Healadin Build [Mod 12]

by Maddie on October 1, 2017
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Healadin Build [Mod 12]

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Hello everyone and welcome to Tiffany’s healadin build. I have been tweaking this build for quite some time and I think I have it perfect at this point. This build is meant for you to be up close and personal with the enemy but by no means are you a tank. Still fairly squishy.

So starting with the race I chose. I went with the half elf because you get a +2 to Constitution and +2 to either Charisma or Wisdom. Once you get your character all pretty and stuff try to get your Constitution and Wisdom as high as possible. With the +2 to Constitution and Wisdom I managed to get a starting Constitution of 21 and my Wisdom at 17.

As most of you know, as you level your character up you get  points to add into your Constitution and all that stuff. I put every single point I got into Wisdom and Charisma. This got me up to 24 Wisdom which gives me a solid 14% bonus to my healing. It also got me up to 21 Charisma which helps with your stamina regen and AP gain. Both of which are very useful.

Moving right along to feats. In the heroic part I went with 5/5 Divine Action. This makes you activating your Divine Call regenerate 5% of your max AP. I then went 3/3 with Weapon Mastery. This increases your crit chance by 3% which makes your healing alot stronger. I did 3/3 for Exemplar’s Haste because it makes your encounter powers cooldown 6% fatser which is really useful if you like dealing the most heals in the least amount of time. Go with 5/5 on Dominating Presence because it makes all of your auras 10 feet bigger. This is helpful for being able to reach out to everyone. I only went 1/3 on Impassioned Pleas because it makes you regen divine call 2% faster but the divine call regen is already pretty quick. Then I went 3/3 for Divine Wisdom. This makes every point of Wisdom you have increase your healing by 1%. And if you have 24 points in Wisdom like I do it increases your healing by 24%.

Getting to the Paragons now. You need to pick Oath of Devotion if you wanna do any form of healing what so ever. It increases healing by 100%. In the Justice Paragon I only have one thing. 5/5 in Swift Flash. When a foe hits you it has a chance to make you run 30% faster. This is helpful for getting away from things that hurt alot.

Down in the Light Paragon I have 5/5 in Gifts of Light which makes you heal for 10% more. And what healadin doesnt like heals? 5/5 in Seraphim gives you a chance when taking damage to increase the strengt if your heals by 15%. 5/5 in Light Touched gives you 10% more AP for healing people. And trust me. With this build you have to wait for the daily to cooldown to use it again. 5/5 in Aura Gifts will give your group 25% of your power if they stay within 30 feet of you for 6 seconds. 5/5 Share the Light makes all allies take 15% more healing from you. 5/5 Echoing Heal makes all of your healing bounce around your allies every 2 seconds and heals them for 200% of your weapon damage. Only downside to it is it can only jump 3 times every 10 seconds. 2/5 in Deific Intervention makes it so if you go down all of your allies are healed to full health and gain max damage resistance for 4 seconds. This only works every 270 seconds so try not to die too much hun. 3/5 in Holy Bonds gives you 12% recovery increase for every ally within 30 feet of you. And finally 1/1 in Redemption. Activating your Divine Call heals all of your allies for the equal amount of 500% divided between all of them. You can have a max stack of 3.

Getting to the powers I use. All of them have all 4 of the little boxes full.

In At-Wills I mainly use Oath Strike and Cure Wounds. In Oath Strike the final swing sends out a burst of healing and increases your outgoing healing by 10% for 15 seconds.

For my Encounter Powers I use Burning Light, Vow of Emnity, and Bond of Virtue. Burning Light damages foes and heals allies at the same time. Holding the button to charge it increases damage and healing done. Vow of Emnity marks a target and increases the damage you deal to that target by 20%. Allies who strike the target are also healed. Bond of Virtue ties all allies in a 60 feet radius to you. Those allies recieve 20% more healing from all sorces. Any allie you heal sends out 15% of that to all other alies that are bonded.

Daily Powers. I maily use Shield of Faith and Healing Font. Shield of Faith is good for on the run type situations where theres alot of moving around. It places a shield on all alies that reduce damage and increase healing recieved by 30% for 6 seconds. Healing Font is more for big bosses where you stay in place for a while. It puts down a sparkle fountain thatstays for 40 seconds and heals all alies in a 60 feet radius that chains to other nearby allies up to 5 times.

Class Features I use. Aura of Wisdom and Aura of Life. Aura of Wisdom makes all allies within 30 feet of you gain a 10% increase to all their recharge speeds. And Aura of Life makes it so you can pick up any downed ally and automatically heal them for 15% of their max hp.

