War’s DC PvP Build Mod 11B

by War74 on August 14, 2017
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War’s DC PvP Build Mod 11B

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I recently started playing pvp on my cleric and honestly I have really enjoyed it. The option for multiple loadouts made this gameplay finally viable for me. I searched for a decent cleric pvp build and then thought, I would share what I have learned. This build will be based on assuming that you are comfortable playing your DC, and are familiar with your powers, etc. Additionally, I suspect that this will be a living document. One that I can update with the help of others as well as from my own experience as I continue to pvp. I look forward to the critique of this build as I am still learning. I figured this is the best way to show what I have learned and what I haven’t. When you are done reading this, look at the comments as they will help clarify issues that I have wrong, or have explained poorly.

PvP can be equally exciting and frustrating. Hopefully this build will help someone who hasn’t done a lot of pvp but is interested. In addition to tweaking your build, get a team of players that you can have fun with. It will help when you run across those matches that really suck.

Please note: Both of these builds (DO/AC) are based on keeping myself and my group alive. I have played around with another build that lets me do much more damage and will continue working on it. In fact, it works well in Icewind Dale but for GG and Dom it is far less effective.

Update 8/28/17: Changes to armor set. Changes to mount information.

Update: 8/30/17: Pvp overload slot changes: Starmina drain to Rogue Wards I, and II.


For the purposes of this build I am running a human. The additional feats in the heroic tree I have found to be helpful.


This table comes directly off the Neverwinter Gamepedia.

Statistic Effect of Ability Score on stat per point over 10
Strength Constitution Dexterity Intelligence Wisdom Charisma
Damage bonus 1%
Healing bonus 1%
Critical Chance 1%
Combat Advantage damage 1%
Hit Points 2%
Damage Over Time (DoT) resistance 1%
Area of Effect damage resistance 1%
Deflection chance .5%
Control Bonus 1%
Control Resistance 1%
Stamina Regeneration 1%
Recharge Speed 1% 1%
Action Points gain 1%
Companion stat bonus 1%



I have played with the WIS/STR, WIS/CHA, and WIS/DEX builds I have found that the WIS/DEX and WIS CHA allow for a “tankier” build. The WIS/STR would be ideal for a more dps focused build. My pvp build has a healthy dose of Defense and Deflect. You are only gaining .5% bonus to deflect for every point above 10 in DEX but it helps.


Heroic Feats

Healing Action: (5/5) This enhances your action point gain whenever healing. No brainer.

Greater Fortune: (3/3) Wisdom now grants more healing up to 3%.

Toughness: (3/3) Increase HP up to 9%

Holy Resolve: (3/3) Grants temp HP when you drop below 30. (15% of your max HP in temp HP when you drop below 30%)

Domain Synergy: (5/5) Gain up to 5% recovery.

Weapon Mastery: (0/3) Gain up to 3% Crit Chance

Initiate of the Faith: (0/5) You crit stat is increase by up to 1% of your Power. So that mean 20k Power = 200 Crit. (Not worth it IMO).

Repurpose Soul: (1/3) Allows for a spell AoE heal to proc when healing up to 15% of the initial heal. Always nice to have heals casting without having to work any additionally encounters. I have 1 point here to ensure the proc.

Battlewise: (0/3) You create up to 6% less threat. Pointless in pvp.

Cleanse: (3/3) Up to a 30% chance to cleanse a debuff from an ally. Cleanse procs constantly especially when going against those throwing DoTs.

Templar’s Domain: (0/5) Allows for up to a 25% chance to gain 30% more armor pen for 5 seconds.

Bountiful Fortune: (0/5) Allows up to 15% more divine power gain


Faithful Path (Primary)

Resounding Beliefs: (5/5) Your non-heal over time powers heal for 10% more.

Benefit of Foresight: (5/5) Defense bonus from Foresight is increased by 5%.

Gift of Gods: (5/5) You generate 25% more divine power.

Shared Burdens: (5/5) Your direct healing spells also heal allies within 30’ of the target for 20% of the original heal. This is helpful as there is often a lot of move about in pvp combat. If someone happens to slide out of your heal this essentially gives them a chance at a possible 20% heal, essentially extending your heal range with a diminished heal (but at least something).

Chaplain’s Strength: (5/5) When a foe is within 30’ of you, your heals are increased by 10%.

Test of Faith: (5/5) When taking damage you gain a stack of Faith. Every 3 seconds a stack of Faith will seek out a nearby damaged ally and Heal them for 300% of your weapon damage. You lose the stacks once you leave combat but this is a great way to heal a nearby damaged player when you are in a prolonged fight.

