Scorp Oathbound Paladin Build Mod 14 Build

by ansh sharma on July 18, 2018
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Scorp Oathbound Paladin Build Mod 14 Build

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Hello Guys Here Is my OP Build This OP Build Does Tanking Powersharing Self Heal and Damage and Buff-Debuff. My Purpose is to Help The Beginners and Experienced Players of This Game. Now This Build is Pve and PVP Both.

Gears And Stats

First Gears Are Important

Head Gear = Rex Corona or Oathlord Ward

Armor Gear = Knotted Garbs or Oathlords Ward Cuirass or Artificers Chest

Feet Gear = Oathlord Ward Sabtons 

Arms Gear = Oathlord Restoration or Execution Bracers or Donjon Bracers

Weapons = Exalted Pioneer Or Exalted Primal or Exalted Bronzewood

Neck Gear = Vistani or Barovian or Mantle of Atropal ( For Powershare) Baphomet Also Good Option

Rings = Bronzewood Raid Rings or Beaded Restoration Rings or Beaded Assault Rings or Ring of Shadowstalker or Gravestriker +4/5 and Chult Rings +5

Waist = Vistani or Barovian or Atropal or Baphomet

Shirt and Pants = Upper Primal Ones

Artifacts = Eye of The Giant Thirst Shard of Orcus Sigil of OP Sigil of GWF Sigil of DC Wheel of Elements Symbol OF Earth Heart Of Black Dragon or Red Dragon 





These Are Feats For PVE 



Here Are The Comps

We Need To Swap Starlwart Lion Velociraptor Alpha Energon With Razorwood Fire and Air Archon

Bonding R14 Comp Rings = Bronzewood and Beaded Rings

Necklace = Fierce/Heroic/Bold +4/5



Dragonborn Human and Tiefling Decent Options





Here are The Mount Bonuses 

War Triceratops or Black Ice Warhorse or Legendary Tyrannosaur

Are Decent Options


Dps Solo Rotation = Radiant strike +Templar Wrath + Sacred Weapon + judge + smite

Tanking = Radiant strike + Circle of power + bane + judge + Templar wrath




Vow Templar Wrath Circle of power Bane

Aura of Courage Wisdom and Protection

Shield of faith and Divine Judgement



Credit Goes to @linkingirl and @mork-kenji They Helped me a Lot !!!!!!

TY Allllll !!





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  • Kadaj77
    July 18, 2018 at 7:55 pm

    Enchant on ur companion ? Brutal / black ice / azure ?

  • Eugee
    July 19, 2018 at 3:21 pm

    This is not a guide. This is a collection of screenshots. For instance, why Sacred Weapon + Judge + Smite + Shielding Strikes? I’m sure because someone told you to–but in reality, the most damage you can get from Sacred Weapon is Sacred Weapon + 5x Shielding Strike. When you follow Sacred Weapon with *only* Shielding Strikes, you get 5 procs/hits from SW, each with a 6% damage increase from our At-Will feat. You will get 4 hits with your rotation, 2 of which will not be boosted. There is *some* argument to be made for Judgment, since it can hit multiple targets and proc SW on them all, but Smite is literally a waste of 6% damage boost.

    Also, Purifying Fire 5/5 instead of Prism 3/5 and then put the other 2 points where you like? We’re popping off encounters too often for Purifying Fire to be terribly useful, and Prism is a massive amount of healing to pump out to the group.

    • agoraotro
      October 13, 2018 at 6:57 pm

      I don’t know how many encounter powers that “popping off encounters too often” actually means. Not sure if you think you’re a HR trapper or something… Purifying Fire 5/5 is a considerable option, absolutely nothing wrong with that, especially if you want to go more dps. Why not? Most of the times I see myself easily stacking those 5 PF before I use another encounter power. Especially if using CoP, as if there is one on the ground, I may wait to pop it again later after smashing a few more at-wills on the boss.

      As I understand, there are two types of Protection builds: those with PF 5/5, and those with less PF and more Prism, and Beacon if you see it fit. So you want to go around healing your group with Prism, that’s sweet of you, take it – but bare in mind that’s just another option, both are just fine!

      More info, check guide (bible for all Op protection):

  • July 21, 2018 at 1:11 am

    bro sacred weapon + judge + smite = shielding strikes test it and see dmg

  • July 21, 2018 at 1:12 am

    yea shielding strike deals many dmg but smite is known as mini divine judgement 🙂
    so for solo this rotations works

  • Philip Neal
    August 14, 2018 at 1:43 pm

    Paladins are a tank class. I would be nice if I could find even ONE tank build online anywhere. If you wanna do dps then play a dps class. What happens to you party when you don’t tank…they die :(, and they have to spend pots and healing stones and scrap to stay alive if they can. Defeats the entire purpose of a tank. Geeze!

  • September 2, 2018 at 8:00 am

    thats good

    My This Build can Everything even DPS AndTank

    Gears are powersharing

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