Mune’s All-Around Paladin Tank Build [PVE Mod 11 PS4]

by Mune on June 4, 2017
Oathbound Paladin
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Mune’s All-Around Paladin Tank Build [PVE Mod 11 PS4]

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This is my build for my Mod 11 Oathbound Paladin Oath of Protection/Tank. I only play on the PS4, so this will only include things that can be obtained fairly easily on the PS4. I can also see the build in action on my YouTube Channel: More Than Pichu’s Gaming.

The main focus on this build is to be both offensive and defensive, while also trying to buff our allies and debuff enemies while still having aggro. Sounds a bit complicated to do all of these things, right? Well, there is a way. The idea behind this was a Tankadin, but quickly became a support class for other party members to gain multiple chances of damage resistance in case enemies use AoEs or hit them directly. Since the Paladin cannot move as quickly as other classes, allies sometimes get hit and my role is to make sure that damage is as little as possible.

A quick disclaimer: My build is where I am at currently. I do not own any of the Vivified equipment or The Cloaked Ascendancy weapons, nor are all of my enchantments up to rank 12; most are at Rank 10 – 11. I can complete Castle Never without a healer of any kind with this build. I can do regular and Master Svarborg fairly decently until Svarborg uses a 1-shot to deal 400,000 damage after reduction and debuffs. This build is great for solo content, but a little slower than a DPS class because it simply takes longer to kill enemies.


Race Selection

There are plenty of races to be, but about anything would work as long as it has CON.


  • +2 to any one Ability Score
  • +3% Increased Defense
  • +3 Bonus Heroic Feats

Humans are flexible. I can get three extra feats at levels 10, 15, and 20. If I choose this race, put the +2 score into CON.


  • +2 CON
  • +2 STR or WIS
  • Increased resistance to Knockback and Repel effects
  • Increased resistance to Damage Over Time effects

Dwarves are okay. Their bonus to CON is good, but the other 2 stats are not necessarily needed. Probably 2nd WIS.


  • +2 to any two Ability Scores
  • +3% Power and Critical Strike
  • +5% Increased Healing

This is a bad choice because we do not want Critical Strike for this build. Like Humans, Dragonborns have the +2 to any 2 Ability Scores, which is okay. If I choose this race, put the +2 scores into CON and CHA. I would recommend this race if you are not using the Owlbear Cub companion.


  • +2 Constitution
  • +2 Charisma or +2 Wisdom
  • +1% Deflect, +1% Critical Severity, and +1% Gold Find

This is in my opinion, the best choice because I get the full CON and +2 Charisma. Plus, it gives me additional Deflect. While Deflect sounds boring, when successful, it reduces the amount of damage I take by 50% by default. Another note is that this race does not give crit, which is ideal for my build.


Stat Rolls

Focus on CON first and CHA as a secondary. More CON = More HP, Damage Resistance, and how long I can keep my shield up for Sanctuary. More CHA = More Damage dealt to enemies, HP regained outside of battle, Action Points gained, and companion stats.



There are many equipment choices. I will recommend early level 70 and late level 70 gear. Some may change depending on preference and availability.

