Czar Jarek’s AC Righteous/Virtuous PVE MOD 13/14 Guide

by Czar Jarek on June 22, 2018
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Czar Jarek’s AC Righteous/Virtuous PVE MOD 13/14 Guide

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 UPDATED on August 16th 2018!

What was added to this guide for Mod 14 and what also was update on the latest update of the guide on August 16th 2018? :-

I added a variation with a picture that’s important of another loadout  – Basically, it’s my same build in another loadout form without cleanse. I simply left an explanation under the picture as to why to have this loadout handy.

In the Gear section throughout, I added pictures of the new important/best gear for us AC DC’s that caught my eye. As mentioned, now when you scroll through that gear section, some of the best gear for us DC’s, you will now see pics of them by clicking on the link which will open up pictures so one can see their stats and judge what will be best for you. You’ll see headpieces I added, main and off hands, gloves, boots, chest pieces, belts, necks etc (No rings I believe of importance in this new mod from what I saw).

A slight switch in my artifacts  – Basically in the ‘artifacts’ section, I now use an artifact I’ve mentioned for a while to just maximize base power, the tome of ascendance. There’s also a new artifact in this coming mod that is very passable to use on an AC loadout called ‘Thirst’ and I’ll actually have a picture of it and later in the guide, a section that talks about a set bonus that includes this particular artifact. I also limited down my artifact selections to the best in my opinion for AC DC regardless of your goals of maximizing base power or needing more recovery so make sure to properly check out that section.

Updated my boons section properly and also added Ravenloft’s boons to take in advance  – Just like I explained, I will have a pic of ravenloft’s boons and will recommend what to take in the writing under the same pic of the boons. Also updated properly Cloaked Ascendancy in relation to people who have Assassin’s Cov.

Updated the companions section.  In this section, I made changes yet again just like last mod. Basically, I use more companions that have some sort of power (which this game still needs to give these old companions some sort of stat boost…) So below you’ll see the companions I use in two pictures because the first picture will be what I currently and the second pic will be what you should ideally use. Also, changed one piece of gear so I have 5 offensive slots for my companion.

Slightly altered my insignia bonuses on mounts – This actually killed me in the inside. I want to gain more base power and help more people to find the best ways to gain even more base and after thinking of this idea and realizing some dc’s already do this and @guyofgisburne will also be switching it up, I decided to do it too which is simply adding a second Assassin’s covenant. It’s killing me a lil because I had to get rid of my beloved Gladiator’s Guile but it was worth it (cries slightly inside while typing this). Also to update as of August 10th 2018, I have now removed protector’s camaraderie and added a third Assassin’s covenant thanks to @guyofgisburne suggestions. Updated the pic in the mounts section so make sure to check that out.

More info on the Barovian set which is among the BIS choices for our class – When you’re in the artifact section, you’ll see an updated note about that set and why it’s really a good set for us DC’s just like how pally are using it. Learned more info from @guyofgisburne and @twolfblades.

Added another BIS choice for our bracers – The Executioner’s Bracers is another BIS choice for your bracers due to the fact that when you engage combat and timed Anointed Army and Blessing of Battle before your group/group’s companion hit the mobs, you’ll have more shared power at that point vs the vivified primal raid bracers so it’s a good debate to discuss with those two bracers, I still have and use both.

Added when exactly to use Anointed Army – Some people seem to not know the best time to use Anointed Army and under ‘Dailies’ section, I explained when to use it.

Added new companion set up – Due to Mod 14 having two companions that got boosted stat wise, these two are among the best to have as your actives as AC DC (especially with Assassin’s covenant.) Please go to companion section to see what I’m talking about.

Added the new BIS companion – In mod 14, there’s a new companion that can only be obtained by bidding wars in the AH. You bid for a pack called the ‘Alphonse Knox companion pack’ and it contains the alphonse knox companion that you can see HERE. I talk about it in full in the ‘companions section.

Added new insignias – As of mod 14 on August 16th 2018, new insignia’s were added and the one that stands out for us is called ‘Insignia of Brutality’. This insignia is actually available in all insignia types (Regal, Barbed, Illuminated, Enlightened and Crescent.) The stats on epic for this is 200 power/100 recovery, making it the best in slot option. In the insignia section, I recommended this which you will see and explained something as well.

From this point on wards – Just updated pics around the guide, added some info/changed some like my critical strike number (simply saying whatever number you have there, just roll with it), also talked about for some DC’s who somehow don’t have enough recovery with all these recommendations, added a note at the end of my ability rolls section and personal stuff like finally, the keybind for exaltation (More info in the encounters section under forgemaster and exaltation and @guyofgisburne should have it on his guide as well) etc and that’s basically it (Please make sure to read that forgemaster’s and exaltation part, important). Also added up to date pictures of my stats. For any questions or for anything I missed out as the guide is quite big, just either mail me @jeffslider in game on PC or leave a comment here. (Warning, with my hectic schedule now a days, I honestly don’t have time as much to really check comments here so I apologize in advance.) Also, @guyofgisburne finally has his advance AC DC guide published. A lil down below, you’ll see a link to his guide, please check out as his guide is focused on end game to really advance to be the best possible you can be.

Master/Epic Spellplague Caverns three man run – here

DO Loadout build, old one and outdated – here

DO loadout (semi old) and outdated – HERE

The latest DO build for mod 14 – Coming soon!

The advance build and info for AC DC’s – Cayley’s AC DC advance guide





Good day everyone, my name is Jarek. I’m a long time member and guild leader of The Holy Crusaders guild & the Relentless Alliance. I present today, my current DC build for pve content, which will be AC righteous. This will basically be a guide that not only displays my current build/feats in use, also some of the simpler things that will be common knowledge for cleric enthusiasts and will answer questions for those who aren’t so familiar with the cleric class, like my opinions on the gear to get, mount abilities, race to use, and so on. It’s my first time doing this so feel free to give constructive criticism. (I want to note as well every single inch isn’t calculated besides the fundamentals most other clerics will already know.)


The understanding of this particular pve build

With this build, I just want to simply summarize that your goals is to make your party dps beasts(Buff/Debuff build with good/great base power) with passable heals & boasting fair/excellent recovery/ap gain to have low CD’s & spam dailies. As a DC, you can give your party such excellent buffs to help them defensively and most importantly help them offensively to destroy anything that’s in their way. With being a DC and along with choosing righteous, you give your party a huge increase in terms of their damage. (Feats like bear your sins and condemning gaze combined are suppposed make targets you tagged with your damage over time abilities take 25% more damage & multiple power share abilities like Weapons of Light (10% of your power), Blessing of Battle (15% with Virt Feat) & Anointed Army (50% – 17% = 33% due to recent cleric changes). This build will make you the life of the party and well appreciated by your hard hitting comrades. So in short, the main goals of the build stat wise, along with being an excellent debuff/buff with passable healing is getting high base power & high enough recovery to spam your AC dailies (Mainly Anointed Army)


Why Did I Choose AC Righteous & not DO Righteous?

I actually, for my support builds, used to be strict DO righteous. One day, while discussing with a fellow guild member who’s into clerics as much as I am, she was suggesting to me to use AC instead of DO since I was clearly more support oriented than actual DPS oriented which I believe DO does give more flexibility when it comes to personal DPS which has never really been a goal of mine. So we went to the test server together and we spent a lot of time testing everything in terms of AC righteous and she showed me it will better be suited for my taste to which I agreed, tried and never looked back since. As mentioned here, if you know you want to be the best support possible, I do believe that AC has better options for that, especially with the whole ‘Anointed Army vs the dailies DO specifically has’ debate. I also understand the DO’s point of view with foresight saying with that feat and the benefit of foresight feat from the faithful paragon, you give your party 13% less incoming damage that lasts for only 10 seconds. (When you heal others, this activates. Basically it’s 8% from rank 4 foresight itself and an additional 5% from benefit of foresight).

In my opinion, I believe if you’re striving for righteous support and point out DO for that reasoning, it’s not a good choice for what you want to achieve because hypothetically speaking if you heal a Control Wizard, it activates and in that 10 seconds on let’s say, on Orcus in Castle Never, he/she randomly gets a supposed 204k hit while the foresight buff is up, that person will still die. 13% of 204000 is 26520 so it’s 204000 – 26520 = 177480 and I know no Control Wizard has that sort of health. If you’re AC and activate Anointed Army, that person will survive since that daily makes any player ‘take very little damage’ for the duration it’s activated.(Basically saying that with AA up, it can save you from those possible one shots which foresight won’t). Another instance can be as well if a Guardian Fighter is struggling on a boss fight like yet again, Orcus in CN, and needs a bit of a survivability boost, the same Anointed Army daily will better serve him/her than anything Divine Oracle has to offer. Divine Oracle still rocks if you’re looking for personal glory/damage giver and it can certainly be a choice to support, but if you want to support much more efficiently, thanks to the options like Anointed Army and Blessing of Battle & the feat it possesses in the Virtuous Tree if you’re AC, I just believe Anointed Champion is better suited.


The dragonborn race is to me the best available option for righteous regardless if you’re more support oriented with your buffs or dps oriented. In looks, it’s absolutely ugly. Not even beer goggles can save it but what it brings to the table is great. It gives you +2 Stats to any two stats you want (Basically either +2 WIS & STR or +2 WIS & CHA), +5% incoming healing and it increases power and critical rating by 3%, you can’t go wrong with that at all. Other choices include Half Elf which gives +2 CON, a choice of +2 CHA or WIS, ‘Knack for success’ which includes +1% crit severity and ‘Dilettante’ which is a +1 ability score to a non class ability. Sun Elf is also valid in choices because of the Action Point Gain it brings along with the choice of +CHA if you’re into recovery. Human is an alright choice but not worth it in my opinion with the whole ‘three extra heroic feat points’ debate when us clerics don’t have spectacular options in this regard. (I just want to point out, I brought up the stuff each race brings to the table, but talking strictly looks, if you know you care about your looks, then dragonborn is not for you. I personally went for Sun Elf strictly for the looks). Currently switched to Moon Elf for the looks so I’m no longer Sun elf but Sun Elf is still among the best choices of course for DC’s but saying again, I’m moon elf due to fashion reasons specifically.

Ability Rolls

Before I explain what to roll, I just want to say there’s really no wrong choice between WIS (Bonus Healing/Damage), STR (Critical Chance Increase by 1% per point) & CHA (Adds to recharge speed and Action Point Gain by 1% per point). With that being said, it’s really a choice between going all in on WIS/STR or WIS/CHA and in my opinion, I’ll go for the WIS/STR side of this because I believe you’re better off placing all silveries into your gear’s offensive slots since 200 recovery = 1% recharge speed (1 CHA = 1% recharge speed) and for the STR, it’s 400 crit stat = 1% crit chance so you should indeed go for the WIS/STR all in since you get better bang for your buck and can cover the recharge speed through enchantments and other means like your artifacts, rings, etc. I learned from Kaelac’s old stat guide back in the days that there’s great balancing rolling between 16 WIS, 16 STR & 12 CHA or 16 WIS, 15 STR & 13 CHA so really aim for one of these two. I’ll just add for my ideals of this build, you will want to go for the 16 WIS, 16 STR, 12 CHA. After this, when you’re finally leveling or even using a respecc, as mentioned, you’re going all in to WIS/STR. See pic below to get the idea and IMPORTANT!!! FOR ME PERSONALLY, I HAVE DIFFERENT NUMBERS NOW A DAYS BECAUSE I MADE A FASHION CHANGE TO GO WITH MOON ELF FOR NO REASON OTHER THAN FASHION PURPOSES SO MY STATS ARE SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT. Same idea with the roll and points allocation but remember if you see me around with slightly different points, only because of me changing to moon elf and when rerolled, didn’t get back my ideal stats!: Also to update as of June 22nd 2018, I have precisely 6 different AC loadouts so sometimes seeing me around, I will indeed have different ability scores so don’t be alarmed! Also to say here, I’ve met some DC’s that have all the correct and good recovery gear and silveries in offense in companion and still somehow not have enough recovery. What I recommend just putting all the points into WIS/CHA if ‘I DON’T HAVE ENOUGH RECOVERY, HELP!’ is the category you fall into. (To calculate for you, 5% extra recharge speed is basically 1000 recovery. If this doesn’t work for you, then I don’t know what to recommend, especially as this guide has the ways to gain a lot of recovery.)


IF YOU SOMEHOW LACK RECOVERY AFTER FOLLOWING THE GUIDE, USE WIS/CHA INSTEAD. (ignore the actual total of the points, this is just me using an example from another build out of the 6 I have)

Power Points Allocation and Feats

Basically you are witnessing a layout of how I allocated the 112 points I got available on my DC ( I have all my points maxed out but left it out because I think it was better to show people what to max out when you don’t actually have all 124/124 power points). What I’ll list now are moves you’ll 100% for sure, want to get to rank 4 as quickly as possible and in the order I believe you should strive for: On a side note as well, I’m currently maxed out in the power tree, having every single power point 4/4 in each ability but leaving this pic as is because I don’t want to confuse anyone so I believe having this pic with some points missing is better suited as you can see where I maxed out firstly with just these 112 points. (You can have your own personal preference here but for sure you want Anointed Army, Blessing of Battle and at least Hastening light in your top 3 to max asap) . The list below is the goal to make sure you max out asap/overall when you are early on in the cleric world and trying to get stuff to 4 points.

Anointed Army
Hallowed Ground
Blessing of Battle
Divine Glow
Hastening Light
Break the Spirit
Astral Shield
Forgemaster’s Flame
Bastion of Health
Chains of Blazing Light
Holy Fervor
Healer’s Lore
Astral Seal
Divine Fortune
Just wanted to add here in terms of the cleric power tree, remember to have points in our offense moves like Chains, Daunting light especially for when you are doing dailies/weeklies.

My Current Build (Heroic Feats & Paragon Tree)

Recently added to guide MOD 14, build without cleanse :-

Note Well

This is another loadout I have. Same feats as my original build as you will see right below except just taking out the 1 point from cleanse and using it to max out bountiful fortune. (You can also use it to put 1 more point into domain synergy). The reason I have this loadout is to prevent dps GF’s who use survivor wraps to lose their precious damage when cleanse proccs. We wouldn’t want them to whine like lil babies now do we? So if you run with certain GF’s a lot who are dpsers and you know they will whine, this is the answer. Just have another loadout ready for those GF’s so they can be happy and not cry ‘PLEASE DC, NO CLEANSE, I NEED TO TOP DMG CHARTS, PLEASEEEEE!!.’ It’s okay whiny GF’s, Jarek has a fair solution ^_^. The ones who go along their business without whining, I salute you.



Note Well

Basically this is how my feats/build look currently, both heroic and paragon (27 righteous, 14 virt). As this new mod is here, Mod 13, I actually despite cleric changes had no reason to change my build and I will explain why:

The first vital change for clerics was our feat called weapons of light. Now this feat doesn’t stack and the cleric with the higher base power is the one that will share this ability. Basically if people still run with AC and DO clerics together, you obviously want your AC to have this ability and the higher base power. DO who truly understand clerics and know they constantly run with another DC who is AC, should be the ones actually speccing out of weapons of light so us AC DC’s are the ones to keep this ability hence why I won’t change my build/adjust.

The second vital change that still favors AC over DO (For specifically if you are solo cleric most of the time) is Bear your sins, another feat. As of Mod 13, this feat doesn’t stack with multiple clerics. If you mostly run in dungeons as the solo cleric (Most people when solo cleric go AC over DO) you will obviously want to have this feat because it’s 10% more dmg taken to foes who are under one of your damage over time abilities/moves. The only time I can understand that AC SHOULD NOT HAVE THIS FEAT is if you constantly run with a DO specc DC. If you 100% all the time run with a DO DC, 24/7, then what you need to adjust as an AC DC is simply take out all your points from Bear your sins and based on my build, those free 5 points you’ll have now, put 4 of those 5 into either Astral Fury or Fire of the gods and then put your 1 remaining point into Gift of Haste to max it out.

Heroic Feats

I want to explain here for those who really don’t know this, but god, the cleric heroic feats are so awful. These are my options/choices for them, but read my explanations carefully for the ones I took & the ones I passed on.

Healing Action
 – 3/5 (Optional), You basically gain 1/2/3/4/5% more action point gain when using a healing ability. This feat is still bad to me, just like Domain Synergy but if you don’t need Domain, you can put 3/5 here

Greater Fortune – 3/3. ‘Your wisdom now grants 3% more healing’. Take this

Toughness – 3/3. ‘Increases your max HP by 3/6/9%’. A free HP boost so take.

Holy Resolve – 0/3. ‘Gain 5/10/15% of your max hp as hit points when you’re below 30% max hp. Has a 5 minute cooldown’. I don’t like this either, don’t see the use. However, if you’re not feeling the healing action, you can indeed take this if you want ‘extra insurance’ in a near death situation.

Domain Synergy – 3/5 (Optional). ‘You gain 1/2/3/4/5% more recovery’. My old explanation was that it wasn’t worth it and honestly, it hasn’t changed that much, my views, however, if you’re looking to get even more recovery, even if it’s not that much, then you put 3/5 here instead of 3/5 in healing action.

Weapon Mastery
– 3/3. ‘Increases your critical chance by 1/2/3%’. Take it, embrace it as it adds to your crit chance. Something that’s actually useful for us.

Initiate of The Faith – 0/5. ‘Your crit stat is increased by .2/.4/.6/.8/1% of your power stat’. This is so bad. Don’t bother with this.

Repurpose Soul
– 3/3. ‘When one of your spells has a critical effect, the target of that spell disperse a small area of effect heal, healing yourself and your allies for 5/10/15% of the spell’s effect.’ Basically here, it’s free heals so you definitely want to take this.

Battlewise – 0/3. ‘You create 2/4/6% less threat’. Don’t even bother with this.

Cleanse – 1/3. ‘When you heal an ally, you have a 10/20/30% chance to remove a damage over time effect from them. You may not re-cleanse for a target for 8 seconds’. You just need one point here, it actually procs alot, no need to have any more than one point & in my opinion, it’s very useful compared to the other choices.

Templar’s Domain – 0/5. ‘When dealing damage, you have a 5/10/15/20/25% chance to gain 30% more armor penetration for 5 seconds.’ Not the goal of this build and besides, this feat is useless. So many other ways to get your armor penetration to the 60% Resistance Ignored goal anyways if it’s important to you. I also learned there’s a 5 minute cooldown & if this is accurate, 100% not worth it.

Bountiful Fortune – 4/5. ‘Gain 3/6/9/12/15% more divine power.’ Not much more to say here, take this. Helps with your divine power.


Furious Intervention 5/5: You generate 10% more ap with your damaging moves. This gives you great AP gain and since this build is not ‘dps’, you must take this instead of astral fury.

Ancient Warding 5/5: When Anointed Army is over, it heals for 3% max hp and gives allies 5% of their own AP.

Weapons of Light 5/5
:- Not much to say here, you give allies 10% of your power so get this. Note as well, this is 10% of your base power, not BUFFED power. (Thanks @silverkelt). Also, this move doesn’t stack anymore as of mod 13 but as an AC DC, we’re in the clear to use this, DO DC’s are the ones to switch off from this.

Bear your Sins 5/5
: Enemies that are affected by your DMG over time effects takes 10% more dmg from all sources. This along with what I’m going to explain next is the whole point of being righteous so make sure to take this and the following (Condemning Gaze). Note as well that bear your sins doesn’t stack anymore. If you run with a DO DC alot, I have a recommendation later on for a build to have if you know the DO DC will be taking this feat.

Condemning Gaze 5/5: Your damaging encounter powers applies a stack of ‘Condemned’ for 30 secs. When the foe reaches to 5 stacks of this, it takes 15% more damage from all sources for 15 secs. Again, the whole point of being righteous, so take this.

Fire of the Gods 1/5
: This is important to have being AC righteous because it will help proc bear your sins. Currently, from what I was told from @contractionsoffate, the likes of the frost, plaguefire etc still doesn’t procc fire of the gods (has been like this since october), will need to test those certain enchantments to see if it finally works with fire of the gods again or if it’s still broken.

Avatar of the Divine 1/1
: The Capstone. ‘When you enter combat you gain Avatar. Avatar increases your damage by 40% and increases your cooldown speed by 40% for 25 seconds. After you have activated Avatar you cannot benefit from it again for 60 seconds. Avatar will reactivate automatically when it is ready. Leaving combat cancels Avatar and resets its cooldown’. Not much more to say about it except take it.


Lasting Wishes 5/5
: You heal for 10% more. Basically, you’re a DC regardless if you’re righteous. Depending on your party set up, you’ll have to have some sort of heal. This will help your heals to be better.

Batter Fervor 5/5: When you have Blessing of Battle slotted and tagged it on a mob or boss, you give your party 15% of your power. This along with weapons of light is great to have, gives your party that extra 25% of your power (BASE power, not buffed).

Gift of Haste 4/5: This basically, having 4/5 in it, will give any target hit with your heal over time moves 4% of their ap over 5 seconds, including yourself so a must have in this build.


Variations of this Build 

The following are just variations of this build that you can also try/see what you like if the original isn’t to your liking or if you’re curious to try something else:

With Fire of the gods

1) 1/5 Fire of the Gods & 4/5 Have Faith – Basically for us, as the Guardian Fighter’s ITF was fixed where our moves like Astral Shield, Have Faith won’t be a booster to it anymore however it isn’t ‘completely useless’ as at least you can still have this move to give your party an added Dmg resistance. Please check here

2) 1/5 Fire of the Gods & 4/5 Desperate Restoration – This variation is for those who might have that ‘healer’s feel’ despite speccing to righteous. Since Lasting Wishes has been constant in my build, adding Desperate Restoration will be viable if you want to cover heals even more since righteous is weak in that category. Please check here.


With Ancient Warding’s Problem (if it’s still not working as I mentioned, I last tested on December 28th, 2016)

1) Removing 5/5 from Ancient Warding & going with Astral Fury – The only option I see useful here if Ancient Warding isn’t working still to give the ap it says it’s supposed to. Going for 10% extra dmg from astral fury might be the best option at this time A.W isn’t working. (I’m still keeping mines at 5/5 AW since I really don’t need the extra 10% dmg). The build itself remains the same everywhere else, it’s just to remove 5/5 from warding (If it’s broken still) and put it into Astral Fury.

A variation if you run a lot with DO DC’s and Bear your Sins doesn’t stack anymore

Removing all 5 points from bear your sins and placing it into astral fury – The reason I’m bringing up this recommendation is as I mentioned before, bear your sins doesn’t stack and if you run a lot with a DO DC and they have this feat, you should MAKE ANOTHER LOADOUT and have this build handy (Very strongly recommend to only have this as an actual loadout slot so you don’t replace your real AC build if sometimes you run as solo DC). You can check this build HERE


Understanding & building Divinity, Divine Mode and Empowered

This part will be for those people who never quite understood the ‘tab’ mechanics on the DC. I’ll do my best to explain these things for a better understanding:

Divinity – Divinity is simply, when you attack the mobs/bosses with your at-wills, you should notice there’s a bar to the left of your screen that fills up. For each time it’s full, a cross(pip) will light up. It will mean that you have one pip of divinity. Do your best to actively attack so you can fill up all three pips. Being AC you get Blessing of Battle and it’s the best builder of divinity available to a cleric. The cast time of it is slow and it may seem a bit weird using it, but it’s as mentioned, the best builder of your divinity with Astral Seal second placed out of the four at-wills you have available. (I want to make clear, you only build divinity through you at-wills).

Divine Mode – When you have divinity available from the bar, you can press the ‘TAB’ button and you’ll enter divine mode. In this mode, it allows you to cast encounter powers regardless of cooldowns and also, it changes your encounter powers in the sense that it will have a different effect. For each encounter used, it takes a pip from your divinity bar, so if full, you can use up to 3 encounters in a row without any CD. A side note to this is you need to read your powers. The descriptions will tell you the different effects it has in divine mode, normal, empowered, etc. (At-wills) are also replaced in divinity mode but as I mention, read your powers to understand.

Empowered encounters/skills
– When you’re in divine mode, every time you used an encounter/spell, you gain a blue orb that will float around you. That’s the empowered stack. You can gain up to three of those orbs. The moment you switch from divinity to use any encounter, that encounter you use will consume the number of orbs you had and it will make your encounter stronger so basically, the more orbs, the better for your next encounter outside of divine mode.

What you should have slotted in your dungeon runs

Clerics are all about getting a feel of the situation and understanding what to do in those situations. The following will be a list of moves you will be switching in between the most depending on what situation you are up against.

At wills

Blessing of Battle – As mentioned, despite its slow cast time, it’s still legit to use because it’s the best divinity builder we clerics have. Also, for the build itself, as you have your points into battle fervor, you’re giving your party that power buff.

Astral Seal
– This is your sidekick to BoB. It can help with divinity since it’s the second best divinity builder based on research & also it can help a little with your heals. (Try to not use this during activities like Dragon flight, heralds & tiamat as it apparently still causes bad lag in these instances when so many people are around.)


Divine Glow
– Cleric-ing at its finest. This move in almost all situations, you’ll have it(Heals as well). This is perfect especially for the trash mobs you’ll encounter in dungeons since you can tag them all and with critical hits, you’ll have your buffs active on more than one target. (FINALLY, IT PROCS WEAPON ENCHANTMENTS, HALLELUJAH!!)

Break the Spirit
– Despite the current changes on this, mod 13 as it’s now 20% instead of 30%, it’s still pretty great. The only time we as AC don’t use this is if we have another DC in group and they’re DO, you want DO to use this and AC to use Forgemaster (Especially with forgemaster trick I’ll explain below)

Bastion of Health – Slotted in case your party needs the heals. It’s the strongest heal we have. (I expect burn groups to never, ever use bastion lol)

Astral Shield – Astral Shield won’t be boosting a GF’s ITF anymore for this Mod 10 update however it will be still useful if the party is squishy and will need the protection. (If the tank is somehow squishy, then try to help him/her out)

Forgemaster’s Flame
– I use forgemaster’s mainly when there is either two dc’s in party and I’m AC so I use this with Exalt trick while DO will use break or if I’m only dc and I see the party doesn’t really need major heals, I slot anyway in my bar with exalt to help the main/major dpser. Now a days, some should know by now, you can use a fully empowered forgemaster’s flame and seconds after use an exaltation on the main dps/target of your choice and not only the forge master will have the full empowered effect, the exaltation will also be fully empowered as well. This has been a trick found out by many clerics on pc some months ago and it’s very handy to use/know as AC who’ll have forge (Two DCs, break = DO, Forge = AC because of this trick and I’ll explain below an easy way to aim exaltation.) AND TO REMEMBER HERE GUYS, FOR THIS TO PROPERLY WORK, YOU NEED TO WHEN YOU HAVE THE 3 EMPOWERED STACKS UP, USE THE FULLY EMPOWERED FF BUT, MILLISECONDS AFTER YOU NEED TO ACTIVATE THE EXALT BEFORE THE FORGEMASTERS LAND!, IF THE EXALT HITS BEFORE THE FORGEMASTERS LAND, THEY BOTH WILL BE FULLY EMPOWERED.

Exaltation – I use this basically on the highest dpser in the group to give them more dps (If my party clearly doesn’t need alot of protection/if it’s a melt group, I just slot this as my third encounter with Divine and break or Divine glow and forge master if I’m AC and the party has a DO). Updated for this mod 14. If you now a days are too lazy to aim, I’ll finally put the keybind here. It has even been helpful for me when i want to text during runs and know I won’t be focused. The key bind I use for exalt is /bind z “target “NAME” $$ hardtargetlock 1 $$ +PowerTrayExec 4 $$ hardtargetlock 0″ Basically, all you do is copy this and when you’re about to enter it, in place of ‘NAME’ you type the dps name you want to aim exalt at, so for instance, if you want me, Czar Jarek, when you want to enter your keybind, it should look like this /bind z “target “Czar Jarek” $$ hardtargetlock 1 $$ +PowerTrayExec 4 $$ hardtargetlock 0″ and yes, you have to type the person’s name exactly how you see it for it to work. Once you press enter, it should go in properly and you make sure on this setting, the exalt is on your ‘R’ key because powertrayexec 4 is basically in connection to the R key. If you want to change this, you’ll have to just simply change the number. I think 2 = Q key, 3 = E key. For any more info, ask @guyofgisburne who gave me this keybind a while back. Remember guys, as AC, the forgemaster’s trick with exalt I’m explaining will give a huge help in groups when you master properly how to use these moves together based on how it interacts now. For anything more indepth, you refer to @guyofgisburne.



Hallowed Ground – One of the changes they made, Hallowed ground again like the old days, you can gain ap while it’s up/laid on the ground and thanks to this change, you’ll see later on how I’m stressing on a particular stat more than ever for our class. Also, as of Mod 13, this now gives 35% more dmg to the party instead of 40% but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s still a great daily.

Anointed Army – This got fixed, finally and I honestly love the change as it doesn’t make dpsers lazy anymore and they’ll have to dodge out of red. The power share isn’t bad as it’s 33% from the original 50%, I can respect that and when it’s up, it absorbs 100% incoming damage for up to 20% of the target’s MAX health which is still pretty fair so if you’re AC, you really should enjoy these changes as I’ll explain later on in this guide. For people who aren’t sure when to use Anointed Army, you simply get it’s highest value when right before you enter combat, you activate your Anointed Army on your comrades and their companions BEFORE they hit the enemy mobs. You also want to the mobs too with blessing of battle before they hit the mobs and the Anointed Army is up because when you do this and then they hit the enemies, they substantially gain more power because of that timing from your own powered share combined with when their bondings procc etc. At that moment in combat they’ll have more combat and if your dps are super tryhards, they’ll know to actually desummon and resummon comp after every combat sequence for the power to ‘unfreeze’ (Yes, I’ve run with people that try this hard to maximize their dmg lol)

Class Feats

Divine Fortune
– Builds 5% extra divine power for every point into it, so getting this at rank 3 or 4(I currently use this at rank 4 with the heroic feat bountiful fortune at rank 4/5 since I went 1/3 in cleanse). The combo of this & bountiful fortune builds/recharges your divinity in no time.

Healer’s Lore – Basically, if you feel your party needs the heals in anyway, slot this so it can help you heal even more since at rank 4, increases the potency of your heals by 20%

Holy Fervor – Your attacks generate 5% extra action point gain. Having this maxed out is a beauty. I have this slotted most of the time and helps a lot with my AP gain. With the way I play and want to spam out my dailies, this is actually perfect for me personally and if you fit this mold, slot it.

Hastening Light – This will basically, when maxed, reduce your allies’ recharge time by 4 seconds. This along with Holy Fervor is the premier choices. Most of the times, you’ll have holy and hastening light on your bar. This benfits, not only your allies, but yourself as well. Unlock it, max it, use it. (The offhand feat finally works again so def slot the offhand feat along with having hastening as one of your two class feats, ALWAYS!)

Anointed Armor – This should only be used when you feel you’re having personal problems surviving.

Light of Divinity – This applies a heal that’s divided every 3 secs to allies within 50′ feet (Doesn’t count as a heal over time). This actually isn’t half bad in my opinion, can be useful in FBI/ESP if you’re needing even more heals and it’s pretty excellent in MSVA/NSVA as well (I was told this was a fixed number it divides but I haven’t used ACT to check)


Armor set

Top Tier – I used to have everything jumbled into a huge paragraph here so I’ll space out the info so it’s easier to read.

Best head piece to have – At this time, Mod 14 has three choices that can work as ‘BIS’. You have your Guise of the Wolf Clan (Has chance to come from SH mysterious merchant), your Rex Corona (Comes from the Soshenstar hunt King of Spines, a chance) and the new headpiece that stood out for me in Mod 14, Decaying Habit which you can see HERE. This headpiece comes from the new hunts in Mod 14. Basically, these three are the best headpieces at this time for an AC DC. @guyofgisburne explained to me that basically the Decaying Habit is better than the corona for at least the first 80 seconds of combat, then the corona is better for the last 40 seconds so based off what he’s saying, the decaying habit will be better to have in extreme burn groups so if this fits you and the players you know, you’ll want to for sure eventually get this headpiece but as mentioned, you can’t go wrong with these three.

Other choices include Jarl’s Gaze, Bronzewood Restoration, Bronzewood Raid, Vivified Raid Headpiece & Regular Primal Raid Headpiece, MOD 14 added some decent ones like Crown of Brambles, Faithlord’s Raid Aventail & Ras Manca’s Spare Hat. The brambles and spare hat I believe comes from the monster hunts while the Raid Aventail is obtained by farming new seals in dungeon.

Best Chest to have – Currently, heading into mod 14, it’s like this :-

If you are looking to possibly maximize your base power then you want Bronzewood Restoration Eziwa via Masterworking. Check it out HERE & in Mod 14, a new chest piece to look out that you get from farming seals in the new dungeon is called ‘Faithlord’s Restoration Chasuble’ that you can see HERE. The reason why this can be a premier front runner as a choice because @guyofgisburne tested it as he ran the new dungeon enough times to obtain one on test server and can confirm it’s base power so it’s really a handy option to have for sure.

Other choices of main chest pieces are Vivifiedand Regular Primal Restoration Eziwa. The vivified version, you simply need to run the new trial, Craddle of the death god to get the item needed to vivify it I believe (You get one per week so think of it as the same grind we once had getting vivified gear by doing MSVA). Mod 14 also added pieces for chest like Hag’s Rags, Knotted Garbs, Puppet’s Plate & Tattered Exorcist Robes which I believe all comes from the mod 14 hunts.

Other chest pieces to have include Titansteel Restoration and Rex Amiculum. These round out the top choices of chest pieces.

Best Arm/Bracers to have – Heading into mod 14, the following are the best choices :-

To maximize your base power, the current best choice based on recently cleric forum calculations and me doing my own testing with two active clerics on the forums who I mostly trust, The Vivified Restoration Isikrinis & Regular Restoration Isikrinis are the best because the ability of gaining a max of 5% more power when you heal or dmg a target for 15% or more of your Max hp, is not only base power, but when you do direct maths vs survivor wraps, it will give you at least 1000 + more base power when all that is into play more than the survivor wraps, making this the best choice and the survivor wraps (2,785 base power) second currently. These still remain the best for mod 14. Another BIS choice that has emerged is called The Executioner’s Bracers. These bracers are a hefty basically 3300 power and can rival the vivified Restoration Bracers depending on the situation. You obtain these bracers via salvage packs in the new mod’s campaign, from the poster/hunts in that mod as well and also you can get it in the new dungeon, Castle Ravenloft as a drop. Please note for the salvage pack, you must open those packs on the DC for you to get it correctly for your class because say you open the pack on your GWF and you get an executioner’s bracers, that executioner’s bracers will be specific for your GWF ONLY. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO SEND WHATEVER SALVAGE PACKS YOU HAVE TO YOUR DEVOTED CLERIC TOON!

