be a lot easier for you now.
  • cc trapper: empowered astral shield helps a lot since they won’t push you out. again oghmas token / elven enchantment help a lot.
  • didn’t encounter a good range hr in PvP yet. so i can’t say anything about them.

TR: stay out of their smokebomb. they most likely won’t one shot you anymore in mod 12. I’ve read that many TRs go for CC builds in PvP now.

GF: extremely powerful against DCs. just dodge as good as you can. they can push you out of your AS, they hit hard and stun. if they hit you with their bull charge atack then it’s often too late already. So start dodging as soon as you see a GF. They’re fast af.

OP: as long as they don’t dps their not your job. if they do they can hit hard with their daily. you’ll be marked before they use it. it’s an obvious big pulsating area around you. that’s when you know not to leave your AS and dodge while it is on cooldown.

DC: sunburst them out of their as. the rest is up to the dps.


Heroic Feats: if you don’t like the % temp HP then you can go for the % recovery.

Paragon Feats: since you won’t need to quest with this build anymore since we have loadouts the % ap instead of the % dmg will be better. i’ll try to update the picture soon.

if you PvP you can use quite similar feats. I’d advise putting the 15 points out of the righteous path andget the +10% heals from the virtuous path aswell as the two remaining powers on faithful tier 4 and 5. It doesn’t matter that much if you go AC or DO for it. AC is a little more tanky while DO provides the TI buff.


Alway have a look on the collection tab. The gear which is easiest to aquire right off the start is drowcraft, ligue (from ah) or company (from your guild vendor). If you already have some geared friends and completed the entry quests to chult, then ask them if they take you through some hunts. Most of them are willing to do so, as long as you pass on the +5 rings. Mainly focus on Power since we can share up to 40% of our basepower with nearby alies (depending on their bondings and the legendary pet bonus, less if you’re in 12b on PC though). As a Faithful you’ll need to get a lot of Recovery, since we lack the cooldown reduction of the righteous capstone. Some crit for stronger heals won’t hurt as well (30% is an alright amount if you don’t use a dread. otherwise you’ll want 40% at least). If you want to PvP then get at least 1.5k tenacity and work your way up. the blue equipment from the stronghold vendor is a good starting point for PvE and PvP and only requires guild marks to obtain them. You’ll get about 600 marks per day if you complete your quests.

Shirt and Pants If you can’t get Gemmed Exquisite Elemental stuff, Drowcraft is a cheap option for PvE. The everfrost set is really nice for PvP purpose.

Weapons Fey weapons. relic aren’t really worth the grind for dcs, although the bonus is superior in pvp. lifeforged could work fine, too. The chultan weapons are fine if you don’t want to be set behind with your campaigns and aren’t expensive either. I’m using the new guild weapons myself, but they’re rather expensive and only get the second def slot on legendary on the offhand. so it’s not the cheapest option out there.

I’ve got Astral Seal as main hand feature (since i use it on AC and DO loadout) and hastening light in my offhand simply because i mainly play AcRi and i’m too greedy to change the offhand feature all the time.

Neck and Belt for the Faithful build I’d advice Greater Belt of Wisdom if you’re PvPing or Greater Imperial Waistband if you do PvE only. Tiamat, imperial or valindra cloaks are fine. I’d again say that the masterwork II set is BiS, but rather expensive. If you want a cheaper set i’d advise valhalla for PvP or Tiamat for a PvP/ PvE hybrid.

Rings You’ll want +5 offence slotted rings (Brutality, Precision, Hellig…). +4s are fine until you get them. Some masterwork rings with tenacity for PvP would be great, if you can afford them.

Weapon Enchantment I totally love the dread enchantment. It isn’t cheap, but the Crit sev is great for your Heals and dps and the debuff is nice as well. Also, the DoT procs Bear your Sins if you switch to a righteous loadout. Frost is a cheap option with a great debuff and i feel like it suits me better in PvP then dread. Some people also like Plaguefire a lot, but i heard it isn’t really easy to stack it up. it does have a debuff on lower ranks tho which is a great plus for low budget DCs.

