Parwen Valerian DPS DC MOD 14

by Varyon on July 9, 2018
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Parwen Valerian DPS DC MOD 14

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For CreepyThinks 🙂

Hi, I’m Josh, my ingame tag is @iamsmokingone#2455 and this is my Devoted Cleric, Parwen Valerian.

I didn’t expect the reception this guide has gotten, thanks to all my ingame friends for your support, this is for you guys!

Her builds are largely based on Putzboy78’s Amber Gristle O’maul Mod 9 build for DO  as it was the best build i was able to find when “coming up” as a DC. I tried several builds and even a few suggestions from a DC discord that was around, but none of it got her where i wanted her. putzboy78’s build was a few mods old but still it clearly was the best she had ever ran. Anyone Interested in a far more indepth explanation of what exactly a DC does and how effective it is I encourage you to take a look at it.

***These builds are for PvE , not PvP****


Anointed Champion


Divine Oracle

***if you lack critical chance then consider taking points in Initiate of the Faith instead of Holy Resolve, you can also drop 1 point from healing action, she used Initiate of the Faith when her crit was lower***

For Clarity:

These builds are not meant to  dps at the expense of buffing/debuffing, they are meant to dps while buffing/debuffing. Parwen runs mostly random groups and isn’t in a big Alliance or high rank guild, her guild is rank 9 and she uses armor penetration,max HP, and increased healing from potions guild boons.

If you have them i recommend using Power, Hp or Lifesteal and mount speed Guild boons.

Item Level =/= Skill

She is Human. and she takes WISDOM and CHARISMA in all fields.


Mount Insignia Bonuses

(She had been using Assassins Covenant forever….but looking over her stats it was only giving her ~500 power, which is near useless, she asked me to pick something else so she got Magistrates Patience)



Weapons are Exhalted Primal

main hand feature is either lance of faith or blessing of battle…if you run mostly DO then Brand of the Sun is a good choice.

off hand feature is Holy fervor gives 5% dmg buff when you crit (so always). she uses this as AC and then Hastening light feature as DO. (it costs 5k AD to change the power currently used.)

Helm: Faithlord’s Restoration Aventail

Armor: Hags Rags

Arms: Faithlord’s Restoration Braces

Feet: Faithlord’s Raid Pigaches

Neck and Waist set: MW3 (fanged sash, fanged beaded amulet) {was demon lord immortality set but i don’t really see much point in it for DC anymore…sadly..what a waste}

Shirt: Upper Primal Paints

Pants: Adamantine Chausses +1


Weapon Enchant is Unparalleled Dread, she was using Unparalleled Feytouched for a long time but Dread works much better because it buffs your heals and also the fact that the feat Fire of the Gods almost never procs with Feytouched is a good reason not to use it on a DC. Transcendant works just as well, Unparalleled is just extra icing on the cake.

— You want to deal the most dmg possible and heal as much as possible, so any high damage enchant will probably work. (Dread,Vorpal,Terror,Holy Avenger and even Feytouched though it doesn’t increase your healing and you lose out on fire of the gods proccing Condemning Gaze and Bear your Sins) maybe even the new Prominence?

Armor Enchant is Unparalleled Negation.(every time you are struck in combat you recieve 4% damage resistance and 1.5% increased incoming healing and Recovery for 10 seconds, this effect stacks up to 10 times) rank doesn’t matter so much here, but you won’t get incoming healing or Recovery gain until Transcendant.

–As a dps dc you are going to be taking damage constantly or at least its highly possible any time, soulforged or barkshield are options and so are elven battle and eclipse or even shadowclad.

This build isn’t for afk style players and requires you to be on your toes always. you are going to have to dodge most red aoes,swipes,chops and slashes because the bosses will be aiming them at YOU, mobs are going to be hunting you down actively pursuing you, and aiming many of their big attacks at you.