Other choices include the Bronzewood Restoration Isikrinis via Masterworking, Either piece of the huntsman bracers that drops as epic gear when you run Tomb of the Nine Gods and also, the bracers called Pilgrim Restoration Sawar is another good choice if you of course can’t get the best possible I suggested. Another one that’s worth looking into if you’re wanting to do a lil more dmg personally is Jawripper’s Gloves. Mod 14’s stand out bracers that can be secondary choices include Faithlord’s Raid Bracers, Faithlord’s Restoration Bracers which both come from obtaining the new seals (I think it’s seals of the crown is the exact name), Lazaric’s Hide Gloves & Lycosa’s Barbed Gloves which these other two comes from hunts.

Best Boots/Cuisses to have Vivified Primal Restoration Qalisas or Vivified Primal Raid Qalisas or their Regular versions are the best currently boots wise to have along with the new masterworking boots, both Bronzewood Raid Qalisas and Bronzewood Restoration Qalisas. Titansteel, Fadeless Walkers and Vivified Lighttender’s Restoration boots round out the best choices. Also, another boots that has emerged is the Deathstriders that comes via a hunt in omu called ‘Mussuhussu’. The reason this has become a choice of late is thanks to @guyofgisburne being curious, wondering if this was base power or not, ended up testing it and multiple people confirmed it was indeed base. This arguably makes it the best choice for boots (Note well, yes, you gain this power when your ap is full, but please keep in mind as an AC DC, you spam/supposed to spam AA as much as you can hence when you use the daily, that power will still be there but only for 2 extra seconds). Mod 14 also added some really excellent ones and along with the Deathstriders, are the best to get. They are Faithlord’s Raid Pigaches, Faithlord’s Restoration Pigaches which both come from gaining new seals from the new dungeon and finally, the one that caught my interest Shoes of Superstition .. It has an interesting ability/equip power and i’m not sure if anyone has gained this boots yet on test to see if it’s base or not. But nevertheless, a nice little option to obtain one day to mess around with.

Alternative sets if these choices aren’t in your immediate reach – Basically your t1 gear, t2 gear, guild stronghold cheap guild marks gear, the Morlanth’s Shroud from completing that mini story in 11.5 B’s Mod, The pilgrim, pioneer and league armor that was added in Mod 12/12.5. There’s alot of choices here. To add more, your tradebar gear can get you the dusk gear, especially two pieces of it thanks to its set bonus, drowcraft gear etc. My advice is when you’re going thru all this to make sure to pick the possible peaces that has power/recovery together. If you don’t see those power/recovery pieces, power/crit is your next best choice.

Shirt and Pants

Best to have – This is a toss up. Either you can go for the Prelate Gemmed Exquisite Elemental Chainmail & Chausses because of the stats or the Drowcraft Shirt & Pants because with that set, when you land a critical strike, you heal allies for 1% of their max hp up to 1000 and it occurs once every three seconds. Whatever floats your boat here. (The drowcraft is quite easy to obtain if you’re budgeting AD). Another good choice can be the recently added in Mod 12.5 shirt and pants called ‘shirt of the chultan merchant’and ‘pants of the chultan merchant’.

Alternative – Thanks to recent changes in the game, an alternative that has captured my attention is the Bloodstained Shirt that seems to drop from Epic Gray Wolf Den. Not a bad alternative at all, especially if you have that Assassin’s Covenant ability.

Weapon and Offhand

Best to have – As of mod 14, The sets of mod 13 (5 of them) still are great which are the Feathered set from masterworking that you can see HERE and HERE, the Pioneer set from the chultan campaign store which you can see HERE and HERE, the Primal set you get via seals of the brave in Port Nyanzaru which you can see HERE and HERE, the Tyrant set you can either trade for with currency called ‘teeth of the tyrant’ or get them from the T3 hunt next mod. You can see it HERE & HERE and the final new set is called the Pilgrim set that you can get via buying the chultan tiger pack and the enchanted key pack next mod. You can see the set HERE & HERE. Note well that all these sets has an ‘exalted’ version where it gives more stats than the regular but barely any (Power wise tho, it’s at least 500+ more power on top of the high power it has already) Mod 14 added two sets for us to check out which is the Sun set that you can see HERE & HERE & the Vistani set you can see HERE & HERE.

The best set heading into mod 14? – In my opinion, the Feathered is still the best. It’s basically an updated version of the brightsilver set just with more stats on it. It will be a bit hard to obtain off the get go if you don’t have the AD so it’s about patience to get this.

What do you recommend if one can’t get the Feathered right away? – The second best set after Feathered for us AC DC’s is the Pioneer Set because when you are in a full party, that 1000 extra power is base (Previous testing from my buddy @thelightmccoys), if you somehow can’t get this set, anything that’s mod 13B/14 related when it comes to weapons will do. If you can’t get any of those 7 I listed, you’ll have to rock with much older sets pre mod 13b, which I stated just below this but honestly, yes, they are options but because mod 13B and 14’s weapons have more stats, do your best to get something of this nature as best as you can because you are really missing a lot of stats, especially the power factor.

– Alternatives now include the brightsilver set, the fey set, the teak set, the lighttender’s set, the ensorcelled arsenal etc. Also, another alternative that I deleted accidentally a while back is the burning set (Thanks to the multiple people who told me this heads up for months now and finally got time to add it back)

Main Hand Equip & Offhand Artifact Stat bonus & class feat – Just gonna add this here because a lot of mails I got wondered what do I use here. The answer to this is for the main hand, my equip will either be Blessing of Battle’s Equip Bonus or Astral Seal’s Equip Bonus, varies while for my offhand’s artifact stat bonus, it’s having action point gain which I have 399 stat on that (Max is 400). The class feat for it, as hastening light’s offhand feat is working, I use this now a days.


Best to have – As of Mod 14, the best belts to max your base power are the beaded sash that you can see HERE. I understand that the ability scores isn’t exactly the best (The INT), but the 1400 power if you’re looking to max that base power is a premier choice. The other belt that one can get to maximize base power is Cincture of Atropal Essence. This especially with Assassin’s Covenant will give you a little more base power than the Beaded Sash thanks to the belt having lifesteal. If you just wanna follow the basic cleric ability scores and you’re looking to get more recovery, you def should go for the Fanged one which you can check out HERE. So this will be your call to decide. Either way, all three options are viable and if you’re looking for the recovery set bonus combo at least, then you def should go the masterwork direction. In the neck section, you’ll see the masterwork neck I recommended. What I currently use however, because I wanted more base, I went for the Cincture. Another notable option is the Skull Lord’s Sash which you can see HERE Another Belt if you’re going for the Barovian set and possess a barkshield or run with a gf that uses itf all the time is Barovian Cummerbund but only if you’re going for the set. Thanks for the info @guyofgisburne about the barkshield tip!

For now the, the secondary choices will be the likes of the Greater Belt of Wisdom, Tiamat Sash (Tiamat neck piece and artifact gives set bonus of 5% outgoing heals and 5% incoming heals), Greater Imperial Waistband of Honor and Sphene Sash (With masterwork set, ideally Sphene amulet, you get a nice bonus of 500 recovery and 1000 movement which stacks up to 3 times when you use an encounter power) Another great choice here is the Company Ward Belt because combined with the Company Duelist Cloak, you can gain an extra 500 base power for those who are needed/wanting to maximize power sharing abilities but the new masterwork stuff in mod 13 is obviously better so this will just be filler until you can get your hands on that.


Best to have – To add to the current list of best rings, the stand out rings to me next mod as a DC are Ring of Offensive action, Ring of the Shadowstalker +5 and Ring of the Gravestriker +5. You can check out these three rings in the link HERE and please note, the ring of offensive action, although it’s purple, it has two offensive slots and also, the +4 versions of the Shadowstalker and Gravestriker also has two offensive slots. To note here, the Gravestriker’s ring ability that gives extra power apparently thanks to numerous testers seems to be counted as base so this ring is currently the best in slot choice for us. Note well that x2 +4’s or x2 +5’s don’t stack together so you’ll have to ideally get a +4 and +5. Also, in masterworking, there are two rings as well that stand out among the best along with those first three rings which are the Beaded Restoration Ring and the Bronzwood Raid Ring. These also have two offensive slots & you can see these two rings HERE.Other good choices still include the Ostorian Ring of Hellig +5 x2 and in Mod 12, the one called Ring of the Goblin Slayer +5 which is better than the hellig stats wise. You have a chance to get the Goblin ring in ‘Hunts of Chult – Clawglaze while the hellig +5/Greater Ostorian Hellig as y’all should know, comes from FBI/MSVA.

Alternatives – Tons to choose from here. Primal Raid Ring, Primal Restoration Ring, Ring of the Golbin Slayer +4, Ostorian ring of Hellig (Epic version), Huntsman Restoration Ring, Sphene Restoration Ring, Ring of Brutality +4 & 5, Ring of Sudden Precision +4 & 5, Ring of Rising Power +4 & 5, Ring of Rising Precision +4 & 5, and Ring of Rising Recovery +4 & 5. More options include x2 of either the Personalized Adamant Ring of Recovery or x2 Rosegold Raid/Restoration Rings. If these rings aren’t obtainable, your other bets include the Dragonflight/Elven Restoration Rings, Dragonflight/Elven Raid Rings, Drowcraft Raid/Restoration Rings.

Reinforcement Kits

Best to have (On your Armor pieces) – Power. To gain more base power, Simply Major Power kits.

Alternative – If you can’t get Majors, settle for Greater Power Armor Kit. In my opinion however, it’s not that hard to get the Major kits. You either work up your professions to rank 25 (Mailsmithing makes these power kits) or you save the AD up and buy it. (The kits varies in the 180k-240k mark.)

Best to have (Neck, Rings, Belt) – For this, no doubt about it, the Major Action Point Gain Jewels.

Alternative – If you can’t get Majors, you simply get Greaters.


Best to have – Heading into Mod 14, there’s only 3 real options to get for us currently that are the Fanged Beaded Amulet which you can see the numbers for yourself HERE and will combo well with one of the two sash’s I mentioned from master working, the other two I’ll mention are the ones that are the best for assassin’s covenant. They are Mantle of Atropal Essence & Skull Lord’s Medallion . These two are currently the best for base power as it will give just a little more than the Fanged Beaded Amulet due to stats that take advantage of Assassin’s Cov. If you’re going for the Barovian set and have a barkshield or run with a gf that has itf, then the Barovian Lavalliere is another good choice but must warn, if you’re accustomed to neck pieces that give the AP gain during combat, then this might be a big loss for you to take as tho you gain 1000 more power from the set, you lose the ap gain during combat as this neck rolls with 8 Armor Class.

The secondary choices now for necklaces will be the likes of Greater Imperial Dragon Cloak, Sphene Amulet. – Basically any cloak that has great stats for us like Power/Crit/Recovery and along with that, has ‘Increase Action Point Gain by _% every 3 seconds while in combat’ effect. Also, for those who might want the Company Ward Belt, the Company Duelist Cloak will be a great option with that belt specifically for those into more power share capabilities.

Food and Potions

Updated for at least Mod 14. A guildie @nettlingimp pointed out that some of my things were wrong but it’s rather, I don’t update every part of my guide like I should because of how long the guide is so even I miss out what to update in every area. As of mod 14, I use roughly maybe just 2 or 3 consumables but overall you can use probably up to 7. I’m just labeling the simple ones that should be used on AC specc if needed :-

Event Foods :- Basically here, watermelon sorbet. Also the Dew’s that provide Ap gain is good

Potions :- To use here, you can go with those very high quality recovery potions that I believe come from professions, alchemy to be precise. Those are the luminescent and effervescent tidespan potions (recovery)

From your very own stronghold :- The ones that are recovery based stronghold foods (buy your highest ranked food possible here)

Elixirs :- Basically the elixirs that give recovery, The sunlord’s elixir.

Recovery from the scroll of fate that is gained from mysterious fortune being used (I think!)….

The rest aren’t that important, these are the main ones to use in my opinion.


Weapon and Armor enchantment

Weapon Enchantment
 – As of the recent changes/tooltips in Mod 11/Mod 11.5, nothing basically changed for what we need but i’ll just lay out here the ideal ones you want (Thanks to @michela123 & @thefabricant for the info). So for debuffing :-

Pure/Transcendent/Unparalleled Frost – This enchantment, due to the changes to me is the best currently as the debuff is 10% on the usual lvl 70 mobs but is 75% effective against the lvl 73 mobs, hence making the debuff 7.5% roughly against those mobs (Unparalleled is a lil bit higher than this as the debuff itself on that rank is like 12% and at least 9% against those level 73 mobs). Please note, this is only for the pure/trans ranks as I have to keep reminding that few people, the rest of the frost ranks, has NO DEBUFF. The changes that happened, the frost really in my view got a sweet deal. The uptime on this is now 10 seconds when it used to be 4 seconds so much better for starters and along with an excellent debuff and it’s an enchantment that can go pass the 200% cap (Thanks for that info again @thefabricant & @michela123). Overall, I put on the top in terms of debuff enchantment for our DC class and as unparalleled is around the only other enchantment in my view that rivals frost for us is plague at this point so you can’t go wrong now a days.

Transcendent Plague Fire/Unparalleled Plague Fire – This enchantment, i’m torn with it and i’ll explain why as I label info about it. So firstly, against your usual lvl 70 mobs, it’s a 10.5%/12% debuff when you have all three stacks up while against the tough, lvl 73 mobs, that debuff is 75% effective so basically it’s roughly 8%/9.5% debuff on that level. And here’s my problem/torn feelings with it. For starters, if you keep the stacks up, it probably is better than frost depending on who you’re asking but in my opinion, I don’t think a dc can consistently keep this up compare to a class like a mof cw and yes, I still think that. There’s the positive in this sense, if you can’t afford a pure/trans frost, it maybe better for you to get a plague as plagues period has some sort of debuff while only the pure and trans frost ranks have debuffs. So i’m a bit torn on it. I usually frost personally to debuff in these situations but if you have plague, you can use it as well. As unparalleled is around however, at this point, I feel with plague and frost, it doesn’t matter which one you go with, they’re both really on par with one another at this current time.

Transcendent Bronzewood/Unparalleled Bronzewood – The other two above I mentioned is way better at this time. Don’t even bother with this anymore, it’s either pure/trans frost or any sort of plague or bust! lol (Trans Bronzewood I believe is still 5% on the level 70 mobs while on level 73 mobs, it’s like 2.5%, not totally sure but it’s not good regardless as for Unparalleled however, with what it says, I’ll like to get one to test myself as on that rank, it seems pretty good for sure but I can’t 100% say as I personally never had it to really tell people to go for it but it’s def a choice in the matter)

For the heals (And they got some sort of debuff as well) :-

Pure/Transcendent/Unparalleled Vorpal – These are the only ranks of Vorpal that possess a debuff or sorts along with that ability for when you crit, to give you stronger heals. The debuff is measly however but the capability this provides when you want to have some sort of stronger heals is a pass, but the other enchantment i’ll mention below this to me is better. Also, the highest rank, Unparalleled, you gain 5% more crit sev and 1% more to the debuff I believe and that’s meh to me, so don’t bother either way.

Pure/Transcendent/Unaparalleled Dread – This enchantment, another one I personally have along with frost and plague and this enchantment has served me well and continue to do. I use this mostly when i’m the only healer and want to be safe with the party and provide that extra healing ability. This rocks when you have the crit and with that crit severity, def gives you alot of strong healing ability. The debuff with is as well is excellent, much better that the Vorpal’s so to me, this is the top choice with healing aspect while you want to debuff and on the whole, it depends on what direction you want to go with Frost/Dread/Plague cause these three are the top choices in my opinion at this time. Dread will be regardless, great to have if you have a DO loadout so even if you don’t see the purpose of Dread for AC, def have one for your DO’s loadout (I have a trans for my DO, unparalleled it will be eventually but I’m very disappointed with that increase from trans to unparalleled for this enchantment because it’s literally the same thing except for 5% more crit sev, boring…)

For Armor – Due to the content now a days, I prefer barkshield and actually believe barkshield it the best choice for all classes outside of tanks. So Barkshield (Especially if you get it trans/unparalleled) is my premier choice. If you can’t get barkshield, Soulforged or Negation. The reason I’m against the soulforged is because I see soulforged at times as a ‘Hey, I just killed you, mind if I kill you again real quick like?’ type of enchantment in harder content so I see this more as a secondary, cheap option if you can’t get a proper barkshield.


The artifacts that I find to be great for my current build of Mod 14 will be:

Sigil of the Devoted – Power/Defense/Incoming Heal Bonus

Tome of Ascendance – Power/Defense/Deflection/Life Steal

Sigil of the Hunter – Power/Recovery/Stamina/Guard Gain

Symbol of Air – Power/Recovery/Movement

Symbol of Fire – Power/Defense/Recovery

Heart of the Red Dragon – Power/Defense/Regeneration

Thirst – Power/Defense/Hit points

At this time, these 7 are the main ones I’ll recommend to look into, They can depending on what you go on, can give you a good power and recovery pool or a straight up power super pool thanks to having assassin’s covenant. I interchange now a days with the first 6 artifacts I list depending on the group, the 7th one, Thirst, comes out mod 14 and it’s a really handy artifact which you can see it HERE This can even be a primary artifact depending on your build/stats.

‘Hey, what do you recommend I take in that pool to get max base power?’ – Simply put, go for Sigil of the Devoted (Primary), Tome of Ascendence, Symbol of fire and Heart of the Red Dragon. In the new mod, you can remove Heart of the Red Dragon in favor of Thirst artifact.

‘What if I just don’t need to go all crazy for maxing base power?’ – Then in that 7, you want Sigil of the Devoted (Primary), Symbol of Air, Symbol of the Hunter & Symbol of Fire.

Artifacts you can go for as your primary if you’re past the point of not needing a DC sigil and you’re probably best in slot are :-

Vanguard’s Banner – HP/Power/Lifesteal (Your allies gain 605 power & lifesteal while it’s active & it reduces monster’s DR by 8% on mythic)

Lantern of Revelation – Crit Strike/Armor Pen/Combat Advantage (Works as intended now a days thanks to @michela123 bringing it up)

Charm of the Serpent – Power/Arm pen/Lifesteal (Excellent artifact to have handy as well in melt groups)

Thirst – Power/Defense/Hit points (This new artifact’s ability seems so handy so I have to put it here)

Token of the Chromatic Storm – Hp/Power/Defense/Regen/Aoe Resist (The Acid ability of it has 20% debuff which makes it top notch but my only beef with it is to aim. Probably easy to aim on bosses, will have tougher time on mobs but just know, once you miss, then it’s a complete waste)

‘Hey Jarek, why don’t you go with the GWF sigil trick?’ – For those who asked me in the past about it, I’ll just answer it here for future people who may ask this. The reason I didn’t recommend this in my build/guide is this guide for some people to remember, is like a cleric basics so I’m keeping everything to a simple tone. The GWF trick in my opinion for the DC can be a bit inconsistent if you mess up a couple of times and honestly, to best put, I see some other DC’s saying ‘Now with this trick, I can put into other stats’. Ask yourself this question as an AC DC, what other stats?. Because if you think the gwf sigil will be a reason you don’t need silveries in your companion’s gear which is true, then it leaves to allocate what stats exactly?. I see AC DC’s thinking to be more dps but no one and I repeat, no one invites an AC DC to a dungeon group to ‘lay out the dps’. If you’re thinking to add crit/armpen to be able to do dailies even easier and also, if you like this trick just because it’s fun to do, then I can understand but you won’t be doing much dmg in a group anyway in dungeons so yes, it’s something you can do (also gives you faster movement) but on the whole it’s not something that’s gonna change the cleric world a lot. (I don’t even think this is working anymore but meh, i’ll leave it here)

‘Bro, where’s the list of all the artifacts you had? I could have sworn it was more..’ – Basically, it made more sense to me to limit down the artifacts part to the ones I believe are important so people can have more focus and just not get any old artifact they find laying on the street. Two worthy ones I’ll randomly mention that are ‘okay’ are :-

Tiamat’s Orb of Majesty – Power/Crit/Recovery/Armor Penetration/Action Point Gain.

Sigil of the Oathbound Paladin – Max HP/Power/Aoe Resist

‘What was the set you mentioned with the Thirst artifact?’ – The set is called ‘Ravenloft’. It has two pieces of gear called ‘Barovian’ and the thirst artifact makes up the set. These are the pics coming up. Neck HERE, Belt HERE & Artifact I linked earlier in guide/this section HERE. The reason I just randomly bring it up in the guide was because you can gain 1000 power when you have a shield or temp hp. Just showing this incase anyone gets any creative ideas with the set but I won’t be using it (unless someone privately finds something major lol) But yeaaa, there are too much other things belt and neck wise you can and should use to gain more power as I linked earlier in guide and at least the artifact itself is good. To update this note as of August 10th, this set combo is actually among the best choices if you’re looking to max base power because I learned that the ‘you gain 1000 power from a shield or temp hp’ that the barkshield armor enchantment counts as a shield or if you run with a gf and they use itf as itf gives temp hp, those two ways help you gain the 1000 extra power from that set that way as a DC so if you’re using this Ravenloft/Barovian set please make sure to have barkshield armor enchantment or basically run with a competent GF that uses ITF!


Offense slot: Update here and important. Due to how I have slight changes in the guide overall and how there’s so much ways to gain recovery and high numbers thanks to Mod 13, now a days you’re better off going full radiants and remaking your recovery by the gear, artifacts and offensive slots in your companion’s gear to have/stack on silveries. With radiants, try your best to get them to at least rank 9 and upwards. Cruels are now to me a secondary choice based on how there is even more ways to gain recovery and if you choose cruels, get them to rank 10 and upwards. As of right now, Radiants, full ones to me are your best choice as there’s many ways to make sure you have enough recovery.

Defense slot
: Radiants for HP. You want to at least get to rank 8’s and work your way up if possible (and if you’re not using Assassin’s Covenant). If you are using Assassin’s Covenant, then you want to maximize defensive enchantments, so mainly black ice enchantments and cruels are the top two to slot in defense. If you can’t afford these, then azures but black ice and cruels, especially on higher ranks gives you full benefit to Assassin’s Cov. Also, make sure if you’re in a guild and they have the defense boon, you need to choose that as well. If they have that boon maxed out, that’s a free 8k defense you get which helps alot with Assassin’s.

Utility Slot: Dark enchantments rank 7’s, Dragon Hoard’s, Fey Blessings, Quartermaster’s Enchantment, whatever you can get there that’s rank 7+

Overload Slot: Greater Black Dragon Glyph/Greater White Dragon Glyph/Greater Corrupt Black Ice Enchantment/Greater Corrupt Lethal Enchantment

The stats to prioritize for AC pve righteous support

Power – Power is the love of DC’s, it’s the life. Basically the more power for us, the better. You want to realistically get to at least 35k power as a new cleric and work your way up to as much as you possibly can (The ideal promise land in my view is at least 35-40k for new time clerics. From that point, ideally for both new and old veterans, you already know you want to have as much power as possible. The true end game cleric builds over 50k+ power when they’re capped out and thanks to rank 13’s and 14’s now a days, that’s def much easier to make/achieve and you can easily achieve thanks to further updates in mod 13 so remember, for our main stat, the sky is the limit!.)

Recovery – With the cleric changes, recovery in my opinion has become slightly more important that power, but slightly. The way they made Hallowed ground now, you want to obtain a high number of recovery to ideal make this work to use two dailies alot, over and over. For this build and the changes, ideally you’ll want to get a reasonable number to start of with. At least 9k recovery+ and work it up to as much as you can. Due to so many sources, including a bonding pet, insignias, gear within the bonding pet and so on, you should be able to get that ideal number of recovery which you want to at least have 9k-13k recovery, base. As for buffed, due to your bondings (at least perfect ranked) and with artificier’s mount bonuses of persuasion and influence, you can buff your recovery to at least 25k+ so set a goal of at least over 19.5k recovery with the bonding proccs. I really want to note well, if you go for alot of base power, you will most likely not have a high number of base recovery. In that instance, you want to work hard on your companion so your companion will make up for it by having a high recovery number when the bondings in particular procc. Once you obtain that high number of recovery, watch how easy as you can be spamming Hallowed and Anointed Army, over and over (With my recovery, I have like a 10-12 second wait until I can use Hallowed again and I believe while I’m spamming Anointed Army with Hastening light on as a class feat, it helps it go even faster, but I’ll need to check again to confirm that last part.)

Critical Strike – You want an ok critical chance number. With the gear that’s recommended along with going all WIS/STR in your ability points, you should be around anything over 20% for starters and honestly as of mod 14, whatever number you end up on, which won’t be much, roll with it, that’s all. You might get more depending on your companion gear’s stats but doesn’t matter, whatever is the number here, go with the flow.

Action Point Gain (Stat Number) – Add to this number anyway you can (Via ap kits/if you have the tiamat’s orb/your offhand artifact stat). This basically to the percentage of AP gain which is important for us clerics to get the dailies up faster.

Action Point Gain (Percentage) – I personally feel like 50-60% range is a good range to reach at for starters (without bondings procc) From that point, maybe get it to at least the 70’s as you can most likely have other ways to have a huge boost via bondings, mount bonuses like the artificer’s persuasion/influence, etc. Just as long as you have a high number when everything is procced, you’ll be fine.

Hit Points – This is more like the common stuff for any DC to have. Build this to whatever you can. At least get it over 110k for starters and work your way up.

Defense & Dmg Resistance – If you’re using assassin’s covenant, you’ll want to stack on defense so you can in return gain power. If not roll with whatever number you got. If you have problems, Anointed Armor & just be alert & dodge (If you rock a companion & bondings, the defense slots in your companion’s gear can be used with azures and when proccing, will give you good defense along with if you use negation for those who wants the ‘Better safe than sorry’ feel).

Lifesteal – This can be a great help for you if you take those one or two surprise hits. Our self heals are pretty weak & regen is a bit useless in my opinion so lifesteal will benefit you. The number you’ll want to aim for is roughly 5-10% for this build. (You’ll see later on through boons & your companion, you’ll get this easily) also, whatever number you get here will help with assassin’s covenant

Deflect – Just adding this here finally only because if you use assassin’s cov., whatever number is here, it will add to you base power thanks to it.


Basically, i’ll put two options here. For those who didn’t go with assassin’s covenant and those who went with that mount ability

With Assassin’s Covenant
Without Assassin’s Covenant
Dread Ring

Icewind Dale



With Assassin’s Covenant

Without Assassin’s Covenant

With Assassin’s Covenant
Without Assassin’s Covenant

Maze Engine

Elemental Evil
Storm King’s Thunder

River District
Without Assassin’s Covenant
With Assassin’s Covenant
Jungles Of Chult
Ravenloft Campaign
At this time, you want to max out Ageless 3/3 (That’s a recovery boon, gain 1200 total) and 1/1 maxed out righteous sacrifice.
Stronghold Boons

Without Assassin’s Covenant

With Assassin’s Covenant


The following are to me the five best options you can get as our type of debuff/buff support cleric:

Sellsword (Active = 300 power on epic)

  • Three offense slots.
  • It possesses a great debuff called ‘Consumed by Battle’ which when unlocked at level 30, shreds the target’s defense by 10% when the third strike of wicked strike hits. (This is an AoE as well so perfect for mobs along with being good in single target)
  • This debuff can stay up easily thanks to wicked strike’s CD of 2 seconds
  • If you use protector’s camaraderie/friendship, this will get all four stacks in no time.
  • Stacks with other sellswords/Con artist
  • It’s a melee companion so greater chance for it to die easily
  • Due to the heightened chance of perishing in battle, the sellsword may occasionally have trouble getting the third hit required to proc the debuff.
  • Furthermore, upon its death, any debuff applied by the sellsword will disappear.
  • It has random times where it stands around, doing nothing. (To fix this, just move a bit, so it can follow you, thus making it active again)
  • If the buff is up & your companion happens to miss a window to keep it up, the buff will last only 3 secs until your companion will easily proc it again.

Overall: This turned out to be a great option & I believe it’s worth the investment as a main companion. We must remember as DC’s, we don’t even have that many options in the first place to choose from so companions like this are welcomed. As a righteous AC Cleric, you can give this companion more survivability thanks to your Anointed Army daily & Astral Shield if a GF is in the party. To properly test, myself & my guildie @bonnine took off our weapon enchantments & practiced on the dummies by hitting it with at-wills to get a better understanding of how good this debuff is & studies showed its effectiveness was 110% meaning it was a 10% increase in damage it gives & we found out it stacks with plague & bear your sins so that’s a huge plus. (Weapons of Light appears on the companions bar but actually adds nothing to it) I wanted to add to this that overall, it’s to me the Best in slot option due to the fact that with multiple sellswords/con artist, it stacks. The others I’m going to put later on, I believe don’t stack/has been fixed from being super overpowered. If you actually want to easily gear your comp up with rings, con artist.

Ambush Drake (Active = 165 Armor Penetration & Recovery)


  • Two offense slots & one defense slots. (This is passable)
  • Has a debuff called ‘Deadly Infection’ which unlocks at level 30 that makes its attack ‘Septic Bite’ apply a 20% defence debuff.
  • Septic bite is a 1.5 second CD thus getting protector’s camaraderie/friendship up pretty quickly & keeping up the debuff easily.
  • Single target so excellent on boss fights.


  • It won’t be great on mobs, since the debuff is single target. (Don’t sweat this too much though, as mobs die quickly now-a-days anyway.)
  • The active is useless.
  • Another close ranged companion so susceptible to dying more. (The stealth does help its survival to an extent.)
  • Death = The debuff will disappear immediately.
  • Death = The debuff gets mitigated against higher level monsters/enemies so at lvl 73, that debuff isn’t much. Was explained too that it’s like 5.5% – 7.5% from guildies.

Overall: This companion got nerfed. It no longer scales with power and whatever else crazy things it was doing I believe. For that reasoning actually, Sellsword. Sellsword or bust!

Dancing Shield (Active = 2% Deflect Chance on epic)

  • Possess a debuff called ‘Shield Slam’ that when it connects on a target, it reduces its defenses by 20%, hence a 20% increase in dmg on that target.
  • The debuff stays up basically 95% of the time (Others claim it’s 100%, others say it never stays up. My personal experience is it stays up most of the time, in dungeons other than FBI, at least)
  • High Survivability
  • Single target debuff, making it excellent on the boss fights
  • It can mess up a tank’s aggro (At least those who don’t know how to manage aggro)
  • As the debuff is single target, it won’t be great on mobs (Not something to cry over however)
  • Dancing Shields don’t stack with one another therefore if there’s two in the party, one is not going to work.
  • It has random times where it stands around, doing nothing, just like the sellsword. (To fix this, just move a bit, so it can follow you, thus making it active again)
  • It’s slow keeping up the whole protector’s camaraderie/friendship combo.
  • The active is garbage

Overall: I used it & despite that it has a 20% debuff, I won’t be switching to it. I’ve seen alot of tanks using this and as mentioned, it’s not going to stack if there’s two or more shields in the party. This companion in my view, should be used by tanks while the rest of possible debuffers like DC’s, MoF CW’s for instance, may be better off using the sellswords because at least the shield and sellsword can work in harmony & as well, sellswords stack.

Chultan Tiger (Active = On the start of combat, your run speed and damage are increased by 5% for 25 seconds)

To sum up this Chultan tiger easier, I’m just going to call overall notes on it I did and test on test server:-

Bonding slots? – It’s three offense slots so has that like the sellsword.

What gear is needed? – Basically, it needs a neck and two rings (The rings make it very easy for one to gear)

What is so great about this tiger that people drooled over for so long? – Along with its active, this companion actually has a combo of abilities that is great. Firstly ‘Claw’. When the tiger gets of claw while having combat advantage, it activates a bleed which does dmg over time and during the course of this dmg over time, it activates another ability called ‘Killer Instinct’ which when this is active on the target while the tiger indeed activated its bleed, it also causes the target it got to take 10% more dmg from all sources. So the tiger is overall a really good companion. You can obtain this companion from the zen store.

Is it your personal number one choice for AC DC’s? – No. The only time I’ll recommend this for people who have DC’s is basically if you want to have a good companion that’s much easier to gear up than a sellsword. If you can indeed have the resources/luck to gear up a sellsword, then to me, the sellsword is better for us DC support types. In my opinion, dpsers should be the ones striving to get this companion a lot as I believe on boss fights, it will have great synergy with the sellswords/dancing shields etc. For us AC DC’s, if you have a sellsword already and you don’t care about damage, then I believe you should stick with sellsword. (DO’s side tho, I love this tiger)

Alphonse Knox (Active = 1000 power and 100 armor penetration)

To sum up this companion:

Bonding slots? – It’s three offense slots, just like sellsword and chultan tiger.

What gear is needed? – It’s two ring slots and one neck slot, just like chultan tiger.

‘Uh Jarek, get to the point here?’ – This companion apparently has a 20% debuff like the shield and with the slots like a chultan tiger and to top off, 1000 freakin’ power as an active, this is by far the best companion for an AC DC set up. NOT EVEN A DEBATE. The only problem is that, you get this when whatever dev or whoever posts this on the AH and you’ll be in a bidding war with everyone else to get it. So basically, if you have a lot of AD, this is easily yours, if you’re poor like me….RIP. I’ll be sticking with sellsword until I somehow get ad to get this or someone gifts this to me *wink wink..wink?…No?, alright, I tried). A picture of the comp HERE incase you didn’t see my first pic of it at the start of the guide. This is the pack you bid for in the AH, check it out HERE. NOTE WELL HERE, PLEASE DO NOT CONFUSE ALPHONSE KNOX WITH THE REGULAR SGT. KNOX COMP, THE REGULAR SGT. KNOX IS LIKE 300 DEFENSE!

I currently don’t possess a Harper Bard so no way to test for me, so I can’t truly say off of personal use if it’s valid or not (I only have words from friends that it’s a great choice but I would rather test it myself). If you have any companions you believe are valid to try that have a noteworthy buff/debuff, feel free to comment/contact me in-game so I myself can actually see if I can obtain that companion & test myself. This next list here are just companions to have along with your main that have decent enough active bonuses :-

Companions that possess at least on epic, the possibility of getting 300 power or more (The number one choice right now are these comps like Skeleton, Ghost, Archmage’s Apprentice.)

Companions that possess at least on epic, 165 power and 165 recovery

Erinyes of Belial – Critical Severity. Won’t hurt to have this. 5% on rare, 10% on epic.

