Eagle Eye’s Hunter Ranger True Archery Build(PVE) MOD 13

by KindredEagle on May 6, 2018
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Eagle Eye’s Hunter Ranger True Archery Build(PVE) MOD 13

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I run an archery and a combat build. after seeing these so-called “archery” builds. that clearly don’t work, i decided to put in my build that does work and brings out the full potential of this path. you think archery is outdated and inferior? use my build and you will see that archery is not dead or terrible. people have it wrong on how to truly use it. My builds never fail me, so in turn you won’t fail 🙂

Paragon Path: Stormwarden or Pathfinder?

Stormwarden is overall the best paragon you can take for both an archery build and a combat build. I can’t speak for trapper because that varies but for archery, Stormwarden is king in all situations.

  1. with stormwarden you have access to an encounter called split the sky which does incredible aoe and ticks more often if allies are being hit including yourself,
  2. then there’s the melee form called throw caution which if maxed out gives you 15% buff to your dmg but makes you15% more vulnerable to attacks. contrary to the power the buff is worthwhile if you can self-heal on a dime and are cautious to avoid being hit while under this buff.
  3. even in a single target situation like boss fights, split the sky is still viable as it will still do a great amount of dps and you can bring out throw caution because since you’re always up close you can maintain the 15% dmg buff

Primary Stat Focus: Power, crit, armor pen(at least 50-65% before bondings activating), Lifesteal, deflection, and health points.

Power: more damage you dish out

Critical Chance: not much needed to say here. the more often you crit the better the results. and with this build maintaining constant crit means a perm. power/crit severity boost.

Armor Pen: you need to be able to ignore all the resist because in places like FBI/MSP/TONG and etc. if you can’t ignore their defense your basically just tickling them. (currently, you need at least 85% defenses ignored*armor penetration%* but with the next mod this could be subject to change)

Lifesteal: you need at least a 20% chance no more than that, self-healing is ideal for all classes, that means less work on the support so they can focus on buffing the group. (join a guild that has the lifesteal boon helps a bunch)

Deflection: you don’t need a whole lot but around 20% is enough coupled with an aspect of a lone wolf. our defense isn’t exactly great so being able to deflect some damage is a nice plus.

Health Points: you will get hit and often since the DPS will pool aggro, the more hp you have the better you can survive both solo and in dungeons.

Recovery: it is not crucial but you should have a fair amount, 30-40% recharge speed is enough. you want to knock out your powers as quickly as you can and some ap gain to recover your meter back to full(if you acquire the boots known as deathstriders it grants 1000 power for keeping your AP meter full)

Regeneration: it is a useless stat but i’d say 1.5k regen is fine, you can get regen from campaign boons. helps to have outside healing so you don’t need to carry around potions.

Primary Secondary Stat: Combat advantage

Combat Advantage: since the changes it proc’s more often and with the power aspect of the pack feature which basically gives you permanent CA so long as you are near an ally(pets count as an ally except for augment pets) is perfect. you want as much dmg bonus you can get so you want this as high as you can get it.

But how can i tell if i have combat advantage?

it is very easy to tell. if you see a sword icon next to the damage numbers you are doing, that tells you currently have combat advantage(with aspect of the pack you basically always have as long as an ally is with 15′ of you)

Race: Wood Elf is ideal for the crit and deflects chance but you can go with a dragon born for the extra power or damage it gives. you could go half-orc for crit sev boost but it isn’t necessary with the actual explanation.


Why isn’t distance important as an archery? isn’t it about fighting a far?

you’d think that’s the case but it really isn’t. I play this build just like I do with combat and I do more damage this way.

  1. I get all the buffs the clerics/op’s give for being in close range
  2. I’m careful during combat
  3. I analyze dungeons and anticipate the monster’s reaction

when you read how I run my hr, you won’t play a far again.

Primary rolls: WIS and DEX.

as a ranger, you build up armor pen pretty easily so having str is pointless. the more damage buff the better as well as crit chance.

