Shep’s Trickster Rouge (MI) Stealth Build – Mod 12

by 00shep on October 28, 2017
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Shep’s Trickster Rouge (MI) Stealth Build – Mod 12

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The premise of this build is to stealth and stealth often. You’ll see quite a few variations of high crit TR builds, almost exclusively Master Infiltrator: Executioner. I can say I’ve tried both Saboteur and Executioner and both had similar damage output, but MI definitely hit harder (I’ll elaborate on this). I actually found Sabo to be a bit more entertaining to play because the cooldown reduction feats bring encounters and daily around incredibly fast. That said, even in Sabo I put my extra points into MI.

Most builds you’ll see are going to have rank 12 enchantments in every slot and you’ll be thinking more about the millions of AD it will take to get there. It’s overwhelming. I still run rank 8s in half my slots. So don’t be discouraged.

I’m going to try to present this from a slightly different angle. The important thing is being useful in dungeons like Castle Never and even more so NSVA/MSVA, FBI, Spellplague and so on. Stop spending 45 minutes trying to grind out CN with a struggling low DPS group. Don’t get left behind because you’re just a TR. TR’s get a bad wrap because players don’t understand the mechanics. Use good mechanics and prioritize your upgrades and you’ll bring some eye raising DPS.

I’m currently around 13,200 Item Level. Here are some of my scoreboard averages. Obviously varies with other DPS and buffs in the group.

ETOS: 135mil

CN: 100-130 mil

MSVA: 250mil+ topped out around 400mil

FBI: 300mil topped out just under 500mil in a 30min run


  1. Bonding runestones
  2. Weapon set
  3. Neck/Belt/Artifact Set
  4. Companion gear
  5. Companion enchantments
  6. Legendary companion #1
  7. Good companions
  8. Mount Bonuses

This is my personal opinion on the pecking order. You can work most in tandem. But if you save AD and are unsure how to spend it, this is the list.

Note that an expensive vorpal, lightning or dread enchantment didn’t make the list. I swapped a rank 10 vorpal and rank 7 lightning and barely took a DPS hit for most content.

Armor enchantment? I’ve been rolling with the same lesser soul forged forever, no plans to change that in the short run.

Bonding Runestones

I still see people playing all classes failing to recognize the math behind bonding runestones. 3x bonding at Rank 12 = 300% of your companions stats applied to you with near 100% up time. Even at rank 8, 35% x 3 is 105%. This means 2 important things.

  1. Any stats invested in your companion after rank 8 bondings are in place are more effecting than ANY other stat upgrade
  2. Your companion gets first dibs on all the good stuff. You have a rank 10 azure and a bunch of rank 9s? Don’t be tempted to put it in your neck piece. It goes on your companions offensive slot. Period. Why? On your gear it’s 430 crit. On your companion with Rank 12 bondings, you’ll get 1290 crit. As is the case with most stats, 400 = 1% of the stat. So your companion got you 3% vs your slot getting you about 1%. Why would you ever sacrifice 2% more crit, power or whatever it is?

I’ll go more into good companions to slot bonding runestones on and the best gear later. But you basically want a companion with 3 offensive slots as the bondings themselves give 840 power each at rank 12. with the 300% that’s a whopping 7560 power from having the right slots. I.e 19% more damage just from the runestones themselves.

These only work on the summoned companion. No need to outfit your others at all.

Weapon Set

I have this as #2 because it’s your base damage modifier from which all the other % math I’ll throw out is calculated.

As of mid 12, if you’re just getting started at 70 you want Wootz set. They’re cheap but have the highest base damage (same as River District or SoMI weapons but they have slightly better bonuses)

River District are easily attained. Somi aren’t really worth the grind but they are technically BiS. For the effort neither have a wide enough margin in my opinion.

Neck/Belt/Artifact Set

There are really only 2 sets to consider for a TR.

  1. Lostmauth Set
  2. Orcus Set

I roll with the Orcus set though I’m working towards a Lostmauth set again. I plan to test both with this build as  the Lostmauth provides an extra hit for every crit strike. Given the nature of this build it may be more beneficial than the Orcus set bonus.

But for a lower crit character, you can’t beat the Orcus bonus. When there is a difference between your HP and your enemy you do up to 20% more damage. Yes please.

Both sets are affordable. Not like mod 11 when the Shard of Orcus was at least 1m AD by itself.

So set bonuses are a huge deal; extra hits, % damage boosts, all good stuff. But there’s another factor, base character stats.

Lostmauth grants STR and DEX, the 2 most important stats for any TR build.

Orcus grants STR and CON. The CON is meh, but there STR is good and the bonus makes up for it.

Choosing 1 or the other when you’re still sub 10K item level doesn’t matter. Feed it to the other set later if you change your mind.

Companion Gear

Start by outfitting your main summoned companion with a few things.

1. Anything with the right stats; power, crit, recovery, armor penetration

2. Equipment with offensive slots. Ideally 2 offensive slots. But those are very rare.

Best you can get easily?

Go to the Seal of the Protector vendor. Buy rings of Dos, Krig, etc. One slot will be defensive. Fill it with an azure or dark. Doesn’t matter.

