Lucipurr’s Hybrid Trapper HR DPS build for PvE [Down for Retyping]

by Lucipurr on November 4, 2017
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Lucipurr’s Hybrid Trapper HR DPS build for PvE [Down for Retyping]

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My Gamertag is Nicolelg, I am the guild leader of Affinity, and I have played a Hunter Ranger named Lucipurr in Neverwinter since Mod 4. This build has been a project of mine for the last couple of years, and after browsing some of the builds others have used I figured putting this out there will help at least someone figure out their character a little better. While there will be disagreements over what is the absolute ‘best’ to use, this build will allow you to pull your own weight through dungeons and even sitting at the top of the leaderboard once you get your gear figured out. The one task I hope to achieve from posting this build is to better explain the hows and whys behind my decisions so that those out there trying to figure out their Hunters have at least a little information to help them better figure out what they need to adjust about their own setups.

The main purpose of my build is to maximize my damage in PvE content. I have ran as a Trapper since Mod 5, and only as recently as the Chult started using a Hybrid between combat and trapper. With the amount of damage you will be dealing and in quick, short bursts it is VERY likely that you may pull aggro of mobs, so getting accustomed to dodging/moving while using this build is an absolute must for survivability. Being set up to deal as much damage means in short that you will not be able to handle a ton of incoming damage. This play style is very fast and requires a ton of movement, so please understand that this may not be enjoyable to play for everyone. Those who can handle the pace of this build though will find the damage is extremely rewarding. This build relies HEAVILY on Encounter and Daily powers, constantly switching between your ranged and melee stances and always using one of these kinds of powers. At-Wills will still be used, however not nearly as often.


The Numbers, What Do They Mean?!

Right off the bat before we start diving into the build, there are some key features that I feel needs explanation as it is rarely mentioned on builds. When trying to build a DPS character that deals the greatest possible damage, you need to understand what exactly these stats are doing for your character. The stats that you put into your character such as Power and Critical strike will directly affect one of your stat characteristics such as Damage Dealt or Critical Chance.




**Wood Elf – Crit Chance is 1% higher, 10% resistance to effects that slow movement, +2 DEX/+2 WIS

*Dragonborn – 5% more healing from all spells and abilities, Power and Crit Chance 3% higher, +2 to any two stats

Halfling – Deflection chance 3% higher, increased resistance to control effects by 10%, +2 DEX/+2 CON

I suggest the Wood Elf race. While the Dragonborn race is nice, it is a rather expensive race with little customization and a lot of the headgear does not fit it. That being said, I chose to create a Halfling for the appearance purpose of it and the 10% resistance to control effects, however from my experience in the game race has a very minimal change on the effectiveness of a character as long as your attribute roll is decent for your class.

Ideal Attribute Roll & Why

All attributes are different for each class, however most DPS characters will want to focus on the attributes that effect their Damage Dealt and Critical Chance.
As a Hunter, the main two attributes that will be the most important to you are Dexterity and Wisdom. Dexterity directly affects your character’s Damage Dealt, whereas your Wisdom affects your Critical Chance. Keep in mind the main focus of this build is the highest possible damage in a PvE setting.

When rolling your starting roll, you will want to focus on the highest possible roll of Dexterity[Damage Dealt] with a decently high roll of Wisdom[Critical Chance]. Being that I chose to be a Halfling, this was the best starting roll I could obtain:

When leveling, you will want to put your extra attribute points into Dexterity and Charisma. Dexterity will increase your Damage Dealt, while Charisma will increase your Combat Advantage Bonus. Some players may opt to pick Wisdom instead of Charisma here, but being that Combat Advantage Bonus is a more difficult stat to increase than the Critical Change that Wisdom would give us, I opted to increase my Charisma.

After gear and these points, this is what my attributes look like:


Feat Points:

Pathfinder: The reason for me choosing Pathfinder over Stormwarden is for an at-will named Careful Attack. This is a power I will describe later on, however it will allow you to deal more damage towards bosses/any target that is marked. Because of this, choosing Pathfinder will make you more of a single-target damage dealer, where Stormwarden has a power named Electric Shot that is AoE.

Heroic Feats:
Predatory Action 5/5: Your daily powers deal 5% more damage. Daily powers deal a large amount of damage, and this will help boost the amount of damage those deal.

Weapon Mastery 3/3: Increases your Critical Chance by 3%. As explained in the numbers section, Critical Chance is huge to damage output.

Battlewise 1/3: you create 2% less threat. You will create a lot of aggro simply for dealing a lot of damage quickly. This is a very small crutch towards fixing that problem, but it does make a difference.

