Cereal’s PvE HR Trapper Build(Endgame) [Mod 11.5]

by Cereal on September 2, 2017
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Cereal’s PvE HR Trapper Build(Endgame) [Mod 11.5]

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Welcome to my Hunter Ranger Trapper Build for Mod 11.5. This build is for endgame/experienced players I will not go into too much detail on gearing up for new players. However, if you do have ANY questions please feel free to contact me via PlayStation or here on MMOMinds. This is my first build I’ve ever written and my first experience here on MMOMinds as well so I may say a lot more than I really have or need too, however, I will try my best. I will be going over pretty much all aspects of a typical build, as well as some changes for the next mod(s). I’ll try to explain as much as I can when I feel something is important. Finally, I’d like to say this is my build and in no way is this the best hunter ranger build nor should you follow it exactly, however, I will say I didn’t make this build on my own. Build your Hunter Ranger the way you feel most comfortable and have the most fun with it, regardless of how high DPS you deal and what not, just try to have fun.

Note: This character was the first one I made when I first played Neverwinter, so I made some mistakes starting off, specifically my race and ability scores. The build will also change for Mod 12.


Best races for a hunter ranger would be Dragonborn/MetallicWood Elf, or Drow.

Dragonborn/Metallic: +2 to any stats; Dragonborn Fury: “Your Power and Critical Strike are increased by 3%.”

Wood Elf: +2 Dexterity and +2 Intelligence/Wisdom; Elven Accuracy: “Increases your chance to Critically Strike by 1%.”

Drow: +2 Dexterity and +2 Charisma/Wisdom; Darkfire: “You have 5% chance when attacking a foe to apply Darkfire for 4 seconds, reducing its Defense by 10%.”

Points should be put into Dexterity and Wisdom, however prioritizing Dexterity over Wisdom as dexterity provides 1% damage bonus per point after 10 points, while wisdom provides 1% critical chance per point after 10 points. I choose Half-Elf since I didn’t know what I was doing when I first played, however, I will swap to Metallic Dragonborn and put points into dexterity in the near future. Currently, my stats are 19 Strength, 14 Constitution, 30 Dexterity, 15 Intelligence, 25 Wisdom, 14 Charisma (with campfire buff of +1 for each)




Heroic Feats:

Predatory Action: 4/5 ( You can do 5/5 for this too if you wish for more DPS)

Weapon Mastery: 3/3 (Nothing wrong with critical chance)

Toughness: 3/3 (Personal preference. Makes me less squishy and I may be wrong, but improves overall DPS if in group with a pally using Aura of Courage)

Swift Footwork: 1/5 ( Due to my play style I dodge a lot, however, 2% is quite small so I may change in future. Personal preference feat)

Agile Combatant: 3/3 (Trappers will constantly switch stances, so this helps a lot)

Endless Assault: 3/3 (Similar to the previous feat, trappers rely on their encounters for DPS)

Disciple of Dexterity: 3/3 (More dexterity = more DPS, easy pick for a high DPS build)

Note: You can use feats such as Scoundrel Training, Extra Action, and even Lucky Skirmisher. Like I said previously, in the future I will change some things around.

Trapper Feats:

I won’t be going over these feats as they will always be the same for pretty much any full trapper build. Just keep in mind that they will come into effect in the rotation.


Best paragon path for a trapper at the moment is Pathfinder

At-Wills: Rapid Shot/Rapid Strike and Hunter’s Teamwork/Careful Attack

Encounters: Constricting Arrow/Steel Breeze, Cordon of Arrows/Plant Growth and Hindering Shot/Hindering Strike OR Longstrider’s Shot/Gushing Wound (I swap between Hindering and Longstrider’s depending on the group and content. Hindering would use if I run lower tier dungeons for fun and end game ones too, however, if the group is very good and we burn everything, I use Longstrider’s just for the buffs)

Personals: Aspect of the Pack and Aspect of the Serpent

Dailies: Seismic Shot, Forest Ghost or Disruptive Shot ( I run Seismic and Forest for the most part, however any combo of the three is fine. If you use Shepherd’s Devotion, Forest and Disruptive would be best to constantly have shepherd’s up)


My rotations vary depending on the DCs/Pally and the powers I run and my cool downs. I always try to start with x2 stacks of ‘Ranged Serpent'( Aspect of Serpent)

With Hindering on Mobs: (Start Ranged) Constricting Arrow > Hindering Shot > Cordon > Rapid Shot x1 or x2* > Switch Stance(melee) > Plant Growth > Hindering > Steel Breeze > Switch Stance(ranged) > Repeat

