Shava’s PvE Trickster Rogue Build Mod 12.5

by Shava on December 17, 2017
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Shava’s PvE Trickster Rogue Build Mod 12.5

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I am not a math-y person, so I can’t give you that kind of shenanigans. I can, however, tell you that I am top DPS in almost all my runs, and I am happy with this set up.

All credit is given to Lilia Drakon, cause he/she is amazing, and the majority of this build is based off of their work.

First, go to Read it. All of it. I recommend trying this build out, cause it’s awesomesauce. I recommend it to all TRs, cause it’s got great solo capabilities, and it’s amazing in dungeons. The math-y bits are a bit heavy (cause I’m a math dunce), but you’ll get the general gist.

Good? Ok, then here’s where I differ, and I’ll explain why.

There are a couple different races that work well with TR, however, it’s all in what you prefer. If you’re going to min/max, I suggest Half-Orc, or Human. Otherwise, pick what you like!

What I have for Ability Scores

Go heavy on the Dexterity and the Strength. I’ve personally tested what works for me, and I’ve always outperformed heavier on the Dexterity and Strength than I did with Charisma. You don’t have to have these exact numbers, just work with what you rolled.


5/5 Action Advantage

3/3 Weapon Mastery

3/3 Cunning Ambusher

3/3 Endless Assault

1/3 Twilight Adept

3/3 Scoundrel Training

2/3 Disciple of Strength

I took out more points in Toughness, because I don’t need that many hit points. I find that I’m tanky enough to solo all my dailies and such, and I run with some pretty darn awesome healers in dungeons, so I felt it was better put into Action Advantage. Moar dailies means moar damage! I do not recommend doing this unless you feel that you are capable soloing, cause it’s makes you squishier.

I also put a point into Twilight Adept, instead of Lucky Skirmisher, cause I don’t stack deflect. It’s honestly useless in PvE in my opinion, and so this point does nothing for me. So, in the off chance I dodge, at least I get some stealth back. Kind of not really a choice here, but go with what you want between the two. If you’re human, I recommend putting two more points into Twilight Adept, then finishing off Disciple of Strength.


  • 5/5 Bloody Brawler
  • 5/5 Press the Advantage
  • 5/5 Back Alley Tactics


  • 5/5 Grim Pleasure
  • 5/5 Vicious Pursuit
  • 5/5 Deathknell
  • 5/5 Last Moments
  • 5/5 Shadowborn
  • 1/1 Shadow of Demise

Lilia no longer recommends the Shadowborn feat, but I still like it. He/she recommends Dying Breath instead, however, I’m not super worried about run speed, and my critical severity is already pretty high. I felt that the additional power given by Shadowborn on bosses far outweighed its new interaction with Whirlwind of Blades (which I don’t use on bosses, except for Ras Ni Si anyways. More on that later).

For general use, I use Dazing Strike, Smoke Bomb and Blade Flurry as my encounters. For at-wills, I use Duelist’s Flurry, and Cloud of Steel (it’s nice to have a ranged power). For dailies, I use Lurker’s Assault (high hit point targets only) and Whirlwind of Blades (DON’T use Whirlwind on less than 3 mobs, it’s a waste). For my feats, I use Infiltrator’s Action, and Invisible Infiltrator. This rotation is for trash mobs, and for bosses with lots of adds (TONG being the exception, read below on that).

Recommended use:

Whirlwind of Blades, Smoke Bomb, Stealth, Dazing Strike, Stealth (if it’s up), Blade Flurry, Duelist’s Flurry on high hit-point targets. Rinse and repeat as necessary until everything is dead.

For bosses*, I use Dazing Strike, Impossible to Catch (ITC) and Lashing Blade. For at-wills, I use Duelist’s Flurry and Cloud of Steel. For dailies, I use Lurker’s Assault, and Courage Breaker (struggling parties, or hard hitting bosses). If the party is struggling, I swap ITC for Wicked Reminder, and use Courage Breaker more. For feats, I use Infiltrator’s Action, and Invisible Infiltrator (they never change, regardless of the situation). This rotation is my money maker, the boss killer.