Mount insigs & Bonus: you want all dominance and skill insigs preferably epic but the blues are still just as good just slightly less in stats

power and crit but the dominance grants companion influence if I’m not mistaken and this grants them more stats(i can be wrong or close to it at least) skill grants you more critical strike chance.

the bonus mount insigs you want:

cavalry’s warning: when activating a combat power you gain 10% of power/crit/armor pen/deflect/defense/lifesteal/regeneration based on 10% of your power), getting a legendary power takes time but if you get one you def want this.

protector’s camaraderie: pet grants 3% of your power and defense to you when they attack and this stacks 4times) again a power boost you want.

Protector’s friendship: when your pet attacks, you gain 1% of your power and defense towards your stats and this stacks 4times. more power the merrier

Beserker’s rage: since we don’t really use dailies very much this can be an option, when your action points are full you gain 10% of your armor pen as power.

Assassins Covenant: you lose 10% of your lifesteal, deflection, defense. but you gain what you lost as 10% more power

this last one is optional but I personally run gladiators guile for the extra movement speed buff.

Heroic Feats:

  1. Weapon mastery- 3/3 (self-explanatory)
  2. Toughness- 3/3 (more hp more survivability)
  3. Agile Combatant- 3/3 (damage buff for swapping stances? yeah baby)
  4. Battlewise- 1/3 (only just to advance to next tier)
  5. Endless Assault- 3/3 (primary DPS comes from encounters)
  6. Lucky Skirmisher- 2/3
  7. Scoundrel Training- 2/3 (most times mobs don’t target you especially with a tank holding aggro, plus buff to at-wills is a must)
  8. Disciple of Dexterity- 3/3 (damage boost? yes please)

Paragon Feats: Archery

  1. Keen Eye- ap isn’t totally important but it helps if you really need to use it
  2. Broadeded Arrows-  increase to crit chance while in ranged stance. means making you cap out a lot easier(there is a little bug when you login. you have to swap back to melee then to range to get the 5% crit and when you go through the loading screen. its dumb but keep in mind sometimes you have to do that to get your 5% crit chance.)
  3. Longshot- pure and simple your range powers deal more dps
  4. unflinching aim- again more dps for ranged powers and aimed shot reduces the cooldown of your encounters by 1sec per use. pretty much spam this to make them come off cooldown faster.
  5. rising focus- your critical hits give you 5% more power and critical severity and this stacks 3 times and stays this way till the target dies or if you stop crittin(which is never lol)
  6. Bottomless quiver- 30% shorter cooldowns on ranged powers.
  7. Stormcaller’s arrow- 5sec longer duration on split the sky
  8. now unless your crit is very low take stillness of the forest but it won’t do you much good with my build and with crit being a must to cap out first practically eh. but an another can be taken from hasty retreat to give more movement speed.
  9. predator- bread and butter the paragon as your range powers deal more dps but to one target until it expires or it dies.

Second Stage: At this stage is when your critical chance is above 80% and you have no problem spamming your encounters.

*to reach the full potential of an archer ranger. the following feats you will no longer take from archery are as follows: bottomless quiver, storm callers arrow, the stillness of the forest, ghostwalker, hasty retreat.*


Paragon Feats: Combat

  1. Bloodletting- it was either this or serpent weave. you gain 5% more lifesteal chance while in melee stance
  2. Wardens Courage- increase the damage bonus and reduce the damage resistance penalty by 5%. basically, this means throw caution is now after max rank 20% more dmg and the penalty you normal suffer is 10% down from 15% defenses reduced.
  3. Skirmishers gambit- this reduces your critical chance by 10% but increases your critical severity by 50%. this is the equivalent of having a perfect vorpal weapon enchantment. with this, your options can be wider than sticking to crit sev enchants. you can now go for enchants like feytouched/lightning and if you wanted,  a dread enchantment


  1. Fire, earth, air archons
  2. siege master/owlbear cub(optional)
  3. Chultan Tiger/Con artist or ambush drake for single target(bosses)

Mount Equip Power: Arcane Whirlwind or black ice warhorse for the 4000 power or if your crit is low go for 4000 or 2000k crit chance. if you can’t afford at the time amount that gives 2k power or crit is still good as well.

