DC Guide [Mod 12B]

by Aphas on June 29, 2017
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DC Guide [Mod 12B]

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This is not and will never be a complete guide, just a few opinions and ways to play this class. Some aspects such as some powers, PvP and faithful path will either be less in depth or not explained at all since I haven’t played/used them that much. Would like some opinions and more information from other players to try and make this as complete as possible.


So you’ve decided to create a DC! Either because you enjoy to play the support role or want the sigil and still be able to use the class after or just want to get into dungeons without waiting 30 min in queues…. Why you chose this class doesn’t matter, you just need to understand that this guide isn’t going to tell you what to pick and what to use. It’ll try to explain how the class works, it’s powers and the mechanics so that by the end you’ll be able to make your very own build that you enjoy playing and that will help your party.


The Starting tab will talk briefly about the initial rolls before you create a DC.

The Powers/Feats tabs will cover all of them, trying to give a brief explanation on their roles and when they’re mostly used.

The Leveling Up tab will serve to explain the mechanics of this class such as Channel Divinity and your role in the game.

The Gear/Companions/Mounts tabs will try to provide you with information on the best/most used and where to find them.

The Tips tab just provides a few advices that I believe are fundamental for a DC (just my opinion).





There are 12 races in Neverwinter each with their own unique appearance and different racial traits. This traits have little effect on how good a character will turn out in the end so just go with a race/character that you like! You can go with the “best” race for the class but if you don’t like how they look well… remember that you’ll have to see them every time you need to check your stats or change gear.

But if you’re looking for ideas for races then maybe choose one that has a +2 in wisdom since that’s the main ability score for DC. The races that can give that are:

  • Human: +2 to any ability score; Versatile Defense (Increase your Defense by 3%); Heroic Effort (you gain an additional heroic feat point at levels 10, 15, and 20. These three extra feat points cannot be used on the paragon feat table).


  • Drow: +2 Dexterity and +2 Charisma/Wisdom; Darkfire (you have 5% chance when attacking a foe to apply darkfire for 4 seconds, reducing its defense by 5%. This debuff can stack multiple times on one target and more than one foe can be affected by darkfire; Trance (you recover at campfires twice as quickly).


  • Dwarf: +2 Constitution and +2 Strength/Wisdom; Stand Your Ground (you have increased resistance to knock and repel effects); Cast Iron Stomach (you have increased damage resistance to DoT effects)


  • Half-Elf: +2 Constitution and +2 Charisma/Wisdom; Knack for Success (you are just naturally better at many facets of life, gaining +1% deflect, +1% critical severity, and +1% gold find); Dilettante (grants +1 to a non-class ability score – which for the DC class means +1 to Intelligence).


  • Wood Elf: +2 Dexterity and +2 Intelligence/Wisdom; Elven Accuracy (increases your chance to Critically Strike by 1%.); Wild Step (you have a 10% resistance to effects that Slow your movement)


  • Dragonborn: +2 to any 2 stats; Dragonborn Fury (your power and critical strike are increased by 3%); Draconic Heritage (you receive 5% more healing from all spells and abilities)



Ability Scores


As you can see on the image below, depending on which Ability Score you choose to put your points on you’ll get different increases in different stats so just figure out which ones you want to increase and add your points there.


DC posses a great variety of powers so will try to give a little explanation to each one but I might overlook some aspect so just remember to experiment and test to see which ones you enjoy and find more useful for your build.

Note: All the durations of powers were tested on preview with all stats at 0 and with the preview only test weapon (just to make sure).





At-wills are the basic attacks every class has that have no cooldowns and are bound to the left and right mouse buttons (for PC). For DC, at-wills are mostly used to build up divinity and give some utility and buffs. All % of divinity given will be in base form, this is without any features or feats to increase the amount you get. For calculating Divinity gain increases use the formula “(1+(0.05 * DF)) * (1+(0.03 * BF+0.05 * GoG))” where DF is rank of Divine Fortune, BF is rank of Bountiful Fortune, GoG is rank of Gift of the Gods. (special thanks for TehPuppy for providing all the divinity % and information)


Lance of Faith – lvl 0 : “Sear your foe with a spear of golden light. The third strike also damages enemies around your primary target. With each rank: Damage +10%.”

This is the first power you get and while the damage it does is decent for an at-will, it doesn’t give any type of buff and utility with it’s damage besides a small aoe on the third hit. It has a fast cast speed and gives 40.8% divinity for the first and second hits and 68% for the third hit.


Astral Seal – lvl 2 : “Encase your opponent in an astral seal. You or any allies striking the target regain Hit Points. Players may only trigger this Heal once every 4 seconds. With each rank: Damage +10%, Duration +1 s.”

A useful at-will that will help with healing allies and gives 68% divinity when used. Usually used against bosses and mobs with high hp/defense since they’ll last long enough for players to get some health back. The seal lasts around ~10s at rank 1.

Important: Dragons seem to specially hate this at-will and will cause extreme lag to anyone around if hit by it so avoid using this against them.


Punishing Light & Soothing Light – lvl 10 : This 2 at-wills will replace the ones you have while in divine mode and will consume divinity if used. Unlike encounters they only consume a bit of divinity each time they’re used instead of a full bar but will not create any empowerment orbs so because of that they are rarely if not never used at all.


Sacred Flame – lvl 20 : “Bathe your enemy with burning sacred light. The third hit of this power deals additional damage and you or allies near your target will receive a small amount of Temporary Hit Points. With each rank: Damage +10%, Buff Radius +5 ft”

The temporary hit points given by the third hit are really low at higher levels and together with the somewhat low amount of divinity given, this at-will is not used that much except in situational occasions. This is also the fastest at-will we have and gives 40.7% divinity for the first and second hits and 47.6% for the third hit.


Brand of the Sun – lvl 35 (DO only) : “You draw upon the power of the sun to burn your foe, dealing damage over time. With each rank: Damage +10%”

Although this at-will’s only effect is damage it’s a DoT so it’ll be extremely useful for activating some of the feats in the righteous tree.This at-will gives 54.4% divinity on initial cast and provides 9.067% divinity for each of it’s 6 ticks (the ticks will continue to provide divinity even if the mob dies before it ends). The DoT last around ~10 s.


Blessings of Battle – lvl 35 (AC only) : ”As you prepare to strike your target, you bless nearby allies and yourself with a minor defensive prayer that reduces incoming damage. With each rank: Damage +10%, Buff +2%.”

The best divinity builder that DC can get (gives 95.2% divinity) but the reason why this at-will is used so much is because of the feat Battle Fervor. The buff lasts around ~10/11 s.






Encounters are the main powers for any class. They have cooldowns (which can be reduced with the recovery stat and some powers) and for the DC class they posses different effects depending on which mode you’re using them (see Channel Divinity if more information needed).


Sun Burst – lvl 3 : Normal – “ Invokes a radiant blast that burns foes around you, Knocks enemies away, and Heals yourself and allies. If you affect enemies and other allies at the same time, you gain 25% more Action Points. With each rank: Damage +10%, Heal +10%, Knockback +5 ft”

Divine Mode – “Applies a stacking Damage Over Time effect to any nearby foes and a Heal Over Time to nearby allies. This effect can stack 3 times.”

Empowered – “Sun Burst consumes all stacks of Empowered to increase the Knock and Heal by 15% per stack.”

It can be useful when playing solo and you need to keep mobs away but if playing with a party avoid using the normal/empowered versions of this encounter since the knockback will make the dps stop their rotations and you don’t want them to keep on complaining non stop… But if you are angry at them use this encounter to your heart’s desire and see how annoyed they can be!

Has a 5 mob cap per cast and the DoT and HoT from divine mode lasts for around ~10 s.


Healing Word – lvl 5 : Normal – “Heal and apply a Heal Over Time effect to you and all targets in a line. This power has 3 encounter charges, and recasting on an affected ally will apply an additional stack to the target. With each rank: Heal +10%”

Divine Mode – “Grants yourself and all allies in a line Temporary Hit Points every 3 seconds for 9 seconds. In addition, it does not consume an encounter charge.”

Empowered – “Healing Word now consumes all stacks of Empowered to immediately Heal all allies for 35% more per stack consumed.”

This is one of the 2 main healing encounters DC have and although it heals less than Bastion of Health it has 3 charges so you can heal a wider area. While in divine mode it grants a small amount of temporary hp instead of healing so that can be good or bad depending on the situation. If you’re planning on having an encounter for healing just choose between this one and bastion and go with the one you prefer using, it makes almost no difference which one you choose.

The HoT lasts around 10 s.


Searing Light – lvl 5 : Normal – “Throw a powerful beam of light through targets in front of you. With each rank : Damage +10%”.

Divine Mode – “When the beam pierces a target, it also deals 15% Damage to enemies within 15′ of that target and Heals allies within 15′ for 100% of that damage.”

Empowered – “Searing Light now consumes all stacks of Empowered to strike with increased Armor Penetration. Ignores 10% additional armor per stack consumed.”

Hmm… never used this one nor do I know anyone that uses it so no idea but you’ll need to spend your power points somewhere while leveling up so give it a try? (could use more info from other players that have used this encounter).


Chains of Blazing Light – lvl 15 : Normal – “Mark a location with a holy rune for a short duration. When a foe steps on the mark, chains of fiery light Immobilize them for 3 seconds. With each rank : Damage +10%, Duration +5s”

Divine Mode – “Now instantly marks location, where chains of fiery light Immobilize foes for 1 second. Up to 3 of these marks may be active at a time.”

Empowered – “When Chains of Blazing Light strikes a foe it consumes all stacks of Empowered to increase the Immobilize duration by 2 seconds and Damage by 15% per stack consumed.”

A dps encounter used by many. It does good damage, it’s a bit slow in normal mode but extremely fast in divine mode. The Immobilize is useful when playing solo to give you time to get out of range of the mobs. It can be used on up to 5 mobs at once. It does not trigger Owlbear cub companion active bonus if you’re using a weapon enchantment that deals % of weapon damage as bonus damage (ex: Plague Fire enchantment). Will only generate AP if it hits a target.


Daunting Light – lvl 20 : Normal – “After a brief delay, summon a powerful column of light that burns the targeted area. With each rank: Damage +10%”

Divine Mode – “Now instantly strikes targeted location in a larger area.”

Empowered – “Daunting Light now consumes all stacks of Empowered to deal 33% more Damage per stack consumed.”

The highest damaging power DC have but has a few drawbacks such as small area of effect and slow cast speed. While in divine mode it does less damage than normal version. It’ll generate AP even if you miss the target so it’s one of the few damaging powers that can be used to build AP outside of battle.