Dancing Blade – Critical Severity. 3% on rare, 5% on epic

Lillend – Upon using a daily power, heals your allies for 2% of their max hp once every 30 seconds.

Owlbear Cub – On encounter use, if you fail to critically hit, do an additional hit for damage equal to 50% of your power.

Deva Champion – 4% Incoming Heal Bonus & 4% Outgoing Heal Bonus on epic.

Young Yeti – 10% chance for you or your companion becoming bloodthirsty, increasing damage dealt by 10% (Epic)

Laughing Skull – On the start of combat, 500 power and 500 recovery for 25 seconds.

Cambion Magus – Critical Severity – 5% on rare, 10% on epic.

Polar Bear Cub – 5% outgoing heal bonus

Sprite – 2% Action Point Gain

Book Imp – 2% Recharge Speed

Fire Archon – Increases your dmg by 7% on enemies that are 50% health or under. Each archon adds a bonus of .5%. (epic)

Air Archon – Increase your dmg by 5% on enemies/targets that are not on full health. Each archon adds a bonus of .5% (epic)

Rust monster – On damage taken, 25% chance to inflict a 5% damage debuff on target/attacker. Stacks up to 3 times (Epic version. Side note, @michela123 tested this and says this comp gives slightly less than it says but nevertheless, an alright choice, I just prefer this for the tanks to use, not us dc’s)

‘Hey Jarek, most of these comps suck, is there any clear cut direction you can mention for us to do?’ – Honestly, at this point if you want to maximize power, just go for companions that have power on it. When you scroll down more, you’ll see the companions I use as of Mod 14.


Note about Augments

I changed my mind about for those who can’t afford the bondings to choose augments. For those who don’t have bondings, you really should try to save up and get some as bondings are the absolute top of the game at this time. Augments in my view, are obsolete (The rework recently with it is honestly nice and all but I feel like it benefits the tanks the most as they can get insane numbers of hp). So stressing on the importance here to GET BONDINGS AND PET THAT CAN PROC IT. You want those bondings ranks to be at least perfect and upwards. If you really must settle with augments, def go for as most people were thinking in the earlies, a bulette pup as I think that’s the one with three defense slots and you can probably use eldritch runestones in those three defense slots. I haven’t experimented with that sadly so I can’t 100% for sure say how it will be for dc’s.

The following is up to date pictures of companions I currently use:- (Sellsword, Ghost, Dragonborn Raider, Skeleton & Archmage’s Apprentice)

‘Can’t you ever make up your mind on comps?’ – It would be easy if the game didn’t have such garbage comps for DC’s. Basically, what I recommend for all players now a days is to just gather up companions with power and this is what I have as of new mod, Mod 14 :-


What to use on the companion/bonding combo?

For mod 14, what I recommend is if you want to build up mainly recovery to be able to be a spam bot, you simply get companion gear that can allow you to get at least 5 or 6 offensive slots to take full advantage of silveries. Silveries are the number one choice usually for AC DC’s in companion as it’s the perfect way to get back recovery easily. As you can see, my gear, that’s a total of 5 offensive slots so I have 5 silveries. (4 rank 14’s and 1 rank 13.) So again, for offense slots, SILVERIES. If you have any sort of defense slots, Azures or black ice for the companion (I usually go Azures). The gear itself, your best to mix it. Basically gear from IG skrimish that is +4 and reasonable to have like Heroic & Fierce gear. If you use con artist instead of sellsword, get beaded restoration rings as they’re rings with power and recovery. That will make you a recovery god. If you plan to have a couple defense slots, then loyal commander gear will be perfect. Overall, you rank of bondings and enchantments on the pet, you want the bondings to at least be rank 11 and high now a days (def for sure you want those bondings up!) and for your enchantments, like silveries offense and azures or black ice or darks if you have any defense slots, you want those to be at least 11’s and higher.


As we all know now, they added a mount system to the game which is pretty cool and useful. There’s a lot of valid options for us righteous DC’s in this department and I’ll be listing the ones that I found useful:

Artificer’s Persuasion – This basically when you activate your artifact, your recovery, movement, action point gain, and stamina gain are increased by 10% of your Power for 15 seconds. This is excellent in my view for any build really.

Artificer’s Influence – This is the ‘poor man’s’ artificer’s persuasion but it’s still valid to use. You can actually use artificer persuasion & artificer’s influence together when you use activate your artifact so it’s 10% + 5% if you have them at least once each. This helps along with persuasion to give you high recovery numbers however, you can live without this poor man’s version.

Gladiator’s Guile – This one is golden, it’s so useful to have on whatever class really. When your stamina is above 75%, you move 15% faster. When your stamina is below 25%, gain 15% of your power as stamina gain. I used to have it but not anymore (sob)

Protector’s Camaraderie – Whenever your summoned companion attacks, you gain 3% of your power and defense for 10 seconds. This effect can stack up to 4 times. So 12% of your power and defense, not bad at all, very good option to have. (Protector’s Friendship is the cheap option, it’s 1% instead of 3% so overall, it’s 4% of your power & defense & as well to note, these abilities don’t count into power sharing.)

Barbarian’s Revelry – Whenever you perform a critical strike, you are healed for 1.5% of your maximum Hit Points. It’s alright, gives you a little bit of self healing in case you get a couple of minor to medium surprise hits from mobs.

Oppressor’s Reprieve – Whenever you are stunned, knocked, or immobilized, you are healed for 4% of your max HP over 4 seconds. Another option if you feel you need some self heals.

Champion’s Return – Whenever you are reduced to 50% Hit Points, you instantly recover 20% of your stamina and are healed for 20% of your max HP over 10 seconds. This effect can only occur once every 60 seconds. This can be a savior in an ‘Oh crap!!’ situation.

Cavalry’s Warning – Whenever you activate a mount combat power, you gain an increase of 10% to your power, recovery, armor penetration, critical strike, defense, deflection, regeneration, and life steal. Mount powers are only on legendary mounts so basically, if you got one, it will be a decent option.

Shepard’s Devotion – Shepard’s Devotion finally works as intended. It finally gives what the tooltip says which is ‘Whenever you use a daily power, your teammates’ defense, deflection, and movement are increased by 5% of your power for 15 seconds.’ It’s still valid to use despite the change of it to work properly.

Slayer’s Redemption – Whenever you kill a target, you are healed for 10% of your maximum Hit Points over 5 seconds. One of the abilities added for Mod 10. Not bad really, can be pretty useful to have if you can’t get the other things on this list.

Assassin’s Covenant – You lose 10% of your Defense, Deflection, and Life Steal, and gain the combination of lost stats as Power. Again, another one that was added for Mod 10. It’s a valid, great choice & I def recommend this strongly as it’s a free way to build easy base power to overall, share with your comrades. This mount ability is basically a 100% must have for anyone who’s trying to get more and more power to share.

Berserker’s Rage – While you have full Action Points, you gain 10% of your Armor Penetration as Power. I saw this one and was instantly torn. It might be an alright choice but I won’t press that much for this ability because as a DC when you have full AP, the second that happens, you’re gonna pop off a daily so I can’t see this being super, super useful.

The following is a picture of what I currently have set up in my stable (Currently updated as of MOD 14 RAVENLOFT and AUGUST 10TH 2018):

Combat & Equip powers.

To strongly recommend – As you can see in the first pic, my stable, I made changes heading into mod 14. Discussing with @guyofgisburne who was thinking of the same thing, wanted some way to added another Assassin’s Covenant to have at least 3 of that so I sacrificed my Gladiator’s Guile and Protector’s Camaraderie to add these other Assassin’s so currently, you all see that my 5 in the line up are Assassin’s Covenant x3, Artificer’s Persuasion & Shepard’s Devotion. I will keep it like this for the foreseeable future.

Combat Mount Powers for this build. – In my view the three I would recommend for this build would be the Tenser’s Combat Power, the Golden Swift Lion’s Combat Power or the Warpainted/Commander Tyrannosaur. Anyone one of these three if you get your hands on them should be good. In my personal view, I really would recommend either the Swift Lion or Warpainted/Commander if I have to recommend what to specifically focus on as both are really great for pve regardless (The lion is better for pvp is what most people say but it actually in tougher dungeons in certain situations can be a real game changer so I can personally say it’s pretty good in pve as well.) I currently use the lion’s ability on mobs sometimes and the commander tyrannosaur on bosses but now a days, starting to consistently use the Tyrannosaur regardless more (Unless if the party clearly needs that protection more, will use lion). Mod 14 added a new legendary mount called ‘Swarm’. It looks like a swarm of bats which you can see HERE

The equip for us is not good at all, but the combat power, you can see HERE. Honestly, it’s not a bad choice for AC DC’s too seeing the combat power. The t-rex will remain my combat power for now, but I may get a swarm mount in the future just cause it looks cool.

Equip Powers for this build. – I recommend either the Coastal Flail Snail/Flail Snail (Legacy) equip powers which is using a daily power grants 25% of your total action points over 10 seconds or you can go with the 4k power mounts of either the Black ice warhorse or the Arcane Whirlwind Mount. If these can’t be afford/aren’t in your reach, you simply either go for the cheaper versions of these abilites like 15% of your ap over 10 seconds, 2k power or 2k recovery mounts. Check this link out via neverwinter gamepedia to see the mounts that provide power or recovery.

For more information on other bonuses and the mounts needed to achieve these bonuses, you can check it out at this helpful link most already know of (Credit to the creators of this chart, I do not own it).


If you are wondering what types of insignia to use, you want either power ones or recovery ones (The names are Dominance for power, Mastery for recovery). You want to at least basically have the blue versions (100 power/recovery) or the epic versions (200 power/recovery). Thanks [email protected] for this reminder. Also to add here, the BIS OPTION for insignias is called brutality. The stats on this both power and recovery and on epic, the stats are 200 power, 100 recovery. You can check it out HERE. Note well, it actually is available on all possible insignia types, so regal, dominance, crescent, enlightened and illuminated.

My current stats line

My current stat line (with no companion & bondings active) goes like this





That will be it for me! Hope you enjoyed reading this build & my thoughts along the way. As mentioned at the start of my guide, I’m open for constructive feedback. It will be greatly appreciated. I just want to shout out a few people. My guild The Holy Crusaders for being great, my fellow officers in the guild for encouraging me to do this, my guild leader and one of my best friends Lia Knowles @rinat114 for helping me out as well on how to lay this out, format it and giving me the encouragement as well to do this in the first place. You can also check out her guide HERE if you’re looking to have a GWF& I’ll like to thank one of my guild mates specifically, @bonnine for actually helping me to lean towards the direction of AC righteous in the first place and giving me her thoughts as well throughout the way. I want to thank those who since the guide came out, helped me along the way in some manner with key info for parts of my guide whether they directly told me, had the info available throughout multiple outlets like spreadsheets or outright had it in the arc forums. @guyofgisburne,@rapo973, @putzboy78, @thefabricant, @lerapiso818, @michela123, @silverkelt & so many others. The Cleric Community has been absolutely great.


If there’s any questions you need answered, you can contact me in-game (Czar Jarek@jeffslider) or ask them in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer as quickly as I can.

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  • Shadowblade
    July 24, 2016 at 2:39 am

    I also find that Righteous DO (Dwarf) with 3 Faithful feats for Gift of the Gods (Divinity) has been better for solo and PvP play, while the Righteous AC (Tiefling) with INT/WIS 21, CHA 26 and 3 Virtuous Feats for Gift of Haste to buff party APG has been better as a party buffer.

    My Righteous/Virtuous AC build stacks Recovery and APG with Cruel and Silvery enchants so she can spam Encounters and Anointed Army like At Wills (with a Trans Feytouched weapon enchant), with a cooldown that is shorter than the spell duration. She regenerates Divinity and Action Points before the spells wear off, with Holy Fervour and Anointed Action for solo play and Holy Fervour and Hastening Light for party play, with Hastening Light on the Burning Icon. The Burning Set also has a chance to cast a daily for effectively 75% of Action Points instead of 100%, and a blue Sunburst, a Divine Glow, 3 blue Break the Spirit or Daunting light followed by an empowered fills her Action Points back up while two or three hits of Blessings of Battle fills her Divinity.

    The key is:
    Blessings of Battle as the only At Will with the Battle Fervour Virtuous feat for defence buff and 15% of my Power stat;
    Weapons of Light Righteous feat for another 10% of my Power stat;
    Bear Your Sins proccing off DoT Encounters for 10% party dps buff;
    Condemning Gaze proccing off Encounters for 15% perty dps buff;
    100% up-time for Anointed Action for about 40% of my Power stat and massive party power, and therefore dps, buffs, as well as immunity to 4 hits;
    Ancient Warding for 3% Max hp heal and 5% Action Points when AA wears off, which is immediately refreshed.

    Gift of Haste from Virtuous is still good for buffing APG for myself and the party, despite the nerf, although I might respec out of that and into another Righteous Feat, like Fire of the Gods for solo dps if I can get a bit more Crit.

    Her recharge and APG are both over 100%, so she never needs the Sigil and uses Tiamat’s Orb to immobilise every 60 sec, and also has the mount insignia bonus for using an Artifact.

    At 16k Recovery and 24k base power, self-buffed to 36k, my cool downs are HALF those of my Dwarf DO (which is based on Crit and Power, and everything he does procs off Crits and DoTs)

    The down-side of Righteous AC is that we have no DoT At Will. So those Righteous Feats have to be procced by Encounters that lay a DoT down. divinity Sunburst (not entirely sure about this, as it lays a HoT as well), Break the Spirit, Chains of Blazing Light etc.

    For this reason, as well as having much lower Recovery, much higher Crit and the same Power, the Dwarf DO does about double the AC’s damage. But is just not as Tanky, despite having CON 17 instead of 13, and his Cool Downs are double that of the AC.

    The Tiefling AC, due to high INT/CHA and WIS only 21, does not hit or heal as hard as the Dwarf DO, but does it twice as fast. That’s why I gave him the Trans Vorpal and her the Trans Feytouched.

    Combine all this with a Companion with 3 OFF Rune slots, fast AoE attacks, 3 R12 Bondings and buffs to the Companion proccing and buffing the AC, and we have the Power Loop which in Uber-BIS parties gives some ACs with base 36k Power 240k Power for a time, and a lot of that goes to the party, along with ITF and other broken buffs.

    This is why Weapons of Light is being nerfed in Mod 10 for a flat bonus. Rather than proccing off current, buffed Power, it will proc off base Power. So people will just stack more Power. I have seen ACs with 50k base Power, with no sign of any self-buff being active.

    Personally, I use an Ioun Stone anyway, as I don’t have three R12 Bondings. And Ioun stones do not have any functions that will proc a Bonding.

    • August 5, 2016 at 12:34 am

      One thing to answer here, I’m not a ‘full dps dc’. You commented about ‘Dwarf DO does about double the AC’s Damage which is not a goal on mines. I’m not here to do the super world of dmg. I can do reasonable dmg and let my party shine in their dps glory.

      Secondly, I know AC DC’s who are actually specced for DPS and they rock anything so DC’s on the whole, you can go with whatever floats your boat but you should probably go a dps race against a pure AC DC dpser and see how you hold up.

      • November 15, 2016 at 2:48 pm

        That was exactly the point I was making: AC Righteous/Virtuous is a much better party buffer/debuffer and much more tanky than DO Righteous/Virtuous, despite my using a Tielfing and gimping her stats for solo play.

        But DO Righteous/Virtuous or Righteous/Faithful is better for solo play because his Encounters hit half as often but more than twice as hard. But he’s a bit of a glass cannon as he’s just not as tanky as he has AA up not at all whereas my Tielfing AC has it up 100% without even trying.

        He also has Drowned set, Lostmauth set and Trans Vorpal and Trans Negation, 70% Crit chance, heals off damaging Crits and procs Fire of the Gods all the time and DoTs everything with Brand of the Sun but has quite low Recovery. And he is STILL not as good a party buffer as he was in Mod 2 and 3. But his Benefit of Foresight procs when people are standing in Astral Shield inside Hallowed Ground, so no one would rely just on Benefit of Foresight in CN. But AA on the AC is much easier to have up 100% as she fills Action Points half way through my 1 blue Sunburst, one Blue Divine Glow, 1 blue Break the Spirit, 1 Empowered Break the Spirit, one Divine Glow and 1 Sunburst rotation.

        My AC has Trans Feytouched and Trans Soulforged and can solo everything, she just takes twice as long, which becomes boring after playing my HB SW, SM GF and DO DC.

        By the way, Anointed Action does not proc from Guardian of Faith or Anointed Army and Ancient Warding seems to have Zero effect on the party, as well as the Daily not proccing the Class feature at all. One way round this is with a Mythic Devoted Sigil and Burning Weapon set to cast Hallowed Ground, hit the Artfact and cast AA before HG expires. if only ONE of those lock boxes had dropped the Coastal Flail Snail! :((

        And Healing Action only procs off Healing Word and Bastion of Health last I looked.

        I also have a Dwarf AC DC (my 2nd character from early Mod 2) who has maxed WIS and STR and Legendary Imperial set with epic Artifact, so is probably closer to your build, minus the huge Recovery and Fire of the Gods instead of Condemning Gaze. I recently started playing him again for the first time since Mod 3 or 4 with no boons and borrowed gear. He cannot have AA up 100%, but he kills things SO much faster as his stats are 23, 13, 13, 13, 30, 16 whereas the Tiefling’s stats are 17, 13,13, 21, 21, 26. She has +27% Recharge just from her stats.

        I also have a Halfling Virtuous/Faithful who I’d like to respec to Virtuous/Righteous, up as far as Weapons of Light. I thought I saw a build here but can’t find it now :(((


        • November 15, 2016 at 8:01 pm

          I understand man, and well you have the drowned set as well. I think that maybe still bugged where when the heals procc, it actually if you have gift of haste feat, it procs it. I think a few clerics sneakily use the drowned set because of them realizing with GoH, the drowned set can procc it lol.

          but everything overall, seems you got some interesting builds on your DC’s lol. Quite a lover of DC’s I see :). To afd on here, I actually do the same thing in my parties, at the very start if my ap is full & I’m ready to pop the sigil, I lay hallowed ground first, then with the mythic sigil, the snail, burning set, everything fills up again in no time and you can pop AA with the HG. After that point however, when HG is gone, I just stick to spamming AA for the remainder. As for the Anointed Action you mention, when I used to pvp hardcore as AC faithful with some virt, I had Anointed Action slotted and realized that it doesn’t procc from Anointed Army so I actually along with anointed army slotted, I slotted Divine Armor as Divine Armor proccs Anointed Action when it’s slotted (It might be subject to a change as I haven’t pvp in ages).

          As for the final build you mentioned about trying, I think there’s someone that recently uploaded that here, I think it’s this one

          so check it out as I believe this is the one you’re talking about to try on your Halfling DC.

  • Rude Aura
    July 24, 2016 at 8:14 am

    Wow!! Hoping to build mine up like this, may take a awhile I know but out of all my toons my DC is the most fun. Thankyou for this

  • Keith
    August 2, 2016 at 3:16 pm

    Tried out this build and I’m loving it. I have a solo PVE setup that works for me in all content. Than in group content swap a few abilities around and I can keep everyone health up, do debuffing and buffing and a tiny bit of damage. Even if I go in as a DPS I am doing buffing and debuffing. Over all this has been my favorite DC build. Well thought out by the Jarek.

    Thank you for this guide it has helped me out as I played my DC from level 1 to IL 2300+.

  • babwvb
    August 2, 2016 at 6:43 pm

    Why strength? It looks like all it does is DOT resist and stam regen?

  • UmbrielEE
    August 3, 2016 at 8:51 pm

    So since blessing of battle doesnt exist anymore should we go with sacred flame instead?

    • August 5, 2016 at 12:15 am

      I don’t understand what you’re saying. Blessing of Battle is in the Anointed Champion path of the Cleric. If you ‘don’t see it, it’s probably because you’re Divine Oracle.

  • Julio césar
    August 4, 2016 at 7:39 am

    Hi, can you help me whit the skills rotation for epic dungeons?

    • August 5, 2016 at 12:30 am

      In epic dungeons, T1/T2/Castle Never, I use the following:

      If there’s a GF (with at least passable dmg resistance), I use the Divine Glow, Break the spirit and Astral Shield encounters (Depending on if there’s alot of trash, you can at least switch out Break if you want and use Chains to proc your weapon enchantment if you have a debuff one since Divine doesn’t procc your weapon enchanments but make sure to remember to have break the spirit slotted at least in the boss battles)

      Without a GF (or one that doesn’t have remotely good dmg resistance), I use, Divine Glow, Break the spirit, Chains of Blazing Light for those instances (If there happens to be another DC in your party, discuss with him or her to see what each other will use and well easily, one can have break the spirit, other can have forgemaster’s flame)

      It really depends as mentioned if there’s a Guardian Fighter with you since DC’s & Guardian fighters for now (Said ‘for now’ because the GF buff, Into the Fray got nerfed but it’s not a bad nerf) have a good synergy where the DC can overly boost a proper GF’s dmg resistance thus a stronger buff from Into the Fray.

  • August 4, 2016 at 10:35 am

    Hi and thanks for your guide. I heave a question. Is Armor Penetration important for your build?


    • August 5, 2016 at 12:18 am

      Not really, as I’m not a pure dps DC, strictly a pure buffer/debuffer but if I have to carry a party, I can. When my bondings proc, I do however reach 61% Resistance ignored but really, not my focus. I’m here to buff my dps in the party, not to ‘outshine’ them. Their job to dps stuff, not me.

  • Awsrin
    August 5, 2016 at 8:40 pm

    Hi, I’m following your guide to the best of my abilities as i just hit 70 a few days ago and my IL is about 2050 and I’ve been having problems with running epics. Any basic advice that you can give at face value? Just started out on PS4 and all of my teams have been extremely squishy and I feel like I’m usually the problem. The biggest problem I could specially point out is the fact I rely heavily on Bastion of Health, yet I’ve read in the majority of places that Divine Glow should be our staple. Am I not getting out as much power to make DG as reliable as others think it is or am I lack something else? Thanks for the reply in advance! Really digging your guide as well.

    • August 10, 2016 at 12:41 am

      What is your current power at? Well if that’s the case, you can for starters have Divine Glow, Break The Spirit & Bastion of Health if that wasn’t the moves slotted. But need to learn more here (Currently on vacation because of the zika virus, recovering so will take longer than usual to respond.)

      • Austin
        August 18, 2016 at 3:32 am

        Well some good amount of time has passed since I last commented and I’ve been slotting those powers you mentioned and done better. My Item level is around 2.6k now so many of my problems have been solved. Your build has been helping me but I can’t do much when my tanks take less hits than I do. Also I really hope you enjoyed your vacation my friends and I enjoy following your build and your friends builds like Lia’s GWF build. Keep doing awesome stuff!

  • Aeus
    August 10, 2016 at 5:03 pm

    Great guide man!

    Just sondering, can this be used as leveling build?
    I’m having a hard time finding a good build to follow, currently lvl 52.

    • August 19, 2016 at 12:40 pm

      Hey man, well of course you can, you just need to use particular encounters like Divine Glow, Break the Spirit and Chains. Or you can try to use Daunting light instead of Chains. I will say as well if you feel you can’t use this to level up which just a minor few feels like that, I’ve actually told them to specc into DO righteous first then when you’re lvl 70 and good to go, then respecc into this build. But overall on a large scale, I’ve had people use the build to level up and it was fine. The content isn’t hard so there really shouldn’t be any problems using this build to level up.

  • Erick
    August 10, 2016 at 5:59 pm

    Hey Jarek,

    I just want to say; this build is amazing. I am level 68 and close to 69 and I’m in love with this build. My item level is a bit over 1500 and i’m trying to push out more as much as I can. Should I focus on power a lot more than anything else or recovery? I also have points left in my feats but I noticed no other points were spent in this build; is there a reason those points are left unspent? Will spending them mess with anything? If I do spend those points, what other feats should I level up? The left side feats not paragon.

    Again, thank you for this. It’s amazing.

  • August 10, 2016 at 11:18 pm

    Hey Jarek, this build is completely amazing! I’m almost level 69 and this build is just fantastic. I want to ask you a few questions; I notice in this build there are still FEAT points left over (Not paragon on the right) is there a reason for that or can I go ahead and use the leftovers? If I can, what should I put them on? I am almost item level 1575 and just wanted to make sure I’m following this build to the T.

    • August 19, 2016 at 12:45 pm

      Hey Erick, well I read your both comments and if you still need answers, well leveling up, you should have more power in my opinion. And also, you have points unspent? That sounds like to me you maybe a human race. When you’re human, you actually get 3 extra Heroic points to spend. That’s why when you put your comments and said I have feats left over, you probably are a human devoted cleric. I’ll need to know this first but to say, if you’re actually human and you got 3 points left over, you can probably put either 3/5 into domain synergy or 2 more points into Healing Word & the remaining point into Bountiful Fortune.

  • Shazza
    August 11, 2016 at 3:25 pm

    Thank you sharing for your excellent guide. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

    • August 19, 2016 at 12:28 pm

      Thanks alot, I appreciate it. I’m currently doing much better, just my lower half of my body, mainly legs are a bit weak but I should hopefully be even better within a week.

  • Hidalgo
    August 12, 2016 at 8:18 am

    What encounter powers do you usually use? The at wills and the dailies are pretty strait forward but the encounter powers seem pretty open ended.

    • August 19, 2016 at 12:35 pm

      Depends on the situation, that’s why I put all those encounters, it’s very dependent on the situation. In a usual party set up now a days because of the Guardian Fighter changes, Mod 10 (If you’re a PC player), I use Divine Glow, Break the Spirit, Chains of Blazing Light. If I notice my party is a bit soft and needs more healing, I’ll move out chains to use bastion or even, if my tank is a bit squishy, I’ll use Astral Shield instead. If you’re not a PC player and you haven’t got affected by the GF changes, you should probably use Divine Glow, Break the Spirit, Astral Shield as Astral Shield will be buffing your GF’s Into the Fray (Note again, the buffing of ITF doesn’t work anymore on PC so if you’re a PC player, you should know this)

  • gui
    August 16, 2016 at 8:35 pm

    This build works as a full support build? (focus on heals and buffs)?

    • August 19, 2016 at 12:26 pm

      Yea, it does work great on buffs and decent enough on heals. If you’re geared enough, you can just use Divine glow as your sole heal, however, I must say, if you feel like your party is a bit squishy and clearly can’t survive without heals, then I recommend you slot bastion of health along with the divine glow. Also, the class feat call ‘Healer’s Lore’ does wonders with those heals, it really increases the heals nicely.

  • Octavio
    August 17, 2016 at 2:39 pm

    Hey man ! Can you help me, I’m not a geared player so… with the weapon enchants I only have (in this moment) a normal plague, normal terror and a normal bronsewood, can you advice me. Shall I use the normal brozewood? I noticed that you wrote the changes, for now. I’ll try to get a greater bronze but thats my part haha

    • August 19, 2016 at 12:24 pm

      At this time, you should probably use the normal plague then. You can’t use the normal bronzewood. That’s why I wrote specifically for bronzewood ‘Transcendent Bronzewood.’ If you’re a PC player and is already experiencing Mod 10, they did changes to the weapon enchantments, mainly the debuff ones. Transcendent Bronzewood is the only rank of Bronzewood that gives your party that 5% increase in dmg so any other rank of Bronzewood, isn’t good. Plague and Terror isn’t good as well but they’ll do you better at other ranks than Bronzewood (Although not by much). So again, if you’re a PC player, this applies to you, what I just said.

  • gui
    August 19, 2016 at 6:21 pm

    hey Jarek 🙂

    you said it’s best str over cha

    it is also true if you go on full healing support?


    • August 19, 2016 at 7:47 pm

      Hey there, well even as a pure healer, I do believe you should want STR over CHA for a better Crit chance and mainly, I feel like you get better bang for your buck with picking STR over CHA. CHA, for every +1 in it you gain 1% recharge speed & actually, with just 200 recovery, you gain the same 1% recharge speed. I feel like you can make that up with artifacts, your gear and enchantments. STR is for every +1, you gain 1% Crit Chance and it’s 400 crit strike = 1% Crit chance so to me as that’s more, you should invest the points into STR as even for a pure healer, you want to at least have a reasonable crit chance for your heals.

  • Skye
    August 21, 2016 at 10:43 am

    Hi thank you for that Guide 🙂
    But one Question. I play Full Heal the whole Time but everebody say a Debuff DC is better in the actual Mode. So..
    Have that Build enough Heal for Dungeons?

    Sry for my grammar, >.>
    i´m from Germany

    • August 21, 2016 at 2:51 pm

      Hey Skye, well I understood what you asked so it’s alright. With heals, you have to remember, as righteous, the main goal isn’t healing, it’s buffs/debuffs to make your party stronger. However, with at least 20k power + & perfect bondings + I have seen clerics heal adequate enough in dungeons as righteous. If you have an augment, I still believe you can heal alright but maybe not as strong as bondings that at least perfect and upwards. With righteous, with divine glow slotted and well time, you can heal. If you feel you need backup with it depending on how your party is (really squishy), you should have the class feat called ‘healer’s lore’ with the encounter ‘bastion of health’ to help with heals. I always say for clerics, it’s situational so you got to pay attention and judge your party and see if they really need alot of heals or not.

  • Jay
    September 4, 2016 at 12:50 pm

    can i still use this for module 10? im starting to consider this sort of build rather than being a full healer.

    • September 14, 2016 at 4:55 pm

      Yea, you can use it. If you are planning to run FBI (Fangbreaker Island), I’ll recommend slotting bastion along with divine glow and break the spirit. Class feats can be healer’s lore & Hastening Light

  • SirDebow
    September 5, 2016 at 6:41 pm

    My question is what Artifact Stat are you using in your off hand artifact (Burning Icon) and what stat did you go with on your main hand (Burning Holy Symbol)

    • September 14, 2016 at 4:57 pm

      Hey there, my artifact stat I use is Action Point Gain and I rolled a 399 out of 400 on it and as for the main hand, I switch between Astral Seal & Blessing of Power

  • toflux
    September 6, 2016 at 12:35 pm

    Hi Jarek! Hope you are well!
    Thanks for your amazing build 🙂

    I’ve 2 question:
    1) How do you think about drawcraft armor? My intention is to take alliance restoration and then drawcraft before start to farm for elven.
    2) Any advice for powers for solo build?

    • September 14, 2016 at 5:04 pm

      Hey man, thanks alot.

      1) You can def use it before your farming for elven, no probs

      2)Well if you mean what encounters to use while soloing, you can use divine glow, break the spirt, chains/daunting light

  • Josh Olson
    September 7, 2016 at 3:50 pm

    Thanks for the guide! I had been playing as Protection Paladin for a while and our guild needed some more clerics and I’m surprised I’m having as much fun as I am leveling up. I did notice you had said to get Action Point gain up as much as possible and wanted to point out Jewelcrafting profession has +100 Action Point gain jewels available at rank 25. I know you had pointed out professions, but maybe had forgotten this one for your build. Either way, great build and I look forward to playing a cleric and a paladin for a long time.

    • September 14, 2016 at 5:25 pm

      Hey man,

      Well you’re right about that. I just assumed for that most people knew this offhand since Jewelcrafting is something I know everyone has to level up for the rings etc so I really didn’t forget about it, I just didn’t add it. I added other things because I know people might find no reason to upgrade leatherworking but mentioned that profession gives the crit kits. Trying to say along the way, you usually find out to level up Jewelcrafting thanks to research

  • Tom
    September 10, 2016 at 11:39 am

    I leveled up DO. Love this build but could you walk me through what it is like to solo, just doing random quests? The rotation confuses me cause I am not used to it

    Thanks for the great guide

    • September 15, 2016 at 2:34 am

      Well as a solo player/doing those quests, you simply go with our more offensive moves

      Basically if you’re DO, you can try Divine glow, Break the spirit, Daunting light/Chains of Blazing Light.

      The Dailies you can try as well will be Flame Strike & Hammer of Fate

      At wills – Brand of the Sun, Lance of Faith

  • Dean
    September 13, 2016 at 12:11 pm

    You put a lot into that, impressive!
    Do you have a dps build with the same effort you put into this build ?
    Would greatly appreciate it if you could help

    • September 15, 2016 at 2:37 am

      Hey Dean,

      I’m not completely sure what you’re asking. Are you asking for a dps version of this build or in general, any sort of dps build for any class?. If it’s a dps build for any class, then no. I do play a Hunter Ranger Stormwarden Trapper but I’m more focused on my Cleric.

      • Dean
        October 27, 2016 at 12:43 pm

        I love this build mate, I was wondering if you had such a detailed dps build not a cleric, but I’m so happy that I’m sticking with your creation. On a personal note did you grind it out or did you put hard cash into ? I can make half a mil ad a week but the problem is coalecent wards being over a mil on ps4?

        • October 27, 2016 at 3:40 pm

          Thanks alot man, much appreciated 🙂 and ahh I see, no, I don’t have any other builds besides the cleric class. And as for that question, hardcore grind. There were times in the past when I’ll log on, I’ll spend hours upon hours running dungeons like Castle Never and whatever drops I got, sold it & whatever salvage I got, I’ll share it amount my at time time 12 other alts and salvage those drops into rough AD so my whole account always had. The transcendent dread I have that at the time cost 6 mil on the PC, I spent exactly a little over 2 weeks and some days farming hard to get up to a little over 6 mil AD, then buying it. So I can indeed farm my butt off lol. As for other ways of AD, you can try to build your leadership profession to rank 25 on multiple toons so you can end up selling stuff like resonance stones, thaum stones, opening the enchanted coffers on a x2 enchantments/runes etc. That’s basically how I make AD really, farming hard & doing leadership professions (I also make kits from other professions as well like leatherworking, jewel crafting etc). The coal wards, my advice is to continue whatever you’re doing and save/spend wisely. Coal wards are like over 500k on the PC at this time so if I need those, I either farm AD for it or I hope it drops from those celestial coffers you can get when you invoke.

        • Danky
          October 29, 2016 at 4:51 pm

          First off, Jarek, love the build. I switched my DC to it about 2 months ago and have never looked back. Thanks for taking the time to write this up.

          @Dean. Coalescent Wards are 350-380k on PS4. Also, this build IS a DPS build. It might not be the highest DPS that can be tweaked on the class, but if you do your rotation right you will do great. You don’t want to maximize your dps and neglect your teammates by denying them massive damage boosts as well.