Enchantments: 1 r13 brutal and 1 r13 black ice in main hand weapon all other offense slots are radiant r11-14, except neck which has the r14 Heart of Fire enchant,  r11 radiant in all defense slots, r10-14 darks in all utility.

mount equip power is Gorgon: Quick Action or Swift Golden lion: Providence, but i would recommend whatever helps most with your stats.

Action Point gain off hand bonus, Hastening light off hand feature (when u use a daily allies get 5% of their AP over 15 seconds). Lance of faith main hand artifact feature.(lance of faith does 8% more dmg) or Holy Fervor (you get 5% dmg buff for 5 secs when you land a critical hit)

All armor has Major Power kits. All accessories have major stamina gain jewels…and one day (maybe) she will put major Regeneration kits on all 3 pieces of her companions gear (regen is the only stat you can get from jewels that will transfer via bonding)


Companions are legendary Chultan tiger (summoned), Razorwood, Siege master, Earth archon, Fire archon.

Companion has 3 r14 Bonding stones and ring of the Gravestriker +5, ring of the Gravestriker +4 and Drakehorn Necklace +1 with 3  R14 Brutal Enchantments and 2 R14 Ruthless Enchantment . aim is 100% critical chance without sacrificing too much power, the ruthless is there because Recovery gives the most severe Diminishing Returns at around 11-13k and this puts her at about 12.5k, she is at exactly 100.1% critical chance with bonding but without potions or food buffs.

(optimally you want ring of the shadowstalker +5 and +4 on yourself and Ring of the Gravestriker +5 and +4 on your companion)

Artifacts: Sigil of the Devoted as main, Heart of the Black dragon, Lantern of Revelation, GWF sigil.Enough of her insignias are Armor Penetration so that she is at 101.6% Defenses Ignored. In a ‘melt’ group she slots the heart of the black dragon, which she uses to spam artificers persuasion by missing on purpose, and waiting till all her buffs are active to use it on the boss for the 15% debuff.

 Parwen also has a Soul Sight Crystal for when shes the main or #2 dps or any dungeon boss in Castle Never or lower Dungeons. as well as a wheel of the elements for buffing dps who ask for it or….whatever (jumpcast while moving forward to get FIRE!)




AC has a bit more defensive capability then DO, so she takes advantage of this. Holy Fervor (+20% AP gain)  and Hastening Light which takes -4 seconds off all of her cooldowns and all her allies cooldowns when she use a daily, with the artifact off hand feature it also restores 5% of everyones AP over 15 seconds (Holy Fervor feature gives you the DC +5% dmg for 5 secs when you land a critical hit)…these are her personal powers, and her rotation is usually break the spirit, Divine Glow,Forgemasters Flame ….dailies are Anointed Army and Hallowed Ground (or Flamstrike). She tries to keep AA up during boss fights but for trash its fine to drop flame strike instead.Her at wills are lance of faith and blessing of battle.

She starts off every fight with Anointed Army (her and her Allies get +33% of her power) then blessing of battle (her and her Allies get +15% of her power because of the feat “Battle Fervor”), hoping to catch all the companions with Anointed Army before they attack and activate bonding runestones, to get maximum effect. She casts 3 blessing of battle to build 3 stacks of empowerment, builds up divine power, switches to “Channel Divinity” mode( hit tab), uses 1 brilliant divine glow, followed by 2 Forgemasters Flame–> then leave divinity mode (hit tab) and cast Forgemasters Flame then Break the Spirit followed by Divine Glow  (then your daily “if” it’s up)  on the boss or biggest enemy, then 3 more Blessing of Battle and repeat…

Other Useful Rotations:

Chains,Divine Glow,Forgemasters Flame (good for trash when theres decent party damage mitigation)

Astral Shield,Divine Glow,Forgemasters Flame (good for trash when the party could use some extra mitigation)

Exalt, Divine Glow,Break the Spirit (Buff a single dps, what you do here is build divinity, use 1 brilliant DG, 2 divine BTS, leave divinity, empower bts then exhalt dps and cast DG)

**As times have changed (Mod 15)  and FF no longer buffs the party, Parwen not being an Exalt kind of gal runs Daunting light now.   (bts,dg,dl)