Agile Combatant 3/3: After switching stances, deal 3% more damage for 5 seconds. This build will have you constantly switching stances, meaning this is a near constant 3% gain in damage.

Endless Assault 3/3: Your encounter powers deal 6% more damage. Encounter powers are the core of this build, this is important.

Disciple of Dexterity 3/3: Increase the amount of bonus damage Dexterity gives you by 6%. More Damage Dealt, simple.

Extra Action 2/3: Increasing your Action Point gain by 4%. The faster you gain Action points, the faster you can use your Daily powers.

Combat Paragon:
Serpent Weave 5/5: shifting lowers melee cooldowns by .5 seconds. You will be shifting/changing stances frequently, so this will help with any cooldown issue you may come across.

Fluid Hunter 5/5: While in melee stance, increases your Deflect chance and Critical Chance by 2.5%. Higher Critical Chance and higher Deflect chance when you are up close on an enemy, likely to be hit.

Lucky Blades 5/5: critically striking or deflecting an attack grants you lucky blades for 6 seconds, which increases Action Point generation by 10% and your Encounter power damage by 15%. The majority of our damage will come from Encounter powers, the extra 15% damage is a huge bonus. Keep in mind with 100% Critical Chance that mean this feature will be active 100% of the time you are in combat[there is no cooldown or delay between this feature triggering]

Trapper Paragon:
Fleet Stance 5/5: When you switch stances you move for 10% faster for 6 seconds. This can help you move away from attacks and stay alive.

Deft Strikes 5/5: Your melee encounter powers cause your next Ranged encounter power to deal 10% more damage. Your Ranged encounter powers cause your next Melee encounter power to deal 10% more damage. Again, we are constantly switching stances, so you will constantly be applying this bonus.

Forestbond 5/5: When you apply Grasping Roots you reduce the cooldown of all of your currently recharging powers by 5%. Lowered cooldowns means you will be able to use the powers quicker.

Swiftness of the Fox 5/5: Your Melee encounter powers shorten the cooldown of your Ranged encounter powers by 15%. Your Ranged encounter powers shorten the cooldown of your Melee encounter powers by 15%. Lowered cooldowns means you will be able to use the powers quicker.

Thorned Roots 5/5: Your Strong Grasping Roots are upgraded to Thorned Roots. Thorned Roots deal 450% of your weapon damage every second. 250% of your weapon damage is dealt immediately to control immune target.

Biting Snares 1/1: When you apply Grasping Roots or Thorned Roots you gain “Biting Snares”. Biting Snares causes your next stance shift to grant you Master Trapper which generates 20% of your AP, increases your damage by 30%, and increases your control duration by 60% for 10 seconds. This effect can only be triggered once every 10 seconds. LOTS of damage.


→ Split Shot: shoot a spray of arrows at your enemies, dealing more damage the longer you focus. This is good for clearing very weak mobs or drawing aggro.

→ Hunter’s Teamwork/Careful Attack: In melee, you study your target and find gaps in their defense to your allies. Enemies studied in this way are damaged by this power when they are hurt. In Ranged, you essentially put a tiny care-package on the enemy so that when they die, your team members get a small bonus of health.

→ Aspect of the Serpent: Add a stacking buff on every power use which increases your damage. If the stacks are added from Ranged stance, they will affect your melee attacks and vise versa. Each buffed attack reduces the stacks by 1 and both types cannot affect you at the same time.

Aspect of the Pack[4/4]: If you are within 1-‘ radius of an ally, you and your ally gain Combat Advantage.These means your allies and you will have constant combat advantage, which is the same as having a constant extra damage multiplier. Also keep in mind that on my artifact weapon offhand I have the Aspect of the Pack class feature, which increases damage by 2% for every ally within 15’, up to 8%. THAT is an 8% DAMAGE BONUS. Please note that this power in combination with the offhand bonus has been finally fixed so you can spec a full 4 points into it.

→ Hindering Shot/Hindering Strike: fire two arrows into your enemy’s shins, applying weak grasping roots. this power has three charges. In melee, you slash your enemies ankles, apply strong grasping roots. This is very viable and fast against mobs of 3 or fewer enemies.

→ Cordon of Arrows/Plant Growth: Designate a target location. if a hostile creature steps within 15′ of it, it becomes entangle, takes damage, and is pulled to the center of the trap. In melee, this power causes plants to grow wildly around your foe, rooting all targets for 20 seconds. The ranged version of this power is VERY SLOW, but the melee version of the power is very viable against mobs of more than 3 enemies because it does not have a maximum number of enemies it can reach.