Forgemaster’s Flame – lvl 30 : Normal – “Ignite your target with Astral Fire, applying a Damage Over Time effect. With each rank: Damage +10%, Slow +10%”

Divine Mode – “You unleash a burst of Astral Fire, dealing Damage and Slowing the target for 6 seconds. This Slow stacks up to 3 times.”

Empowered – “Forgemaster’s Flame now consumes all stacks of Empowered to increase the Damage dealt by Forgemaster’s Flame by 10% per stack and grant Astral Forge to all nearby allies when cast. Astral Forge increases the Damage allies deal by 5% per stack for 8 seconds.”

A good encounter to use in it’s empowered version for the increased damage but it’s mostly only used if there is another DC in the party that is already using Break the Spirit. The animation for the encounter will only show it affecting 5 players but it seems to be giving the buff to everyone (still needs more testing). While in divine mode it’s our fastest casting encounter and the DoT lasts for around ~5s and the empowered buff for around ~10s.


Prophecy of Doom – lvl 30 (DO only) : Normal – “Target has lowered Defense Resistance for 8 seconds, and if target is still alive after this time, they take a large amount of Damage. If target is killed during this time, you gain a large amount of Action Points, and this power instantly recharges.With each rank: Damage: +10%, Damage Resist Debuff: +2.5%, Action Points: +12.5% from fulfilled prophecy”

Divine Mode – “You deal instant Damage to target foe. This Damage is doubled if the target is affected by Prophecy of Doom.”

Empowered – “Prophecy of Doom now consumes all stacks of Empowered to increase the duration of Prophecy by 2 seconds per stack and the Damage Resistance Debuff by 5% per stack.”

The debuff to the target is good but… it’s still broken. If the target dies the power isn’t instantly recharged nor do you get a large amount of AP. Again this encounters debuff is still great so if you plan on going full buff/debuff this is a good choice since it doesn’t need to be cast while empowered for it to be useful. Debuff lasts around ~10 s if not empowered.


Exaltation – lvl 30 (AC only) : Normal – “You bless target ally and yourself with ancient blessings, Healing both of you and then temporarily granting increased Damage and Damage Resistance. With each rank: Heal +10%, Buff +2%, Divinity Buff +6%”

Divine Mode – “Heal yourself and your ally, granting a powerful Damage Resistance Buff for 10 seconds.”

Empowered – “Exaltation now consumes all stacks of Empowered to increase the Heal by 15% per stack. The Damage Buff and Damage Resistance Buff are increased by 5% per stack.”

A somewhat difficult encounter to use on the right target while in battle but provides decent buffs (although it’s a single ally buff so it’ll be only used depending on the situation). Doesn’t need to be cast while empowered to be useful and the buff lasts for around ~10s.


Bastion of Health – lvl 35 : Normal – “Heals and apply a Heal Over Time to allies at target location after a lengthy buildup. With each rank: Heal +10%”

Divine Mode – “Now instantly casts a more powerful Heal.”

Empowered – “Bastion of Health now consumes all stacks of Empowered to Heals allies for 10% of their missing Hit Points per stack consumed.”

This is one of the 2 main healing encounters DC have and although it heals more than Healing Word it is a fixed area of effect encounter with long cast and cooldown times. Even so in Divine Mode it is an insta heal instead of a HoT so it’s useful if you need to quickly heal someone. When fully empowered (using 3 stacks/orbs/empowerments) it can heal almost all of someone’s hp (this will depend on your power/outgoing healing bonus). Again if you’re planning on having a heal encounter then just choose which one you prefer using and that adapts to your playstyle. The HoT lasts for around ~12s.


Break the Spirit – lvl 45 : Normal – “The agonizing radiance of your deity saps your target’s strength for 6 seconds, applying a Damage Over Time effect, reducing their Damage by 20%, and reducing your threat on the target. With each rank: Damage +10%, Damage Debuff +10%”

Divine Mode – “Break their spirit completely, Stunning them for 3 seconds. Subsequent applications of this Stun have their duration reduced by 1 second for each application.”

Empowered – “Break the Spirit now consumes all stacks of Empowered to grant nearby allies Bolstered Spirit, which increases their Damage by 10% per stack consumed and lasts 8 seconds.”

An encounter that is best used in it’s fully empowered form (3 stacks/orbs/empowerments) and provides a DoT. If you use the encounter in either normal or empowered again while the previous empowered buff is still applied it will replace it (if you have the buff still active and use a normal version of this encounter, the buff will end the moment you cast the normal version, this also applies if another DC uses this encounter after you, yours will be removed).


Divine Glow – lvl 45 : Normal – “Deal Damage to foes at target location, reducing their Damage Resistance by 10% for 6 seconds. Allies at the target location are Healed, granted a Heal Over Time effect, and gain 10% increased Damage Resistance for 6 seconds. With each rank: Damage +10%, Heal +10%, Damage Resist Debuff +2.5%, Damage Buff +2.5%”

Divine Mode – “Deal damage to foes at target location, reducing their Damage by 5% for 6 seconds, stacking up to 3 times. Allies are Healed and gain 5% increased Damage, stacking up to 3 times.”

Empowered – “Divine Glow now consumes all stacks of Empowered to increase the effect radius of Divine Glow by 5′ per stack and increase the duration of the Buff and Debuff by 2 seconds per stack.”

The all in one encounter. It can heal, HoT, buff, debuff, do damage and DoT so no matter which build anyone has this encounter is almost always picked. Another advantage this encounter has is that the best ways to use it is in normal and divine mode versions so that means you don’t have to waste your empowered version on it. The buff/HoT/etc lasts for around ~10s.


Astral Shield – lvl 50 : Normal – “Create a shimmering shield at target location that increases the Damage Resistance of allies in its protective circle by 10%. With each rank: Damage Resist Buff +10%, Temporary Hit Points +15%”

Divine Mode – “Allies receive Temporary Hit Points.”

Empowered – “Astral Shield now consumes all stacks of Empowered to increase the Incoming Healing of all allies by 10% for each stack consumed.”

A good support encounter that can increase the damage resistance by a considerable amount. After it’s rework it no longer mitigates damage when empowered, instead provides extra Incoming Healing which makes this encounter not worth using as empowered anymore (my opinion). It has a small area of effect so you’ll need to learn where to place this encounter if you decide to use it. The shield last for around ~10s and the temporary hit points will last for a while outside of battle (could use more testing).


Warding Flare – lvl 60 : Normal – “You place a divine light at target location that periodically shields nearby allies, blocking up to 10% of their maximum hit points. With each rank: Flare Duration +1sec”

Divine Mode – “Place a direct shield on target ally for 6 seconds that absorbs up to 10% of their maximum hit points. This shield may not be placed on yourself.”

Empowered – “Warding Flare now consumes all stacks of Empowered to also Heal allies, and heals for 35% more per stack consumed.”

This is a very situational and limited use encounter that will probably be only useful when surviving one hit is more important than healing. (could use more info from other players that have used this encounter).


Geas – lvl 65 : Normal – “You compel target creature to not attack you or your allies for up to 60 seconds. This effect is broken if the creature takes more than 500% of your weapon damage. This effect may only be on one creature at a time. This effect reduces the damage a player does by 90% and lasts 10 seconds on players. Players can only be affected by Geas once every 30 seconds. With each rank: Geas Strength +125% Weapon Damage”

Divine Mode – “Compel a target to stand still for 6 seconds. Subsequent casts on the same target have drastically reduced effect. Half duration on players.”

Empowered – “Increases the duration of the Geas by 10 seconds per stack. 1.5 second per stack on players.”

It’s a decent encounter to use in pvp but a fully empowered Astral Shield is still a better choice. (could use more info from other players that have used this encounter).






Dailies are powers that will require 100% of your Action Point Meter to be filled before using. The DC class can gain AP by healing and dealing damage but can also gain from using artifacts (Sigil of the Devoted) and mount powers.


Guardian of Faith – lvl 4 : “Call down a faithful angel to smite your foe from above, leaving them Prone. As the angel ascends, it Heals your allies. With each rank: Damage +10%, Heal +10%”

After the DC changes this daily now heals for 500% more. I’ve tried testing this out a few times and at rank 4 it could either heal my allies for 120k or for 15k… still not sure how this works but can either fully heal them or won’t have any effect. The healing provided also seems to be very gear/stats dependent so it’ll only be more useful once you’re fully geared… and once you’re fully geared you won’t need to use this daily… So this could use some more testing.


Flame Strike – lvl 10 : “Raise a column of holy fire that knocks targets upwards, and then splashes down in a wider area. With each rank: Damage +10%”

A damage dealing daily that might be useful while leveling up. It’ll be your choice if you want to do instant damage using this daily or use another one that will buff you for a while and increase your overall damage/defenses.


Hallowed Ground – lvl 10 : “Your prayer temporarily sanctifies the ground around you, and allies standing on the ground have enhanced offense and defense. With each rank: Damage Buff +5%, Damage Resist Buff +5%”

The damage and damage resistance buffs along with the large area of effect make this an extremely useful daily but unlike the other dailies, Hallowed Ground has a 45s cooldown (which can be reduced with recovery stat and some powers) and the buff will last for around ~15s. Multiple Hallowed Ground dailies do not stack.


Divine Armor – lvl 40 : “Call down an angel to cast a protective ward over allies in the targeted area. While encased in divine power, your allies are granted 50% of their maximum hit points as Temporary Hit Points. With each rank: Temporary Hitpoints +10%”

This is more of an “Oh no” kind of daily where you’ll mostly use it when you see that your party members are getting low on hp and your encounters are on cooldown or you’re out of divinity or they’re just running around and you can’t target them. Although it only lasts for 5s it has a large area of effect and it’ll give you enough time to figure out what to do next.


Hammer of Faith – lvl 50 (DO only) : “Hammer your foe with prophetic words of power, Knocking them back with force. If the target is killed by the power of fate, than you will regain 10% of your Action Points. During this casting you take reduced damage and are immune to Crowd Control effects. With each rank: Damage +10%, Action Points: +2.5% regained if target is killed.”

A good daily for pvp mainly because of the immune to Crowd Control effects with somewhat decent dps. (Could use more info)


Anointed Army – lvl 50 (AC only) : “Divine brilliance burns your foes and grants your allies blessings that once warded the armies of the gods. Each blessing absorbs 100% of incoming damage for up to 20% of the target’s maximum health. While blessed, allies are also immune to control effects and have greatly increased power. These blessings are removed early when the recipient is damaged, and they bestow a small amount of Temporary Hit Points to their holder upon removal. With each rank: Damage +10%, Buff Hits +1”

One of the reasons AC DC are wanted. Even with the fix and nerf this daily got in the recent changes it still remains one of the best power buffs DC can give but in cases of DoT, Hallowed Ground is better since the Buff Hits from Anointed Army are removed with incoming damage. If no damage is taken this buff will last for around ~10s.






