Eagle Eye’s Hunter Ranger True Archery Build(PVE) MOD 16 (In Progress)

by KindredEagle on May 6, 2018
Hunter Ranger
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Eagle Eye’s Hunter Ranger True Archery Build(PVE) MOD 16 (In Progress)

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I run archery and a combat build. after seeing these so-called “archery” builds. that clearly doesn’t work, I decided to put in my build that does work and brings out the full potential of this path. Do you think archery is outdated and inferior? use my build and you will see that archery is not dead or terrible. people have it wrong on how to truly use it. My build never failed me, so in turn, you won’t fail 🙂

*With the new changes coming to Ranger I will modify my build accordingly if necessary until then I’ll wait till the mod drops to make the necessary changes, but it will remain as is for the time being as nothing needs updating. However, if you have questions, simply type my handle below and add me and I’ll happily answer any and all questions in game on the pc or add me on your discord server.*

my handle is: @time2011

Paragon Path: Stormwarden or Pathfinder?

Stormwarden is overall the best paragon you can take for both an archery build and a combat build. I can’t speak for trapper because that varies but for archery, Stormwarden is king in all situations.

  1. with stormwarden you have access to an encounter called split the sky which does incredible aoe and ticks more often if allies are being hit including yourself.
  2. then there’s the melee form called throw caution which when maxed out gives you 15% buff to your dmg but makes you15% more vulnerable to attacks. contrary to the power the buff is worthwhile if you can self-heal on a dime and are cautious to avoid being hit while under this buff. (course you should avoid taking damage altogether)
  3. even in a single target situation like boss fights, split the sky is still viable as it will still do a great amount of dps and you can bring out throw caution because since you’re always up close you can maintain the 15% dmg buff

Main Stat Focus: Power, crit, armor pen(at least 50-65% before bondings activating), Recovery.

Power: more damage you dish out

Critical Chance: not much needed to say here. the more often you crit the better the results. and with this build maintaining constant crit means a perm. power/crit severity boost.

Armor Pen: you need to be able to ignore all the resist because in places like FBI/MSP/TONG/CR and etc. if you can’t ignore their defense your basically just tickling them. (currently, you need at least 85% defenses ignored*armor penetration%* but with the next mod this could be subject to change) *For castle Ravenloft you need 100% armor ignored for the final boss but overall 85% is enough for all content.*

Recovery: it is not crucial but you should have a fair amount, 30-40% recharge speed is enough. you want to knock out your powers as quickly as you can and some ap gain to recover your meter back to full.

Defense Stat Focus: Lifesteal, deflection, and health points, Regeneration.

Lifesteal: you need at least a 20% chance no more than that, self-healing is ideal for all classes, that means less work on the support so they can focus on buffing the group. (join a guild that has the lifesteal boon helps a bunch)

Deflection: you don’t need a whole lot but around 15% is enough coupled with an aspect of a lone wolf. our defense isn’t exactly great so being able to deflect some damage is a nice plus.

Health Points: you will get hit and often since the DPS will pool aggro, the more hp you have the better you can survive both solo and in dungeons. But it doesn’t mean you cannot die.

Regeneration: it is a useless stat in combat but I’d say 1.5k regen is fine, you can get regen from campaign boons(but don’t take regeneration it if the boons increase your primary stats). helps to have outside healing so you don’t need to carry around potions.

Primary Secondary Stat: Combat advantage

Combat Advantage: since the changes, it procs more often and with the power aspect of the pack feature which basically gives you permanent CA so long as you are near an ally(pets count as an ally except for augment pets) is perfect. you want as much dmg bonus you can get so you want this as high as you can get it, but do not exceed 2000 combat advantage as the max you can have is 10%.

But how can I tell if I have combat advantage?

it is very easy to tell. if you see a sword icon next to the damage numbers you are doing, that tells you currently have combat advantage(with aspect of the pack you basically always have as long as an ally is with 25′ of you when maxed out)

Race: Wood Elf is ideal for the crit and deflects chance.

Why isn’t distance important as an archery? isn’t it about fighting a far?

you’d think that’s the case but it really isn’t. I play this build just like I do with combat and I do more damage this way.

  1. I get all the buffs the clerics/op’s give for being in close range
  2. you are less likely to die up close because of the buffs you get from allies and the tank holding aggro so you do not get hit.
  3. you need to understand the attack patterns of certain monsters, knowing when they’ll do a big hit so you know exactly when to dodge so you dont need to use up more stamina than you need to.