→ Constricting Arrow/Steel Breeze: Fire an arrow at your opponent, causing strong grasping roots to constrict around them and all foes near them. In melee, you spin and slash your blades, damaging all enemies around you.
*Fox’s Cunning: You and one nearby enemy dodge the next incoming attack. In melee, dash to nearby targets, reducing their run speed while increasing your own. This power I will switch in place of Cordon of Arrows if the team or I am struggling to stay alive, allowing myself and a team member to dodge one hit every couple of seconds.

**Long Strider’s Shot/Gushing Wound: You launch an arrow at your target, if you are more than 30′ away from the target all allies gain a damage bonus. This power is GREAT in big group events (more than 5 players) or situations where you are not the highest DPS in the group and want to buff your team. Due to needing to retreat from the fight to be able to apply the bonus I do not recommend it if you are the primary DPS in a dungeon run, however that damage bonus can be a huge melt for big teams or heavy hitters. If you are using this power, substitute it for Hindering Shot so you still are able to deal a good amount of damage with Constricting Arrow/Steel Breeze and Plant Growth. From my understanding this power does not stack with other HR’s using it, so only one HR per event group should run it. I could be wrong about it not stacking, but I have yet to witness an effect from multiple HR’s running it.

→Seismic Shot: Fire a concussive blast into the ground, causing a shock wave that pulls enemies in and damages them. This is a huge amount of damage, however uses all of your Action Points.

→ Forest Ghost: Slip into the forest where your remain unseen for a short duration and cause damage to enemies near you. This will help you lose aggro, and only uses half of your Action Points.



The order that you will be using these powers will depend on the mob you are fighting and the team you are running with, so having experience with how each individual power works will help you decide what power you need and when. The basic approach that I have to most fights though will start with putting Careful Attack[Melee At-will] on the biggest enemy in the room[or the enemy everyone is attacking], allowing you and team members to deal additional damage to this enemy. Once a target is marked with Careful Attack, I will use Constricting Arrow[Ranged Encounter] and Hindering Shot[Ranger Encounter] as I move towards the enemies, switching to Melee Stance and using Plant Growth[Melee Encounter], Steel Breeze[Melee Encounter], and Hindering Strike[Melee Encounter]. Before switching back to Ranged Stance, use one of your At-Will powers to make sure that there are no cooldowns on your Ranged Encounters. Once Back in Ranged Stance, use Cordon of Arrows, Constricting Arrow, and Hindering Shot. Use another At-will before switching to Melee and repeat the same rotation you did before. Rinse and Repeat. Once your Action Points are above 50%, use Forest Ghost to deal damage to enemies near you. While Forest Ghost is on cooldown, use Seismic Shot. By incorporating Forest Ghost into your rotation, you will maximize the amount of damage you obtain from your encounter powers compared to using only Seismic Shot. In longer fights, make sure that you reapply Careful Attack every couple of Stance changes.




Guild Stronghold






Dread Ring



Icewind Dale



The Underdark



Tyranny of Dragons



Maze Engine



Elemental Evil



Storm king’s Thunder



Cloaked Ascendancy









Recommended Gear







Insignia Bonuses








-11/29/2017: Updated what gear I am using

-12/17/2017 – Fixed the name of my weapon set, updated photos

-1/18/2018 – Updated to include the changes for Mod 12B

-5/13/2018 – Included recent changes to my build and covering some of the recent additions of the Omu update

-6/3/2018 – Finally updated some of my gear recommendations [Sorry for the outdated secondary options!]

-12/17/2018 – Included changes for Mod 14, finally.

If there is anything about this build you need help with and you are an Xbox player, feel free to reach out to me in the game!

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  • BOB Moonshadow
    November 16, 2017 at 1:31 pm

    Great build Luci, i can personally vouch for the effectiveness of this and would recommend it to anyone

  • November 22, 2017 at 5:52 pm

    Amazing, i was curious to explorer the combat tree feats mixed up with trapper skills. I was bored with the full trapper builds. I’ll check that out once i’ve reached lv70 and maybe explorer some personal tweaks. Tyvm!

  • Daeras D'Oniriel
    February 1, 2018 at 2:09 pm

    I like this guide, short and sweet. Ty for the heads-up on AotP, was wondering if 4 points was fine now.

  • Jay Vii
    March 10, 2018 at 12:31 am

    ive been in hiatus and your post really helps! so, thank you for the information 🙂 i hope you can update it with the new mod soon 🙂

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