Mod 11b PVP HB Fury Warlock

by Dandello on July 16, 2017
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Mod 11b PVP HB Fury Warlock

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Hello Everyone!

If you’re here I assume you’re interested in how to better your PVP Warlocking ways, or maybe just to figure out how we work to better combat us. I wasn’t planning on doing one of these but I’ve been asked for my build so much I figured it was time. I hope this helps some SWs who are struggling to break into PVP, I know it can be a painful journey but once you get over the hump it’s so much fun. So let’s get started shall we?

Why run this build?

I set up this build for two reasons. First off to combat high burst delivered by GFs and Combat HRs these guys are everywhere on PS. Secondly to provide high sustain damage while surviving the incoming onslaught.

Race Selection

Halfling: 3% Deflect, 10% control resist, +2 DEX/CHA

Arguments can be made for Dragonborn and Tiefling, but in all honesty the pros those races bring to the table don’t compare to the survivability Halflings bring. But if you absolutely can’t stand playing as a Halfling then I’d personally go with Dragonborn. 3% Power/Crit, bonus to incoming heals, +2 INT/CHA.  You trade up 4% Deflect going this route (3% passive and +2 DEX) for marginally more damage.

For your Leveling Stat increases you’re going to dump everything into INT (Increases Resistance Ignored) and CHA (Combat Advantage, Critical Chance)


I personally go with Hellbringer, the damage Hellbringer puts out combined with the buff/debuff capability makes this the obvious choice. Soulbinder however is extremely tanky but I feel that it lacks damage, and it doesn’t bring any group utility to the table.

Feat Setup


Energizing Curse 2/5: Extra AP gain is always welcome.

Toughness 3/3: HP is the most important Defensive stat in the current Meta. The more the merrier.

Shadow Fold 5/5: Due to our speed we’re usually the designated runner for protecting nodes. Stamina is a priority to allow us to Shadow Slip for longer.

Empowered Rituals 3/3: More damage means stronger dots, means bigger lifesteals, means happy Warlock.

Determined Casting 4/5: We need to keep casting to keep our DoTs running.

Soul Reaping 3/3: You can’t go wrong with more lifesteal chance.

If you decided to roll up a Human then I would put one of your extra points into Determined Casting, and the remaining two into Blood Pact of Cania.


Fury Tree:

Critical Promise 5/5: Little damage increase when you crit, because of our high CHA we sit at about a 37% chance.

Gatekeeper’s Empowerment 5/5: More damage to your Hellish Rebuke as well as your Gates of Hell.

Helltouched 5/5: when an enemy hit you, you place a debuff on the target allowing you do deal more damage to them. You’re going to get hit A LOT.

Executioner’s Gift 5/5: More damage!

Brutal Curse 5/5: increases the size of the debuff our Curse mechanic provides.

Murderous Flames 5/5: I personally use Killing Flames, so even though this feat isn’t the greatest it’s still extra damage on an already bursty encounter.  If you choose not to run Killing Flames then use Infernal Wrath instead for the DR debuff when lesser curse is applied.

Creeping Death 1/1: The reason we go Fury. Every single tick of Creeping Death can proc Life Steal giving us an almost constant HoT effect on top of the damage.


Relentless Curse 5/5: This has good synergy with my prefered power set up all allows Lesser Curse to always be active.

Power of the Nine Hells 5/5: Our POP is our best friend, we don’t want to leave it. Those GFs though they love to Bull Rush us out, even if your Shadow Slip timing is amazing it will happen.  This feat allows us to keep the POP buff for 5 seconds outside of the circles, as well as increasing the size of the buff we get.

Power Setup

At-wills: Hellish Rebuke, Hand of Blight. Hellish is going to be your main at will, but there are situations where a secondary is needed. I use Hand of Blight as the secondary due to its speed of attack in melee.

Encounters: Hadars Grasp, Killing Flames, Pillar of Power (Alternative Infernal Wrath spec: Swap Killing Flames for Arms of Hadar). I like Hadars Grasp, its great CC, applies Lesser Curse, boosts our damage, and it’s a single target multi-procer for weapon enchants. Killing Flames is our best burst ability and has some great melting capability when combined with Murderous Flames. Finally Pillar of Power, our multi-tool, it’s your home don’t leave it unless you’re forces out. If you choose to go the Infernal Wrath route then Arms of Hadar has a quick cool down and offers us a prone effect.