United by Faith: (5/5) For each ally within 30’ of you, your health is increased by 5%.

Agent of the Divine: (1) Your heals are reduced by 25% (but you make that back through your other bonuses) and that reduction is stored as a “Gift of Faith”. This “Gift” then procs once a player drops below 45% health.

Virtuous Path

Lasting Wishes: (5/5) Increases heals up to 10%.





Group Stat Bonus: This boon comes from the Explorer’s Guild and boosts stats by 400-2400 based on the level of the boon. Additionally, this boon boosts multiple stats based on the number of other players running the same boon. By yourself you gain Deflection. If you don’t have I recommend Power or Armor Pen.

2 members: Def, and Recovery

3 members: Deflect, Recovery, and Critical Strike

4 members: Deflect, Recovers, Critical Strike, and Armor Pen

5 members: Deflect, Recovers, Critical Strike, Armor Pen, and Power


Control Resist Bonus: Also from the Explorer’s Guild. If you don’t have I recommend Defense.


Glory Bonus or Healing Potions. Potions don’t have a huge impact in fights unless you just need that little edge.


Update: Shocking Execution seems to be one of those things that just is capable of one shotting you.  I am now running Rogue Ward I and II in addition to bumping up my hp.  Seems to help, hasn’t happened since but that may be coincidence as well.


I recommend the Stamina Drain bonus. My guild (Pawns and Kings) does not have a pvp boon as we are currently focused elsewhere. That being said, if you drain stamina, people can’t block as long or dodge as much.


Currently I only have the first boon.

Living Wall: 250 to Defense and Deflect



Dark Fey Warder: 400 Defense

Fey Elusiveness: 400 Deflect

Elven Haste: Action Point Gain 3% (HP Gain would probably be fine here also)

Elven Tranquility: When stuck you have a chance to heal yourself for 20k. (This will proc some of your other group triggered heals as well).

Fey Thistle: When you Deflect an attack you deal up to 3k damage.


Dread Ring:

Reliquary Keeper’s Strength: You gain 250 Power and 250 Movement

Illusory Regeneration: 400 Regen (This helps your natural HP regen as you move from point to point)

Illusion Shimmer: 3% Deflect Chance

Enraged Regrowth: When taking damage you have a chance to heal up to 20k hp over a few seconds. After this effect end you gain 4000 more defense for 10 seconds.

Burning Guidance: Your healing spells have a chance to burn enemies near the target for up to 2k radiant damage.


Icewind Dale:

Weathering the Storm: 400 AoE Resist

Appreciation of Warmth: Gain 400 Incoming Healing Bonus

Rapid Thaw: Gain 400 Recovery

Cold Shoulder: When damaged by a foe you have a chance to proc Cold Shoulder reducing their next attack by 2k. This procs fairly often and is the equivalent to a 2k heal in my book.

Avalanche: When damaged by a foe chance to gain a stack of Avalanche. At 20 stacks thaking damage will clear the stacks and deal up to 15k damage to nearby players. We take a lot of hits in pvp and this stacks quickly. In a prolonged fight, this helps give you an edge.



Primordial Vitality: Gain 400 Defense and 1600 HP

Primordial Focus: Gain 400 Crit and 1600 HP

Drow Meditation: 1200 Regeneration

Dwarven Footing: Control effects will now have 5% shorter durations (stuns, roots, etc.)

Abyssal Strikes: Gain a +10% damage vs demons (who cares really pvp will make you think the other players are demons but nothing in this line is helpful in pvp).


Tyranny of Dragons:

Dragon’s Claws: Gain 400 Power

Dragon’s Shadow: Gain 400 Deflect

Dragonscale Defense: Gain 400 Defense

Dragon’s Blood: Gain 400 Regen

Dragon’s Fury: (3/3) Grants 8% increase Crit Severity


The Maze Engine:

Abyssal Regeneration: Gain 400 Incoming Heal

Demonic Resilience: Control effects will now have 5% duration when applied to you

Demonic Swiftness: 3% AP Gain

Engine Inspiration: Healing spells have a chance to heal allies around you for 20k. (Note: This procs fairly often.)


Elemental Evil:

Unassailable Tide: Gain 300 Defense and 2000 HP

Earth’s Renewal: Gain 400 Regen and 2000 HP

Blazing Resilience: Gain 400 Recover and 2000 HP

Wall of Wind: When taking damage, you have a chance to heal up to 24k HP. After this effect, your Recovery is increased by 1000 for 10 seconds.