Armor Enchantment You should get at least a lesser soulforged for PvE, before you even think about weapon enchantments. Barkshield is great at higher ranks. If you want to PvP a negation or elven battle will suit you well.

Offense slots Radiant. maybe cruels or some silverys if you want to PvP, too.

Defense slots Silvery if you PvP, Radiant if you don’t use Assassin’s covenant insignia bonus. Azur or Cruels if you got the bonus. if you use astral shield a lot, then you might consider deflect over defense even in pve since your resistance will be really high anyway. Blackice might get even more out of Assassin’s covenant, but the lifesteal is really wasted on a faithful DC, especially if you PvP.

Utility slots: a mixture of dragon hoard, fey blessing and quarter masters for PvE (all Quarter masters to open the bags), movement for PvP.



  • A Dragon Heart (Red and Blue have nice stats, while black provides a debuff if you accidentally hit) if you use a Griffon and Artificers Persuasion. Further information here
  • Lantern of Revelations
  • Weel of elements (give fire to your main dps. works best if he uses another artifact like eye of the giant, gwf artifact, soul sight crystal)
  • Sigil of the Oathbound Paladin
  • Vanguard’s Banner (it seems to be buggy, so i’d be careful with this one)
  • Oghma’s token for PvP


  • I would advise Symbol of Fire, Symbol of Air and Sigil of the Hunter since they work fine for AC builds, too.
  • if you already got them upgraded you can switch in the forgehammer of gond, sigil of the devoted or other artifacts with some defensive stats that you have laying around for PvP.
  • The cw artifact is good if you use a dread.


I’ll try to keep the part about boons as general as possible.

Take Power and recovery whenever you can. If you can choose between Crit/ArmPen and a defensive stat, then go for Crit/ ArmPen if you don’t care about PvP and the defensive one if you do. Lifesteal > Regeneration if you prefer PvE. Regeneration > Lifesteal if you want to PvP. Cc resistance also only makes sense if you PvP. Chance to deal x damage is pretty useless in PvE, since it doesn’t scale with our buffs and often has a long cooldown. Healing bonus on potions is also bad. Some boons like Tyranny of Dragons final boon(s) are great to split up, since the first point gives a bigger reward (like 3/4/5% Lifesteal). Some boons simply aren’t great for this build like Ice Wind Dale’s final boon. So there isn’t really only one way to go.

Most of all get your boons!


Bonding Runestones are a big deal in neverwinter and you should seriously use them on your main at least. However, this build works without bondings, too since we don’t rely on self sharing power like ACs and if your DC is only a twink an augment should work fine for a DO. The polar bear cup has 3 offence slots and a nice bonus if an augment is fulfilling your needs. If you want to switch to an AC righteous build i would advise r10+ bondings.

If you use bondings you’ll want a companion who has got some special attacks. There are companions who grant combat advantage or debuff the target. My favorite is the Cone Artist that you can buy for 1 Gold. You need to upgrade it to level 30 thou to get the debuff. The 300 crit bonus isn’t much, but the three ring slots are great if you can get some +5 rings from msva. If you don’t care about recovery you can farm gambit for companion equipment, too. the sellsword has the same debuff but getting a useful swordknott isn’t easy.

Here are some options for your active slots:

  • Erinyes of Belial/ Cambion Magus/ Dancing Blade: Increase your crit sev. Might be overkill if you already possess a dread enchantment.
  • Polar Bear Cub/ Deva Champion/ Silver scaled cleric disciple: Bonus heals
  • Fire Archon/ Air Archon/ Siege Master/…: You can also switch them in for questing if your budget allows it. especially the velociraptor is awesome, if your whole group uses it
  • Book Imp: 2% recharge speed isn’t much. It still helps with your hallowed ground uptime.
  • Chicken/ Rustmonster/ …: Some companions have some nice debuffs, but you should check if they even work at first. Some of them also only proc if you are attacked, which doesn’t happen often if you’re with a tank.
  • Energon: Not the most popular choice for DCs, but it’s ridiculously cheap and great for survivability. In the ending a dead DC is a bad DC.
  • Stat Companions: if you have any companions with suitable stats then take them until you get something better. there aren’t really many great companions for dcs and stat companions are really cheap even at epic rank.


