Moon Moon’s Mod 15 Power Share AC DC Build

by Moon [email protected] on February 1, 2019
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Moon Moon’s Mod 15 Power Share AC DC Build

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The goal for this build is to maximize shareable power and recovery as much as possible. Running an AC and a DO is no longer considered “meta”, so it is more important than ever for an AC to share high amounts of power and be able to spam dailies like no one’s business. I maximize power through straight power, as well as through Assassin’s Covenant, which causes you to lose 10% (+2.5% for each additional) of your Defense, Deflection, and Life Steal, and gain the combination of lost stats as shareable power. In the interest of keeping this guide as straightforward as possible, I don’t go into depth about the reasons behind all of my choices. Safe to say, all decisions made were due to buffiness.

Note: This is an end-game support build for dungeon running and is not designed for solo content or newborn clerics who may have different needs as they build their way up.

Disclaimer: This is the build I run on my DC, however I’m sure there are many others that are just as good, if not better. I have done my best to make this as useful and accurate as possible. I even attempted to math, so you’re welcome.

Character Creation:


1. Dragonborn

    -Grants you +2 to any two stats. 

   -Power and Critical Strike are increased by 3% (This is shareable)

   -Receive 5% more healing from all spells and abilities

2. Sun Elf

   -Grants you +2 Intelligence.

   -Grants you +2 Dexterity or +2. Charisma

   -Inner Calm: Your inner peace and serenity cause you to focus more clearly on the task at hand. +2% Action Point gain

   -Sun Elf Grace: Your bottomless grace increases your resistance to Crowd Control effects by 10%

3. Half Elf

   -Grants you +2 Constitution 

   -Grants you +2 Charisma or +2 Wisdom

   -Knack for Success: You are just naturally better at many facets of life, gaining +1% Deflect, +1% Critical Severity, and +1% Gold Find 

   -Dilettante: Grants +1 to a non-class Ability Score


Note: Dragonborn is the best due to the extra powershare. Due to looks, I chose to pass on that and use Sun Elf.


Ability Scores:


Effect per point (after 10):

STR – 1% Critical Chance, 1% Damage Resistance, 1% Stamina Regeneration

DEX – 1% AoE Damage Resistance, 0.5% Deflection Chance

WIS – 1% Damage Bonus, 1% Healing Bonus, 1% Control Bonus, 1% Control Resistance

CON – 2% Maximum Hit Points

INT – 1% Recharge Speed

CHA – 1% Combat Advantage Damage, 1% Recharge Speed, 1% Action Point Gain, 1% Companion Stat Bonus


Note: You are able to reroll the stats as much as you want. I went high CHA/WIS, but you can balance your stats depending on what you feel you need.



Power: The hands down most important stat for any AC. This should always be top priority, as you share a large portion of your power with your party. Not all power is shared, so the easiest way to get a decent measurement is to go by the power from items, seen when you hover over your power stat on your character sheet. 30k power by items is suitable for most high-tiered dungeons, but 40k is recommended and can be achieved with enough time or money.


Recovery: This is the second most important stat, impacting the recharge speed for encounters and action point gain. Without having a Divine Oracle DC to pop Hallowed Ground (HG), the AC needs to be able to keep Anointed Army (AA) and HG up as much as possible. And it doesn’t hurt to be able to spam off encounters as well to keep your rotation smooth.


Action Point Gain: Can be increased by initial Wisdom roll, Action Point Gain Jewel reinforcement kits on Neck, Waist, and Ring slots, offhand artifact stat, etc.


Critical Strike: Never increase at the expense of power, but it has it’s uses. For this build, healing is a side effect of buffs, not the goal. However, heals can crit, so if it’s not taking away from your power go for it.


Defense/Deflection/Lifesteal: As high as possible to increase power.





  •   Blessing of Battle (BoB) – Builds Divinity fast, decreases allies’ damage taken. Blessing of Battle’s buff now also increases affected target’s power by up to 5% of your Power, thanks to the Battle Fervor feat.
  •  Astral Seal – This attack places a seal on the enemy. For the next 9 seconds, when the caster or an ally causes damage to the enemy they get healed. Healing can occur once every 4 seconds. This can be used sporadically to assist with survivability.