Storm King’s Thunder:

Frosty Demeanor: 2% Control Resist and 1000 Max HP

Survival Instincts: You gain 400 Incoming Healing Bonus and 2% Frost Resist

Chill Determination: Gain up to 2000 Recovery based on how much Stamina missing

Glacial Strength: Max HP is increase by 3200 and 2% Everfrost Damage Resistance

Healing Warmth: Heal spells have a chance to damage up to 5 foes near the target for up to 6k


Cloaked Ascendancy:

Aura of Despair: When you kill an enemy you have a chance to emit and Aura of Despair that stuns up to 5 enemies within 25 feet for 4 seconds.

Healing Heat: 2% Incoming Heal Bonus, 1000 HP

Soothing Zephyr: You gain 500 Recovery and 2000 HP

Planar Vitality: When you deflect an attack you regain up to 8000 HP




Active Companion Bonuses do not work in Domination.


Stronghold/Icewind Dale:

Active Companion Bonuses do work and there are a lot of theories on this. The Shadow Demon is rather frowned upon in pvp but will certainly give an edge. Be cautious fighting against people with these as summoned pets. More often you don’t see too many.

I run a Sell Sword for 10% Debuff.


Owlbear Cub for bonus damage. (Nice to pull out Icewind Dale since it is an augment and players tend to focus on companions first)

Will-o-wisp for control resist (15%)

Sprite for AP gain

Black Ioun Stone (Crit bonus when below 50% hp) This I keep because it is legendary only. Will replace at some point.


I am now currently running the Swift Golden Lion.  The active combat power allows for a shield to by placed on my team along with a decent knockback when the lion rushes an opponent. It can be triggered every 50 seconds although occasionally it doesn’t place the shield on me (not often and I will be testing it further)

Stable Bonus:

Note: While these are viable stable bonuses to run in PVE situations I do switch out my stable when running PVE content, even if I run in PVP gear (lazy). I switch out the two horses providing the Oppressor’s Respite/Reprieve with a mount that gives me Wander’s Fortune and the one that gives me additional movement when at full stamina.  It is quite simply to switch out mounts in the stable so that you aren’t forced to try and switch out insignias.

Victim’s Preservation: Upon taking greater than 35% of your Maximum Hit Poin in a pre-mitigated damage from a single blow, receive a Heal over Time. (10% of your max health over 5 seconds)

Oppressor’s Respite: When Stunned, Knocked, or Immobilized, receive a Heal over Time. (1% of max health over 4 seconds)

Oppressor’s Reprieve: When Stunned, Knocked, or Immobilized, receive a Heal over Time. (4% of max health over 4 seconds)

Champion’s Return: When reduced to 50% health, receive a Heal over Time and Stamina. (Instantly recover 20% Stamina and 20% max health over 10 seconds)

Champion’s Struggle: When reduced to 50% health, receive a Heal over Time and Stamina. (Instantly recover 10% Stamina and 10% max health over 10 seconds)


These builds are deflect-based so I put as many Evasion insignias (200 Deflect/100 AoE Resist) where I could. Where I could not, I am using Vigor (200 Movement/100 Stamina) for the movement.



Edit: I am now running the three piece Prestige Set along with the Psion’s Shroud Chest Piece.  I lose a little bit of my stats and tenacity but I am now gaining an additional 10% damage mitigation while controlled as well as about 30k more HP. This coupled with my Rogue 1 and 2 Wards keeps me from going down to the TR’s Shocking Execution.  I go way down but it isn’t usually an instant kill and all of my reactive heals are able to instantly kick in.

Prestige Duelist Chest/Arms (switching to medic arms for bonus deflect) Set Bonus 500 Tenacity

Titansteel Head/Feet (No Bonus but felt the increased stats and tenacity offset the Warborn bonus and the movement bonus of the 3 piece Prestige)

Enchantments are as follows:

Offense: Radiant (Power)

Defense: Silvery (Deflect)

Utility: Dark (Movement)

Armor Enchantment: Transcendent Shadowclad.(The stacking deflect is fantastic, with my current 45% deflection it means that this will proc about every 30 seconds after I am hit 6 times. It provides a nice little AoE stun and makes me invisible (and I still can cast))



Relic Set

Weapon Enchantment: Currently using Transcendent Frost for the 30% slow, 25% recharge reduction, 10 damage resistance reduction, and the 10% damage dealt reduction for 10 seconds, not more than once every 20 seconds.  Note:  If others in your group are using this enchantment it will stack!  It is not like other enchantments where they are negating each other.