Class features are passive abilities that grant special bonuses and do not require player activation.


Healer’s Lore – lvl 5 : “Increases the potency of your heals by 5%. With each rank: Buff +5%”

You heal more. If you feel like you’re not healing enough then use this.


Divine Fortune – lvl 15 : “You build an additional 5% more Divine Power. With each rank: Divine Power +5%”

The faster you build up divinity, the faster you can do your rotation although it’ll also depend on how low your cooldowns are. Try this one and see if the number of hits you need to do with your at-wills stays the same or decreases when using it and decide if it’s worth to slot this one or not.


Sooth – lvl 15 : “Decrease threat from healing spells by 20%. With each rank: Threat -10%”

When playing in a party the tank should “always” generate the most threat so this feature is kinda useless (well if you’re running demogorgon as a virtuous DC and demo is following you around like a lost puppy then maybe this might be useful but really you can ignore this feature… or use it! You decide what you want to do).


Holy Fervor – lvl 20 : “Your attacks generate 5% more Action Points. With each rank: Action Points +5%”

The faster you get AP, the faster you can “spam” dailies. Although once you get close to end game (depending on your choice of stats) you’ll be able to quickly build up AP so you won’t need to use this feature to “spam” dailies.


Foresight – lvl 30 (DO only) : “Anticipating what is to come, you receive 2% less incoming damage. When healing others, you share these visions and temporarily increase their defenses as well. With each rank: Damage Resistance Buff +2%”

Basically if your party needs more DR then this is a useful one to have.


Anointed Action – lvl 30 (AC only) : “After using a daily power, you temporarily deal increased damage, and reduce incoming damage. With each rank: Buff +3.3%”

This is a good feature to have if you want/need to increase the overall damage you do either for solo content or for a dps build.


Terrifying Insight – lvl 40 (DO only) : “Seeing the inevitable destruction of your foes, you and all party members deal 8% more damage. With each rank: Damage Buff +4%”

The reason why DO DC are wanted now. Although it’s only for party members and not all around you, a constant +20% damage increase (at rank 4) for just being next to you is too much to pass on. This buff does not stack with multiple DO DC.


Anointed Armor – lvl 40 (AC only) : “Anoint your armor with powerful blessings, increasing your AC and Deflect Chance. With each rank: AC +4, Deflect Chance +2%”

At rank 4 it add 8% damage reduction and 8% deflect chance which is equal to 3200 defense and 3200 deflect. This greatly increases your survivability so if you’re lacking a bit consider trying this one since if the DC dies then there is a high chance that someone else will also die or the whole party will wipe.


Prophetic Action – lvl 50 (DO only) : “Seeing into the future, you are able to shield yourself for up to your maximum hit points in damage from one attack every 30 seconds. This effect also shields all party members for up 25% of their maximum hit points from one attack.”

This can either save someone from an otherwise deadly hit or be activated by any tiny bit of damage and causing it to enter its 30s “cooldown” so it’s a good situational feature that is best used when there isn’t any DoT.


Anointed Holy Symbol – lvl 50 (AC only) : “Using Divinity powered Encounter abilities now grants Temporary Hit Points to nearby allies. With each rank: Temporary Hit Points +12%”

I think I tested this a while ago and think the temporary hit points it gave were low but again test it out and see for yourself. (will try testing out when I can)


Light of Divinity – lvl 60 : “Every 3 seconds you apply a Heal divided amongst allies within 50ft. This effect does not count as a Heal Over Time. With each rank: Heal +10%”

The heal provided by this feature isn’t that much and since it’s not a HoT it’ll not proc feats like Gift of Haste, etc.


Hastening Light – lvl 65 : “When you activate a Daily power all allies within 50ft have their recharge times reduced by 1 second. With each rank: Recharge Time -1s”

A great feature to have since a cooldown recharge reduction is always good to have and affects everyone in range (it’ll also reduce the cooldown for Hallowed Ground if you’re using that daily). It’s especially good if used with the off-hand weapon power.



Note: All feats will be listed by columns and from top to bottom.





1st Column

Healing Action (0/5) : “Gain 1/2/3/4/5% more Action Points whenever you use a Healing ability”

If you plan to “spam” dailies and will have Bastion/Healing Word as an encounter (besides Divine Glow) then the faster you can build up Action Points the better.


Greater Fortune (0/3) : “Your Wisdom now grants 1/2/3% more healing.”

Well being able to heal a bit more with only Divine Glow is always good for endgame/running solo since you’ll be able to free one encounter slot (meaning you won’t need to use a heal specific encounter).


Toughness (0/3) : “Increases your maximum Hit Points by 3/6/9%.”

Having more HP will slightly increase your survivability and since a DC should never die then it’s a good option if you see you have low HP. Also the higher your HP is, the more protection you can provide from empowered Astral Shield, if you plan on using that.



2nd Column

Holy Resolve (0/3) : “Gain 5/10/15% of your Maximum Hit Points in Temporary Hit Points when you drop below 30% Hit Points. Has a 5 minute cooldown.”

A 5min cooldown is too much for it to be viable to either PvE or PvP since most battles don’t last that long and there are easier ways to get temporary hit points such as divine mode Astral Shield, etc.


Domain Synergy (0/5) : “Gain 1/2/3/4/5% more recovery.”

To be able to do a rotation faster you’ll also need to have lower cooldowns on your encounters and to do so you’ll need recovery (but remember that at a certain value the benefits of adding more recovery will decrease).


Weapon Mastery (0/3) : “Increases your Critical Chance by 1/2/3%.”

If you’re planning on going a more dps or crit heals focused build then this is a “free” increase in crit chance.



3rd Column

Initiate of the Faith (0/5) : “Your Crit stat is increased by .2/.4/.6/.8/1% of your Power stat.”

Considering that, for example, you have 30k base Power, you’ll only get an extra 300 crit which corresponds to less than 1% crit chance (400 crit = 1% crit chance)


Repurposed Soul (0/3) : “When one of your spells has a critical effect, the target of that spell disperses a small area of effect heal, healing you and your allies for 5/10/15% of the spell’s effect.”

A little side heal to help keep your party alive but it’s only useful if you have a high enough crit to have this feat proc enough times.


Battlewise (0/3) : “You create 2/4/6% less threat.”

I’ll give the same reason for this as I gave the class feature Sooth, The tank should always be able to generate the most threat by using their powers so it’s better to simply spend your feat points in better options.



4th Column

Cleanse (0/3) : “When you Heal an ally you have a 10/20/30% chance to remove a Damage Over Time effect from them. You may not Re-Cleanse a target for 8 seconds.”

An extremely useful feat specially for FBI dungeon’s 1st boss. It only needs 1 point into it (10% is enough to constantly proc it) but if you prefer you can add 2 points for 20%. It can be activated from the healing provided by Astral Seal at-will so it’s easy to have it proc on allies (as long as they hit the target). When activated from the healing given by Astral Seal the effect seems to instantly apply to all classes except DC and SW (could use more info).


Templar’s Domain (0/5) : “When dealing damage, you have a 5/10/15/20/25% chance to gain 30% more Armor Penetration for 5 seconds.”

Unless you PvP this will be useless since you’ll get enough armor penetration for solo content from a guild boon and/or companion.


Bountiful Fortune (0/5) : “Gain 3/6/9/12/15% more Divine Power.”

Like the class feature Divine Fortune, the faster you can build up divinity, the faster you can complete a rotation (depending on cooldown times). And by getting this feat you can maybe generate enough divinity that you won’t need the class feature, freeing a slot for another feature.







This feat path is mostly focused on healing and buffs, being the healing provided be Heal over Time (HoT). Your instant healing will be lower than normal but you’ll provide a constant heal for a certain period of time.

1st Column

Lasting Wishes (0/5) : “You Heal for 2/4/6/8/10% more.”

Like the class feature Healer’s Lore, if you feel you lack a bit in healing and prefer to use other class features then this feat is a good one to have.


Have Faith (0/5) : “Allies who are affected by your Heal Over Time effects have 1/2/3/4/5% more Damage Resistance.”

Even if you don’t plan on going fully into this feat path, most healing encounters already provide HoT so if you plan on using any of them, giving an extra buff just by using those encounters is always good. (Note: do not pick this feat if you plan on getting the last feat on the faithful path since it’ll remove the HoT from encounters).


2nd Column

Urgent Prayers (0/5) : “When one of your Heal Over Time effects heals a target below 10/20/30/40/50% Hit Points, it will heal for an additional 25% of your Weapon Damage.”

And here it starts the long list of feats that use a % of weapon damage… I’ll say it now I don’t like most of them since the amount you get from the weapon damage is extremely low so you can try and test this feats out but I wouldn’t recommend it. End rant…


Second Sight (0/5) (DO only) : “When Prophecy of Doom ends, it disperses 5/10/15/20/25% of the damage as a heal to you and all allies near the target.”

You’ll provide extra healing by just using Prophecy of Doom which is a good debuff encounter so if you use/plan to use the encounter then this is a good feat to have.


Battle Fervor (0/5) (AC only) : “Blessing of Battle’s buff now also increases affected target’s Power by 3/6/9/12/15% of your Power.”

This is a must have for any power sharing builds since it’s a free power buff you can give to your allies by just using the at-will that provides the most divinity.


3rd Column

Gift of Haste (0/5) : “Your Heal Over Time powers also grant the target 1/2/3/4/5% of their AP over 5 seconds.”

A good buff to have since it not only helps you with getting Action Points but it’ll also work on allies.


Gift of Life (0/5) : “Your Heal Over Time effects heal for 5/10/15/20/25% more while you are at 100% health.”

I only recommend getting this feat if you plan on going full virtuous (meaning getting the last feat of this feat tree) since only by doing that can you guarantee you’ll be “always” at full HP or more (with temporary hit points) for this feat to have any effect.


4th Column

Unbreakable Devotion (0/5) : “Your Heal Over Time effects grant allies a shield that ignores a flat amount of damage for 6 seconds. This amount is equal to 10/20/30/40/50% of your weapon damage. A target may only benefit from this shield once every 20 seconds.”

DC already have low weapon damage so 50% of that (at 5/5) is just too low… I don’t even think that would protect me from falling from somewhere a bit taller than me… and it has a 20 secs cooldown… *sigh*


Purity (0/5) : “Your Heal Over Time effects have a 2/4/6/8/10% chance to heal allies for an additional 200%.”

If you get this far into this feat tree then that means you’ll probably go more healing oriented. This feat will provide a good part of your overall healing, specially when playing with large groups of players.


5th Column

Virtue’s Gift (0/5) : “Your Heal Over Time effects heal for 20% more while you are above 95/90/85/80/75% health.”