Hunter ranger is a versatile class, yes it is squishy but what it lacks in defense it makes up for mobility. just because it says archery and the powers say to be far doesn’t mean thats ideal because you end up missing out on a lot of buffs plus its fun as hell to be in point blank range rain hell and destruction.

Primary rolls: WIS and DEX.

as a ranger, you build up armor pen pretty easily so having str is pointless. the more damage buff the better as well as crit chance.

Mount insigs & Bonus: you want all dominance and skill insigs preferably epic but the blues are still just as good just slightly less in stats

power and crit but the dominance grants companion influence if I’m not mistaken and this grants them more stats(i can be wrong or close to it at least) skill grants you more critical strike chance.

the bonus mount insigs you want:

cavalry’s warning: when activating a combat power you gain 10% of power/crit/armor pen/deflect/defense/lifesteal/regeneration based on 10% of your power), getting a legendary power takes time but if you get one you def want this.

protector’s camaraderie: pet grants 3% of your power and defense to you when they attack and this stacks 4times) again a power boost you want.

Shepherds devotion: when activating a daily power you and your allies gain 5% of your power as defense, movement speed, and deflection. The more power you have the more you can benefit from this mount power because you amp up your defense and deflection which you get scrapped by AC (assassins covenant) to get even more power and helps you to survive big hits to the point you become almost like a tank but i would still advise to avoid being hit hehe.

Combatants Maneuver: whenever you control an enemy(s) you increase your combat advantage damage by 5%. (since split the sky causes a slow effect that counts as a control power).

Assassins Covenant: you lose 10% of your lifesteal, deflection, defense. but you gain what you lost as 10% more power

The Option slot: this one is you can pick anyone you want but I personally like gladiators guile for the extra movement speed buff.

Heroic Feats:

  1. Weapon mastery- 3/3 (self-explanatory)
  2. Toughness- 3/3 (more hp more survivability)
  3. Agile Combatant- 3/3 (damage buff for swapping stances? yeah baby)
  4. Battlewise- 1/3 (only just to advance to next tier)
  5. Endless Assault- 3/3 (primary DPS comes from encounters)
  6. Lucky Skirmisher- 2/3
  7. Scoundrel Training- 2/3 (most times mobs don’t target you especially with a tank holding aggro, plus buff to at-wills is a must as the main at will we fire off is aimed shot and some electric shot)
  8. Disciple of Dexterity- 3/3 (damage boost? yes please)

First Stage: this is for when you first start out and are working your hunter ranger. this helps you get a good feel for archery. When you have established a good stance in your hunter ranger, then you are ready for the second state because you’ll notice a sizable difference in your damage. 

Paragon Feats: Archery (it’s not in order, but you can see the feats on your character sheet and fill them in.)

  1. Keen Eye- helps with cranking out your ap since all ranged powers gain 5% more ap.
  2. Longshot- your critical hits deal 25% of your weapon damage as piercing damage(damage that ignores defenses and cannot be deflected or dodged) your encounters gain this benefit for double the amount and your dailies gain this benefit for triple the amount. it might seem little but it does a lot more than it appears.
  3. unflinching aim- again more dps for ranged powers and aimed shot reduces the cooldown of your encounters by 1sec per shot. pretty much spam this to make them come off cooldown faster.
  4. rising focus- your critical hits give you 5% more power and critical severity and this stacks 3 times and stays this way till the target dies or if you stop dealing critical damage(which is never lol)
  5. Bottomless quiver- 40% shorter cooldowns on ranged powers.
  6. broadhead arrows- 5% crit chance for being in ranged stance(when you change maps or instances you have to switch from melee to a range to gain the 5% crit its bit of a glitch but easy to fix.
  7. The stillness of the forest at the moment is broken as standing still grants no bonus to damage or crit as the tooltip states. Instead of this feat, I would recommend taking stormcaller’s arrow as it increases the duration of split the sky power by 5 seconds. However, if you do not want to, you can take Hasty Retreat for the extra movement speed.
  8. predator- your ranged powers deal 20% more damage and double this value on targets marked by prey. they changed it so instead of debuffing a target by prey it actually takes extra damage from our ranged powers and only our ranged powers.

Second Stage: At this stage is when your critical chance is above 85% and you can knock out your powers quick enough.