Artifacts, Weapon Enchants, and Armor Enchants. In my weapon slot I have a radiant enchantment. Every swing has a 20% chance to increase your allies damage resistance and heal them . For my armor I have a Frostburn Enchantment. And enemy that hits you has a chance to be slowed down by 30% for 4 seconds. This is helpful for getting away from things that hurt. For my prinary artifact I use Heart of the White Dragon because it adds HP, inceases defence, and makes you less vulnerable to AoEs. I use the Rod of Imperial Restraint because it boosts recovery and control a bit. The Eye of Lethander is very handy to have for far away allies and because it ups your defense and incoming healing. Then for the last one I use the Sigil of the Great Weapon. It increases your max HP. It also increases your armor penetration and your power which is helpful for both dealing damage and healing.

Hopefully my build doesnt disappoint. And this is my first time making one of these build guides and im still getting familiar to the way it all works.

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  • Jamman
    October 2, 2017 at 12:01 am

    For your stats if your going straight healing Wis is the most important stat. And Charisma if you pick Force of will it increases your crits for every Charisma point

    For your Auras don’t run Aura of life. I know sounds good so you don’t have to run and pick someone up but most end game dungeons you will get fussed at because the person that died cant use a scroll of mass life. (Like MSVA if you die twice your out) I usually run courage or divinity as my other Aura.

    Your At Wills are good.

    Your encounter powers change out burning light on boss fights to Bane. With enough recovery you can keep x3 on boss and every now and then buff one of your dps. It will decrease dmg boss does and increase everyones dmg towards it by 30%.

    Another suggestion to improve your guide use http://nwcalc.com so you can link screenshot of your build. It makes it easier for someone to copy and determine if they would change a few things.

    But yes very good job on guide.

  • Contractions of Fate
    October 4, 2017 at 2:25 am

    Nice guide, there aren’t that many Devotion OPs about (at least on PC). And I like the fact you’ve written everything. I don’t like guides that only show pictures and don’t type the Feats, Boons etc. Especially when the photos are in German or something! Photos are fine, but additional text is so useful for copying the build into Word to study in detail later.

    And it’s unusual to see an OP that has not maxed out CON, but maxed out both WIS and CHA instead. What’s it like for solo play? As in, killing things quickly? but i like unusual, specialised builds, and it’s nice to see a half-Elf as well!

    A few other surprises:
    No DC Sigil. That’s a great way of getting your Dailies back, and even having two at once, overlapping each other. Unless they both have a built-in, fake cool downs, of course, like DC’s Hallowed Ground. Even then, my AC DC can cast HG, use Sigil and then cast AA before HG wears off.

    Not using Aura of Courage, but as you do not max CON, your hp will be fairly low for a Paladin (You and allies within 30′ of you deal 1% of your Max hp as bonus damage). And you don’t have Toughness, either.

    5/5 Dominating Presence, as for some of your Paragon Feats the party needs to be within 30 feet radius, anyway. Dominating Presence increases Auras by 10 ft radius, but they are pretty big, anyway. Some you can actually see on the ground as a huge yellow circle. Sort of the size of DC’s Hallowed Ground. I can’t say whether they are all that big, though.
    1/3 Impassioned Pleas. Not sure that’s doing anything much at all.

    I’d have put 3 of those 6 points in Wrathful Strikes and 3 in Toughness or Light’s Shield, but then my OPs are Protector, so I don’t know what sort of dps a Devo can do, or even if the At Will damage even matters, nor if the feat would increase the Healing from Oath Strike. So maybe 3 in Toughness and 3 in Light’s Shield. I’m not saying you are wrong, as this build and Paragon is new to me, but as a Protector OP, I am just a little surprised. I have several DCs, you see, and a Temptation SW, so I didn’t want a healing OP! 😀 But I’ve changed my mind for their second load out. My Human OP does have 5/5 Divine Action and 3/3 Impassioned Pleas, though, but I’m not sure the latter does anything.

    Is this for PC or console? There are still many differences between the two. It would help if there was a convention where people put “PC Build”, “PS2 Build” or “XBox Build” at the top, but no one ever does! 🙂

    But beware of tool tips. Force of Will gives you +1% Crit per point of CHA OVER 10, not +1% per point of CHA like it says. So with CHA 21 you’d get +11% Crit, which is good as normally CHA gives no Crit at all, and (at least for my DCs) Heals can Crit as well. Hopefully, OP Heals should also be able to Crit.

    If Divine Wisdom works the same way, it would give you +1% BONUS healing per point of WIS OVER 10, so with WIS 24, that’s an extra +14%, not +24%. You get +14% Heal and Crit anyway from WIS 24, but with that Divine Wisdom feat you should get another +14% for 28%. Unless it does not work the same way, which means that either all it does is give you +10%, regardless of your actual WIS score, or you get the standard 14% and then get another 24% on top, which would be +38%! \o/

    My OPs are Protector, so I can’t really check this unless I go to the Test Server, but they all have Force of Will and that’s how it works. My Human has a CHA +4 belt as I am old school and Paladins SHOULD have high CHA. She could go Devotion in her other load out. The other two are Halfling with Black Ice set and Dragonborn, with no artifact set yet.

