Mod 13 [PvP] Control Wizard Deflect Build

by vordayn on June 4, 2018
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Mod 13 [PvP] Control Wizard Deflect Build

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Hi all,

I’ve been playing Neverwinter on and off since 2015. Since then I’ve seen the rise and fall of the CW, my first and arguably favorite class to play.

In PvP, the CW is traditionally squishy, however, with the correct choice of stats, items and boons, you can survive quite well, control the battlefield and clear nodes.

Without further ado, let me present my CW PVP Deflect Build.




Basically it is about maximizing deflect then HP. (Mod 14 is going to come out with more deflect gear, so keep your eyes out for them.)

Weapon Enchant: Unparalleled Feytouched
Armor Enchant: Unparalleled Negation
Defensive Enchants: Silveries (Aiming for Gigantic)
Offensive Enchants: Vicious (Aiming for Demonic)
Primary Artifact: Wheel of Elements

Artifact Main-Hand Equip Power: Add an additional Chill Stack after 1 second and 4 seconds of continuous casting of Ray of Frost
Artifact Off-Hand Equip Power: Arcane Presence now also gives you 2% AP when you damage enemies with Cold based Spells (this synergises well when using Ray of Frost).

Potions & Food Buffs: Foehammer’s Favor Elixir, Enhanced Superior Potion of Reflexes, Caprese.

Some Stats:

Critical Chance  35.1%
Damage Taken -45.4% (before U. Negation and Shield on Mastery)
Deflection Chance 43% (with food, potion and scroll buffs)
Life Steal Chance 8.4%

Feats and Powers

I play a human, so I have 3 extra feat points, but ideally, a halfling would provide an extra 3% deflect. (However, I prefer the extra feat points with my PvE build, so won’t make the switch to halfling just for PvP.)

General Feats

5/5 Controlling Action: You want to build AP quickly. Oppressive Force controls the battle well, and Ice Knife is a good finisher.
3/3 Weapon Mastery: Increases critical chance by 1/2/3%.
3/3 Toughness: Increases maximum HP by 3/6/9%
5/5 Fight On: Encounter cooldowns reduced by 2/4/6/8/10%.
3/3 Focused Wizardry: Single target powers deal 10/20/30% more damage, and AoE deals 30/20/10% less damage.
3/3 Prestidigitation: When I was making this build, I was considering a buffer build so I chose this. It increases your and allies’ stat ratings by 1/2/3%. So for every 10,000 stat points, you add another 300. Not bad if you are trying to maximize certain stats e.g. deflect.
1/5 Learned Spellcaster: Didn’t know where else to place my last few feat points.


5/5 Critical Power: When you land a critical hit you gain 1/2/3/4/5% of your total AP (10 second cooldown).
5/5 Arcane Burst: Each target hit by Scorching Burst has a 5/12/18/24/30% chance to add a stack of Arcane Mastery. Slightly helpful in building up Arcane Mastery stacks – increases your repel range and spell damage based on Arcane Mastery.
5/5 Uncertain Allegiance: When you critically strike you grant allies 1/2/3/4/5% Critical Chance for 10 seconds.
5/5 Abyss of Chaos: When you strike a foe with an Encounter Power you mark them with Abyss. When an ally strikes that foe they consume Abyss to deal 12/24/36/48/60% of your weapon damage.
5/5 Nightmare Wizardry: When you crit a foe you have a 4/8/12/16/20% chance for you and your allies to gain Combat Advantage against it for 12 seconds.
1/1 Chaos Magic: The most useful part of this tree. When Chaotic Growth procs, it heals you and your allies 250% weapon damage every .5 seconds for 10 seconds. Affected by PvP healing depression. Excellent when combined with all your other healing passives (see boons and insignias).


5/5 Severe Reaction: When struck you have a 15% chance to repel your attacker 1/2/3/4/5 feet and restore 2/4/6/8/10% of your Stamina. This only works within 20 feet. The best feat in the Oppressor path! It basically means  hits within 20′ feet have a 85% chance of hitting, and if it procs Severe Reaction you get 10% stamina back. This occurs before deflection is calculated, thus increasing your “true” deflection percentage.
5/5 Brisk Transport: When you Teleport your Run Speed is increased by 2/4/6/8/10% for 3 seconds. You want speed in PvP, useful for evasion and capping nodes. Bitter Cold might be a better option if you want to debuff more, however.
5/5 Icy Veins: When you activate an Encounter power all foes within 15′ of you have 1/2/3/4/5 stacks of Chill applied to them. Helps to freeze opponents quicker.