*bottomless quiver, the stillness of the forest, ghostwalker, hasty retreat.* <=====THESE FEATS ARE THE ONES YOU IGNORE COMPLETELY.*

  1. Keen Eye- some action point gain helps so you can get your seismic shot quicker(don’t stress too much on filling your action point meter faster it is just an added bonus)
  2. Longshot- your critical hits deal 25% of your weapon damage as piercing damage(damage that ignores defenses and cannot be deflected or dodged) your encounters gain this benefit for double the amount and your dailies gain this benefit for triple the amount. it might seem little but it does a lot more than it appears.
  3. unflinching aim- again more dps for ranged powers and aimed shot reduces the cooldown of your encounters by 1sec per use. pretty much spam this to make them come off cooldown faster.
  4. rising focus- your critical hits give you 5% more power and critical severity and this stacks 3 times and stays this way till the target dies or if you stop crittin(which is never lol)
  5. this spot is the option slot. you can pick between the additional crit chance or added duration on split the sky. personally, I find split the sky duration more useful but a 5% added crit chance is handy as well if you want a free booster to crit rate.
  6. predator- same description as the first stage.

Paragon Feats: Combat

  1. Bloodletting- it was either this or serpent weave. you gain 5% more lifesteal chance while in melee stance
  2. Wardens Courage- increase the damage bonus and reduce the damage resistance penalty by 5%. basically, this means throw caution is now after max rank 20% more dmg and the penalty you normally suffer is 10% down from 15% defenses reduced.

Crossroads decision:

Now, this is based on your point in the stage. you can choose between Skirmisher’s gambit or Lucky Blades. the reason this is a decision is that if say you reach 85% critical chance(without your bonding stones going into effect) and you think you need more before touching gambit you can take lucky blades instead for added encounter damage. Lucky blades are not limited to melee encounters, this is for all encounters that deal damage. but the option to go skirm gambit means your critical severity is at its base setting of 75%. take note do NOT take any boons that give critical severity when you take skirm gambit as it will make you over cap critical severity threshold. with rising focus active and skirm gambit without any boons allows you to hit 140% critical severity, *it can reach 150% with a wild storm elixir potion but I strongly advise against using that potion.*

  1. Skirmishers gambit- this reduces your critical chance by 10% but increases your critical severity by 50%. this is the equivalent of having a perfect vorpal weapon enchantment (without buying it or making it). with this, your options can be wider than sticking to crit sev enchants.
  2. Lucky Blades- whenever you deflect an attack or strike a critical hit your action point gain is increased by 10% and your encounter powers deal 15% more damage for 6seconds. However, as long you are dealing critical damage this buff doesn’t go away until combat ends or you fail to crit for the 6sec while the buff is up.


  1. Fire, earth, air archons(active bonus)
  2. siege master/owlbear cub(optional)—–> the reason for the cub is if your crit is at least 85%-90%(100% crit rate isn’t something you have to have, IF you want to run owlbear cub or can afford to get it, 85-90% crit rate is plenty.) because having the off chance you don’t crit with your encounters deal 50% of your power to the target(s).
  3. *Chultan Tiger*/Con artist/sellsword/rebel mercenary-summoned pets(these pets defense-shredding/damage from outside sources stack with other pets of the same type.)
  4. RazorWood- the pet’s active is what makes it sought after. it grants 2.5% critical severity and 25% combat advantage. essentially it is giving more CA dmg far as I can tell. this pet works for the secondary build because altogether the crit sev would reach 140% crit sev which is just under 150% which is the limit that you should avoid hitting.

Mount Equip Power: Arcane Whirlwind or black ice warhorse for the 4000 power or if your crit is low go for 4000 or 2000k crit chance. if you can’t afford at the time. a mount that gives you a split power/armor pen or crit armor pen or a mount that gives 2k power/pen is still good as well.

Mount Combat Power: Tenser’s disk is ideal, but in regards to this, I would call this the options section. with recent changes to mounts and intro to new mounts. this is solely based on what you find is best but I find that having tenser’s can never hurt.