DO gets divine power faster, and doesn’t have to worry about exhalting anyone. its a bit more free reign. as DO she takes more damage then AC so it requires much more dodging. your rotation is basically the same here. just no exhalt. lance of faith and brand of the sun. Break the spirit/forgemasters flame, divine glow, daunting light. personal powers are Terrifying Insight and Hastening light.dailies are hallowed ground and flame strike. same thing, keep HG up for boss fights, use flame strike to nuke trash or even Hammer of Fate for bosses…if you die a lot to mechanics as DO Hammer can help a TON, use it right before any big damaging AOE for the 80% damage resistance and CC immunity while its active.

She starts fights as DO by casting 3 brand of the sun (to gain full divinity). go to divine mode (hit tab), 1 brilliant divine glow, 2 brilliant Daunting Light–> leave divinity (hit tab), empowered break the spirit/forgemasters flame, divine glow, daunting light, brand of the sun x2 (you will have built enough divinity from your previous brand of the sun that you don’t need to cast 3) , or for adds lance of faith x3, etc repeat….same as AC make sure your encounters are on cooldown before activating your daily powers, to get the most from hastening light.

Other Useful Rotations:

Chains,Divine Glow,Break the Spirit (less dps and more CC for trash, spam bts in divinity mode to quickly build your stacks of empowerment)

Astral Shield,Divine Glow,Break the Spirit (less dps more dmg mitigation, for trash or Boss fights with a weaker party)

Prophecy of Doom,Divine Glow,Break the Spirit (Big buffs for Boss fights, use at-wills to gain divinity, go to divine mode, 1 DG, 2 bts, empower bts then cast POD followed by DG)

For bigger dungeons like Tomb of the nine gods, Fangbreaker, Master spellplague Caverns, Cradle of the Death god, or Castle Ravenloft, she likes to use Chains of blazing light over Daunting light, because it has a CC effect which interrupts many enemies various CC powers, in TONG she won’t even wait for the tank, she walks right up to trash mobs and drops Flamestrike then starts hittin em with chains and dashes away casting Divine glow, the party catches up by then and its about over for the mobs.


Of course there are other powers and situationally she will use sunburst for big AP gains,chains of blazing light to CC annoying enemies like like the Yuan-Ti Dancers in Tomb of the Nine Gods for example. or Forgemasters Flame in any combo with other powers, try out your powers test them all and see what they actually do. Fights with mechanics that heavily damage the party she may swap out Flame Strike with Divine Armor and wait until right before the big damage mechanic to cast it… like the Castle Never Orcus fight where he raises his arms and then everyone takes 85% of their max HP in damage. if it looks like the group isn’t gonna melt him before his arms raise I will try to quickly swap those powers.


AS EITHER PARAGON you want to try to make all your buffs line up and stack. timing is everything. also don’t get hit and never die 😛 (use the shift key!)

If you find yourself or team members dying or taking risky dmg then don’t be afraid to slot Astral Shield! It’s a lifesaver, ignore requests to unslot it if it gets to the point you feel it’s warranted.

One big problem I find running endgame content is other players will often attempt to control what powers you use, sometimes making demands, “use bts pls” “PLS STOP USING CHAINS!” “DON’T USE X USE Y!!” i try to be respectful still and will reply “no, don’t presume to tell me how to play” or something similar…i’ve told a few to F  the H off too, if ya know what i mean  😉

Learn your feats, what they do, how they activate, take time to understand your powers, even the ones you think you will never use. For me personally I’ve recently begun using Astral Shield a lot because i was sick of people dying, my DC included. Now i will slot it in any part of a dungeon i feel 2-3 team mates could possibly be killed.


on a side note, Parwen isn’t built as a Healer per se, but because of the feat Repurposful soul, which on Critical hit applies 15% (at 3/3) of her damage dealt as a heal to allies, and the amount of sheer damage she deals, she is a decent healer.