  •   Divine Glow (DG) – This encounter should never leave your setup. It has a variety of uses including: dealing damage, increasing the damage enemies take by 10% for 8 seconds, healing allies, applying a heal over time to allies, decreasing the damage taken by allies by 10% for 8 seconds, and increasing AP. Because of all of its uses, attempt to drop it on yourself, allies and enemies all at once. Because of the AP gain, it should also be dropped on the caster and allies right before entering boss fights. Also entertaining to cast on random people encountered. I slot it on the triangle because it appears visually as a triangle when cast on yourself/allies and that amuses me.
  •   Break the Spirit (BtS) – Deals damage over time to target enemy for 5 seconds, reduce the target’s damage dealt by 20% for 5 seconds, and reduce your threat with the target. Use empowered to increase the damage dealt by allies within 50′ by 7% for 8 seconds per stack.
  •   Exaltation – Heal yourself and target ally, increase each target’s damage dealt by 6%, and reduce each target’s damage taken by 6% for 10 seconds. Keep an eye on the damage board to see who the top DPS is in the rub and stick to them like glue for exalting.


Class Features:

  •   Holy Fervor – Increases the action points you generate by 5%.
  •   Hastening Light – Whenever you activate a daily power recharge your and each nearby ally’s cooldowns by 1.5 seconds.


Daily Powers:

  •   Anointed Army (AA) – Deal radiant damage to nearby enemies. Grant yourself and nearby allies 1 stack of anointed army for 10 seconds, reduce each target’s damage taken by 20% of their maximum hit points and increase each target’s power by 33% of your power. Whenever an affected target is dealt damage grant that target 2% of their maximum hit points as temporary hit points and remove a stack of anointed army.
  •   Hallowed Ground (HG) – Creates a 50′ sanctified area enhancing allies within for 15 seconds, increasing damage dealt by 35%, and decreasing damage taken by 20%.




(Assuming you start combat with no divinity)


Boss Fight Scenario:


You are standing in the circle about to enter a boss fight. Drop Divine Glow on as many of your allies as possible, then pop Anointed Army immediately after spawning in. Position yourself behind the highest DPS and stick to him/her like glue. Then use your At-Wills Blessing of Battle until you have full divinity. Divine Glow on yourself, DPS and boss, then use your R1 to go into divinity mode and drop another Divine Glow. Spam Break the Spirit on the boss two times, using up the rest of your divinity. At this point you will have three blue orbs circling you, allowing you to cast a fully empowered encounter. Then you start over with building up your divinity. For the first fully empowered attack I use a fully empowered Exaltation and from that point on only Break the Spirit is empowered. After every empowered Break the Spirit refresh Exaltation on your chosen DPS (basically treating Exalt like a Devo Pally treats Bane).


AA > DG > BoB until Divinity is full > DG >

R1 > DG > BtS until until out of Divinity > fully Empowered Exaltation on highest dps


After that BoB until Divinity is full > DG > R1 > DG > BtS until out of Divinity > fully Empowered BtS > Exalt highest DPS and continue until everything is dead.


Mob Fight:


Same basic principle. However, if you’re with a group that kills the mobs before you can even get halfway through your rotation, you can switch it up. You can focus on casting Divine Glow as often as possible, so you can spam Anointed Army, as keeping that buff up is more beneficial than debuffing an enemy that is dying half a second after you cast Break the Spirit anyway. Throw in exaltation if your DPS aren’t running around like coked-out butterflies.


Spam dailies as often as possible. AA always during mob fights, alternate AA and HG during boss fights. AA is best popped right before enemies are engaged for maximum power share.




These are my “NC AC” feats (no cleanse Anointed Champion). I dropped Cleanse for the simple reason that cleanse can impair the damage of a GF DPS who runs Survivor’s Wraps.