    And what where your starting rolls? 8, 18+2, 10, 10, 13+2, 13?
    So your Starting CON and WIS were 21 and 16, with campfire bonus (not WIS 17)?

    On race, I was looking at half-Elf recently and they make very good OPs and SWs.
    Tiefling is another good choice for OP and SW, but Half-Elves are more flexible OPs as they could go CON and either WIS or CHA, whereas Tieflings are better suited to CHA & CON, and their INT +2 is not all that helpful, except for more Recharge.
    Dwarves are potentially also good for a slightly tankier Devotion OP, with +2 CON & WIS and their CC resists.
    Dragonborn, I’m not so sure. Just as flexible as HE, and +3% incoming healing, +3% Power and Crit Strike ratings, but probably really best for DC as they can have +2 WIS & STR, which no other race can do, and we have half-Elf and Tiefling for possibly better racial bonuses for a party buffer/healer.

    Anyway, most sources still say Dilettante does not work on half-Elf, but it does. It just does not show in character generation, but it does show in game. I tested recently and Half-Elf OPs also get DEX +1.

    At least, when I rolled the 10, 16, 10, 10, 12, 16 and added +2 to CON & CHA, depending on the class. HRs I did CON & WIS, of course. I don’t know if a different non-Class attribute would be selected if I chose a different roll, or put the +2 in CON & WIS instead. The tool tips say it’s chosen according to your class, so it should not be random or vary with the scores rolled.

    Half-Elves get the special +1 to:

    DEX = OP, SW, CW
    INT = DC, HR, TR
    WIS = GF, GWF

    Anyway, I shall study this in more depth. I’m thinking of race re-rolling my DB OP to either Tiefling or half-Elf. DB is not as good as many imagine, not for all classes.


    • October 5, 2017 at 3:21 am

      The main reason I didnt max CON is because I made this character to be mainly healing for group dungeons or even teir 3 hes with a little bit of dps for solo play. I maxed WIS and CHA for the healing aspects of them. The WIS adds bonus crit damage which includes healing as well. You can tell its a crit heal by the little lightning bolt arrow beside it but youll have soooo many numbers you wont be able to see the floor. I dont use a DC sigil just because of some if the heroic feats i use make my AP recharge pretty fast anyhow. I put down at least 30 of the Healing Font fountains at Orcus in CN. I dont use Aura of Courage because I dont exactly have the highest health. I think I have like 130k hp or so just sitting there.

      • October 6, 2017 at 11:21 pm

        Aura of Courage isn’t for you, it’s for your teammates.

        Aura of Courage damage is based off each individual player’s health.

        And Courage is ridiculously good for some classes. An example being CW: if you team with a CW, you *want* to give them Courage, since Aura of Courage is easily 25%, if not more of their DPS.

        • Contractions of Fate
          October 7, 2017 at 1:48 am

          That’s a good point about Aura of Courage. I also read that somewhere but forgot. Also, ranking it up does not increase the buff to party members only you. But when it says +10% damage per rank, it’s actually +10%, so it’s 1.0%, 1.1%, 1.2% and 1.3% at rank 4, but only for the Paladin. For the dps of the party, it looks like 1 rank is all they get.

          I Looked at the Dragonborn a bit more and he could do a good version of this build, after all.

          So putting the Dragonborn +2 into WIS & CHA when created, stacking WIS & CHA on levelup,
          with either Greater Lathander Belt or Tiamat Sash, he could roll:

          08 18 10 10 13 13
          08 18 10 10 15 15
          11 21 13 13 25 25 at 70 with camp fire bonus

          11 16 10 10 14 14
          11 16 10 10 16 16
          14 19 13 13 26 26 at 70 with camp fire bonus

          11 15 12 10 15 13
          11 15 12 10 17 15
          14 18 15 13 27 25 at 70 with camp fire bonus

          Or, with the usual roll most people seem to use:
          10 16 10 10 16 12
          10 16 10 10 18 14 +2 WIS/CHA
          13 19 13 13 28 24 at 70 with camp fire bonus

          With Elixir of Fate and Potion of Heroism, he’d get another +2 to CON, WIS, CHA and +1 to everything else.

          Whether to use Lathander or Tiamat depends on personal choice for stats, set bonus and Artifact power on Use.

          With the Greater Belt of WIS and Protector’s Cloak and Waters, Lantern or Catalogue, he could get the Max hp and DEF bonus from that artifact set, and -2 to CHA and +2 to WIS at level 70, for even more healing and crit, but less APG and Stamina.

          LOL! A Paladin with WIS 32! That’s more than a lot of DCs!


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