I wasn’t going to include this but since the topic is so popular and so misunderstood i feel obligated, so now i’ll explain Double Empowerment.

There are two encounters which have a cast initiation time so quick that another power can be cast also before the blue balls floating around you (stacks of empowerment) are expended, thus empowering both encounters. Forgemasters Flame or Daunting Light both can initiate double empowerment, you must cast one of them and then very quickly cast the next encounter you wish to empower as well. This exploit (this is an exploit) is buggy at best, and while it will appear to work (you’ll see buff icons for bts and ff if you try it with them) you won’t actually recieve both buffs. You can play around with this and come to your own conclusions…

my favorites are DL then BTS or Exhalt as AC

and FF then Prophecy of Doom as DO (insane buff debuff combo for solo DC runs)

Remember only Forgemasters Flame or Daunting Light can initiate the Doublecast


I go for the same thing as i do with stats

Armor Penetration (once you reach 100% Defenses Ignored you can stop stacking arpen foe PvE, PvP there is no limit)  > HP > Critical Strike > Power > Movement > Recovery > Defense > Deflect >Regeneration

Action Point gain > Combat Advantage > Critical Severity > Stamina/guard Gain > Incoming Healing           (Any stat not listed you can assume she has 0)

here’s her boons and what she will eventually take:

for Stronghold boons she uses HP (thats it)

maze engine

(if you have less than 100% crit chance consider Baphomets Might as your final boon!)


elemental evil


dread ring

Tyranny of Dragons

icewind dale

cloaked ascendency


storm kings thunder


She walks in light, her faith guiding her every step, she knows no fear for she is the Avatar of the Divine….

“Be Faithful, be Virtuous, but above all my friends, be Righteous!”


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  • Tron-tonian
    August 17, 2018 at 3:58 pm

    Questions – Why use earth/fire archons? Wouldn’t swapping out either the Siege Master or Fire Archon for an Air Archon make more sense? And why use the Razorwood? My main concern there as a DC is that we have no way to reliably keep Combat Advantage up if we are soloing.

    • Astro
      October 9, 2018 at 6:02 pm

      … the DC has no problem soloing any content as long as you have the defense to stay alive, the pen to do damage and the power to heal. It is 100% useless to replace the razorwood with anything else as it is a huge damage booster in any content that you would be running except solo. You are right, no major way to keep CA up but if the rest of this build is accurate you wont need it for solo content anyway.

      Also, yes Air Archon instead of Fire. Not only is it just more up time but if you cant quite afford a tiger and archon yet, they use the same gear so youre easily able to gear it out while saving for a tiger.

  • August 18, 2018 at 8:11 pm

    then don’t follow my guide. this is what she uses. Make your own decisions on anything you don’t agree with.

  • Tron-tonian
    August 21, 2018 at 1:43 am

    It’s not a question of “what they use”. You want to run 5x white companions, knock yourself out.

    The question was “why use those?”, and (somewhat unspoken) “aren’t there better options out there?”.

    But silly me for thinking a ‘guide’ might offer guidance. My bad.

    • Varyon
      August 22, 2018 at 4:26 pm

      ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
      ……….”…\………. _.·´

  • ridonculousDC
    October 12, 2018 at 10:15 am

    Played with this DC before, he provides mediocre buffs, don’t even know how to empower FF or BTS, not even exhaltation. 30k base power for a 16k ACDC. If you want to DPS go for a dps class. Nobody wants a DPS DC for endgame.

  • Varyon
    October 19, 2018 at 2:46 am

    Right, and I just made this guide and went into detail to explain the finer points of empowering ff and bts or exhalt while myself having no idea how to implement them. My friends asked me to make this guide because they enjoy my dc.
    I have many endgame friends, some who’ve played since beta who would strongly disagree with the whole of your post RidonculousDC,
    I seriously doubt you’ve played with me, your name isn’t familiar at all…
    You sir are a Hater,
    good day

  • SeraphineLaRadiante
    November 14, 2018 at 10:05 am

    I’m dps dc and I don’t care about others 😋

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