Filthy Templock – guide to DPS and Healing

by Filthy Guides on July 11, 2017
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Filthy Templock – guide to DPS and Healing

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Filthy Templock
Your guide to DPS and Healing. A Filthy tale.
Let’s start like this: Templocks get a bad rap! They will never (should never) top the DPS boards in an optimal group. But they do provide great functionality. IMO they are the best pure healer in the game followed closely by a healadin. And they also put up very respectful DPS. In this guide, you’ll be able to effortlessly swap from your HB Fury build to Templock, with only changing your load out. Nothing else. Please follow Fernu Stormborn on YouTube for his HB Fury Build. Once that is set up this build will only change feats. So you’ll be shooting for 100% crit on both load outs. Then keep stacking power as much as possible.


Two best options are Tiefling and Dragonborn, both choices are very good. I chose Tiefling to avoid the price tag of Dragonborn.  Tiefling provides a damage boost once the target’s health is less than 50%. Dragonborn add additional power/crit. The choice here is yours.


Your paragon path will be Hellbringer.


You will want an initial roll that gives you the most CHA and CON. Those will be the stats you will level up throughout your progression.


Here we have a couple options. I’ll give you the choices and you can see what’s best for you and your typical group you play with.
1/5 Energizing Curse
3/3 Weapons Mastery
3/3 Toughness
2/5 Determined Casting
3/3 Soul Reaping * (Name?)
2/5 Blood Pact
3/3 Devastating Crit

The choice here comes whether you want extra life steal or your encounter quicker. Because I run a lot of end game groups with paladins and devoted clerics I chose the extra life steal. This makes it so I don’t have to run extra defensive slots. I can run all offensive and still have enough life steal chance. If you want 6% more cooldown reduction, feel free to but those 3 points from Soul Reaping back into determined casting.

Feats cont.

Now we’ll go into the 3 different trees and I’ll explain the reasoning behind some choices. First we’re going to go into Temptation so we can get the cap stone which is what allows us to heal.
5/5 Hope Stealer (because crit build)
5/5 Hellish condemnation (for damage reduction)
5/5 Dark Revelry (one of the best buffs we have as Templocks)
5/5 Aura of despair (another damage reduction…these help if no DC is in the run)
5/5 Aura of Cruelty (mainly because I don’t like the other feats. If you like to use Blades of vanquished you can put 5 points into Darkness. I personally don’t like that power so I picked this feat instead.)1/1 Soul Binding (this is how we heal other players. More damage done the more outgoing healing)
* Now let’s go get some DPS*
5/5 Parting Blasphemy (Using Hader’s Grasp removes curse and adds this damage)
5/5 Power of the Nine Hells ( this is the bread and butter of the build. A great buff to party and self)
5/5 Critical Promise ( you can really put these last 5 points anywhere but our goal is more DPS =’s more healing. So with our 100 % crit build this is proccing all the time adding to your damage numbers and subsequently adding to your outgoing healing.


Not all Scourge Warlocks are created equal. There are milestones and tweaks that come with gear. So here’s my advice on gear. Go after you relic set. Get 3 pieces and then get Jaarls Gaze from Master Storvald. This is the optimum set up in my opinion. The other options are buying the Company gear from the Stronghold vendor. Also, any of the dungeon drops like life silk spinneret can be a great stop gap if you don’t have your relic armor yet. Don’t forget about 2 piece dusk set as well. They all have great stats. But your “goal” should be to get 3 piece relic set with Jaarls Gaze as a helmet.

You’ll also want to run the Undergarments from SKT zone. They can be purchased in Bryn Shandar. They are a great way to gain additional life steal severity. Tooltip states- If your Life Steal is greater than your deflection, whenever you perform a Life Steal you will gain double Life Steal severity for 10 Seconds.

I put Power kits on myself since I’m at the crit threshold I want. I also put AP Gain Gems on myself to boost AP Gain.


