Discord is Here

by Vera Dias on July 2, 2018
Good news everyone,

MMOminds team just created a Discord server to all Neverwinter players and community. Just click on the image to enter the Discord.
We are still in a early stage of the project, so all feedback is appreciated.
After you entered on Discord:
  1. Click on the Announcements Chanel, to see with changes we are making at the moment.
  2. Go to #role-request to chose which class and platform you use, so it’s easier for other players to find who plays the same class and can change ideas with each other.
  3. For the Roles “Sensei” just send us an e-mail (in the “contact us” page), with the link of your build/guide on mmominds website, and name you are using on MMOminds Discord
  4. If you are a Streamer on Twitch or have YouTube Chanel, just send us an e-mail (in the “contact us” page)  with your info so it can be display automatically on discord, in the #stream-sharing every time you go live or add an video on YouTube.
Share your thoughts about this and we will try to reply asap
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