Tanquinho’s GF Tactician BUFF DEBUFF

by Michel on July 6, 2017
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Tanquinho’s GF Tactician BUFF DEBUFF

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Hello everyone, first my english is not that good, but i’ll try my best to explain some key features from my build.

it may not be the best build around there, i dont have high gearscore, but it works for me, so i want to share and i hope it helps other players. btw i play on xbox one


The Guardian Fighter:

So the main role of a Guardian Fighter is to tank, you can do it without any feat if u have enough damage resistance and know when to hold up your shield, but in order to make your group kill things faster, you must buff your party and debuff enemies, you have to be like a DC with a shield.


Playing as a GF:

Playing as gf is all about timing, you may die a lot if u dont hold up your shield in the right time. If youre still low on gear and dont have enough damage resistance(95% DR), or your damage resistance comes from negation and bondings, you wan to stack up your resistance before you turn down your shield to buff your party, so if u’re doing temple of spider dont just run into the mobs, hit enforced threat and expect to be still alive. You should hold up your shield, mark the biggest enemy(drider ins most cases) take some hits to stack your negation and your bondings, then feel free to do whatever you want. This works for everything, from ETOS to FBI to your guild Dragonflight event, dont just run into crysos without holding your shield up because you will die.






These are the keys that i want to share with you guys, most of you may know about them, but still i want to share.



Crushing Pin:

Your control powers cause the target to take 10% bonus damage for 3 seconds.

What is a control power? Slow, stuns, imobilize, etc…

in order to activate this debuff, you must control your enemy, Griffon’s Wrath and Knee Breaker do that, but the debuff works only for 3s, and your control encounters have a cooldown, plus you would have to slot these encounters and replace into the fray, commander strike or knights valor.. it would be a useless feat, but theres a artifact class feature on our off hand that can proc crushing pin forever.

Guarded Assault (Passive power + Artifact class feature from offhand)

Passive power: While blocking, reflect 5% of incoming damae to your attacker. This damage cannot exceed 15% of your max HP.

Artifact classe feature: Guarded assault now also lowers the Run Speed of the affected attacker by 5%.


ok, so reflecting 15% of your max hp doenst seems that good, 5% run speed debuff doesnt help at all. But the thing is that the 5% run speed debuff is a control effect, so when youre holding up your shield and reflecting damage, you’re activating crushing pin and giving your party a 10% bonus damage buff.




Tide of iron/Shield slam: Recovers your stamina, hold up your shield and hit shield slam to recover your stamina


Unshakable Line(protector feat):

Each ally within 20′ of you increases your stamina regen by 10%.


Gas Spore mount:

it has a equip power and a insignia bonus for stamina

Equip Power: Refreshing Breeze

increases your stamina regeneration by 20%


insignia combo: Illuminated/enlightened/regal

Gladiator’s Guile: Move faster when your stamina is high, regen stamina when its low.


with this, you’ll never run out of stamina, you may change the equip power or may want to choose the 5% deflect on block feat(Devoted Protector) instead of Unshakable Line if u’re fine with your stamina, i’m just showing some of the ways to have a lot of stamina, its up to you to know what you works better for you.



Action surge 5/5

Toughness 3/3

Armor Specialization 3/3

Distracting shield 4/5 (1/5 if not human)

Potent Challenge 3/3

Ubiquitous shield 5/5



Plate Agility 5/5

Shield Defense 5/5

Unshakable Line 5/5 (btw its up to you to choose between this or Devoted Protector 5% deflection chance, i like stamina better, what you can do is to not spend these 5 points, go to FBI and see if your stamina is enough to tank the giants, if it is then choose deflect, if u run low on stamina then choose the stamina feat)



Fight On 5/5

Crushing Pin 5/5

Rousing Speech 5/5

United 5/5 (only because we have to spend 5 points anyway0

Inspiring Leader 5/5

Martial Mastery 1/1




Guarded Assault 4/4 (passive always slotted for crushing pin)

Shield Talent 4/4 (passive, up to you to choose your second passive, it can be steel defense or steel grace if you’re swordmaster, i’m iron vanguard so i dont have those)


Into the Fray 4/4 (Always slotted + 25% damage to your party, 20% from ITF + 5% from Inspiring Leader feat)

Commander strike 4/4 (For bosses)

Knights valor 4/4 (For rushing on etos door to door and protecting your party in FBI)

Enforced threat 4/4 (For when u need to keep aggro on everything around you, like in the start of FBI when u have to keep the giants hitting you instead of your party)


Fighters Recovery 4/4 (heals you for the damage you deal, if u dont deal any damage, it wont heal you, if u use enforced threat and it hits some mobs you’ll instantly heall for all your hp. Also works with the reflection from guarded assault, you dont even have to deal damage, just take damage with your shield up and you’ll be healed)

Villains Menace 4/4 Control immunity


Cleave 4/4 (at will)

Tide of iron 4/4 (at will)


Boons: just go for everything defensive, stamina gain, regeneration, healing etc…


Offense slots: Try to reach armor pen cap (60% resistance ignored) with dark enchantments if u dont have a guild boon for armor pen

Defense slots: Defense, HP, Deflect, whatever u feel you need the most



if you’re low on ad:

Apprentice Healer Epic (summoned)

Cheap, heals you, 3 defensive bondings, 2 rings, 1 neck, i’ll stack your bondings if you’re in protectors enclave and hits Into the fray.

Energon epic active +5% HP

Frozen Galeb dur active + damage resistance


My current companions are:

Priestess of Sehanine Moonbow Legendary summoned

+20% critical chance for your party, most of my friends dont have 100% critical chance so i choose this companion

Dread Warrior 10% chance to increase threat

Dancing shield epic +2% deflect chance (Probably will replace sehanine moonbow soon, it has a 20% damage resistance debuff at legendary)

Rust monster epic :25% chance to inflict a 5%damage debuff on attacker, stacks 3 times

energon epic: +5% hp


thats it, i hope it helps someone xD












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  • July 6, 2017 at 9:12 pm

    Thank you! I have been playing my GF for a while now, I have a similar build, but have struggled to fully make sense of it. Your explanation of how the feats work with other things is exactly what I needed. Thank you so much!

  • July 8, 2017 at 4:55 pm

    Decent overall. Just have some minor nitpicks:

    ITF is a 30% damage buff at R4, Inspiring Leader is a 1.05x multiplicative bonus to it. So, ITF R4 * Inspiring Leader = 36.5% damage buff (1.3 *1.05 = 1.365).

    United is only +5% DR, not -5% damage in vein of shield.

    Daunting Challenge and Surging Tide work for the both the GF and teammates, contrary to the tooltip.

    Dancing Shield needs to be summoned to get the debuff, otherwise, it’s just bonus deflect chance. The Dancing Shield only needs to be level 30 to get the debuff

  • Ryder
    August 29, 2017 at 7:09 pm

    What should be the ability score roll be?

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