Parrotzilla’s Paladin Tank-DPS POWERSHARE Build PS4 Mod 15 (Also PVP and Devotion/Healadin)

by Parrotzilla on September 25, 2018
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Parrotzilla’s Paladin Tank-DPS POWERSHARE Build PS4 Mod 15 (Also PVP and Devotion/Healadin)

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MOD 15

What’s new?, well we got BUFFED, some equipment changed for example our chest piece, there’s a new chest piece with 69k hp, also Master craft set is Best in slot ( neck, waist , and weapons)

I will leave old mod 14 news too, since it’s somewhat helpful for new players:

MOD 14


So i was banned on september 2018

It was hard, was thinking on never coming back, but a good friend of mine helped me, and luckily to me i had a second acc i used for jubilee event, so i had a legendary bag and a rank 14 ready for me to use, plus some companions tokens.

Starting over wasn’t easy, BUT it gave me a good experience on starting over on mod 14, and let me tell you,

IT’S EASY AS FUCK, compared to other mods.

Equipment?, ffs just run couple dungeons and DONE

Bondings?, CHEAP AS FUCK

only hard thing for me, is the 100k AD a day and refinement, but there’s a way around that.

I added a section for NEW PLAYERS who just started playing “called baby pally” , it should take you around 4 months to become endgame,

 if you play for 2-3 hours a day.


Hello there boys and girls!,

Welcome to my little build for Paladins

My name is Gabriel but you can call me Parrotzilla, but nobody cares about this so whatever.

I play on PS4, and my PSN name is ParrotSaurusRex, so if you see a Parrotzilla without that PSN out there, it’s not me 🙂

First of all some few things

My native language is Spanish, so my english ain’t that great, but i will try to be as clear as posible

What to expect from this build?

Well i love being a Paladin, because we can do a lot of things at the same time, for example with this build you will be able to tank / Buff and with the correct Equipment and rotation deal a lot of damage 🙂


The main thing we are going archieve with this build is tanking and powerbuffing, Dpsing will come as we level, since that’s the way a paladin is suppose to tank.

More power = More power share = More Damage = More Temp Hp and Agro = Better tanking.

Even if you’re not geared for endgame content, you will be able to tank and buff a lot, the DPS is an extra bit wich can come in later, sure you can use the rotation to do DPS, but won’t effective without the correct equipment

But if you stack Azures on your paladin instead of your companion to gain 100% crit chance, that’s a big waste BIG BIG WASTE.

I will explain why on the powershare section.

First thing you need to get, before you get any fancy mount, any fancy enchantment, or any fancy companion,


They change your game completely, what do bonding runestones do?, when they’re at rank 14, each of them passes you 65% of your companion stats for 20 seconds when it attacks, so 3 ranks 14 means 195% of your companion stats


Yes they are,but it’s the first thing you should be investing your AD in.



BABY PALLY dododo dododo

Welcome to Neverwinter

You’re going to hate it in here.

Just kidding it’s a nice MMO, just a LONG GRIND.

Ok, so you just started the game, be sure to look at the stats section, you can chose whatever race you want, just make sure to put stat points on CON AND CHA, follow the tutorial, follow the quest line, there are two great tips i can give you right now.

1.-As soon as you hit lvl 11, you will be able to pray, go to protector’s enclave, with sgt. knox or with the lady near the fountain where knox is, and she will teach you HOW TO PRAY, this is super important, you can pray every 15, 30,45,60 and finally 90 min. IT IS SUPER IMPORTANT TO PRAY, it will give you several things, wich you can see below.

2.- As soon as you hit lvl 12, you will be able to run RANDOM QUES, open your options (options button on ps4), go to QUEUES then hit “RANDOM: LEVELING QUEUE


It will give you Astral Diamond, wich is the currency of this game. 

3.- Now with the AD you have, BUY QUARTERMASTERS ENCHANTMENTS , how?, open your option, then go to Tarmalune Trade House -> Refinement and type in “Quarter”, it will pop Quartermaster’s Enchantment, Rank 5 up all the way to rank 14, rank 5 are like 1k AD on PS4, make sure to start runing this on your UTILITY SLOTS,  all the time, doesn’t matter if its rank 5, or rank 10, just run em to start getting bags .

now for utility slot, that’s in your helmet, arms and boots, usually after lvl 25 these pieces with utility things will drop, i would recomend just puting em on your first piece, and just keep that piece, i would just switch it every 15 ish lvls?, so let’s say 25-45-60-70, so you dont waste alot of gold by taking em on and off.



you need to have 10.5% chance in order to GET ONLY AND ONLY RANK 6 AND RANK 7 ENCHANTMENTS. ( for example lvl 13 gives you 4% so stacking 3 lvl 13, is equal to 12%, you just need to have 10.5%, anything above that wont help,. But wont hurt.)

Anything below 10.5% will give you fucking rank 5 ,4,3,2,1.

Anyway, just starting saving thos bags, until you can find someone who can let you use their QM’s or until you can afford your own high lvl ones.

So from lvl 1-70 , the game is pretty easy just follow the Quests, MAKE SURE TO DO THE FIRST QUEST UP UNTIL EBON DOWNS, this will unlock your account, letting you use the Action House, and in game chat.

Also make sure to complete the blacklake district campaign, neverdeath campaign, and the seer campaign, THESE 3 CAMPAIGNS GIVE YOU A FREE BAG, AND ARE EASY AS FUCK, TAKES LIKE 30 min each, exept for neverdeath wich takes 10 FUCKING YEARS (more like 1 hour but is boring as fuck)

Now, other than that, follow the quests, enjoy the story,  don’t worry about wich equipment to use prior to lvl 70, if you’re a NEW PLAYER, just follow the quests and just use any equipment you find, until you hit lvl 70.

For skills you can use radiant strike,valorous strike,  burning light, smite and templar’s wrath,  while leveling up, with aura of courage, and wisdom, and of course divine judgement, they are all low level powers, so no bitching about it.

If you’re an experienced player, and are just starting a new character, DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON ENSORCERED WEAPONS, they’re USELESS, if you really want to use a weapon enchantment, just buy a MACE OF THE HOLY KNIGHT on the vault of piety shop, or buy it from the AH, it has NO LEVEL REQUIREMENT, and it has a weapon enchantment slot . If you’re a NEW PLAYER, dont even bother about this.

ALSO once you hit lvl 60, make sure to start the ELEMENTAL EVIL CAMPAIGN. 

If you’re in a hurry to lvl up, and dont give a fuck about the story, then run a lot of random leveling ques, you should be able to lvl to 70 in about 3-4 hours.

So now you’re lvl 70 already?, look at Mr Im In A Fucking Hurry To Lvl Up well guess what, you’re about to start a 2-3 months of SUFFERING. 



Unless you have $130 laying around to spend on campaigns, you’re going to spend the next 2 months grinding like a motherfucker 

Now talking about Campaigns… there are some easy ones, some hard ones.

I decided on my new acc, to complet EVERY CAMPAIGN by my own, with the exeption of  Storm king Thunder, Tyranny of dragons and River district. I will just buy these, since they’re the longest ones to complete.

Stormking thunder is a huge NO NO to me, it takes around 90 days to finish.. And the dailies, just no, i only have 3 hours a day to play, so no ty, Same for Tyrany… but is up to you.

River district is easy, you just need to make around 5 Heroics  a day, but is boring as FUCK.

The other ones are really easy, if you want an advice, Dreadring and Sharandar, reset every 12 hours so you what i did was, just went there in the morning grabed the quests for shrandar and dreadring, BUT in dreadring i did the DAILY LAIR in the morning, then at noon they will reset, so in the afternoon after im done with my job, i would go grab the quests and DO THEM and also DO ANOTHER DAILY LAIR on dreadring. Sharandar and dreading are really fast, and NICE, because most of their quests GIVE YOU RP, wich you will need.

The other campaigns are pretty easy, elemental evil can be done in 1 day, maze engine is only 1 quest a day,  Underdark is just starting the task every day, witht he faerzeses (or whaever the fuck you spell that) you wil get from doing demonic encounters in dreadring and Icewinddale.

Icewindale, if done correctly, you can be done with the quests in 2 weeks, and just do the 2 reputation quests a day (3 demonic encounters and 1 demonic encounter plus mining 300 black ice) for around 2 weeks.

Chult can easily be done by completing Folly, and Barovia has to be one of the easiest campaigns ever.

what’s the first thing you should do as lvl 70? 


So…you you have two steps, you can either do step a or step b first, is up to you, but you will end up doing both anyway. 

a.- Start Running Dungeons (i would recomend Master of the hunt wich is EASY, gives seals, and a FREE CHEST, at the end, wich is bound to account BUT nice anyway.

With the seals you get from this dungeons, go buy primal weps, primal gear, and primal Rings for you and your COMPANION. 

b.- Make your way to BAROVIA, is not HARD, just go to neverember king, get your “unwelcomed guests” quest, go to the


Anyway, go there, talk with the lady, travel to barovia, here you will have to fight some vampires and werewolves, IS NOT HARD, just let everyone else fight em, you can use Binding oath, Burning light and templars wrath, you wont die trust me.

Then you will need to ride to barovia, killing some wolves, YOU CAN JUST IGNORE THEM, when you get there, go to the barovia town thingy, talk to the lady, and she will give you a pack, with a barovia set, put everything on.

Here you can see wich one is better, if to keep barovia or Chult for the stats, tbh i just kept barovia neck, belt, and artifacts, while using full primal set, with primal weps, and rings.  until i could get my mw3 neck and belt,



DON’T, you wont get em again, and god knows dev like fucking us over, and these pieces may be BIS in the future, when they make CR 10x easier faster, and with way better rewards, if you’re not using them, keep in your bank.

ok now you have full equipment,

what’s next?


so what companion should you be using?

endgame would be either, Con artist, sellsword, rebel mercenary or Tiger 

If i was new to the game, i would go Con artist, it has 3 rings and a DEBUFF 

there are other options that use 3x rings, will o wisp, lillend, the broom from the halloween festival, but let’s be  honest, at engame you’re gonna need a DEBUFF companion, otherwise you will be

“that dude who’s 18k and has a lillend” nobody gives a fuck if your lillend healed for 200k.

anyway, let’s say you’re smart and you  chosed the  Con artist, buy that motherfucker for gold on the companions thingy on enclave, or buy it with AD on the AH, and then spend i believe is 25k? or 50k? to make it green tier, unlocking its ring slots and enchantments slot. YOU SHOULD HAVE SOME AD NOW, BY 1 RUNING RANDOM QUE A DAY 

Continue runing random dungeons for salvage / seals, salvage everything, and get some bondings r8ish they’re CHEAP AF, or maybe r9 idk. 

get 3 primal rings on that mother fucker and there you go. 