Like I said in the feat Gift of Life, if you plan on going full virtuous then almost always you’ll be at full HP or more so you’ll only need 1 point into this one for you to get the extra 20% healing.


Cleansing Fire (0/5) : “Your damaging encounter powers have a 10/20/30/40/50% chance to apply a Heal Over Time effect to all allies within 30ft of the target. This effect heals for 350% of your weapon damage over 15 seconds. This effect does not stack.”

You’ll heal a meager amount… not instantly but over 15 secs!… and it doesn’t stack… I’m sorry but I just really don’t see the point in this type of feats.


6th Column

Shield of the Divine (0/1) : “When you, or an ally within 30ft of you takes damage, they receive a Heal Over Time from you, healing for 500% of your weapon damage over 10 seconds. An ally cannot trigger this effect while already affected by Shield of the Divine. Additionally, Healing Word, Bastion of Health and Divine Glow no longer directly heal allies and instead apply a Heal Over Time to affected allies for double that amount over 12 seconds.”

Yes the heal it provides is based on weapon damage but that’s not what matters regarding this feat. The heal it gives to allies that get damaged will proc Purity, Have Faith  and Gift of Haste feats and it’s useful to be able to give a passive healing (even if small) by just standing next to your allies and do nothing (this is more notable in cases of DoT like demogorgon).







This feat path is also focused on healing but it’s more about instant healing and “stored” healing. It’s commonly used in PvP for immortal builds.

1st Column

Resounding Beliefs (0/5) : “Your non-Heal Over Time powers Heal for 2/4/6/8/10% more.”

I would recommend only getting this feat if you plan on going full faithful path since it’ll only have a significant effect if you have the last feat on this feat tree.


Desperate Restoration (0/5) : “You Heal for 6/12/18/24/30% more if you or the target are below 30% HP.”

This might be more useful for PvP scenarios since in PvE (at least endgame) if anyone is below 30% HP they’re already dead.


2nd Column

Divine Intervention (0/5) : “Your healing spells have a 5/10/15/20/25% chance to grant the target 150% of your weapon damage as Temporary Hit Points.”

Slightly more Temporary Hit Points than Unbreakable Devotion feat but it’ll will still only protect you from a slightly taller fall.


Benefit of Foresight (0/5) (DO only) : “Defense bonus from Foresight is increased by 1/2/3/4/5%.”

If you want to go more “tank mode” and you’re using this class feature then it’s a decent increase.


Prestigious Exaltation (0/5) (AC only) : “Increases duration of Exaltation buff by 2/4/6/8/10% and your heals are increased by 2/4/6/8/10% while you are buffed.”

As I said I consider this encounter to be a more situational encounter so unless you plan on using it regularly I would recommend spending your feat points in another feat.


3rd Column

Gift of the Gods (0/5) : “You generate 5/10/15/20/25% more Divine Power.”

In PvP this will be useful since you don’t have that much time to stop and build divinity up but in PvE you should have enough divinity from Bountiful Fortune and/or Divine Fortune (unless you didn’t pick any of them, then probably best to get this feat).


Final Acts (0/5) : “Your Power is increased by 10/20/30/40/50% while you are below 30% HP.”

Again another “below X HP” feat so as I said before you’ll either be dead or you’ll recover HP faster than you can use this buff.


4th Column

Shared Burdens (0/5) : “Your direct healing spells also Heal allies within 30ft the target for 4/8/12/16/20% of the original heal.”

It’s like Purity in the sense that it heals allies around your target so it’s more useful in large groups of players.


Chaplain’s Strength (0/5) : “When a foe is within 30ft of you, your Heals are increased by 2/4/6/8/10%.”

You heal more when you’re next to a foe, which is when you need to heal more so it’s a good feat if you need more healing.


5th Column

Test of Faith (0/5) : “When taking damage you gain a stack of Faith. Every 3 seconds a stack of Faith will seek out a nearby damaged ally and Heal them for 60/120/180/240/300% of your weapon damage. You can only gain a stack of Faith once every second. You may only have 20 stacks, and they are removed if you leave combat.”

Although it’s a small amount of healing (just like virtuous last feat) it’s useful to have a passive healing you can provide by just doing nothing. (Or maybe not, as I said in the beginning I haven’t used this feat path too much)


United by Faith (0/5) : “For each ally within 30ft of you your healing is increased by 1/2/3/4/5%.”

If you need more healing and have a lot of allies then it’s a good feat to have.


6th Column

Agent of the Divine (0/1) : “Your Heal spells on allies now heal for 25% less and store the difference on the target as a “Gift of Faith”. While an ally has Gift of Faith on them, when they drop below 45% HP the Gift of Faith is expended to immediately heal them for the full amount of the Gift. Additionally Healing Word, Bastion of Health, and Divine Glow no longer apply Regeneration effect, but instead grant the amount they would have healed directly to Gift of Faith.”

This feat is what provides the “stored healing” so you’ll just need to keep using healing encounters on your allies to build up on stored HP (even if they’re at full HP they’ll still get the stored amount) and once/if they drop to low enough HP (and are still alive) they’ll instantly regain that stored HP. This is an extremely useful feat but only if your allies aren’t instantly killed and you have provided enough stored healing for them to regain full HP.







This feat path is mostly focused on buff/debuff and damage and it’s the most sought after for endgame (but for that you’ll need to already have a bit of a higher ilvl to make it functional – I mean to be able to purely focus on buff/debuff without lacking on healing)

1st Column

Astral Fury (0/5) : “You deal 2/4/6/8/10% more damage.”

You do more damage. It’s useful for solo or dps builds but you don’t “need” to do damage in group content. I mean you can to help out but it should never be your first (or second) priority.


Furious Intervention (0/5) : “You generate 2/4/6/8/10% more Action Points when dealing damage.”

The “when dealing damage” can be a bit misguiding since most of your encounters do a bit of damage so you’re basically getting extra AP from most of them and not just the damage specific powers.


2nd Column

Righteous Suffering (0/5) : “When you take damage you deal 2/4/6/8/10% more damage for 10 seconds.”

Again good for solo/dps build but other than that DC should avoid taking damage and dealing damage is not a priority.


Power of the Sun (0/5) (DO only) : “Brand of the Sun reduces the targets damage output and their chance to crit by 1/2/3/4/5%.”

If you’re a DO then Brand of the Sun will probably be your “go to” at-will for building up divinity so providing an extra debuff that helps the tank is always good.


Ancient Warding (0/5) (AC only) : “When the Anointed Army daily buff ends, the holder is Healed for .6/1.2/1.8/2.4/3% of their max Hit Points, and gains 1/2/3/4/5% of their total Action Points. In addition, the Anointed Action class feature now lasts 4/8/12/16/20% longer.”

The important part of this feat is the Anointed Army part, since you’ll (most likely) be using this daily power the little buffs it gives is always nice.


3rd Column

Living Fire (0/5) : “Whenever you are taken below 30% hit points, you deal 5/10/15/20/25% extra damage for 8 seconds.”

Again “below X HP”, it’s not always the best since it doesn’t last for long at all. (And I also believe this feat is currently bugged, not sure)


Weapons of Light (0/5) : “Allies within 30ft have their Power increased by 2/4/6/8/10% of your Power.”

This is an extremely important feat not only for power sharing builds but for all. It’s a passive power buff that even if you only have 20k base power (which is low for any build) it’ll still provide a 2k power buff without you having to do anything besides standing close to your allies.


4th Column

Bear your Sins (0/5) : “Foes who are under the effect of one of your Damage Over Time effects take 2/4/6/8/10% more damage from all sources”

A good part of your powers like Divine Glow, Break the Spirit, Brand of the Sun, etc, will provide a DoT necessary to activate this feat so it’s not that difficult to proc this debuff and it’s an easy way to increase overall damage of the party.


Piercing Light (0/5) : “Your damaging powers have 2/4/6/8/10% additional Armor Penetration.”

Just like Templar’s Domain feat, between your guild boon and companion you should have enough armor penetration to do solo content/for a dps build so no need to get this feat.


5th Column

Condemning Gaze (0/5) : “Your damaging encounter powers apply a stack of Condemned to affected and nearby targets for 30 seconds. If a foe reaches 5 stacks of Condemned they take 3/6/9/12/15% more damage from all sources for 15 seconds and will not gain new stacks of Condemned until this effect expires.”

Just by doing your rotation you’ll keep hitting the target with your encounters so this is mostly a free debuff you can provide that helps to increase the overall damage of your party. (Note 1: only encounters that affect the target will proc this feat so encounters such as Bastion of Health, Astral Shield, etc wont count). (Note 2: the encounter Prophecy of Doom doesn’t seem to proc this feat, probably a bug) (Note 3: the encounters Break the Spirit and Forgemaster’s Flame will proc this feat for each each DoT tick)


Fire of the Gods (0/5) : “When you critically strike a foe they are set ablaze, taking 20/40/60/80/100% of your weapon damage every second for 15 seconds. This effect does not stack.”

Although again it’s a “% of weapon damage” feat, the highlight of this feat is that the damage it provides is considered a DoT so it’ll help proc Bear your Sins feat if you do not use Brand of the Sun at-will. For that reason if you plan on using this feat you’ll only need to add 1 point into it .


6th Column

Avatar of the Divine (0/1) : “When you enter combat you gain Avatar. Avatar increases your damage by 40% and increases your cooldown speed by 40% for 25 seconds. After you have activated Avatar you cannot benefit from it again for 60 seconds. Avatar will reactivate automatically when it is ready. Leaving combat cancels Avatar and resets the cooldown.”

Although dealing damage is not a priority getting a 40% increase doesn’t hurt if it only costs 1 feat point and it comes with a reduction in cooldowns so if you went this far into this feat tree then might aswell pick this one.



Don’t worry about following a build or what powers are the best to use at end game while leveling up. You’ll get a “free respec” (you can buy one for 7 Symbol of Savras from Sybella, which you can get by completing zones so basically free) and only once you get to level 70 will you need to think about rotations and builds. Just have fun and try out different powers! Only by using them and testing will you be able to understand how they work and see which ones you prefer. (Little note: if you want to level up faster go into the righteous tree and pick anything that says more damage)




Channel Divinity


This mechanic is unique to the DC class and is available at level 10.

There are 3 different aspects of this mechanic:

  • Divinity – As you can see around the left side of your screen there is a little bar with 3 little “+” signs. This is the divinity meter (no idea if that’s the real name, just what I call it) and it is filled every time you use your at-wills (each at-will gives a different amount of divinity) until it’s full (until all 3 “+” are filled/lightened/yellow/whatever you want to call it). Each “+” represents 100% and full divinity is 300%. Note: you can use divine mode even if your divinity meter isn’t completely full! You only need a bit of divinity to be able to change to it but my advice is to only change if you have at least one “+” filled.