Artifact Weapon Set: as a starter, the vistani set you can get for starting barovia map(talk to king neverember to get the intro quest),

Endgame content: if you can afford and stomach the torture that is Mastercraft, I would recommend getting the new Mastercraft weapons recently dropped as of mod 15


if you do not have the patience or time to go through with mastercrafting. I would highly recommend primal set from the seal of the brave shop. the primal weapons as part of their set bonus grants the user 10% more damage when taking more than 10% of your max hp in damage OR healing 10% of your max hp in one shot. in other words, when you are in a party you will immediately have this buff activate because of outside source healing from clerics, healing paladins, temptation warlocks. even if your hp is already at full you will still get the benefit because as long as you are getting healed you will always get the bonus damage and it also activates on lifesteal (but only when you are not at full hp)

Artifact class feature Offhand: you want the one that grants 2% bonus damage for the aspect of the pack for each ally in your party up to a total of 8% bonus damage so long as they are close to you as it will never leave your tray. or the extra 2% damage on twin blade storm. personally, I prefer aspect of the pack as it gives combat advantage buff immediately and if you have around 1.3k combat advantage that’s about 8%( But if you have under dark boon for 10% extra ca, bare this in mind it only increases your CA dmg not directly to your CA stat) damage you are doing.

Artifact Main Hand:  its better for aimed shot as it gives a speed buff which is nice. electric we use but the speed buff is more practical.

Artifact set bonus:  personally I don’t find any of the arti sets to be ideal not even the new ones, while Demogorgon set looks great it doesn’t really compliment dexterity at all. I strongly suggest stronghold company duelist cloak and dexterity belt. they both amp up dexterity and wisdom as they are your primary stat rolls. but if you feel you don’t need your wis up cause you maxed out crit you could go for a sash of charisma for the extra combat advantage %.


primary should always be the Soul Sight Crystal. or Wheel of Elements.

Secondary are artifacts that grant you power/crit/combat advantage/hp

Now to get into the powers and rotation:

At-wills: aimed shot and electric shot no possible reason to use anything else. aimed shot is a powerful and fast casting single target and an electric shot is reliable and quick aoe hits and deals a fair amount of dps despite its appearance.


Rain of Arrows, Split the sky, Cordon of arrows for AoE.

Melee form: primary use is throw caution for the 15% dmg buff worth the risk, and plant growth is just purely amazing.

*note*: just because our paragon feats specialize in ranged stance doesn’t mean that’s all you should use. remember to be a true archery hr and bring out the best potential this paragon has you have to use both stances. for instance plant growth boosted with throw caution makes the ticks 15%-20%(if you are in the second stage of this build for the additional 5% dmg buff) stronger when cast. the same principle goes for combat builds they do use ranged powers besides their melee forms. (just not as often since combat is heavy into melee form.)

Rain of arrows, Split the sky, cordon of arrows for everything. *no changes to powers since mod 15 dropped*

HUH? why keep the same rotation? I thought we change for single target?? wouldn’t longstrider shot be better?

here’s the thing about the longstrider shot you have to be a certain distance from your target to gain the dmg buff. on top of that, it is a constant running back and forth with boss fights which just a hassle, but with throw caution, all you need to do is hit them in melee form and since my build is for close range. you can maintain that buff and if you reached the requirements for the second stage of my build to increase the dmg buff from throw caution by 5%. that means you are now doing 20% more dmg(that is 5% more than longstrider maxed out) without having to move to any distance. The reason the powers don’t change is that they do the most amount of damage and work perfectly for all situations. it’s unusual for a ranger to use AoE’s in a boss fight, yes that is true but for archery, these powers will always trump single target as they are multiple hits and constant with exception to cordon of arrows since its a charge power and has a cooldown till next shot if used rapid fire.

Why split the sky in both situations?

the reason for it is it does great dps all around but what’s special about is it occurs more frequent the more allies are being struck under the cloud so more dps it does. and in large maps like Demogorgon or big bhe’s like the tyrant in omu you could nuke a mob almost instantly with allies being attack and mobs being targeted. in boss fights this power does a whole lot more than a person would think. as the description reads lightning strikes for those under the cloud AND allies struck by enemies while under the cloud. during boss fights the tank and others are being struck so therefore lightning will strike more often since the damage taken is constant so the lightning will strike nonstop until it expires and its reapplied.

Why not use fox cunning or commanding shot?

first as an hr your not there to help support anyone, only to buff yourself and melt the mobs. secondly, fox cunning is for parties that don’t know how to listen or pay attention in the dungeon/skirmish takes up a slot. thirdly commanding shot takes too long to cast and not worthwhile unless you’re a support hr that only buffs and debuffs. you are there to rain down hell and butcher everything in sight you can’t afford standing on the sidelines and it isn’t even fun if your not the one bringing the pain.