The (armored) griffon has the best equip power for DO DCs since it can reduce hallowed ground cooldown enormously. You should use a dragon heart as primary artifact if you want to use the griffon to its fullest. You can have a smooth rotation with it since hallowed ground stays up for 15 secs, which is exactly the artifact cooldown of a dragon heart, if you miss and exactly the duration of the artificer’s persuasion insignia bonus. If you have a hast pally or haste dc in your group, then you’ll be able to switch to something else. Valid options are snails or any stat mounts you like. You can work this build without a griffon but will most likely lack some hallowed ground uptime, if nobody’s reducing your cooldown. You also might not need it if you have some BiS AC equip (3x ring of hellig/krig +5 and rank 12 silverys slotted on companion with rank 12 bondings).

Go for whatever stats you’re lacking on your insignias. Just always remember that these side stats like Combat Advantage Bonus or Action Point gain give diminishing returns the more you have. So anything above 1000 won’t really make a difference. You can’t really go wrong with power insignias for PvE mounts and deflect Insignias for PvP mounts. recovery insignias tend to be quite cheap.

Recommended insignia bonus:

  • Artificer’s Persuasion/ -Influence must have if you use a griffon + dragon heart.
  • Gladiator’s Guile if you don’t want to always arrive last get this.
  • Victim’s Preservation/ Champion’s Return Those two work great for self-healing in PvE and PvP
  • Protector’s Camaraderie/ -Friendship Power and defense boost. Truly won’t hurt to have this.
  • Shepard’s Devotion While this one is a must have for every AC cleric, us DOs won’t maintain it permanently. The buff will also be weaker, since we don’t stack such a lot of power. It’s still a solid choice.
  • Assassin’s Covenant Just awesome. Don’t forget to switch it out if you PvP though 😉
  • Wanderer’s Fortune This is pure gold for questing. It is totally worth getting for your main at least. The griffon possesses this bonus.
  • everything that says heal is great for PvP. like the above ones or heal on deflect/ if stunned/ …

I think Jarek provided a link in his AC righteous guide, where you can see which mount provides which bonus.


I hope you enjoyed my build. I want to thank everyone on the arc forums for providing so much knowledge about this awesome class! I want to specifically point out Czar Jarek@jeffslider, whose AC righteous guide was my starting point in the buffing world, @putzboy78 who provided a lot of information on DCs in general and specifically the DO and @dupeks for doing a lot of testing on DC powers and feats.

Warmest greetings to my fellow guildies in Bloodrage, especially to @aljocla161, who isn’t only one of our guild’s officers, but also my lovely husband <3

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  • May 13, 2017 at 9:41 pm

    I have a question about Brand of the Sun. When I used it I did not receive increased Divinity over time for using it on multiple targets so I didn’t find it all that useful. May I ask why you chose Faithful over Righteous?

    • May 14, 2017 at 4:47 pm

      I actualy switch to righteous quite frequently, but there already are many righteous builds in here, so it would’ve been pointless for me to post yet another righteous build. Faithful is is a great option in my opinion if you’re the only dc in top tier dungeons, if you run without a tank or if there already is a righteous dc in the group (since the debuffs like bear your sins don’t stack as far as i know).
      About brand of the sun: I’ll need to properly test it again then, but i’m pretty sure it works per target. On single target i only use it once and use astral seal if it is already applied. I noticed, that it is kinda useless if mobs are dieing really fast. But thats what we have a second at will for 😉

      • May 15, 2017 at 9:35 am

        ah i forgot the most important point about faithful vs righteous: i originally created this build for a friend who wanted to have a buff build, that works on their 2.5k ish twinks. this build is designed to work for low IL DCs, too. In my opinion this is the ideal hybrid build, if you want to buff, while not haveing skyrocketing stats, to make up for the loss of healing on the righteous path.