Congrats you’re a fucking noob.

start looking for groups for CODG and shit, just kidding you’re 6 weeks away from that, 2 months if you take in account your noobish ilvl.

Just continue doing your campaigns, run random dungeons for Seals and salvage, and maybe just maybe nice drops.

 Alternative Characters 

Now,  i know what many are thinking, Why? With the 100k a day alt characters, became USELESS 

Not really. 

Let me explain, remember when i told you at lvl 11 you unlock praying?.

Well praying ALL YOUR PRAYS A DAY, will give you 2 Celestial Coins a day, with 11 of these couns, you can buy a COFFER OF CELESTIAL ARTIFACTS, will can give you some RP, marks , wards OR A COAL WARD, in the last 3 weeks i have gotten 3 COAL WARDS, with 24 alts. They’re not sellable, BUT YOU WILL NEED EM EVENTUALLY.

Also when you pray you get BONUS AD, meaning if you salvage with that character, you will get EXTRA AD, meaning instead of getting let’s say 5k for a purple chest piece, you wil ge 7kish AD

And the most important thing about alt characters.

When you pray you get purple bag, that contain bound to character RP (wich you can use to upgrade your enchantents btw). but most important, you get 


The ones i look after are 20% any item, 20% any refinement item, or 33% any striker companion. 

With 20% any item and 20% any refinement item i buy coal wards at 800 zen, wich is 400k ad, then i sell em for around 470-480 ad. -400 of the original price –48 ah cut, you get 32k AD PROFIT, i know it looks like nothing,


 if your character is lvl 70, you can also invest the 20% of any item on  cloaked ascendancy or storm king thunder campaigns, for a 80kish ad profit, but these ones take like 3 days or more to sell ?, that’s why i prefer Coal wards. EASY MONEY .

 Also now, about alt characters, YOU DONT NEED TO LEVEL THEM, what i did was easy, I just ran my campaigns, until i got a TOME OF EXPERIENCE from one of my experience rewards (once you hit lvl 70, everytime you “level up”, you get random rewards, from rp, to RAD to Experience tomes, now, with 2 of these tomes you can get any character to lvl 11, SO, what i did was simple, i just got the tome of experience, MAILED IT TO MYSELF,  started a new character, did the tutorial, and then after knox sends me to “return of the crown” quest  ( i just  went there popped my mailbox took my exp tomes, used two, BAM LVL 11, left  that place and went with the lady near the fountain to learn how to pray, then teleported that alt to mount hotenow where the loading screen seems to be faster. and just pray 🙂

If you don’t have a mailbox, i believe after entering that quest, if you leave it, you will go to the regular enclave, where you can use the mailbox near sgt knox, if not you will have to finish that quest in order to get to regular protector enclave, wich shouldn’t be that long maybe 5-10 mins?



Weapon enchantment,  

at endgame you should be using feytouch , or plague fire, frost, terror, etc.

BUT feytouch fucking sucks before Transendent, So? 

Motherfucking TERROR, is cheap AF and fulfils it’s duty.

just get a rank 8 on the AH, they’re always cheap af.


Now with patience you should have atleast 1 mil, if you have some alt characters, when you get a 20% off any item, buy 1 month of VIP, this is super important,


and when you see a discount on TRADEBARS, make sure to spend all your tradebards on SCROLL OF MASS LIFE. 


that’s what i have been doing, i got my paladin to 70, got my equipment, started runing dungeons, sold some unbound stuff, started making alts, prayed, bought items with coupons sold em for profit, used that money to upgrade my paladin, currently sitting in about 200 Qm bags, witing for 2x enchanting to open them, and well that is all i guess.

and well that’s i believe all the advice i can give you,  just make sure to run your random ques a day, if you’re lvl 70, run some epic dungeons, Epic temple of the spider, is really nice, since it has 3 bosses, it has a chance to drop  3 purple Salvage items, plus the one on the chest, ALSO everything coming from the chest is NOT BOUND to ACCOUNT, so if you get let’s say a purple air archon, you can sell it. 

If you can’t run temple of the spider because you dont have any dungeon keys or money to buy em off AH, dont worry, run Shores of tuern, it’s easy, fast and the final chest DOENS’T NEEDS A KEY, so you get FREE SALVAGE, it’ s low lvl salvage tho…


Now, for the race, several choices, everyone is “ok”, i have tested, Human, Half Orc, Tiefling, Halfling, Dwarf and Metallic Dragonborn.

Most players will make you chose between Human, Tiefling or dragonborn, from these 3 i would chose Tiefling. Why?

It’s Free

Human is ok but the extra feats are not worth it. for real, it’s like 3k more hp no ty.

Dragonborn is nice if you can afford it, but not much better than Tiefling, Metallic Dragonborn, well.. they’re the same as dragonborn exept you get 3% more hp and 3% more healing.

BUT,the deal with dragonborn, atleast on PS4 you have to pay REAL CASH, to get it, or metallic dragonborn, you have to use a LEGENDARY PACK to get it, wich i would just recomend going Tiefling and use that money in something more important, like your BONDINGS AND YOUR COMPANION EQUIPMENT.

I used to be a Metallic Dragonborn, but since my old account was BANNED, i had to start over as a TIEFLING.

Funny tho, i got tired of being a dragonborn and made myself a HAFLING, just for fun


I’m using my old pictures of my old acc on this build so you will see me sometimes being a Halfling sometimes a Dragonborn, sometimes a tiefling. So yeah don’t be confused with that.

YOU CAN BE WHATEVER RACE YOU WANT, hell if you want to be a dwarf paladin GO FOR IT BRO, just make sure Con is your main stat followed by CHA 🙂


+2 Charisma
+2 Constitution or +2 Intelligence (CON for pallies) Bloodhunt: You deal an additional 5% damage to targets below half health. Infernal Wrath: Whenever you are hit, you have a 10% chance to lower the Power of the attacker by 5% for 5 seconds.

Tieflings are BIS (best in slot) to me, because the bonus is pretty nice, and it’s FREE, but again, if you have the money get dragonborn go for it, but there’s no gamebreaking difference between dragonborn and tiefling i would much better invest that money from the dragonborn pack into your character.


+2 to any ability score (CON for pallies) Versatile Defense: Increase your Defense by 3%. Heroic Effort: You gain an additional Heroic Feat point at levels 10, 15, and 20.

This is not a good option IMO, i mean if you like humans GO FOR IT, but if you’re into min maxing the best free option is tiefling.

Metallic Dragon Born

+2 to two any stats (obviously +2 Con + 2 Cha)Metallic Ancestry: 3% more healing and 3% more MAX HP Dragonborn Fury: 3% more Power 3% more Critical.

When you create your character, you will be able to roll your stats, make sure CON is the highest stat in your roll, 

After that just and just increase CON and CHA

why?, because CON gives you HP and Damage resistance, and CHA gives you Action Point gain and Combat Advantage Damage plus with force of will heroic fit each cha point after 10 will give ya 1% crit chance.

These are my current:




Activating Divine Call generates 4% of your MAX AP

why 4/5? I dont spam divine call and the primal boots give me tons of AP gain, no really need for this to be 5/5, but if you want it to be 5/5 go for it.



Increases your Max HP by 9%

Yes please



Encounter power recharge 4% faster

This Feat doesnt makes that much of a difference to be honest, with aura of wisdom on, but it’s kinda a placebo for me, i like it this way.



Your Atwill powers deal 6% more damage,




You generate Divine Call 6% Faster

To be honest, i have played without this feat, and haven’t seen much of a difference, this is optional. i like it to be honest, not sure if works at 100%



Each point of CON grants 1% additional Max HP

If you’re not stacking crit, you can stack 5/5 on this one, doesn’t makes that much diference,you will gain around 15-20k hp whileForce of will will give you around 10% crit chance.



Each point of Charisma now increases your Critical chance by an additiontal 1%,

only raise this if you’re going full crit, Honestly if you dont have double offense companion equipment and bondings r13-14, i would recomend going 5/5 on Steadfast and go full power  on paladin, / armor pen and power on comp, and just stack crit once you get 3 double slotted companion equipment from Gambit Skirmish or buying em from the AH.


we are going to chose PROTECTION,

why?, because that’s the Tanky one 🙂

I went Justice and part Light.

Why Justice? the way Paladdin tanks is by doing damage, we dont have those fancy marks or fancy passive skills the GF has to get Aggro. We generate Agro by doing damage,

Now let me explain each of these Feats to you, so you understand a little bit more these.

Swift flash


When you are struck by a foe you have a chance to trigger a flash, granting 30% more movement speed for 4 seconds can happrn every 10 secs

Flash of Light


Well this is a way to buff our Allies, with each encounter we have a chance to reduce their cool downs by 10%, and we gonna use encounters A LOT, so yeah, the other choice is Furious Reversal, which is a HUGE NO, it sounds nice, but only happens every 60 secs, seriously dont touch that one. This one is one of our most important feats, it buffs the group A LOT. dont even think of taking a point out of this one.

Radiant Champion


ok, not much to say about this, you and your team mates 30′ around you run 25% faster and have 5% cooldown reduction, the alternative is not bad aswell,Stem the tide, with no allies 30′ around you, the enmies take 5% more damage, this is really good on PVP

Echoes of Light


when using an atwill power, you have a 8% change to Recharge all your encounter powers, happens every 15 secs, this is pretty nice

Beacon of Hope


Activating a daily power causes you to become a beacon of hope for 6 seconds. Randomly 3 allies within 30′ who have taken damage will be healed for 50% of your weapon damage every 2 seconds

(This will proc healing Warmth Boon from the Storm King’s Thunder Campaign, if you dont have this boon yet, then go for 5 points on Echoes of light)

Purifying Fire


not much to say about it, you deal 2% of your weapon damage as Fire when using your Atwill, but it’s removed when you use an encounter. The way i play I’m constantly using my encounters, so i take advantage of PRISM + Healing warmth over this one. but it still nice to use a point in here, JUST FOR A LIL BIT OF EXTRA DAMAGE.