  • Head – Dusk Ward Armet (buy from the Trade Bar Merchant) or Vivified Oathkeeper’s Ward Armlet (Fangbreaker Island and restoration)
  • Body – Drowcraft Restoration Cuirass (buy in Mantol-Derith for Demonic Ichor) / Elemental Drowcraft Restoration Cuirass (use Black Ice Shaping profession to upgrade) or Vivified Oathkeeper’s Ward Cuirass (Fangbreaker Island and restoration)
  • Arms – Dusk Restoration Couters (Buy from the Trade Bar Merchant) or Vivified Oathkeeper’s Restoration Couters (Fangbreaker Island and restoration)
  • Main Hand – Burning Mace / Oathkeeper’s Mace (Sea of Moving Ice restoration) or Fey Mace or Lifeforged Mace (River District restoration)
  • Off Hand – Burning Shield / Oathkeeper’s Shield (Sea of Moving Ice restoration) or Fey Shield or Lifeforged Shield (River District restoration)
  • Feet – Drowcraft Restoration Poleyns (buy in Mantol Derith for Demonic Ichor) / Elemental Drowcraft Restoration Poleyns (use Black Ice Shaping profession to upgrade) or Vivified Oathkeeper’s Ward Poleyns (Heroic Encounter is Bryn Shandar and restoration)
  • Neck – Greater Lathander’s Cloak (Temple of Tiamat) – AC is a needed stat or Amulet of Tiamat (Temple of Tiamat) – for additional Action Point gain
  • Ring – Ring of Rising Power +1-3 (Demogorgon or Master Demogorgon) or Ring of Rising Deflect +1-5 (Throne of the Dwarven Gods) / Ring of Brutality +5 (Demogorgon or Master Demogorgon)
  • Ring – Ring of Rising Defense +4-5 (Demogorgon or Master Demogorgon)
  • Waist – Greater Plated Band of Constitution (Area dragons, Roth Valley or Whispering Caverns)
  • Shirt – Defender’s Gemmed Exquisite Elemental Chainmail (Platesmithing) or Drowcraft Chaincoat (buy in Mantol-Derith for Demonic Ichor)
  • Pants – Drowcraft Chausses (buy in Mantol-Derith for Demonic Ichor)
  • Reinforce all Armor with recovery, Action Point Gain, and Everfrost Restistance

Enchantments (My build does not require all rank 12 enchantments, but has every enchantment at least rank 10. The only required Rank 12s are my Bonding Runestones)

  • Weapon Enchantment – Lightning Enchantment (less cooldown time and AoE damage output)
  • Armor Enchantment – Soulforged (come back to life when things don’t go as planned)
  • Offense Enchantment – Radiant (power) / Vicious (power and armor pen) / Cruel (power and recovery) – I use 2 Radiant, 2 Vicious, and 4 Cruel on my character and 1 Radiant, 1 Vicious, and 1 Silvery on my companion. Eventually, I may replace a couple of my Vicious Enchantments with Radiant Enchantments.
  • Defense Enchantment – Azure (defense)
  • Utility Enchantment – Quartermaster (bound up to rank 7 enchantment and runestone drops in bags that can be doubled during double enchantments and runestones) / Dark (movement speed)

For the purpose of this build, I wanted to focus primarily on Armor Pen, Defense, Recovery, and Power. I use my guild’s Armor Penetration boon to reach the 60% resistance ignored cap which allows me to stack Power with my equipment.



These are important.

  • Sigil of the Oathbound Paladin (Active for use to heal and create a zone of damage resistance for anyone else) (Power, HP, and AoE Resist)
  • Sigil of the Guardian (Defense, Deflection, and AoE Resist)
  • Heart of the White Dragon (HP, Defense, and AoE Resist)
  • Symbol of Fire (Power, Defense, and Recovery) or Symbol of Air (Power, Recovery, Movement)


Paragon Paths and Feats

Oath of Protection – Justice and Light

The feats are pretty important and the Light feats are strictly for obtaining Aura Gifts

Heroic Feats

  • Toughness (3/3) – More HP
  • Divine Action (5/5) – Use Divine Call = More Action Point
  • Exemplar’s Haste (3/3) – Encounter powers recharge faster (very important for this build)
  • Wrathful Strikes (3/3) – At-Will powers deal more damage
  • Impassioned Pleas (1/3) – Generate Divine Call a little faster
  • Steadfast (5/5) – Each point of CON = More HP

Justice Feats   

  • Bound by Light (5/5) – Increased control strength
  • Flash of Light (5/5) – Encounter powers have a chance to reduce the cooldown of nearby allies’ Encounter powers by 10%.
  • Radiant Champion (5/5) – Increases movement speed and cooldown reduction with two or more allies within 30’ of me. This effect is extended to allies as well.
  • Echoes of Light (5/5) – Encounter powers have a chance to trigger “Echo”. Echo makes my next Encounter power instantly recharge all of my Encounter powers on cooldown.
  • Purifying Fire (5/5) – At-Will powers apply “Purifying Fire” to enemies, dealing increased damage over time. Using an Encounter power cancels this effect.
  • Vengeful Judge (1/1) – Divine Call also triggers “Judge” for 10 seconds. Judge increases my damage by 35% and reduces all Encounter powers currently on cooldown by 35%. My Encounter powers also have a chance to immediately grant one charge of Divine Call.

