Deadshoto’s Mod 15 GWF build

by Deadshoto on December 7, 2018
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Deadshoto’s Mod 15 GWF build

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Welcome to my… module 15… … gwf dps build. It’s my first guide ever so please be patient, i’ll improve it later. I will keep updating this guide whenever something new will be added to game. Please note that i won’t reply in comments section too often, if you have any questions it’s easier to pm me on discord. (Totally not Deadshoto#0001)
For now your best possible choice is Metallic Dragonborn, second one is Dragonborn(which I am atm) and last but also viable is Half orc, in case you don’t have Dragonborn race yet. The reason you want to go Dragonborn is that 3% power and crit from racial bonus scale with buffed stats instead of base, which results in higher return than 5% severity from Half orc.

Ability rolls for Dragonborn:

Ability rolls for Half-orc:

Reason why i choose Charisma over Dexterity is because Charisma gives you extra Combat Advantage damage. You don’t need to do it, but it’s nice little damage increase. You should go with dexterity until you hit 100% crit cap without it.


That are feats that I’m using right now. I don’t use disciple of war because it gives you power from your BASE armor penetration and recovery, you don’t have that much of these stats and it results in very low increase to power. Mighty blade work with wms, which is very good boost to your aoe clear, for me that’s better choice than disciple of war.
You can also use battle awareness instead of relentless battle fury to maximize your power, but i prefer relentless battle fury just to have 100% uptime for sure. If you feel confident about your rotation and you can maintain battle fury without that feat just go for battle awareness.

You’re going to choose swordmaster path.


That’s skill setup i’m using while doing quests, or dungeons when there is no guardian fighter in party. since you’re using powerful challenge feat (15% damage to marked targets) it’s better to use daring shout to mark targets for yourself instead of using ibs.

That’s skill setup i’m using while doing dungs, both for aoe and boss fights. Use it only if there is guardian fighter that can mark mobs for you(since you’re using powerful challenge feat that increases your damage to marked targets by 15%.)

Passives are wrathful determination and destroyer, these two passives shouldn’t never leave your bar, until you have low crit chance, then you can switch WD for Weapon master until you get high crit chance. You can also use steel blitz instead of wrathful determination on mobs, from what it seems it’s pretty good atm.

Indomitable Battle Strike (with gf)/ Daring Shout (without gf)
Battle Fury
Hidden Daggers

Sure Strike
Weapon Master Strike



Outside Barovia:

In Barovia(Castle Ravenloft):

I’m changing equip power from 2k power to 1k power and 1k armor penetration to hit 100% resistance ignored cap, you don’t need to do this if you have 100% already.

In FBI (and all skt/somi maps):

That’s set that i’m using on fbi due to 10% outgoing damage buff after you drink everfrost resist potion.

There is also good headpiece for chult(tong and codg included) but i don’t use it, just because i’m too lazy to switch stats every time i’m going to do something else than tong.


Main goal is to get 100% crit chance and 65% armor penetration(fbi,msp and t2 dungs), 85% armor penetration (tong, cradle), 100% armor penetration(castle ravenloft.

Standing still:

After bonding proc:

Average stats in 5man content:



Decanter of Atropal Essence(primary)
Shard of Orcus’ Wand(to complete set bonus)
Eye of the Giant
Tymora’s Spinning Coin

Aoe alternative:

Wheel of Elements:fire (primary)
Shard of Orcus’ Wand(to complete set bonus)
Eye of the Giant
Tymora’s Spinning Coin

Single target:

Soul Sight Crystal(primary)
Shard of orcus’ wand(to complete set bonus)
Eye of the Giant
Tymora’s Spinning Coin

You don’t need to use exactly same artifacts, it really depends on stats you need, you can also use fragmented key of stars, lantern of revelations or anything else to hit arpen and crit cap. The only arti you must use is shard of orcus’ wand since you need it to complete demon set, and primary artifact. Don’t forget that you need to have 85% armor penetration in tong and codg(95% with decanter because it does give you arpen which you lose on boss fights) and 100% in castle ravenloft.