On yourself, the “goal should be to get a Rising ring of Power +5 and a Brutality +5. Sadly Demogorgon is super stingy so we can look at options here. The +4 versions of those rings are great too. You can also make the argument for the Greater rings from FBI and MSVA. All great choices. Keep running Demo though. It will happen. I think.
Disclaimer* a lot of Templocks will want to run life steal rings and you just don’t have to. You’ll have enough life steal with the amount of DPS we do and won’t have to sacrifice DPS to get more life steal.


Your weapon enchantment should be a Trans Vorpal. Since the goal is to not have to switch anything from our HB Fury load out (seriously look up Fernus build on YouTube, it won’t disappoint. I won’t tell you again.) we’ll keep running our Trans Vorpal for this build as well. After all, we have near 100% crit chance and critical hits mean critical heals.  I would try to get as close to 100% crit as you can. But between 90 to 100 is great. 95 to 100 even better. You lose a little bit of crit chance from changing over from temp lock to HB Fury so as long as you stay in that 90 to 100 % range you are golden.  You can choose other weapon enchants but then you wouldn’t be as effective in your HB Fury loadout.

Your main hand artifact power should be the % to Hellish Rebuke Your off hand artifact power should be All Consuming Curse for an increase in Crit Severity.
Your other slot will be combat advantage or Action point gain. I like CA since I am running Sigil and don’t need the extra help in AP gain.

Your armor enchantment should be a Trans Barkshield. I can’t stress this enough. After the newest update, the barkshield is immensely useful. Heres the main difference between barkshield and negation. Negation takes a time to ramp up. If you can take the hits you become more resistant. For squishy dps however you can’t take many hits and certainly not in FBI. Barkshield is like a frontloaded negation. It puts the stacks of damage reduction up front so you can take big hits and not die. Soul forged is a good option if you are low on AD. But with the barkshield, I no longer die (as often) and I don’t need the soul-forged anymore. A dead SW does no damage or heals.

In your defensive slots you are going to put rank 12 (or best rank you have) Dark enchantments. The goal is all Defensive slots having Darks rank 12 slotted in them. This will give you the most life steal chance possible. Also, it means we don’t have to change anything from our other load out. For your offensive slots it depends. The thing about the rest of the stats we add is that they have a purpose. We have to get our Resistance ignored up to 60% and our Crit chance up to around 100%. So using Brutals, Radiants and Azures keep tweaking until you have those numbers. You should get enough RI from gear and Artifacts. Use insignias as well if needed. Shouldn’t have to put in any Darks in offensive stats.

Artifact Set

You should be using the Orcus set. Neck, belt, and waist. If you do not have the AD to purchase that set use the Black Ice Belt and a broken set until you can find enough AD to get the pieces for your Orcus set. You can eventually feed them into your Orcus set anyway. But again, “Goal” here is Orcus.


This section is going to disappoint people. The reason being is there are so many options I can’t list them. It’s all about stats. I feel there are 4 options for your active artifact. The one you will actually use. So I’ll list them in an order I feel is best:
1. Devoted Cleric Sigil. You should be using this for your HB Fury load out to spam dailies. It’s so good.
2. Wheel of Elements. That fire buff is very nice. More so HB Fury but still.
3. Lantern. Great buff for team
4. Giant’s eye. Good self-buff, and much easier to use than the wheel.

Now for the remaining 3 artifacts it only matters what their stats are. The goal is 60% RI and near 100% crit. So pick the artifacts that boons those stats. Artifacts with armor pen, power, and crit are the best. Since those are the most important stats for us. As you add stats here and there from upgrading gear and enchants etc you will tweak your stats in other places. So say you have 65% RI. Maybe you take off Kessels Sphere and put on Giants eye. Dropping your RI but keeping the power. After all, currently anything past 60% is wasted. As is crit chance. So if you go over those thresholds, make sure to move gems around or add power in their place.