  • Divine Mode – Once you get divinity you can access divine mode by pressing “tab” (which in turn will make the divinity meter blue so it’s easier to differentiate between the 2). In this mode both your at-wills will change and the encounters you have will have different effects. Using an encounter will consume a filled “+” (but will not cause the encounter to have any cooldown so if you had a full divinity meter before entering divine mode you can use the same encounter 3 times in a row) while the at-wills will only consume a bit of the divinity. To leave this mode simply press “tab” again or once you run out of divinity you’ll automatically leave.


  • Empowered- When using an encounter in divine mode you’ll notice that a blue orb was created and is running around you. This is an empowerment and you can have up to 3 of them at the same time. When you have at least one empowerment active you’ll become empowered, meaning that for as long as the empowerment is active the next encounter you use will have better/different effects (all empowerments are removed after using one encounter).


Note: Even if you already have an empowerment active you can still regain divinity by using at-wills (the empowerment is only removed if time runs out or an encounter is used) and you can also reenter divine mode and get more empowerments (ex: if you have 1 empowerment and go back to divine mode and use an encounter you’ll then have 2 empowerments but the timer for the first one didn’t restart so you’ll need to hurry to use them)






Until you get to level 70 you won’t be that “needed” in parties since most of the lower dungeons will either have end game players rushing for the daily dungeon ad (this mostly happens in Cloak Tower and Temple of the Spider) or not require that much buffs and heals to defeat the mobs. But that doesn’t mean playing this dungeons is useless!

With the dungeons being “easier” it’s a good place where you can test out new powers, rotations, companions, etc (as long as the rest of your party isn’t dying and is able to kill the mobs). Take time to learn how the mobs act (even if some differ between the normal and epic dungeons it’s good to learn how a boss will act before doing a major attack), when to get out of red areas and experiment with divinity and when to save up for the next group of mobs.




Parties – Positioning and Dodge


As you’re leveling up and playing with others you’ll start to see that in some of your party members buff bars the icon for your buffs isn’t there. This will be because they were probably out of the reach of that power and since more than a few dps will be constantly running around to kill mobs or to activate their artifacts it’ll be hard to affect all allies with your powers.

So what will you need to do?

  1. Know your surroundings and where your allies are and position yourself in a way where your powers range can reach the most if not all your allies. You have to remember that they won’t stay in the same spot for long (especially if they get hurt they’ll start running around like a headless chickens instead of trying to find you…. *sigh*) so you’ll need to be constantly moving.
  2. Try to remember your party’s names and classes so that once you see that X is hurt you’ll know he’s Y class so he will probably be around Z.

Another important feature DC have is the dodge which is a big lifesaver since most of our powers have a long cast time so be sure to test it out and learn how many times you can use it before running out of stamina and the distance you can go with it.






Leveling up alone will take a bit of time and will be hard since you won’t do that much damage, your defenses are low and the healing encounters have long cooldowns if you have low recovery. So if you can find a party or get friends to play with it’ll help alot. If you can’t then be sure to pick either a tank or a striker companion depending on how you prefer to play. If you prefer focusing on healing and defense go with a striker and if you prefer buffs and doing damage go with a tank.





While leveling up – Just go with whatever you get that is better than you have and has the stats you need (more defense/recovery if you’re dying too much or more power/crit/arpen if you need to do more damage)

Once you get to level 70 then the “real game” starts so you’ll need to start looking for gear that has the specific stats you need. There are a lot of sets that you can get and some new dungeon specific that are helpful. Note: Tried to list them all but might have forgotten some.


Armor Sets


  • Drowcraft Armor – An easy to get epic quality armor set that can be purchased in Mantol-Derith in exchange for Demonic Ichor (which can be earned from the skirmish Prophecy of Madness and Throne of the Dwarven Gods, Demogorgon and Demonic Heroic Encounters). This set is also bound to account and can be bought by any class for any class. Set bonus : 1 of set +10% damage resistance against demon type mobs; 2 of set – reduces the amount of madness inflicted by Demogorgon; 3 of set +50% damage resistance against paranoid delusions and underdark mount & companion affinity.


  • Alliance and Elven Armor – Both of this armor sets can only be obtained as dungeon drops (alliance by completing t1 dungeons, epic version of alliance from t2 dungeons and Elven from t3 dungeons) or in the legacy part of the Tarmalune Trade Bar Merchant. Both sets don’t have a set bonus.


  • Guild Restoration/Raid Armor – A rare quality set that like dragonflight armor, can only be purchased in a stronghold with the marketplace at level 2 and it will only cost guild marks to buy it. Doesn’t have a set bonus.


  • Pioneer Raid/Restoration Armor – Rare quality set that can be purchased from the Chult Campaign store for Chultan Riches (which can be obtained from various sources in the mod 12 campaing). Head bonus: Gain 1000 Maximum Hit Points for each ally in your team; Armor Bonus: Gain 200 Defense for each ally in your team; Arms bonus: Gain 200 Power for each ally in your team; Feet bonus: Your Run Speed increases by 1% for each ally in your team.


  • League’s Raid/Restoration Armor – A 420 ilvl rare quality set that can either be crafted or bought from the Chult Campaign store. Head bonus: If you take damage of more than 15% of your Maximum Hit Points in a single blow, you gain 5% Defense for 10 seconds; Armor Bonus: Gain 10 Defense for each percent of health you are missing; Arms bonus: Gain 10 Power for each percent of health you are missing; Feet bonus: If you take damage of more than 15% of your Maximum Hit Points in a single blow, your Movement Speed increases by 5% for 10 seconds.



  • League’s Elite Raid/Restoration Armor – A slightly upgraded version of League Armor that can only be crafted. Head bonus: If you take damage of more than 10% of your Maximum Hit Points in a single blow, you gain 5% Defense for 10 seconds; Armor Bonus: Gain 15 Defense for each percent of health you are missing; Arms bonus: Gain 15 Power for each percent of health you are missing; Feet bonus: If you take damage of more than 10% of your Maximum Hit Points in a single blow, your Movement Speed increases by 5% for 10 seconds.


  • Dusk Restoration/Raid Armor – An epic quality set with a great set bonus that can now only be purchased in the legacy part of the Tarmalune Trade Bar Merchant (which requires you to have opened lockboxes to get the trade bars). The stats given by the combination of boots (Dusk Restoration Cuisses) + gloves (Dusk Raid Braces) from this set will only be inferior to vivified relic gear (if considering the total of power+recovery and defense). Set bonus : 1 of set – when not in a party: regenerate 1,698 hp every 3s (2% of your maximum health up to 2000); 2 of set – when in a party: +5,000 hp, +1,000 power, +1,000 defense; 3 of set – when in stronghold map: you and your allies gain 4,000 movement (this effect doesn’t stack and has no effect in stronghold siege), underdark mount & companion affinity.


  • Frostborn Restoration/Raid Armor – This set can be bought from the legacy part of the Tarmalune Trade Bar Merchant and having one piece will help when you’re farming voniblod. Set bonus : 1 of set – when digging for Ostorian Relics there is a 25% chance you will obtain an additional relic; 2 of set – when not in a party: Wanderer’s Vigor regenerate 1,830 hp every 3 seconds. (3% of your maximum health up to 3000.); 3 of set – when in Icewind Dale: you and your allies gain 4,000 movement (this effect does not stack).


  • Dragonflight Restoration/Raid Armor – The stats on this pieces of gear are good but the set bonus could be better so it makes that maybe you’ll only need 1 piece of this set instead of going for the set bonus. This gear can be purchased in a stronghold that has marketplace at level 3 and requires Fangs of the Dragonflight (you can get them by completing the stronghold event Greed of the Dragonflight), Seals of the Protector (which you get from completing t2 dungeons and demogorgon) and guild marks. Set bonus : 2 of set +2,000hp; 3 of set +500 power.


  • Pilgrim Raid/Restoration Armor – A 460 ilvl epic set that can be bought from the Tarmalune Trade Bar Merchant (armor and arms pieces) and the zen store (head piece included when buying the hunter companion and feet piece can be purchased as part of an enchanted key pack. Head bonus: +1% Damage in all of Chult; Armor Bonus: Gain 100 Defense for each enemy you are engaged in battle with; Arms bonus: Gain 100 Power for each enemy you are engaged in battle with; Feet bonus: Wandere’s Vigor – When not in a party, you regenerate 3% of your Maximum Hit Points up to 3000, every 3 seconds.



  • Lighttender’s Raid/Restoration Armor – This is the starting end game set that can only be obtained in an unrestored state (meaning that you’ll need to gather the needed materials to restore the pieces) from either the dungeons Fangbreaker Island / Master Spellplague or from the seal shop in Protectors Enclave for Seal of the Protector (where you can also buy the materials needed to restore). This set can also be vivified by using the weekly drop from Assault of Svardborg (Master). Set bonus : 1 of set +10% damage resistance against giant type mobs; 2 of set – when under the effect of everfrost +4000 movement; 3 of set – when under the effects of everfrost drinking an everfrost potion grants +10% outgoing damage.


  • Huntsman Raid/Restoration Armor – A 480 ilvl epic set that can only be obtained from the dungeon Tomb of the Nine Gods as boss drops or in the end chests. Head bonus: +1% Damage against Hunts in Chult; Armor Bonus: When in combat with only one enemy, your Defense is increased by 1000; Arms bonus: When in combat with only one enemy, your Power is increased by 1000; Feet bonus: When you kill an enemy, your Run Speed increases by 1% for 10 seconds (Max stack 5).


  • Primal Raid/Restoration Armor – The current highest ilvl end game set that can only be bought with Seal of the Brave which drop from the dungeon Tomb of the Nine Gods. Head bonus: When you damage or heal your target for more than 15% of your Maximum Hit Points in a single blow, you gain 1% of your health back; Armor Bonus: When you damage or heal your target for more than 15% of your Maximum Hit Points in a single blow, you gain 1% Defense for 10 seconds (Max stack 5); Arms bonus: When you damage or heal your target for more than 15% of your Maximum Hit Points in a single blow, you gain 1% Power for 10 seconds (Max stack 5); Feet bonus: When you kill an enemy, you gain 3% Action Points.



Specific gear that is worth mentioning:




  • Dragon Loyalist Visage – A decent choice that can be obtained early on since it drops from the dungeon The Shores of Tuern. When equipped : +12,624 hp, +1,114 power, +743 arpen, +866 defense and when you have a draconic companion summoned, you gain a bonus effect which varies by companion.


  • Picaroon’s Tricorne – Same as the Loyalist Visage but with less defense and a bit more hp (and it’s a pirate hat… it looks cool so bonus points). Drops from the epic dungeon Cragmire Crypt. When equipped : +12,624hp, +1,114 power, +743 arpen, +379 defense and +20% gold bonus.