Light Feats

  • Gifts of Light (5/5) – Heal more with Sanctuary (mostly just a filler to proceed)
  • Warrior’s Bastion (5/5) – More Defense from equipment (why wouldn’t a tank have this?)
  • Aura Gifts (5/5) – My Power becomes my Allies’ Power; Power Sharing



These are flexible to say the least. The following link gives me the basic skills needed for the build.

For my build I use 104 Power Points. If I’m looking for something to build off of without having all the required Power Points, please see the the pictures below.

The goal is for this order of Power Points for power upgrades to Rank 4:

  1. Templar’s Wrath
  2. Bane
  3. Aura of Courage
  4. Aura of Wisdom
  5. Circle of Power
  6. Oath Strike
  7. Shield of Faith
  8. Radiant Strike
  9. Divine Judgement
  10. Aura of Solitude


  • Radiant Strike (4/4) – This is the AoE at-will. This increases mine and my allies’ Armor Penetration and Damage by 5% for 15 seconds.
  • Oath Strike (4/4) – This is my primary attack and essentially my bread and butter. It is going to be my primary source of generating and holding threat so the enemy stays focused on me instead of my allies. There are other ways to generate threat, but for the moment this is my best chance due to Oathbound Paladin threat being broken (for now).
  • Valorous Strike (4/4) – Filler for leveling up to the minimum requirements, otherwise the default


  • Burning Light (4/4) – Hold button down for extra stun and damage over time. Pretty good early on (for progression purposes, only take this up to 3).
  • Sacred Weapon (4/4) – Just a filler (for progression purposes, only take this up to 3).
  • Smite (4/4) – Does decent damage, but will quickly be replaced by other encounter powers because of party dynamics. Not necessary for this build (for progression purposes, only take this up to 3).
  • Bane (4/4) – Mark a target and they take 10% more damage from everyone and deal 10% less damage to everyone. It’s ranged and can be used in conjunction with Great Weapon Fighters for extra damage, as it counts as a mark. This stacks up to 3 times, but can’t stack with another OP’s Bane. Additionally, it cannot give Great Weapon Fighters bonus damage for marks if they have already marked the target or they mark it after you.
  • Templar’s Wrath (4/4) – This is the most important Power to have. It gives me temporary HP. This will keep me alive. It also does damage and stuns enemies. This should be the first power to be upgraded to 4.
  • Binding Oath (4/4) – Creates a shield then deals 50% of that damage back to foes. Not really great anymore. It’s an interesting power, but not for what we’re doing (for progression purposes, only take this up to 3).
  • Cleansing Touch (4/4) – Clear CC effects and heal ally and get HP equal to 300% healed. Not that great as CC effects come and go so quickly, sometimes without notice. Not really for the build (for progression purposes, only take this up to 3).
  • Divine Touch (4/4) – Deal radiant damage to all foes around me and reduce incoming damage for 8 seconds. We already have Radiant Strike, so this one is a bit obsolete (for progression purposes, only take this up to 3).
  • Vow of Enmity (4/4) – Mark a target and increase the damage I deal to them by 20% and allies build threat for me when they hit the enemy. I swear that this power does not cause enemies to target me. Plus, it was nerfed to only last a minute and can be taken off by accident by me (for progression purposes, only take this up to 3).
  • Absolution (4/4) – Put a shield on me or ally for 20% of the target’s max HP. Allies gain 50% damage resistance. Let’s be honest, other powers do this job way better. I don’t even recommend this for progression, but I had to spend my extra points somewhere.
  • Relentless Avenger (4/4) – Rushes a target, hits them and nearby enemies, and pushes them away. Plus, it taunts all of the enemies. This power is not recommended for use because it knocks enemies away. Many classes want enemies together, even me, so it’s a bit counter-intuitive to use this (for progression purposes, only take this up to 3).
  • Circle of Power (4/4) – Create a 30’ circle that increases my damage by 30% and gives  my allies and I 25% damage resist. This should be used against everything because it builds quite a bit of Action Points even when not in combat.