Activating a daily power causes you to become a prism for 16 seconds during this time anytime you are healed, all allies within 30′ are also healed for this ammount this effect will not trigger from heal over time effect.This is a really nice and overlooked feat, it will proc healing warmth, wich will raise your dps by a bit.

Vengeful Judge

This is when the Paladin starts to shine, when you use Divine Call (R1 on PS4), you deal 35% more damage for 10secs, and REDUCES the cooldown of your encounters, also your encounters have a change to grant you a charge of divine call.

This is my main source for dps, i dont spam it like a crazy man, i use it once before each divine judgement to raise it’s damage.

Now the Light Path

why light and not Bulwark?

Gifts of Light


You heal 10% more

Well it was the best one from the first two hah

Warrior’s Bastion


You gain 10% more Defense from equipment.

Aura Gifts


NOW THIS, team mates who are at 30′ of you , for at least 6 secs, get 25% of your POWER

This is only for your BASE POWER, that means the power you have without any kind of potions / buffs, this means it only affects the power your equipment gives you, like radiant enchantments, or the power on your equipment (Mount Insignias work) (companions legendary status doesn’t works)

NO, it doesn’t works with Bondings, or buffs


Well screw you, i have 49K base power, so i give my team mates 25% of it, THAT’S 12k POWER TO MY TEAMMATES,


More about powershare on the powershare section

These are the powers you need to raise as you level.


Sure you can use Valorous Strike till you get 35, is almost as nice as Shielding Strike, some people keep using Valorous because it hits faster, I use shielding strike because it hits way too hard with Sacred weapon procced on it, and the extra shield is awesome.

Radiant Strike:

Simple aoe at will,it’s slow but helps us rush the enemy , we use this because it buffs our damage and armpen by 5% for 15 secs :), so use every time you can (i use it every 10 secs)

Shielding Strike:

BIS Atwill, deals a lot of damage, and gives us extra shield, seriously stop using oathstrike and valorous strike once you get this atwill it’s amazing when it’s buffed with sacred weapon


Solo / trash mobs

Templar’s Wrath

This is our main way of tanking, it’s simple, we do damage with it, the damage we deal with it, it given to us as HP mutiplied by 3 Example:You hit 50,000 damage with templar’s wrath, you will be getting 150,000 temp HP, more temp hp = more survival.

Sacred Weapon:

This is the best encounter we have, this encounter buffs your next 3 single target attacks by A LOT, i mean a lot, it’s the difference between a divine judgement hitting for 700k  or 4m damage. yeah is annoying the animation, BUT IT’S WORTH IT,.


Deals a lot of damage, like A LOT of damage, almost as divine judgement. these last 3 powers are the ones that i am always stacking, when soloing or dungeoning.

An alternative for smite in a dungeon with tons of enemies, it’s Burning light:

Burning light

Deals Damage in an area, it does TONS of damage too, BUT it takes way too long to cast it 🙁 and casting it without being at full state, it’s a waste .

For boss battles i swap Templar’s wrath for Circle of power, but ONLY WHEN IM RUNNING WITH 2 DC’S, since im getting constantly healed 🙂 (I dont use this on mspc last boss, t9g orcus or last boss, on those battles I use Templar’s wrath , sacred weapon and Smite.

Circle of power

Makes a giant circle on the ground, giving you and your teammates 25% more damage resistance , and 30% more damage TO YOU ONLY, not your teammates.


Aura of courage

THIS SHOULD ALWAYS BE USED, ALWAYS it raises your and your teammates dps BY A LOT, this is one of the reasons we stack hp 🙂

Aura of wisdom

Increases your recharge speed by 25% at rank 4 this will also be your offhand artifact power


Divine Judgement

AMAZING DAMAGE, just use it lol

Shield of Faith,

I use this when dealing with a lot of mobs when the team is kinda squishy, it’s a good daily, has saved my life many times before.

Now this is a the tricky part, what to stack?, i have seen some paladins stacking defense, recovery, armor pen and crit on their paladins, they’re wrong, why?

our main stats are POWER AND HP, that’s it, why?,

Go to the powershare section son



I can’t stress this enough, please please


Stack crit on your Paladin’s offense slots


Defense Slots: On your Paladin stack only Radiants for the HP, more hp = more power, i explain more of this on the powershare section. I WONT LINK IT AGAIN, CAUSE I JUST DID UP THERE.

what about armor pen and crit?

Get your Armor Penetration to 55% Resistance Ignored, 80% if you’re doing chult, 95% if you’re doing Ravenloft.

only stack armor pen on your companion, not on your paladin.

if you want to do as much damage as posible you need to meet the armor pen cap for each area, i just run 95% everywhere

with new equipment it’s pretty easy, .

Critical is optional.

You can easily stack  crit and armor pen on your companion to achieve 100% crit and 100% armor pen, by having 3 bondings r14,  2 grave strikers ( or the Mastercarft crit reing) and either an electrum necklace or another ring if you’re runing Con artist, and just put in Gigantics in there wich are 700 crit / 350 armor pen / 350 recovery 🙂

For example:

BASE STATS, no companions summoned, just my base stats, that’s 50,721 power that is powershareable.

Bondings Proced in the middle of a fight:

100% crit chance and 95% resistance ignored.


i will be giving you diferent options for equipment, so yeah, this only covers the helmet, chest, arms ,boot pieces, and rings,

Sets, and artifacts are on their respective section.

NOTE: MOD 14 BROUGHT TONS OF NEW EQUIPMENT, some can be seen on collections, some other can be randomly bought on campaign store with barovian coins or using cards on hunts, i will only name those that are seen on collections, if i find better chest pieces as hunts go around, I will update this section:

But Parrot im just starting the game I dont have acces to that equipment yet omg

Well there are diferent options, i will go piece by piece, from Best in slot to an aceptable replacement.

With mod 14, there are several new head pieces, i will name those that are not random drops from hunts:

Oathlord’s ward Barbute

This may not have the most of the power , BUT it gives you a BUNCH of crit when you’re at full health, with you are 100% of the time, leting you play around with the stats on your companion.

where?, seal of the crown, by runing Castle ravenloft.

Decaying Habit


This piece has probably most Hp / Power than any other Piece on a paladin, BUT it’s awful for long boss battles, such as Orcus on T9G or CODG baby, sure if you make the math you’re not really loosing any power by the end of the battle, but you must have an OP team. Still it’s easy to get, simply buy Bolgera Wanted posters on AH under miscellaneous just search for “Bolgera”, it’s like 6k a poster, you will probably spend around 10 posters till you get it. still 60k for a nice helmet?, sign me up.


Crown of the undead

This is my favourite piece from the new mod, it may not have the most power, BUT it’s amazing  i simply love it, cast a daily and it become a mini carpet, pulling nearby mobs to you, you can get it, by hunting sister of fury, simply go to Action house -> Miscelaneous and type in Sister, it’s around 37k right now, took me 10 posters to get it, but it’s worth it lol.



Rex corona

This was Best in slot on mod 13, What’s so special about this corona?

Well it has HP and power, wich are our main stats and the equipment bonus is pretty nice, still it’s not THAT NECESARY, there are other options out there.

Guise of the wolf clan

Now where can you obtain this item?

From the mysterious merchant on your stronghold

now, i dont know exactly, but your guild has to be lvl 16ish?, and it’s like a temporary building that the guildleader has to “build”, then the mistery merchant will appear for a week i think, with random items each time you “build” him.

So depending on your guild’s luck, you may get this helmet on the first time, or NEVER.

it’s tricky, but it’s a NICE helmet

Primal Restoration/ Ward Umqhele

Now there are two options, one has higher powerand some armor pen, while the other has high crit and some power, wich one you chose, it’s UP TO YOU. it depends on your build, if can afford 100% crit chance, go for the Ward one

Where can you get this?, from the seal vendor on chult/enclave, using seal of the brave wich you get by doing epic dungeons.

Dragon Loyalist’s Visage


Shores of Tuern, it’s a really easy skirmish (game has it under dungeon, but it’s reallly a skirmish), you can hopefully solo it, or just ask friends to help you farm it

Now if you’re like OMG PARROT I HAVE BEEN FARMING THIS FOR YEARS WITH NO LUCK, then go to the seal vendors on enclave and buy the Oathkeeper Ward Armet restore it and use it meanwhile.


The Magic Lord’s Surcoat

This the most amazing chest EVER, sure Oathlord gives you STRAIGHT POWER,  but this omg look at that hp, soo sexy <3.

where?, MYSTERY MERCHANT, so keep asking on your alliance wich guild has a mistery merchant and see if it has that chest piece (the pieces that a mistery merchant brings to a SH are completly RANDOM, so yeah) ALSO, this piece is 30k GM so yeah better start GM farming.


Oathlord’s Ward cuirass

This is pretty much a Rex amiculum wich was BIS on mod 13, but on steroids.

where?, run castle ravenloft and earch seal of the crown 🙂


Knotted Garbs

This is pretty mcuh a Rex Amiculum but 10x cheaper, pretty good while you get the Oathlord’s allthough i prefer the next one over this one.


The seer’s Cuirass

Almost same as Knotted Garbs, only difference is with this on a 5 man dungeon, you will be getting 900 power ALL THE TIME, , you can get this buying a random salvage equipment box on Ravenloft campaign (250 coins)


Fured Kiuno of the Bear

yes vivified primal ward ibhantshi has a lil bit more power, but 3% more damage on meele?, radiant strike, shielding strike, smite?, YES PLZ, this one you can get it by killing t1 lure, POLARIS on OMU, the lure is around 1 smop, it’s REALLY CHEAP and easy to get. BIS


Rex Amiculum

This was BIS last mod, not anymore, bear one is BIS, and way EASIER TO GET, dont even bother with this one, i just leave it on this list, because i know ppl are mad, since they spent 30 smops for it, while the bear one is 1 smop per try lol.