For non-rings, go to the auction house and search under companion for +3 “Fierce” necklaces, belts, etc. They will have Power/Crit and 1 offensive slot. It should hold you for awhile and doesn’t cost extreme amounts.

Remember, we are just trying to load our companion stats as high and fast as possible.

Companion Enchantments

I stack whatever I need based on factors like what I have slotted in my mount, my current gear, my own enchantments. But as a rule: Power. Lots and lots power.  Most builds focus on Brutals for the balance of Crit and Power. I don’t care about Crit. Remember, stealth is 100% crit chance. I don’t need that in my base stats like I do everything else.

so you’ll want…

Radiants, Vicious, Draconic, Cruel

Be careful with armor pen. There is a cap. 65% (6600) for most content, 85% (10000) for he Chult content. You want to be right at the cap WITH BONDINGS PROC’ED. If you go over a little it’s OK. But going over by 1000 is wasting stats you could put in power.

Recovery is less important until later on when you’re pushing to reduce cool downs and drive up action point gain. But it’s always good to have.

I prefer to buy rank 10s and level them up. 9s require 2 9s to make a 10. But you do not need 2 10s to make an 11. Just the marks and preservation wards. Stick with 10s for cost effective upgrades.

Legendary Compaion #1

The logic here is similar to the Bondings to a lesser extent. You get 16% of your companions stats at legendary. It will also boost its base stats by 10% (minor but it’s something).

So you just boosted its starts through bondings, gear, and enchantments. Now get 16% of all that hard earned stat goodness.

Buy companion packs. You can open them during double enchantment events. You’ll get extra refinement, a chance at companions, and a small chance at 30 tokens but a guaranteed 2 tokens. From Rare to Epic and Epic to Legendary you’ll want tokens (90 and 120 respectively). The upgrades for common, uncommon, rare aren’t that terrible for just using AD.

Getting good companions can happen at any point through drops as your working on the items above. This is a lot like the weapon and armor set bonuses. You want 5 active bonuses that have some synergy with your build.

For DPS, flat % bonuses are huge and grow with you. Hence all the love for archons. But action point gain, power/crit flat stats, combat advantage, etc are all viable options. Ill provide a list of what I use and what some cost effective alternative might be.

#1 Air Archon (summoned)

5% damage boost for enemies not at full health. So basically 99% active time. 3 offensive slots + 2 ring slots make this a DPS favorite and easy to outfit.

#2 Erinyes of Belial

5% crit severity bonus. Hit harder when you crit which you will do a lot with this build. You can get this companion from the Scourge Warlock Pack or as a dungeon drop. I’ve seen them come out of Master of the Hunt, but it’s rare. That place drops all different kinds of companions for some reason, all bound though.

#3 Fire Archon (standby/active bonus only

7% damage boost to enemies under 50% health: another DPS  favorite. I have a couple gripes with this guy. He’s only active half the time. So average it out it’s more like 3.5% boost. This makes the air Archon the better active by a wide margin. In addition it’s ranged which causes some issues as a summoned companion. But the boost is still really solid for bosses especially. Here is the kicker, .5% for each additional Archon. With Air and this guy you’ll have 1% more damage (or just .5%, not sure)

#4 Seige Master

4% damage boost / 8% in stronghold, based on my fire Archon reasoning, this guy is better. In fact, for trash mobs going down in 1 or 2 hits, this companion is better than Air as Air is never active on first strike. Affordable compared to the others too.

#5 Stalwart Golden Lion

Stacks up to 16% radiant damage (over 12 seconds).


There are other really good companions out there. I can make a case for Earth Archon because of the .5% bonus and it’s high active bonus %. It’s good if you think you’ll be at full health quite a bit.

Magus Cambion is exactly like Erinyes. Hard to find though.

Con Artist is great, 2 offense and 1 defensive runs slot which is a bit of a bummer. But 3 ring slots makes up for it. Add to that the debug attack it has and it’s not just a DPS favorite but and all around winner.

Dancing blade, gives a slightly smaller crit severity boost. But may be easier to find.

Mount Bonuses

#1 Protectors Camaraderie

#2 Assassins Covenant

#3 Artificers Persuasion

#4 Berserkers Rage (plan for Calvary’s if I ever get a legendary mount)

#5 Wanderer’s Fortune (get that refinement)


My Build

Race and Stat Roll

I was originally a Drow with 25 STR 25 STR 18 CHR (with gear). I did a Reroll recently to Half Orc for the extra crit severity. I also shuffled stats around and my STR is now 28. Getting the right roll is important which I just didn’t understand when I started playing.

I believe my initial roll was 18 STR / 18 DEX

Overall, I’m actually trying to shed crit in favor of power. But for any DPS build, either is moot until you have your armor penetration up to the cap. Your power does you no good if half your damage is getting negated. So my armor pen currently procs up to around 10000. You only need 6600 (65%) for the older areas. Chult and CHULT ONLY raised the bar to 85% I believe. 10K puts me right at 85%. If I remember, I just change my mount power to shed 2000 armor pen when not in Chult.



I believe the Heroic Feats are pretty self-explanatory so I’ll skip those.