  • Hunter’s Keffiyen – An extremely high recovery piece that drops from the 3 star hunt King of Spines. When equipped : +14,693 hp, +2,149 recovery, +415 defense and when you kill a hunt, your Power increases by 2.5% for 15 minutes.



  • Jarl’s Gaze – Along with Relic gear this is an end game item that only drops from the skirmish Assault on Svardborg (Master). When equipped : +5,877 hp, +2,149 power, +829 defense and gain 20 Power for every percent of everfrost resistance you have (only active in zones with everfrost).


  • Guise of the Wolf Clan – This is a new piece from mod 11b which is useful to power sharing builds. It can be bought out of the Mysterious Merchant for 20,000 guild marks (the items the merchant sells are random each week it’s summoned so it might not be available)When equipped : +12,624 hp, +516 power, +1,490 defense and when not in a party: +2000 defense, when in a party: +2000 power.


  • Rex Corona – This piece can only be obtained from the 3 star hunt King of Spines. When equipped : +14,693 hp, +2,149 power, +1,066 defense and for every 5 seconds you are in combat, you gain 100 Power. If you stay in combat for longer than 2 minutes, this ability will no longer be active.





  • Lifesilk Spinneret – A good piece with balanced power and recovery that drops from the epic dungeon Temple of the Spider. When equipped : +25,248 hp, +12 AC, +1,444 power, +1,444 recovery, +568 defense and when you use a control power, you regenerate 1% of your health (has a 10s cooldown).


  • Zulkir’s Dreadnought – Has slightly more power than Lifesilk and with lifesteal instead of recovery. Drops from the epic dungeon Valindra’s Tower. When equipped : +25,248hp, +12 AC, +1,733 power, +703 defense, +1,155 Life steal and when you have an undead companion summoned, you gain a bonus effect which varies by companion.


  • Morlanth’s Shroud – A more recovery/protection focused piece that can be acquired from completing the quest “The Shard of Night” (mod 11b story line). When equipped : +25,248 hp, +14 AC, +1,155 power, +1,733 recovery, +703 defense and when you have less than 10%health and kill an enemy, you gain 25% of your health back.


  • Martyr’s Plackart – A high recovery piece with decent power that drops from the 1 star hunt Hedetet. When equipped : +29,387 hp, +14 AC, +1,337 power, +2,006 recovery, +1,184 defense and for every 5 seconds you are in combat, you gain 100 Defense. If you stay in combat for longer than 2 minutes, this ability will no longer be active.



  •  Gravemaster’s Habit – A high critical strike piece that drops from the 2 star hunt Zulkir. When equipped : +29,387 hp, +7 AC, +2,006 critical strike, +770 defense, +1,337 life steal and for every 5 seconds you are in combat, you gain 100 Critical Strike. If you stay in combat for longer than 2 minutes, this ability will no longer be active.


  • Rex Amiculum – A high power chest piece that drops from the 3 star hunt King of Spines. When equipped : +29,387 hp, +14 AC, +2,006 power, +1,337 critical strike, +1,421 defense and at the start of combat your Power is increased by 1500 for 10 seconds.






  • Survivor’s Wraps – This gear has really high power at the cost of other stats and a loss of hp on daily use. It drops from the epic trial Demogorgon (normal). When equipped : +2,785 power and on Daily use you lose 25% of your hp over 10s as bleed damage.


  • Royalsilk Mousquetaires – A high recovery and decent crit piece that drops from the 1 star hunt Arachne. When equipped : +14,693 hp, +860 critical strike, +1,290 recovery, +415 defense, +10% increase drop rate of Spider Silk and gain 10 Recovery for each percent of health you are missing.






  • Fadeless Walkers – An item with high power and drops from the stronghold heroic encounter Giants Among the Dead. When equipped : +9,520hp, +482 defense and if you’re above 50%hp +1,418 power, else +1,418 life steal.


  • Black Ice Treads – It has high recovery but no power and it’s hard to get used to the ice slide effect when walking. Drops from the dungeon Kessell’s Retreat. When equipped : +10,554 hp, +1,564 recovery, +508 defense and speed is increased by 10% when charged with Black ice (does not work in pvp).



  • Boots of the Alpha – A well balanced power/crit piece that drops from the 2 star hunt Sirrush. When equipped : +14,693 hp, +1,290 power, +860 critical strike, +612 defense and at the start of combat, there is a chance to summon a dinosaur to fight for you for 15 seconds.


  • Bonespurs – A well balanced crit/recovery piece that drops from the 1 star hunt Spili-Ti. When equipped : +14,693 hp, +1,290 critical strike, +860 recovery, +612 defense and when you damage or heal your target for more than 15% of your Maximum Hit Points in a single blow, you gain 1% Armor Penetration for 10 seconds. (Max stack 5).







While leveling up : If you can afford to buy the Ensorcelled Mulhorand Symbol and Ensorcelled Mulhorand Icon then you’ll be set until you start farming for an artifact weapon set at level 70 since this weapons will adjust to your level while you’re leveling up. Else just get the Dragon Bone weapons or just keep upgrading your weapons from the ones you’ll keep getting/finding of mobs until level 70.

At level 70 : This is where you’ll start your farm for the weapon set you prefer.



  • Elemental Fire Holy Symbol/Icon – This will be the first set you’ll get by just playing the game (you’ll get the icon once you reach level 70 and the holy symbol for completing all the quests in Spinward Rise). This will be a decent start if you didn’t get the ensorcelled mulhorand weapons but if you did then you can ignore this set since you would need to upgrade them until at least purple for it to be a bit better than the ensorcelled ones (so it would be a waste of refinement). Set bonus : +394 power, +394 recovery.


  • Teak Suljan/Ramz – This is the new weapon set that came out in mod 12. Like all weapon sets after mod 10 it has higher stats and the 2nd enchantment slot unlocks at epic quality. Although it’s set bonus is awful, this set can be crafted and traded with other players so it’s extremely easy to obtain. Set bonus : at the start of combat, a random stat is increased by 2000 for 10 seconds.


Midgame (but mostly outdated):

  • Drowned Holy Symbol/Icon & Burning Holy Symbol/Icon – I included this 2 together since they have similar features such as they both can be obtained from a quest (collect 100 motes of water/fire from heroic encounters in Drowned Shore/Fiery Pit – advice don’t do this…), be crafted by professions and be bought of the auction house. This weapons are easy to obtain but the big disadvantage between this ones and the new sets is that the 2nd enchantment slot only unlocks at legendary quality and for that you’ll need a lot of refinement points. Set bonus : Drowned – when you are struck, heal for 50% of your maximum hp over the next 30s (this effect may only occur once every 60s); Burning – when using a daily power, there is a chance 25% of your ap will be immediately restored.


  • Twisted Omoioma/Icon – The set bonus from this weapons will give you a great amount of power* but like all other pre mod 10 weapons, the 2nd enchantment slot only unlocks at legendary quality. Both pieces can be bought in Mantol-Derith for 20 twisted ichor (obtained by completing epic demogorgon and getting either silver rank for 1 ichor or gold rank for 2) and 800 demonic ichor each. Set bonus: gain the effect of paranoia and bloodlust, Paranoia – gain 160 defense when struck, lose a stack when you strike an enemy. Bloodlust – gain 160 power when you strike an enemy, lose a stack when you are struck. Neither paranoia or bloodlust may exceed 24 stacks or be reduced below 1 stack.



  • Fey Holy Symbol/Icon – This is a set that came out in mod 11. It has higher damage, stats and the 2nd enchantment slots are unlocked at epic quality. Unlike the other sets I said before this weapons will require you to restore them before you can use them which will take a bit of time and effort to get all the materials needed. Set bonus : when you use and encounter power, you become Fey-Touched, which restores 10% of your ap, as well as increase your outgoing damage by 3% and your outgoing healing by 6% for 10s (you can only be Fey-Touched once every 30s).


  • Brightsilver Holy Symbol/Icon – One of the end game weapon sets that can only be crafted using masterwork II recipes but can be traded to other players (although the price for this set is extremely high). The reason this set is good is because the set bonus will be applied to everyone in your party, whether or not they also have the stronghold weapon set or not. Set bonus : you and any allies equipped with a set of Stronghold weapons are granted the following: +2% Outgoing Damage; +2% Outgoing Healing; -2% Incoming Damage. This effect may stack up to 5 times.


Note: I didn’t talk about the Lighttender’s weapon set since I have never used them so wouldn’t be able to give good information about them. If anyone can provide the advice on how they work for DC I’d appreciate it.

*-This power is not accounted for power sharing, only base power is transferred in power sharing.




Artifact Equipment – Neck/Belt


Having a full set will not be important, you can get it but it’s best to go with the pieces that provide the stats you need. (All stats will be for legendary quality)

Neck :

  • Greater Lathander’s Cloak – “+8 AC, +846 power, +530 recovery, +530 defense” It can be acquired from Temple of Tiamat raid or from the trader in Well of the Dragons for 15 linu’s favor.


  • Amulet of Tiamat’s Demise – “Increases Action Points by 4% every 3 secs while in combat, +846 power, +530 recovery, +530 defense” It can only be acquired from Temple of Tiamat raid.


  • Greater Imperial Dragon Cloak “Increases Action Points by 4% every 3 secs while in combat, +846 power, +530 recovery, +530 critical strike” It can be acquired from Temple of Tiamat raid or from the trader in Well of the Dragons for 15 linu’s favor.


  • Amulet of Valindra’s Favor – “Increases Action Points by 4% every 3 secs while in combat, +846 power, +530 recovery, +530 critical strike” It can be acquired from the epic dungeon Valindra’s Tower.


Belt :

  • Greater Lathander’s Belt – “+2 Wisdom, +2 Charisma, +846 power, +530 recovery, +530 defense”. It can be acquired from Temple of Tiamat raid or from the trader in Well of the Dragons for 15 linu’s favor.


  • Tiamat Sash “+2 Wisdom, +2 Charisma, +846 power, +530 recovery, +530 critical strike”. It can only be acquired from Temple of Tiamat raid.


  • Greater Belt of Wisdom “+4 Wisdom, +846 power, +530 recovery, +530 defense”.


  • Greater Imperial Waistband of Honor – “+2 Wisdom, +2 Strength, +846 power, +530 recovery, +530 critical strike”. It can be acquired from Temple of Tiamat raid or from the trader in Well of the Dragons for 15 linu’s favor.






Underdark :

Rings that depending on which one can be obtained in different skirmish/trial/dungeon. Each type of ring will have higher percentage or higher stats depending on the their ranking (+1 to +5). With rings up to +2 being bound on equip so they can be bought of the auction house, and +3 up will be account bound. +4 rings have 2 enchantment slots (1 offense and 1 defense) and +5 have either 2 offense or 2 defense slots.