Recommended use:

Lurker’s Assault, ITC, Lashing Blade, Duelist’s Flurry, Dazing Strike, Stealth, Duelist’s Flurry. Rinse and repeat. Feel free to change this one up as needed, just know I use stealth to activate Shadow of Demise after using an encounter power. Bleed stacks from Duelist’s Flurry should be stacked as much as possible to max. Remember to time your Shadow of Demise for maximum usage.

*TONG is different, but only at the last boss. I use my general use set up, because it is more important to kill the souls (which are often spread apart) in my opinion. If there’s another DPS in the party (doesn’t always happen), I’ll go to my regular boss murdering set up.

It took a lonnnnng time to get to this point. Some of this is my Stronghold boons (I’m in a maxed out guild), but basically you want to focus your stats in armor penetration (60% resistance ignored, unless you’re in Chult, then you need around 80%-85%), critical strike (I’m aiming for 100% when bonding proc, but 80-90% will serve you just as well), then power. Lots of pretty power. A little recovery doesn’t hurt here and there, especially if you solo a bunch. A good hunk of my armor penetration (and power/crit filler) comes from my companion when my bondings proc. I personally prefer to stack this way, but if you stack more on yourself, that’s good too, in case your companion dies and you lose those stats.


Primal is hard to get. I know. Good god, so many TONG runs…So, if you don’t have them, I still think the Dragonflight gear (from your Stronghold) is a more than acceptable alternative (and it’s free, except for your time). The ONLY reason I don’t recommend the SOMI gear (the stuff you restore), is because to keep it at Tier 3 (where the “best” stats are for that gear), you have to go farm vodinblod. And more vodinblod. And EVEN MORE FREAKING VODINBLOD. It’s ridiculous. And I hate it. However, if that’s the way your boat floats, go for it. For rings, unless you like the Chult stuff, I think the Underdark rings work perfectly well still, especially when they proc in time with my bondings. They do require some CN and E/Ndemo farming, however. Pick your armor based off off what stats you need to fill still.


For weapons, I’ve got the SOMI stuff still, and I like them (Shadewalker’s for use). They are a major pain in the butt to get. However, I think the Aboleth set from River District is just fine too, and is also free, except for your time. The Stronghold weapons are BIS, however they are super expensive (unless you can craft them yourself, then all you have to pay is materials), and you have to have at least one other person in your party for them to outperform the SOMI weapons and the RD weapons. So take your pick here. Honestly, all the stats are the same, just bonuses are different. The Chult weapons (which you can craft yourself, or buy fairly reasonably on the Auction House), also have the same stats as the above-mentioned three, but the bonus is kinda crappy. So, again, whatever floats your boat.


I stack Brutals, Radiants and Azures in my offense slots, and a mix between Azures and Darks in my defense slots. I use the Darks and Azures in the defense slots, because of Assassin’s Covenant, which I’ll cover more of in mount bonuses (and because lifesteal is super nice). But just know it’s handy. Fill your enchants to taste, with whatever stats you think you need. This is just what works for me.

For weapon and armor enchantments, I prefer the soulforged (a great “just in case” enchantment), and a vorpal enchantment. I wouldn’t worry too much about getting the soulforged above “moderate” (formerly known as rank 8) unless you really want too (I’m lazy), but the vorpal you want to get to Transcendent (the extra crit severity is just too good to pass up).

*You always should put your higher level enchantments on your companion first (when your bondings proc, you’ll get better stats).

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Sight Crystal. I can’t get over how awesome it is. It is my favorite thing ever. I can’t recommend it enough. For the rest, I use the Lantern of Revelation (crit and armpen), the Shard of Orcus (Orcus set), and the Sigil of the Controler (power and crit).

If those aren’t available, I recommend the following:

  • Sigil of the Devoted (AP gain)
  • Wheel of Elements (be careful with this one. The fire buff is awesome, however you have to place it just right when you use it, so no one else gets it by accident, or you step in another buff by accident)
  • Fragmented Key of Stars (this is expensive though, but wonderful. I’m working towards getting one myself)
  • Eye of the Giant (damage buff)
  • Lostmauth’s Horn of Blasting (power and armpen)
  • Heart of the Blue or Black Dragon (crit/recovery or recovery/armpen)
  • Kessel’s Sphere’s of Annihilation
  • Basically, anything that fills stats you need, specifically power, armpen or crit. A little recovery is nice too.