Regarding Warlocks Bargain, I don’t like this power. The way that it currently works on PS causes extreme amounts of lag in certain circumstances. The lifesteal from it is nice and so is the reflect, but it doesn’t provide any CC and it no longer multi-procs our weapon enchant. This is why I choose to run Hadars Grasp in its place, however if the crazy interactions get fixed I will test with it again.

Dailies: Flames of Phelgatos, Gates of Hell. Flames is your go to when you want to burst someone down, each tick procs Creeping Death and your weapon enchant, It’s also nice for following invisible TRs. Gates of Hells is for AOE situations and provides a nice knock back.

Class Features: No Pity No Mercy, Flames of Empowerment. NPNM turns our Hellish Rebuke into a massive nuke, when combined with the offhand bonus it also applies a DR debuff to the target. Flames places a stacking debuff on the target when we use at wills, causing them to take max 15% additional damage from us. If you feel that you need more defensive stats then swap out Flames for Shadow Walk to increase your Deflect and Life Steal.


I won’t bore you with a lengthy write-up on each boon chosen and why. What I will say is with the way I built my character I boon for survivability, this is why in the below screenshots I take a lot of defensive boons over offensive.

Guild: Offensive: Power, Defensive: HP, Utility: Potion Strength, PVP: Wards

Gear Selection

My stat priority here is HP>Deflect>Armor Penetration>Power. You want to be sitting at minimum 200k HP when you’re fully potted up, this will help you survive Shocking Executions and Combat Hunters piercing damage.

Weapon Enchant: Trans Fey touched

Armor Enchant: Trans Shadowclad. Elven also works really well here but I prefer Shadowclad.

Offensive Slots: Vicious Rank 12 (430 power/Armor Penetration)

Defensive Slots: Demonic Rank 12 (1850 HP, 230 Deflect, 230 Life Steal)

Utility Slots: Dark Rank 12 (700 Movement)

Overload Slots: Greater Red Dragon Glyph x2. Running two of these keeps the buff active for an addition 800 Armor Penetration, the damage aspect also procs off anything that can proc our weapon enchants. Since PS players love running Drains, you can’t go wrong slotting stamina and AP Wards here as well.

Weapons: Artifact Powers will be Hellish Rebuke (main hand) and No Pity No Mercy/Control Resist (offhand). Below is the main 3 sets I would recommend.

Mirage Set: This is what I use these guys are a great survival tool and also an amazing sources of damage. They’re also incredibly easy to get as well as refine.

Mastercraft II Set: If your team runs with them then they’re seriously worth looking into, a “5 piece” buff from them is pretty amazing.

Relic Set: It’s hard to get these guys refined to Legendary but they’re still worth mentioning just for the set bonus.

Armor: Here I run a two piece prestige set (Prestige Executioners Helm and Feet). For my chest I run Garb of the Ascended as I like the stats on it and I sit at over 200k HP even when in a group so the 2000 life steal is a nice touch, if you don’t have one I would suggest framing for a Psion Shroud from Prophecy of Madness. For my arms I run Wisely’s Dreaded Dueling Wristguards, these come from the Mysterious Merchant in your strong hold, they have great stats and the Armor Penetration bonus when fighting a single target is amazing! If you can’t get your hands in the Arm piece or if you just don’t like having a lowish tenacity score then you can run with the prestige executioners arms. All for of these pieces are reenforced with Major Armor Penetration Kits.

Undergarments: Greater Everfrost set provides exactly the stats we want and it has a great set bonus. Alternatively you can run Gemmed Exquisite for slightly more offensive stats.

Rings: Here I’m currently running Rosegold Duelists for the power/deflect/tenacity. Once I’m able to I will be upgrading them to the Rubilite counterparts. One other set up to consider is Ring of Impenetrability+5 and a Rosegold Duelist. These and all my PVP accessories are reenforced with Major Regeneration kits.

Artifact Set: Valhalla Set is the way to go, the defensive stats and the set bonus damage reduction are life savers. The Horn also has 1000 Armor Penetration and  4000 HP, since we stack these it’s definitely worth it.