With Hindering on Bosses: (Start Melee) Careful Attack > Switch Stance(ranged) > Constricting > Hindering > Cordon > Rapid Shot x1 or x2* > Plant Growth > Hindering > Steel Breeze > Switch Stance(ranged) > Repeat

With Longstrider on Mobs: (Start Ranged) Longstrider > Constricting > Cordon > Rapid Shot x1 or x2* > Switch Stance(melee) > Plant Growth > Steel Breeze > Gushing Wound > Switch Stance > Repeat

With Longstrider on Bosses: (Start Melee) Careful Attack > Switch Stance(ranged) Longstrider > Constricting > Switch Stance(melee) > Gushing Wound > Plant Growth > Steel Breeze > Switch Stance(ranged) > Repeat

*Using Cordon or Rapid Shot depends on your group composition and your cool downs, if you were to use Cordon, one Rapid Shot after would be fine.

Notes for Rotations:

  • The rotation is a HUGE part of being a trapper. My rotation, like I said, constantly changes according to my group composition, the dungeons, or just how bored I am. However, I always make sure my most powerful attacks are buffed by my feats and own buffs, specifically the feat Deft Strikes.
  • Dailies: I don’t specify when I use my dailies as it once again depends on what I’m running as dailies and how fast I gain action points. A big tip I can give for dailies, however, is they do affect your Serpent Stacks. Forest Ghost and Slasher’s Mark both count as Melee Hits so you will gain a stack of ‘Ranged Serpent’, while using Forest Ghost you will constantly gain a stack of ‘Ranged Serpent’ though, so your melee powers won’t be affected by the buffs of ‘Melee Serpent’ stacks, BUT it will affect your powers cool down every second it’s active and give you a little bit more speed(helps when using Longstrider). Seismic Shot and Disruptive Shot will do the opposite, you will gain a stack of ‘Melee Serpent’ instead when you use either. All dailies will help with your encounter cool downs.
  • When using Longstrider’s on bosses you MUST apply the Longstrider’s buff before you use Constricting, otherwise, you lose out on DPS due not buffing your roots on Constricting through Longstrider. However, in small boss arenas such as the second boss in MSPC or if you don’t have enough speed to properly do it, using Constricting > Longstrider will work just fine if you follow the rotation as written. Speed is key when using a Longstrider rotation, you pretty much have 4 seconds to buff as many powers as you can and be able to reapply the buff once it’s over.
  • When using Longstrider’s on mobs you can do something similar to the boss rotation, however, using Plant Growth before Gushing Wound would be much better, personally I won’t use Gushing Wound as the animation is too long and we burn the mobs before it finishes, but on bigger mobs with more HP I’ll try to use it. For the most part, I won’t use Gushing Wound if there isn’t a big mob or if we burn too quickly. In something like FBI, for example, I’d use Gushing on Giants, but something like MSPC I won’t use it unless I see a giant, or I use just for fun.
  • Careful Attack is, in my opinion, one of the best powers for an HR. It’s best to apply that first on either a big mob or bosses then start your rotation as it will tick every time you hit an enemy with a power(does not apply to roots or DOTs rather each initial hit of an encounter/at wills). Also, in your rotation on bosses, and on mobs even, make sure to reapply Careful Attack to the mob every 10 seconds or so, just so Careful Attack is always applied to a mob. I apply it either before starting my ranged rotation(usually on bosses), before or after my melee rotation.
  • Some powers you can cancel the animation to, specifically Cordon, which will help tremendously with rotation. Jumping/dodging is a big thing for me and it’s how I am able to go in and out of combat to do my rotation. Speed and quick thinking is key to an HR’s rotation.
  • I use the Wheel Of Elements as my main artifact, so I use that normally before I go into combat. Also, a BIG tip for people having trouble with the wheel, if you jump forward and pop the wheel, you will pretty much always get the fire buff, however, you will still have to deal with the animation. So, if you jump and pop the wheel AND use Steel Breeze or any encounter you want really, you will get the fire buff and not deal with the animation, and even get the Over-Charge Attack from the relic set if you use. I normally use Steel Breeze to proc my Over-Charge Attack and Deft-Ranged(a feat).



Con Artist


Air, Earth and FIre Archons, Siege Master

Other Choices

Another choice for a summoned companion would be either Sellsword or Rebel Mercenary if you have the gear for them. Another alternative would be either Fire or Air Archon. Mod 12 I will farm Illusionist’s Gambit for the companion gear, or at least try too. Another good active companion to have can be either Erinyes of Belial/Cambion Magus and Wild Hunt Rider. I would use Wild Hunt Rider, however, I have heard it was nerfed slightly but I can find anyone or anything that shows its exact changes. Nevertheless, WHR is a very good companion.