Primal Ward Ibhantshi

Where can you get this?, from the seal vendor on chult / protector enclave, you have to earn seal of the brave runing random dungeons.

Deepknight’s Brigandine

You get this at throne of the dwarven gods, from the chest, took me exactly 32 keys to get one :(, so start doing keys on the underdark campaign,


50k power translates to 5k power when tanking.


Pioneer Ward Charayneh

Probably the easiest to get, you can buy it off the vendor on chult , using Chultan Riches, wich you can obtain by doing weeklies in chult.

nice power, nice hp and armor pen, can’t go wrong.

The executioner’s Couters

Not sure if they drop from CR, but i got mines from the Campaign store, by buying random salvage boxes, they cost 250 coin, and randomly drop a piece of equipment, including this, these are amazing.


The Donjon’s couters

A lower version than Executioner one, but way easier to get, you can get it by buying a sandom salvage equipment box on ravenloft campaign OR via hunt cards 🙂

Same as all headpiece, with that armor pen, it will let you play around with your companion stats.

where?, run castle ravenloft and earch seal of the crown 🙂



Jawripper’s Gloves

Same case as t-rex corona, they’re BIS, but REALLY EXPENSIVE, im talking really expensive, but there’s a nice trick…

the only way to get these gloves is via Tyrant on OMU, wich is like king of spines from the soshestar river., now that lure is a tier 3, right now on ps4, the lure is 45ish SMOPS… BUT that tyrant, will drop 100% garantee the boots of the willed, these gloves, a chest piece that nobody cares about, a random ring wich is crap, and tyrant weapons, Now, those boots of the willed, are USELESS for us, but GWF and HR really dig em, sooo. what i did and what many people are doing is they buy the lure for let’s say 46 smops, and just split the price between them and the gwf / hr, so they get the boots u get the gloves and  the other things well you can always press need and let the game roll on them.


Primal Restoration Ibhendis

The definition of BEST IN SLOT, no contest, awesome stat,s and amazing equip power


from the seal vendor on chult / enclave, you have to earn seal of the brave fromepic dungeons


Not that bad to be honest, nice power

you can find this while hunting Karkino, usually Karkino lures cost 1 smop, and while hunting him you can also find a ring of the beast slayer+5

wich gives recovery and crit, perfect for your companion.


probably the easiest to obtain, they have decent stats

and can be easily obtainted from the vendor on chult, by using chult riches, wich can be obtained by doing quests on chult. you can easily farm this in 1hour.

Suvivor’s Wrap

Now this.. They’re pretty awesome have tons of power. the equip power may sound like a bad thing, wich it is but not really


When you use a daily you will lose 25% of your hp over 10 secs as bleed damage.

you dont really lose the 25% of the hp, you receive DAMAGE equal to that 25% over 10 secs, so let’s say you have 100k hp, you proc a daily and oyu will receive 2.500 damage every second for 10 seconds, for a total of 25,000 damage wich is 25% of your total hp.

what’s the good thing about this?, this will proc your protector mechanic

giving you 10% of your MAX HP as power. WICH IS POWERSHAREABLE, I used to take so much advantage of these, using my shield of faith, before charging to a bunch of enemy.

the bad thing?

you will lose your anoited army buff when runing with a AC/DC

Where can you get them?

Normal Demorgorgon (from the chest, so you will need to either buy legendary dragon keys or start making them

Oathlord’s ward sabatons

Same as all headpiece, and armpiece, with that recovery, it will let you play around with your companion stats.

where?, run castle ravenloft and earch seal of the crown 🙂

There are also nice boots from hunts and campaign store, as soon as i get some nice boots, i will update this section



Enduring Boots


YES you are losing TONS OF CRIT, and some power, but 3% more damage is SO SWEET, and they’re so easy to get, all you have to do is have OMU unlocked, go kill thayans on the lower left corner of the map, they will drop this item call “lich lore”, accept the quest, and go back to makos, now, THEY WILL ONLY DROP ONE EVERY HOUR, and these boots require 25 of those, so yeah, start farming, gonna take you couple of days to get em, but believe me they’re SWEET.


Primal Restoration Isikhumbas

You will need to run dungeons to earn seal of braves, and buy em off the seal vendor on chult / enclave

boots of the alpha

Nice boots, you can get em from farming sirrush if you’re like me you will be farming this like crazy, the ring it drops (dinosaur slayer +5) it’s OP for the paladin

Pioneer restoration diralsaaqs

Probably the easiest to obtain, they have decent stats

and can be easily obtainted from the vendor on chult, by using chult riches, wich can be obtained by doing quests on chult. you can easily farm this in 1hour.

Now, the ones im using are these

Primal paints

You can get these from the Chult campaign, by runing CODG or doing random quests on OMU, to get the currency and buy em, (you need to unlock them by completing most of the campaign first if not all of it )

you can get these from the auction house :), really cheap and nice.

Warrior’s Gemmed Exquisite Elemental Chainmail

IM NOT SURE What profesion does these clothes, BUT you can adquire em on the action house -> Equipment -> Shirt / pants, just look for Warrior’s Gemmed  and they will appear, they’re around 130-200k each.

Now what about rings?, depends on your luck

I currently run 1 Shadowstalker +4 and a ring of offensive action,  

BIS would be using gravestriker +4 and +5 for the extra powershare

But I’m a DPSWhore so im wearing Shadowstalker +4 and Offen action ring until i get my shadowstalker +5 <3


If you had no luck with rings you can just buy the primal rings from the Seal of brave vendor, OR you can also just buy the Mastercraft rings from the Ah, up to you

These rings you can get them by runing epic dungeons, you will get seal of the brave,

wich you can exchange for primal rings / set  at protector enclave


Ring of the Shadow Stalker +5 or +4

Having one of these is best in slot for Dps pallies, even at +4 it has 2 offensive slots, that damage bonus is SWEET, where can you get em?, by doing the omu weekly quest “Fane of the night serpent”, you have a chance of getting either a +1+2+3+4 or +5 version of this ring.


Ring of Offensive Action

Where?, same as the enduring boots, MAKOS, you have to kill thayans every hour, for them to drop a lich lore, then  you accept the quest by clicking the item, and go back to makos, again, they only drop this EVERY HOUR, not like an hour after you get it, let’s say you get your lure at 3:45, at 4:00 it will drop ANOTHER ONE, (unless you didn’t gave makos that one you just got)


Ring of the Gravestriker +4 / +5

You get this one by doing treasure chests, you get from patrols, they’re really easy to farm, these are BIS for Powershare paladins, also pretty nice for companions.



ok now, before i start, I HATE THESE RINGS, why?, they’re bound to character :(, but they’re really nice for companions, specially the crit / armor pen one.

YOU CAN GET THESE ON THE ACTION HOUSE, they’re around 500k-1m each.

THESE ARE PERFECT FOR COMPANIONS, omg, can’t explain how amazing they are. only downside is that they’re bound to character :(, but look at that armor pen and crit!, you could stack two of them on your con artist / tiger, and you should have enough armor pen to worry only about stacking crit on comp, or give you enough space to stack black ice / demonic enchantmetns on your companion 😀



I would much rather get gravestrikers over these, BUT if you really need that crit for your pally go for it :D, it has really nice power :), there’s another with power / recovery, but tbh i would much much rather get the makos one 😀



what do i mean by set?, I mean Necklace, Waist and Artifact, most Artifacts have a set, that gives a bonus,

Demon Lord’s Immortality Set (Orcus set)


I have been testing Demo set vs MC3, i just dont find any difference, i dont see the “DAMAGE BOOST” on demo set, atleast on CODG wich is the dungeon i farm the most, so i just stopped using it, and moved to MC3 🙂

This is well. the classic for DPS paladins, it gives you a DMG bonus based on the difference of HP between you and the target, it’s nice for boss battles, you dont really see it on trash mobs. note that orcus wand(artifact is around 1m on ps4, it used to be 6m) it’s an oldie but a good option.

set consists on:

Baphomet’s infernal talisman (you get at the end of  maze engine campaign or really cheap on Action House-> Equipment -> neckk  it’s around 100k on ps4)

Demorgorgon’s Girdle of Might (You get this well from Demogorgon, it’s hard to get, i have must run around 500 demos, and only got it like maybe twice, you can also buy it on Action house  -> Equipment -> Waist, it’s around 200k on ps4)

Shard of Orcus’ Wand, this one drops from Castle never , it may also drop from random dungeons, back in the day this bad boy was 6mish, now it’s around 800k or 1m on ps4, you can find it on Action House -> Equipment – > Artifact.



MasterWork 3 Set

This was introduced on mod 13, it has nice stats, A LOT of power,I used it for  along time during mod 13, and i still use it from time to time, many people like runing lichtone sash instead of beaded sash , for the extra CON, but I PREFER the bedead, note in “I PREFER”, not saying you should use it.

Fanged Beaded Amulet / Beaded Sash or Lichtone Sash, you can chose between beadad or lichstone, THO, this set is kinda expensive, i would just get the new ravenloft set. you can get any on Action house -> Equipment -> Waist / neck


 Ravenloft set

This is a good starting set, second most powersharable just behind Master craft 3set

Barovian Lavallliere,Barovian Cummerbund (hehe),Thirst all 3 can be obtained from Castle Ravenloft or AH (Action house -> equipment -> artifact / neck / waist



Protector set

This is set, is well, something you can use meanwhile you save up to use any of the other 3 above. btw you should be using this with the LANTERN, no the waters or catalogue, it’s really really really cheap to get. like super cheap.

each piece is like 1k-10k on AH.

Cloak of the protector, Greater waist of constitution and Lantern of Revelation are all found on AH under equipment -> waist / neck / artifact


lastly and im only adding this so people are informed

Valhalla set

is Valhalla good?, For pvp Yes, for PvE NO, simply no, the only “good” thing this artifact does is reduce enemy damage by 3% everytime they attack u for 6 seconds and stacks up to 5 times, on endgame this is just not necesary the only power the ENTIRE set has , is 847 and 2 CON that’s it… is not worth it at all. it may be good for low level pallies whos team  have a HARD TIME on dungeons , but for endgame teams, everything is dead so fast, is not worth it.