  • Divine Judgement (4/4) – Big damage Daily. Use when I just want things to die. I use this primarily when fighting weaker mobs.
  • Heroism (4/4) – Gives temp HP, 15% damage resist, and immunity to controls. Not a bad choice, but not really needed (for progression purposes, only take this up to 3).
  • Shield of Faith (4/4) – Since Divine Protector was nerfed a while back and it doesn’t function as well, I recommend this for damage reduction for allies and increased incoming healing.
  • Divine Protector (4/4) – Shield allies for 60% of damage to me and damage reduced by 60% to me. It used to be 100% shielded and 50% taken. It’s still good, but I think Shield of Faith is better (for progression purposes, only take this up to 3).

Passives (Auras):

When it comes to the different auras, it’s generally recommended to train all but Aura of Wrath and use the auras I need at the time. Here are the auras I use most often.

  • Aura of Courage (4/4) – More damage based on how much max HP I have to the whole party (Since I’ll likely always be near full or at full health, this generates the maximum damage boost to allies).
  • Aura of Wisdom (4/4) – Increased recharge speed for the whole party (replace this with Aura of Solitude when playing alone).
  • Aura of Truth (4/4) – Foes deal 5% less damage. With damage resistance already high, this is not needed (for progression purposes, only take this up to 3).
  • Aura of Vengeance (4/4) – Deal 15% of my weapon damage as radiant damage to enemies when they attack my allies. Not very good if I’m a tank and have all the enemies’ attention (I shouldn’t need to upgrade this at all for progression; I did to put points somewhere).
  • Aura of Protection (4/4) – Allies and I get 5% damage resistance. Not really needed and a waste of an aura (for progression purposes, only take this up to 3).
  • Aura of Radiance (4/4) – Deals damage to build threat. Unfortunately, it doesn’t build enough threat because other party members usually out damage me (for progression purposes, only take this up to 2).
  • Aura of Solitude (4/4) – I play alone sometimes and this helps with dealing more damage.

Depending on what type of content I’m playing, my power sets will vary slightly. Here is what I recommend for most circumstances:


  • Radiant Strike / Oath Strike
  • Templar’s Wrath / Aura of Power / Bane
  • Divine Judgement / Shield of Faith
  • Aura of Solitude (solo) or Aura of Wisdom (group) / Aura of Courage

Because not every situation is similar, but vastly different, I cannot give a rotation. It varies so much based off of what you are against and party makeup. For Orcus, I suggest using Templar’s Wrath right away, using Bane on approach, Shield of Faith when you get close, Circle of Power when you get to him, Templar’s Wrath again if needed, Bane if possible, Divine Call to recharge, Radiant Strike, 3 hits of Oath Strike in between Encounters. Basically repeat as needed.

This is vastly different from fighting Dragons in Dragonflight, as I am typically close right away, aside from Oxuno, the Treacherous (Green Dragon), which I wait for him to be landing before approaching, as poison drains HP without much of a target to gain temp HP. In the other 3 dragon’s case, I would use Circle of Power first, then Shield of Faith, and finally Bane and Templar’s Wrath.


Boons are rewards acquired from playing through the various campaign chapters. These rewards are bonus stats and other powers that augment my character’s combat strength and survivability. Following is a list of each campaign and the boons I felt were most effective for the build. These are also subjective depending on my stat needs. If I see something that works better, I choose the boon that will provide the most benefit.


  • Dark Fey Hunter – +400 Power
  • Fey Elusiveness – +400 Deflect
  • Elven Haste – +3% Action Point gain
  • Elven Ferocity – Chance to deal 20,000 damage when striking a foe
  • Elvish Fury – When I kill a foe, gain 135 power for 45 seconds and can stack up to 30 times. So, up to 4,000 extra power. Great for mobs.