This is where all your DPS comes from. Do not skimp on these. They are pricey and worth every penny, or AD in this case.
There are several companions that offer the 10% debuff on targets. You should definitely pick one to be your active. I chose Con Artist since it has 3 ring spots and I can get great rings in just a few FBI runs. The Sellsword is another great option maybe even better than the Con Artist due to having 3 Offensive spots for Bondings rather than the Con Artists 2 offense and 1 defense.  However, it is much harder to properly gear out your Sellsword. It takes a lot of AD to buy the adorable gear or a ton of new Gambit runs to get the gear you need. But it is your choice. Just make sure your companion has the debuff.
As for the rest of your companions you’ll want an Air Archon, Earth Archon, Siege Master, and Owl Bear Cub. Yes, you will still want your OBC with this build. Pillar of Power doesn’t crit. Same as in your HB Fury build, the OBC will increase your DPS greatly when using the Pillar, which is all the time, even with 100% crit. Also, again, we wanted a seamless transition so we can change out on the fly. Another option here is the Bear Cub instead of the siege master. The bear cub affects your Life steal and is a great way to add extra chance and severity if you need it. I prefer the DPS over it but if you are lower item level and want to have more life steal chance and severity feel free to swap those two companions.

You should be running 3 rank 12 bonding stones on your summoned companion. No questions asked. If you are hesitant about that for any reason, those reasons are wrong. Just do it. Some say p2w, and other say it’s broken and makes content too easy etc. Those opinions are bad and they should feel bad. Rank 12 bonding all 3 slots. Don’t be your team’s liability. Then on my Con Artist, I’m running 3 Greater Rings from FBI. I have 2 Helligs and one DOD. The “goal” here is 3 DODs so you have power crit in each slot. But Helligs is a fine filler in the meantime. For the rest of your enchants it is about stat distribution. I run Brutals, Radiants, and Azures. Brutals for more stats overall, Azures to get me closer to crit cap, and radiants to stack power the rest of the way. Always check your stats while bondings are procced. It doesn’t matter how much crit you have before that. Only after your companions gift procs do you care what your stats are.
Next mod you’ll want to make all your companions legendary so might as well start now if you can. Until then though make your Air Archon legendary. I can’t see a day when that pet comes out of your lineup.

*Gear Score Tip* you can add 3 Regen kits to your companion’s rings for a boost in gear score.


Mount Powers

You can choose to run Wanders Fortune or not. DPS is expensive to build up so I like all the “free” RP I can get. So I don’t take this off. If you do id suggest Artificers persuasion. The others should all be slotted as you see them. If you don’t have a legendary mount. Use Artificers persuasion. And next in line would be a second Protectors comradery if you needed another slot.
Your insignias should be Armor Pen to round out stats, Crit Chance to round out stats, and then power the rest of the way. This gets expensive, however.

Legendary mount- This one is up in the air I think. I am using the lion as I love the additional DPS it adds and the shield can be life-saving in tough spots. Tensors and Flail Snail are also super good options.

Power/ Rotation

Now for the meat and potatoes. This is very similar to your Hb Fury Build with a few exceptions.

You’ll run Flames of empowerment and All-consuming curse for your Passives.
For most mobs ill run Fiery Bolt, Killing Flames, and Pillar of Power. If I need to support my team more ill use Dreadtheft over KF.  For Boss fights I’ll run Hadars Grasp Killing Flames and Pillar of Power.
In FBI since mobs are tougher ill run, Fiery Bolt, Dreadtheft, and Pillar. This allows me to constantly heal my team if they are a bit weaker and need the healing. For MSVA I run Dread theft, Warlocks Bargain, and Pillar Power. The reason I chance only here is due to mechanics. Not a lot of people know to actually move the Ice away from people and that can strip health fast. So I run Warlock’s bargain as is provides a crazy instant heal whenever in need it and also Dreadtheft for consistent heal proccing. Hellish rebuke hits like a truck and heals very well too.

My dailies are Tyrannical for mobs that don’t die quickly. And Brood of Hadar for single target. Gates can be good for places like Castle never with weak mobs.

So in a normal rotation say in FBI would be to Hit the biggest target with my Tyrannical Curse, Pop my Sigil so I can get another daily quickly, Shadow slip in and drop pillar. Hit them with 3 at will so my flames of empowerment is at full stacks and then hit them with Fiery bolt and then KF. If you see targets are at low health use KF to finish them off. KF is much stronger at 25% health vs 50% health. Youll notice bigger crits if you time up your KF attack.