As your main artifacts you have multiple choices,

TOP 3 in MY opinion

Wheel of elements – 30% bonus damage for 28 seconds

where? Auction house or random dungeons

Soul Sight Crystal – 50% bonus damage for 10 seconds 

NOTE, this didn’t worked on mod 13 with DIVINE JUDGEMENT, it’s suppose to be working on mod 14, i have been using wheel lately on CODG, and i see no diference, between wheel and this tbh.

Heart of the Black Dragon – this at mythic + Artificier Persuasion = win

it may not have power on it, but with artificier persuasion will let you cast sacred weapon + smite and also DJ A LOT, Also casting flash of light a lot, meaning your teammates cooldown will have a chance to be lowered  each time you use an encounter, I like using this for mobs, and then switch to soul sight / wheel on boss battles.


THERE ARE TONS OF SECONDARY ARTIFACTS that are awesome for the paladin.

you want artifacts with power and posibly HP on them, with the only exeption of the heart dragon heart, wich i explain in the mount insignia bonus part.

Now, i said you needed artifacts with power and HP, but if you have to sacrifice 4000 hp for 1000k armorpen / crit, go for it, as long as they have power  YOU’RE FINE. in a perfect world you would be using wheel, OP sigil, vanguard’s banner and  Siege master’s war horn, wich all 3 have 4k hp, 1000 power and a random stat, BUT if you need the extra crit /armor pen, go for any of this list 😀

I WILL list all the options for the paladin tho :), so it’s up to you wich ones you will use.



Wich one you use it’s up to you, it depends entirely on your companion, if you have 3 dinosaur slayer +5 on your conartist, you can just stack the full power / hp ones, if you have fierce or whatever and need help to get to 100% crit chance and 80% resistance ignored like me then you will use the ones with power / armor pen / crit

Shard of Orcus’ Wand

Where?, Castle never, random dungeons or Action house,

You will need this one for the Orcus SET.

Sigil of the Great Weapon Fighter

this one is one of the best artifacts for a paladin has it all, max hp, power armor pen

Where? you need to make a GWF to lvl 60, run vault of the nine, and it will be unlocked for all YOUR CHARACTERS


Sigil of the Oathbound Paladin

Nice artifacts with just the right base stats, and really easy to get, once you hit 60 on your paladin, you just have to run vaul of the nine and get it unlocked for all your characters

Sigil of the Devoted

one of the basic ones, IMO it becomes useless with mod 12 new primal boots wich will make you gain tons of AP, as a secondary well… with mod 12b if you’re full crit / arm pen, this is not really an option, it’s up to you.

you need to make a DC get it to 60, run vault of the nines and unlock it for all your characters

Vanguard’s Banner

A better version than the OP sigil

Where? PVP Campaign

Eye of the Giant

One of the best ones IMO, has HP, power , crit and armor pen

Where? Trade bar merchant , random dungeons or Auction House (around 500k on the ps4 as februraty 2018)

Fragmented Key of Stars

Really nice artifact and useful for mod 12b

where?, MSPC or Auction House (around 700k on ps4 as Februrary 2018)

Kessell’s Spheres of Annihilation

nice stats and pretty cheap, where?, kessell’s retreat skirmish , random dungeons or Auction House.

Sigil of the Controller

You can get this for free by making a Control Wizard, getting it to lvl 60, complete vaul of the nine quest and it will be unlocked for all your characters.

there are more artifacts out there, look on collections / Artifacts, and chose whatever has power on it 🙂


Well, for Offensive ones, as I said before, just get your Resistance Ignored (Armor pen) to 55% (80% if you’re runing chult / tomb of the nine gods/codg and 95% if you’re runing Ravenloft)

HardCap is 60% ish , remember radiant strike gives you 5% more damage and 5% more resistance ignored, , so stack armpen on your companion untilyou get 55%, then stack critical on it 🙂

(80% when runing chult or tomb of the nine gods, you need 85% there and 95 when runing ravenloft , you need 100%  there)






Want 100% crit chance?, Start farming gambit for those double offense slotted Companion gear  or save money and buy them off the AH

Defense Radiants all the way, more hp = more damage from aura of courage, better tanking and more powershare, Again take a look at powershare section.

Utility. This is up to you, I would recomend darks for the movement, and get 1 quartermaster to atleast rank 10, as i explain in the RP farming section ,with 1 quartermaster you will get TONS of bags and its a lot of RP .

Weapon Enchantment:

To me as a paladin we have two major options


This is In my opinion BEST IN SLOT for a paladin

Other viable options are Terror, Bronzewood, PlagueFire etc, use whatever you want bro 🙂



Armor Enchantment:

Here’s the deal, 99% of the armor enchantments are USELESS, for paladins.

I have used a lot, if elven battle worked on PVE, it would be Best in slot, but it doesn’t works :(, i tested it over and over on T9G and you get charmed for the SAME AMOUNT of time, with or without it.

I currently run a soulforge r7, why?, because the only dungeon I’m interested in farming is CODG, and i like runing without Tw in there… yeah so from time to time the baby will spit on me and  1 shot me lol, it’s fun.


You have two options, either run Sh weapons (Bronzeood Quauhololli / Bronzewood Cuacuhchimalli) or Primal weapons. Sh weapons buff the entire party, while Primal buff only YOU

 If i was a starting Paladin i would go for primal, they’re free, and not bad,then when you get the money BUY the SH weapons, NOTE DONT BUY +1 ONES, they’re not worth it, they’re like 3x the cost of the normal one and the diference is minimum, unless well you’re rich yeah go for ti lol.

Artifact Weapon Powers:

Main Hand: either shielding strike or radiant,

Off hand: Wisdom, no contest



wich Mastercraft rings getting BUFFED, con artist is really nice , but then again you can also run Tiger with 2x Mastercraft rings and 1 x electrum executioner necklace.

Well, here’s an interesting part of the build, these are the comps i use

The ones that YOU MUST HAVE are:


either the sellsword or the Conartist, for the debuff or chultan tiger

Con artist is the easiest to build, but i run chultan tiger.




now, now before you start with CHULTAN TIGER IS GLITCHED IT WONT DEBUFF.

it does debuff, but it needs to have combat advantage, wich means you need GF marking the enemy or a HR or a Warlock doing their things to give the team combat advantage, otherwise it wont debuff.

now,i prefer this guy over con artist. why?
cause i have been using the con artist for over a year, and im kinda sick of it, this guy has an extra offensive bonding slot.

you can adquire the chultan tiger on the zen market or AH.


Active Companions

What’s an active companion?

It’s the companions that are on your companion tray NOT IDDLE, those give you their buff, these are my BIS companions

For starter the MUST HAVE are the earth archon and air archon

Earth archon

Increases your damage against targets by 6% when you are at full health each additional archons increases this bonus by .5% This right here is our secret weapon, we always have our Hp full 😀

You can get this on random dungeons, or the glorious companion pack (around 600k on ps4 as february 2018)

Air archon

Increases your damage ainst targets not a full Health by 5% each additional archons increases this bonus by .5%

You can get this on random dungeons, or the glorious companion pack (around 600k on ps4 as february 2018)

These two companions are a must HAVE

Now the other 2 companions there are couple options


Increases your max HP by 5%

now, 5% may not sound as much, to me is around 15k hp, so that’s 1.5k power when tanking, so around 4% more dmg?, NOT SURE TBH, but that power is POWERSHAREABLE (again , look at the powershare section)

Only downside of this comp is… it’s glitched, and when you change instances, for example moving to a new map, OR A NEW DUNGEON, the effect goes away so you have to set it as iddle, and then put it as active again. it’s pretty anoying, but it’s cheap, you can get this on dread legion skirmish or the action house


Raises your damage by 4%

awesome companion to deal more damage.

you can get this through random dungeons , zen market or the auction house.

Erinyes of Belial

10% critical severity

you can get this companions through either random dungeon, action house OR the warlock pack on the zen market, is kinda expensive, and not necesary, tho, if you have multiple characters the companion will be unlocked for ALL your companions

NOTE, IF YOU CAN’T AFFORD THE WARLOCK PACK (for belial)just dont get it, you dont really need it, the siege master or energon will do the same job


Alpha Compy

yes plz, amazing for chult areas, you can get it on AH

Tamed Velociraptor

1% increased damage, stacks with players using it up to 5 times, so if the full party has it it will be 5% more damage for everyone

You can get this one out of the t-rex lockbox, or the auction house, as februrary 2018 it’s around 100k on the ps4

I only use this one instead of siegemaster when runing with my usual team (we all run the velociraptor)

These are all DPS like companions, as i said before this is entirely up to you, this is not a MUST HAVE 

BUT, BUT with mod 12, legendary companions are a must have, so im just letting you know what the best companions are for the paladin, if you want to run the chicken, or rust monster fine, but i dont want to see you in couple of months with a legendary rust monster crying omg i why did i made this mf legendary.

As i said before the must have on this build are the bondings to atleast rank 13 after that you can start investing on your enchantments, then companion then mounts, with the exeption of wanderers fortune wich is a must have to get your Bondings to rank 13 along with Quartermasters.


Use whatever you want to use guys, I used to use an augment Stone , wich is not bad, but once i got my bondings well it was awesome lol

Ok so if you’re new to this game, mounts are really important, White,Green and Blue Mounts don’t give you any equip power, but Purple and Orange ones do, and only orange (legendary) give combat power

What’s an Equip power?

See on Equip Power, it says “Dominant Force” 4k power, that’s an equip power, Only purple and Orange Mounts have special powers like that

What’s a Combat Power?

Combat Power, this you only get it with a legendary mount, the ones i like are T-rex and Lion, specially Lion

So parrot wich Mount should i be getting?, now newbie, if it’s your first purple mount you have two options buy either the 2K power from Zen market, or get any cheap 2k power from AH, Zen market is better, even tho it cost more, it will be UNLOCKED for your whole account, meaning all your characters can get it.

Now legendaries mounts, wich one?.

Question is, are you on a budget? Best in slot is either Whirlwind or Black ice horse (both give 4k power), BUT Combat power for both are.. useless… best in slot for me is whirlwind / black ice and Lion, BUT if you’re on a budget, get the t-rex it has 2K armor pen and 2k Power plus a NICE DEBUFF as combat power, you can get a 4k power one later on after T-rex 😉

If you’re selfish go swarm, but for the love of god DONT GET THE TENSER DISK, is useless!