Dread Ring

  • Reliquary Keeper’s Strength – +250 Power and +250 Movement
  • Evoker’s Thirst – +400 Life Steal
  • Forbidden Piercing – 3% increased Resistance Ignored
  • Shadowtouch – Chance to deal 20,000 damage over a few seconds when dealing damage. After this effect ends the target has receives 25% less healing from spells for 10 seconds.
  • Rampaging Madness – Gain 4000 power, Life Steal, and Regeneration after hitting the enemy 50 times (great for long battles).

Icewind Dale     

  • Encroaching Tactics – +400 Combat Advantage or Weathering the Storm – +400 AoE Resist (both are good)
  • Refreshing Chill – +400 Stamina/Guard Gain
  • Rapid Thaw – +400 Recovery
  • Cool Resolve – Up to 2000 Power based on amount of missing Stamina
  • Winter’s Bounty – Chance to gain a bonus 10% Action Points when killing an enemy

Tyranny of Dragons       

  • Dragon’s Claws – +400 Power
  • Dragon’s Shadow – +400 Deflect
  • Dragon’s Armorbreaker – +400 Armor Pen
  • Dragon’s Greed – +400 Life Steal
  • Dragon’s Grip (3/3) – +15% increased control strength (I only have 1/3 because Linu’s Favors are not fun to farm)

Elemental Evil

  • Wave of Force – +300 Power and +2000 health
  • Earth’s Renewal – +400 Regeneration and +2000 health
  • Blazing Resilience – +400 Recovery and +2000 health
  • Wall of Wind – Chance to heal for 24,000 health when taking damage. After this effect ends Recovery is increased by 1000 for 10 seconds


  • Primordial Might – +400 Power and +1600 health
  • Primordial Regenesis – +400 Life Steal and +1600 health
  • Drow Ambush Tactics – +10% Combat Advantage
  • Dwarven Footing – Control effects have a 5% shorter duration
  • Abyssal Strikes – +10% damage versus Demons

Maze Engine

  • Abyssal Regeneration – +400 incoming healing bonus
  • Demonic Resilience – Control effects have a 5% shorter duration
  • Demonic Swiftness – +3% Action Point gain
  • Baleful Clutch – +10% increased control strength

Storm King’s Thunder

  • Frosty Demeanor – +2% Control Resistance and +1000 health
  • Hardy Constitution – +400 Stamina Gain and +2% Everfrost Damage Resistance
  • Icy Wrath – Chance when taking damage to gain up to 2000 bonus damage on next attack
  • Glacial Strength – +3200 health and +2% Everfrost Damage Resistance
  • Chill of Winter (2/3) – Chance to gain a stack of Icy Chill when striking. 10 stacks clears to do 10,000 damage to nearby enemies (I only have 1/3 because I haven’t finished this campaign).
  • Frozen Reflection (1/3) – When I Deflect an attack, I deal up to 6000 damage to attacker

The Cloaked Ascendancy (my build does not need these to function, but if I did these would be what I would pick)

  • Aura of Hope – When killing an enemy, chance to emit an Aura that increases Action Point gain for all allies within 25’ for 10 seconds
  • Healing Heat – +2% Incoming healing and +1000 health
  • Soothing Zephyr – +500 recovery and +2000 health
  • Aberrant Power – When taking damage, chance to gain a stack of Aberrant Power. 10 stacks clear and deals up to 10,000 damage to nearby enemies. Aberrant creatures take double damage.


Because of how different guilds function and have for available boons, I would suggest with this build that I take the Armor Pen for offensive, Defense for defensive, and XP, Mount Speed, or gold gain (depending on the situation). These can be switched any time after obtaining them.


Companions are essential for this build. Some are quite expensive, while others are not.