Class Features

Arcane Presence – As I do not have Spell Twisting, this helps reduce cooldowns. Also with the artifact off-hand feature, it allows for fast AP gain when using Ray of Frost.
Swath of Destruction – Helps debuff the enemy thus making it easier for you and your allies.


At Wills: Scorching Burst (one quick tap initially to debuff and apply a DoT), Ray of Frost.
Encounters: Shield on Mastery (A must! It provides 20% Control Resist, Increased Damage Resistance and a separate layer of Damage Mitigation per Hit), Disintegrate, Icy Rays, Repel.



Armor Penetration – My gear and feats don’t really provide Armor Penetration, so I need to get it somewhere. I currently have about 12k Armor Penetration with this boon. As Armor Penetration is reduced by 60% in PvP, this means I have about 48% Defenses Ignored. I aim to increase this with better 3-stat enchants.

Defense – This is extremely good with a deflect build. Basically, with a fully procced U.Negation, Shield on Mastery and my current gear, with the SH Defense boon, I can get about 85% damage reduction. Basically, this means I am much more survivable. If the opponent does not have significant Armor Penetration, they are unlikely to do significant damage, and the damage that does get through is also more than likely to be deflected.

Mount Speed Bonus – you want to be able to reach nodes quickly.

Enhance Overload: PvP Ward – I use wards against certain players that I know who do a lot of burst damage, or use CW slayers.


Other Boons:

With the rest of my boons, I tried to maximise:

  • Deflect & deflect-derived boons (proccing healing and/or damage)
  • Healing passives and incoming healing bonuses
  • Control resistance then stamina gain
  • HP & Defense > Power & Critical Strike
  • Movement (to control the battlefield)


Mount Powers & Insignias

Lion Mount  – Aureal Armament is getting a nerf in Mod 14 (as with all temp HP), but should still be good. Providence provides about 10-12% of my self healing, and also heals allies.


  • Gladiator’s Guile: Speed bonus, and stamina gain for controlling the battlefield
  • Survivor’s blessing: When you deflect receive a Heal Over Time
  • Oppressor’s Reprieve: When stunned, knocked or immobilised, receive a Heal Over Time
  • Vampire’s Craving: When you life steal, receive a Heal Over Time
  • Champion’s Return: When reduced to 50% Hit Points, receive a Heal Over Time and Stamina.

Aim for Insignia’s of Evasion (Deflect), Prosperity (HP) and Vigor (Movement)



The PvP Deflect Build CW is tankier than other varieties of CW. You should be able to survive GF and GWF rotations, evade and even live through TR Shadow of Demise, heal through OP and SW DoTs and outlast other CWs, HRs and DPS DCs.

You will still be able to control the battle field with repel, icy rays, ray of frost, fast AP gain and Oppressive Force. You will also be able to debuff the enemy with Swath of Destruction.

With judicious allocation of Armor Penetration, Power and Critical Strike, you will still be able to kill opponents, though not as quickly as glass-cannon CW builds.

Deflect, defense and self-healing are your forte. You should be seeing green numbers on your screen throughout your fight; the individual procs may be small, but they all add up. You will also be able to occasionally heal allies with Chaotic Growth (and Providence if you have the Lion). Main sources of healing/damage mitigation to recap are:

  • Shield on Mastery (about 20% damage mitigated)
  • Lifesteal 10-15%
  • Chaotic Growth 10-12%
  • Providence 10-12%
  • PvP Potion of Healing: 8-10%
  • Survivor’s Blessing 5-8%
  • Oppressor’s Reprieve 3-7%
  • Vampire’s Craving 4-8%
  • Champion’s Return 4-8%
  • Planar Vitality: 2-4%
  • Elven Tranquility 2-3%
  • Enraged Regrowth: 2-3%
  • Gale of Retribution 1-2%

High Defense (near or above the cap to account for debuffs) will reduce incoming damage by a significant amount. Combine this with Severe Reaction, high Deflection and Foehammer’s elixir, then only burst damage will be able to kill you.

Be wary of triggering the deflect/healing passives of other players as well. Don’t use low-powered DoT attacks if you know it will just heal them.

Try to avoid broken items like Drains, Mane of the Manticore, Ring of the Curse Bringer, Sandy’s Assault Pants unless the opponent is using it, then fight fire with fire >:)

Most of all, have fun!

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