Mount Combat Power: Tensers disk would be ideal if you can get ahold of it as it boosts ur attack dmg and raises your dex by +2

Artifact Weapon Set: as a starter hr wootz or pioneer set is nice, end game you want tyrant set or primal set from seal of brave shop

Artifact class feature Offhand: you want the one that grants 8% bonus damage for the aspect of the pack as it will never leave your tray. or the extra 2% damage on twin blade storm. personally, I prefer aspect of the pack as it gives combat advantage buff immediately and if you have around 1.3k combat advantage that’s about 8-18%( if you have under dark boon for 10% extra ca) damage you are doing.

Artifact Main Hand:  electric shot dmg buff or aimed shot but its better for electric as it gives a dmg buff while the aimed version is just a run speed buff and dmg buff to melee from which we almost never touch.

Artifact set bonus:  personally I don’t find any of the arti sets to be ideal not even the new ones, while Demogorgon set looks great it doesn’t really compliment dexterity at all. I strongly suggest stronghold company duelist cloak and dexterity belt. they both amp up dexterity and wisdom as they are your primary stat rolls. but if you feel you don’t need your wis up cause you maxed out crit you could go for a sash of charisma for the extra combat advantage %.


primary should always be the eye of giant or wheel of elements, Soul Sight Crystal for Bosses

Secondary are artifacts that grant you power/crit/combat advantage/hp

Now to get into the powers and rotation:

At-wills: aimed shot and electric shot no possible reason to use anything else. aimed shot is a powerful single target and an electric shot is reliable and quick aoe hits and deals a fair amount of dps despite its appearance.


Rain of Arrows, Split the sky, Cordon of arrows for AoE. Melee form primary use is throw caution for the 15% dmg buff worth the risk, and plant growth is just purely amazing.

*note*: just because our paragon feats specialize in ranged stance doesn’t mean that’s all you should use. remember to be a true archery hr and bring out the best potential this paragon has you have to use both stances. for instance plant growth boosted with throw caution makes the ticks 15%-20%(if you spec’d into combat for the additional 5% dmg buff) stronger when cast. the same principle goes for combat builds they do use ranged powers besides their melee forms.

Rain of arrows, Split the sky, cordon of arrows for single target.

HUH? why keep the same rotation? wouldn’t longstrider shot be better?

here’s the thing about the longstrider shot you have to be a certain distance from your target to gain the dmg buff but with throw caution, all you need to do is hit them in melee form and since my build is for close range. you can maintain that buff and if you reached the requirements for the second stage of my build to increase the dmg buff from throw caution by 5%. that means you are now doing 20% more dmg(that is 5% more than longstrider maxed out) without having to move to any distance.

Why split the sky in both situations?

the reason for it is it does great dps all around but what’s special about is it occurs more frequent the more allies are being struck under the cloud so more dps it does. and in large maps like Demogorgon or big bhe’s like the tyrant in omu you could nuke a mob almost instantly with allies being attack and mobs being targeted.

Why not use fox cunning or commanding shot?

first as an hr your not there to help support anyone unless you feel the group really needs it. secondly, fox cunning doesn’t do any damage and takes up a slot. thirdly commanding shot takes too long to cast and not worthwhile unless you’re a support hr that only buffs and debuffs. you are there to rain down hell and butcher everything in sight you can’t afford standing on the sidelines and it isn’t even fun if your not the one bringing the pain.

Daily powers: Honestly we rarely touch our dailies since all dps is in the encounters and at-wills

  1. Forest ghost- if you need to make a hasty escape from death or rush ahead(if you know you can)
  2. Disruptive shot- doesn’t consume a lot of action points and a quick stop to a mob that is gonna kill you(unless its immune to CC) just something to keep in your back pocket if you need it.