In offense slots you can use brutals, black ices, radiants, azures or even draconics, depends on your current stats. Goal is to hit 100% crit chance and 85% arpen. Currently I’m using 5 radiants and 4 black ices.
In defense slots radiants for aura of courage.
Weapon enchants:
At the beginning I want to say that I have 2 mainhands, one for aoe and one for bosses. For aoe mainhand I have buff to wms, and for boss mainhand I have buff to sure strike.(You can change it with cubes)
For aoe phase I’m using lightning enchantment, if you can’t have two(or three) enchants I don’t recommend getting lightning, since module 13 hits lightning arcs doesn’t scale with buffs so it’s a big loss in single-target fights.
For single-target (boss) mainhand I’m using either feytouched or prominence, both of them are good, depends on situation. Prominence is overall winner, but fey is slightly better if:
You’re in tong with red curse at orcus’,
You have someone to throw wheel of elements:fire at you,
Op with aura of courage,
GF that can mark for you.
Personally I use fey only in tong and second cr boss(with silvering kit). In every other situation prominence is better, especially on cr when your party is often separated.


Major or superior flask of potency(heard rumors that they’re aren’t obtainable since m15 launch), wild storm elixir, squash/pumpkin soup and m15 3% damage potion which you can get from swag bags from campaign(Acquisitions incorporated) store.

Also you can use one of these: Tymora coin, Chain of scales or pocket pet. I prefer to use chain of scales, you can get additional critical severity from it.

Your summoned companion should be Chultan Tiger. He has a good buff for first 25 seconds(it’s enough to kill every boss if you have decent party), a 10% debuff, 3 offense slots and 2 ring and 1 necklace slot. As a necklace you should use electrum executioner necklace. Big amount of power and crit compensates 1 enchant slot, you can’t get that stats with any other 2 offense slot necklaces. If you can’t get it you should buy fierce necklace of the companion +4 or +5, it’s good alternative and is pretty cheap now. In ring slots I’m using Ring of Gravestriker+5 and Ring of Gravestriker+4. If you’re really unlucky and can’t get +5 ring like 🦆you can use bronzewood raid ring until you get your +5. It could be better but bonus does work only on 1 enemy fights, while in gravestrikers it does work almost 100% of the time. The reason why you want use +5 and +4 instead of double +5 is that the bonus of same ring rank doesn’t stack but it does with different ranks.(You can use llira’s bell before fight so your pet won’t lose hp and will proc bondings with gravestriker bonus.) Enchants you should use are 4 brutals rank 13 or 14 and one Heart of fire enchantment, rank 14.( You will get it for free from campaign task while doing main path in “Acquisitions incorporated”. If you need different stats you can switch some brutals for azures, radiants or black ices, depends what you need.)

As active companions I recommend:
Earth archon (Damage increased by 6% if you’re at full hp.)
Air archon (Damage increased by 5% against enemies not at full health.)
Razorwood (25% Combat Advantage damage)
War boar (5% damage to marked targets)

Alternative to war boar since it got removed from zen store( it was available in gwf pack) is Fire archon (Damage increased by 7% against enemies with less than half hp.)
Second alternative is Siege master (4% damage in any map/8% in stronghold map.)
Don’t make all your companions legendary! Max amount of legendary companions should be 3. 4th and 5th companion will give you only 3% companion stats, for 2.000.000 ad or 240 companion tokens. If you feel that you need that 200 ilvl you can go for it, but it’s not necessary.

Current best possible combat power is bat swarm, alternatives are trex and tenser, but i won’t go with tenser since swarm and rex will give you much more overall damage. Best possible equip power is 4000 power, it’s not necessary tho, and i don’t recommend to buy additional legendary mount because it’s not worth it. You can use either 2k power, 2k crit or 2k armor penetration, whatever you need.