  • Rising Power – “On hitting a foe you gain 55/75/95/115/135 power for 4 seconds. This effect can stack a maximum of 10 times.” At +5, 2 offense slots. Can be obtained from epic trial Demogorgon (normal or master).


  • Brutality – “Every 30 seconds you gain 4000 power for 2/4/6/8/10 seconds. This effect only works in combat.”  At +5, 2 offense slots. Can be obtained from epic trial Demogorgon (normal or master).


  • Rising Focus – “On hitting a foe you gain 55/75/95/115/135 recovery for 4 seconds. This effect can stack a maximum of 10 times.” At +5, 2 offense slots. Can be obtained from the skirmish Prophecy of Madness.


  • Rising Precision – “On hitting a foe you gain 55/75/95/115/135 critical strike for 4 seconds. This effect can stack a maximum of 10 times.” At +5, 2 offense slots. Can be obtained from the skirmish Prophecy of Madness.



Storm king’s Thunder :

Rings that can be obtained from the seal shop for Seal of the Protector (normal) or by completing the dungeon Fangbreaker Island or the epic trial Assault on Svardborg (normal or master). They have 2 types of quality for each ring: normal (1 offense slot and 1 defense slot) and greater (either 2 offense slots or 2 defense slots depending on the type and slightly higher stats). All rings are account bound.

  • Ostorian Ring of Helling –  Normal: +435 recovery, +435 power, +3% everfrost damage resist. Greater: +475 recovery, +475 power, +3% everfrost damage resist (2 offense slots).


  • Ostorian Ring of Skold – Normal: +435 recovery, +435 defense, +3% everfrost damage resist. Greater: +475 recovery, +475 defense, +3% everfrost damage resist (2 defense slots).


  • Ostorian Ring of Dod –  Normal: +435 power, +435 critical strike, +3% everfrost damage resist. Greater: +475 power, +475 critical strike, +3% everfrost damage resist (2 offense slots).


  • Ostorian Ring of Krig –  Normal: +435 recovery, +435 critical strike, +3% everfrost damage resist. Greater: +475 recovery, +475 critical strike, +3% everfrost damage resist (2 offense slots).


Others :

  • Personalized Adamant Ring of Recovery – +394 recovery, +394 power and 2 enchantment slots (1 offense and 1 defense). Can be crafted by the profession Jewelcrafting at level 25.


  • Ring of the Goblin Slayer (+1/+2/+3/+4/+5) – +348/369/391/478/543 power, +521/554/586/716/814 recovery, +1/2/3/4/5% damage against goblins. (at +5 it has 2 offense slots)


  • Ring of the Beast Slayer (+1/+2/+3/+4/+5) – +348/369/391/478/543 recovery, +521/554/586/716/814 critical strike, +1/2/3/4/5% damage against beasts. (at +5 it has 2 offense slots)






This will be just a few artifacts that will either have a useful use or good stats for DC. (All stats will be at mythical quality.)

Sigils are free artifacts you’ll get once you reach level 60 (the sigil you get depends on the class you leveled up and once you unlock a sigil of a certain class, you’ll be able to reclaim it in your other characters even if they have a different class).

  • Sigil of the Devoted – Use: “Your Devoted Cleric spirit fills you with divine power, granting 100% of your total Action Points over 15 seconds. In addition, while this buff is active you Heal yourself for 869 whenever you use an encounter power.” Equip: +1000 power, +1000 defense, +600 incoming healing bonus.


  • Sigil of the Hunter – Use: “Your Hunter Ranger spirit allows you to call down a rain of arrows at target enemy’s location, dealing 3,243 damage every 0.5 seconds for 6 seconds.” Equip: +1000 power, +1000 recovery, +600 stamina/guard gain.


  • Sigil of the Controller – Use: “Your Control Wizard spirit pushes away surrounding enemies with arcane force for 9,728 damage, and then creates ice to root them in place for 1.5 seconds dealing an additional 6,486 damage.” Equip: +1000 power, +1000 critical strike, +600 control resist.


  • Sigil of the Oathbound Paladin – Use: “Your Oathbound Paladin spirit will erect a temporary zone of safety where you, and your allies, gain 20% increased damage resistance and are rapidly healed.”  Equip: +4000 maximum hit points, +1000 power, +600 AoE resist.


The next few artifacts can be obtained from either lockboxes or the tarmalune trade bar merchant or from dungeons (as random drop) but the chances of getting one from this methods is low so it’ll be easier to just buy them off the auction house. Some are part of an artifact set so I’ll include the set bonus as well.

  • Eye of Lathander – Use: “Resurrects an ally or companion from afar and restores 80% of their Hit Points. Range 80ft” Equip: +1000 defense, +1000 life steal, +600 incoming healing bonus. Set bonus: “If you are returned from Near Death status, you and nearby allies will be healed for 50% of their maximum hit points and receive a buff to their Recovery of 500 points for 10 seconds. You are also immune to injuries due to death.”


  • Tiamat’s Orb of Majesty – Use: “Tiamat’s frightening roar Stuns nearby enemies for 4.5 seconds(enemy players for 2.5 seconds) and reduces their damage by 13% for 12 seconds.” Equip: +500 power, +500 critical strike, +500 recovery, +500 armor penetration, +600 action point gain. Set bonus: “Increases Outgoing Healing by 5% and Incoming Healing by 5%.”


  • Oghma’s Token of Free Movement – Use: “Removes control effects other than knock or prone, deals 3,421 damage to nearby enemies, and makes you immune to those control effects for 5 seconds.” Equip: +1000 defense, +1000 deflection, +600 control resist.


  • Symbol of Air – Use: “Leap forward 40ft, unleashing a burst of wind and cold. Foes within 20ft of your landing take 32,428 damage. If you don not strike any foes, you instead gain 30% movement speed boost for 5 seconds.” Equip: +1000 power, +1000 recovery, +600 movement.


  • Symbol of Fire – Use: “Applies a spreading fire to a single enemy when activated. Activating again deals 27,564 fire damage to all enemies to which the fire spread. Failing to activate within 6 seconds will cause a fizzle dealing only 1,621 fire damage.” Equip: +1000 power, +600 recovery, +1000 defense.


  • Hearth of the Black Dragon – Use: “Deals 4,236 Acid damage (+20% if you are Dragonborn) to up to 7 enemies in a line in front of the user and causes acid to splash off of them to damage nearby enemies. Splashed enemies take 304 Acid damage every second for 6 seconds. Also grants you 620 Defense for 8 seconds. This artifact has its internal cooldown reduced by 75% if no targets are hit.” Equip: +1000 recovery, +1000 armor penetration, +600 action point gain.


  • Hearth of the Red Dragon – Use: “Deals 92,463 damage (+20% if you are Dragonborn) to up to 7 enemies and sets those targets on fire dealing 499 fire damage every 1 second for 4 seconds. Also grants you 620 Defense for 8 seconds. This artifact has its internal cooldown reduced by 75% if no targets are hit.” Equip: +1000 power, +1000 defense, +600 regeneration.






Offense :

Depending on the type of build you’re making you’ll need to focus on a different stat so if you’re going full power share build go Radiant enchantments or even Cruel if your guild has a high enough power boon (remember that for power share what counts is the BASE power so it’s best to have all Radiant enchants in your character and add Silvery on your companion for recovery). You can also make recovery based builds (Silvery enchantments or Cruel enchantments) or even crit based builds (Azure enchantments or Black Ice enchantments).


Defense :

For defense you’ll want to well… focus on improving your defenses so you’re able to survive longer in battles. I would recommend on getting Azure enchantments on all defense slots but if you prefer to PvP then go with Silvery for the deflect.


Utility :

DC are already extremely slow so if you don’t need anymore refinement you can go with Dark enchantments for the extra speed (but you’ll still be slower than other classes, don’t worry you’ll get used to it, that’s what the dodge is for) but if you still need refinement the go with either Quartermasters, Dragon’s Hoard or Fey Blessings depending on what type you need.


Weapon :

The weapon enchantments can be divided into debuff and damage/utility. For debuff enchantments the best is the Frost enchantment (11% debuff at transcendent) but you’ll only get this debuff at Pure+ which can be quite expensive so the other option is Plague Fire enchantment (10.5% debuff at transcendent). If you prefer to have a bit of help in dps then I’d recommend Lightning since it gives a cooldown reduction besides an increase in aoe damage. If you want to go full dps then go with Dread. Vorpal is also another option for dps.


Armor :

The most common choice is the Soulforged enchantment (“When you fall in combat your Soulforged armor will resurrect you and heal you for 4,459 and 743 every second for 3 seconds. This effect can only trigger once every 90 seconds”) since it gives you a “2nd chance” and it doesn’t need to be refined over lesser for it to already be useful. Other options if you prefer are Negation (“When receiving damage each hit stacks a 1% increase to your damage resistance for 6 seconds. This effect can stack a maximum of 10 times”) and Barkshield (“Every 8 seconds your armor receives a charge of Bolstered Bark up to maximum of 3 charges. When you have one charge of Bolstered Bark your armor absorbs 559 damage. When you have two charges of Bolstered Bark your armor absorbs 1,119 damage. When you have three charge of Bolstered Bark your armor absorbs 1,678 damage. Whenever someone attempts to deal damage to you one charge of Bolstered Bark is consumed”)





This companions will not offer the best active bonus but instead will be used for what they can do in battles. Fast attack speed to keep up insignia bonuses, Attack or Defense slots for bonding runestones and buffs or debuffs they can provide while attacking. For this reasons you should probably only have one of this companions active.

(Note: This companions will be used when you already have bonding runestones that provide at least more than 100% of the companion stats back, so when you already have 3 r8 bonding runestones. If you don’t have bonding runestones then it’s preferred that you use an augment companion. I recommend the Polar Bear Cub (in Active Bonus part) since you can still keep it after getting bondings)


  • Sellsword  / Rebel Mercenary – I added this two together since the Rebel Mercenary is just a reskin of the Sellsword and the other difference is their active bonus (Sellsword – +300 Power, Rebel Mercenary – +165 Power and +165 Armor Penetration). They both get 3 offense slots and their gear slots are Waist, Neck, Sword Knot which can be hard to obtain specially from IG (Illusionist’s Gambit). At level 30 (rare quality) it’ll unlock a power which will provide a 10% debuff of the targets defenses. This debuff stacks with other Sellsword/Rebel Mercenary companions.


  • Con Artist – Active Bonus- +300 crit. This companion only gets 2 offense slots and 1 defense but it’s gear slots are all Rings which makes it easier to gear up with SKT rings (which unlike IG gear, it can have recovery as it’s stat). The debuff it provides is the same as the Sellsword/Rebel Mercenary and it also only unlocks at level 30 (rare quality).


