Heya fellow neverwinter adventurers

by Random Robot on June 15, 2017
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Heya fellow neverwinter adventurers

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This is my attempt to show how I built and play my guardian fighter.

My build can run solo as well as grouped, though I’ve found group runs with proper buffing yield much better results on dps.


I picked dwarven purely for
Personal preference, optional races include human for versatile defense increases our defense by 3% and the extra feats nice, and dragonborn they give you +2 on two different stats to begin which is quite helpful.

But any race will work.

Ability Score

Constitution for the increased health points.

Strength for the damage resistance bonus and damage bonus

Paragon Path

I picked Swordmaster paragon path for

Weapon Master Strike – Great AOE at will for the mobs and your weapon enchantment will spread nicely.


1x Action Surge

Needed one to move forward

3x Strength Focus

Increases effectiveness of Strength.

3x Toughness

Increases health points.

3x Armor Specialization

Bumps up our armor class which helps us survive the big hits.

3x Potent Challenge

Makes us generate more threat to hold those mobs

5x Powerful Attack

Damage of at-wills and encounter powers are increased

2x Weapon Mastery

Higher Crit Chance

Tactician Feats

5x Fight On

Less time on your cooldowns on encounters means more threat gain and buffing for the team

Protector Feats

5x Plate Agility

More deflect for those pesky hits

5x Shield Defense

Again adding to armor class

Conqueror Feats

5x Improved Vigor

Faster AP gain when below 50% means faster use of Fighters Recovery to help get that health back up

5x Take Measure

Every crit gains temp hp

5x Wrathful Warrior

More damage when you have temp hp. I.E. during buffs from team and wrathful warrior

5x Jagged Blades

Bleed damage per second means more damage

5x Menacing Impact

Villains Menace will have a farther reach and you will do more damage

1x Reckless Attacker

Gives you more damage and more crit chance



Crushing strike

Best used for single targets it will give you some healing on the third strike, great for solo running or a quick healing boost if you need a bit.

Weapon Master’s Strike

Best Damage at-will for AoE damage against mobs, biggest benefit is being able to smack your enchantment on everyone.


Commander Strike

The group will deal extra damage to any marked enemy on their next encounter power use.

Into the Fray

Gives a damage and speed boost to the group, also useful to move a bit faster solo

Enforced Threat

Taunt that marks every enemy within its AoE.

Bull Charge

It is a control power that pushes enemy prone. Good for throne of dwarven gods controlling the bone golems.


Enhanced Mark

Marked targets now build threat while Marked, and you generate 75% more threat when striking them. Helps keep the aggro when the big dps rolls in.

Combat Superiority

Reduces incoming damage by 8% and increases your damage aby 8%


Villains’s Menace

You will not be effected by cc’s and you will hit harder and resist more damage

Fighter’s Recovery

This makes every hit you preform heal you for the damage that it does, this is great if the healer is having troubles keeping up with healing and youre surrounded by a mob.



Rust Monster

The debuff it puts out is extremely helpful and it has 3 belt slots which is nice for personalized belts of recovery.


Owl bear cub

Makes sure you hit hard if you don’t crit.


If you take 25% of your hp in a single blow it will but a debuff on the attacker and gives you 40% movement speed

Repentant Cultist

Helps drop enemies a little faster at the beginning

Alt: Shadow Demon

Heavier deflect of damage

Also a Con Artist is helpful as well as a Dancing Shield, Jagged Dancing Blade, for their debuff skills


All of my bonuses deal with heals over time. I also have wanderers fortune going for the extra refinement drops.


I find this part important to be able to do endgame stuff.

Dark Fey Warder
400 Defense

Fey Elusivenss
400 Deflect

Elven Haste
More hp

Elven Tranquility
Chance to heal when struck

Elven Resolve
Stamina regenerates faster so you can hild that shield up more
Conjurer’s Gambit
You gain 250 Critical Strike and 250 Mov.

Dread ring:

Conjurers Gambit
Extra crit and movement

Evoker’s Thirst
You gain 400 Life Steal.

Forbidden Piercing
You gain 3% Resistance Ignored. For keeping aggro.

Enraged Regrowth
When taking damage you have a chance to heal 20000 Hit Points over a few (4) seconds. After this effect ends you have 4000 more Defense for 10 seconds.

Rampaging Madness
When dealing damage you gain stacks of “madness” when the stacks reach 50 you gain 4000 damage 4000 life steal and 4000 regeneration


Weathering The Storm
AoE resist boost

Refreshing Chill
Stamina gain

Rapid Thaw
More recovery

Cold Shoulder
Reduce damage of next attack

Rousing Warmth
When healed you get a chance to do more damage


Primordial Vitality
More defense and more hp

Primordial Focus
Crit and hp

Drow Ambush Tactics
Extra combat advantage

Dwarven Footing
Control effects are reduced

Abyssal Strikes
Only one worth anything


Dragon Heart
More Hp

Dragon’s Gaze
More crit

Dragonscale Defense
More defense

Dragon’s Greed
More lifesteal

Dragon’s Revival
Incoming healing bonus

Maze Engine

Abyssal Regeneration
More incoming healing again

Demonic Resilience
Control effects are shorter

Demonic Swiftness
Faster AP gain

Baphomet’s Might
Chance to gain more crit


Unassailable Tide
More defense and hp

Heart of Stone
More lifesteal severity and hp

Blazing Resilience
More recovery and hp

Wall of Wind
Healing chance


Frosty Demeanor
Control resist and hp

Survival Instincts
Extra incoming healing and hp

Icy Wrath
Chance for more damage

Glacial Strength
More hp and everfrost resist

Chill of Winter
Icy chill stacks to 10 then damages targets nearby

Cloaked Ascendancy

Aura of Hope
Gives allies AP gain

Fiery Frenzy
Crit strike and hp

Soothing Zephyr
Recovery and hp

Planar Vitality
On deflect you heal

Stats to try for

This is what to shoot for so don’t be discouraged if you don’t get hefe right away. This is what to sboot for while buffed.


Defense helps you survive hits so more is better and increases you damage resistance.

At a certain point it becomes less of a priority. It caps out at 80% but in Mod 10 the developers gave the mobs 15% arm pen so 95% is the safe zone.

Armor Penetration

This helps you gain aggro and keep aggro on mobs.

60% resistance ignored


It means faster use of encounters.


More Hit points means more life


It makes 50% of damage you would have taken disappear


Only after you are at the Arm Pen cap and Recovery cap.

Gear (Starting)



Negation is what I run with to help boost my defense.

2x dusk 2x drow

The bonuses for these are solid for group running.


Ring of Rising Defense

Ring of Rising Deflect

Drow Shirt and Pants
(Gemmed exquisite once you can get them)

Artifact set

Debuffs enemy whenever you are attacked


Drowned set
Healing when procs

Gives defense and more power

I use a Plaguefire Enchantment for the Debuff to enemies, works wonders in mobs with weaponmasters strike


Defense on armor

Ap gain on the rest



Token of Chromatic Storm
Good damage and can freeze and/or debuff enemy


Heart of the Red Dragon

Horn of Valhalla
For the set

Bruenor’s Helm

Try different things and see what works for you.


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