The Triceratops 16k hp, is well.. let’s say it’s nice for PVP, the Snail i got it, and i dont see a single diference , i regret getting it To be honest.

each Mount has a diferent Combination of insignias, Diferent combination of insignias give you diferent effects.

To see all the mount insignias in game i would recomend to visit this site

These are the ones I use for any dungeon, if there’s no GF i usually swap magistrate patience for Artificier persuasion.

The insignias that I NEVER EVER take off are

Assasin’s Covenant, Gladiator’s Guile and Shepherd’s devotion.

Assasin’s Covenant

 You lose 10% of your Defense, Deflection, and Life Steal, and gain the combination of lost stats as Power. This is the BIS for paladins :), the power you get thro this is shareable

Magistrate’s Patience

Whenever you perform a Critical Strike, your target will gain a stack of Magistrate Consideration, Enemies affected by Magistrate’s consideration take Pyschic damage equal to 10% of your power over 4 secs Once you go 100% crit chance this is really nice, but i sometimes replace this with Artificier persuasion if it’s needed. (mainly when the GF can’t spam into the fray)

Shepperd’s Devotion

Whenever you use a Daily power, your teammates Defense, Deflection, and Movement are increased by 5% of your Power for 10 seconds. I only use this for speed runs, otherwise I use Protector Camaraderie here 🙂

Protector Camaraderie

Whenever your summoned Companion attacks, you gain 3% of your Power and Defense for 10 seconds. This effect can stack up to 4 times.  This is really nice, i use all the time

Gladiator Guile

When your Stamina is above 75%, you move 15% faster. When your Stamina is below 25%, gain 15% of your Power as Stamina Gain. Paladins are Slow AF, this is a really nice bonus for us, i usually swap this for protector’s friendship on boss battles, but 99% of the time i just forget to swap it lol

Artificier Persuasion

Whenever you use an artifact power, your recovery, movement, action point gain and stamina gain are increased by 10% of your power for 15 secs Now, this right here, works with buffed power, look at it right now:

after bondings procd


Elemental Evil:

Wave of Force: 300 Power and 2k HP

Heart of Stone: 4% Life steal Severity and 2000 max hp

Searing Aggression: 400 Critical and 2000 max hp

Wall of Wind:  when you’re taking damage you have a chance to be healed for 24000 HP and have your Recovery raised to 1000 for 10 secs, IF YOU DONT HAVE 100% CRIT CHANCE GET THE CRITICAL ONE THEN.

Maze Engine

Abyssal Siphoning: 5% life steal severity

Demonic Resilience: Control effect last 5% less, the combat advantage is nicer in my opinion, got this cause on PVP i kept getting controlled.

Demonic Swiftness: Gain Action Points 3% faster, yep we need this

baphomet Might: When striking a foe you have a chance to gain 2000 critical strike bonus for 6 seconds.

Dread Ring

Reliquary Keeper’s Strenght: 250 power and 250 movement

Evoker’s Thirst: 400 Life steal

Forbidden Piercing: 3% Resistance Ignored, may change this once I get my dark enchantments to rank 10 and pass the 60% Resistance Ignored  cap

ShadowTouch:  When dealing damage you have a chance to deal up to 2000 Necrotic Damage over few seconds, after this effect ends the garget receives 25% less healing from spells for 10 seconds.

Rampagins Madness: When you deal damage you gain a stack of “Madness”, when you reach 50 stacks you gain 4k power, 4k lifesteal and 4kregeneration  for 10 secs, then stacks are reset, you can only gain 1 stack per second.

Icewind Dale

Encroaching Tactics: Gain 400 Combat Advantage Bonus

Refreshing Chill: Gain 400 Stamina Gain

Sleet Skills:  2% Critical Severity

Cool Resolve: Gain 200k power based on how much stamina or guard you’re missing, this is nice on PVP.

AvalancheWhen damaged by a foe, chance to gain a stack of Avalanche. At 20 stacks it will clear the stacks and deal up to 15k damage to nearby Targets.


Dark Fey Hunter: Gain 400 Power

Fey Precision: 400 Critical

Elven Haste: Gain Action Points 3% faster

Elven Ferocity: When striking a foe you have a chance to deal up to 20k Arcane Damage

Elvish Fury: When you kill a foe you gain 135 power for 45 seconds, this buffs stacks up to 30 times.

Tyranny of Dragons

Dragon’s Claws: 400 power

Dragon’s Gaze: 400 Critical

Dragonic ArmorBreaker: 400 Arm Pen

Dragon’s Greed: 400 Lifesteal

Dragon’s Fury: Crit Severity yes plz


Primordial Might: Gain 400 power and 1600 max HP

Primordial Focus: Gain 400 Critical and 1600 Max Hp

Drow Ambus Tactics: Combat Advantage Bonus is increased by 10% YESS <3

Dwarvem Stamina:  5% stamina regeneration, THO, the 5% shorter duration of control effect is way better ,i haven’t changed cause im out of tokens, but i will get that one.

Abyssal Strikes: Gain +10% Damage versus Demons

Storm King’s Thunder

Frosty Demeanor: Gain 2% Control Resistance and 1000 HP

Hardy Constitution: Gain 400 Staminda Gain and 2% everfrost

Icy Wrath: Chance when taking damage to gain up to 2000 Bonus damage on next attack,  the recovery one is nice aswell, i chose this cause i pvp and well it’s nicer than 400 recovery, so up to you.

Vengeful Heat: When you kill a foe you have a chance to deal up to 2000 fire damage to all nearby enemies.

Chill of Winter: When striking a foe, you have a chance to gain a stack of Icy Chill, at 10 stacks your next attack clears all stacks and releases a burst that deals up to 10000/12000/14000 damage to targets close to you (I have two points on this so i do 12000 damage.

healing Warmth: When healing allies your healing spells have a chance to damage up to 5 enemies near the target for up to 4000 damage, this one is proce’d with beacon of hope and prism i know 4k damage sounds like nothing BUT every single number of damage stacks on the final damage result 🙂

The Cloaked Ascendancy

Aura of Hope: When you kill an enemy you have a chance to emit an aura of Hope that boosts AP gain for all allies woithin 25 feet for 10 seconds

Fiery Frenzy: You gain 2% Critical Severity and 1000 max hp

Soothing Zephyr: You gain 500 recovery and 2000max hp

Aberrant Power: When damaged by a foe chance to gain a stack of Aberrant power, at 10 stacks taking admage will clear the stacks and del up to 10,000 damage to nearby targets. Aberrant creatures take double damagae

Jungles of Chult

Tyrant’s Terror: 3/3 on this one, you gain 1000 power and 1 600 max HP

Soul Syphon: Chance on hit to gain a stack of soul syphon, onn killing a creature nyou release all stack of soul syphon in a burst at all nearby enemies.

Each enemy recives 2000 damage per second lasting 1 second per stack of soul syphon, you restore 1% of your max health for every stack released, stacks up to 10 times.


Shamanic Grace you gain 500 regeneratoion and 1200 HP

Overgrown:You gain 500 defense and 800 HP

Fight Not flight: You ghain 500 deflect and 800 HP

Lingering Curse: Chance on hit to apply lingering curse to your target wich lasts for 10 seconds can be applied ocne per 60 seconds. when the target wich has lingering curse is killed, it’s soul explodes out at a random enemy within 20 feet, causing 30,000 damage and applying lingering curse.



Hardened Bones 3/3: 4800 HP

Righteous Sacrificce: Taking 10% or more of your max health in damage grants nearby allies 800 power for 6 seconds, stacks a maximum of 5 times.

This is the best one from all 4, Hyptonic gaze sounds amazing, BUT ti has a 60 second cooldown…


Acquisitions incorporated

Confidence Boost 3/3: 1000 Power

Severe Cristicism: 3% critical severity

If you’re not a full crit pally well i guess either the movement or recovery one :).







and for pvp idk whatever u like the most.


How do we tank?

Our main source for tanking is by doing damage with Templar’s wrath, i will explain quickly, what Templar’s wrath does is simple, when you attack with it, the damage it makes you gain it’s value x 300% as hp, that means if you do a hit of 100k you will get 300k temp hp.


There are two rotations for a Protection Paladin:


What do i mean by full tank?, means FULL SUPPORT,  it would be pretty much the same as DPS ROTATION, BUT instead of using Sacred weapon + Smite, you can use Binding Oath for survival this is “ok” if you’re LOW LEVEL and are getting OWNED by mobs. If you have no issue tanking and dont need this Encounter, you can switch it for CIRCLE OF POWER, to help your noobish teamates, and lastly, BANE.

The only place where i use BANE, is on CR, is the only place where i spam shield of faith and Bane, since the last boss likes to 1 shot everyone, and you know when ppl die, they always blame the DC or the Tank, so yeah.. other than that i mostly use my DPS rotation.


WICH DOENS’T MEANS YOU’RE A DPS, Many people bitch about this,  we are still BUFFING, we are POWERSHARING, and BUFFING with aura of courage, plus Wisdom, and Spaming encounters to Proc FLASH OF LIGHT.

Is not like you’re stoping buffing and becoming a dps, at ENDGAME,  your team doesn’t needs Circle of power or Shield of faith, just in some instances, such as CR, BUT IF YOUR TEAM IS DYING AND BITCHING ABOUT IT, then just put on circle of power and shield of faith so they can see is NOT YOUR FAULT.

Believe me this has been a BIG ARGUMENT between paladins, IF YOU WANT TO BE A FULL TANK, GO FOR IT, if you want to be a baneadin GO FOR IT, if you want to be a DPS Paladin go for it, again the DPS IS ONLY THE ROTATION, you are still powersharing and buffing, you’re just using sacred weapon and smite to get the most of your damage.

the thing is that, paladins can do all at once, we are not FULL TANKS like protect / tact GF’s, or FULL BUFFERS as AC’s, or FULL Dps like a TR/GWF, we can do a little bit of EVERYTHING if done correctly.