  • Harper Bard – Active Bonus- +1200 hp. This companion only gets 1 offense slot and 2 defense slots and it’s gear slots are Ring, Neck, Waist which makes it also hard to gear up but the Harper Bard will not only provide a debuff to a target (the amount will depend on it’s level and amount of HP of the target, not sure how much it does) but will also provide a buff to allies around you (this to depends on it’s level and the HP of your allies but can confirm that at level 35 it provides an increase of 800 power and 800 crit if the targets are above 50% HP). At level 30 it unlocks a power which will increase your HP by 10%. (Note: this companion doesn’t seem to be proccing the mount insignia bonus Protector’s Camaraderie)




Active Bonus


This companions will not be used as active and will simply serve to provide extra bonuses for your character. All values are from their epic quality versions, lower quality versions will posses lower % on the respective bonus.


  • Sprite/Ice Sprite/Fire Sprite – +2% Action Point Gain.
  • Polar Bear Cub – +5% Outgoing healing
  • Deva Champion – +5% Outgoing healing and +5% Incoming Healing
  • Lillend – On Daily use: Heal nearby friends 2% of their Max Hp once every 30 seconds.
  • Owlbear Cub – On Encounter use: If you fail to critically hit, do an additional hit for damage equal to 50% of your power.
  • Silver-Scaled Cleric Disciple – +2.5% Outgoing healing and +2.5% Incoming Healing
  • Book Imp – +2% Recharge Speed (this one is hard to get since it’s reward for an achievement from Foundry)



You won’t need to worry about insignia bonus and powers until you reach level 70 but I’d advise to get a mount with the Wanderers Fortune insignia bonus while leveling up and storing all the stones you get from it since it’ll help a lot when you start to refine your gear.


Equip Power


The most commonly used power by DC is the “Using a Daily Power grants 15%/25% of your total Action Points over 10 seconds” which is great since a good part of our buffs come from dailies so to be able to always have full ap to “spam” them is good. This power is from the Flail Snail, Embellished Apparatus of Gond and Gorgon (for the 15% one) and from the Flail Snail (Legacy) and Coastal Flail Snail (for the 25% one).

An interesting one that I’ve seen a few people use is the “Activating an Artifact power reduces all your cooldowns by 20%/35%”. If you have a mythic artifact and maybe low recovery it might be good and it will also help with the hallowed ground cooldown. This power is from the Griffon (for the 20% one) and the Armored Griffon (for the 35% one).

If instead you see you’re lacking a certain stat then just go with one that has +2000/+4000 of the stat you want. Note: There are too many equip powers for the different mounts so remember to check the wiki if needed http://neverwinter.gamepedia.com/Mount_Powers.




I’ll just list the few insignia bonus that I know are useful but as always just pick the ones that you need/feel like.

Assassin’s Covenant (1 Regal, 2 Enlightened) – “You lose 10% of your Defense, Deflection, and Life Steal, and gain the combination of lost stats as Power.”  

You’ll lose a bit of defenses but in a party that won’t be a problem and the more power the better! …. right?

Mounts that have this: Aberrant Fey Wolf; Apparatus of Gond; Apparatus of Kwalish; Gorgon; Stormraider Clydesdale; White Owlbear; Beholder Personal Tank; Emperor Beetle; Imperial Rage Drake; Tenser’s Floating Disk.


Gladiator’s Guile (1 Regal, 1 Illuminated, 1 Enlightened) – “When your Stamina is above 75%, you move 15% faster. When your Stamina is below 25%, gain 15% of your Power as Stamina Gain.”

This one is easy (but somewhat expensive). The more speed you have the faster you can get away from danger and run after your party members that enjoy going Leeroy Jenkins everywhere.

Mounts that have this: Black Stallion; Wolf of the Wild Hunt; Apparatus of Gond; Dawn Unicorn; Gas Spore; Gorgon; Heavy Giant Spider; Heavy Mystic Nightmare; Lord’s Armored Polar Bear; Silverback Bear; Stormraider Clydesdale; Turmish Lion; Armored Giant Strider; Beholder Personal Tank; Emperor Beetle; Imperial Rage Drake; Skeleton Steed; Swift Golden Lion; Tenser’s Floating Disk.


Wanderer’s Fortune (1 Crescent, 1 Regal, 1 Illuminated) – “You have a 4% chance after killing a foe to find a Refining Stone at your feet.”

As I said before this will help you a lot while you still need to get enough refinement to upgrade your gear. Just store all and wait for a double refinement event to use them.

Mounts that have this: Gilded Giant Spider; Armored Bear; Bulette; Dawn Unicorn; Elite Shadow Wolf; Griffon; Heavy Giant Spider; Heavy Inferno Nightmare; High Forest Bear; Lord’s Armored Polar Bear; Turmish Lion; Armored Axe Beak; Armored Bulette; Armored Giant Strider; Armored Griffon; Champion’s Armored Bulette; Emperor Beetle; Imperial Rage Drake; Skeleton Steed; Swift Golden Lion.


Shepherd’s Devotion (1 Regal, 1 Barbed, 1 Illuminated) – “Whenever you use a Daily power, your teammates Defense, Deflection, and Movement are increased by 5% of your Power for 10 seconds.”

If you have enough recovery and AP gain and are able to almost perma spam dailies then this one is a must since it’ll help slightly with tanking and with moving faster. This bonus will also affect you as well as your party members (not sure if supposed or not).

Mounts that have this: Sabino Destrier; Small Forest Stag; Axe Beak (Legacy); Dawn Unicorn; Enchanted Courser; Giant Crab; Guard Drake; Heavy Giant Spider; Leopard of Chult; Lord’s Armored Polar Bear; Rage Drake; Turmish Lion; White Tiger; Armored Giant Strider; Black Ice Warhorse; Coastal Flail Snail; Emperor Beetle; Imperial Rage Drake; Runeclad Manticore; Skeleton Steed; Swift Golden Lion.


Artificer’s Persuasion (2 Barbed, 1 Illuminated) – “Whenever you use an Artifact power, your Recovery, Movement, Action Point Gain, and Stamina Gain are increased by 10% of your Power for 15 seconds.”

You’ll need a mythic artifact to really get the benefits from this bonus but the amount you get is great once you’re more geared up.

Mounts that have this: Medium Waterdeep Horse; Tuigan Courser; Axe Beak (Legacy); Enchanted Courser; Flail Snail (Legacy); Leopard of Chult; Rage Drake; Savage Polar Bear; Skeletal Worg; Tiger-striped Owlbear; Armored Giant Strider; Black Ice Warhorse; Coastal Flail Snail; Runeclad Manticore; Skeleton Steed; Swift Golden Lion.


Protector’s Camaraderie (2 Regal, 1 Barbed) – “Whenever your summoned Companion attacks, you gain 3% of your Power and Defense for 10 seconds. This effect can stack up to 4 times.”

This is a useful one if you have a fast attacking companion since it’ll keep the 4 stacks up all the time, giving you a good boost in stats.

Mounts that have this: Arkaiun Courser; Medium Black Horse; Trained Grizzly; Giant Beetle; Giant Crab; Guard Drake; Purple Owlbear; White Tiger; Black Ice Warhorse; Coastal Flail Snail; Emperor Beetle; Imperial Rage Drake; Runeclad Manticore.


Note: If you want to know which other insignia bonus there are and which mounts have them just follow the link : https://bethel-95.github.io/Insignia-Bonuses/ . This has everything and I wish I knew who made it so I can thank them myself.


Just like the main ability score for this class, the best advice I can give is that you need to acquire knowledge:


  • Know yourself – No I don’t mean to go on a spiritualistic journey and figure out who you are… What this means is to know your powers, what they do in normal/divinity/empowered modes, where they’re best used, their range and how to use them. Know your stats, how they change with your companion active and how that affects your powers.


  • Know the dungeons – The more you know the place you’re running the better the run will go. By knowing when the next boss or a particularly difficult part will be you’ll be able to know when to save up divinity and ap. And you’ll know when you need to make a quick stop to change powers (remember the dps might not stop running so you’ll have to hurry) instead of finding yourself in the middle of a fight trying to change them.


  • Know your party – Understanding how the players in your party act and their classes will help you determine what you’ll need to do. Where you should position yourself, if you need to go more protection or full buffs or even if you need to change companions. If you have another DC in your party/queue just TALK with them so both know which powers the other one is using and by using different ones you’ll be able to optimize your party. (Little note : DO only have a “good” daily so let them do hallowed ground while AC does AA)


  • Know how to adapt – Do not assume that by using a certain rotation you’ll always be fine. Sometimes you’ll get into parties that need more healing or some that need a bit of help with tanking so you’ll need to make decisions on the spot. Do not get fixed on the idea that you need full divinity before going into divine mode to then get a full empowered encounter. Use what you can and decide on the best action for that particular moment that will best help your party but always remember to prepare for what will come next.
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  • Dan
    June 29, 2017 at 3:24 pm

    This is awesome. Exactly what i’ve been looking for, a detailed conceptual description of the whole class. So awesome for newb DC’s like me.

  • Day
    November 24, 2017 at 5:02 pm

    I don’t see how Cleansing Fire is not good for you. From all the options in the Virtuous tree, isn’t that one better even than Gift of Life to spend 4 or 5 points? :-/

    350% of your 1800 weapon damage, for instance, is 6300 hp you heal in 15 sec (you’re virtuous, all your heals are over time anyway!). That will proc mostly all the time, since you’ll be continuously using your encounter powers.

    Whereas 25% more of your HoT from Gif of Life would mean, taking your Shield of the Divine heals as an example – 500% of your 1800 weapon damage is 9000 hp, adding 25% from GoL will be 2250 hp more healing.

    • November 24, 2017 at 6:56 pm

      As you said Cleansing Fire can proc consistently and will heal (using your numbers) 6300 hp over 15secs, so around 420hp every sec… This is hardly anything compared to how much HP a player usually has and there are mount insignia bonus that will heal for more in less time 🙁 If this feat was stackable then it might be decent but as it is now I consider it negligible.

      On the other hand Gift of Life will provide 25% more (if you get it at 5/5) to your HoT and while the example you gave is true it’s not the only power Gift of Life will act on. The 25% more will also affect Divine Glow, Bastion of Health, Healing Word, etc so it’s basically an increase to your overall healing.

      Note: I’m actually not sure if Gift of Life will affect each tick of HoT or just the initial so it’s something I’ll have to go look into. Either way even if it’s just the initial it’ll still provide more overall healing than Cleansing Fire.

      Note 2: I am by no means saying that Gift of Life is a great feat. I am simply comparing the 2 feats you presented 🙂

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