Neck and Belt

Neck: Baphomet’s Infernal Talisman (+100 Action Point Gain Jewel):

Belt: Demogorgon’s Girdle of Might(+100 Action Point Gain Jewel): STR/CON, Power/Crit/Deflection.


Rubellite Duelist Rings: Power/Deflect/Tenacity with Stamina Reinforcements

Shirt and Pants

Greater Everfrost: The set bonus (If your deflection is higher than your life steal, whenever you perform a Deflection, each successive Deflection over the next 10 seconds returns 50% of the incoming damage back to the attacker. Not to exceed 15% of your Max HP). This is nice as it damages the other players with zero effort.



Sigil of the Devoted (Union): 1000 Power/Def, 600 Incoming Heal Bonus. Nice to have as active so that you start your fights out with full AP.

Oghma’s Token of Free Movement: 1000 Def/Deflect, 600 Control Resist. Nice to run as active to get you out of those chain stuns. Upon its use it removes control effects and makes you immune for 5 seconds.

Shard of Orcus: 1000 Power/Movement, 600 AoE Resist. Part of my neck/waist set bonus for increased damage.

Sigil of the Guardian: 1000 Def/Deflect, 600 AoE Resis.

Note: Considering replacing Shard with Sigil of the Scourge Warlock for the Power/Deflect, Control Resist.



When deciding if I am going DO or AC it is a combination of my team make up, the other team, and luck (both dumb and bad sometimes). DO for groups to maximize damage output, AC to maximize survivability.


Passive: Terrifying Insight (20% Damage Increase for Group), Prophetic Action (Block All Damage against me once every 21 seconds and damage against team up to 25% of their max health)

Note: Sometimes I will run Foresight instead for the 13% Damage Reduction (8% plus the Feat Bonus).

At will: Astral Seal (reactive heals), and Brand of the Sun (fast cast and hits hard for an at-wil)


I start my “Square” off with one of the following: Daunting light, if I know that the players I am up against don’t hit that hard. Forgemaster’s Flame if there are several tanks. Or Divine Glow for the debuff/damage if it is a tough group.

My “Triangle” is either Sun Burst for clearing nodes or Astral Shield.

My “Circle” is almost always Bastion of Health

Rotations: At-wills to full Divinity, 3 of Daunting/Divine/Forge, Empowered Astral Shield or Sunburst, followed by a Bastion of Health for capping heals and AP gain.


AC (Tanky)

Passive: Anointed Armor for the increase Deflection Chance with the weapon feat, Light of Divinity for proc heals or Divine Fortune.

At will: Astral Seal (reactive heals, and Blessing of Battle (quick divinity fills)


I use the same for both DO/AC.

Note: Sometimes I will sub out one for Break the Spirit or Geas if I think that I need to bring on some extra stuns.



It varies a little from AC/DO but here are my base stats (companion unsummoned):

Power 20k

Critical Strike 6k

Armor Pen 1k

Recovery 6k

AP 600

Defense: 12.25k

Deflect: 11.5k (AC build allows for bonus deflection with weapon feature and passive combo)

Regen 2.5k

Life Steal 1k

Tenacity 4k

PVP Damage Reduction 46%

PVP Armor Penetration Reduction 72%

PVP Critical Strike Reduction 46%

PVP Control Resist 46%

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  • August 15, 2017 at 3:06 pm

    hi war. thx for sharing your build. i personally focus much more on hp then you since those one hit trs are the biggest problem i’m facing in pvp. do you play on pc where piercing dmg has been fixed or why don’t you use a high hp setup? for example i use the sh boon for hp and a trans elven battle for control resistance.

    • August 15, 2017 at 4:04 pm

      Thanks for the reply Jojo. I had been toying with the idea of working a high hp build, in fact I have had a couple people recommend the shroud out of etos with the 50k hp. I have it, but when I look at all of the other stats I would lose, plus a crazy amount of tenacity, I can’t bring myself to do it. When I see a hard hitting TR in the opposing group I switch over to my DO build with Prophetic Action. The block helps against these nasty one shots I have found, even against the 16k TRs (unless my block gets triggered first). I still struggle for some reason against HRs using the animation glitch and GFs using Bull Rush with some other combo, but that is only a couple that do that it seems. I play on the PS4 so I still have to deal with the piercing damage until the patch resolves it. Additionally, I am looking into the trans elven battle as well but felt that the trans shadowclad meshed better with my deflection build. I can certainly see the value in your build though.