If you dont have your bondings at least 13, have 100% crit and 55,80,95% armor pen (depending on what content youre doing), Or you dont have a trans weapon enchantment and probably not being atleast 15k, THIS ROTATION WILL DO NOTHING FOR YOU, you will be hitting for 100-200k wich is NOTHING, just be a meatshield use binding oath, and bane, just run dungeons for the AD until you build your paladin for endgame

Again this rotation is for ENDGAME

means you’re atleast 16k, have all your companions at legendary, your companion enchants at 13 atleast, a trans weapon enchant, and atleast 45k BASE POWER, if you dont have all of this, DONT EVEN TRY IT.


Anyway let’s not call it dps Rotation, let’s call it “DAMAGE ROTATION”  for all those lil bitches out there (looking at you Tankie)

the basics of this rotation is buffin yourself, how do we achieve this?

Radiant strike + Sacred weapon + Divine Call (Judge)

what do they do?

Radiant Strike:

Grants Radiance wich raises your armor penetration and Damage by 5% and armor penetration by 5% for 15 seconds, DOES NOT STACKS,

This means we will use this atwill every 15 secs or so.

Sacred Weapon:

This MF right here buffs your next 3 single target attacks by A LOT, i mean a lot, it’s the difference between a divine judgement hitting for 700k  or 4m damage. yeah is annoying the animation, BUT IT’S WORTH IT. It will affect your Shielding Strike, Smite and divine judgement.

Burning light, templars wrath and radiant strike are not affected by this encounter, since it only buffs SINGLE TARGET encounters.

Divine Call + Vengeful Judge

What is this? well, the paladin have a mechanic with R1, whenever you press R1 you taunt all the foes in 30′ around you and gain 10% increased damage resisance for 10 seconds, you reflect back 5% of the incoming damage back to the attacker while this effec tis active (max of 5% of your max hp)

That’s nice and everything, BUT , remember we went on the justice tree on the feats? (the red path)

The last feat of that tree reads:

Your divine call now also applies “Judge” to yourself for 10 seconds, “Judge” increases your damage dealt by 35% as well as reducing the cooldown on your currently recharging powers by 35%, your encounter powers have a chance to inmediately grant you a charge of divine call.

what does this means?, when you press R1, your damage will be increased by 35% for 10 seconds.

DONT SPAM IT, you should always keep atleast one charge of divine call as an emergency backup.

Now the rotation, for trash mobs, there are two rotations, depends if you’re using lighting or any other enchantment,

if using any enchantment that isn’t lighting it goes like this:


With most dungeons i start the battle with:

Radiant Strike (L2)

in order to buff our damage and armor penetration.

Followed up by:

Templar’s Wrath(Square)

To raise our Temporary HP and avoid getting 1 shot.


Sacred Weapon (Triangle)

To buff our next 3 encounters / atwills.

Followed inmediatly by

Divine Call + judge (R1)

To raise our damage by 35%, you can use this BEFORE or after Templar’s wrath up to you.

it only lasts 10 seconds so you best hurry with the next powers:

Smite (Circle)

BIG DAMAGE DEALER, it’s like a mini divine judgement

Shielding Strike (R2)

once you count 3 hits, refresh sacred weapon and repeat the rotaiton.

you have to count the 10 seconds for Judge AND THE 15 SECONDS FOR RADIANT STRIKE, in order to maximize the damage. DONT SPAM JUDGE, count to 10 and proc it again. I know it sounds weird, but IT WORKS.



DONT FREAKING WASTE YOUR DAILY, follow this rotation

Radiant Strike (L2)

Sacred Weapon (Triangle)

Divine Call + judge (R1)

Divine Judgement (L1+TRIANGLE)

If done correctly it should hit from 1-15millins ish, i have seen some for 20 millions.


I will explain again what we just did with divine judgement, So let’s say you have your Action Points full

You will use Radiant strike to raise your dmg and armor pen by 5% for 15 secs, then sacred weapon to buff your next 3 encounters /atwills, Divine call (Judge) (R1) to buff your damage by 35% , just after hitting judge, BAM divine judgement

Now what about lighting?, Lighting can use the same rotation, but if you’re using lighting, you may want depending on the team use Burning light instead of Smite.

Burning light

YOU HAVE TO CHARGE IT, it’s the downside, if your team is a burn team, you may want to stick to smite, i use this because by the time im buffing myself completly, the mobs are already dead 🙁

Boss Battles:

They’re pretty much the same rotation, exept for a small change

If you’re runing with 2 dc’s you shouldn’t need Templar’s wrath

special note on “SHOULDN’T”, if you still need it, then use it duh

but anyway if you can tank the boss without Templar’s wrath swap it with:

Circle of power

Makes a giant circle on the ground, giving you and your teammates 25% more damage resistance , and 30% more damage TO YOU ONLY, not your teammates. (You can also use this instead of Smitte for trash, but with my current team, by the time i cast this, and sacred weapon, there’s no one left to attack.

Now the Circle of power tactic for boss battles, work for almost every boss in the game,

In my personal case i NEVER NEVER use this tactic against the following bosses:


Third boss from

Spellplague Caverns (Master)

Why?, She will f you up if you dont have TEMP HP


First boss from

Tomb of the Nine Gods

Same as before, he will f u up unless you have the curse with tons of HP wich i never get, so duh.

You can however, cast templar’s wrath until you have around 2m Temp HP, then switch  Templar’s wrath for Circle of Power mid fight (when he’s gone), or if your teams need it, start the battle with Templar’s wrath, Sacred wep and bane, and just switch templar’s wrath for smite / circle of power, in the middle of the fight when  he flies away.

Ras Nsi

Third boss from

Tomb of the Nine Gods

Now remember the auras we ALWAYS use are :

Aura of courage

Aura of wisdom


If you are getting 1 shot, dont feel bad, this happens all the time, specially in tomb of the nine gods

In those cases what i do is, I cast Templar’s wrath on my teamates to get some temp hp, then R1 to raise my damage, and refresh Templar’s wrath, then Radiant strike on the first boss, and templar’s wrath again.

This way i can be sure the enemies wont 1 shot me.

About shield of faith, i use it when my teammates are squishy. or when im tanking a LOT of enemies, like on MSPC or before the second boss of T9G

Here’s a small video of one of my T9G runs

Ok, many people dont really get how a healadin works, you may see Healadin / burnadin / Baneadin on many forums / threads.

What’s the difference?

FULL  Healadin :

This was the old type of healadin back in mod 9 i think

Heals dealing 0 dmg, pretty much uses Bond of Virute / Vow of Emity and maybe Bane or something.

while spaming Healing Word atwill.

this is so mod 9, not USEFULL AT ALL.



This is a better version of the oldschool healadin, it’s the new standard healadin, you use bond of virtue / vow of emmity and relentless avenger, plus aura of wisdom / courage,  radiant strike and oath strike.

how does it works?, it’s easy, bond of virtue is a huge circle on the ground, if you heal anyone inside the circle, it will heal EVERYONE inside the circle,  Vow of emmity casted on the BIGGEST ENEMY, makes that everyone hitting that enemy will be healed, Relentless avenger pretty much fills your AP in 2 hits, letting you spam divine judgement / Shield of faith, so it procs prism and heal EVERYONE.

Now that’s nice and all, but your main source of damage as a Burnadin are two boons:

Burning Guidance <– that’s why it’s called Burnadin (its the last boon on dread ring)


Now, these two boons will proc whenver you “HEAL” someone, but you dont need to heal, just attempt to heal lol, so you will see them PROC LIKE CRAZY.

Burnadins are ok, for low lvl dungeons, but on high lvl dungeons like T9G you should be runing protection paladin , and maybe switch to Baneadin on boss battles, if your team needs it (I never do)



What’s baneadin?, it’s something people dont really get, see bane as a devotion paladin (healadin), you can use it on teammates cause them to deal 10% more damage, up to 3 stacks so 30% more dmg total.

So…. people like to stack recovery on their companion… to raise the bane up time and spam it like crazy.. hence why BANEADIN…

yeah not fun.. so anyway, if you’re not an extremist, or dont want to waste your money on silveries to become a boring as fuck Baneadin, you can always


Just switch your main artifact for Black dragon heart, plus artificier persuasion.

What will it do?, it will give ya 10% of your POWER as  recovery / movement / action point gain

meaning if you have 200k power buffed, YOU WILL GET 20K RECOVERY, problem solved. lol

anyway here’s a video. the build is the SAME as protection, just chose Burning guidance (dread ring last boon)and 3/3 on healing warmth (SKT campaign last boon), and if you want to stack prism, i always leave 1 point on purifying fire, just because it’s a lil bit extra damage.



This is for people who are already built as a Paladin and just want to try out healadin without really commiting to stacking silveries on companion, a “real baneadin”, has to stack recovery and only recovery on companion, plus give fire to main dps, have diferent stats, and be a boring paladin.


If you’re looking a LEGIT  BANEADIN build, you’re looking in the wrong place buddy.

now pvp… I’m not a hardcore Pvper but i have tried several builds, so far im liking this one.

Now there’s a lot of ways to pvp as paladin out there, I like stacking HP/ Deflect with gigantic enchantments on DEF slot.

on offense slot, well since im using the same weapons for pvp / pve im using radiants, and im using tenebrous on 1 ring, shirt and necklace. I SHOULD BE USING PILGRIMS weapons since they’re BIS for DOMINATION.

but who ‘s got time to be switching the feytouch between weapons or the money to ge ta second feytouch lol.

anyway here’s a small video showing the build and well a small solo domo.

I use two rotations, one is really annoying but usefull vs powerfull enemies like OP TR’s or  SW’s who loop glitch with the manticore mane.

the atwills i use always are radiant strike and shielding strike,  auras are Courage and VENGEANCE (you can use truth instead of vengeance)

now for Encounters

vs Overpowered enemies : Binding Oath, Cleansing touch (you can use burning light aswell), and Absolution.

vs squishy enemies ; Binding Oath / Relentless Avenger / Vow of emmity (or bane)

for mod 13, you have to look out for HR archers since they can kill you easily, for TR who are OP AF  and they’re going to be nerf on MOD 14, and worse of all, Warlocks with manticore mane… they can multiproc it, i have seen ti proc 8 times , it’s not fun lol, i always enter the battle with binding oath / cleansing touch and Absolution, just in case, if i see they’re squishy i will use the other rotation.