Don’t worry about all the orange, this is something to work towards, but blue companions (with the eventual goal of at least purple) will serve you just fine too. Basically, I use the archon set up (air, fire and earth), with a Siege Master, and an Erinyes of Belial. Yeah, still got one of those. The reason I use the air archon is cause it hits hard, and procs my bondings a bunch. I got lucky as I still had some gateway gear laying around, and the rings were a nice win/buy. However, Illusionist’s Gambit drops a bunch of very handy gear for companions (and Chult stuff, if you do hunts, has some nice things too).

I stack a lot of power, crit and armpen on my companion (so when bondings proc, I hit the armpen I need). I exclusively use bondings over eldritch runestones, because I find that the burst of stats is higher than the constant eldritch’s give me. You want your bondings as high as you can get them (moar stats!).

Important notes:

You do NOT need to make your companions orange, but if you do, do your summoned companion first. You also DO NOT need to gear up your unsummoned companions, however, I do use mine as storage for companion gear. Gear up your companion before yourself (enchantments too!).

If none of these float your boat (and some are expensive), I recommend the following:

  • Con Artist (only downside is one defense slot, but put an eldritch in there and you should be ok. The debuff is great on it)
  • Sellsword (The debuff is awesome on this, I just don’t happen to have it)
  • Batiri Runt (I’m iffy on this one, but I think it could work)
  • Black Dragon Ioun Stone (an augment, so go eldritch runestones with it)
  • Paranoid Delusion (not so good, but it’ll hold you over)
  • Shadow Demon (hits like a truck, but it tends to die a lot in FBI and MSP)
  • Cleric Disciple (a healer companion, not so good but it can help you level)
  • Alchemist Experimenter (a healer companion, not so good but it can help you level)
  • Owlbear Cub (ehhhh….if you’re low on crit, I’d recommend, but there’s better options)
  • Cambion Magus (good luck getting one of those, but it’s the same as the Erinyes of Belial)



  • Dark Fey Hunter
  • Fey Precision
  • Elven Haste
  • Elven Ferocity
  • Elvish Fury

Dread Ring:

  • Conjurer’s Gambit
  • Evoker’s Thirst
  • Forbidden Piercing
  • Shadowtouch
  • Rampaging Madness

Icewind Dale:

  • Encroaching Tactics
  • Refreshing Chill
  • Rapid Thaw
  • Cool Resolve
  • Avalanche


  • Primordial Might
  • Primordial Focus
  • Drow Ambush Tactics
  • Dwarven Footing
  • Abyssal Strikes

Tyranny of Dragons:

  • Dragon’s Claws
  • Dragon’s Gaze
  • Draconic Armorbreaker
  • Dragon’s Greed
  • Dragon’s Thirst 1/3
  • Dragon’s Fury 2/3

Maze Engine:

  • Abyssal Siphoning
  • Demonic Influence
  • Demoic Swiftness
  • Baphoment’s Might

Elemental Evil:

  • Wave of Force
  • Heart of Stone
  • Searing Aggression
  • Gale of Retribution

Storm King’s Thunder:

  • Cold Hearted
  • Survival Instincts
  • Chill Determination
  • Vengeful Heat
  • Chill of Winter (3/3)

*Kinda pick what you want here. I’m not a fan of any of these.

Cloaked Ascendancy:

  • Aura of Hope (or Despair, either one)
  • Fiery Frenzy
  • Fey Briars
  • Aberrant Power

Jungles of Chult:

  • Tyrant’s Terror (3/3)
  • Lingering Curse

These are my favorite, but you don’t have to go with these mounts specifically. I DO, however, recommend the bonuses. The only one I would change would be Wanderer’s Fortune, and I would change it to Protector’s Friendship if you want. I just like the extra RP Wanderer’s gives. If you don’t have a legendary mount (good lord I had to save up for that shenanigans), I would recommend Gladiator’s Guile instead of Calvary’s Warning. If you aren’t sure what mount gives what bonus, go to and pick what you need to find the mount you want.