Daily powers: we do use seismic shot but most of our dps is in the encounters and at-wills

  1. Forest ghost- if you need to make a hasty escape from death or rush ahead(if you know you can)
  2. Seismic Shot- a very powerful daily especially with archery buffing dailies to do 25% of your wep damage is piercing damage by triple the amount which equates to 75% wep dmg as piercing(does alot more than it sounds)
  3. Disruptive shot- this is a nice and quick and also cheap daily to use so you can activate shepherd’s devotion for that buff and power boost.

Class Features: Primary use

  1. Aspect of the pack- grants CA(combat advantage) no matter what position you are in and if you have the offhand bonus for each ally within 15′ of you gain 2% damage bonus up to 8%. the bonus no longer stops if you max out the pack feature. (never take this feature out)

  2. Aspect of the lone Wolf- This essentially grants you a 20% boost to your deflection and an additional 2% for each target you are engaged with up to 10%, basically if you face 5 targets you gain 10%. in combat you are looking at a free 30% deflection boost for a feature like this, it is good in solo content or in dungeons where the tank doesn’t do his/her role that well and you get hit. (doesn’t mean you avoid all the damage but at least half of it.) 
  3. twin blade storm- you basically deal 20% more damage when hitting more than two enemies when maxed out. can’t go wrong with that. (but if you are hitting one target or two, it needs to be two and more targets. well obviously you won’t get the bonus lol) This is slotted in place of lone wolf when you are confident in your team that you don’t need to worry about getting hit.

Class Features: Boss use

  1. Aspect of the pack- grants CA(combat advantage) no matter what position you are in and if you have the offhand bonus for each ally within 15′ of you gain 2% damage bonus up to 8%. the bonus no longer stops if you max out the pack feature.
  2. Seeker’s Vengeance- if you are attacking directly behind a target(bosses) upon maxing this power you will deal 19% extra damage BUT if you are on the side or in front you immediately lose the buff. it is only good in boss fights where the tank has complete aggro control.

Class Features: Optional use

  1. The aspect of the Serpent- we don’t switch that much but we do when it comes to laying down plant growth and throw caution. so you could use during boss fights instead of twin-blade since that feature is purely for aoe and in boss fights depending on the kind is virtually useless as it requires 2 more targets to be hit to gain the benefits. this feature grants 9% extra dmg to the next stance attack*when maxed out*. basically, this means when you use two ranged powers which include your at-wills and encounters(not daily power) your melee stance deals 18% more damage and in vice versa. *you can stack two times per stance and it clears out the buff icon once used in a different stance.*
  2. storm step action- since the recent mod drop this feature no longer has a penalty for using dailies within ten seconds so this can be a viable substitute if you are not using aspect of the lone wolf in parties to reduce your cooldowns from your daily powers like disruptive shot and forest ghost as they are cheaper in terms of ap consumption and quick to use.

Class Features: Don’t use

  1. the aspect of the falcon- contrary to most archers think distance is the best, it really isn’t at all. what good is a buff if you miss out on the buffs in the front lines.
  2. bladestorm- you do go into melee for a buff from throw caution from the split sky and plant growth but it is only to use those two abilities. for a combat hr this would be ideal but not for archery.
  3. Crushing roots- this stuns targets when rooted. which is total garbage since none of our powers root anything lol. this is ok if it was pvp or pve for a trapper ranger whose powers revolve around root powers but not for archery at all.


good gear to aim towards is getting eyestalk wraps from the beholder 3star hunt in omu or terrored grips increase your encounter power % dmg. but barovia has an array of options especially with hags rags from ras manca hunt that increases your range % dmg by 3%. NOTE ranged damage from hags rags and eyestalk wrappers stack. I’d recommend getting heels of fury for the 3% extra melee damage for plant growth.

Bondings: it’s safe to say bondings are the best things you can have, focus on getting your bonding runes to at least 12 or 13, go for 14 for the best results. Aim to get a pet that has ring slots so you give them chultan rings. the rings benefit the pet more than you, the more stats your pet has the better the benefits from your bonding runes(they do stack)

Weapon/Armor enchants:

  1. I highly recommend a feytouched once you reach the point you now can maintain your crit and have no issue with knocking out your powers. at a transcendent rank and above it becomes a 3 target aoe attack. it will convert 18-20%(varying on rank) into dmg towards you and when you hit 3 targets with your encounter(which you will) it will convert 54-60% more dmg for 20sec.
  2. Lightning Enchantment- good enchant for reducing cooldowns and pretty decent overall damage.
  3. Negation/Barkshield Enchantment- now you’re wondering why these two? your going to be in the fight often if you want to be a real archer who can fight from any position, you are NOT limited to just range I want to emphasize this. this helps you become tanky so you don’t have to be afraid to fight in the frontlines but that doesn’t mean you’re immortal there is a limit to what an hr can take and a powered attack isn’t one of them lol.
  4. Soulforge/shadow-clad- soulforge, in my opinion, is for those who die easily and need that handicap. shadowclad boosts deflection based on getting hit and if you have this at a pure rank and beyond you can enter stealth briefly and stun. but a perfect shadowclad is enough in my opinion.


