Blues DO DC Build (Healer Build)

by Blue on July 27, 2017
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Blues DO DC Build (Healer Build)

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Blues DO DC

Hello all I’m Blue, I get asked a lot from my guildies and alliance what build I run when running DFs and dungeons with them, so I told em instead of jumping on TeamSpeak and going through everything over and over again like I have done in the past I thought I would make my build available here. So yeah here it is 😛 Note this is a HEALING build and NOT Bis for endgame content, its simply a build to get lower geared players through content with dying 😉

Click below for a better look at the feats I use.


Weapon: Feytouched because in a dirty PvPer 😉 but ideally I would want a T.Frost enchant for more debuffs.

Armor: T.Negation again for PvP reasons but you can also go with Soulforge incase the tank drops agro.

In offensive slots I use a mixture of Azure and Silvery, in defensive I use Radiants.


Now as far as boons go…. I’m not going to post them, why ? Because they are pretty much self explanatory you want the normal Power, Recovery, Crit and HP. As far as useless boons go like life steal and Combat advantage your gonna have to pick some but that’s all up to you as this build really doesn’t need life steal because we’re always at full HP and CA isn’t going to help much with healing now is it.


Encounters: Break the spirit, healing word, / Divine glow ( mobs )  P.of Doom( boss fight)
Class Features: Terrifying insight, Light of Divinity ( mobs ) /holy fervor ( boss fight )
Daily: Hallowed Ground, Divine armor.
At-Will: Astral Seal, Brand of the sun

Boss rotation: 1* Astral Seal, 1* Brand of the sun, Hallowed Ground, P.of Doom, 1*healing word, Divine (tab) 3*Bts , Empowered Bts ( this is fully buffed), then 2*healing word. then spam at wills until u get full divinity again and start over again. Use Divine armor to shield your allies from big hits like when Orcus raises his hands ( Note its does not last long so it has to be timed well )

Mob rotation: same rotation but spamming Divine glow in divinity and using divine armor more


Again all up to you, with mod 12 being released I am going to change up all my companions and get debuffs/damage buffs ones.


If you have any questions or simple don’t agree with the build for being a HEALER pm/mail me in game Blue@brothergun or leave a comment.


Cheers for reading and game on!



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  • August 1, 2017 at 12:10 pm

    oh my.. this build is so bad..

    • August 1, 2017 at 5:01 pm

      Like I said in the post this is a healer build that helps lowbie players that I run with within my alliance, this is by no means a BIS build to run fbi, msp or msva as is doesn’t focus on buffs/debuffs. So with that into consideration why is my build so bad ? whats wrong with helping lowbies that cant run content because most groups stomp on all mobs and leave the lowbie behind. If u have any helpful criticism I’m all ears

  • August 2, 2017 at 8:47 am

    if you want to be a DO heal i would advise faithful over virtuous since most virtuous healing feats (nearly all those %weapon dmg heal) scale with power, which will be higher as an AC. Faithful feats mostly give flat % heal increase which works better for DO.
    About your rotation: I’d never switch out divine glow. It’s the best allround power we have. PoD might be less relevant for low IL DCs.
    I have several DO rotations in my own build if you want want to have a look at them.
    Anyway nice to see someone reminding ppl that healing still matters at low IL and that full buff builds might not be suitable for ungeared Groups. I’ve seen the same old righteous DC guide over and over again and it’s always refreshing to see something different. I sometimes really miss my lowbie days^^

    • August 2, 2017 at 6:41 pm

      Thanks for the comment Jojo! Will def have a look at your build and imma try and use DG on boss fights more for this build as I thought PoD has a better debuff than DG 😛 Cheers

      • AsterFV
        August 3, 2017 at 7:37 am

        And few words from me:

        PoD is very situation though and if you’re really aiming for IL players it’s not the best for them. Divine glow on other hand debuff, do dmg and heal. It’s most versatile skill and that’s why I never switch it. I slot PoD instead of bation/shield (or in your case healing word) when I see that my party does not need that much heal/protection.

        Second encounter should be either emp BtS (primary), emp forgemaster (if there is second DC). If you’re soloing it’s better to switch it for something like Divine Light. When I was playing virtous I found healing bastion better than healing word. Of course you could replace it for even more heals but I wouldn’t recommend it.. the faster you kill enemy the less dmg you will take.

        If you’re truly aiming for heals you should mention you’re going for high crit build with Trans Dread. Trans dread provide you 75% crit severity and debuff. Debuff is not that high like in Frost Enchantment but it’s more useful if you’re more into healing. And it increase our dmg while soloing a lot.

        • August 5, 2017 at 6:43 am

          many virtuous healing feats actually can’t crit. powerstacking is much more interesting for virtuous dcs. they also need some recovery to make up for the loss of cooldown reduction from righteous capstone.

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