For our remaining three artifacts we’re looking to stack HP, Power, and Armor Penetration. Currently I’m running Oghma’s Token of Free Movement as my Active, Fragmented Key of Stars, and the GWF sigil. Some good alternatives for an Active are Wheel of Elements and Tome of the Ascended. Alternatives for the other two artifacts are Lostmauths Horn of Blasting and Symbol of Earth.

Mount Set Up

It probably goes without saying if you PVP, but you’re going to want to get a Swift Golden Lion for the mount combat power. It’s an amazing survival tool, helps with capping nodes, provides extra damage, and is great for setting up a massive hit.

For my Equip Power I’m currently running Providence from the Lion for the heal proc, but using a Power Mount or an Armor Penetration Mount will work as well for more Offence.

For my Insignias I stack Prosperity, for slots that I can’t get Prosperity for I use either Aggression or Evasion.

On occasion I will swap out Gladiators Guile for Cavalry’s Warning, but I’m not completely sold on that bonus.

Companion Setup For Siege

Not a lot of people run Stronghold Siege but it is a really fun PVP map, Active companions work here so it’s good to have a set up for them just incase you choose to run it. I run the following companions for the Active bonuses.

Owlbear Cub: It’s well-known how this little guy works with Pillar of Power, combine that with our low crit rate in PVP and he’s procing all the time!

Death Slaad: When we use a At-Will we have a chance to add a DoT to our target that stacks four times, the damage is meh but it’s free and we cast a lot of At-Wills

Rust Monster: Stacking damage debuff when you’re hit, it’s PVP you’re going to get hit so why not get hit for less?

Bearcub: More Lifesteal and Lifesteal Severity when he procs, which is very often.

Blacksmith: Chance to reflect damage back at the attacker when you get hit, make them pay for hitting you!!!

Shadow Slip

I just wanted to talk a bit about our Shadow Slip ability. On PS I constantly see Warlocks running in circles draining their stamina bar and leaving the safety of PoP.  We don’t need to move to get the benefit from Shadow Slip, just toggling it on will grant one second of damage immunity followed by a 40% DR buff, if you couple this with the survival stuff from Pillar of Power you’ll see why I don’t want to move.  Enemy players want us to leave the circle, don’t play their game make them play yours!


Here is a list of the consumables I pop before going into a premade vs premade match

Heroes Fest: 1000 HP, 186 power

Caprese: 3% Deflect, over 6000 HP

Prime Rib: 1000 power, 5000 HP (highest SH power food you can get)

Elixir of Fate: +1 to all your stats, persists through death

Potion of Heroism: +1 to your primary and secondary stats (CHA, CON, INT), persists through death

Elixir of Corellon’s Blood: 350 power, up to five stacks of 70 power, persists through death.

Wild Storm Elixir: 350 crit chance, 10% crit severity, persists through death

Foe hammers Favor Elixir: 350 deflect, 10% deflect severity, persists through death.

Elixir of Steadfast Devotion: 350 defence, 350 regeneration, persists through death.

Sunlord’s Gift Elixir: 350 recovery, chance to regain 5% AP over 20 seconds, persists through death

Mastercraft Elixir of Force: 1500 power, persists through death.

Invocation Blessing x4: this gives you all 4 available buffs for 150 power/defence, crit chance/deflect, recovery/regeneration, armor penetration/lifesteal

Tymara’s Lucky Coin: random buff

It’s a lot to chug I know but the bonus stats are worth it. When I’m not doing premade vs premade I only eat the food (Caprese and Prime Rib). Here is a screen grab of my stats fully buffed with consumables.

On my Potion bar I run Battle Potion of Superior Restoration, Tymaras Lucky Coin, and Champion’s Battle Horn.


Well I hope this was interesting and that it helps some people out. I would love to see more Warlocks running around Dom, it’s a great class with loads of potential even with all the nerfs it’s received over the past few mods. If people are interested I’ll try to record some game play and share it in here.

Keep up the fight!

-Dandello Rotcloak 14k PVP SW member of Dawn of the Dra

gons Bane

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  • Contractions of Fate
    July 17, 2017 at 9:50 pm

    Very interesting.