Executioner Feats

Arterial Cut (add 15% Crit Severity when stealthed)
Grim Pleasure (5% more power after crit strike for 4 seconds)
Vicious Pursuit (5% more damage for 6 seconds)


Deathknell (25% more damage to foes under 30% HP)
Last Moments (25% more damage to foes under 40% HP, 70% when in stealth)


The significance of these 2 is massive. I think of these as archons on steroids. So, some may say it’s not high stealth if you’re not saboteur because it’s feats are more stealthy in nature. However, I cannot complete the sabo path and still have enough points for Last Moments. This feat is massive. 25% more damage for 70% of a boss fight huge (assuming you can maintain stealth most of the fight – between Lurkers, Daily Refill, and Shadow Strike you should)

Shadow of Demise
Activated by an powers used in stealth. Lasts for 6 seconds, at the end of 6 seconds the enemy takes 50% of the damage generated during that time as damage that cannot be ignored. Note the synergy between the feats in this path. 4-6 seconds, to sync with the capstone. Again, looking at feats like Last Moments and how they pile up extra % damage and how that gets added to this 50% makes it hard to recommend other paths.

Extra Points beyond Executioner path:
Flashing Blades – 5% more damage from at-wills when stealth isn’t full. Which if you’re popping it right away is basically always. Consider this “5% more damages from duelists flurry)

Shady Preparations – reduce cooldowns when entering stealth by 10%. Perfect for getting shadow strike back faster, refilling daily, etc. which forms a cycle of perpetual stealthing

Knife’s Edge – reduce cooldowns 15% by using daily. Very similar to Shady Preparations. All about getting back to daily and stealth faster



I will be following up with a Saboteur load out. I’m curious to try it again having race rerolled and grasping mechanics better. There is a chance I can raise my DPS (looking at feats like Shadowy Opportunity)



At Wills

  • Duelists Flurry [DF] (Primary; 99% of the time)
  • Sly Flourish (Secondary; I really only use this in MSVA and such if I remember to do the 4 hit armor break)


  • Dazing Strike [DS] (big damage + stun, AOE cone when used in stealth – will interrupt even giants and such when in stealth)
  • Shadow Strike [SS] (almost no damage, but stealth refill)
  • Smoke Bomb [SB] (medium AOE damage, stuns trash mobs)

Daily Powers

  • Lurkers Assault [LA]
  • Whirlwind of Blades [WB]

Class Feature

  • Invisible Infiltrator
  • Infiltrators Action – Combat advantage is cool but I use this because I pair the main hand bonus that give 5% more damage


  1. Using Invisible Infiltrator causes stealth gauge to refill when you use a daily
  2. Using Shadow strike refills your stealth gauge as well

My rotations are rarely perfect but it looks something like this;

  • Bosses: Stealth > DS > SB > SS > Stealth > DF > Daily (LA gives quick Stealth refill) > Stealth > DF > DS > SB > Stealth > DF
  • Trash Mobs: Stealth > DS > Daily (WB, hit everyone and power up) > Stealth > SB > SS > Stealth > mop up with DF

I’ll keep this short; if you have the option, take power/crit/crit severity in that order. Most are pretty easy choices for DPS type boons.


Almost all of my enchantments are rank 8 with a few 9s. Why? Because I pour my AD into my companion gear, upgrade tokens, etc. I’m transitioning to more Power/Armor Pen/Recovery gear where possible. For now, this is what I roll with;

Weapon Set  –  Sea of Moving Ice Set (BiS)

  • Main Hand Artifact Power Duelist Flurry (8% more damage for all swings)
  • Off Hand Artifact Powers
    • Infiltrator’s Action (5% more damage while active)
    • Action Point Gain (I gave up on rolling at 382, good luck)

Neck/Waist/Artifact Set – Orcus Set

  • Baphomet’s Infernal Talisman
  • Demogorgon’s Girdle of Might
  • Shard of Orcus’ Wand

Other Armor

  • Head: Jarl’s Gaze (Power) < NSVA/MSVA
  • Armor: Historian’s Regalia (Crit) < NSVA/MSVA
  • Arms: Pilgrim Raid Qafaz < Tradebars
  • Legs: Bonespurs < Chult Hunt Spliti


  • Wheel of Elements (4000 Max HP / 1000 Power / 600 Stamina Guard Gain) probably the single most significant piece of gear. At mythic, 30% damage boost for 30 seconds with only a 1 minute cool down. If I sync this up with Lurkers Assault I do enormous single target damage. But the stats are terrible lol
  • Thayan Book of the Dead (1000 Crit / 1000 Armor Pen / 600 Action Point Gain) – I prefer artifacts with AP Gain
  • Lantern of Revelation (1000 Crit / 1000 Armor Pen / 600 Combat Advantage Bonus)
  • Shard of Orcus’ Wand (1000 Power / 1000 Movement / 600 AOE Resist) – Like the Wheel, stats suck. But the set is what we’re after.

Long term the plan is to swap Thayan Book and Lantern for something with more power. But crit is still good, armor pen great, and ap gain/combat advantage are the best extra perks.

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