On the companion’s rings, I have 5 brutal rank 12s and 1 azure r12, and I’m using 1 Greater Dod and 2 Greater Krigs. Eventually, my Earth Archon will be epic, and the other companions will be legendary for Mod 12. I may in the future swap out Fire Archon for the Erinyes, however, I’m not too sure.


Combat Power/Mount Power

I run the Tenser’s Disk’s combat power for its buff to pretty much all my stats, and it works with Cavalry’s Warning to boost my stats further. For mount power I would prefer 4k Power, however, I don’t have that legendary mount. I swap between 2k Power and 4k Recovery depending on the group, but normally I just stick with 2k Power I don’t really care for item level and I don’t really need the recovery.

Mount Insignia

Gladiators’ Guile and Artificer’s Persuasion are personal preference, you can swap them for more DPS oriented insignias if you want, or swap one for Shepherd’s Devotion, up to you.

I run whenever I can power on the insignias themselves, the others are just anything I like, critical strike, movement, etc. HOWEVER, this is the place where you can balance your stats more if you need more armor pen or critical strike, insignias are where you can get them.



Four Piece Vivified Trailblazer’s Raid Set

Trailblazer’s Longbow and Axes (relic set)

Company Duelist Cloak and Greater Twined Rope of Dexterity

Greater Hellig and Brutality +5

Gemmed Exquisite Elemental Shirt and Pants(I have tunic but I’m too lazy to switch to shirt, it doesn’t really matter though)


Main: Wheel of Elements

Sigil of the Controller

Fragmented Key of Stars

Lantern of Revelation


Armor Enchantment: Transcendent Barkshield

Weapon Enchantment: Transcendent Dread

Offense Slots: Radiants Rank 12

Defense Slots: Darks Rank 10

Utilities: Running 2 Quartermaster’s Rank 12 and rest Dark Rank 10s(utilities are entirely up to you)

  • You can use a 3 piece raid set with either Jarl’s Gaze or Guise of the Wolf Clan
  • You can use the Brightsilver weapon set(Stronghold Weapons) instead of relic set
  • You can use Bloodstained Shirt(drops in Grey Wolf Den)
  • My main-hand power is Hunter’s Teamwork/Careful Attack and my off-hand power is Aspect of the Pack with Companion Influence stat
  • The Wheel of Elements is my main artifact and will most likely never change, while the last three can be whatever you want just depends on your stats. However, try to prioritize power, critical strike and armor penetration. Alternatives can be Eye of the Giant, Manticore Talon(personally wouldn’t), Horn of Valhalla, Symbol of Air/Water, Heart of the Blue Dragon, Kessel’s Spheres of Annihilation, Thayan Book of the Dead, Sigil of the Trickster. All of these are good just depends on what stats you need or would like.
  • The Armor Enchantment can be anything you want, Soulforged, Negation, Shadowclad, etc. However, the Weapon Enchantment must be the Dread, no other enchantment will do as well as the Dread for trappers(end game that is).
  • Your offensive enchants can be Azures, Brutals or Radiants just depends on your stats. But Radiants and Brutals, or a mix of each, would be much better than just Azures for end game.
  • Your defensive enchants can be literally anything. If you wanna maximize the amount of power you get from Assassin’s Covenant you can run multi-stat enchants, specifically Black Ice, but I’d recommend using them from Rank 10 and up. Using Radiants may also be beneficial if you run a lot of content with a pally, however, I never tested this and haven’t heard anyone notice any DPS increase.


*No potions, only thing I received outside of my own buffs would be the campfire

Stat Prioritization 

Armor Penetration > Critical Chance > Power

*Once you get 60% resistance ignored, or 85% for Mod 12 area, focus on getting as close to 100% critical chance as possible then focus power. Other stats don’t matter too much, however, you can get more if you wish.


Guild Boons

Offense: Power

Defense: Defense or HP(if you’re running with a pally)

Utility: Mount(you can use whatever you want)

PvP: Doesn’t matter we are PvE


This is the end of my Trapper Build for Mod 11.5. If I missed anything please reach out to me and I’ll fix it or add it to the build. This build won’t guarantee you high DPS unless you practice the rotation and get comfortable with it. This build is not at all the best like I’ve said before, so you can change it in hundreds of differents ways and still get the same results, maybe even better. Before I end it, I would like to give thanks to some other HRs who have directly or indirectly helped me with this build. I learned everything from watching these guys play and learning from them.