    Especially stacking INT. First time I’ve seen that on an SW.

    Although, Stacking INT is only +5% ResIg, and that’s only 500 ArPen Stat on gear, which is easy to get. And +5% Recharge, of course. Is that really better than +5% dps and +10% base hp?

    And they are removing Tenacity in Mod 12, reworking ArPen and removing the ArPen bug where you get bonus damage according to how much higher your Resistance Ignored is over the target’s actual Damage Resistance. So with 120% ResIg against 60% Damage Resist, you’d do +60% bonus damage! No wonder so many GFs are such hard asses!

    I play on PC, so I am a little wary of builds posted by Console players as apparently they cannot run ACT or test on Preview Server? And their version of the game may not be entirely identical to PC, or so I hear.

    Some builds here also seem to rely on Tool Tips without realising that most of the Tool Tips are just wrong and things often don’t work that way.

    But I will certainly take a good look at this.

    I created 3 hybrid SWs in Mod 4:

    Temptation/Damnation (now SB)

    Damnation/Fury, SB from Mod 5 (used to be most PvP-Survivable)

    HB Fury/Damnation, Flame-only, No Necro (a real pain to play Mod 5 to 9, but Mod 10 fixed her!) She used PoP when it was a clunky mess!

    So I’ll try this build as my second load out for my Halfling!

    She has legendary Baphomet Talisman and Charisma belt and a mix of Legendary artifacts (DC Sigil, CW Sigil, Lantern and Lostmauth Horn). So no set bonus, but that can easily change next 2xRP Event.

    And I have BtA Elemental Drowcraft gear, Legendary Twisted weapons, +4 Rings and rank 11 enchants they all share.

    But none of them use the Owlbear Cub dps trick with the Impossible-to-Crit Pillar of Power Encounter. Builds based on bugs are never a good idea. And, in PvP, companions don’t matter anyway (well, in IWD they do, but not normal Dom and I’ve not see a Gauntlgrym PvP queue pop for more than 2 years…)

    So I’ll certainly check this out!


    • Contractions of Fate
      July 17, 2017 at 10:35 pm

      Another point is, at least on PC, is that since Mod 5 or 6, the Ardent Coin potions from invoking currencies do not stack. They show the icon, but you get the stats only for the last potion you consume. And I think this is real, not just a display bug.

      But I think this is a general bug, personally, as I do not think they should count as “normal potions”. They are “Special” potions! The enhanced potions we make with Alchemy are “normal”

      Food buffs also do not stack, the last one applies, except for SH food buffs. So you can use a Caprese and then the Prime Rib with no problem. And the Prime Rib persists through Death, whereas Caprese and other Event food buffs do not.

      Elixir of Fate and Potion of Heroism DO stack, thankfully!

      Elixir of Corellon’s Blood
      Wild Storm Elixir
      Foe Hammer’s Favor Elixir
      Elixir of Steadfast Devotion
      Sunlord’s Gift Elixir

      do not stack, at least not on PC. As I say, you get the icon next to your character portrait, but the last potion you consume overrides the previous one.

      Invocation Blessing. On PC the buff is random, so I have to use a lot more than 4 to get all the buffs, but I have hundreds, so no big deal.


      • July 17, 2017 at 11:15 pm

        I got the information about the Vault of Pity elixirs stacking from a PC player, posted on the ARC forums. I was skeptical about it as well but I compared before/after on my stats to be sure that they did in fact stick.

        On PS atleast, if you pop multiple invocation blessings it will give you a buff you don’t already have active. I again tested this by looking at a before and after on my stats.

    • July 17, 2017 at 11:18 pm

      I can’t give exacts on the exact difference better stacking CON and stacking INT since like you said I don’t have access to ACT so I can’t see the dmg boost. I can say that when I stacked CON I actually lost HP because I needed to replace prosperity insignias to make up for the lost RI.

      • Contractions of Fate
        July 18, 2017 at 2:42 pm

        That’s a good point about the Insignia. Lots of Guardians stack STR/DEX, as the hp bonus for CON is not all that (although it does give them APG bonus as well). CON is not a “thing” like it used to be for hp.