Sharandar Boons: https://imgur.com/a/EplvzAn

Dread Ring Boons: https://imgur.com/a/Ao4VvvT

Icewind Dale Boons: https://imgur.com/a/uj4v1c0

Underdark Boons: https://imgur.com/a/Ed4eRUp

The tyranny of Dragons Boons: https://imgur.com/a/Hive6h7

Maze Engine Boons: https://imgur.com/a/vDAUakM

Elemental Evil Boons: https://imgur.com/a/piWLIGI

SKT Boons: https://imgur.com/a/FC60Pcs (the last two I didn’t finish cuz I hate this campaign lol. but if I did finish I would go for Glacial Strength and Chill of winter 2/3 and frozen reflection 1/3)

Cloaked Ascendancy: https://imgur.com/a/HtHi60d

Jungles of Chult Boons: https://imgur.com/a/NKUTP6D

Ravenloft Boons: https://imgur.com/a/4DBFiCP


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  • Contractions of Fate
    May 7, 2018 at 3:20 pm

    well said. I also have an Archer that does not rely on extreme distance. There’s always a time when you have to actually fight in melee stance, as well as switching back and forth for the buff.

    Are you on PC or console?

  • Contractions of Fate
    May 7, 2018 at 4:17 pm

    What are your actual Paragon feats? You mention:

    Keen Eye
    Broadhead Arrows
    Stormcaller’s Arrow
    Hasty Retreat
    Unflinching Aim
    Rising Focus
    Stillness of the Forest

    But you say that Stillness of the Forest will do no good for this build and mention that Hasty Retreat could be taken as if it was an alternative to Stillness of the Forest.

    So did you take the above list, or did you work in Ghostwalker and/or Bottomless Quiver somewhere? Or something from Trapper or Combat?



  • May 7, 2018 at 6:05 pm

    must of forgotten to put bottomless quiver, everything is pure archery it can be hybrid’d with some combat for throw caution dmg buff

  • May 7, 2018 at 8:59 pm

    How’s this work vs a pure combat build? What percentage of dps would you say you’re losing out on, if any?
    Believe me, I’ve tried to make an archery build work, both at distance and close in, though I’ve never thought of hybridizing it by throwing in a plant growth.

    • May 7, 2018 at 10:11 pm

      this build works if you go according to my set up, i’ve played against people who were gwf’s with better gear than my own and still came out on or would end up in a tie. archeries can compete just like combat and trapper it just requires more skill than the straightforward paths like combat and trapper. i compare frequently between my archery and combat, both can compete in dps. like i said in my build you are not limited to just ranged or ranged stance, usin both helps alot.

    • May 7, 2018 at 10:12 pm

      if your on pc, send me a friend request to Eagle [email protected]

  • chaoticgood42
    May 14, 2018 at 7:54 pm

    Would love to see what a typical mob encounter looks like. How close do you get before engaging, do you start with Split the Sky and then Rain/Cordon of Arrows? Do you stay ranged and let them come to you or just run in… do you have to dodge around a lot or like Combat just avoid the big red circles? For bosses are you dashing in and out constantly like Trapper or just to proc LSS when it’s ready?
    Thanks for another perspective on Archer. I play mostly Combat but switch to Archer for large group, big boss fights like dragons since I still tend to die a lot as Combat when in too close and can’t see the red due to the chaos of so many players/powers all at once…

    • May 15, 2018 at 1:21 am

      yeah i haven’t the foggiest in doing a video. but i always engage after the tank holds aggro(varying on mobs). i stay close to the sides or behind, because there is always a limit to how much a class can take and should always anticipate a mobs movement and behavior. i take advantage of the dodge function with powered red attacks because if u shift at the moment of impact u negate the dmg of course but also any cc you would of suffered had you survived it. i always lay down split the sky first then rain of arrows and cordon(but i dont use up all charges at once, i use one or two and keep spamming aimed shot or electric shot to avoid the black cooldown, as soon as i dodge a big hit if it targets me(nd oftenly does based on my dps aggro) i hit throw caution then plant growth then back to ranged stance. i don’t need to dodge much most times i can take the dmg and heal it right back depending on what dungeon i’m running. as for longstrider shot i dont actually use it that much its my own personal preference to stick to my rain of arrows/split sky/cordon. because the buff i gain from throw caution is the same as strider except i dont have to be a certain distance away for it to activate, soon as the hit connects 15% more dps for a couple seconds versus going back n forth with distance. its only when i face bosses that implement strider with throw caution. while throw caution robs 15% of ur defense it wont matter if the hits don’t connect.