For boss fights just make sure you are using Hadars grasp first to apply the debuff. So Curse, Daily, Sigil, PoP, 3 at wills, Hadars Grasp, re-curse since it has removed warlocks curse, Killing flames. At will until your daily or encounter come back up. Just make sure to recurse after hadars grasp. Tyrannical curse should not be used for boss fights. Only Brood of Hadar.

The beauty of SW comes in the ease of rotation in my opinion. Make sure you keep hitting at wills in between encounters. PoP should remain up always. And then you get to spam you encounters as the come up.


Now you have a Templock load out that you do not have to spend 20 mins tweaking to be useful in a dungeon. Simply swap at a fire and swap back when you want to.

Credit to Fernu for an amazing HB Fury Build.

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  • July 11, 2017 at 3:32 pm

    This is for pure crit build right Also because your life steal is so low you will only be a half templock if your goal is to keep everyone at full health all the time but it is a good support build in case you do not have anything else to heal in the group
    but this is not a full fledge healer more of half bread but still really usefull

    • Filthyguides
      July 12, 2017 at 12:36 pm

      This is a pure crit build. Im a 15k SW. And even in runs with no dc people don’t die outside of one shots. Did a lot of testing with fbi and msva. Always able to bring people right back up to health. You do more damage so the heals are greater. So people don’t die. I encourage you to try it and see if you can keep people topped off. Its rather easy. May be much more difficult at a lower level. But in that case you can simply add a double slotted defensive ring and 2 life steal gems and have way more than youll ever need.

    • Filthyguides
      July 12, 2017 at 12:37 pm

      Thank you for the feed back!

      • July 13, 2017 at 2:14 pm

        Do you know how much life steal chance you get in combat is it around 50% if yes I understand how you can keep people alive
        But under that (35%) it happen sometime that the lifesteal was not procking during 5 or 6 second and my teamates died thats is why I switch to a full owl bear cub power build but I guess my life steal was to low back then ( I was around 3.4K at that time 13k now but now I m at 15K and only playing templock
        thanks for the feed back

        • August 3, 2017 at 2:34 pm

          I understand not every build works for every person. I have not needed much more than 20% Lifesteal but I play with some amazing tanks and typically a dc in group as well. If I struggle to keep up with healsi use warlocks bargain and put on my bear cub. But I really need to do that. I think its because I do so much damage that it generates higher heals if not more often.

    • Valefor Arcadis
      July 13, 2017 at 1:11 pm

      It is in fact a high Crit build, The author says as much in his opening statement. An extreme amount of life steal is not necessary. I think way too many people have that stuck in their head, I have heard as much as people saying that you need 40%. Personally, I think that’s way too much. I run roughly 25%, and have had zero issues. At that I will easily out heal a Healadin. This build may indeed be a Hybrid build, like most out there, but I think the key here is that Filthy is trying to provide a quick easy transition from Pure DPS – Templock, which I think he did a good job of.

      • August 3, 2017 at 2:40 pm

        Thanks for your feedback and kind words. This build allowed me to do max dps and switch to healing on the fly when needed to help a run. I still think DPS is more important as a SW but with the utility it provides its great. The best example is in master spellplague. I start the dungeon as templock until the second boss. Extra damage isn’t needed as much as an actual healer since the mobs do quite a bit of damage. And it only takes me 5 seconds to switch at the next campfire and be back to best in slot damage. I also don’t lose paingivers to other SWs simply because I believe you do more DPS with crit than with power. SO even then, this build provides good dps that translates to great healing. Thank you for taking the time to comment here!

  • July 18, 2017 at 8:39 pm

    You recommend using the Relic Gear set, which I will presume to be the Vivified armor from FBI. Would the new Mastercraft II Manticore Gear set be useful too?

    • August 3, 2017 at 2:44 pm

      At this point in the game I would not do that. If you don’t have your relic gear restored I would either try to restore it if you have the AD. In the next mod it wil be much cheaper, but it will also not be the best set any more. The next mod brings with it really good armor and avg weapons. So ill be sticking with relic weapons and farming the dungeon for the seals to buy the next tier of gear. Not sure of its name. If that’s not an option for you at the moment id try the gear from the Mysterious merchant. Thre is a 5% damage chest pice that is good. The jaarls gaze is very good as well from msva. You should get the relic boots from Bryn shandar heroics as there isn’t many great options there. AS a templock the survivors wraps can be quite good too. Youll life steal that health right back and get 2k power for using them. If I didn’t want to pay or farm to restore relic gear this is exactly what I would wear.
      Thank you for taking the time to comment!