        Before, IIRC, Mod 6, CON bonus applied to Max hp. Now, it still SAYS that, but it applies only to BASE hp. ALL characters of all classes have 23,540 base hp at level 70 with CON 10. The +2% bonus (4% for Guardians, 2.5% for OP) applies only to this base hp. It does not apply to hp on gear. Toughness DOES apply to hp on gear and it’s actually a bit more than 9% at rank 3.

        But they often change things without saying in patch notes…

        I have recently been leveling a new TR who I wanted to play the entire main quest, as I’ve only done that once before with 22 characters. But she massively out-leveled the content (as usual), even without Prosperity Insignia, Azures in Utility and Training Runes. She hit level 62 before starting level 31 Helm’s Hold, and reached 70 on her second day in Sharandar.

        Now she is 70, she has her “Invoking Gear” – a set of level 50 Green Armour (so I cannot accidentally feed it to the SH Mimic) with 3 Rank 11 Azures, a Cloak from Master of the Hunt with 5% XP bonus plus a rank 11 Azure, a Belt of STR with a rank 11 Azure and 5 spare Epic mounts loaded with Prosperity Insignia. She changes gear and swaps out her mounts for Invoking and turning in quests for +122% XP bonus. In low level Zones, like Helm’s Hold, Ebon Downs etc, she just wears the Invoking Gear and keeps the Prosperity mounts summoned, as her Twisted weapons, +4 Rings, Drowcraft chest & Underwear give her more than enough to one-shot almost anything! It’s NOW I want more XP, for the chance of a Power Point.


        Anyway, nice build, I’m definitely going to try it.

        And I’ll double check on those Vault of Piety potions, in case it got fixed…

  • Remora
    July 22, 2017 at 10:42 am

    I’d love to see some gameplay… I always seem to stumble on my rotation in pvp. Some SW completely annihilate me and i just don’t get it lol

  • August 1, 2017 at 6:13 pm

    Why stop at 84% resistance ignored? With the current bug on consoles wouldn’t it be better to switch to the guild armor pen boon and over penetrate opponents defenses for more damage?

    • August 1, 2017 at 6:21 pm

      I tested out using the armor pen boon instead of the power boon and actually did less damage. The only place it helped was vs GFs GWFs and Paladins.

      • August 1, 2017 at 7:03 pm

        I’m assuming you’re taking incoming healing over lfiesteal severity in your boons as most of your healing comes from insignia bonuses?

        Other options for active artifact besides ohgma’s? I’ve got my shield and elven battle armor enchant so I haven’t been having too many issues with CC. Currently running my wheel from pve which works well, but can still be cumbersome to use in combat.

        Do you still think the valhalla set is worth it for guardian fighters over the orcus set? It’s a pretty big burst damage loss and a amll bit of deflect loss as well.

        Lastly at what point do the diminishing returns on tenacity start to get ridiculous? I’m thinking final build I’ll do 3 prestige and 50k HP chest. Basically just wondering how many pvp rings I’ll need to get to the soft cap.

    • August 1, 2017 at 7:33 pm

      The incoming healing bonus affects all our healing, because of Creeping Death I have a near permanent “HoT” from life steal, and I get constant provadence procs on top of the insignia bonus heals. My screen is usually a sea of green numbers.

      I’ve played with the actives from Wheel, Tome of Ascendance, DC Sigil, Manicore Horn, CW Sigil, and Lostmauth Horn. They’re all decent in certain instances.

      For a GF I think you’re best off with the Orcus Set you have more then enough defence to not need to worry about the Valhalla Set. Come 2x RP I’m going to be testing a different neck/belt/artifact set up for SWs to see how it runs.

      I find tenacity starts tapering at about 2.1k, I’m currently sitting at 2.6k but I’m looking for a replacement to one of my MC ring doing this will drop me to 2.1k

  • Katara
    April 4, 2019 at 10:18 pm

    I’m a noob to the game and found you post. I’m an avid PVP’er in most games i have played. How do i get in touch with you in game?

    • Dandello
      May 1, 2019 at 9:53 am

      Hello Katara. I’m recently getting back into the game after taking a 1 year break still relearning everything I missed while I was away lmao! If you wish to reach me and you’re on PS my gamer tag is @d0cHollington feel free to shot me a message.

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