  • May 15, 2018 at 8:28 pm

    Hello, please add screenshot power and attribute value. He can not According to the translation, do it.

  • May 15, 2018 at 8:33 pm

    Idk for it’s ok :/

  • June 20, 2018 at 5:46 am

    Hey, nice guide. Could you please add some screenshots about the heroic feats please ? Or how can we contact you IG ?

    September 17, 2018 at 2:55 am

    Split the sky? Hello? Archer is about boss DPS.. by “doing it wrong” you mean they are building to the necessary spec but you want to play aoe on a .non aoe build? Please….. It’s all about commanding shot, rain and cordon. Cordon, process prey, slap raining building rising focus, then hit commanding shot for 500k upwards, disruptive shot so your stormstep prices, aimed shot, repeat. Literally cannot get any more single target dps than that in the game and you’re given choices and stuns and roots to allow you escape opportunities. You only need to be 15′ to get the damage bonus and stormstep combined with aimed to reset your commanding shot, with will consistently hit over 300k on a 4 second cooldown, rain around 500k per second for 8s, and cordon from 50k-100k per enemy hit.

    All in all, your build is good for trash mobs, but if you like dungeons and actually like completing them, avoid at all costs… 2/10

    Almost as worthless as a damage built GF. – an archer, build that gets over 10x damage at range, but doesn’t use in range..
    If you only want to farm damage stat and do moderate damage to trash mobs- why not go trapper?

    The entire point of archer is to be the most consistent DPS burn on a single target. Hello? Prey? I just don’t understand people. Aoe spec on a single target build….

    No wonder there is so many failed dungeons in the queue if people follow this advice

    • September 25, 2018 at 9:09 am

      a damage built GF has the fastest run in t9g and cradle, not so worthless if you know how to play them 😉

    • September 25, 2018 at 6:56 pm

      You do realize that Rain of Arrows and Cordon of Arrows are both AoEs, right? So despite the disagreement you have expressed about archers using AoEs, two of the three encounter powers you suggest for a better boss rotation are in fact both AoEs.

      I will agree that both RoA and CoA can be effective for bosses. But they can be just as effective for mobs too. And while Split the Sky is generally used for mobs, it too can be effective on certain bosses. For example, next time you run Tiamat, drop StS on one of Tiamat’s heads and watch the DPS. Because Tiamat has so many players and the boss hits just about everyone, StS just goes crazy with the lightening strikes.

      Something else you may not be fully appreciating is that Eagle Eye’s build is a HYBRID archery build, not a pure archer. So by him taking Skirmisher’s Gambit instead of Stillness of the Forest, this means that this type of archer does not need to fire from a stand off distance. It means the archer can do great damage right up close and personal… and even more so because they will receive the party buffs by doing that.

      And Eagle Eye is not the only one who thinks so. I am the author of another Hybrid Archery build (which you can find on the PVE Archery tab of Elven Archer’s guide on MMOminds) and I recommend very much the same approach. And this is not anything new to archery. The idea of doing this has been around since Mod 6 at least and many archers having be running builds like this for years.

      You may not like the playstyle and that’s ok. Play what you enjoy. No one is forcing you change. But this approach does work and, if played correctly, it can dish out massive damage. So that being said, I give Eagle Eye’s build a thumbs up!

    • youknownothing
      December 3, 2018 at 10:58 am

      This guy mr kieran doesnt know as much as he thinks he knows, he really doesnt, This build is pretty good and spot on

  • Zaknafein
    October 1, 2018 at 10:02 pm

    Even as a combat HR, I know the value of split the sky. Even on a boss it is great, yes it is an air, but on a boss all lightning strikes hit the single target. Every time a member of your party takes a hit sts hits the boss. And like previously stated if done right can cause serious damage.