To proc combatant’s maneuver on boss you have to use crescendo, to proc it on mobs you’re going to use slam, bonus refreshes every time slam does damage. It’s my basic insignia combo, you can also use assassin’s covenant or protector’s friendship instead of combatant’s maneuver, but i’m pretty sure that combatant’s maneuver will give you more damage than ac and pf.
About insignia stats – you should pick ones with stats that you need, i have some armor penetration, some crit and some hp insignias. I could change hp ones to power ones, but im just too poor.

Probably most important part of the build. You can have every enchant at max rank, every gear enforced with best kit but you won’t deal much damage if you don’t know how. There are some videos, both for mob phase and boss fights, i hope it will help you.


After switching from tenser to swarm i don’t use combat power at mobs, so first you’re going to do is turn on artifact. Then you’re going to use slam, battle fury (with animation cancel, you need to time it right and shift in right moment, important thing to practice) then i pop hidden daggers(usually with jump, it’s not necessary, just stupid muscle memory). Now you just have to spam WMS, when you see that one of mobs is at low hp you can ibs him to spread mark and get your daily back, and then WMS to kill them all. Pay attention to reactivate battle fury and hidden daggers once they expire, or 1 sec before they expire to keep them up as long as possible.
*there will be video in 2019*

Single Target

On boss fights you’re going to start with crescendo to build destroyer stacks ASAP. Then you’re instantly using combat power(if you don’t have it skip that step). After that you need to use WMS, and before animation is done you’re going to use battle fury(also with animation cancel, you just need to practise this step to make it smooth. Then you’re popping up hidden daggers, artifact (SSC). After that you’re going unstoppable(Tab), doing some atwills, waiting for buffs. When you see bts, pop, exaltation etc. you’re going to use ibs. Try to reactivate battle fury and hidden daggers before it if possible. Repeat those steps until boss dies.
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(On the video i have tenser, rotation with swarm is exactly the same but slightly faster because animation of swarm is faster.)

Single Target Alternative

Rotation that i’m using mainly on orcus fight. Rotation is exactly the same as normal, but you’re going to use slam instead of crescendo. Reason why you should do this is that there are zombies in orcus pit, it’s 100% chance to get destroyer stack since it hits more than 3 targets + you can proc combatant’s maneuver on them. Then you follow it with battle fury for another destroyer stack (your battle fury “hits” 3 targets with buff, so it counts to passive, then you’re doing exactly same rotation as before until boss dies.
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Same but in m15:

Click me

After finishing main path of “Acquisitions Incorporated” you’re eligible to pickup quest called “K-Team Weekly Dungeon”. To complete it, you need to make X dungeon with X difficulties. First week (10.12.2018) is Castle Ravenloft on hardcore mode with item level reduced to minimum. The biggest problem is reduced itemlevel. It reduces your statistics, so you have to overcap some of them. Current weekly dungeon challenge is visible in campaign window:

You have to overcap your armor penetration, because with reduced item level you will also have less armor penetration. With some tweaks i had 100% armor penetration and 95% crit chance. Things that i changed:

1. Wrathful Determination for Weapon Master to get more crit chance:

2. Tymora’s coin for key of fragmented stars for additional armor penetration:

3. Equip power to 2,000 armor penetration

This setup should give you 100% armor penetration and some crit. If you’re still lacking of arpen you can equip some arpen insignias etc to fill that gap. Note that as gwf you aren’t going to use any of galant pieces, it’s pretty weak if you’re going for max dps.

If you want to turn hardcore mode or reduced item levels you have to make your queue private and then click on “Match options”. There you can check or uncheck modes that you want or not.

ALSO i recommend to use trans or unparalleled barkshield for additional survivalibity.


Cayley (Some tips about consumables and pushing me to do the guide)
Elvis (Explanation of the basics of playing gwf)
Ducko (Many usefull tips which i still use)
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