I recommended:

  • Owlbear Cub – A failure to crit does an additional hit for 50% of my power.
  • Dread Warrior – On damage taken, 10% chance to become enraged, increasing threat generation by 15%.
  • Energon – Increases my Max HP by 5%.
  • Con Artist/Sellsword/Ambush Drake – Lower enemy defense by 10-20%. Only good as the summoned companion.
  • Frozen Galeb Duhr – Increases damage resistance up to 10% based on the percentage of damage I have taken.
  • Galeb Duhr – Deal up to 10% more damage based on the percentage of damage I have taken.
  • Rust Monster – On damage taken, 25% chance to inflict a 5% damage debuff on attacker. Stacks up to 3 times.
  • Blacksmith – On damage taken, 15% chance to reflect 10% of damage taken. If the same target is hit 4 times it will reflect 3 times the damage taken.
  • Young Yeti – On damage taken, 10% chance, for me or my companion, to become blood thirsty, increasing damage dealt by 5%.
  • Priestess of Sehanine Moonbow – Lowers enemy crit chance by up to 40% and increase my allies’ crit chance by half of that. It does not increase my crit. Only good as the summoned companion.


Companion Gear:

Use companion gear from The Cloaked Ascendancy, preferably:

Sturdy +4 or +5

Or from Master Svarborg:

Regular or Greater Ostorian Rings of Stein if ring slots are available. These can be substituted for Regular or Greater Ostorian Rings of Hellig or Skold. I use Regular Ostorian Rings of Stein for my current build.

Or if money is abundant and I’m not too strong for whatever reason:

Anything Adorable Licks or Adorable Rolls



There are plenty of choices. For this build, I would suggest either a +2000 Power or +2000 Recovery or +2000 Deflection. If one is available and within reach that has more than +2000 of these stats, go for it. When playing usually, I stick with +2000 Power, but switch to +2000 Deflection when playing harder content. In either case, I should end up with a 110% speed mount. Doing things like Dragonflight and some dungeons without one is a real pain.

For the Insignia Bonuses, I’ll need at least 3 Epic mounts and 1-2 Uncommon. I use:

Guard Drake (ZEN Market)
Striped Owlbear (from buying a level 70 character slot)
Yeth Hound (ZEN Market)
Jubilee Parade Horse (Winter Festival) – It’s not hard to replace with something else
Brindle Horse (Mount Vendor in Protector’s Enclave).

Optimally, I would suggest Tenser’s Floating Disk because it has a great Combat Power to give me more power, speed, STR, DEX, CON, and AC. Remember that STR gives Damage over Time Resistance; DEX gives AoE Resist and Deflection Chance; CON gives HP and Damage Resist; and AC contributes to Damage Resist.


Insignia Bonuses:

Protector’s Camaraderie – gain 3% of 10% of my power and defense for 10 seconds and stacks up to 4 times

Beserker’s Rage – while at full action points, gain 10% of armor pen as power – replace with Artificer’s Persuasion if I have a Mount Combat Power

Protector’s Friendship – like Protector’s Camaraderie, but only 1%

Survivor’s Gift – like Survivor’s Blessing, but only 1.3% – replace with Wanderer’s Fortune if available and necessary

Survivor’s Blessing – Whenever I deflect an attack, heal for 3% of my max HP over 4 seconds


So, what do my stats look like when all is said and done? Well, they look like this roughly:

Outside of combat:

20,559 Power

2,352 Crit

4,784 Armor Pen

575 Action Point Gain

16,793 Defense

Resistance Ignored -47.2%

Damage Resistance 67.4%


In combat by myself without Aura of Solitude on:

51,823 Power (it goes up to 55,000 if Aura of Solitude is on)

4,969 Crit

8,969 Armor Pen

31,314 Defense

-78.5% Resistance Ignored

102.8% Damage Resistance


If in a party:

The power goes up by nearly 50%, to about 75,000.


If you want a full audio-visual of my build, please view the video below:

Thank you for viewing this build. I hope this spurs some other new builds. The great thing about this game is that there are so many great ways to build characters to meet the players’ needs. I am also aware that I exceeded the cap for Resistance Ignored and Damage Resistance. Funny thing is that if I take off my Armor Pen Guild Boon, my Resistance Ignored does not meet the cap, so I would need to replace a Vicious Enchantment for a Radiant. As for Damage Resistance, it is a bit harder to justify changing anything because defense and boons build up this fairly easily.

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