For your mount equip power, I would recommend power, and for your mount combat power, I would recommend the one the Black Ice Warhorse gets. If you don’t have one (and I didn’t until recently either), I wouldn’t worry. It’s a nice handy thing, but not necessary.

For insignias, I recommend filling what stats you need. My personal preference is power, armpen, a little crit, and some lifesteal. These are all ones I’ve gotten from my daily VIP key and from dungeons, but you can buy on the Auction House as well (if you have the AD to spend). If you’re going min/max, power is good. Lots of power.


This build is heavy on the boss killing/murderizing. You’ll find that you won’t struggle with soloing or trash mobs, but you won’t do as much damage to them compared to the bosses (and other classes on trash mobs). Seriously, boss killing is your money maker here, and classes will have a hard time beating you on that (unless they’re super DPS and know their class well, which you won’t always find either).

This build doesn’t vary much from Lilia’s either, just minor details honestly. I can’t recommend his/her build enough, and any changes I have made are personal preference on my part. I’ve had enough requests for this build (and I’m sick of copy/pasting it), that this page has come into creation because of my supreme laziness.

All credit to Lilia Drakon (see the first tab for a link to their page) for their hard, dedicated work for all TRs in the game.

A big thank you to the most amazing Unstable Gorilla for running ACT for me (and being the most wonderful, amazing and perfect person in my life), DemonBlade and Nysa for making sure I didn’t skip anything in this post and to all the Starks of Winterfell for being the best guild ever!


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  • Contractions of Fate
    December 17, 2017 at 6:41 pm

    Excellent, I’ll enjoy studying this in detail.

    I have two old, Mod 2 “perma”-TRs (Dragonborn WK and Halfling MI) and a new Tielfling MI from earlier this year. I stacked STR and CHA and went for Power, Recovery, ArPen, trying for 100% auto-Crit and CombAdv in Stealth, Demonlord set. Works OK solo but is very different to this. Sort of an encounter-base, AoE, Tank TR! But not very high dps.

    I also thought of trying DEX/CHA and stacking full Deflect on my Halfling. I know a guy who does that and has Lathander set and absurdly high Deflect chance. But in Mod 2, many TRs went for INT/CON (especially for PvP), as in those days they were both a thing. So a race Re-roll would be needed to sort out her starting stats. And she has Crit artifacts, so I might as well make use of it.

    And, of course, there’s always the second loadout! Even if I don’t race re-roll to get better starting stats.


  • December 19, 2017 at 12:04 am

    Dragonflight gear is a few mods outdated, I wouldn’t recommend that at all. The Relic Armor is much better (at tier 1) than Dragonflight, and is arguably easier to attain (protector seals, along with most restoring reagents). Another option is League’s Elite raid/assault gear, which is also better than dragonflight and can be obtained from the auction house for a moderate price (~15-25k apiece). Regular League’s gear is about equal to Dragonflight, and can be obtained cheaply on the auction house (~5k apiece). Of course, if you can find someone to talk you to Chult to do hunts, that gear outperforms everything I’ve listed here.

    • Shava
      December 19, 2017 at 12:28 am

      I personally find that even though it is outdated, the DF gear still holds up rather well, especially if made into elemental gear. I used it for quite awhile before I worked my way slowly up to the Primal stuff. I did recommend the Relic Armor in this build (I just happen to hate vodinblod farming, which is why I didn’t, and haven’t, personally used it). I do not, however, recommend the Chult stuff, with the exception of rings, because the bonuses are very dependent on what you do (i.e. get x amount of [insert stat here] for x seconds, but no longer works after x time). I personally prefer my stats to be more consistent than that, however, it’s whatever floats your boat as far as gear. This build is somewhat forgiving with whatever you equip, as long as there’s a chunk of crit and power somewhere.

      I do appreciate the feedback however, and I will update this as soon as I can with the League stuff in the armor section (I can’t believe I forgot to put it in!).

  • January 6, 2018 at 6:57 pm

    Hey! Nice write up, and thanks for the shout out! One thing to clarify, I don’t recommend Shadowborn because it doesn’t work at all with WWoB and it will proc on a single bleed or smoke bomb tic. That makes it really iffy on getting it to work on your big hits after the first rotation or two. But, it’s going to be changed in mod 13, so I expect we’ll all be using it again soon! ?