  • Turk357
    May 19, 2017 at 9:38 am

    So this build isn’t strong for debuffing?

    I want the strongest debuffs and buffs possible, is righteous not the way to go to achieve that?

    • May 19, 2017 at 11:16 am

      Yes, you can get more debuff as a righteous. I would still advise you to be faithful if your not really confident in your heals. A dead team member deals zero dps, so your buffs and debuffs are only really effective if you can grant the survivability of your group. I’m much better off with this build, if i’m the only heal in fbi/mspc than i was as a righteous. But if you simply wamt to max debuff righteous will be your way. Buff is maxed with this build, too. Just remember that there is a cap for debuffs (at 200% i think). So you might not actually profit of more debuff.

      • Nimue
        June 7, 2017 at 10:32 am

        Interesting build but even playing a Righteous/Virtuous DC, I can heal pretty well. Generally if your group has no or little survivability than that’s generally done to them-not you!
        From experience DPS would much rather you help rack up their damage by filling their AP meters than you top the Field Medic chart. Just my opinion

        • June 7, 2017 at 1:25 pm

          When you say you’re righteous/ virtuous whitch capstone do you use? And are you AC or DO?
          I personally tried AC virtuous splash righteous twice but really didn’t like not being able to react spontaneously and group survivability hasn’t been as good as it’s now. The AP boost is really small and not worth it since your team will loose more dps if they constantly have to dodge (also most dps won’t move since they might loose some points in the paingiver charts *sight*).

          AC righteous splash virtuous is great in my opinion, but you’ll want at least one DO loadout in case you have another DC with you.
          As a DO righteous you’d need different stats then an AC righteous while DO faithful requires the same ones as AC righteous, which is more efficient equip vise.

          Since i play on console i don’t have ladouts yet so this build is important for me since righteous healing amount might be enough for PvE but not for PvP and this build enables alright PvPability without sacrificing buff (only some debuff which will often be at the cap anyway).

          Lastly I also want to adress low IL players who might not heal well enough as a righteous yet. DO Faithful is by far the best heal and buff compromise that low IL DCs can get.

          • Nimue
            June 7, 2017 at 11:15 pm

            To answer your question Righteous capstone, with Virtuous toppings. I also run AC.

            I agree with you regarding the PvP aspect but not with AP boost and encounter cooldowns. I can
            knock off up to 4 seconds AP refills. However, that’s using Hastening Light as my passive, which is not exactly a good choice for a DO. From a personal perspective I still think ACs have the edge over DOs in PvE.

            As for stats it still comes down to power, recovery, crit and defense as your main focus. Agreed an AC will need to stack more Recov than a DO but you can still keep a group alive without worrying so much healing.

  • Jojo
    June 8, 2017 at 7:13 am

    Nice I really like AC righteous! I’ll go back to it for dungeoning myself as soon as we’ll get loadouts on PS4.

    I totally agree that AC righteous splash virtuous is the best way for well equiped DCs However you won’t be able to use its full potential if your below 30k basepower, 20k recovery and 30% krit. In which case i would strongly advise the DO.
    The haste buff of an AC can truly be amazing. But as you said it doesn’t really work for DOs.
    AC and DO also work better together then 2 ACs or DOs in one group. Since we already have multiple amazing AC clerics in my guild i felt like I’d take one for the team and be the DO (ok the PvP aspect might have helped too ;))

    I’ve recently added a part about loadouts. Don’t know if you’ve read it yet. This guide is great as a loadout for AC clerics, since it requires exacyly the same stats (unlike DO righteous) and you therefore don’t have to change your equipment
    I’ve already stated there that i consider AC righteous the best build for high IL ACs, but you might still want something like this build as a loadout in case you already have another AC in your group.

  • Twon
    September 21, 2017 at 6:55 pm

    is this build still good?

    • September 22, 2017 at 8:34 am

      yes i’m updating frequently. haven’t finished my testing on mod 12 pvp yet, but it still seems fine. noticeable is thar empowered Breaking the Spirit and Fordgemasters Flame are broken right now. it should be fixed by mod 12b.

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