      • August 16, 2017 at 6:51 am

        unfortunately i haven’t been lucky to get the psino’s shroud myself, but i’d love to use 3 pieces prestige + shroud. prophetic action indeed works well with trs who don’t know to trigger it first and has a decent offhand talent, too. i personally don’t really bother with it though since it is really situational. it would be great if you could add a part about how to face certain classes (like play with sound and dodge vs one shot trs, empowered astral shield vs high dot sws, …).

        • August 16, 2017 at 6:51 pm

          Thanks for the update and you bring up a great point around the shroud with the 3 piece prestige bonus (+10 DR when being controlled). Additionally, a very common build I am seeing is maxing out DR with empowered shield. I wish I could both max out my Defense as well as keep up a +30% deflection. Might have to break out the calculator. In response to the fight strategies, I really like that and was giving it some thought when I initially decided to post my current build. I would like to get some additional experience before getting that information out there, I suspect that it would have to be a project with a lot of input from a some experienced DC pvp’ers. Much of the reason I decided to post my build was in the hopes that it would generate some great dialogue, similar to what we have been having. It’s easier to get an understanding of what I need to change if folks know what I am doing currently.

  • Unscathed
    August 25, 2017 at 2:34 pm

    Nice informative guide, War! Thanks for taking the time to post. One of these days let’s run together.

  • Pakas
    September 9, 2017 at 4:11 pm

    -No point in running Daunting Light with your feats – you do very little damage and if you do its probably to pugs – against those parties it doesn’t really matter what you will use.
    -Your recovery is way too low, you need higher recovery to have no downtime on Astral Shield and faster reuse of encounters and faster AP gain.
    -You should focus on HP and use a trans elven for control resist, the HP will make you much more survivable and will increase the potency of Astral Shield, the higher HP you have the more damage you will absorb.
    – Why use an Orcus set ? Again, with your feats, your dmg is very minimal. You should either go with Valhalla for more AC and the debuff of the set or with Tiamat for more healing and better stats.
    – I would use trans elven like I noticed, shadowclad is a decent choice though
    – Insignias: I would use sheperds devotion and you miss one more healing that I use instead of “Oppressor’s Respite”, I forgot the name of mine.
    – Weapon enchantment: I use holy avenger, I also like frost and fey(if others aren’t using)
    – I have also a DO build, but he’s more of a DPS build and I use it very rarely when we’re facing pugs and I wanna have some fun or when we are facing a really tanky\control team with no DPS, but that is really rare. AC is the only way to go.

    Will post my build tomorrow probably, since its a new mod anyway and I’m switching some stuff so I don’t mind sharing with the public. Hope you can comment on mine.

    • September 9, 2017 at 9:16 pm

      Excellent! Thanks for the responses! Would have been great if you had posted your pvp build as it could have saved me a ton of time! 🙂 Alas, no one seemed so inclined to do so. I have updated a few things. I am no longer running the Orcus artifact but I have kept the set neck and waist for the power/defelect, etc. As for daunting light, I find myself running more divine or sunburst in that spot but when there are a few squishies about I switch to daunting in a vain attempt to work up my double/triple kills. My focus now is for HP and Control Resist as you mentioned, my guild structure boon isn’t helping there so that is working against me (HP). So I am considering switching out my Silveries for Wicked. As for the armor enchantment, trans elven is in the works. I see the use for Shepherd’s devotion but I think that I will get more out of Calvary’s Warning since I now have the Swift Golden Lion. I would love to switch out the two 1% heals for something a little more effective. As for my recovery, I agree it is an area I would like to improve on. I will either have to pull it from deflection or movement likely, possibly power in order to have any real impact on it though. With the upcoming changes to empowered AS, will it be worth it?

      • September 11, 2017 at 1:29 am

        I just uploaded my PVP build (pending review now). To be honest I shared it only with friends until now, but with the new mod coming and its changes, I guess I’m more open to giving up some of my advice 🙂
        I understand the pain for double and triple kills, my advice is keep a DPS DO build and run if you’re fighting a weak team and just switch at the campfire if needed.
        You’re doing going the right way with HP and not having the guild boon does hurt but if you get the chest from POM that compenstate for it, also some artifact with HP maybe. Wicked is definately best in slot in defensive slot for us.o try.
        I did try to run AS with just 1 empowerment in PVP which will be the buff we will get next mod, it still blocked but much less, and it will last 2 seconds shorter… honestly I don’t know. I guess I will still use it but I will have to wait and test it.

  • February 8, 2018 at 8:31 pm

    very interesting build!!! i hope that you keep update this beautiful work!!

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