If you have a spare loadout, you can put a point in Cleanse for when no one is running Survivor’s Wraps. It can come in handy when your group gets poisoned  (i.e. Haiti fight in FBI).



As a self-described power hungry DC, all of my equipment choices were made based on the power share capabilities. So much of it is situationally based that I list the how’s and when’s of the power on equipment for the ones that have multiple viable options so you can choose what works best for you.


I use “->” to show the conversion of Defense/Deflection/Life Steal to Power. Numbers are based on having 3 Assassin’s Covenants and I ignored decimal points to simplify things.



   1. Rex Corona (Tier 3 Soshenstar Hunt)

+2,149 Power

+1,066 Defense converts to -> 159 Power

– Equip power stacking up to 2,400 before it ends at 2 mins  

**Total power share stacks up to 4,708; after the 2 mins dropping down to 2,308

   2. Guise of the Wolf Clan (Mysterious Merchant)

+516 Power

+1,490 Defense -> 223 Power  

– Equip power + 2,000 when in group

**Total power share 2,739

   3. Decaying Habit (Barovia Hunt)

+2,735 Power

+605 Defense -> 90 Power  

– Equip power for the first minute stacks up to 2,100. After the 1st minute, power drops by 250 every 5 seconds, to a total loss of 3,000.

**Total power share stacks up to 4,925; after the 1st minute dropping to 1,925


Note: Rex is best overall but Decaying is best in melt groups and Guise is best in extended fights.



  1. Faithlord’s Restoration Chasuble (Seals of the Crown)

+1,762 Power

+1,433 Defense -> 214 Power

– Equip power when you’re health is 50% or more +1,500 Power

**Total power share 3,476 (as long as you stay above 50% health, which should be 99% of the time)

  2. Bronzewood Restoration Eziwa (Masterwork)

+2,734 Power

+1,470 Defense -> 220 Power

– Equip power when facing only one enemy +1,500 Power  

**Total power share 4,454 with one enemy; 2,954 with multiple enemies

  3. Knotted Garbs (Barovia Hunt)

+2,552 Power

+1,082 Defense -> 162 Power

– Equip power for the 1st 10 seconds of combat +1,500 Power  

**Total power share 4,214 for the first 10 seconds, then 2,714 for the remainder of the fight


Note: Faithlord’s is best overall, but if there is only one enemy Bronzewood beats it out. Knotted is best if you can murder everything in 10 seconds.



  1. The Executioner’s Bracers (Barovia Salvage drops, CR)

+3,281 Power

+605 Defense -> 90 Power

**Total power share 3,371

   2. Vivified Restoration Isikrinis (Seals of the Brave)

+1,465 Power

+860 Defense -> 129 Power

-Equip power when healing or damaging your target for more than 15% of your maximum hit points, gain 1% power

**Total power share 1,594 + ??? (this will vary based on your own power and it would be difficult to gauge how often it procs and the amount during combat)


Note: The Primal arms have the potential for a ton of power share, but is reliant on you being able to proc it consistently. Executioner’s is more reliable and a safer bet.



  Feathered Teotlanextli (Masterwork)



  Feathered Ilhuilli (Masterwork)



  1. Faithlord’s Restoration Pigaches (Seal of the Crown)

+1,699 Power

+955 Defense -> 143 Power  

**Total power share 1,842

   2. Bronzewood Restoration Qalisas (Masterwork)

+1,758 Power  

+980 Defense -> 147

**Total power share 1905


Note: The Bronzewood has slightly more power, however the equip bonus for Faithlord’s gives +1,500 Recovery when your health is more than 50% (versus the Critical chance equip bonus for the Bronzewood).