          That being said, I’m a 3k GS now and when I speed run dungeons I slot break the spirit, divine glow, and daunting light. My rotation is normal DG, Divinity DG, Divinity DL x2, full empowered BTS, then normal DL. I keep annointed army up almost constantly, and try to pop it just a second before combat so my companion procs companions gift with annointed army on him.

          I can do #1 in DPS running in a group of 2.5-2.9k GS. Especially dungeons with lots of adds.

          For solo I slot DL, DG, and Chains. Rotation is Chains, DG, Div DLx3, full emp DG.

          For PVP I slot BTS, DG, Astral shield. Usually dropping full empowered astral shields. Using the BTS as a stun (divinity), dmg debuff(non divinity), and sometimes fully empowered as dmg booster if the team is surviving well.

          • October 29, 2016 at 6:23 pm

            Man no probs at all, I appreciate the great words and it’s even greater to hear how exactly this build works for you. I’m the type of guy where I love to hear great results from this layout I have here, and even if a person makes their own changes, I’m just as pleased. Clerics are a class that you can really mold into your own unique idea/playstyle. So great to even here you pvp with this build as I made it more for pve.

            I know my build is righteous but I won’t go our there and say it’s ‘dps’. As you mentioned, you can indeed tweak things or depending on the dungeon, if there’s alot of adds, you can do great but dpsing is a secondary goal to me after buffs/debuffs and even having some sort of healing ability (although righteous isn’t designed to put out world class heals you can still heal well with the right companions, power, etc)

            On a side note as well, I will be adding more suggestions to this build but when Mod 10b comes out for the PC, which is November 8th so stay tuned.

        • Dean
          November 1, 2016 at 7:10 am

          Hi mate, sorry got one more question where the hell is the greater belt of wisdom? Got the cloak yesterday from a drop lucky me ,

          • November 1, 2016 at 12:46 pm

            You’re a ps4 player right?. Well, I’ll like to assume you can get the greater belt of wisdom the same way like we can get it on PC. Basically, it can drop from the Epic Lair of Lostmauth Dungeon for starters, like either from the dragon directly, or in one of the two chests. A very low chance tho. Outside of that, I can’t recall it dropping from artifact packs from particular lockboxes so I really can’t remember where else you can get it besides the Lostmauth Dungeon & if you farm the heralds event in Well of Dragons called ‘Draconic Heralds’, I do believe those dragons possess a small chance to drop belts like Greater Belt of Wisdom etc. Usually, it’s very cheap in the Auction House on the PC, like maybe 2k-10k AD cheap, but seems it might be more for y’all on the ps4?.

          • Dean
            November 1, 2016 at 2:13 pm

            Thanks a lot , very kind of you?

  • Judicata
    September 19, 2016 at 4:46 pm

    What do you think about the rust monster companion?

    • September 20, 2016 at 2:20 pm

      The rust monster companion, it really depends. If you’re in a very squishy group, I can see this working well. I tested with my guild leader on how it exactly works and came to the conclusion that indeed, this can work pretty decently in a squishy/soft group or if your tank is pretty bad.

  • babwvb
    September 21, 2016 at 7:48 pm

    Hey what artifact class feature and at will do you use on the weapons?

    • September 21, 2016 at 8:30 pm

      Hey man,

      Well for the artifact class feature, since I mostly now a days slot the holy fervor & hastening light class feats, I actually use Holy Fervor’s own which is when you crit, you increase your dmg by 5% for 5 secs. I don’t use Hastening Light’s own because that offhand feat doesn’t work at all which is that it gives your allies 10% of their action points. I would have used that but as mentioned, it’s not working.

      The at-will own, well I basically switch between Astral Seal’s own & Blessing of Battle’s own

  • Danny
    September 22, 2016 at 10:25 pm

    How do you build up your power stats I’m currently at 11k and it just can’t boost it up 🙁 new to game

    • September 23, 2016 at 3:36 am

      Hey man, well there is a ton of ways to build up your power. You can;

      Use enchantments of course (Radiants)

      Be in a guild that has the Barracks Structure so you can activate the power boon (When maxed out, you get 8k power)

      Your boons of course that has power stats

      Your gear (Remember when you get better gear, the power will obviously increase)

      There are mounts that have equip bonuses that are specifically power

      When you use insignia’s for your mount bonuses, you can put in ones that has power stats on them (Green Dominance Insignia’s = 50 stat points, Blue ones = 100, Epic/purple = 200)

      Reinforcement kits for your armor set (Power ones vary from 50 to 200 extra power)

      When you level up your artifact gear like your main/offhand, belt, neck etc

      There are tons of ways to increase power but based on you saying you’re on 11k power, are you even level 70 as yet?

  • Danny
    September 23, 2016 at 10:44 am

    Yeah I’m level 70 mate, haven’t unlocked all campaigns yet and was in a guild till someone decided to kick everyone 🙁

    • September 23, 2016 at 12:56 pm

      Well that’s a start, trying to progress thru the campaigns to get more power, And wow, well at least now it gives you a chance to actively search for a guild that has the barracks structure for even more power.

      You can follow what I said up there in that list of ways to get power and see how it goes. I’m sure you’ll even find other ways along the way to gain even more power. Also, your artifacts as well. Try to get the artifacts I listed there to get power and rank them up to legendary and advance on to mythic

  • Danny
    September 23, 2016 at 1:19 pm

    Still need to farm for motes at fiery pit? And currently have alliance gear on and duck head, just takes ages 🙁 only got bear mount and tiger and have 3 Aritafacts, currently have artifact belt and some cloak that gives all stats but thanks for the help appreciate it m8

  • Jhovany
    September 26, 2016 at 10:29 am

    What enchants do u have slotted on ur utility slots for hands head and boots are the fey blessings? And the white ones are they all silveries im following the exact same i see on ur character screen shot im on ps4 i have everything rank 10 followed ur artifact recomendation aswell sigils with symbol of air and everything else and this build helps melt everything within seconds thank you so much for ur help

    • September 26, 2016 at 2:24 pm

      Hey there, well I don’t use anything of importance there currently. I have azure rank 9’s in those slots that give xp bonus. I can also switch to use dark rank 9’s for the extra movement. I just recommend slotting there what you think you need the most. Also I think you’re talking about my overload slots. If that’s the case, I currently got greater white and great black dragon glyphs there. The whites ones give, when procced, some extra power & healing while the black ones give extra crit strike. And that’s good to hear man, no probs really for the help/guidelines. The guide is here for people to follow and they are free to make their own little adjustments if needed.

  • Taylor
    October 2, 2016 at 4:48 pm

    Good build !!!
    But for debuff weapon Enchantment the best solution is plague -15% defence and -5% power for foes its rly perfect…frost and bronzewood its rly sucks, especially frost…i have t.holy and i think its ok but i need more debuff or buff

    • October 2, 2016 at 9:48 pm

      Are you a specifically a PC player and have you used ACT?. If you aren’t a PC player & you never used ACT to test things, then to explain to you, that info on the plague, though it’s the tool tip, it’s wrong. In actualilty the debuff it gives, multiple people has indeed tested it and it’s actually a 0.8% increase in dps to your party members hence, making the Frost & Bronzewood better. Trans & pure frost = 7%, Trans bronzewood = 5%.

      You maybe a Xbox or Ps4 player so these changes come to you guys soon

      • Taylor
        October 2, 2016 at 11:59 pm

        Im PC player.
        i asked in my guild and all say to me to use plague or dread(depends what build i play) no1 tell me about frost and especially for bronzewood…
        it seems to me very ridiculous plague say -15 defence and -5 power to foes and you tell me gives another buff…yes i know the neverwinter its full of bugs but this is rly ridiculous 😛

        • October 3, 2016 at 4:59 am

          You can still keep it as an option but it’s not as much as you think it is.

          I was explained too that it can even still give as much at 4.7% debuff. You can check out the explanations of the plague on my guide’s comments on the neverwinter arc forums, last page of it. There’s at least 4-6 comments going back and forth trying to explain exactly how the plague is now a days

  • Raksika
    October 3, 2016 at 2:29 pm

    Hi Czar Jarek,

    I’ve just discovered this amazing build and I will read nicely – need to translate some in my langage 😀

    I wanted to recently up my re-roll DC and this will very helpfull even if i could do 1/3

    thanks so much!

    PS : Lazalia is also model for ou GWF 😀

  • Cindy Nchantra
    October 4, 2016 at 8:03 pm

    Great build Karel, I just Respec my Account DC from just a healer, got tired of hearing everyone whine about no buffs, healing isn’t what other players want anymore, so I rolled with the changes after finding your build. Of course, I still have a long way to go, but the difference very noticeable.I haven’t tried roll yet with this build( that’s where everyone complained the most), but the internet quests I couldn’t get through by myself before hand, I easily made it through without going below 50_% health, Awesome. My next test….elol.
    I Thank You for sharing this build with us, please keep us updated if you make any changes.
    Thanks again

  • Cindy Nchantra
    October 4, 2016 at 8:06 pm

    Oooohhh forgive my typos Karel! That’s what I get for not proof reading beforehand. I looked for an edit option, didn’t find one, so I instantly set out to apologize for my blunder. Lesson learned

    • October 10, 2016 at 6:51 pm

      Lmao no probs xD. And to comment here about my guide. I will be updating in properly on the day mod 10b comes out on PC which should be November 8th. I changed some minor things etc. So stay tuned ^_^

  • Lausi
    October 7, 2016 at 6:10 pm

    Hey man, first I want to thank you for that insane guide.
    I don´t know it I should use my rank10 radiants or should I trade them for silverys rank 10?
    I am using the High Prophet Set.
    Without any offense Enchantments I am at 21.5k Power and 9k Recovery, 6.5k Crit. (WIS+CHA)
    + I´m using the twisted weapons
    My defense Slots are full radiant rank 10.

    • October 10, 2016 at 6:55 pm

      Before I answer this, are you a pc player?

      Because I have something to mention with your high prophet

      • Lukas Albrecht
        October 19, 2016 at 11:43 am

        yes I am playing on pc

        • October 19, 2016 at 3:48 pm

          Ah ok, well to let you know for starters, I think when the new mod comes out on November 8th, mod 10b, those old sets like the high prophet won’t be useful anymore, they’ll be removing their armor bonuses.

          In terms of your actual question, you have a nice number of recovery already in my opinion. You can indeed get more through putting silveries in your companion’s offense gear slots so when bondings proc (assuming you have bondings), you can get even more recovery so for your offense slots, in that instance, I’ll go for more radiants then for more power. The defense slots are fine with radiants for hp. If you however, decide to use that mount bonus ability called ‘assassin’s convenant’, you will however need to remember to switch to azures for your defense as that assassin’s convenant ability makes you lose defense, deflection and lifesteal and in return, gives you more power. I don’t think it’s much but if you’re one of those who may want to get as much power as they can, that’s a way to go (Only if you ever look into assassin’s convenant)

  • Honor
    October 10, 2016 at 6:46 pm

    In the dread ring campaign, why did you not go with Burning Guidance or Rampaging Madness for the final boom?
    Also, do you think the Moon Elf is a viable race option for the 1% gain to AP and Stamina regen?

    P.S. I am LOVING this build thus far. I have a lot of work to do, but I hold my own well so far.

    • October 10, 2016 at 7:05 pm

      Hey man, with rampaging madness, I don’t believe it’s worth it . I hate the timer on it. Basically it’s building 50 stacks for 50 secs just to have 4000 power, lifesteal etc for 10 secs. That is yuck to me in my opinion. As for Burning Guidance, a good dmg dealer. It’s a good option especially for Healadins

      • October 10, 2016 at 7:16 pm

        As for Moon Elf, some things on it are pretty decent but I won’t recommend it for a DC. There’s better options for sure. The stats as well for it, +2 int and a choice between +2 Dex or +2 Cha, not ideal really for a DC (CHA is for a DC, of course, but not Dex or Int)

  • Monster Energy
    October 12, 2016 at 1:34 pm

    Why u dont get any set Bonuses like Tiamat? I dont get it. Why Belt of Wisdom and Dragon Cloak?

    • October 12, 2016 at 3:58 pm

      Among my options, the tiamat set, each part is within my suggestions for cloaks, belts and artifacts, however I don’t use the set mainly because for me personally, the artifact in particular is not a first choice of artifacts for me and the artifacts I mainly wanted, I got easily & as well, I really don’t need from the belt +2 CHA as that +2 CHA is basically +2% recharge speed that you can get easily from other things and as for the cloak, it does have the ap gain in combat but as I possess the wisdom belt that gives power/recovery/defense, I didn’t want to have a cloak as well that gives power/recovery/defense. Yes, I’m support but I’m still righteous and whatever you goal is as a righteous DC, you still need some sort of crit hence why I went with power/crit/recovery cloak. Overall, it depends on your choice. The Tiamat set is a valid option for righteous DC but in my eyes, it’s especially valid for lower geared righteous DC’s who feel like they need some insurance for healing for whatever reasoning (Power isn’t as high as they want etc)

      When you’re higher end and you know what you’re doing, you really don’t need that set. I’ve been solo heals in runs like Fangbreaker Island where I’ve done heals with bastion of health for over 1 million. Multiple times as well. Since I have a lot of power when bondings procc and I can slot good feats, if needed like healer’s lore or even light of divinity, these things can happen. (Obviously the bastion was fully empowered and the target/targets health was really low). Clerics are a very ‘gear to how you envision yourself/want to play/gear to how you like type of class’ We’re not limited to a specific set of options like pve GWF’s where they have to get the orcus set to try to output the best damage available. As a cleric, you can gear however the hell you want. My guide is just as it says, a guide. I’ve had so much people use my guide as a template and made their own personal adjustments and basically if I talk to 10 clerics, at least 8 out of the 10 adjusted things to their own liking within that adjustments, they all have their own unique style of thinking and playing.

  • October 17, 2016 at 10:29 pm

    If use in abilities STR/CHA its not better?

    • October 18, 2016 at 6:17 pm

      I don’t understand exactly what you’re trying to say, but I think if you’re saying what I think it is, then to tell you, you must have wisdom as a DC since it’s a bonus to our damage and mainly, healing. As for the other two stats, 1 CHA is basically equal to 200 recovery so that’s why I said in this guide to go more WIS/STR because STR is better bang for your buck as 400 crit strike stat adds 1% to your crit chance. You can easily get the recovery from your gear, armor stats etc.

  • Mat
    October 18, 2016 at 10:38 am

    I have the Transcent Plague Fire I’m a DC on XBOX. I also have a Transcend Frost.
    Will this frost proc Fire of the gods what you describe?

    We get Mod 10 today so will it be better using Transcent Frost instead of Plague Fire? (my DC is 3.6 k righteous)

    • October 18, 2016 at 6:14 pm

      Yes, the weapon enchantments like frost will still indeed proc fire of gods. In terms of which is better, The frost is still better as the increase is 7% while specifically, transcendent plague fire gives for the most, I understand a range between 4.7% to 5.7%. Most people are not explaining it properly so I quite don’t understand but thanks to a post I saw, I understand it’s 5.7%. I’ll be updating this guide fully again on November 8th, when the new mod (mod 10b), comes out.

  • October 18, 2016 at 2:18 pm

    Hey Jarek! I´m playing in PS4 and using your build, It´s amazing man! I switched some things, like that:

    1. I´m using the complete Imperial Set(Imperial Cloak, Waisband of Honor, Rod of Imperial), the damage is more 25% aditional fire damage. The last Artifact is the symbol of fire(power, recovery,defense). Using the Cleric´s Artifact in the acting use, and the Paladin´s artifact too.

    2. Switched the companions, to “adequate’ my situation. The active companions is the mercenary with a bounding runestone, (3 spaces for rings, and add runestones od attack and critical strike, the ring of brutalitty+4 is working too, the damage is GREAT).The others I´m using are the Owl(-25 % Threat), Laughing skull(500 power 500 critical strike in encounters), Earth Archon(more damage with full health) , Fire Archon( More damage with enemies with less 50% health).

    3. The build WORKS GREAT to BUFF/DEBUFF cleric, but I´ve changed some things. I´m using the Armored Polar Bear to defense, and put all the status from the buffs to DEFENSE , ACTION POINT GAIN and RECOVERY. This will be great to survive enemies, and be the ´last stand`when all your group dies.

    4. I´m doing the Elemental Dragonfly set too, some armor you posted we don´t have in PS4 yet.

    5. One more time, congratulations for the build, is the best for the DC, in my opinion.

    • October 18, 2016 at 6:31 pm

      Which armor y’all don’t have precisely?. I have the dragonflight set recommended in my guide and I believed y’all are supposed to have that. As for the fangbreaker set, you guys will be getting that added today if I’m not mistaken since XBOX and PS4 are supposed to have an update for mod 10 on the 18th of October. As for everything else you said, I’m glad to hear you used my guide and also made adjustments to your own liking. Cleric is really a class you are going to learn by being thrown into the fire and then think of your own unique ways to do what you think it’s best to do.

      Thanks again for your words man.

      • October 18, 2016 at 6:52 pm

        It´s the Lightender´s set, we don´t have the Fangbreaker´s island Dungeon Yet(PS4). The rest is perfect.

        • October 18, 2016 at 11:58 pm

          Really?. So you ps4 players didn’t get the fangbreaker set added today?. I thought y’all had mod 10 added exactly today?

          • October 19, 2016 at 12:02 pm

            Yes, It was added yesterday(18/10). So many changes in the game too. The Dungeon ” Fangbreaker Island” suggest a 3100 Gear Score, I think I´I´ll wait to up my gear hehehe.

          • October 19, 2016 at 3:51 pm

            Well yea, if you’re under 3100 item level, you’ll need to build it up first before entering that new dungeon and also, there’s an ‘everfrost resistance’ you need to meet as well along with entering that dungeon if you didn’t notice as yet. You need 28% of this everfrost resistance as well to enter the dungeon. I warn you in advance, this dungeon, depending on your luck, you maybe farming this for a long ass time. The pieces are basically a low chance to drop and even if pieces drop for you, you may actually get a piece you may not want. So this dungeon, can be quite a pain to farm in many ways.

  • JulioCros
    November 7, 2016 at 2:23 am

    Hi jarek, in 2 days i can go to fbi in ps4. can you give me any tip about this dungeon? Rotation, advice, any thing that can help me. And sorry, but my english isnt very well.

    • November 9, 2016 at 7:58 pm

      Hey Julio, well if you want tips, it’s like this. Firstly, if you’re in a guild that has the revive sickness boon, it will be great to activate that boon, during that run. Also, if you got the hp boon as well, won’t hurt to use that also (If you’re comfy with your hp and feel like you don’t need extra, you can stick to the defense boon). In terms of the actual things to slot. Before I elaborate more, my first advice will be that make a good group for yourself if you’re righteous. Maybe a group with two DC’s (Healadin, buff DC will work as well), a tank and two dps or even, two tanks (1 GF, 1 paladin), yourself as the buff dc and two dps. You can set ways to make it effective for yourself, in terms of group play. If you get a your basic, three dps, 1 tank, yourself as only heals, no probs, just got to be very alert and active.

      Rotation, I use basically :- Divine Glow, Break the Spirit, Bastion of Health. If the group is super comfy and well organized and you realize you really don’t need to heal (Bastion), you can go with Divine Glow, Break the spirit/Chains, Astral Shield (Chains to procc your weapon enchantment if it’s a debuff one). It varies man, it depends on the situation as how good your group is and how well the party composition looks.

      So as it’s your first time, maybe you want to be safe with Divine glow, break the spirit/astral shield, bastion of health. (Astral Shield can be useful on the turtle boss but if the boss reaches like 7-9 stacks or more of slam which increases its dmg, then Astral shield from around that point, won’t save you that much)

  • November 8, 2016 at 10:49 am

    So, this percentage from plague you are saying is 5,6% more damage to party? if so you recommend Trans Plague instead of Trans Bronze?

    • November 8, 2016 at 2:27 pm

      Yes, it will be 5.6% increase in damage for your party for the targets that get effected by the trans plague’s debuff. In that instance, I’ll probably indeed put the trans plague infront of trans bronzewood if you have to have a choice between the two

  • Anonymous Cleric
    November 9, 2016 at 9:05 am

    This build is ok, but I feel it is wasting a lot of its potential. Firstly, have you considered the fact that bear your sins is bugged and only applies the debuff for a very brief period of time (although any dots applied during that period of time will retain the debuff.) After that brief period of time, bys instead grants 10% arp. Source: various posts on official forums as well as bug reports. Easy to test and replicate, apply bear your sins as sole debuff then deal damage with another attack 2 seconds later.

    Secondly, your guide gives no mention to the indirect manner in which you can stack power. You aren’t looking into things like the assassin’s covenant insignia bonus. By using black ice enchantments on defense+the insignia bonus, as well as SH defense boon, then taking every boon that has lifesteal, defense or deflect so long as the alternative isn’t power, you are gaining a net increase to power which boosts your buffing capabilities. Combined with power on insignias, you could have a lot more power.

    • November 9, 2016 at 3:03 pm

      Well for starters here, I actually do know this and saw this over 1 month ago by knowledgeable sources saying this on not only the forums, on reddit & nwo uncensored but truthfully, I don’t see how this changed anything for any righteous dc’s guide as you’ll still recommend bear you sins regardless so this is something to not really tamper with as for a larger audience, you don’t want to confuse them. I can of course mention it but I rather let this just be common knowledge on the forums, just to show how wrong this game’s tooltips can be. But I don’t get your opening statement mentioning this and the ‘buffs’ potential when every guide about righteous dc’s will have the same mention of taking bear your sins.

      Secondly, have you seen how much info is on the guide itself?. I can’t literally put every, single thing as for instance, on the arc forums, there’s a word limit per post so yesterday, it took me hours to even edit the arc forum’s guide properly. It’s a bit easier here as I have more wording freedom but, I clearly did look into assassin’s covenant bonus?. I’m pretty sure in my updated version I literally talked about assassin’s covenant and stacking it via defense and via stronghold defense boon. If you’re reading the guide, you’ll actually know that. If you scroll to the enchantments section and check out defense, you’ll see I mentioned assassin’s covenant like this…

      “Radiants for HP. You want to at least get to rank 8’s and work your way up if possible, however, if you are into that mount bonus called ‘Assassin’s Covenant, you should put azures in your defense slots as when you have this bonus, it takes away some of your defense, deflection & lifesteal & in return to gain power (If you are really into this mount bonus & in a guild, you should also activate your guild’s defense boon if they possess that). Same as radiants, you want to have this on rank 8 for starters and work your way up. If you’re really feeling this mount bonus, you can also try for Cruels in your defense slots as Cruel’s give both Defense and Deflection. (Just know, if you go for Cruels, you got to at least start it off at rank 10 +).”.

      I clearly mentioned you gain power. Everyone who’s reading the guide obviously will know how important is power so I don’t have to mention here everytime ‘to gain power, and you know how important power is’ If by now, via playing, your own adventures and so on, that you don’t know power is important for clerics regardless of what specc you are, then I have no clue what to say to those people (I also stressed how important power is as a cleric stat, later in the guide). You mentioned black ice enchantments, it’s a good suggestion but to me, you gotta have this outright rank 12. At rank 10, I don’t like it’s 260 defense, 130 lifesteal, 130 deflect so if this suggestion has to be made, I’m going to outright say rank 11-12 at least.

      Finally, insignias, that was just me forgetting to update that to say that you can stack power this way, but this is a whole extra fortune to even have the epic versions which give 200 power, 200 recovery etc. It can be added to stress an importance to it, but for most people who aren’t ‘loaded’ blue ranked insignias will be great. (You talked about power, you must remember you need a decent recovery number as well) So thanks for the info (Mainly, the reminder about insignias as I forgot to stress on that more, although there’s a mention of power & recovery already, just need to edit yet again today which I’ll do soon & credit you for the good reminder.) but you really should have read that enchantments part again as I waited till November 8th for mod 10 b and I did clearly mention that mount bonus & in the mounts section there is a more talked about assassin’s covenant bonus there as well as I updated the guide for 10B so I won’t say I downplayed this bonus in anyway (At the start of the both guides, I do have myself updating every single thing I added, just didn’t put a date on mmominds, but you can see on arc it was done on november 8th but I’ll add the timestamp here so people can see as well)

      • Anonymous Cleric
        November 10, 2016 at 8:12 am

        It doesn’t take much effort at all to hit the required recovery number. My DC has perma AA and most of it comes from R12 bondings+loyal commander gear. Combined with gorgon/snail and you good to go, you have perma AA. Power stacking is where most of your effectiveness will come from. Ideal gear pieces being 2 dusk (the ones with power on them) then the 2 pieces of gear with power on them from fbi. Why 2 dusk? Because of the party set bonus. Ring wise you should mention the powee/recovery rings from FBI, they are an excellent choice. With regards to pets, I think a good choice is 2 sprites and then the sellsword for active, the dragonborn raider and the dragonborn brawler. 2 of those for AP gain, the sellsword for debuff+power active bonus, the 2 dragonborn pets for more power. Power = buff potential. The heart of the red dragon also has power/defense on it (I think, going off memory) which = more power.

        Plaguefire or frost are BiS for weapon enchantment choices, because they are both unique debuffs. Most debuffs fall into the simple category, which has an effectiveness cap of 200%. If your party hits that cap (which is easy in a group with some supports) then additional debuffs of this type will literally do nothing.

        I think you are also overlooking exaltation as a buff, which, if you are running a 4 support 1 dps combo is an excellent choice. Finally, I don’t see why you are still running bear your sins unless you pug a lot. If your team has capped arp (which they should) then the feat is literally doing nothing for them with regards to insignias, whilst getting epics is expensive, it is inexpensive for players to invest into rares or just grind them out, with the intention of getting power insignias..

        • November 10, 2016 at 2:17 pm

          Yea, this is true, all things I have on the guide about reaching high ap/recovery and also, I do have the dusk combo here as well as a great option to have, I just forgot to update my ‘Alternative’ option with it to have FBI + dusk (I still have DF + Dusk). I’m well aware that with the 2 FBI (The Raid Head piece, Restoration Chest, on t3 of course) & 2 dusk (Restoration Braces & boots), it will be exactly 474 power difference between the too so yes, it’s an alternative I need to update but as you can see plenty info on this guide, I can easily overlook my own corrections to be made (I calculated this at least 4 weeks ago). As I’m going to say with the second comment which proves my point about you not reading this guide fully. Just like me 100% having assassin’s covenant in multiple places in the guide and explaining about the power potential, you failed to see that I’ve also added the FBI ring, which btw the name is Ostorian ring of Hellig. I’m even using it as it’s in the first picture of the entire guide. I did add it to rings as the +5 version of it is top notch, but I have the +4 so got to settle with that.

          Pets now, I have the sprites in this guide but really let me lay it down here, starting with these same sprites. The epic version that you can get from the zen market and for sometimes 900k-1.2 mil on the PC version. In my view, there are way better options for companions you can get for your ad that just a sprite. Of course, I have them on the guide as a valid option but when you research carefully all the possible companions, 1.2 mil for a companion that gives you an added 2% AP gain? This was something as this game grew in Mod 6 in terms of numbers, they needed to up these stats. This needed to be at least 5% AP gain +. As for the other ones, Fire/ice. 1% on green, 1.5% on blue & 2% on epic, so paying 750k+ each (if you don’t have the tokens which I’m telling you, most won’t have) for that?. Again the sprites are among my options in companions but when you really check the whole list of what you can possibly get, there are things that are better valued in my eyes that using for the most, 3 mil AD on just gaining 6% AP gain. The game itself needed to up these companions stats, just like the dragonborn pets you’re bring up. Yes, I know as that power it has, adds to yours as it’s static (Hence why the FBI ring is the best choice as you can’t share buffed stats from the brutality/rising power). But I’m saying is this, because they really need to up the power on these things, regardless, it’s a valid choice. The Brawler anyway. As for weapon enchantments, agreed, as to why I have them in my debuff choices.

          Exaltation, I’m very well aware of this & I actually use this in those unique situations when there are so many support & just the 1 dps, but you need to know that not everyone will get the opportunity to do this. You need to realize that this guide itself is a general layout for every viewer possible so I made sure to not talk in a ‘BIS’ point of view only. You got to be realistic & know that not every single person will have the ability to be BIS so my guide, to my best abilities, has info and advice, along with the build/variations of the build & multiple gear choices as to suit a general population, not only ‘BIS’. Back to Exaltation, in a realistic stand point where you have a basic party comp, you’re not going to get to really use it. If you are however with a special set as we’re talking about, it’s def something to slot. This can be added to the guide but I’ll be 100% stressing that’s it is very situational (Like it ALWAYS has been).

          As for bear your sins, I’m pure support righteous cleric. You need to understand that for the specific build/builds and options I have, the remaining choices are not going to benefit me that much. The goal is isn’t dps at all. I know you can do a bit of dps with the build, but are the other feats really that great to take if I move 5 points away from bear your sins?. Living fire?, nope. Astral Fury = 10% more dmg?. With the build how it is now, adding that will only benefit if you also have righteous suffering but I won’t have 10 points to spare & finally, piercing light?, Adds on 10% arm pen to damaging powers?. If you’re using loyal avenger gear, you’ll actually be around the 60% RI goal that is understood to reach. Anything more will be a waste for pve. (62% already with bonding procs) As for insignias, I’ve recommended epics and rare with rare will obviously be known to be the cheaper of the two so thanks for that

          Overall, you got to remember there are more aspects to the cleric class. This build, along with power, I’ve tried to also remember you need a reasonable number of recovery, which is achievable pretty easily & as well, you’re a healer of some sorts still. I’m from a guild that’s among the top of all neverwinter on the pc version, but not everyone has that luxury hence why if they are playing with ‘lesser geared players’ or players who are still ‘on the rise’ they def need to know if they are the only cleric in a group and their righteous, they will still need to have well timed healing capabilities. Won’t hurt to have bastion slotted in FBI if you’re the only one & as well if you see the dungeons that your group is clearly squishy, def. AA spam plus + heal for backup won’t hurt. As righteous, I’ve done pretty smooth runs on FBI, including a three man in 47 mins and I still needed to have heals ready incase of any ‘shock’ situation. I’ve been in a run where we took two dpsers for their first time (Combat HR, Mof CW, so you can see the dps wasn’t ‘big’) but that run took 1 hr 10 mins +, no wipes anywhere & I still healed for 40 + million. So it’s all about balance as well, to have a character that can be do the main job & other jobs efficient enough. Power share is important of course, but to my view, you don’t really need to add along with the sellsword, companions that only really add 300 power each (Just the dragon ones so 600) My eyes, they need to at least up these stat companions more, then we’ll be in business but the brawler is at least an honorable mention. (PS, you do see in the build itself, having dc sigil, symbol of fire, will already cover that extra power as well & with all this power you’re talking, I hope you’re well over the 40k mark, in fact you should be close to 50k if you’re stressing power this much)

          • Anonymous Cleric
            November 10, 2016 at 4:04 pm

            By not taking bear your sins you cqn also drop fire of the gods. This gives you more points to put into feats that do something useful. Gift of haste is very good since it benefits from AP gain and isn’t just a flat 5%. If you put points into piercing light you wouldn’t put more than 1 since it is bugged and provides the full bonus at rank 1 anyhow.

            The last thing I really have to say is you should consider finding out which players discovered things like the bugs with bys, or how pf works (which you still have an inaccurate description of but anyhow), or that piercing light is bugged and give those players credits in your guide. Those discoveries were their work, not yours and you are benefitting from it, the least you can do is thank them for it. They are neither you or a member of your guild, or alliance for that matter, so there is no way you could have asked them if they were ok with it. It shows respect for the work of others to acknowledge what they have done, especially if you are including the findings of their tests in your guide.

          • November 10, 2016 at 4:41 pm

            Yep you just confirmed that you not only read the guide, that you’re a troll as well. I have a variations part that I’ve told people to check out on my guide & explained that most popular selection is the gift of haste variation which you can clearly see that I not only have, I have pics of it in that section for people to have their own choices.

            I’m pretty certain that the transcendent plague enchantment works exactly how I’ve currently stated it via the forum discussion. There was a big forum thread explaining it thru multiple people and I did indeed give thanks to all the forum people who made me understand these things. Everywhere. For starters for the enchantment, right before I elaborated on the plague I said ‘So thanks to various talks/discussions in the neverwinter pc forums & the debuff/enchantment sheets that are around, it seems that the transcendent plague actually has a hidden 2% debuff & on the whole, the debuff it gives is actually as much as 5.6%. From the explanations…..” Then I elaborated on what I understood from their well done research. So try to not be a bitter liar here please. I appreciate constructive feedback, but you’re just being a ignorant troll now. I haven’t even remotely added piercing light in my guide? So yea, you need to work on either your eyesight or something buddy. Even in the arc forums, I have yet again in the comments, multiple times thanked the fellow clerics for explanations on stuff. My last comment there was me yet again, thanking them for their knowledge. When I originally made the guide, my guild was the one that encouraged me to do, my best friend and guild leader mainly pushed me to do it and a close friend of mines showed me the ropes as AC righteous since before I was DO. So originally, it’s natural to thank them, but in my guide’s comments on arc, 7 pages worth, I have at least shown my thanks multiple times to everyone in the community, including my very last comment….I realistically can’t put every single handle of all the people, hence why I thanked them so broadly. & Even in the guide, I thanked directly @lerapiso818 as when the guide first came out, he properly explained to me how is the exact wording of Anointed Army. As for everything else, I broadly thanked everyone who helped me along the way so you need to relax, your ignorance here is really ridiculous as you’re grasping at air now. So good day to you sir, that’s enough for your negativity. For the haters like you, I’ll make sure to clearly state, yet again I’ve thanked everyone but I’ll etch in the guide instead of multiple forum comments where all can see (But not like it’s going to make a difference for you anyway, as you clearly, don’t read before you make judgments)

          • Anonymous Cleric
            November 10, 2016 at 5:41 pm

            For some reason it isn’t letting me respond to your most recent comment, so I am responding here.

            1) The way pf works is as follows: At perfect, it has a 9% uniqie debuff only, at pure and trans it also has a hidden 2% debuff. The 9% debuff is mitigated twice by dr and only 1 layer can be mitigated. In level 73 content, the debuff is also further mitigated by a 0.75 multiplier. The simple and unique debuff multiply.

            So, for level 72 and below content the debuff is vs monsters with 60% DR, assuming your arp is capped:
            (1+0.09*0.4)*1.02-1 = 5.672% total debuff.

            Vs level 73 monsters:
            (1+0.09*0.4*0.75)*(1+0.02)-1 = 4.754% debuff.

            So, in FBI, dragon heralds, CN, edemo, etc, it is a 4.7% debuff.