    Oh, I’m a guy, to clear up any confusion.

  • Richard Paulin
    January 8, 2018 at 9:29 pm

    Mistake taking action advantage over toughness.
    AA is weak, not a good gain in AP at all.
    Having more hit points means doing more damage from paladins Aura of Courage. It’s based on your health points.

    • January 13, 2018 at 1:55 am

      Not really. Couple of reasons; first, your point requires that I’m running with a pally, and one who uses AoC (not always a guarantee, and I run most frequently with a GF anyways). Second, AoC (according to the tooltip), is SUPPOSED to be based off of the pally’s HP, not mine. So it is likely that this is a bug, and it’ll be fixed at some point. Third, while the AP gain is modest from Action Advantage, it is still AP gain, which I find more beneficial than hit points, as I am able to fire off dailies that much faster. Every little bit helps.

      If you want, here’s a math breakdown for you:

      Let’s assume you have have 120k HP (low, I know, but it’s a easy number to work with):

      120,000 x .01 = 1200 dmg + x.1 = 1320 + x .1 = 1452 =x .1 = 1597.2 (this is the calculated additional damage from AoC at max, based on the assumed 120k HP)

      Now we calculate based off of having Toughness (9% more HP):

      120,000 x .09 = 130,800 x .01 = 1308 dmg + x.1 = 1438.8 + x.1 = 1582.68 + x .1 = ~1741 (rounded a tiny bit here)

      Net difference: 1741 – 1597.2 = 143.8 dmg from AoC

      It’s absolutely minimal. Honestly, I have tried my build the other way around, with more in Toughness than Action Advantage, and testing with and without a pally using AoC, and I find I perform better without the extra 3 in Toughness.

      • TheDovahkiin74
        March 14, 2018 at 10:30 pm

        Actually the aura of courage is based off of the entire groups combined up, not the pally’s.

  • January 14, 2018 at 5:33 am

    Just want to point out… you can’t really say “every tiny bit of extra AP helps” and then right after say “only a 140 dmg increase? that’s absurd. it’s only a tiny bit.” See the irony there? The difference is really pretty irrelevant either way in terms of extra damage. But the extra health sure is noticeable at time.

  • January 14, 2018 at 10:09 pm

    The HP is noticeable, however, as I noted, this build is based on maximizing damage at all times. The AP gain still reflects more damage (based on my testing) even with a pally using AoC, so it’s not really ironic, just logical. However, if a person feels they won’t survive without the additional HP, they should opt for that instead.

  • Tampon
    March 2, 2018 at 8:01 pm

    Why is the demogoron’s belt preferred over the Golden belt of Puissance?

  • March 3, 2018 at 1:28 am

    I find it very interesting, that none of the guide makingTRs get the rotation well. Let me help you: Stealth, Dazing Strike, Whirlwind of Blades, Stealth, Smoke Bomb, then Blade Flurry spam.
    You are welcome. – A fellow 18k TR.

  • Gilgamesh
    May 11, 2018 at 4:47 am

    I suggest you main either fire archon or chultan tiger(since update). If you cant afford the tiger then main your fire archon by FAR. reason being thus. The air dies every 5 seconds. Litterally. And once dead you no longer gain any bonding buffs from him. The fire doesnt die a fraction as much as the air. Imo maining the air archon is trash. Doing that alone i do not believe you are top dps or close to it in any run. Not while not having any bonding buffs 70% of the time. No offence. I just do not believe any TR to be top dps currently. But i do enjoy the class a lot. There fun and do deal decent damage and top pvp class imo but top dps type pve damage on every run you are apart of? As if lol. Love to see it though vs my gwf. Ive never witnessed any TR close to competing.. Day one player to.. not happening… Lmao.. Fr tho… No lol

  • August 18, 2018 at 11:01 pm

    I’m curious. Why would you put 5 points into “Press the Advantage” if you’re not using “Impossible to Catch” as one of your Encounters. Thanks in advance for the reply. Apologies if it’s already explained as I just can’t find it.

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