  • MrAnarchy987
    October 28, 2018 at 9:27 am

    What’s the values for the second tier feats?
    You left those blank…

    • November 21, 2018 at 5:56 pm

      pretty sure i explained all the feats, the ones i mentioned to no longer take in response to second stage are self explanatory because at that point you should not need them or want it. feel free to add me ingame as i have returned to neverwinter.

      • Contractions of Fate
        November 21, 2018 at 7:14 pm

        I’m pretty sure you might not have if you left them blank! This needs an update for the Mod 15 changes, though.

        • November 22, 2018 at 2:45 am

          have been updating it as of today, but powers don’t change cuz there is nothing better than the rotation. looked it through, all the feats that are used are explained and the ones that are to be ignored are highlighted and don’t need an explanation beyond that they are useless at second stage of the build.

  • Black
    November 25, 2018 at 10:27 am

    Add me ingame. Black@Nattassia . Im also a HR but my build is a… Pretty unique.

  • Cory b
    December 24, 2018 at 1:03 pm

    Do you have pictures of your feats/powers/armor and companion and comp armor and shit so I can get a better understanding of it all. Feel free to email me [email protected]

  • M6101
    January 19, 2019 at 7:22 am

    Is dread a good weapon enchant for this?

  • Sojourner
    January 23, 2019 at 9:02 am

    “I strongly suggest stronghold company duelist cloak and dexterity belt. they both amp up dexterity and wisdom as they are your primary stat rolls.”

    Unless I am blind, there is no Stronghold Company DEX belt.. ? There is assault belt (2 str / cha), gladiator ( 2 con / int) and ward belt (2 con / wis). However, ward belt has defence and deflection, whereas assault belt has crit / armour penetration. So which one? While I really appreciate you taking the time to write this up as a guide.. please keep your information factual and up to date — it’s otherwise confusing as a relatively new player trying to follow along.

  • NHum4N
    January 25, 2019 at 6:58 am

    He means the Twined Rope of Dexterity

  • January 26, 2019 at 1:37 am

    do you have a screen shot of what powers you took

  • January 26, 2019 at 2:14 am

    i was wondering if you have build layout for new players to see powers

  • Knyex
    February 5, 2019 at 7:48 pm

    Roughly how fast do you heal with your 20% lifesteal? I’m trying to make a build and I’m thinking of putting Wilds Medicine on it.
    “Deflecting attacks cause the Hunter to be healed for 1/2/3/4/5% of their HP over 15 seconds. This effect can stack up to 10 times. You can only gain one stack of Wilds Medicine every second.”
    Basically, at 10 stacks this heals half my HP every 15s. Would it be viable to not put anything into lifesteal and going for Deflect chance to make this proc more often? Nature’s enchancement also raises Deflect Severity by 5% whenever I switch to melee, synergizes with Wilds Medicine.

    • February 6, 2019 at 2:53 pm

      okay, first off this is a hybrid archery build you wont have enough feats points to use wild medicine, 2nd wild with lifestreal you are not sacrificing damage to gain a small HOT, with lifesteal you get hit and full HP instantly and not havign to wait 15 seconds to only gain half of your HP which is a very slow heal and not worth the feat points

      • Contractions of Fate
        February 6, 2019 at 4:21 pm

        Actually, with Lifesteal, you have your Lifesteal % chance to heal yourself for the full amount of damage you do when YOU hit, not when you get hit.

        • February 6, 2019 at 7:23 pm

          I know i was saying when you get hit you will be hitting the target so you will lifesteal and heal up as soon as you are hit rather than waiting on a HOT.

  • J'Ganth
    February 14, 2019 at 11:43 pm

    Hoooollleeeeyyy….!! Say what you will about this build, but current Mod 16 hasgot me feeling like my old HR when Stronghold’s was released a few years ago and Archery was kicking it into high gear. I was running a full Combat build but after adopting this build I am laughing at how orange the screen is again in a mob fight.

    I owe a lot to this site for the massive amounts of knowledge sharing, but rarely does a build make such a drastic change with nothing added. This is almost night and day. Thanks Kindred Eagle for sharing this and keeping the faith.

  • Steve
    February 25, 2019 at 5:11 pm

    Primary stats you say are Wis and Dex but so many people say Charisma for end game, did you change yours?

  • Sojourner
    March 2, 2019 at 1:29 am

    I hope you’re still playing and able to update this guide for a proper archer build for mod 16.. just running through the preview and wow, is it different… hopefully an archer build is viable.

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