            Secondly, vaguely saying, “thank you,” in the comments isn’t the same as actually acknowledging players in your guide. For example, debuff mitigation was originally discovered by Kaelac and mythlond2, you at no stage in your guide iself acknowledge this. Proof they discovered it:

            Just scroll down to the debuff section. The section is not updated for mod 6+, but they still discovered it. You may want to note that kaelac actually thanked the person who discovered the mechanic in the guide itself, he didn’t just vaguely say, “thanks to all the contributors.”

            Call me a troll if you like, I have provided facts in each of my posts, if you don’t like those facts, that is not my issue.

          • November 11, 2016 at 2:35 pm

            Did you read anything of your previous posts?. Not only did you ignore everything I said, you hostilely answered in the previous post. I’m not accepting any crap like that. There’s ways to talk and you were talking like a douche basically.

            Secondly, I have added the names, I know themselves tested this and many other things. I know which names I saw before you linked this so I’m going to thank those specific names, which I did because it’s they who said to the community the ‘constant’ changes of plague (Although it’s clearly people taking a while to finally properly find the debuff cuz alot said it was nerfed to the ground when the mod 10 first came out but that wasn’t true it seems) I didn’t see Kaelac’s name mentioned in the current forum posts as obviously, he doesn’t play anymore & yet again, you do know there are word limits right?. There is no way for me to put the names I exactly wanted to put so I had to settle with only the four names that I found to help me the most in some way with info, with answering questions on my guide while I was busy with real life stuff (Like a normal person should..) So that’s what I exactly did. If you had a guide, especially in ARC, you’ll know 10000000% there’s a word limit on each of the posts after your main post. And have you even watched my guide properly?. There’s a lot of type so of course, I’m going to be constantly in the word limit or the ‘red’ as the slang goes. And this is the first post that started to explain the plague btw in the forums in RECENT times, as you see to the bottom the post, there’s a comment explaining how it works and it didn’t properly mention anything as you want to claim here about lvl 72 vs lvl 73 monsters


            Warning you tho, if you comment disrespectful like or bitter again, I’m outright not going to even bother to respond to you in any way shape or form cuz from the third post you had here, you clearly have an attitude problem. This post was completely fine, but the one previously especially, just watch it.

            This is what was said exactly from the lot, especially this one that made me understand it more which I clearly said in my explanation ‘my understanding’ not ‘my research’:-
            ‘thefabricant said:

            Ill explain it in maths terms then.

            Perfect Plaguefire: Base defense debuff 3% per stack, 9% with 3 stacks.
            Perfect Terror: Base debuff 4%.
            Transcendent Plaguefire: Base defense debuff 3% per stack, 9% with 3 stacks. Hidden 2% DR debuff which is not listed on tooltip. Multiplies with defense debuff. Total magnitude 11.18%.

            Boss DR: 60%
            Your RI: 60%

            Terror and plaguefire are mitigated twice by monster DR, the 1 layer is penetrated by RI, the second layer is not.


            Perfect Plaguefire: 0.09*(1-0.6+0.6)*(1-0.6) = 0.036 = 3.6% debuff.
            Perfect Terror: 0.04*(1-0.6+0.6)*(1-0.6) = 0.016 = 1.6% debuff
            Transcendent Plaguefire: (1+0.09*(1-0.6+0.6)*(1-0.6))*(1.02)-1 = 0.05672 = 5.672% debuff.’

            Exactly what was said about the plague enchantment via @thefabricant as he’s one of the games more well researched players. No mention of the specific leveled monsters here

          • Michela
            November 11, 2016 at 6:50 pm

            The Transcendent Plague Fire formula is actually by me, as well as the tests of debuffs effectiveness against enemies that have at least three levels more than the attacker and the classification of every in-game debuff based on Kaelac and mythlond2’s tests. Other tests made by me that you can find on the forum are Hastening Light formula and bugs, Condemning Gaze overstacking and the exact description of Bear your Sins.
            I also think (sorry if I’m wrong) that Anonymous Cleric talked with Sharpedge, since I recognize some advices I gave him while he was gearing his DC.

          • November 12, 2016 at 5:29 am

            Hey Michela, I saw your post via Silverkelt of my guild a time about that Condemning Gaze overstacking and was really interesting to learn that. Well thanks for at least taking time to be here as I can directly ask you my own question to find out the exact debuff numbers for the trans plague so I can finally understand properly. Like since I can see the debuff varies on the level of the monsters so I’m trying to learn, how much is it on lvl 70 monsters compare to ones you see @ lvl 71, 72 & the highest, 73.

            And i’m not worrying bout that person really. He clearly has something against me for no good reason.

          • Michela
            November 12, 2016 at 10:58 am

            From mod 6 patch notes: “Fighting enemies more than 2 levels above you will result in a sharp increase in difficulty. (Down from 5 Levels).”
            When you fight an enemy that has 3 levels more than you, you deal less damage and some debuffs are less effective (for example Plague Fire). This reduction is 25% if the enemy has 3 levels more than you, so basically what Anonymous said and his formula are correct (the hidden 2% debuff is only at Trans rank though). You can notice that level 73 enemies have their level displayed in red, this indicates the higher difficulty.
            (credits: Sharpedge noticed that base damage is reduced in these areas, while I noticed that also some debuffs are mitigated)
            You could also be interested in this: after the last patch Frost enchantment is bugged again and its debuff scales off your power and buffs. It will be fixed for sure, but I don’t know if they’ll rework it aswell.

          • November 12, 2016 at 3:58 pm

            Cool ok, I can read this. So I’m trying to understand, is the trans plague then 5.6% debuff on level 72 mobs & basically it drops to about 4.7% on level 73 mobs?. I’m trying to understand more the precise numbers. I did read from a spreadsheet that was available from one of y’all a while back that mentioned to 2% debuff.

            As for the Frost, some guild mates already told me about it because on the test at that time before the new mod came out, told me Frost was acting weird again. I remember when it was bugging out the very first time/no one tested it as it wasn’t on anyone’s radar, Sharp said it was 10%-35% and it was scaling before it originally got fixed. Is it the same numbers as it’s broken yet again or it’s even more?. It’s tricky for me to mention broken stuff in the guide as if I do say ‘Frost is currently overpowered’ I know for the ones who didn’t know about that in the first place will go crazy and want to buy the trans frost & I don’t want it to look like I’m ‘promoting’ bugged items. In my three man FBI, I actually used the dread for the run (Borrowed from my own HR) My DC currently only has a frost so I actually like last time, won’t use it if it can be avoided really but I need to have yet another back up enchantment, like trans bronzewood or something

          • Michela
            November 13, 2016 at 9:45 am

            It depends, since different enemies have different Damage Resistance. For example the last boss in EToS has 25,2% DR. This means that, if you ArP is capped, the Trans PF formula would be:
            (1+0,09*(1-0,252+0,252)*(1-0,252))*1,02-1 = 0,0887 that is 8,9%
            And that’s not all, since PF is additive with certain debuffs and multiplicative with others, so if you want to know the exact effectiveness you have to take into account all the debuffs used.
            Furthermore, as pointed out by @chemodan007 and @whitestarua in this thread:
            the majority of debuffs cap at 200% effectiveness. Basically, you can reach 100% effectiveness with capped arp, then you can increase the effectiveness up to 200% with these debuffs. PF and Frost can go beyond this cap. For example, if a DC often plays with a MoF CW, they reach the 200% cap with their skills, so it would be better if they use PF and Frost.
            Regarding Frost, its bug is different since last time it didn’t scale off Power, but I think it can reach the same big numbers. The problem is that its duration seems very short when you fight certain enemies, so I’m not even sure if you can use it effectively. I didn’t test it much because I’m waiting for it to be fixed.

          • November 13, 2016 at 2:43 pm

            Cool, I understand now how I can at least word this so I don’t ‘tickle bums’ like the other guy. Thanks for that & well talking about all this, I just fine that it seems a bit ‘overpowered’ how the frost is working now and because of this, I’ll rather wait till I know it’s fixed to start using it again. Don’t want to be that ‘something is overpowered so I gotta use it to the fullest’ kinda dude. I’ll most likely regardless if I see an overpowered party with possible buffs like MoF CW & myself, I’ll rather use the trans dread that I have at this time. Thanks again for the explanations here. I shouldn’t really be surprise that neverwinter breaks something, yet again.

            I edited the trans plague bit now to give the best meaning I can thanks to you & credited to you of course. I can’t put everything like formulas and such as I’m working with a word limit as I got close to 9000 words on my guide here & and I had to go on arc to actually cut out words as it wasn’t saving info anymore on arc thanks to reaching post limits multiple times.

  • Dean
    November 11, 2016 at 1:26 pm

    Hi CJ how r u? Another question 4 you mate, loyal avenger gear, I’ve looked about the web and all it said was u could get it in a mini game on the sword coast currently unavailable pc I thing. So where is it on ps4?
    Just like to say upgraded all enchants to 8 a way to go yet but wow things are defo getting easier and buff and debuffing and group serviability is fantastic I get personal invites from groups now 🙂
    Still not sure as to how these strangers know I’m on but hay .
    Big thanks again I can’t stress how I appreciate the effort you put in, it must have taken a long time, I would have thrown in the towel by now if it wasn’t for this fantastic build.

    • November 11, 2016 at 2:44 pm

      Sup man, I’m fine and I don’t actually believe you guys on the ps4 had the avenger gear to begin with cuz the sword coast to my knowledge was mainly for the PC alone. The ones you guys should have by now are def the adorable bites gear as I believe y’all got the new life lockbox. So that’s like the best thing y’all can get outside of those sudden rings (if your companion has ring slots). I’m not sure about prices on ps4 but I know adorable gear is pretty damn expensive on the PC lol

      As for everything else, glad to hear the build is working for you & yep, lol, as I broke it down into so much sections, it’s really a lot to even remember to update which specific parts I need to update as others who only want to criticize the guide, fails to understand that I can genuinely forget specific parts to update. I did update a lot here and still forget to update minor things that I’ve now rectify

  • SoferDark
    November 14, 2016 at 9:59 am

    One question the Drow race no is a good option for this build??

    • November 14, 2016 at 7:22 pm

      Hey man, well in my opinion, I don’t like it that much, makes you go for dexterity which is to me is pretty useless.

      The choice between the Wisdom & Charisma is pretty solid but

      The deciding factor is that darkfire feat which firstly, the tooltip on it is wrong. I tested this months ago while trying to decide if to make my HR a drow instead of the wood elf it is (Back when I was getting serious with my HR) & wanted to see firstly if the darkfire buff was really great before making a switch on live. That debuff is less than it says. ACT shown it was a 5% boost to dps, not 10% and what made me confirm this is accurate that I saw on @putzboy78’s DO guide that it was tested by @michela123 & it was confirmed that it’s not 10% for sure. So to me, that just made it a no go (When it came down to DC suggestions). The fact that it’s 5% & it’s only 4 seconds. If it was 10% & at least maybe 5-6 seconds, I would have gave it a good review but I can’t just get past the fact that the tooltip is wrong and it’s 5% & the dexterity is so useless for this type of build & plus, no one cares about the recovering quickly by a campfire lol. I was told the drow race was better off for a MoF CW to so i’ll agree with that

      • November 16, 2016 at 2:01 am

        That’s news to me about the Drow racial trait being gimped! Dammit, Cryptic! Only 5%, and a 5% chance per hit for it to proc? So you need rapid attacks, and Blessings of Battle is our slowest At Will. If it’s a 5% chance to proc, it should be the stated 10% and 6 seconds duration. Maybe they thought only TRs would be Drow? CW makes sense, as they have fast At Wills and 4 Encounters, 5 with some that have charges in TAB slot.

        That campfire recovery thing – does it apply to revive sickness and injuries? Although, who plays without Injury Kits or VIP 12 at this level, I don’t know. 😀

        As Ye Olde Schoole First Edition AD&D freak, I can’t quite get my head around things in NW like Dwarf Guardians having a higher DEX stat than CON! But I have one! And to me, Drow males should be CWs or Rangers and Drow females should be really powerful Priestesses! But that DEX primary…

        But I like unusual races and specialised builds. One of the best Guardian Fighter buffer/debuffers I’ve ever seen in the game was a Drow, and that enemy DEF debuff contributed towards the build and he was an astonishingly good tank as well.

        But, as you say, so many tool tips are wrong and every patch can make ninja changes that only get discovered by Uber-BIS open beta players on the Test Server who can even do a race re-roll if their build gets too badly nerfed.

        And +1% Deflect and +2% AoE Resistance from +2 DEX is not all that unless you are stacking deflect to rebound damage and have a Trans Shadowclad, which is not what this build is about. And if the Drow enemy DEF debuff is actually half what it should be, there are better options.

        The Dragonborn is the ultimate race for most classes and builds due to the racial traits and +2 to any two attributes. And this build would use the +3% Power to contribute to the party’s dps buffs. But if a player cannot roll a Dragonborn, there’s Human, Dwarf and even Half Elf, Wood Elf and Drow.

        But one of my primary Mains is a Tiefling AC with +2 CHA/INT and stacked INT/CHA for ludicrous Recovery and APG with Tiamat Set. She’s a very good party buffer, not so hot solo. I could respec her to this build by stacking STR and WIS. She’d lose 10% Recovery and 5% APG and Combat Advantage, although she’d have +5% dps, healing, CCB, CCR, Crit, Stamina and DoT Resistance. She could probably still have 100% AA uptime and spam Encounters like At Wills as she is all Rank 10/11 Cruels and Silveries.

        I also have a Halfling with +2 DEX/CHA and stacked WIS/CHA, Greater Lathander set and Deflect boons who is almost immortal and bounces damage when she deflects from an Astral Shield inside a Hallowed Ground;

        a Dwarf STR/WIS AC with Imperial Set who is broadly similar to this build;

        a Dwarf STR/WIS Divine Oracle with Lostmauth Set who is much better solo and in PvP than in a PvE party, but still a good debuffer/buffer/healer;

        a level 68 Dragonborn STR/WIS Divine Oracle, who I might well respec to this build later on.

        But, cosmetically, my favourite characters are my Halfling females, and I have one of each class as they make me laugh because they are so tiny and funny looking!

        So I’d like to suggest to SoferDark that if he really enjoys Drow, or already has a Drow DC, this build will be better then the one he already has. The race choice will not sabotage or gimp Jarek’s build beyond use, it’s just that anything other than Dragonborn or human is sub-optimal.

        This is a high end build guide, and it’s not Mod 10/10B just due to taking account of cumulative changes in patch notes: I think it’s built for Mod 10 content and running FBI. Stacking the stats, the Mounts, Companions, bondings, Insignia, Feats, Boons, everything is for stacking Power and Recovery for ultimate buff/debuff and gifting power to the party. If you have all that, I think that using an unusual race is not going to gimp you into uselessness. In most Epic Dungeons, particularly FBI, healing is pretty irrelevant as deaths are mostly due to one-shots, not lack of healing. 3.5k+ parties have a ton of self-healing, so what they need is the most powerful buffs/debuffs possible.

        As every schoolboy CW knows, DEATH is the best form of Crowd Control.

        And as every schoolgirl AC knows, only The Defeated need to be healed!


        Seriously, I have run CN with the leader of my Zerg channel and others, and Orcus was 1/3 dead before I could hit ESC to clear the cut scene video! Epic Demogorgon died in 6 seconds or less. After the APG and other nerfs, maybe 10 to 12 seconds.

        Anyway, SoferDark, if you already have a Drow DC then just try the build. If you can afford the Zen and think it’s worthwhile, re-roll the Race to a Dragonborn, IF you already have the DB Legendary pack.

        Just the raw, basic build, without all the fancy pants companions and insignia, is a really good build for a new level 70 gearing and booning up and is one of the best builds for leveling as well, due to the damage, healing, Crit, and dodging bonuses from the stats. Otherwise I’d roll a human or a dwarf if you don’t already have a Drow DC and don’t have Dragonborn.

        If you took the suggested roll of:

        Str Cn Dx Int Wis Ch
        16, 10, 10, 10, 16, 12, put +2 in DEX and WIS and had the Imperial set, then at 70 with campfire bonus you’d have:
        26, 13, 15, 13, 28, 15

        Other options are:
        Str Cn Dx Int Wis Ch
        14, 10, 10, 11, 16, 14
        24, 13, 15, 14, 28, 16 – meh, -2% Crit/Stamina for +2% recovery, +1% APG/Combat Advantage

        15, 10, 12, 11, 15, 13
        25, 13, 17, 14, 27, 16

        15, 11, 10, 12, 15, 13
        25, 14, 15, 15, 27, 16

        For Greater Belt of Wisdom, just put -2 STR and +2 WIS. They are very cheap atm and you can get 30 WIS with that belt, 32 with Elixir of Fate for Celestial Coins and Potions of Heroism from Sharandar currencies.

        So you can get the stats with a Drow, it’s just a shame that the Drow enemy Defence debuff doesn’t work as stated.


        By the way, Jarek, this is one of the most detailed and clear guides I’ve seen since I read Kaelac’s Mod 5 DC Guide back in the day. I’ve learned several things I never knew, and I’ve played DC since early Mod 2.

        Kudos to you!

        But I do notice that with Break the Spirit on the middle of a mob, it seems to count towards a stack of Condemning Gaze per tick of the DoT, and it seems to apply to the whole bunch of the mob, so it’s possible to get Condemning Gaze from one Divine Glow on the mob and a Break the Spirit on a single target. It certainly does not need to be 5 Encounters.

        Is that what they mean by “Over Stacking”?


        • SoferDark
          November 16, 2016 at 7:11 am

          OMG, I can only Say… Thanks Men really =)

        • November 16, 2016 at 5:01 pm

          Damn man, this is one of the most detailed comments I’ve ever read lmao!. Firstly, thanks for the words man, I appreciate it but my guide isn’t so numbers detailed like some others. It more of a general layout if that makes sense. Well most people seem to share that idea with you that it’s mainly an ‘high end build guide’ but to be fair, if I have to comment exactly on that, I will def say due to resources some may not have, it may be wiser to when you now reach 70 for instance, be a faithful/virt healer when you’re your gearing up even better and reach an ideal mark, give my guide a go. I’ve seen people in my guild, on alts like 2.5k+ making good use of being AC righteous so it led me to believe at least that 2.5k range is a decent start to really take the guide super seriously. I’m not going to say that you need to be like 3.5k to 4k for it but for sure, when you now start 70, you maybe better off being a pure healer DC to get a good idea of the DC class or to just buy time until you gear up to a point you like.

          But back to the whole comment, very well detailed and knowledgable man. It took me a while to sit down and just read this as I came home from work, lmao! But to touch with other main things you said, yep for these type of AC righteous builds/ideas people have, it is indeed important to have a good number or power/recovery as this is what the build is about, along with buffing/debuff obviously. It seems like it’s a pick your poison type of stuff with AC/DO righteous. You know if you’re striving for this type of AC righteous, power and recovery is your best friend and seems for DO, I see those type of clerics really go for an insane amount of crit along with power. To see some clerics on 100% crit chance with bonding procs is incredible to me, really incredible.

          Overall, you gave SoferDark really great advice here so they def need to save this comment and read it carefully as it’s priceless. I want to add as well to the last comment, it seems like ok, if you hit a divine glow on 5 mobs, those 5 mobs immediately has the 5 stacks of the gaze. To me, this works so damn weird but it’s whatever really, on the whole, it’s 30 secs to get 5 stacks up so you got the world of time

          • November 17, 2016 at 1:45 pm

            Cheers, and sorry about the length, I’m working on that!

            But as you mentioned in your guide, I should have said Dragonborn or Sun Elf rather than human, although Humans can have 5 ranks of Bountiful Fortune as well as 1 to 3 in Cleanse.

            The Sun Elf racial traits of +2% APG and 10% CCR are better than the Drow one, and the +2 INT for recharge is obviously better than +2 DEX, if trying to pack all the best contributors to the build’s functions.

            But the build will certainly work with a Drow if he really likes playing Drow for role-playing reasons, just like I have Halfling and Tiefling DCs purely for that reason, so I tailored their builds to their race a bit.

            All the best!

  • Igi
    November 15, 2016 at 10:46 am

    A friend of mine uses this build but having dificult is in solo content like daylies/weekly.
    Anyone know what powers to use etc for solo content?

    • November 15, 2016 at 2:20 pm

      For any cleric that’s soloing, I know most uses

      Divine glow, Chains of Blazing Light, Daunting Light. The latter two are the best dps moves we got.

      I know others that use divine glow, break the spirit, chains but I prefer the first option I mentioned

      • November 15, 2016 at 3:22 pm

        I usually use Div Glow, Daunting Light and Sunburst when solo. Break the Spirit for DL in parties and maybe Bastion instead of SB

        Nomal Div Glow, then Blue DL is fast to cast and blue SB does HoT and DoT and you can cast normal Daunting and dodge away and it hits the ground about half a second later.

        With Div Glow, dodging cancels the spell, so I have to be careful to make sure it hits before dodging. Then, in the time mobs take to reach me, I cast Daunting on the ground where they will be in a few hundred milliseconds, and then hit Sunburst.

        The delay in the Daunting animation means that DL and SB hit at almost the same time. I blow them away and usually they die while flying through the air. And that’s without Fire of the Gods! 😀 On my other AC and my DO who both have Fire of the Gods instead of Condemning Gaze, it’s even MORE fun!

        But they also sometimes use DG, BtS and DL

        I used Chains a lot at lower level pre-Mod 6 as it sort of one-shotted a lot of mobs, but since being level 70 I only used it when farming Fire Motes for my Burning weapon set to try and CC some of the monsters running for the edge.


        • November 15, 2016 at 7:46 pm

          Nice man, well if you use Sunburst in party play, is just to be really careful that you don’t accidentally use it in normal mode/fully empowered cuz the mobs will go flying away lol. (Depends on the dungeon tho, as even if you make a mistake like that in party play in a dungeon like FBI, if you hit the giants, not like they’re going to go flying)

          But other than that, pretty great solid rotation you have going on for solo play. Since this person who originally commented was asking for solo play, this is def another set of moves he can consider trying/learning to use in the rotation you mentioned.

          • November 16, 2016 at 2:28 am

            Yes, you’ve heard of Death by Lag, there’s also Kicked by Lag if people scatter mobs that have been nicely rooted in a clump!

            I’ve done it accidentally myself in Tiamat once or twice, due to lag, but we can’t be kicked from there! LOL!

            I use blue Sunburst as the HoT procs Gift of Haste and I *think* the DoT procs Righteous dps feats on the whole mob it hits. It procs Fire of the Gods if it Crits on my DO and secondary AC, but my primary AC has Condemning Gaze instead as her Crit is too low as I stacked her for Power and Recovery/APG as a party DC.

            Ah, remember blowing mobs off the cliffs in Dread Vault? THOSE were the days! When are they bringing those 4 dungeons back? Dread Vault, Mad Dragon, Idris and the other one… (I always forget… Chasm something?)

            My hard drive filled up so I was clearing out stuff to back up storage and found some videos of my AC DC at level 60 in Mod 3 or 4 doing Dread Vault. She was mostly Faithful back then, before the feat trees got all changed. There was just me and the CW fighting the Aboleth, and you can see in the chat window the GF apologising for warming his toes at the camp fire! Oh, the memories! LOL! She used Exaltation a lot in those days.


          • December 19, 2016 at 6:06 pm

            I’ve been getting boons on my Min-Maxed STR/WIS Dwarf AC DC who has 30 WIS with the Legendary Imperial Set, and even with no boons he kills things a lot faster than my Tiefling AC DC. He was my second character (she was my first) who I mostly ignored since Mod 2 or 3,. He was a Leadership/Invoking Mule since then and all I have done with him is refine and upgrade his Artifact gear and Artifacts with BoP stones from Invoking. His build is broadly similar to this one, but no bondings or fancy pants Companions.

            When solo, I started using Div Glow, Chains and Daunting Light, and was really surprised at how much more powerful he is. And Chains seems to generate more APG than I remember as well! Of course, all the gear down the left hand side, from Helm to Boots, is BtA stuff shared with my other DCs, plus the Brutality +4 and Rising Precision +4, both with Azure 11 and Dark 11.

            He has all the IWD Boons now, and is working on the WoD boons. And with 4 ranks in Holy Fervour and Anointed Armor, he is very tanky as well. if I swap Chains with Break the Spirit and Daunting Light with Astral Shield in Draconic Herald runs and Tiamat, he seems to be pretty immortal, as well as buffing/debuffing!


  • David Murphy
    November 16, 2016 at 1:42 pm

    An amazing guide. Love the detail and metrics. I’ve read thru the comments and haven’t seen anything on powershare. You mentioned powershare is base power or unbuffed power. What does that mean exactly? Is this pre bonding procs? Pre Anointed Army? Pre Artificers (mount buff)

    What goes into the power share (both base 10% and the 15% from BoB?


    • November 16, 2016 at 4:38 pm

      Oh, when we talk powershare, it is indeed that we’re discussing about how stuff like Weapons of light, shares your base power/unbuffed power, meaning exactly your static power before the bondings etc. So if for example, You got 30000 power, when the weapons of light appears on the person’s screen, they get 10% of that power which will be 3k power. Lets say if you are buffed, like bondings you reach some insane number like 165k, you are not going to share 10% of that to your party. A guildie of mines, @silverkelt, he was the one who tested out these things & others followed suit to confirm what exactly shares power and what doesn’t ‘share’ power. This is like this because bondings use to recklessly share all this buff power via bondings which when it was very rampant, people were get like over millions of power lol. So they did a fix where stuff like WoL, BoB, they share your base/unbuffed power which in my opinion, was excellent on their behalf.

      As for artificers, well as I run both artificers, persuasion and influence, it varies sometimes weirdly from 27k to 41k recovery I have so I’m not actually sure about that. Static recovery I have is 11085 at this time, and when bondings procc since I have silveries in the offense slots, it goes up to from 11085 to at least 18k+ so I’ll have to assume that for artificers, it adds on your buffed power to that mount effect as well while your bonding is up & you pop your artifact ability.

      Check this post out

      This is the post everyone discussed about what exactly help towards power share and what doesn’t count towards a power share.

  • November 17, 2016 at 10:22 am

    Hey (Sharp here.)

    Just wanted to comment on frost. While I have not tested it myself, mainly because I am taking a break, I thought I would just explain how I suspect the debuff works. Keep in mind, this is a theory, so no proof.

    As Michela said, it scales with power etc, I am not sure if it scales with all buffs, or some buffs, or crit, or CA. My guess would be it does. As pointed out above, there is an effectiveness cap on dr debuffs, but as frost is not a dr debuff, it goes beyond this. Because it scales, I am going to make a few reasonable assumptions from a CW perspective and give an example of how much it could in theory debuff.

    Base debuff 7%
    DC in party so AA is present, CW has ~160k power
    CW has focused wizardry
    CW is using Chilling Presence
    Lets guess CW is MoF thaum, so has points in elemental empowerment
    CW has 75% Crit sev
    A Gf used ITF
    A HR used longstriders
    Frost was applied by tabbed Icy Rays, which has an internal 1.5 multiplier. Since it was used single target, it also has a 1.75 multiplier
    CW has combat advantage and 10% CA Bonus

    My guess at the debuff effectiveness of frost would be:

    0.07*1.3*1.48*5*1.05^3*1.365*1.4*1.5*1.75*(1+0.15+0.1) ~ 4.88

    Which means frost by itself could be a 490% debuff. Now keep in mind this is all theory, but it is still fairly OP.

    • November 17, 2016 at 10:30 am

      Also, it appears this CW failed to crit. I blame not rereading my post before pressing send >.>

      • November 17, 2016 at 1:35 pm

        Hi, Sharpedge.

        I have Trans Terror, Feytouched, Vorpal, Plague Fire, Frost and Lifedrinker and at least two of every class but with sharable weapons.

        What are the best weapon enchants per class these days? When I started 2.5 years ago and was using a Frost from a lockbox on my DC, I was told by everyone that Plague Fire was BIS for DC due to the debuff. But things keep changing. My AC has such low cooldown, I use the Trans Feytouched on her as she can spam Encounters almost like At Wills. My SW HB has the Lifedrinker as until Mod 10 she really needed it!

        But I also don’t understand all this dual layers of damage mitigation and so on.

        So what would be the best for DC, CW, TR, HR, SW, GF, GWF and OP? Considering I have no Dread or anything?

        I did try Trans Frost and Thunderhead on my GF Swordmaster, thinking I might get extra chances of stunning/freezing when paying solo, but I was told the Fey would be better. So I tried Fey and Shadowclad for a while and that seemed to work just as well. Another time I was told that Terror was better for a PvP GF and Plague Fire better for PvE, but I really don’t know.


    • November 17, 2016 at 3:48 pm

      Understood here. Man, that’s really insane. Has anyone even remotely reported this power scale with it to the devs? Because it needs to be fixed. I myself can’t even imagine using it right now with this ridiculousness. I’ll probably need my friend from my guild @bonnine to just do a bit of a dc test with me and see how much it can scale up too, she’s got a MoF CW as well so if I happen to see her around (Been busy with work & started a new job just today so maybe impossible to get her) but if I do, I really got to just witness testings myself. This is really ‘OP’ especially how you theory crafted a pretty great possibility here.

      I should make an update tomorrow at least via your info and Michela’s info to try to at least simply say at this time, it can scale with power so ideally I’ll love if people won’t try to abuse it but that’s something as we know here, if people know about things like this, you can’t really stop them from using it to the max & that’s what I hate. I just really will hope that they fix this sooner rather than later. As for now, I won’t be using this enchantment at all on live unless if I’ll run tests on test/live server with my partner to see/get a good understanding on my own but at this time, any normal dungeon runs from me, I’ll use the dread I got.

  • mattfbls
    November 25, 2016 at 2:27 pm

    Was wondering why Sellsword is chosen over Con artist ? he has 3 ring slots and the same debuff ? is there something i’am missing ? having 3 rings proc with bondings sounds alot better no ? anyways amazing write up as always. fantastic breakdown. thanks !!!!


    • November 25, 2016 at 4:12 pm

      Oh well for me personally, I prefer the static stats of those loyal/adorable companion gear over those ‘sudden’ stats you get for a few secs from those rings. That was just my personal preference really & as well, tho it’s minor, I also prefer the 300 power over the 300 crit strike.

      They both have the same debuff & from my understanding, the console players more go for the con artist because of the availability of ‘companion only’ gear. I was told that at least four times so if that’s the case, they can go for it. It’s really what floats your boat here between the two. I like the static stats over the ‘sudden’ stats so no brainer for me to use & recommend sellsword. I couldn’t really put the con artist in the guide because it would basically be me typing the same exact stuff from the sellsword onto the con artist as they’ll have everything almost similar (except the actives & the slots on them) So as everyone knows about the con artist, I didn’t feel the need to add it on the guide itself as my guide is already so long & on arc I’m on a word limit, anything that’s a bit ‘too much’ will exceed that lol

      • mattfbls
        November 25, 2016 at 10:42 pm

        That was the exact reason i thought, I do play on PS4 and we don’t have the gear yet. I agree 100% with you on the static stats over the spike boost of the rings, but until we get the loyal gear I feel Con artist is better for us console plebs as finding gear with offence slots is impossible otherwise. Do you know anything as far as the debuffs stacking ? I have heard of groups running multi Con artist and or Sellsword and getting stacking debuffs ? I haven’t done much fiddling as the last time we had a OP cleric mechanic (AS+HG+ GF ITF) kinda made end game content trivial.

        <3 Thank you for your time and amazing guide.

        • November 26, 2016 at 7:01 am

          As for the stacks, it does, multiple sellswords, multiple con artists & sellsword & con artist together, it does indeed stack which is beautiful lol

          No probs mannnnnn & I now understand some things with the console, wasn’t too sure in the past if y’all actually have the loyal gear but good to see everything now so thanks for that ^_^

  • November 28, 2016 at 7:42 pm

    Jarek the new thoughts about Trans Frost is mod 10.5, right? you know if they will work on mod 10 ps4 right now?

    • November 29, 2016 at 3:11 am

      Well I knew multiple people told me weeks before the new mod came out, 10.5, that it was pretty overpowered again on the test server so I do believe it’s just for 10.5 onwards (Well you know what I mean, whenever until they fix it) As y’all are on Mod 10 alone, it should be fine in the sense that it’s working as intended

      • November 29, 2016 at 11:10 am

        Another thing, I was thinking on up rise my recovery to 16k or more, and I was wondering if recovery has a cap or not, bc if has a cap I can priorize other status like power

        • November 29, 2016 at 4:01 pm

          I discussed this with a couple of people a few months back & tested it (Haven’t checked this out tho in over 4-5 months) but when I last checked up on this, it was understood that the AP gain stat number has a hard cap of around 1000-1200 so if you got anything in the ap stat number that’s more than that, it’s actually a waste

          As for the recovery number itself. Well personally, my number currently pre bondings (As I made full use of this x2 AD pc had & 40% sale), I have 14,474 recovery & bonding proccs, I have 22,373 recovery. To me personally, I always felt like 12000-16000 recovery was the ‘golden’ number as I believed anything more, you really don’t need but meh, better to be safe than sorry I guess. But maybe with an overall bondings procc (And you possess artificier’s influence & persuasion as mount bonuses) you should have a great number of recovery regardless (Also if you use companion gear that has power/recovery stats as well like adorable licks or whatever exactly y’all have on consoles) So with that being said, I do believe you’re around a solid number already with that being said & can try to focus a bit more on having a fair number in terms of base power so you can power share even more to your party/groups

          • November 30, 2016 at 11:59 am

            I will up rise so thanks! About Plague Fire I was doing PvP this days and idk why I kill people more often with plague fire than dread, I could possible think is bc of bear your sins procs and fire of the gods damage (5 points both) (40% critical chance now for feats, my equips are pure recovery btw), so bc of that I was wondering if I change my race to Drow ( -10% defense from dark fire sounds good), but I have a problem, plague fire or fire of the gods helps procs dark fire? You know if someone tested the means that procs it?
            idk if you do PvP, but regardless that it is so much available to PvE too if it procs with that!
            Halfling is another race that Im looking for, deflect chance and control resist are bis for PvP deflect cleric
            Sorry about this amount of questions hahahah
            Im trying to conquer the most available char to both PvE and PvP!

          • December 1, 2016 at 1:03 am

            Ah, in pvp terms, I can’t answer your question properly at all as I haven’t pvped in this game for over 1 year (Hence why y’all see my defense slots are silveries as I use to pvp as AC faithful)

            I don’t want to give an answer for pvp cause being outdated for over 1 year, I’m not sure if things changed for pvp

          • November 30, 2016 at 12:23 pm

            Ahhh I read right now about Drow on the comments up from Contractions of Fate! So ignore Drow sugestion! Unless the dark fire on mod 10 is working properly!

