A Guide to A Buffing Templock

by Master4733 on July 17, 2017
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A Guide to A Buffing Templock

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A Bit of Info:

The templock is a rare and amazing build. It is literally built around dealing damage to heal allies and buffs them while doing so. This build doesn’t do max damage because it is more specced into buffing allies and keeping yourself alive. You wont be a DC but you should still help your team massively.


The absolute best possible races are: Dragonborn and tiefling. Just go for Con and Cha at 18 each. 2 other races worth looking at is Drow and renegade, These both provide a chance at a debuff when attacking(i will switch to one of these when I can.


Note: We use energizing curse because we want our daily as often as possible for shepard’s devotion.

At Wills:

For our at will we use Hand of Blight and Hellish rebuke. Hand of Blight is a stacking damage debuff(and we use the mainhand bonus on it). We use Hellish rebuke for a nice bit of damage, and it debuffs the targets Damage by 5% with our feats. Honestly none of the other At-wills compare to these for us.

Class Features:

For Class features I use flames of empowerment (like every hellbringer SW because its amazing), and I use All Consuming curse(for nice DoT that heals). If you have a really bad tank and need to be an off tank try using Warding Curse, and if you are still trying to stack lifesteal you can use Shadow Walk(be very carefull with dark revelry procced because you move at lightspeed).


For our encounters I recomend Pillar of power(must have buff and we have 100% uptime on it), and Fiery Bolt(great AoE). For the last power I use warlocks bargain(heals team when you get hit), but these also work well:  killing flame(amazing damage), Dreadtheft(i personally hate it, but its a nice buff and debuff), Or warlock’s shadow(underrated debuff).


No contest you should be using Hadar and Tyrannical. Hadar is amazing at damage, and tyrannical is great in boss fights with adds(Etos, some CN minibosses, VT boss fight). never let either leave your bar.

Weapons and Artifact set:

For your weapon either use hexweaver(relic weapons), Stronghold set(the best but most expensive), or use Fey(for the AP gain).

For the artifact set orcus is 100% the best, more damage means more healing.


For artifacts I take a slightly different route from most people, For my main artifact I use a buff artifact(I use lantern of revelation but Wheel of Elements is better). After that I use shard of orcus’ wand(for set bonus). And my final 2 artifacts are Shard of Valendra’s Crown, and Beliah’s Portal Stone. I use these two for the power lifesteal combo.


For my helmet I am using Picaroon’s Tricorne, it provides nice stats, however i will be replacing this when i get a Jarl’s Gaze. For the Chest piece you can either run hexweaver or you can run Zulkir’s Dreadnought for power and lifesteal. For the boots and gloves I use Vivified Hexweaver Raid, or the Power Crit combo. For reenforcement kits you should use power or lifesteal for armor and action point gain for rings, neck, and waist.


For companions the options are not that big. Overall the best companions are sellsword or conartist(summoned for the debuff).  I personally recomend using air and earth archons(you will always be a full hp, enemies will always not be at full HP).  Siege master is a great companion that gives flat damage increase(its from the zen market). And for the last companion you can use a fire archon, any crit severity companion, any combat advantage companion, a owlbear cub(works amazingly with Pillar of Power). But honestly for my summoned companion I use Priestess of Sehanine Moonbow(from the bahemats champion pack). I use this because it provides a 20% crit chance buff to my whole team and a 20% crit chance debuff to enemies, This helps out teammates who arnt at 100% crit chance, I do however lose damage by using this.


For mounts the list is pretty average: Protector’s camaraderie and friendship, Magistrates patience(the DoT heals our team based on our power, but its pretty small), Shepards devotion(we get our dailies very fast so we have 100% uptime), and for the last one you could use wanderer’s fortune(for more refining stones), however this last slot depends on your needs).


The Strats:

The strats are pretty straight forward. start encounter by letting the tank gain aggro, then run behind the boss(with normal trash enemies just stick with the other dps) and place down pillar of power(make sure to hit both enemies and allies with it because it helps with both). Then mark target, hit them with hellish rebuke, and get 4 stacks of hand of blight(for the debuff). After than keep attacking till your cooldowns are up, use your dailies ASAP to buff everyone’s survivability.


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  • February 15, 2018 at 8:02 pm

    Really nice and concise build guide. Ill use this whenever in a dungeon/skirmish party. Thanks for the guide
    Solo campaigns I use AoE fury.

  • TheDovahkiin74
    March 2, 2018 at 12:03 am

    For boons should I use the ones that give a boost in dps?

  • Jangell
    March 27, 2018 at 1:51 am

    I am trying to understand what you are using for dailies as I am looking at mine and they may have a different name.

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