About ARTIFACTS, i like using those with HP / armor pen , i ike having my armor pen at 100% atleast (with guild boon),

set, well i have tested 4 so far, the new MW set, the orcus set, protector set, and valhalla set, I personally go for valhalla, but i wouldn’t mine using the new MW set  for pvp, but i dont fell like upgrading ANOTHER SET for pvp.

Armor enchantment, you can either go negation / shadowclad or Thunderhead, they’re all nice,i went Negation 🙂

I know there’s a lot more to cover, but you can just try things yourself, this is just my personal choice.






Ok, what’s powershare?

With the feat Aura of Gifts on the Light Tree

“Allies Within 30′ of you gain 5/10/15/20/25% of your power. They must remain within 30′ of you for at least 6 seconds to gain this Buff.”

That’s base power you’re sharing, NOT BUFFED POWER,, by buffed power i mean companion’s power (either from bondings or the legendary status bonus), or a DC buffing you, or a Mount Bonus like Protector Camaraderie or Cavalry warning.

The only Mount insignia bonus that applies as Base power is Assasin’s covenant.

So what applies to base power?

Equipment (This is why we stack only equiment that haspower)
Artifacts (Same, always get the ones with power on it)
Enchantments (This is why we stack Radiants for power and hp)
Mount Insignias (Power ones, are kind expensive but worth it on the long run)
and the only mount Insignia bonus that i know that works with powershare is Assassin’s covenant (Takes 10% of your Defense, Deflection and Lifesteal and gives it to you as power)

ok so. what’s so special about powershare?

This is my power without my companion out:

NOW, before we start, many paladins have it wrong, you only powersahre YOUR BASE POWER, you have to UNSUMMON your companion, these are my stats with my sumoned companion:


by base power is 49.650 that’s powershareable, dont trust me?, get a friend near you on the dumies at stronghold and test it yourself, ANYWAY.

49,650 power , so the 25% of that would be 12,412 power. that’s what i share to my allies. It’s a lot right?, well it’s a lot more than that let me show you.

This is my current companion:

it has 3 397 power on it’s legendary status it’s suppose to give me 16% of his stats all the time and 195% when it procs the bondings

plus since my other 4 companions are legendary they give me in total another 15%

so that’s 16%+15%+195% in total it should give me back 226% of its stats

Ok so the 16% of 3 397 is 543 power, that’s what i should get when i put my comp out.

So i have 49,650 + 543 from my companion right? 50,193 power i should have when i summon him.

YEP around that ,but wait a minute, after 6 seconds this happens.

55,491 Why?

Powershare works on companions too,

so right now my companion has

3 397 + 12,412 from my powershare = 15,809 power, even if it doesnt shows up on his stats, it’s there. so remember my companion gives me 31% of his stat thanks to having 5 companions at legendary?

31% of 15 809 is 4,900 + 49,650 of my base power =54 550 , it shows as 55 491 because of companion influence.

So that’s iddle, now when i enter combat bondings will proc and hes going to transfer me an addiitonal 195% of his stats

so, if he has 15,809 power as of now, with my powershare multiplied by 195% = 30,827 power from bondings plus 4,900 from legendary status, it would be a total of 35,727 power,

that added to my base power of 49,650 would give us a total of around 85,377

Yep around that, the extra 5k it’s from t-rex corona, T-rex chest piece and primal gloves

(i was attacking a dummy)

So yeah,the powershare you do (12 412 in my case), shares to your allies AND THEIR COMPANIONS, that’s why it’s so important, dont be an asshole saying

“Im not powersharing because it’s useless”,

IT’S EVERYTHING to paladins, that’s what divides us from Guardian Fighters.

A Paladin that doesn’t Powershares, it’s like a Guardian Fighter that doesn’t uses into the fray. Simple as that.

Now Im not done, paladins under oath of protection have a really interesting mechanic:

What does this means?, it means stack as much HP as possible,
Let’s say you have 200k hp, when you’re getting hit, you will get as much as 20k power (10% of your hp) ONLY TRICK HERE, is you actually have to get hit for atleast 20k, this stacks up, so 20 hits of 1k should do it, or 200 hits of 100 dmg each 🙂



I have 225, 708 HP when im not in a group, that means when im getting hit i will get 22,570 power means i will be sharing an additional 5642 power.

SO let’s go a little bit back.

I have 49,650 base power
My companion has 3 397 power
I share 12,412 power when iddle,
when im getting hit i share 5,642 extra power + 12,412 (of my base power) = 18 054 power when im getting hit.

My Companion is legendary plus i got 4 more so it gives me 31% of his stats plus 195% when bondings are procing, making it 226%, so 3 397 x226% = 7,677 power from my companion (no powershare)

plus 18 054(powershare) x 226% (bondings)=40,803 + 7,677 from legendaryu status

Making it a total of 48,480 power back to me when bondings proc.

So in summary:

49,650 base power
+ 22,570 from my hp as power.

Total of 72,220 base power POWERSHAREABLE, when tanking,

shares 25% of that wich is


share that to my companion, who shares it back to me multiplied by 226% thanks to bondings r14 and legndary status as 40,802 power

plus 7 677 of my companion owns power (3,397 x 226%)

120 699 power when my bondings proc, and my companion is 30′ around me

again that extra power, comes from companion influence and another boons such as the sharandar one

Now, your HP will be HIGHER when in a dungeon with your team, so that means higher HP, i think when in t9g my hp gets to around 265k or 270k around that.

TL;DR : Dont be an asshole and do powershare, it’s awesome for you and your teammates.

Well it’s time to say goodbye, Hopefully this build will guide you a little bit on your life as a paladin.

You dont have to follow this build word by word, just take some advice, every paladin is diferent, the only thing that is the same on every paladin is that we must always stack power and HP, to benefit the most the team, if you want to go full recovery or full power on your companion, hey that’s cool, with mod 12b, there’s a new build with the bulette pup, to increase HP by a LOT, i will try that next month, and will post an update, to see what’s up.

If you have any question or anything, leave a coment here, i will try to answer asap.

If you see me online on the ps4, say hello :), tho im almost always afk , so if i dont answer it’s because of that, or because im runing some dungeon.

goodbye and remember,

Fuck Tom Brady.

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  • ikhizarfamas
    October 21, 2018 at 7:48 am

    Holy shitz dawg !

  • Footlong
    October 21, 2018 at 1:01 pm

    I really wanted to start over after the Ban… but I don’t think I can do it… you have some rich friends but Imagine you hadn’t, all my rich noch friends are banned aswell… I don’t think I can do that but I would like to-.-

    • October 24, 2018 at 6:37 pm

      tbh i wasn’t going to come back, but a good friend , let me use his spare bondings r13, some radiaants 10, silveries and azures, another friend gave me 2 radiants 12, another friend a 14, a friend let loaned me some coal wards and UES, to make my feytouch,and that’s what im runing full r10’s, some r13 on companion, just enough to achieve 80% armor pen and 95ish% Crit, need to work on my enchants, but im just saving for black friday.

      If i were you, i would come back, just run your 100k a day, so you have enough on Black friday for VIP, that’s what im doing, not going to develop my paladin anymore, just making my 100k a day, and buying cheap with coupons, selling high on AH, and of course selling everything i get from VIP, , going to buy riverdistrict, well of dragon, 12 months of VIP, and the rest probably wards.

  • Vashart
    October 22, 2018 at 3:21 am

    Which set will give more power share?

    Fanged Amulet + Lichtone Sash?

    Is it better than Ravenloft set?

    On Ravenloft you get AC instead AP gain

  • Chris
    October 23, 2018 at 6:19 am

    Thanks for coming back! Fuck Tom Brady 4 lyfe!

  • Craig
    October 23, 2018 at 8:59 am

    Welcome back

  • Andrey
    October 25, 2018 at 11:45 am

    What boons in Omu and Ravenloft?

  • Andrey Balabokhin
    October 26, 2018 at 7:02 pm

    What boons for Ravenloft and Omu?

  • Andywitt
    November 2, 2018 at 9:52 pm

    Do I see a lot of other people running the pioneer weapon set over primal for the power, any thoughts on that?

  • Juanitobanana287
    November 3, 2018 at 10:17 pm

    Por qué solo 8k de def? No se supone que se necesita Como 80%-100% DR a partir de chult?

  • Javier Canabal
    November 8, 2018 at 10:21 pm

    Gracias máster. La verdad no entendía muy bien nada hasta que explicaste todo mas claro que en español. Buena esa mi hermano.

  • November 11, 2018 at 11:12 pm

    Nice to see you back!

  • Mirco
    November 16, 2018 at 10:13 am

    Welcome back.. hope that, keep update

  • Draisaitl
    December 8, 2018 at 5:44 pm

    Guide is awesome, been using your guide since I started my Paladin and currently at about 14.5k IL (still working on it :P). Thanks for putting in the time to make it so in-depth.

  • Cupcake
    December 14, 2018 at 6:48 pm

    Hi parrot, thanks for this awesome and funny guide. Bring a smile throughout the read 🙂
    One question: why didnt you include what enches you use on comp?


  • December 29, 2018 at 1:14 pm

    What waist and neck are you using?

  • Lord.slayer
    January 11, 2019 at 4:19 pm

    Hey whats the diffrznce between ravenloft set and demogorgone one which one to use in which situation

    • February 5, 2019 at 12:14 pm

      I just got the complete Tempter’s set. Stats below.

      The Tempter’s Armet: 200 Crit for each member in the team, 17,453 HP, 1524 Crit, 1016 AP, 1192 Def.

      The Tempter’s Curiass: 200 Power for each ally, 34,905 HP, 14 AC, 2370 PWR, 1580 CRIT, 1788 DEF

      The Tempter’s Couters: 200 DEF for each in team, 17,453 HP, 1524 PWR, 1192 DEF, 1016 Deflection

      The Tempter’s Poleyns: 200 Movement for each in team, 17,453 HP, 1016 PWR, 1192 Def. 1524 Deflection

      All level 520. Looks cool as well. Just no infor in the NWN site. All from my toon. 🙂

  • Matt Riddle
    July 1, 2019 at 4:04 am

    Mod 16 words of wisdom?

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