  • ellilglor
    November 30, 2016 at 9:04 pm

    Is the Pseudodragon a valid summoned companion?

    • December 1, 2016 at 1:00 am

      Hey man, well, the active on it isn’t bad at all really & I tried it myself on the test server for just having sake & it’s actually not half bad as a ‘summoned’ companion & I believe it actually has a move that grants combat advantage, so that’s a decent plus & three offense slots & to top it, it’s two ring slots. It’s indeed ‘valid’

      Your question is if it’s valid so my answer is yes, it’s valid. (Not telling you it’s the best choice, but it’s valid)

  • Jojo
    December 5, 2016 at 8:15 am

    Hey Jarek,
    I’ve been wondering whether it wouldn’t be best to get Restoration over the Bondings and get more power on ourselfs since we can give some of it to the companion, who gives it back to us if you know what i mean. I’ve only got my Bondings on 10/9/9 atm so i couldn’t properly test if it would really work like i imagine it so i would be grateful for some advice.

    • Jojo
      December 5, 2016 at 8:17 am

      i mean Recovery not restoration sry

    • December 5, 2016 at 4:47 pm

      I don’t fully understand what you’re asking/saying to me. Recovery where exactly?, You mean recovery runestones over bondings?

      Sorry read it twice and I don’t properly get the question.

      • Jojo
        December 5, 2016 at 6:57 pm

        Sry I’m not a native speaker. I mean Wouldn’t you get the most out of your Cleric regarding the powersharing, if you put Silveries in your Companions offense Slot to get Recovery and go full power on your own gear, since only the base power applies to your allies in Mod10? Maybe even put less Points into Wisdom and go more Charisma/Strenght to make up for the loss of AP/ Cooldown reduction.

        • December 5, 2016 at 8:24 pm

          Ahh ok, now I understand here

          The idea you’re suggesting is actually pretty fine if you were to try that. For my point of view, as someone who currently have silveries in the companions gear offense & cruels in my own offense slots, with other things into play like the FBI gear/vivified fbi gear, insignias that have the power stat, defense boon & I use the assassin’s covenant as well and so on, I have a total of 40,096 base power when I last checked and my stand still recovery is like 14,474 cuz since I don’t have the burning set anymore, in an update next year, I was going to add how best I can suggest to people how they can make up for not having the burning set anymore if you switched to the new cleric lighttender’s main/offhand combo & what I got currently, seems to be fine in my view (I got cruel 12’s thanks to x2 AD & double rp on the pc recently). My point here is, for me, I do like how I am at that 40k range now a days as a completely end game cleric, outside of that, 30k+ for sure is the range of power that’s great even if you’re not ‘BIS’ & what you’re suggesting is a pretty excellent idea for you to try out & my recommendation to you is if you want to focus more on the power sharing side to have even a greater amount than what I have, you can do what you exactly suggested as an idea & for your mount bonus, you for sure want to look into artificer’s persuasion & influence which will help alot with that recovery/ap gain part (a good buff those two give combined for 15 secs when you pop your artifact) & to add, the hellig rings is ideal now a days as those rings are beautiful stats for a support DC so make sure to try to get two of those since actually those rings stack together (I mean like you can wear two hellig +4’s and apparently you can wear two hellig +5’s together)

          • Jojo
            December 6, 2016 at 6:27 am

            ty 🙂 i guess i’ll need to gear a little more up and get my bondings to 12 bevor i’ll try it (might loos to much recovery otherwise).

          • December 6, 2016 at 3:31 pm

            No probs, the idea you want to emulate should work excellent, especially with the artificer’s bonuses. That to me, for the type of support cleric with buffs I like seeing, is the best mount ability to get, that artificer’s persuasion & influence combo is super ideal.

  • kjouda
    December 6, 2016 at 9:20 am

    What do u think about the astral deva companion ?

    • December 6, 2016 at 3:23 pm

      Not a big fan of this companion. Tested it a while back & not much to say about it besides that I’m not a fan. The only deva companion that I’ve liked in recent times is the ‘Deva Champion’ . You get this companion from the cleric pack from the zen market (The cleric pack is like 3500 zen, on pc anyway). The deva champion’s bonus in my view is excellent. A 4% increase for both incoming & outgoing healing (On epic). It gives you, as a righteous DC, some excellent healing capabilities that I try to balance in within my build/ideals. I obviously know as righteous, it’s all about buffs, but regardless, as a cleric, you should be able to have ability to do at least ‘adequate’ healing, especially if you’re the only healer and your group may need the heals. That’s why I tried along with my choices to have a nice balance where people can see & try to emulate. As you can see, my build is mainly about building power/sharing power thru various means (Like BoB, AA, WoL), having excellent recovery thru various ways along with the already excellent buffs DC’s possess & making it even better by just being righteous & as well, being able to be a passable healer which I’m pretty much am. I’ve been on efficient runs of the new Svardborg raid on pc where it took the average 6-8 mins, slightly less where I was actually the only healer & one of just two buffers (Maybe only one other GF or one other Mof CW) & we melted in no time & to date, that run, I did over 18 mil heals. Didn’t even slot healer’s lore. Basically had that Deva’s champion I mentioned to you & the polar bear cub (gives 5% outgoing healing on epic)

      • kjouda
        December 7, 2016 at 4:41 am

        The thing is most of the companions u suggested are little critical severity. That didnt convince me. I have the polar bear and I wished deva champion but his pack is too expensive. So i have the bear, young yeti and astral deva. I got the deva purple for 200k !
        I 2 more slots have white sellsword and minstral. I dont know what to fill these. Sprite and book imp ?my problem is all these come in packs for zen. They are too expensive to justify their price. What do u think i should get ? Its really hard for DC.

        • December 7, 2016 at 1:31 pm

          Well the 15% crit severity I have from the two companions actually helps me with heals as if I crit with the heals (I got like a measly 50%+ crit chance) when that happens, the crit severity helps alot to make the heals even stronger & as righteous, that’s a big help.

          As for what else you said here, you do got a point & I’ve said this multiple times, it’s pretty hard for a cleric to get 5 excellent companions and be like (Wow, I’m totally satisfied with what I have). Maybe pure dps clerics, they have an easier time with companions but for the support types, it’s a bit hard.

          You seem to have the sellsword, so for sure, get that sellsword up to level 30 so it can use the debuff ability is has called *Consumed by battle* which gives out a 10% debuff (Meaning 10% more dmg for you & your mates on targets hit by the sellsword so you actually have to have the sellsword summoned for this ability) So to me, based on what you said here

          Summoned companion – Sellsword (At least have it leveled up to level 30 so it can use the debuff ability)

          Rest of companions – Polar Bear, young yeti & probably make the investment as Jojo said for those packs because it’s really worth it in the long run, especially how as he said, you can use the packs on all your toons if you play several characters. So the remaining two slots, it will be good if you can that Deva champion & maybe a sprite but I must say myself, what I hate about the sprite as I’ve consistently said to people, the fact that it upgrades so poorly. Like you barely get a big gain of AP from those upgrades which is truly disappointing.

          So if you think the zen sprite/deva champion is still out of your reach, then settle for those cheap ice/flame sprites

          • kjouda
            December 8, 2016 at 3:01 am

            Man you do know how much it costs to upgrade the sellsword ofcourse right ? 1 million and 50k AD. What companion deserves 1 million AD ? If Im making this my active I have to go purple. Cause I have a purple deva already.

            What do u mean by packs can be used on all ur characters ? U mean I will get 3 packs for the price of one ? Since I have 3 characters.

            I will definitely do my best to get the champion deva. Its the best. I just need a fair price

          • December 8, 2016 at 2:52 pm

            Ok, going to try to answer the different posts you have here so firstly,

            Seems you actually figured out the pricing on the upgrades of companions as technically, you don’t need to have the sellsword on legendary if you really don’t want too (Remember, having a companion on leg gives you that leg bonus but if you really don’t care about that, you’re fine in that sense.

            Secondly, yep, what jojo told you, is basically this. Say you buy a SW pack, you get a companion called ‘Erinyes of Belial’, the crit severity companion. You can actually claim this companion on every single character you currently have/ever make if you add more character slots & this works with all of those class packs, so when you buy the DC pack, the deva champion will be able to claim on all your toons but as you said, you have a CW, the DC’s deva champion won’t benefit that CW but nevertheless, it’s still a solid option but if you still feel it’s not good, you may have to invest in those sprites that provide AP gain. (Note here, upgrading the ice/flame sprites to epic to me is the only worth of it so if you go down this path, you gotta have them on epic which will be like 500k each.)

            Thirdly, when you get those companions from the class packs, you know, SW, DC, GF, etc, those companions don’t come with bonding stones & as well the companions when you claim them on each toon on your account, it will be character bound to each toon so no profit to be made there

            I saw your point with the crit severity & as mentioned to you, I feel like you need to go with the sprites in my view.

            Finally, I think I didn’t miss out anything leading up to this so the last thing to answer to you is the sellsword is excellent activating bondings, for sure as it does three strikes so it constantly keeps it up (And if I didn’t mention here or you didn’t see in the guide, the Sellsword’s debuff is AoE, the third strike it does, when it lands, gives a 10% debuff & that attack has a nice range when all the mobs are around so alot of targets can get the 10% debuff.

          • kjouda
            December 8, 2016 at 3:06 am

            So I will get 3 bonding stones and 3 companions that I can resell or are they all bound ?!

            Also I dont have a problem with heals at all I always have my bastion on so severity is not gonna matter to me cause I almost always fill any bar withjust 2 empower stacks. I’m following ur build strictly and its powerful enough that I dont see a point in severity especially when companions r so expensive

        • kjouda
          December 8, 2016 at 3:43 am

          Wow I just figured out that I have completely screwed up my upgrade calculations. 50k for green 250k for blue and blue is rank 30.
          So 300k. I will definitely do this. Thanks

          Sellsword will be my main. Is it good at activating bonding stones though ? cause Thats the reason I got young yeti. Plus its cute.

          This leaves me 1 final slot. Should be the deva if I ever get a fair price

  • Jojo
    December 7, 2016 at 9:28 am

    The advantage of those packages is, that you can use them on all of your chars. So if you activly play with several characters, it might be worth the investment. U only get one bag tho and stil need to upgrade the companions toepic wich is pretty expensive.
    I’ve also seen that you can get a sprite in the winter festival, which could be a cheap option.

    • kjouda
      December 8, 2016 at 3:24 am

      I have a CW and a DC
      I dont see a pack that benefits both.

      • December 19, 2016 at 7:02 pm

        Those Booster packs only really have one thing of any real value or use – the free Companion. And that’s usually only really a good deal if you have several characters, as the Zen cost is divided by the number of characters, just like the cost of Zen Market Epic Mounts. I have 21 characters, so, 3500 Zen, 1750 in a 50% off mount sale…

        The actual gear in the Booster packs is pretty garbage, even on a rank 5 character. But they do have a Greater Bag of Holding, claimable by ONE character per account only, that you can sell on the AH if you never equip it.

        There are probably better companions directly from the Zen Market, which also come with a Lesser Bonding rune, IIRC, but they will cost a lot more. The ones in the Booster Packs and the Paranoid Delusion that comes free with 6 months VIP have no bonding rune. But Zen Market companions are a one-shot deal, claimable once only, and have no GBoH. Even better ones can be had rarely from special events. Or, as you are saying, get a Grey Quality one for a few gold and upgrade it.

        I was looking at the different Booster Packs to write up some notes for my Guild, to see how many Booster Pack Companions are worth getting for dps classes, Tank classes etc. This depends mostly on Active Bonus, whether they have Pow, Crit, ArPen as stats vs Max hp, Defence, Deflect etc, how many Offensive vs Defensive rune slots they have and if they have a fast AoE attack. Each hit on a mob can proc the bondings, but speed of attack does not matter now as they changed the way they work.

        The only pack I ever bought was the SW one in a sale. That’s because the Critical Severity of the Erinyes is useful for most classes, even Healers, as healing spells can crit as well, and even solo Healers need to kill things to progress.

        I was also hoping that the Erinyes as Summoned Companion would help my poor old Mod 6 Hellbringer Fury build survive IWD better. Sadly, not so. It just died a lot, even with Loyal Avenger gear and R10 enchants on it. But then Mod 10 finally made my SW HB Fury as powerful as she SHOULD have been all along, a lot less laggy, a lot less spongy, a lot less unresponsive and a lot less gimped. And my build is very similar to Fernu and Sharpedge’s build! So I still use the free Ioun of Radiance all my characters get from a free Arc promo from 2014. Except my DO DC. I bought an Ioun of Allure for him, as I like the idea of a 10% chance to cause a Slow effect on enemies.


  • kjouda
    December 8, 2016 at 3:49 pm

    Thanks for ur detailed answer. U havent missed anything.
    I will do the sellsword. I actually like the companion itself so I will be happy with it more than any other. I was just too stupid not to upgrade it earlier. I keep missing the upgrade price just like u saw :p

    I now have 1 last slot that contains the con artist *white*. I will not upgrade this so I’ll just keep it at that until further. There r other better places to spend the money on right now. Obviously bonding runes. And Im not dropping the astral deva I just bought. Its purple at 200k. Next day I checked it the blue was 250k so I think I got a great price. Sprites r too expensive so I doubt I’ll ever get one. Their bonus isnt that big of a deal cause once I build my character better Im gonna have much better AP gain so sprite will not be a difference. I can get 2 greater bondings with this price. Or a symbol of fire artifact and keep some change

    Ur build is just amazing as it is actually even without companions :p Im at 2500 now and ppl love me so much that they let me do tiamat and CN at 2300. I dont even have artifact weapons yet

    My cw is 2800 and nobody wants it. I spend more time with the DC now but AD priority goes to cw at the end :/

    One last thing I just remembered. U recommend a full set DF armor. 3 restoration and 1 raid boots. Df raid boots give 900+ critical and 600+ power. While the restoration gives 900+ power and 600+ recovery did u just missed the name ? Why did u choose raid over restoration ?

    Also why not just take 3 pieces of DF and get 1 piece of a different armor since DF bonus only requires 3 parts. U can get a drowcraft piece for the 10% demon dmg resistance. Isnt it better ?

    I currently have a full restoration DF set but I think replacing the chest piece with a drowcraft is better. Drow chest offers power as main and critical as secondary. DF chest offers recovery as main and critical as secondary. But drowcraft still offers a 10% demon resistance. What do u think ? I also have the lvl 5 ice forge on my CW so I can get elemental

    • December 8, 2016 at 9:54 pm

      Ah I understand, well you’re def right, you can indeed get the bondings or the symbol of fire first but I’ll recommend to you, if you have to choose, def bondings first. You’ll benefit more in the long run with greater bondings and building them up of course to higher ranks

      And really great to hear the build works for you man ^_^. As for your CW, well CW’s, if specced right are just as beautiful as having a buff DC. If you really learn/understand how to play a Master of Flame CW, you’ll easily be a buff monster as well on the CW & well appreciated by people who know what a MoF CW brings, but unfortunately most players who really prefer will rather your CW doing high dmg output than actually be a big help to the group by buffing/debuffing big time on a MoF CW.

      As for that last thing you’re asking, I just wanted the perfect balance between power/recovery & having some sort of crit to help with the whole fact that if I’m having to heal as well in the group, that little crit chance helps with the crit severity companion I have. Not a high crit build of course but I always believed that this type of righteous support, you need a fair crit chance, that’s why I tell people if you see yourself ending up somewhere between 30-35% you’re good, if you’re lower than that, at least 28% for the very, very least.

      And ah, that’s one thing I must say, I didn’t like about the DF chest, the recovery is fine, but that crit and recovery tho. I would have loved if it was like the Lighttender’s restoration chest piece which that chest piece is power/recovery, excellent. But with what you’re saying, I personally don’t find the 10% dr against Demons is so great but outside of that the stats on it, especially elemental is good so you can either go for elemental drowcraft or if you think you don’t need that, you can go with elven restoration (if you need power/recovery)

      I see that you said you have the lvl 5 ice forge on your CW, do you have it on your DC as well?. Because I don’t think (can’t confirm) that you can like get the drowcraft on your DC, then send it to your CW to get it to elemental. I think your DC has to have the ice forge on 5 as well but I’m not 100% sure.

      • kjouda
        December 10, 2016 at 5:47 am

        I’ve had 31% critical since I was 2000 GS. Just from picking the armor pieces u suggested. u will have 30% by default. I dont even have any azures or bonding yet. Every single slot I have has a radiant. Except utility. Every upgrade I make goes to power and recovery. Which is why I want symbol of fire so bad.

        Im gonna kill myself if I cant make elemental for my DC on my CW. I have spent so much and long to upgrade it. 1 unified element costs 45K ad on PS4 !

        They didnt mention anything about this in the game or the wiki. The base items are account bound so they should stay so. There is no sane person thats gonna upgrade professions on each character he wants to get elemental for.

        • December 19, 2016 at 6:24 pm


          No, you can’t, sadly. Your CW can upgrade only CW gear.

          With Black Ice Shaping, you can upgrade gear only for your own class, so you have to rank it up on the DC character if you want to make upgraded Elemental DC gear. Just like you have to run the Zones to get the Boons for the DC. The first 3 ranks come from the Icewind Dale campaign tree, of course.

          They don’t tell you a lot of important details in tool tips and the Wiki, because Craptrick seem to prefer to lay Traps for the Unwary everywhere. Like, if you have BtA gear you like to share, never slot an Overload Enchant, or the gear becomes Bound to Character. Also, never Transmute a Weapon set that you share with 2 or more DCs, GFs etc, or the same thing happens.

          You can craft Elemental Aggregates and Unified Elements with Alchemy. I have one DC with 24 Grandmaster Alchemists making them in six slots atm, but I have a lot of characters, at least 2 of each class, and want to upgrade Black Ice Forge to Rank V on one of each class. Any Elemental Earth, Air, Fire and Water they pick up gets mailed to my Grandmaster Alchemist character.

          But if you wait for a Double Professions Event, it costs half as much in Black Ice and Unified Elements to unlock Rank IV and V of the Black Ice Forge.

          As for binding status, it’s weird and varies:

          The Black Ice gear is BtA but becomes BoP when you upgrade it, so you can buy it with any class and for any class, but only upgrade it with the class it’s designed for, and then it’s BoP.

          The epic stuff you can buy with Seals is BoP, but becomes BtA when you upgrade it, but again it can only be upgraded for that class, otherwise it’s just bound Salvage.

          The Blue stuff you can buy with Seals is BtA, but I’ve never upgraded it so I don’t remember if that becomes BoP, becomes BoE or stays BtA. I *think* it stays BtA, but that BtA Elemental Elven stuff drops in Temple of Tiamat anyway, if you win.

          Drowcraft is BtA and remains BtA when upgraded.

          Dusk is BtA but cannot be upgraded at all.

          I think Frostborn cannot be upgraded at all, but I *think* Warborn can be, but check your recipes. Warborn is for PvP, anyway.

          The Rings you make with Jewelcrafting are BoE, but if you upgrade them to 2-Slot Personalised Rings, they become BoP. So you cannot make them and sell them on AH, or even make them and put them in the Shared Bank Slots for another character to use.

          But you can upgrade Black Ice Forge to rank IV and V during Double Professions XP for half the black ice and half the Unified Elements (rounded up: 5 instead of 10 and 3 instead of 5), and you can farm everything and never need to actually spend a single AD, except maybe for Epic Tools and Epic craftsmen.


          • mr.J
            December 20, 2016 at 4:00 pm

            Noway Im going through that shitty icewindale campaign ever again. I will get the lighttender gear so No need to upgrade dragonflight. Thnx for mentioning the half cost thing thought I might use it for another profession

          • December 21, 2016 at 12:47 am

            @ MrJ
            I think that’s a bit of a short-sighted attitude, but there you go. If that’s how you prefer to play (Gimped), go for it.

            A feat that gives you +400 power might not sound like much, but they add up. And +400 power is like a Rank 10 Radiant Enchant.

            Plus, for a DC, the Rank IV IWD Feat that increases your power by up to +2000 as your Stamina drops is useful, as you can skid around constantly and buff your damage and healing as you dodge.

            Couple this with the Gladiator’s Guile mount Insignia Bonus, and maybe throw in a Trans Elven Battle enchant…

            I like the IWD zone and it takes about 1 hour a day for 18 days to get Rep 350, instead of 35 days, nothing costs AD to unlock anymore and the artifacts now cost 100k instead of 250k each. So I’m laughing!

            And doing the dailies for the Demon Hunter not only get you Double IWD currencies and Caer Konig Rep, you also get Underdark currencies and salvage rings from the Demonic Encounters.

            Plus, it’s another 4500 AD weekly for the next Double AD event.

            I have Rank V Black Ice forge on one DC, one SW, one GF, Rank II on a CW (which will be Rank V this weekend) and Rank III on many characters, and Rank I on my HRs and TRs, which I don’t play as much.

            But if you want to upgrade your DC gear, you’ll have to do it.

            So, good luck with the fishing!


  • mr.J
    December 18, 2016 at 10:33 am

    Does the blessing of battle buff work on all enemies or just the enemy u hit with it ? The power buff and defense

    • December 19, 2016 at 6:32 pm

      It’s a buff, not a debuff, so it affects your allies, not the enemy.

      Every ally within a certain radius of you when you cast Blessings of Battle will get the defence buff.

      Check out the casting animations. As you cast, you move one hand to your side: that’s the Blessing being cast on your allies. THEN you shoot with the damage portion from your Holy Symbol. THAT’S what damages the enemy.

      If you have the Battle Fervour feat from the Virtuous Path, you will also grant allies within range 15% of your Power.

      That’s why my AC DCs get right into melee really close, as Anointed Army makes them almost immune to 4 hits and buffs their power by another 41% or so.


      • mr.J
        December 20, 2016 at 3:45 pm

        I know all that. What I’m asking is, why did they make it a targeted power if its a buff against all enemies ? Why didnt they make it like anoited army ?

        • December 21, 2016 at 12:28 am

          I’m not sure you do, especially if you are relying only on Craptrick’s Tool Tips.

          Blessing of Battle is a two-component At Will, a minor defence buff on allies and the radiant damage the DC does against the target. The enemy target does not matter, except for the radiant damage part.

          “Blessing of Battle: As you prepare to strike your target, you bless nearby allies and yourself with a minor defensive prayer that reduces incoming damage.”

          The allies must be within a certain radius of YOU, not within a certain radius of the enemy you attack. Healing from damage spell Crits, like with Repurpose Soul, DOES depend on the allies being within a certain radius of the enemy you hit. BoB does not work like that.

          Battle Fervour is a feat that gifts 15% of your Power to allies when you cast Blessings of Battle. The Power buff is not part of the At Will itself, without the feat.

          “Battle Fervor: Blessing of Battle’s *BUFF* now also increases affected target’s Power by 3/6/9/12/15% of your Power.”

          The “affected target’s Power” refers to any ally within range of you that gets the BUFF when you use the At Will. It does not mean the enemy target of your damage.

          They mean the ally “target” affected by the BUFF, not the enemy target hit by the radiant damage portion of the spell. It IS poorly worded. Maybe this is all that’s confusing you?

          The power and defence buff affects every ally within range of you, so the target you hit is irrelevant. It’s how close your allies are to YOU when you cast it.

          If you cast Blessings of Battle and have Battle Fervour feated, you can attack any enemy you want, *I* will get the power and defence buff *IF* I am within range of YOU when you cast it.

          As it is a BUFF, to *ME*, and not a DEBUFF to the *ENEMY*, it does not matter which target you or I attack. Often, we will all be attacking the Boss, as Bosses do not spawn endless summons like they used to, but a defence buff and power buff affects ME, not the enemy. Otherwise it would not be a Defence buff to ME, it would be a Damage Debuff to the targeted enemy and would affect its damage against ALL allies, not just those close enough to you to get the BUFF when you cast Blessing of Battle.

          Of course, it could turn out that the way it works is actually completely different and it might actually damage debuff only the enemy you hit with BoB, but if that were the case I’m sure Theory Crafter Gurus like Sharpedge would have already posted about that somewhere.

          By the way, none of my ACs have Ancient Warding feated and none of them use Anointed Action anymore.

          a) The heal for 3% of Max hp is negligible. It was OK back in Mod 2 (when it was 5%, IIRC), but I don’t think it matters anymore.

          b) The 5% of Action Points when Anointed Army wears off seems to be broken, so no one gets it. I gift so much APG anyway, I think it’s a waste of 5 feat points.

          c) Anointed Action is not procced by casting Anointed Army anyway, by all accounts, so I never get the increased damage or reduced incoming damage. So there’s no point in having it’s duration increased by a paltry 20%, especially as I can have Anointed Army up 100% anyway. If the Daily procced Anointed Action at all, it would be a decent passive and would not need a duration buff, but as it never procs at all for me anyway…

          I think the only use for Anointed Action for an AC DC is if you have a Mythic Sigil of the Devoted, cast Hallowed Ground, hit the Artifact and cast Anointed Army 15 seconds later, before HG wears off. But my main AC DC does not have it at Mythic (it’s been Ready to Upgrade for months) as she has such ferocious recharge and APG she does not need it and the Mythic Tiamat artifact is more useful for the Stun and proccing my Insignia bonuses.


          • mr.J
            December 21, 2016 at 10:57 am

            Ppl dont use AA for its heal or for its action gain. Its only used for the 4 immunity hits especially when most of the time u r playing with high gear dps that just wanna fast run. So they dont really need anymore damage buff they just need protection. Thats the main reason of it. I used to use hallowed ground often that I forgot the AA. When I remembered it I just rarely use hallowed ground anymore cause its crap in comparison in real applications like orcus or in chaotic 1000 crowded enemies around u battles but whatever each has his own style.

            The main subject is the blessings:

            I dont know how to explain to u its truly hard on me that u put all the effort into writting this but its not helping much cause really its not what I’m asking. A little part of it is close to what I need actually but its still not assured. U’r telling me about other irrelevant feats and bonuses and what they do and whats an ally and whats an enemy. I know all of that. I know its a buff for me and my allies. I know the enemy is not affected.

            My question is very simple I dont know how to rephrase it. Do these buffs (def/power) THAT I GIVE MY ALLIES CLOSE TO ME apply on them against all the enemies or JUST the enemy I chose to hit ? The defenese from incoming attacks that my ppl get. Is it the incoming attacks from anythung or just the target I chose ? Same for power.

            Was this clear enough ?
            I dont know how to explain this again.
            It is poorly worded on the stupid tooltip but what can I do ? Thats why Im asking here. I’m not smart enough to figure it out myself like these technical ppl do but at least I can smell the weird stuff :p

            I have a CW main so thats where all my resources and campaigns are. I dont spend much money on the sad DC although I spend most of my time on him recently. He’s gonna get some love soon

          • December 23, 2016 at 2:54 pm

            What a discussion y’all had here, I’m trying to re-read it to catch up as I haven’t been around for the last 6-8 days due to a pc problem and how busy it can be during the soon to be Christmas period. Contractions is def right about the wording of tooltips. This game has been notoriously bad/suspect with tooltips for a while now so actually it can easily confuse a person to not understand stuff. The anointed action part of this convo, that’s my main knock on it. Even when over a year+ ago when I was a hardcore pvper, it never worked with Anointed Army, which sucked so bad so there were times, in situations I had to slot and use Divine Armor.

            (I’ll be gone again for a while, most people outside of my guild will probably see me more around the new year)

        • February 8, 2017 at 12:07 am


          I haven’t been here for a over a month and I am not sure if you are trolling or have some learning disability, but I have answered your question several times in every reply I have made, and also explained WHY it is that way.

          An AoE BUFF on your party within the radius has nothing all to do with what they attack. The buff applies to anything they attack because it is a buff on the individual party members. It is not a debuff on the monster and it is not a buff on an area on the ground, it is a buff on every character in the area when it is cast, and the buff persists if they run away, until it expires.

          A single-target DEBUFF on the enemy is what is affected by what they attack. If they attack a monster that has not been debuffed, there is no debuff on that monster.

          I can think of nothing else to suggest, except perhaps that you get some remedial treatment for your exceptionally poor comprehension skills.

          And AA, at least at high level, is used primarily for the POWER buff, as adding, say, 24,000 Power to every one affected increases their dps by another additive +60%. So a dps character will go from 140% to 200% damage bonus, without Crits.

          The four hit immunity is very useful, particularly at lower gear level, but it’s very easy to get hit 4 times by trash mobs, which is why you want TRs to Smoke Bomb them, HRs to Root them and CWs to Freeze them or bind them with Singularity, and NO ONE to scatter them. A DC can try Chaining them as well, but it’s not as effective as the HR power that also drags them together in a lump. Blue Chains of Blazing Light is most useful for regaining 100% Action points very, very quickly.

          OP Lagadins and their low, low damage Relentless Avenger, DCs with Sunburst and noob GFs with Bull Charge are the bane of every Tiamat run.


  • mr.J
    December 26, 2016 at 2:47 pm

    Best build ever made !!

    I get DPS confused about their numbers and they start asking me what foul sorcery I’m doing when I’m still 2500 ! Imagine what will happen when I get to my full potential !

    Seriously dont follow any other build just copy this.

    I just hope from the creator to have a new look at it and see if things should be changed cause I’ve seen other ppl saying some feats are bugged and stuff so please review it

  • Jojo
    December 31, 2016 at 8:43 am

    Hi Jarek
    Once again i request your valuable time 😉
    Since i got Lillend in the current event i was wondering how it works and if it has any use.
    Does it really heal allies for only 2% with a 30sec cooldown? Seems pretty useless…
    Happy New year to my fellow DCs!

    • January 4, 2017 at 2:02 pm

      Hey there, sorry for the late response as I was so busy lately, about the lillend, I was testing that among companions as actives when the bonding changes came about sometime last year and I can’t tell you enough how disappointing this companion was. Yea, don’t bother with it as a summoned or even an active

      • Jojo
        January 6, 2017 at 7:54 pm

        Yeah might take the chicken instead until i get something better for my last active slot. Thank you anyway 🙂

  • Auric
    January 10, 2017 at 2:55 am

    First of all, this is outstanding. Several of my guildies pointed me to this, including our best DC.

    I guess I’m coming at this from a different perspective than most of you – that of a relatively new player. By way of background, I just started playing the game end of November and just got my first toon (a DC) to 70 (yes, I’m a slow leveller). I DPSd my way through 1-69 and used this guide to respec, having only one boon to my name (the first in Elemental Evil). Got myself to just over iLevel 2000 (also using this guide) and ran eToS for my first epic dungeon. With a few rather nasty hiccups early, it went pretty smoothly despite none of the group having high-end gear.

    There seems to be a pretty-well educated group of DCs responding in the comments, so I figured this would be as good a spot as any to ask a few questions:

    1) The group I ran with wasn’t top-end geared, so I quickly realized trying to do any offense at all was a deadly mistake. I re-arranged my toolbar with Divine Glow, Bastion of Health, and (because I was familiar with it from early soloing) Healing Word (yeah, I know). I figure Astral Shield would be a logical third choice, but what about Exaltation? Keeping the tank alive was the big part of my problem, so I figure targeting him with Exaltation would be tailor-made for that kind of situation. Any thoughts on this in light of the above build?

    2) I seem to have a severe artifact problem (having only one L70). The only artifact I have that’s worth anything is the Sigil of the Devoted refined to Epic rank 79 during the recent double RP event. Considering how long it’s taking me to earn AD, I’m wondering if the most efficient way for me to get viable artifacts is to get a HR and CW to 60 and run Vault of the Nine with each of them just to get their class artifacts.

    I’m still picking apart the nuances of this guide since there’s a lot here. I learned a ton not only from the build itself but also the comments below it. Thanks so much.

    • January 11, 2017 at 4:35 pm

      Even the best healer won’t be able to pull just anyone through a dungeon. I suspect that your cast order wasn’t so much the issue as it was the gear of the other players. I run an AC/DC as well. I run seal and blessing as at wills, chains, divine glow or break the spirit (dg for groups that need a little extra help or are taking damage often) and bastion for clutch heals. Your dailies can also be a life saver. Anointed Army is super helpful on trash mobs that are swarming and hitting everyone and hollowed ground for when the group can settle into a dps burn. Exaltation is great for a dps and dr buff but you could hit shield (fully empowered) and then have bastion as clutch. If your tank can’t stay up in eToS then he has no business dps’ing, focus on enhancing damage reduction.

      As far as artifacts go, you can level up other toons and then claim their sigils but remember later on when you find the artifact of your dreams you won’t be able to use that class artifact to help level it up. Keep doing your campaigns and running dungeons, you will get artifacts.


      • Jojo
        January 13, 2017 at 9:22 am

        you also have to keep in mind that this build won’t make you the best healer, but a great buffer. as long as you have to slot 3 healing abilities you won’t be able to use your buffing potential either. also most of your buffs rely on powershare, so with low basepower you won’t provide much to your team. for low IL players a faithful build with a little virtuous is working better.
        i would still recommend you to stay righteous until you finished your campaigns tho since questing becomes really slow as clean heal.

        • January 25, 2017 at 10:14 pm

          I like the answers here actually. Well for my own view, well I actually carry thru alot of the weaker groups thru the t1’s and t2’s, and CN, I just use divine glow, break the spirit and chains (Sometimes Astral shield depending) but I think it’s because now a days, I’m completed in terms of my cleric. I got everything I actually needed in terms of enchantments etc.

          But for my opinion here on what to do, these guys are right and also, others actually try 26 points in virt, then 15 in righteous, up to Weapons of Light.

    • February 8, 2017 at 1:13 am

      In Epic Dungeons, most deaths are from one-shots, and we cannot heal Instant Death. Tanks need to know when to hold up their Shield.

      But Bastion is good for the heal and HoT, but mostly (for me) for the APG and its gift from Gift of Haste in Virtuous. A little slow to cast, though.

      Slotting for dps in a very weak dungeon group is never a good idea, except that you do need to proc some DoT damage for the Righteous Feats to trigger. Break the Spirit is my Encounter of choice for that, as well as the buff when Empowered, but it only applies once. Two AC DCs using it is a waste as they don’t stack.

      But, just as we cannot heal Stupid, we cannot Buff parties that have very little to buff. They need to have a decent build, gear, power level and use their best ability combos as well.

      In Mods 2 to 4, before the very extensive rework of the DC and TR, when my Tiefling Righteous/Virtuous AC DC was mostly the old Faithful tree, I used Exaltation and the feat for it a lot.