  • Russell O'Keefe
    July 19, 2017 at 10:00 am

    What at-wills do you use?

    • August 3, 2017 at 2:50 pm

      Thank you for the question. I only use Hellish Rebuke and sometimes ill remember to hit dark aura spiral. Hellsih rebuke hits like a dang truck. The dot is great. I don’t have access to an ACT to test it but ive been told using hand of blight is a net loss in dps from hellish rebuke. So using them together to get the debuff is still less damage than just using HR. Dark aura spiral is good for an extra little spike of AP. Also, it acts as another encounter. So I go throught my normal rotation with an enemy like the giants in fbi. I killing flame at about 20% health hoping for the kill shot. It doesn’t always happen however so ill hit him with dark aura like another encounter and due to our racial bonus plus orcus set ill get hits up to 250-400k on average and it usually kills them. That’s why I prefer to have it slotted over hand of blight. But 95% of the time I only use hellish rebuke.

  • August 4, 2017 at 6:59 pm

    I was just wondering if the healing from a templock will proc burning guidance or healing warmth. I am thinking of trying them to see if they give dps boost.

    • August 8, 2017 at 1:20 pm

      A good rule of thumb is to realize any tool tip that says when a heal spells does X then Y. Those will not interact with our healing since we don’t actually have healing spells. We only do damage and through life steal heal others. So no they don’t interact. There is one boon that when you self heal you do 3k damage or a chance to I forget. That would work because its not a healing spell. Only that you were healed. SO if it says healing spell it wont work.

  • ChrisMc0110
    August 5, 2017 at 7:14 pm

    Can you link fernus build? I can find a video on it

  • August 6, 2017 at 2:19 am

    Will healing done by a templock proc burning guidance or healing warmth? Or do they only proc from healing spells?

  • Jacob W
    November 13, 2017 at 11:33 pm

    You have the orcus set on I believe but wouldn’t the Black Ice set be better since it actually has the stats that we need Con and Charisma?

  • Hemsk
    November 14, 2017 at 8:04 am

    What powers to use?

  • Steve Searle
    January 28, 2018 at 9:26 am

    Hi Filthy,
    I have just created a loadout using your build and already have topped a few runs on Paingiver and Healer so thanks for that.

    My question now would be are you going to update the guide with regards to the Chult options?

    You rate SKT items as best but now you can buy two Chult armours from the trade bar merchant if you have VIP.
    Also you can now buy the rings with seals, so serious farming of FBI etc is not as critical.

    Anyway thanks for giving me a bit more flexibility for my SW

  • Jimmy
    January 31, 2018 at 9:49 am

    I have savage enchant in my Dec and offence rank 7 at the moment should I change them to the ones you list or rank them up

  • Saris
    May 31, 2018 at 3:06 am

    Thanks, this has been helpful a little bit. I was using SoulBinder for a while because of the cute Soul Sparks Meter on the side and the Immolation Spirits but wasn’t happy with it eventually because of… Well, maybe it’s cause I can’t build right so far… But I do know that with the SoulBinder build I can use one of the Paragon Feat to increase damage as the Spark meter goes up and there’s also the Life Steal increase too and the DoT from Soul Scorch is great too, I like using that… Using Dreadnought, Blades of Vanquished Armies, Arms of Hadar. I saw this one video where the Panther gives a Damage boost to prone targets and it seems to work when the second arm hits the prone enemy… if I have Blades circling me then use Arms, the damage boost might work from the Blades… So far it seems good. Haven’t been to Chult yet I seen a lot from the Merchant Prince Skirmish and oh crap the T-Rex seems to have been made stronger than a Dragon :V

  • October 20, 2018 at 1:28 am

    Hey mate, great build and cheers for credits. I’m back to game so if you want to test some new stuff just ping me 🙂

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