Class Features: To use

  1. The aspect of the pack- grants CA(combat advantage) no matter what position you are in and if you have the offhand bonus for each ally within 15′ of you gain 2% damage bonus up to 8%. the bonus no longer stops if you max out the pack feature.
  2. twin blade storm- you basically deal 16% more damage when hitting more than two enemies when maxed out. can’t go wrong with that.
  3. The aspect of the Serpent- we don’t switch that much but we do when it comes to laying down plant growth and throw caution. so you could use during boss fights instead of twin-blade since that feature is purely for aoe and in boss fights depending on the kind is virtually useless as it requires 2 more targets to be hit to gain the benefits. this feature grants 9% extra dmg to the next stance attack*when maxed out*. basically, this means when you use two ranged powers which include your at-wills and encounters(not daily power) your melee stance deals 18% more damage and in vice versa. *you can stack two times per stance and it clears out the buff icon once used in a different stance.*
  4. Seeker’s Vengeance- if you are attacking directly behind a target(bosses) upon maxing this power you will deal 19% extra damage BUT if you are on the side or in front you immediately lose the buff. it is only good in boss fights where the tank has complete aggro control.
  5. Aspect of the lone wolf- essentially this grants you a 20% boost to your deflection and an additional 2% for each target you are engaged with up to 10%, basically if you face 5 targets you gain 10%. in combat you are looking at a free 30% deflection boost for a feature like this, it is good in solo content or in dungeons where the tank doesn’t do his/her role that well and you get hit.

Class Features: Don’t use

  1. the aspect of the falcon- contrary to most archers think distance is the best, it really isn’t at all. what good is a buff if you miss out on the buffs in the front lines.
  2. bladestorm- you do go into melee for a buff from throw caution from the split sky and plant growth but it is only to use those two abilities. for a combat hr this would be ideal but not for archery.


the best gear to get is in chult, preferably in omu. aim to get gear that gives you power and crit/pen(since most gear in chult campaign gives that shouldn’t be too hard to find.). get gear that has to equip powers like boosts to the range and encounter dmg.

Bondings: it’s safe to say bondings are the best things you can have, focus on getting your bonding runes to at least 12 or 13, go for 14 if you want to but you don’t have too. make to get a pet that has ring slots so you give them chultan rings. the rings benefit the pet more and you, in turn, gain better stats. more stats more power, more hell to rain.

Weapon/Armor enchants:

  1. Dread enchantment- a perfect dread is good enough, if you want to go further that’s up to you. a dread is perfect as it makes encounters crits strike with more crit severity and since an archery can cap crit chance pretty easy the crit sev is a huge boost.
  2. Vorpal enchantment- a pure vorpal or transcendent. all your crits from at-wills, encounters, and dailies deal more critical damage(not really helpful on dailies but if you use it up to you)
  3. I highly recommend a feytouched once you reach the point you now can maintain your crit and have no issue with knocking out your powers. at pure rank and above it becomes a 3 target aoe attack. it will convert 18-20%(varying on rank) into dmg towards you and when you hit 3 targets with your encounter(which you will) it will convert 54-60% more dmg for 10sec.
  4. Lightning Enchantment- there tells its bugged and nerfed but it is still ideal for the cooldown redux and damage. I can be wrong.
  5. Negation/Barkshield Enchantment- now you’re wondering why these two? your going to be in the fight often if you want to be a real archer who can fight from any position, you are NOT limited to just range I want to emphasize this. this helps you become tanky so you don’t have to be afraid to fight in the frontlines that it doesn’t mean you’re immortal there is a limit to what an hr can take and a powered attack isn’t one of them lol.
  6. Soulforge/shadow-clad- soulforge, in my opinion, is for those who die easily and need that handicap. shadowclad boosts deflection based on getting hit and if you have this at a pure rank and beyond you can enter stealth briefly and stun. but a perfect shadowclad is enough in my opinion.


I won’t go screenshotting my boons. you know what you’re after. anything that boosts your primary stats and secondary. any boon that gives you extra healing go for it. the dmg boons don’t help a whole lot and its good to have back up healing should you get into a tight spot as it can literally save you if you got reckless or your support goofed up or isn’t doing their role properly.




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