      Exaltation affects only the DC and the party member single target, but it IS a very good buff on the Tank, if you can target him. You’ll need to practice different encounters with a group of friends in dungeons. Or maybe a tough Stronghold Encounter, for the practice?

      I especially remember many times when the GF and I in PvP survived and killed the more powerful TR, GWF or CW, even though the Tank got down to 10% Max hp several times, I could heal him up and do damage from something like Div Glow, buff his Power and heal and buff him with Exaltation and its Feat and Divinity Mode etc, and the feat buffed my healing and both our DR and dps. So it is VERY good for a Two Man set up.

      These days, my Virtuous/Faithful Halfling AC DC has Exaltation plus the Feat, and it is very good, say, in Biggrin’s Tomb to buff a weak tank when there is just the two of us. Even most non-Conqueror Tanks do at least triple the dps of my Halfling. But she is made of Titanium!

      In dungeon groups, the problem is being able to target the Tank and hit him with it. The most annoying thing about NW combat is when I am trying to finish off a demon or something, the game makes me turn and target a more powerful or less damaged enemy. So the “almost dead” monster is still nickle and diming me and might then drink a potion! Same in some CTAs etc, when I try to kill the shaman and controllers and I keep being forced to shoot at the dragon.

      The same thing can happen in a group with targeting Exaltation from range. You can hit the badly damaged TR instead, when what they need to do is Tumble away and go into Stealth and heal themselves. The Tank we cannot lose. So, you need to be up close and right behind the Tank.

      Luckily, all my AC DCs are tanky enough for that.

      So, depending on party composition and strength, with a weak party:

      Astral Seal, Blessings of Battle
      Exaltation, Divine Glow/Bastion of Health, Astral Shield,
      Hallowed Ground, DC Sigil, Anointed Army

      might help. This provides various defence/dps buffs and heals. But you won’t be proccing any Righteous Feat dps buffs unless you Crit with damage, and without the Feat for Exaltation, you do not get the healing buff etc from casting it.

      But you can cast each in Divinity and then an empowered Exaltation on the Tank and the other two in normal mode. As long as your Recovery/APG is decent, you should be able to keep these up most of the time.

      It won’t be as good as a Virtuous/Faithful character, but won’t be too shabby.

      My Tiefling Righteous/Virtuous AC DC gets full Divinity from 3 shots of BoB, with +35% Divine power from Bountiful Fortune and Divine Fortune.

      My Halfling Virtuous/Faithful AC DC gets full Divinity from TWO shots of BoB, as she has +60% Divine Power gain as she has Gift of the Gods from Faithful as well

      One caveat: Exaltation does not give you that much APG. But it used to grant NONE back in the day. So at least there’s a slight improvement now.

      Astral Shield also grants you no Action points, but if the tank is dying…

      Div Glow grants me most Action Points, followed by Bastion. And that is important for keeping up AA 100%

  • Jojo
    January 10, 2017 at 7:53 am

    i’ve got one more question. what’s up with geas?! i’ve tried devine geas on the 2nd boss in demo and it really worked. a friend of mine told me it’s also working greatly with the final boss in fbi. i’m not a fan of exploits so could you please tell me if it’s wai that bosses don’t have cc immunity against it.

    • January 11, 2017 at 4:38 pm

      Interested in hearing more. Since the spell only “mezzes” until something like 500% of your weapon damage is done, I would imagine that the very next hit from one of your team would waken it. Am I missing something? Curious here.

      • Jojo
        January 13, 2017 at 9:11 am

        in divinity it fixates the target for 6 secs and it seams to work on bosses (at least on PS4). Heard it’s fixed in mod 10.5 tho.

  • January 18, 2017 at 3:10 pm

    Jarek, you recomend the new mod 10.5 weapon, the Lightender set? I´m using the Twisted set(it´s legendary), and will be a fucking work to restore the relics. My DC is 3400, and my build it´s almost the same of yours. I would like to ask to you put some coments in your next update about the new weapons and armors of 10.5 MOD. Thanks!

  • January 25, 2017 at 10:08 pm

    Hey guys, I came to comment here specifically to give an update on myself. Sometime in February, I’ll be updating the guide again, you know updates on gear and the recent changes and that will be my last update until they do a rework on the DC, so stay tuned (PS, I also got a new gpu, so hopefully, if I can find out a good recording method, I can record as well) Sorry for the inactivity people, just how it is when you’re busy in real life with work, business and other things.

  • z00se
    January 27, 2017 at 7:26 pm

    Hi Jarek. First off love the build. Thanks for all your time and hard work in writing this up. Could you comment on the following bug list and how it effects your build?

    • Jojo
      January 28, 2017 at 8:01 pm

      Ty for the info
      i’m not experienced with devine oracle, so i can’t say anything about those bugs.
      about the other points:
      4) might only be useful if you use flamestrike for questing then…
      7 & 8) seams better to put those points somewhere else then, but the other options aren’t that good either
      9) already noticed… sadly… would’ve been great
      11) still a decent option… not great but quite well
      12 & 13) only affects you if you chain up your ap, if you use devin glow instead to get empowered you still need it. really depends on your personal rotation.
      14) only used in special occasions anyway.
      15) the increased duration is still really useful.
      17 & 18) really overpowered but only benefits us.
      hope they fix the dc soon… we’re half overpowered half handicapped by all those bugs

  • Mel the Marvelous
    January 30, 2017 at 6:10 am

    I’ve been using this build shortly after respecing from a full heal build and have been working my gear for the past months on PS4 and I cannot tell you how many friend requests and questions I get about it. Anytime anyone asks me about it I point straight this way and they never come back disappointed. Great job man keep the updates rolling! 🙂

    • February 1, 2017 at 8:27 pm

      Thanks alot man, I really appreciate the words. I actually just made updates today to it, all over actually, including the build itself so now it should be even a better read, hopefully. Just more or less making better suggestions for people.

  • Dana
    January 31, 2017 at 9:57 pm

    Hey there. I am realitively new to level 70 & have been using your guide since lvl 1. It’s awesome & thank you. ? Now my question is, what is your suggestion on rotation/what to have slotted during dragonflight. My guild is lower leveled & a lot of our 70’s aren’t geared well yet so we’re very squishy. We lack dps & only have one D.C. (Me). We’re quite Tammy. 🙂 At this point, our goal is to kill the red dragon. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks ?
    Verity & the flintstones guild

    • February 1, 2017 at 5:04 pm

      hey there, I think I actually answered you in a personal mail yesterday. If you didn’t see, basically, as it’s just red dragon and it’s not much of y’all and there’s a lack of dps, there’s alot into play to suggest to you. Firstly, to understand this more now, You probably should slot Divine glow, Astral Shield, Bastion if they’re that squishy and do your best to keep up Anointed army, or in that instance since it’s a lack of dps, Hallowed Ground might be better for y’all in that situation. And as well, remember, it’s a whole team effort so they’ll have to do their part to especially assigned your ranged dps to look out for empowerers as if you leave empowerers up for too long, it gives the dragon more damage so that’s key to kill the empowerers and as well to be alert of the dragon’s red spots on the ground that summons a rain of fire. You have 10 mins to play with for that red dragon so it’s just to be smart, efficient and so on

  • February 1, 2017 at 10:10 pm

    Alright y’all, I updated the guide for the first time this year, you’ll see a difference in the build among alot of other things (Nothing some didn’t know before and you’ll see my explanation with the so called ‘new build’. also uploaded a video guide as well and a soon to be power tree guide is coming so subscribe to my youtube page to keep updated whenever I decide to upload anything.

    Here :-

  • mr.J
    February 7, 2017 at 9:50 pm

    Why is light tender set bis when it gives less power than dragonflight ? Way less cause it takes recovery as main stat and then power. Even at vivified its less power. Let alone elemental dragon flight

    Only the chest piece is worth getting. Other than that I dont see a reason to use it

    • February 7, 2017 at 10:53 pm

      I think you need to recount that

      If we’re strictly counting power from the best Dragonflight pieces, Lighttender will win, and it shouldn’t be a contest. So here we go, the BEST Dragonflight pieces strictly for power/to maximize power :-

      Elemental DragonFlight’s total = Chest piece = 0 power (Both elemental DF’s Restoration and Raid gives no power and the regular version as well, doesn’t), Braces = 974 on elemental, 939 regular (restoration piece gives more than raid) Boots = 974 on elemental, 939 on regular (restoration here as well gives more power than raid) and headpiece = 0 on elemental, 939 on regular (Elemental headpiece gives no power while the regular restoration version, gives 939) so grand total is this (+500 for the 3 piece set bonus)

      Elemental DF = 2448, Regular DF = 3317. That’s the total of the power from each of those if you have all of those specific DF pieces together and yes, that’s the maths for the best pieces together.

      Vivified Lighttender’s Set (The 4 best pieces to get to maximize your power) Vivified Headpiece (Raid) = 1290, Vivified Braces (Restoration) = 1290, Vivified Boots (Raid) = 1290 & Vivified Chest Piece (Restoration) = 2006

      Total of Vivified with the four best pieces from this set that gives you the best power = 5876 power

      So yea, the power difference is there in those sets. There’s no way, if you put together strictly DF gear, it will be better than strictly lighttender’s (Keep in mind, you can empower your lighttender’s set to gain even more power and that’s what I counted, the total power possible to get from everything, fairly in terms of strictly DF gear, elemental DF gear and vivified lighttender’s gear)

      • mr.J
        February 8, 2017 at 4:12 pm

        You r awesome

        I was strictly talking about restoration relic set. Disregarding the raid cause it doesnt give recovery. I dont want to lose recovery for critical. Do u think I should ?

        Second thing, I use surviving wraps (arms) and silk chest from etos. These r power beasts.

  • Bad Cleric
    February 9, 2017 at 8:55 pm

    How much recovery should I have to be able to drop chains of blazing completely off my rotation and still be able to easily have daily up 100% or at least 90% ?

    I dont like it. its bugged with the holy fervor feature, it serves no purpose other than charging the AP. I cant use bastion of health because of this when I I need it so much for healing.
    Since my crit is low so I cant rely on critical healing.

    Also, I used to have strength as my secondary and I respecced to charisma for faster charge. I really dont know if its actually helping alot but I noticed the bad healing cause crit is much lower now. Since I can only get a few silveries just on my companion so I dont know if my recovery can be high enough to achieve the goal in first paragraph.

  • Xia Dewfeather
    February 13, 2017 at 4:43 am

    Hey Jarek… Quick question about artifacts…

    Do you have an opinion on the Token of Chromatic Storm? Is this a viable option for an end game DC? I ask because I have been running it as my main for the artifact power.

    • February 24, 2017 at 1:46 pm

      Hey Xia, well I don’t like it now a days. It used to be overpowered when it scaled with all those buffs and what not, but they fixed that and I find it to be remotely average, just because of how it dropped off from being overpowered to ‘meh’

  • eviltb
    February 17, 2017 at 9:52 pm

    TLDR the comments, but been using your build and just checking updates as you do, you took out Bear your Sins? Even tho its getting fixed in Mod11? Did this get dropped for haste?

    • February 24, 2017 at 1:52 pm

      I think you saw wrong. I didn’t remove bear your sins at all from my build. I mentioned about possibly removing ‘ancient warding’ for ‘astral fury’ in a variation but I don’t recall mentioning removing Bear your sins, especially as it’s fixed

  • Marvin
    March 6, 2017 at 8:08 am

    Hello Jarek,

    I have 2 greater rings of helig on my DC , and have 3 greater rings of dod. Do you think i should go for 6 silvery’s on my companion? ( con artist ). My base recovery is 14k

    • April 3, 2017 at 8:21 pm

      Greater as in the +5?, nice and well in terms of your companion’s offense, if you have bondings, def, with the changes in mod 11, you want to have alot of recovery as that hallowed ground change made AC a whole lot better/fun. So 14k, you’re pretty good and with bondings, you’ll probably be over 20k. I’m currently 15.5k recovery base and like 22k with bonding proccs. My guild has some maths brains and they said about 20k with procs with bondings are perfect for the changes but I’m actually not sure on that note. But to me, seems you already have great recovery. You should test yourself if you’re pc player and see if over 20k really helps you out/it’s perfect

  • March 17, 2017 at 2:45 pm

    Hey Jarek!

    Do you think you will be updating your guide with the new DC changes? Do you think it’s still going to be the best build, or will oracle pull ahead? I haven’t seen any updated guides yet based on preview (Live only came out yesterday). So if you get updates out, you may be the first! =)

    • April 3, 2017 at 8:23 pm

      Yep, updated the stuff today, 2 weeks after as I’m busy with real life stuff in my country and well from what I saw, Oracle is pretty good actually and I’ve tested it myself, it’s just that switching between them both, I still love AC more but DO is def. viable as well now a days. My build, nothing changed much. The changes actually favored my build and suggestions alot

  • Raksika
    March 17, 2017 at 10:15 pm

    2 days expecting your new comments 😉

  • Jojo
    March 19, 2017 at 7:35 am

    i have a qustion regarding normal devine glow. does the debuff go over the 60% armpen cap?

  • Barbara C
    April 6, 2017 at 10:11 pm

    Just curious, I have a holy avenger at perfect. Any reason I shouldn’t continue to use that? 🙂

    • April 13, 2017 at 3:34 pm

      Hey there, well in my view, the enchantment is pretty bad, however….the weapon damage on it can scale recklessly. I did test runs with GWF’s from my guild, the holy crusaders and we saw that the holy avenger (Trans holy) scaled up to 1400% in terms of the weapon dmg which is unreal. But other than that, if we’re talking DC wise, I don’t like the enchantment personally. They need to fix that CD on it for me to ever consider it viable.

  • Mel
    April 7, 2017 at 4:50 pm

    I play on ps4 and I was curious as to the effectiveness in FBI of the Pure Plague fire because I see the extra damage in the log building see the proc show up.

  • Ryan
    April 12, 2017 at 2:13 pm

    What 6 enchantments are you putting on your sellsword companion?

  • Game of Crohn's
    April 13, 2017 at 12:05 am

    With mod 11 out I’m finding the divine oracle path to be more suitable for team buffs/debuffs and anointed champion more suited for haste/HoT. I can’t decide which way I’m going to go haha. I try to avoid being the most used DC build for a different flavor. Any thoughts or tips on how to choose??

    • April 13, 2017 at 3:30 pm

      Well actually with the two builds, DO rocks alot to me in t1’s and t2’s/Castle Never, but the bigger, ‘tougher’ dungeons, AC is better and overall, still is better. Just that DO, I def recommend that tree to those who feel like they can’t get enough recovery/base power for the AC side, since with DO, base power isn’t that important compare to how it is for AC. But that’s my view on the two. I still believe AC is better and I should know, I’ve played both trees recently and DO rocks in lower tier dungeons, AC is better for those tougher runs/raids.

      You said you’re trying to avoid ‘the most used DC build’ so for that reasoning, you’ll have to try DO and specc it properly to your liking. I have ideas on DO builds but I rather people who main DO DC’s give you advice as I’m not trying to steal people’s limelight.

      • Game of Crohn's
        April 15, 2017 at 7:50 pm

        Thank you. That response is great. I have been testing out my righteous DO and it has been melting through t1s and 2s but have yet to get up to svard or plague so I may adjust when I get there. But as for the Prophecy of Doom fix I seem to be using that just as much as Divine Glow. It really is a superb encounter.

  • Game of Crohn's
    April 15, 2017 at 9:32 pm

    Also. If you don’t mind I’d like to hear your opinions/variations for a viable DO DC build. I know you don’t want to steal limelight but I’m interested in hearing all sorts of ideas. The more to think on the merrier 🙂

    • April 17, 2017 at 2:35 pm

      Hey man, well if you give me a few days as this week I’m supposed to go on the test server to take notes on stuff, I can actually specc into my two DO builds I usually try (in terms of support DO builds, not dps type builds) and take pics of the two builds and link it to you here but in a few days tho.

  • Ellilglor
    April 23, 2017 at 3:07 pm

    Just a question unrelated to your build.
    What chestpiece transmute is that and where do I get it?

  • Vidula
    April 25, 2017 at 7:55 am

    Great build. I have been so lost and this gives me a starting place but I do have one questions.

    What dress is that?

  • Vidula
    April 26, 2017 at 2:43 am

    Again, thank you so much for this build. I have some questions and if you have the time maybe you could advise me.

    I am new to the game and about to hit level 70. I will likely build as close to this as I can and strive to get somewhere near where you are.

    i got my relics sorted. Have my companions. Kinda confused about armor but will get there.

    Now, I have spent some money on a bunch of zen. I already did the usual VIP lvl 8 and Wonderous Fortune mount, Character slot etc. The remaning zen I’m converting into some AD to set my character up.

    I’m confused on what I should prioritize though. If you were me what would u focus on first? Companion bonding? Weapon enchant, and stuff like that to get ilvl up?

    Another question. The companion gear you use is from an event, right? I read on the wiki that the event is no longer running. Does this mean it will likely drop out of circulation? It seems like BIS and if it’s going to vanish I’m thinking of getting it while I can, regardless of priorities.

    Thank you so much for your time.

    • April 26, 2017 at 3:35 am

      Hey Vidula, let me see how best I can answer this :-

      1) With the first question I see, in terms of your toon, what I usually advise people to gear up first is the bondings, the enchantments you’ll use in the companion’s gear, then yourself. It’s a long, kinda rough path but it’s worth it in the long haul/bigger picture.

      2) If you’re talking about the loyal avenger gear, I’ll need to update that as it used to be something you had a chance of getting from the game’s gateway on the internet (Only for neverwinter pc players however) from an adventure it had call ‘Sword Coast Adventures’ and due to certain reasons, the gateway got taken down/closed permanently so that gear is no longer available for pc (If you are a console player, you never had it to begin with as gateway was only for pc if I’m not mistaken) so basically, you’ll have to get that adorable gear that comes from the new life lockbox or figure out good pieces of gear to put in as a filler until you get something better. If you’re using the sellsword, that uses a neckpiece, sword knot and belt you’ll have to do the research to see what gear will make sense to put in there as I can’t remember exactly right now offhand what are good substitutes. That’s why some have told me they use the con artist for the two rings as two rings and one talisman to them are easier to obtain which, the rings part, is true, you can get alot of excellent rings around the game from FBI/MSVA/EPIC & NORMAL DEMO & prophecy of madness, throne of dwarven gods, stronghold, t2 dungeons, CN etc. So for this, it’s your research to do to see what’s best suited/easier for you to obtain in terms of companion gear (Not sure if you’re a console or pc player) if you’re pc player, some people still sell the loyal avenger stuff but it’s value is really alot.

      • Vidula
        April 26, 2017 at 3:56 am

        Okay, thanks so much for the recommendations.

        One thing, the gear is available on Pc AH. Do you think it’s BIS as of now? If so I may just grab it.

        Thank you so much for your time.

        • Vidula
          April 26, 2017 at 3:58 am

          I’m sorry I didn’t explain that well, do you feel that the companion gear we are talking about is BIS. I still see some on the auction house.

          • Vidula
            April 26, 2017 at 4:02 am

            Sorry for so many replies but I looked it up and it seems like all that pet gear is from Sword Coast Adventures. The Loyal Avenger Gear is suuuper expensive.

          • April 26, 2017 at 1:14 pm

            It’s alright lol and in terms of your actual question, I do like it the most and believe it’s the bis option, you can go for either loyal avenger or loyal commander, depends on which one appeals to you more (Avenger is power/crit/armpen, commander is power/recovery) and yes, it’s really expensive now a days lol

  • Vidula
    April 30, 2017 at 3:03 pm

    jarek, it’s me again and I have another question.

    Do you have an opinion on the drow set? My guild keeps yelling at me telling me to get it. Though, I’ve just been following your guide and aiming for Elven until I can get the Dragonflight and then go from there.

    • April 30, 2017 at 4:15 pm

      Well to me, elven, dusk and dragonflight will suit you better. The drow set is ok for of course, underdark content but on the whole, not a huge fan of the set, but the smart thing to say is, just watch the stats and go for the ones that make sense to you, cuz I believe it’s easy to obtain and can actually be a good filler until you get something better.

  • May 1, 2017 at 6:34 am

    Hey Jarek,

    Love the guide and have used it for some time now (with a few modifications as I’m a little more power oriented)

    Wondering your opinion and/or if you can give me your thoughts on weapon enchantments. I have quite high power / high recovery and terrible crit (I think I’m roughly 52000 base power, 25000 buffed recovery, 30% buffed crit).

    I’m pretty happy with my build though am struggling on which weapon enchantment to use. Trans Dread (which I currently use) seems less and less great as my crit has gone lower and lower. I’m debating frost but your “double mitigated” sentence has me second guessing myself. Thoughts?

  • May 3, 2017 at 11:06 pm

    Hey there Devlin

    Well thanks for the words for starters and as for your question, basically I haven’t updated that part in a while since the changes. Basically, you should go for the frost as the debuff is actually 10% which was changed in the tooltip a while back but I haven’t changed it on the guide. On level 73 mobs, the debuff is roughly 7.5% and the fact that, along with plague, the frost can pass the 200% cap I believe, then the frost will be a fine choice if you must get rid of the dread and replace it with something as you don’t have much crit anymore.

  • Preacher
    May 10, 2017 at 2:02 pm

    Awesome guide I am an avid purveyor of it, I have a question you now Recommend Frost over Plague Fire can I ask what it’s like in solo content, I quite like my Plague when running solo would I be loosing anything switching to a Transcendent Frost?

    • May 14, 2017 at 3:49 am

      Ah well, I use both in the past in solo content/dailies and well I didn’t see any difference solo content wise. For your party/dungeon runs however, the pure/transcendent frost will be better to use to help your teammates get a bit more damage.

  • A
    May 13, 2017 at 1:07 am

    Hey, what’s the armour transmute you are wearing I the first pic the one with the spikes on the shoulders?

  • Game of Crohns
    May 16, 2017 at 7:23 pm

    Hello Jarek.I run a virtuous haste ACDC and love it but I am torn on which enchantments to use. I want to go Silvery for the recovery to increase my haste and AS uptime but don’t want to skimp out on Power for AA power share so Radiants are ideal too. Not sure if you had any advice? And as for weapon enchant I’ve heard that lightning is really good since the mod 11 buff but I have frost and love it. Worth trying out Lightning or is Frost BiS right now? Also, can you tell me the effects of the frost enchant because I don’t think the tooltip is accurate lol

    • May 17, 2017 at 1:47 pm

      Hey man and well for your questions, I’ll like to know before I actually give input, what’s your recovery number, your recharge speed % and base power. (Your stats without bonding proccs, if you use bondings) If you also do use bondings, when they procc, i’ll like to know what’s your recovery number when procced.

      As for the transcendent lightning, it’s only really BIS for dps classes, certain ones. For a support DC, you want to stay with your frost as the debuff is 10% on the usual lvl 70 mobs and is 7.5% on the tougher lvl 73 mobs and as well, the frost, along with plague can pass the 200% cap. If you’re a pc player, then what the frost currently says on transcendent, is correct.

  • Lillith
    June 13, 2017 at 9:26 pm

    I was looking at getting a new companion, and was wondering what your thoughts were on the jagged dancing blade/if it’s worth slotting it for the defense debuff or if even stacks with the sellswords debuff. Aren’t a ton of viable companions like ya have stated lol

    Also, would the owl be worth it for daily runs? The -25% threat just keeps drawing me towards it.

    I’m on PS4, so 11B is just about to drop, and trying to sort out a few things before then. Thanks in advance!

    • June 14, 2017 at 12:26 am

      Hey there, well to tell you :-

      I remember testing that jagged dancing blade a long while back with my friend @bonnine and it wasn’t worth it really to use. The ability it has doesn’t even stay up long and it barely procs for starters. I can’t remember everything else in the testings but I can tell you it isn’t worth it.

      As for the owl, you’re talking about dailies as in solo stuff?. Honestly, you shouldn’t ever have to use an owl. I see that companion just like the class feat us clerics have called ‘sooth’ as being super useless.

  • Gamingmad
    August 1, 2017 at 3:42 pm

    Are the feats and boons up to date i really like ur build

  • Baus
    August 6, 2017 at 10:49 pm

    Hey Compilments nice guide

    I have a few questions
    1. stat roles why no mentioning of int = rechargspeef

    2 offensslots cruel? Why not radiant all the way to max base power the recovery on comp should suffiece.

    3 companion what about harper .rustmoster. Chicken. Cultist of elemental air

    4and finaly over 50k power wow im scratching right above 40 k but im useing the snail over 4k power mount and my guildbis build out to be 16

    • Baus
      August 7, 2017 at 3:10 am

      I completly forgot to ask
      The new braces have this +1000power bonus if in combat with one enemy and i saw other mechanics similar aswell
      Is that base power?

      • August 7, 2017 at 4:28 am

        I am honestly not 100% sure. I’ve gotten armor pieces from the hunts specifically that when they say those abilities, it has proven to not be base but buffed. Like for instance the ones that say ‘Add 100 power/armpen in combat every 5 seconds and can’t last longer than 2 mins’ those ones are buffed stats, not base. The others, I can’t say as I haven’t gotten those.

    • August 7, 2017 at 5:23 am

      Hey there and well

      1. I didn’t mention that because I’m not a big fan on using ability points of any kind for specifically recharge speed as I believe 1 CHA = 1% recharge speed or even using INT to get it is not worth it as 200 recovery, just 200 equals 1% recharge speed. 200 recovery is easy to get on cleric, you’re better off using the ability points on something of more value like STR as 1 STR = 1% crit chance where 400 critical strike = 1% crit chance.

      2. I try for people to understand a balance with cruels and even radiants and cruels. I myself for special buff groups actually use radiants if people just want buffs alone of that high power but for groups I’m not familiar with or people who isn’t at that high buffage level in terms of grouping, I just simply use my cruels as cruels help with both power and recovery to spam your dailies (Not as much power as radiants of course but it really gives alot of clerics a good balance and mix of being able to share power (Maxed out on cruels and everything will still get you over 40k base at least and like 13-15k recovery)

      3. I’m a sellsword junkie thru thick and thin. Still to me the best companion to have. Sellswords/Con Artist/Rebel mercenary, their ability of that 10% debuff stacks thus making it pretty great especially when multiple people in a party has those. Harper bard to me isn’t as good for buff/debuffs. Good, but not sellsword good. As for the rest, rustmonster, usually the tanks go with that. Some dc’s might not be able to take constant hits. Chicken, an alright choice as an active but I see more tanks going with it and as for the Cultist, not that much of a fan of it personally because of basically whenever it proccs, it will be only for 10 seconds, meh. lol

      4. Well i’ll have to understand what gear, enchantments, artifacts, mount bonuses that you use to get a better understanding if you’re trying to reach closer to 50k. (That power is what you see is what I have when i’m in the buff/debuff groups that want to kill everything super fast as I use all radiants in that instance)

  • Gamingmad
    August 8, 2017 at 1:49 pm

    Are the feats and boons up to date as i seen diffrent feats 1 on ur video and the feats on ur page

    • August 9, 2017 at 11:19 am

      Yea, it’s the same. Remember in my vid as well, I show different options to take, and in these boons, I have different options if you watch carefully (Boons without assassin’s covenant, Boons with Assassin’s Covenant) if that’s what you mean.

      • Gamingmad
        August 9, 2017 at 2:51 pm

        Ime using assasin boon i mean ime using the feats u have on this page are they uptodate

        • August 10, 2017 at 3:02 pm

          Feats as in Heroic and the righteous feats with part virtuous?. If so, then yes, I’m using the same still that’s on this page. If you remember, in my vids, I explained options between the heroic feats with healing action or domain synergy and as well not sure what vid you’re watching but remember I also did a DO loadout so if you saw that, it will be much different to what I have for AC, feats wise at least.

  • Thunder047
    August 11, 2017 at 8:40 am

    Awesome guide! Currently trying to get my cleric dungeon ready with 2xRP on PS4 right now. I was wondering what head piece transmute is that?

    • August 11, 2017 at 2:29 pm

      The one I currently have on my AC’s side I believe is the hood/headpiece you get from the HR’s pack in the zen market. I think it’s called ‘Hood of the wild’ or something to that effect. As mentioned, comes from that HR booster zen pack.

      PS, good luck on double rp to get where you need to be ^_^

  • Alex
    August 14, 2017 at 3:42 pm

    Hi Czar Jarek, thank you for this awesome guide.
    I’m trying to advance on the campaigns and had a lot of dificulties trying to survive in the Sea of Moving Ice, I mean I can survive for a while but it takes forever to kill a group of mobs, I’m still around 8.1k iLvl and I’m starting to gear up, where should I focus ?
    Thank you.

    • August 16, 2017 at 12:37 pm

      Ok, well for starters, are you using the cleric’s strongest encounters?. Divine glow, chains & daunting light?. Because simply, those move, when you time them in divinity and get them on empowered and use, will make life easier. As for you gear itself, at 8.1k, I recommend usually working on bondings and working on the summoned companion first but will like to get an idea of your funds before I continue on with proper advice for your gear.

      Also on a side note, you can use a loadout where you can simply do dmg as either full AC righteous or full DO righteous for dailies/weeklies/campaigns in particular as well so there’s alot of options but need more info on you to understand.

  • Gamingmad
    August 20, 2017 at 6:30 pm

    Hi ime confused my current stats are the same as ur mod 10a10b video witch is 23STR–14INT–12CON–12DEX–27WIS–16CHA But ur current stats thats At the end of ur build is 21STR–15INT–13CON–11DEX–30WIS–18CHA hope u can tell me why both are diffewnt

    • Contractions of Fate
      August 20, 2017 at 8:32 pm

      Well, your stats probably do not have the campfire +1 bonus, which Jarek’s screen shot does.

      The second set of stats he has posted is probably after a race re-roll to change his starting stat distributions, and using the WIS +4 belt.

      So, if he re-rolled the race and choose the same Sun Elf, he can change his starting stats from:

      Str Cn Dx In W Ch
      16 10 10 10 16 12


      Str Cn Dx In W Ch
      13 10 08 10 18 13

      So, with +2 INT/+2 CHA from Sun Elf, stacking STR and WIS on level up, a Belt of WIS +4 plus Camp Fire +1 bonus, he ends up with the second set of stats he posted:

      Str Cn Dx In W Ch
      21 13 11 15 30 18

      With Potions of Heroism from Sharandar he can add +1 to STR, WIS & CHA and with an Elixir of Fate from Celestial Coins he can add +1 to all stats for

      22 14 12 16 32 20


      • Contractions of Fate
        August 20, 2017 at 8:35 pm

        Sorry, that last set of stats should be 23 14 12 16 32 20

      • September 3, 2017 at 1:11 pm

        It’s exactly what Contractions explained so y’all are fine. I took a bullet because of this race switch lol. I just simply really wanted a change in style, nothing more 100% don’t sweat the whole ‘why is my stats different’, it’s really simply because I did a race reroll for FASHION PURPOSES only. If you know me, I’m big on style/fashion and felt the moon elf with how pale it can be, would have fit my fashion sense for the future. So what Contractions explained is right.

  • Gamingmad
    August 20, 2017 at 11:20 pm

    Ill race reroll if those stats are better

    • Contractions of Fate
      August 21, 2017 at 11:47 am

      Well, you lose 3% Crit, Stamina & DoT Resist from STR and gain 2% damage/healing & CCB/CCR from WIS and gain 1% Recharge/APG, combat advantage & companion influence from CHA. I’m not sure if that’s worth 1500 Zen myself, but Jarek will probably have something to say. After all, this build is all about the Power and Recovery.

      My Tiefling has had a similar build for a long time, but she stacked WIS and CHA and uses Tiamat Set and has STR 17 and INT 16 (Tiefling race bonus stat is CHA and either CON/INT). Her Recovery and APG is astonishing, but I think Jarek’s build and race choice is probably better. His Sun Elf has +3% APG racial, 15 INT, 18 CHA and higher WIS.

  • August 21, 2017 at 6:51 pm

    Hi Czar.

    I main a Hunter ranger. After I maxed it out the ad started flowing in unexpectedly fast. I decided to focus on a dc with the influx. I built a 15k dc in 2 months. A friend of mine referred me to your build. I have to say. Being a dps main I noticed that this build is a dream to run with for any dps as it seriously ups the dps. I have to seriously compliment you on this guide. I have mastered the Hunter ranger class and noticed that majority of the guides for the hr leave a lot out. Especially with regards to certain secrets with rotation. Starting up my dc with this guide helped me immensely. I find myself playing more on my dc than my Hunter.

    I just have one question. What is the fastest way to condemn a group of enemies. I found that dg chains and bts and BoB work well. But usually it takes 3 or 4 skills to proc it. Is there a faster way to proc it if you are running with a full end game group that melts things fast. I’ve played around and found it varies. Usually on a boss fight I start with full divinity and action points. I pop AA.artifact. Dg. chains. Into divinity. 3 bts then fully empowered bts. Then BoB then AA. Is this a correct rotation to maximize the dps against a boss fight. Sorry if I seem a bit clueless. This is kinda how I figured it out. Was curious on your thoughts.

    Once again. Thank you for the superb build. I really look forward to the new mod for ps4.

    Thanks again

    • September 3, 2017 at 1:15 pm

      Hey Terence

      That actually isn’t bad at all, in high end buff groups especially, that should be fine because at the time you’re doing all this, the KEY THING IS, the dpsers will be already into their rotation and any true/thinking dpser will obviously make sure your AA is up and by that time it comes up, you would have had already your proccs going and in return as well, an excellent gf if you have one in party will also make sure AA is up as well to use their ITF to maximize even further so good understanding on your part.

      So thanks for the feedback man and btw, I also play a hunter that’s maxed and I actually find people who play hunters can understand DC’s pretty well. Not sure if it’s because of that whole tab mechanic if you’re trapper or something but it usually is easy.

      • September 3, 2017 at 2:24 pm

        Yeah. I noticed the major similarities in the divinity swapping. It a bit slower gameplay than the hr. But it’s a refreshing break from the dps races.

        I usually run with a maxed gf who has great understanding of a pure buff tank with the heart of the black dragon. Usually the empowered bts and AA are applied as he “spits” on the mobs or single target. The melt is real.

        I still can’t seem to figure out the condemn proc though. Do you perhaps have any tips on a faster proc.

        And btw. I’m similar to you with regards to fashion. I’m contemplating moon elf with trans soul forge just for the look of it… I refuse to go bark shield as I don’t like the look of floating poop* completely destroys the look of my toon. Though it’s amazing. I would use it if I could turn the visuals off. But alas we do not have that option.