So, special thanks goes to:

PC: KB and T. Suwantemee

PS4: Woodman, DXB, Rhymix, Lunox, Miz’ri

XBox: Flipmo_ and Team Streamline

PSN: LmSuperCereal

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  • gunnerdom98
    September 5, 2017 at 10:35 am

    Not speccing into scoundrel training is making you lose alot of potential damage with careful attack, the main reason to go pathfinder and you are not maximizing it.

    • September 5, 2017 at 2:05 pm

      Like I’ve said, while making this build I have made mistakes which lower my overall DPS. However, when I change my race I will change this build quite a lot to increase my DPS a bit. So far without using Scoundrel Training I’m on par with some of the best players on PS4. Thanks though for the feedback and I’ll use that feat in the eventually in the future.

      • KB
        September 17, 2017 at 5:32 pm

        yes and no on the scoundrel training but Ur not losing a lot of damage , i mean its not like ur spamming CA all the time on trash mobs lol i also dnt put any points into it and beat every bis potted up the butt hrs on pc , i mean scoundrel training is more useful on a fullcombat hr then a trapper since ur most likely spamming at will on combat. other than tht @cereal good build my man, i would suggest getting rid of them brutals on ur comp and just going straight forward with azure and rads. with the new hunt rings on mod 12 iwill no longer be using azure on any of my toon and still using 2 azure on comp and still rocking tht 85-90%crit with a sexy 94k power 😀

        • September 18, 2017 at 12:17 am

          yea ik i rarely use CA on basic trash but the other feats are kinda garbage for a trapper, i could go with less threat though lol. I was thinking of swapping brutals out for azures/rads when i saw a recent livestream of urs before mod 12 dropped on console, if ur the real kb 😉 , but i got really lazy and decided not too. my build now is very different and is much better than the one on here, maybe ill revise this one idk. I just need 1 more piece of ig gear before i can use a sell sword, so once that happens ill prolly use azure/rads on comp unless i get lazy again. thanks for the tips though really do appreciate it 🙂 btw have u tried combat yet on mod 12? i dont have the ad atm to get the enchants i need to test it out.

  • September 5, 2017 at 10:41 am

    you should use hindering strike last in your rotation as its roots are applied using the range buffs so having max ranged buffs maximizes its damage. I would also like to point out that the wheel doesnt affect thorned roots so lower level players should run something like eye of the giant as their roots will be more of their damage unlike high end players where plant growth stats to become the main source.

    • September 5, 2017 at 2:10 pm

      I don’t quite understand your first sentence, if you can please rephrase it, sorry. I use either hindering or longstrider as my third encounter in my rotations, longstrider’s like I said works best in burn groups and speed run groups. I know the fire buff from wheel does not affect the roots, similar to the Orcus set, however it still buffs the initial hit of encounters. LIke I i said, this build is for endgame players. I’m willing to sacrifice personal DPS for buffs for the team. Thanks for the feedback though.

      • September 5, 2017 at 3:42 pm

        this is what you have down for your rotation Plant Growth > Hindering > Steel Breeze > Switch it should be Plant Growth > Steel Breeze > Hindering > Switch

        • September 5, 2017 at 4:41 pm

          why should it be hindering last?

          • Michela
            September 7, 2017 at 6:08 am

            He means that Hindering Strike activates Thorned Roots, that is buffed by ranged stacks of AoTS. Thus, if you use it as second encounter, Thorned Roots deals less damage (and overwrites the Thorned Roots activated by Constrincting Arrow).

  • September 23, 2017 at 4:15 am

    Any ETA for your Mod 12 update to this build?

    • September 26, 2017 at 1:13 am

      not sure rn, i would need sellsword gear and run the tong for the new gear plus some stat changes, so for a finalized mod 12 build maybe 3-4 weeks not too sure. the build is working very well the way it is rn for mod 11 content and the chult area though.

  • Zhimin Qi
    February 3, 2018 at 3:17 am

    So my resistance ignored after the bonding buff is 62.7%, does that mean my armor penetration is enough now? but before the buff it’s only about 47%

    • February 4, 2018 at 4:46 pm

      Yea your armor pen after bonding is fine for any content that came out before mod 12, how if you run mod 12 content(tong, new skirmish, new area) then you need 85% resistance ignored. Best way to get that would be to use some armor pen artifacts like say kessels or gwf sigil.

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