Maseeha’s mod 14 cw build

by Maseeha on July 20, 2018
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Maseeha’s mod 14 cw build

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Hi its my new updated build of mod 14 I aplosize about to my poorly designed build I updated it so bear with me 🙂

Race and Ability

And main ability score of the class should be intelligence and charisma

BIS races are human and tifling only


Feats for ss dps

Heroic feats

Controlling action feat 1 point

Weapon mastery 3/3

Toughness 3/3

Fight on 0

Battlewise 0

Wizards wrath 3/3

Blighting power 3/3

Lightning telepot 0

Arcane enchantment 3/3

Learned spellcastee 5/5

Prestidigitation 2/3

focus wizardry 0

Paragon path


Bitter cold full points

Brisk transport full points

Icy veins full point

Frigid veins full point

Controlled momentum full points

shatter strike full point


Tempest magic full point

Spell twisting full point

Gear and Stats

Now my char gears


Head ManaLord

Hags rags armor

Sister clutches arms

Weaps exalted primal both

Boot Enduring Boots

Neck company raider

Ring shadowstalker +4

Beast slayer +5

Waiat great owlbear belt

Shirt pants primal

Artifacats = sigil of devoted or soul sight or wheel for main

Secondary heart of black dragon Fragemented Key o Star and sigil of controller


Weap enchnat fey trans/unparalled best if u dont have then vorpal until u catch fey

Utlity dark/quartermaster and armor enchant barkshield or soulforged

Offense rafiant brutal black ice azure

Defensr radiant savage


Companion Con artist / chultan tiger

Secondary razorwood fire archon air archon and siege

Bonding r 14 companion enchant brutal black ice

Mount Powers


Gonna be good


Stable mounts

Good this


All boons we need are power ap crit or combat boons which help us and recovery also





Gives to Linkingirl

Ty guyz for my build


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