  • Gamingmad
    September 2, 2017 at 12:29 am

    Hi i still aint herd wat the best race roll stats to uses the ones at the start of the guide or the current stat picture at the end of the guide or do u have any uptodate race roll stats that u aint updated

    • September 2, 2017 at 2:56 pm

      It is the exact same I said always, WIS/STR with the exact start off rolls I recommend. You actually didn’t read the note I have under ability rolls and I quote ” IMPORTANT!!! FOR ME PERSONALLY, I HAVE DIFFERENT NUMBERS NOW A DAYS BECAUSE I MADE A FASHION CHANGE TO GO WITH MOON ELF FOR NO REASON OTHER THAN FASHION PURPOSES SO MY STATS ARE SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT. Same idea with the roll and points allocation but remember if you see me around with slightly different points, only because of me changing to moon elf and when rerolled, didn’t get back my ideal stats!:” The exact thing I said. If you actually read the ability rolls part and at the end of that same section early on, you would have seen it.

      • Contractions of Fate
        September 2, 2017 at 4:26 pm

        I kind of explained the race re-roll thing to him a couple of weeks ago.

        • September 2, 2017 at 4:56 pm

          Thanks and to avoid that more, I’ll actually take a pic of the moon elf’s ability scores (it’s basically the same 1 wis, 1 str but I guess it will be clearer anyway.)

  • Nienna
    September 20, 2017 at 11:22 pm

    Hi! Have you looked into chult gear for DO? If so, which pieces do you recommend getting?

    • September 30, 2017 at 11:41 pm

      Hey there Nienna!

      For my DO’s side when I be DO, I currently use in this campaign the following (Because of my ideas personally of a DO) :-

      Headpiece – Primal Restoration Isigcnia (Crit/recovery/defense)

      Armor – Huntsman Restoration Surcoat (Crit/recovery/defense)

      Bracers – Royalsilk Mousquetaires (crit/recovery/defense)

      Boots – Primal Raid Qalisas (Power/Crit/Defense)

  • Erich
    October 12, 2017 at 9:26 pm

    I noticed you mention the sphene restoration rings as an option for running on your character. I actually use three of them on my con artist for the recovery boost, along with 3 silvery 3 azure. Have you checked out the Martyr’s Plackart that drops from a t1 hunt. It gives up a little power for a lot of recovery.

  • matt
    November 9, 2017 at 11:47 pm

    I might have missed it in the comments but why the survivor wraps over primal rest. isikrinis?

  • Aspen
    November 20, 2017 at 1:23 am


    completely new to this game. can find how to spend my talent point every lvl to be the more efficiant possible. the only thing i see is under power points and feats but the top list isnt available before higher lvl. Is there something i missed ?

    thank you

  • November 25, 2017 at 10:30 pm

    Great read Jarek.I just recently came back to my DC after having him idle for a long time and got my hands on a trans holy avenger. I am wondering how I could maximize it. Any suggestions? TY. Cheers

    • February 28, 2018 at 10:56 pm

      Trans holy avenger is really ‘kind of good’ for a healer type of DC, like pure heals. I can def see that working in that specc but on the whole, it works better for dpsers to have (GWF in particular) the best thing I can say if you’re working on your DC and don’t need the trans holy avenger on your account, to sell it/trade it to get something like a frost/plague for the dc.

      • Contractions of Fate
        March 1, 2018 at 8:49 am

        Recently it was noticed on the forum that Fire of the Gods does not proc on a Crit with many weapon enchants slotted.

        I tested a few myself and only Trans-Vorpal was working. Trans Frost or Trans Plaguefire did not. I don’t know if they fixed it yet.

        The DC has been plagued by this sort of bug for a long time, some feats just not working, certain enchants like Feytouched not proccing with certain powers etc. I really should take the time to check with some of my other Trans weapons enchants.

        There were a bunch of DC fixes and clarifications with the Mod 13 update, though.

        • March 1, 2018 at 10:08 pm

          Well some of the things they said like terrifying insight not stacking anymore thanks to offhand artifact feature (stacking for a brief time) def doesn’t work. DC’s are usually bugged and despite all that, the class is still powerful

          I have to do the same and test more but gotten lazy lately due to real life lol

          • Contractions of Fate
            March 2, 2018 at 1:01 am

            Ain’t it the truth? Remember when Chains of Blazing light just never worked in PvP? Enemy team would stand on it and it would not even fire most of the time, and never actually chained anyone. That has allegedly been buffed, according to the NW.95.20180212a.3 patch notes

            My first character is a Tiefling AC DC, Feb, 2014. Power/APG/cool down reducing buffer/debuffer. Sort of the same as Sun Elf, really, but with +5% damage vs targets below 50% max hp, instead of +2% APG. I picked Tiefling for role-playing reasons as I knew nothing about how the game worked back then.

            She used to use Anointed Action, but then that stopped proccing from Anointed Army. So she changed to Hastening Light.

            I specced her out of Ancient Warding, as that just did not seem to work at all for ages

            I figured Trans Feytouched would be best for her, because as well as having AA up 100% without even using the DC Sigil, she could spam Encounters almost like At Wills. But then I found they were not proccing the enchant! So I took out her Feytouched and gave it to the CWs, and gave her Trans Frost from my GF. Then that stopped Fire of the Gods proccing! Same with Plague Fire. Not worth using Vorpal on her, but my DOs are specced for high Crit.

            I do not have a Bronzewood, Dread or Flaming.

            I have a Perfect Bilethorn, IIRC, just to test with TRs etc

            I have a Trans Feytouched, Frost, Holy Avenger, Lifedrinker (essential for SW until Mod 10), Lightning, Plague Fire, Terror and 2 Vorpal (I play all classes). I must have sold one of the Plague Fires and Terrors, as I used to have 2 of those as well.

            But I should really check all these with my high STR/WIS, high Crit DOs, just to see if Fire of the Gods will proc from them all or not.

            But, you know, time….

            But if I can do it this weekend, I’ll let you know the results.

            Hate to use up all that gold, though!




          • March 8, 2018 at 5:10 am

            Weird, it’s not even letting me reply to your last stuff @Contractions of Fate.

            Well for starters, this weekend, I’m going to try at least unpar. Frost and see if fire of the gods procc from it. If it still doesn’t, i’ll have to properly change info on my guide with fire of the gods. Sighhhhhh

            If you do indeed test those things, let me know. I’m gonna at least try an unpar frost at least (hopefully no bs comes up this weekend lol)

          • Contractions of Fate
            March 8, 2018 at 8:52 am

            @Czar Jarek
            Yes, that happens sometimes. This site is a great resource but has its limitations, sadly. I wish I could edit posts after making a typo!

            Still not got round to testing, but I will definitely try and do it this weekend. To do it properly, I should really use each At Will individually for at least 5 minutes, and then each damaging encounter. So that will take some time. I should also do it on my high crit DO and my Dwarf AC, who is also high Crit and not such an APG Monster as my Tiefling AC.

            All DC players who read this should also file a bug report in-game and post on the official Arc forum in the Bug Thread:


            It was originally reported in October, IIRC.

            I am on PC, by the way. Don’t know how things are on consoles. One guy said that the only enchants that proc Fire of the Gods are Dread, Terror, Lifedrinker, and Lightning. If so, I will use Terror or Lightning on my ACs. My DCs don’t need Lifedrinker as much as my SWs, and I don’;t have a Dread.

            But don’t hold your breath for a fix! My female characters still lose their lower garments when they get on their mount. They claimed that one was fixed several patches ago!


          • March 8, 2018 at 5:28 pm

            oh god, that means I’ll have to edit the guide this coming week on Tuesday if indeed my frost or your testings prove that those frost and others still don’t procc fire of the gods. SIGHHHHHHH lol and thanks for that link. I’ll check it out. and at this point, I’m really not gonna hold my breath then if it’s not fixed, I’ll have to recommend terror in particular if it comes down to it. I also have dread.

            *instead of next week, might need to edit some explanations today on guide by the looks of it

  • Mantis
    December 6, 2017 at 3:18 pm

    Hello, do you know if the 1500 at the start of combat works in power share for the Rex Amiculum?

  • December 24, 2017 at 10:41 am

    What Transmute are you using for your pants? (not feet)

  • February 7, 2018 at 10:02 pm

    This is a great guide and one that I’ve bene using for my DC since returning to the game. In addition to the Sellsword companion, I’d also mentioned the Con Artist, which provides the same buffs, but with three ring slots, is way easier to gear up quickly. Yes, one of the runestone slots on the con artist is defensive, so the sellsword would be BIS over it, but after my 20th run of IG without getting any +4/+5 gear for the sellsword, I happy switched over to the con artist and stuck a few 2 slot purple rings on him.

    • February 28, 2018 at 10:51 pm

      I updated it now for mod 13. Been busy with real life, especially during christmas where I helped out a children’s home but now I should be around slightly more. Thanks for your kind words and you’re right, I should add the con artist ‘At least a very short explanation’ type of post

  • Swart Lodewyk
    March 6, 2018 at 3:04 pm

    Would using he Chultan tiger instead of sellsword be a viable option?

  • March 6, 2018 at 6:35 pm

    Hi Jarek, I’ve got one question. Why do You prefer Primal Restoration Eziwa over Rex Amiculum? It’s less power and power is the most imporant thing here. Yeah, it has recovery instead of crit but this 0,5k plus bonus 1,5k power seems to be more important.

    Btw. I think You have wrong description in head piece. Guise is for burn and Corona for sustained power.

    • March 6, 2018 at 6:45 pm

      Both are among my top choices, never once said I preferred that over rex. You’ll probably need to re-read that part. They are all among my top choices of main chest piece

      Secondly, it’s exactly what it means. In my view, you need to remember, guise is constant 2k power along with the 516 it has. Rex corona builds up power and after a certain time frame, that power disappears, hence making guise better for sustained (specifically talking about boss fights where we know, most people in this game, don’t/can’t burn bosses under 2 mins) So if there are bosses which indeed lasts longer than 2 mins, guise is better. That’s what I need to clarify but I didn’t explain it fully. With having a long guide, you tend to forget somethings to properly explain.

      • March 6, 2018 at 7:04 pm

        Thanks for fast reply. You mentioned Primal second and I saw it on Your character screenshot so I got it wrong.

        Also, I was thinking only about first two minutes of fighting and I ignored what happens after that, so again, my bad. Thanks.

  • March 6, 2018 at 7:03 pm

    Thanks for fast reply. You mentioned Primal second and I saw it on Your character screenshot so I got it wrong.

    Also, I was thinking only about first two minutes of fighting and I ignored what happens after that, so again, my bad. Thanks.

    • March 7, 2018 at 4:46 am

      Nah man it’s my bad, I just didn’t properly explain that part and need to do it when I re-read and update guide again next week to just add stuff I may have missed out

  • RockeyeJunior
    March 13, 2018 at 11:27 pm

    Just got my last chult boon on the xbone but can’t see it on your build…might just be being blind. Any recommendations on where to stick it?

    • March 16, 2018 at 12:26 pm

      Excellent eyes, I took that pic many months ago when the campaign wasn’t completed, need to update that thanks (None of the last boons are really that great but I usually go for death’s blessing)

  • Buffy_Baus
    March 20, 2018 at 11:00 pm

    Hey hey Jarek great guide.
    i wanted to point out, because of “Bear ur Sins”, i use PF enchant.
    which might noch procc fire of the god,. but i dont specc into fire of the god cuz i do my dots on everything i touch.

    i Think in this manner u could also mention as a companion the lightfoot thief and Mount insig Bonus magistrats patients (sp?)
    the thief also has a splash Effekt so u have a dot on pretty much anything ourung the target u crit for 10 sec.

    and out of personel interest im still not convinced that MW3 is better than pioneer.
    are theír any mathmagicians that have concluded testing if flat 2%dmg is better than 1100 power to share, ignoring the defence part of the set.

    • April 4, 2018 at 4:56 pm

      Hey Buffy!

      To answer you about the main thing you said with MW3 vs Pioneer. I was explained too by some mathemagicians that 2% dmg will be always better than 1100 power. There’s circumstances where the pioneer will actually be better than the mw3. To explain, currently in cradle of the death god, the new trial, people set up parties in a way where the dps is group with like SW, DO DC and GF so the DO can give that party terrifying insight as that’s party specific. The reason I bring this up is simply if you are the AC DC, you’ll be in the other party that’s filled with support, like you know, Mof cw, two paladins, etc and in that instance, MW 3 set will not be better for that group as if you’re AC and in a party of full support that really doesn’t do damage, that 2% won’t be important as that set is party specific. In that specific/special instance, having the pioneer as AC will be better which is why some DC’s now have two sets and do what I explained here specifically for cradle alone. BUT ON THE WHOLE, the mw3’s dmg you gain will be better, especially if you have multiple people in the party that has the set but if we wanna just talk about 2% dmg vs 1100 power possibly, then I was told that the 2% is better.

      As for the other things you said, I haven’t tested the lightfoot thief in ages. I was explained too that it’s not worth it regardless of build but I can try it anyway myself and see.

  • April 4, 2018 at 8:49 am

    Any chance Jarek of upgrading the Chult boons Im still trying to work out whether to take defence or deflect now we can get another 4

  • Day
    April 7, 2018 at 10:42 am

    Hi Jarek! Thanks for sharing your build. Well I’ve been following it since I started my DC, with a few tweaks here and there, now I’m over 13k and doing good.

    I just want to note something regarding your decision about going for STR rather than CHA, which I agree either would be fine, but it should be highlighted that CHA also provides +1% AP gain, which in this case translates into needing +400 recovery, rather than +200, for achieving that. I believe that as long as you can spam your AA, and have a decent amount of power, you’re good to take either path, depending on your needs.

    I have a question, as well, what is that about the GWF sigil trick? I tried to look that up, but I found nothing. How does that work exactly?

    Thanks again, and all the best.

    • April 7, 2018 at 10:08 pm

      Hey Day and no probs and nice, I’m glad to hear you’re doing great 😀

      Well that’s true, very true but with so much other sources now a days, spamming AA is really getting too easy. Exactly as you said tho, it’s depending on your needs. This guide is more like a basic template

      And the trick is basically using artificer’s persuasion and influence. (Don’t think now this works tho). The trick was basically using the gwf sigil and cancelling it (very easily by dodging) and you would have procc artificer’s easily without actually using the artifact fully so you could have done this trick literally every 15 seconds as long as you cancelled the gwf sigil properly but again, don’t think this works anymore since I posted it here.

  • Contractions of Fate
    April 19, 2018 at 2:57 am



    I made 5 million AD since last Wondrous Bazaar 15% Sale. I noticed that there were about a dozen Epic Sellswords on AH for about 680k to 1.4 million (on PC) as well as a bunch of Blues. The price difference at the lower end was less than upgrading a blue!

    No idea where they came from or why they were so cheap. I figured people thought they were no longer BIS due to the Chultan Tiger or something. So I collected all my AD from my many, many Alts on my old main (Dwarf DO), went to the AH and… GONE! Every single last one of them sold!


    I was going to get at least 3, one for AC, one for DC and one for SW, as the SW has the Loyal Avenger gear for the Sellsword weapon slots (Waist, Neck, Sword Knot, same as Erinyes of Belial). Then I’d have to spam Illusionist’s Gambit for a month to try and get the +4 gear for the other Sellwords, which will be BtA, so that’s good!

    In the end, I got an Epic Astral Deva for about 180k for my Dwarf DO, as he has Loyal Avenger Gear for it (Waist, Neck, Icon, and also a ring).

    I still use Ioun of Radiance as I get a free one for every new character and use Bold Ring +4, Bold Belt +4 and Ring of Dod. As the gear is account-bound, all my Alts can use them. I also get the Erinyes and Sylph as they came with half-price packs, as well as Storm Rider (Archer) and Renegade Illusionist free from old Promos.

    Which is great for Alts…

    But the Active Bonuses are rubbish for high end characters. Maybe a Legendary Storm Rider with its three OFF runes might be OK for dps bonding procs…

    But I feel it’s time to curb my Alt-aholicism and bring my Main DCs out of retirement, now that I’ve finally made a bunch of Bonding runes.


  • Contractions of Fate
    May 8, 2018 at 11:59 am

    What are the five companions in the actual picture? I see the top one is Sellsword.

    Are they the ones you are using now?


    • June 22, 2018 at 10:42 pm

      Hey contractions, long time no talk. I’ve been busy due to some family matters and some other stuff and just also lost slight interest in the game. I updated my mod for mod 14 and added companions, fixed up some stuff in the guide etc. So everything is updated for mod 14 a few days before the actual mod. To answer you, the current companions I have as of right now, June 22nd are the sellsword, Dragonborn Brawler, Dragonborn Raider, Warlock & Savage Allosaur. I do plan (as you’ll see above, to remove the warlock to add in a ghost). I basically went for power companions to get more base.

      • Contractions of Fate
        June 22, 2018 at 11:22 pm

        Hi, thanks for replying and updating!

        I understand being busy! I still haven’t checked out all my weapon enchants to see it they all work or not with Fire of the Gods! I really should try and do that. Maybe if I tried one per day I’d get there eventually.

        I can get a free Ghost from the Jubilee crate. I was thinking of Siege Master for a dps class, or maybe Blackmith for OP. But maybe a Ghost for my AC DC, 10% Damage bonus to Summoned companion, +400 Power to me at Epic would be better

        What do you think of the Priestess of Sehanine Moonbow?

        She’d have to be Summoned, though. Her attacks can increase party Crit Chance by 0.5% per companion level (a bit redundant at BIS level) and reduces enemy Crit chance by 1% per companion level. But she has three DEF slots for Runes, so no Power surge. I though maybe OK for Support AC who is well below BIS?


        • June 23, 2018 at 1:20 am

          Hey 😀 and that’s where I got the ghost too lol! like that crate was helpful. And you probably should try that lol.

          As for the Priestess, well she isn’t bad but if you’re asking for a summoned and the person somehow can’t afford/get a sellsword properly geared, hmmmm I’ll still see people go for con artist instead before going for her as con artist is arguably among the easiest comps to gear in this game thanks to three ring slots. Artist at least has that 10% shred like sellsword.

          • Contractions of Fate
            June 28, 2018 at 3:04 am

            What about the Chultan Tiger if someone has no Con Artist or Spellsword? I saw what you said about it’s probably better for dps classes, but if it has the same defence shredding attack that can stack and will proc bondings, maybe I should get one?

            I’ve been using Ioun Stones, but now that I’ve made some bondings, it’s time to get a proper companion.


  • June 22, 2018 at 10:43 pm

    And hey everyone, updated guide already mod 14 that comes out in a few days so feel free to check it out. Made some changes and more clarity on a lot of the sections.

  • Matt
    June 25, 2018 at 3:27 am

    Hey! I was wondering if you’d be interested in joining a cross-platform discord server I’m putting together for the dc community. I’m trying to get the best and brightest DCs on all platforms together in one place to hash out details of both acdc and DoDc builds to develop a comprehensive guide to the class (similar to what the TR community did recently). If you’re interested, please let me know and we can connect to chat!

    • June 25, 2018 at 9:46 pm

      weird, I didn’t see this comment at all until a few hours ago. Not sure when you sent this but I can join if need be, sounds cool

      • Matt
        June 25, 2018 at 11:25 pm

        Great!! I just posted it last night. If you want to send me an email: [email protected] I’ll get you a link. I’m still working on getting folks in and reaching out to people so it’s a little empty at the moment. If you know other PC DCs who would be interested that would be awesome too!

        • June 26, 2018 at 3:03 pm

          Ok, you should have gotten an email from me, you can send the link there and I’ll join and try also if I can, to see if people are interested in joining. Well I can also try to post the discord eventually on one of my guide’s many links too.

  • Contractions of Fate
    June 29, 2018 at 11:48 pm

    Those companions, does that little pittance of Power really make that much difference?

    • August 12, 2018 at 3:41 pm

      And for the comps man (that are now updated) truth be told, we really don’t have much better choices and I’m also gonna add that alphonse knox companion that’s literally the best for AC DC’s lol

  • littlejay2o02
    July 4, 2018 at 2:18 pm

    The new crown seal armor in mod 14 looks like it’s pretty snazzy for DC shenanigans.

    • littlejay2o02
      July 5, 2018 at 3:09 am

      Also on PC the companions Archmage Apprentice and Skeleton have 660 power and 660 life steal at epic

      • August 12, 2018 at 3:41 pm

        Hey man, I added these things in my last update on August 10th, my previous 14 update was before the mod came out as I was on test server but now I updated more as I learned more things a week into the mod but this is my first chance in 5 weeks to really put the info on the guide. Also, I will be added the alphonse knox companion that’s actually the best companion for us AC DC’s in the game (but it’s gonna be close to impossible to get lol)

        • Contractions of Fate
          August 12, 2018 at 5:42 pm

          What are these companions, because the Wiki says 165 Power and Life Steal at Epic.

  • Guy
    July 9, 2018 at 2:37 pm

    Hey Jarek,
    It’s a good build and one of the first that helped me like more than 2 years ago so I have to thank you for that. Since I’ve grown and learned a lot from others and by my own as well.
    Here’s a Few things I do differently would like to hear your input :
    1. ACs main stats should be INT and CHA.
    You don’t need the crit from STR unless you run Dread. You don’t need the heals or dmg from WIS cause when you are at like 200k power in combat your divine glow will full heal anyone.
    INT gives you more recharge speed, it’s a nice small boost that is more useful than STR or WIS.
    CHA is a must for AP gain and recharge speed. Hastening Light is probably one of the best things we have, base powershare and a lot of recovery ap gain and recharge speed is all an AC needs. If you can spam AA every 5 sec all the DPS will have hardly any cooldown on their encounters, more encounters = more dailies.
    2. Healing Action Heroic feat is a must.
    Normally you use 2 healing encounters since they give a lot more AP, also to the party with healing action. And at bosses it’s divine glow and Exaltation. It’s more useful then the crit like mentioned before.
    3. 2 Assasins covenant is a bit silly, also protectors camaraderie.
    I use Artificers Persuasion, Artificers influence, Assasins Covenant, Gladiator’s Guild, Sheperds Devotion. The only time I would switch Gladiators is in Cradle. Sheperds Devotion is a must for the running speed of the party in any Dungeon. What do you use protectors camaraderie for ? The only thing that I can think it’s worth for is to have more power for Artificers.
    4. Con Artist will be the best summoned companion cause you can stack most recovery on it with 3 rings since Beaded Restoration Ring has the highest recovery (mod 13), plus his debuff.
    5. Main Artifact I run is Heart of the Red Dragon since mod10.
    You use Artificers persuasion + influence so why not have it perma up ? I used to use DC sigil in single DC runs where I had to stack AA + HG, but also that is way easier with the heart. In full combat when I use the artifact just 1 DG will give me 75% of my AP, DG+EX and I’m full AP in less than 2 seconds. Sometimes in melt grps where bosses last less than 20 seconds I switch it out for charm of the serpent. The reason I use heart of red and not black is because it has 1.1k+ more power. I used to use the GWF sigil when that worked.
    The DC sigil makes you overpowered to 10 seconds then you’re without any buffs for 45 seconds until you can have Artificers up again.

    • August 12, 2018 at 2:51 pm

      Hey man, ok, let me try to best answer everything in this post uhh although, I’m not sure if you also commented below on another account. Based on the names as one is Guy and the other is Guy Laub, if that’s you, the same person, I’m gonna comment on the other post, if that’s actually not you and you’re a completely different person, let me know

  • July 9, 2018 at 3:06 pm

    Hey Jarek,
    I’m playing for 2 years, I have to thank you since this was the first build that first helped me to become a real buffer like 1.5 years ago. However since I’ve grown and learned a lot from others and myself. When friends ask me for a guide I always refer to this one, however there are few things I do different and wanted to hear your opinion.
    1. Main stats for AC should be CHA and INT.
    When you’re 200k power in combat in a dungeon your Divine Glow will fully heal anyone without critting and without the bonus from WIS. STR is only needed if you use Dread for the debuff from crit, that would be a bit silly to use as AC.
    INT and CHA(more important) helps your recharge speed and AP gain, when in combat my cooldown on Divine Glow was even down to 3 seconds and the AP boost you get is also nice. Both buffs are better than STR and WIS for AC.
    2. As main artifact I use Heart of the Red Dragon.
    You use Artificers Persuasion+Influence so why not have it up all the time ? I used to use the DC sigil for single DC runs to stack AA+HG but I found its way easier to do it with one of the Hearts. In combat when I use the artifact it buffs to the point where 1 Diving Glow will give me 75% of my AP. DG+Exaltation and my AP is full in less than 2 seconds. If the party melts bosses in less than 20 seconds I use Charm for extra debuff. The DC sigil makes you overpowered for 10-15 seconds and then you’re left with no artifact and no bonus from insignas. I used to do this trick with the GWF sigil and loved it so I had to switch for one of the Heart. I use Heart of the Red cause it has 1.1k+ more power than Heart of the Black.
    3. Con Artist would be the best companion.
    First because of the debuff, but mainly because you can slot 3 Beaded Restoration Rings on them which is the item with the most recovery and it has double offensive rings. Dancing Shiled will be 2nd best but only if you can get 3 double offensive Belts for it, but those belts dont have recovery unfortunately.
    4. Healing Action feat is a must.
    You almost all the time use 2 healing encounters. I run for mobs: DG, FF, BoH/HW and for bosses: DG, FF and Exaltation. So why not gain 10% extra AP every rotation on your encounters. You don’t really need the crit feat or others that you chose, the 4 most important heroic feats are: HP, AP, Recovery and Divinity.
    5. Why do you use companion’s camraderie ?
    The only reasons its good is because of the power you get from Artificers Persuasion+Influence, but it’s not worth Gladiator’s Guile and Shepereds Devotion in my opinion. I run Artificers Persuasion+Influence, Assasins Covenant, Sheperds Devotion and Gladiators Guile. Only in Cradle I switch out Gladiator Guile for 2nd Assasins Covenant.

    • Contractions of Fate
      July 10, 2018 at 12:49 pm

      @Guy Laub
      Interestingly, my first character was a Tiefling AC DC, CHA/INT, and I stacked Recovery and APG more than Power and stacked everything into INT and CHA, and even used the 14 16 14 roll to get 11+2 in INT at the start.

      Back in Mod 2 to 5 days she was a Faithful, as the Feats were all different, and used Feated Exaltation. She hit half as hard as my Dwarf DO, but more than twice as fast. Back in those days, the power buff from AA and the fact that mobs removed the damage immunity so fast meant it was a shadow of what it later became.

      With Mod 6 she became Righteous/Virtuous, very similar to Jarek’s build, and shared power so much and had such mad Recovery/APG she could spam Encounters almost like At Wills and had AA up 100% even without the DC Sigil, as long as there were mobs to hit. She used Divine Glow, Blue Sunburst for Gift of Haste and Empowered Break the Spirit, as it is just so much better than FF. She would be in the thick of it and was much more tanky than my Dwarf DO with 17 CON. when Insignia came out, she used Gladiator’s Guile, Artificer’s Persuasion and Shepherds Devotion and now she has mounts for Assasin’s as well.

      But then the nerfs came and I retrained her to stack WIS and CHA, but she still has that 11+2 +3 INT and uses Tiamat Set and Artifact.

      In later mods, 10-14, I am not sure if my old build would work. I do know that the post-Mod 6 build makes her better to play solo and she’s always been a better party buffer than my dwarf DO. The Dwarf was always better for solo play and PvP, and I was never as happy with him in a party as he could not Power share as much and could get one-shotted much more easily without AA. He does have that DoT At Will, though with BotS.

      The STR in jarek’s latest build I think is for a little Crit to proc some Righteous Feats, and also a bit of extra Stamina.


    • August 12, 2018 at 3:39 pm

      Hey man and ok, the INT/CHA debate I’ve heard but I’m against the INT part mainly because, yes, it does give recharge speed but I’ve actually tested that privately and found that the int didn’t make any game changing moves for my actual build. End game clerics shouldn’t need int at all based on how easy you can recovery on a cleric. I still stick to either WIS/CHA or WIS/STR on my 6 AC builds because the STR part I use it for mainly now the stamina and the ability as well to crit certain righteous feats easier.

      For the second point, I don’t use Artificer’s Influence anymore (still have persuasion of course). I updated the guide on august 10th for my second set of updates for mod 14 only because I actually didn’t have time in previous weeks to immediately update the guide (People have to remember I actually have my life to handle so I literally can’t update the guide on time like I would so sometimes some info is outdated cause my mod 14 update of this guide was via test server and I did learn new things 1 week into the mod but only had my first true opportunity to update it on august 10th again so I added new things that is fully up to date now) As for your suggestion for heart of the red dragon, there’s no true best in slot option for main artifacts for AC DC and it’s more of preference or who you run with. The Sigil of the Devoted time and time again has been that option that easily keeps up AA and it’s free.The Heart, it’s a good choice but not for me as sometimes it seems slow for me and you should know well, The heart of the black dragon can actually still cancel while the red one can’t cancel so you have to make sure you outright miss targets and that can be problems sometimes as for certain fights, there’s a lot of adds and you can easily make a mistake with the red dragon artifact. My final point, I explained why I don’t use influence and also, no gladiator’s guile either.

      For the third point, well not really, the con artist is more like ‘if I can’t afford the sellsword’s stuff, I should get con artist instead as it’s easier to get. It’s not the best by any means cause you said the dancing shield is the second best when actually that is the best to have because of the debuff but I personally don’t use it just because of people I run with where someone will have the shield and most good tanks like tact gf’s who you’ll probably run with and they have an idea of how to tact properly, they’ll have a shield (also the better mofs depending will have shield as well if you a set up of mof cw in party) Your point about the con artist having a ‘ton of recovery’ is indeed true, however if you’re looking to max base power, the sellsword still gets the nod as the 300 power has more value than the 300 crit in that instance and also, the 6 offensive slots you can do with sellsword and gain back all that recovery makes the con artist recovery debate even less cause remember, anything after 25k recovery is pretty useless in that sense and if we both stack up on recovery with our sellsword and con artist, you may be over the limit while actually I’m on around 23-24k recovery with proccs so I’m just fine. And if I have to go further which when I have time in a few days, I actually have to add another companion which that companion is technically the best, even better than the dancing shield. It’s called Alphonse Knox. This companion has three offense slots for bondings, 20% debuff like the dancing shield, 1000 power as an active bonus and it has two ring slots and one neck slot. I will be adding it to my guide in a few days from now, probably Tuesday as Tuesday is the next day I have that I can ‘afford to spare time for the guide’ So technically, we’re both wrong and the alphonse knox is the best.

      The fourth point, the divine glow debate is fine but if you’re end game cleric, I don’t think the bastion/healing word applies for you. Cause as people run the meta more, the healadin or sw temp lock puts your healing moves as a cleric completely useless. So no real need to actually slot BoH or Healing Word. Also, 10% more from healing action?. Are you counting the 5% + 5% from the two encounters..? But anyway, I have to check healing action again as I don’t think all the DC healing stuff doesn’t interact with that still despite saying it was ‘fixed’. And realistically, because of the bind of exalt everyone uses man, you’re actually not doing your main dps a favor as you’re not using exalt on mobs cause with that bind or if you have the ability to aim, you should actually be using the forgemaster’s trick with exalt on mobs and bosses so your main dpser gets the value on literally everything. (Let’s be real here, in any group you do, you’re probably gonna have a pally in it or even sw, you seriously don’t need the BoH or HW on mobs)

      Final point, I switched that out as well in favor of 3 assassin’s covenant. 3x assassin’s covenant for the max value of base power stacking as tested/calculated, then the remainder, 1 shepard’s and 1 artificer’s persuasion. Artificer’s persuasion and influence is absolute overkill now a days for clerics and is not even remotely needed, especially when you’re going higher up the ranks. Also, Gladiator’s guile, so I was hurt taking that off but I actually don’t miss it. A simple solution is slotting darks into utilities and ranking up the darks cause I did that and my speed easily keeps up to the group and also, when you’re popping off shepard’s devotion thanks to multiple smart supports in your groups who see the true value in the shepard’s then honestly that alone and you don’t even need gladiator’s guile anymore. As mentioned, now my guide is updated again, last one being on august 10th but I’m gonna update again in a few days to add that knox companion which is the best (alphonse knox, not to be confused with Sgt. knox companion, it’s two different companions)

      • Contractions of Fate
        August 12, 2018 at 5:36 pm

        Great responses.

        That Alphonse Knox Legendary companion, though… it’s a very special, ultra rare, special release from Cryptic to funnel out some of the excess AD some Super Whales have. The first one went for 96 million AD and later I saw another with a bid of 26 million. No idea how many more they will release or if it will ever be in a lock box.

        I’d love to have one, but I’m not selling my house to pay Cryptic for a companion!

        LOL!! 😀 🙂

        • August 12, 2018 at 6:00 pm

          Exactly, that’s the killer with it, it’s by far the best but man the price/bidding wars for it. If you have like 100’s of millions laying around, then easy pickings, if you don’t, just gotta destroy some well gear alts XD, damn, I know i’ll probably never get it cause I’m way too poor for that

  • July 10, 2018 at 4:24 pm

    Hi! From Salvaged Gear Pack (Ravenloft Campaing Store) You can get The Executioner’s Braces. It’s 540 item with stats: 18 832 HP, 3 281 Power and 931 Defense. I think they are worth mentioning 🙂 Maybe they are worse than full stacked Iskrinis but You don’t need to maintain stacks.

    • August 12, 2018 at 2:52 pm

      Hey man, I actually didn’t update the guide since the 6 weeks into the mod 14. I updated it when I was on test server before the mod 14 came out so I actually learned new things and updated the guide on august 10th in multiple areas, including the bracers you mentioned which I also have on in the picture I have that starts off the guide. Thanks anyway for the heads up (I also probably should mention the donjon bracers but I salvaged that so much times lol)

  • August 16, 2018 at 3:27 pm

    Updated as of August 16th, added more stuff to the guide, including the new insignia’s and the alphonse knox companion

  • Acorn
    August 30, 2018 at 11:28 am

    So for rings on summoned companions would rings with 2 offensive slots be the way to go?

  • Jared Sharp
    September 18, 2018 at 9:04 am

    Awesome guide no questions just wanted to give thanks

  • October 14, 2018 at 3:19 pm

    Thanks for the great Guide.
    In Barovia, righteous sacrifice Boon? Works with Barkshield? Barkshield absolrbs Damage, so i am not realy sure its good to choose this.

  • Aday
    November 8, 2018 at 3:49 pm

    Unfortunately shoes of superstition gained power is not shared. First time gathering those lucky trinkets seems easy, since they drop around you. However in battle it’s tricky to pick them when you’re focusing on other stuff. Also 30 sec cool down