  Fanged Beaded Amulet (Masterwork)



   1. Ring of the Gravestriker +5 (Omu Patrols)

+543 Power

– Equip power when health is greater than 85% +1,000 Power

**Total power share 1,543 when health is greater than 85%

   2. Ring of the Gravestriker +4 (Omu Patrols)

+478 Power  

– Equip power when health is greater than 85% +800 Power

**Total power share 1,278 when health is greater than 85%

   3. Beaded Restoration Ring (Masterwork)

+651 Power  (673 if +1)

**Total power share 651 (673 if +1)

   4. Bronzewood Raid Ring (Masterwork)

+651 Power  (673 if +1)

– Equip power when facing only one enemy +1,000 Power  

**Total power share 1,651(1,673 if +1) when facing one enemy


Note: Equip powers of Gravestriker rings of the same rank do not stack, and same type of masterwork rings equip powers do not stack.



  Beaded Sash (Masterwork)



   1. Prelate Gemmed Exquisite Elemental Chainmail (Professions)

+228 Power  

+172 Defense -> 25 Power  

**Total power share 253

   2. Bloodstained Shirt (Epic GWD)

+379 Defense/+928 Life Steal ->196 Power

– Equip power gain 25 Power for each percentage of health you are missing

**Total power share 196 + Equip power

3. Shirt of the Chultan Merchant

+462 Defense -> 69 Power

– Equip power gain 150 Recovery for each member in your party


Note: Ideally a DC should be standing back behind the DPS and buffing, not taking damage. So the Bloodstained shouldn’t proc enough to outweigh the power share of the Prelate’s.



   1. Makos’ Spare Travel Pants (Manycoins Bank Heist Skirmish)

+110 Defense -> 16 Power

– Equip power for the first 10 seconds of combat +1,500 Power

**Total power share 1,516 for the first 10 seconds, 16 after that

   2. Adamantine Chausses (Masterwork)

+469 Power (488 if +1)

+209 Defense -> 31 Power (32 if +1)

**Total power share 500 (520 if +1)


Note: Makos’ gives extremely high power at first but after the 30 seconds Adamantine shares more.


Reinforcement Kits:


  Major Power Kits

  Major Action Point Gain Jewels





  Sigil of the Devoted

  Heart of the Black Dragon


Additional Artifacts:

In order of recommendation

  *Empowered Illusionist’s Mask (+1000 power, +1000 recovery, +600 AP gain)

  Tome of Ascendance (+1000 power, +1000 defense, +600 deflection, +600 lifesteal)

  Symbol of Fire (+1000 power, +600 recovery, +1000 defense)

  Symbol of Air (+1000 power, +1000 recovery, +600 movement)


*Can only be acquired through Halloween event.





  Plague Fire









Offensive Slots:

  Radiants for power


Defensive Slots:

  Black Ice, it gives the highest amount of stats for converting to power through Assassin’s Covenant.


Companion Slots:

 Bonding Runestones


Companion Equipment Slots:

  Silveries for Recovery as companion equip stats don’t powershare.

  If you’re concerned about diminishing returns with recovery and have no issues keeping your dailies up, Gigantics give a nice mix of Crit, Recovery and Arm Pen.


Potions/Elixirs/”Buffy Food


Only one per category as multiple potions, elixirs, etc will not stack. For example, if you take a recovery potion and then a crit potion you will only benefit from the crit potion. Not all varieties of each are listed, as some are suboptimal. Power from potions and other consumables does not share.




  Enhanced Tidespan Potion (+1,000 Recovery, duration 1 hour and persists through death)   

   Enhanced Potion of Accuracy (+1,000 Critical, duration 1 hour and persists through death)   


Superior gives the same stats and length but do not persist through death. Effervescent gives 2k stats but are pricey.




Persist through death and last one hour.


  Sunlord’s Gift Elixir (+350 Recovery, chance to gain 5% of your Action Points over 20 seconds)

  Elixir of Fate (+1 to Strength, Constitution, Dexterity, Intelligence, Wisdom, Charisma)

  Wild Storm Elixir (+350 Critical Strike, increases your Critical Severity by 10%)


Stronghold Food:


Purchased with guild marks, lasts 30 mins.


  Ratatouille (+5,000 additional Maximum Hit Points, +1,000 Recovery)

  Seared Tuna (+5,000 additional Maximum Hit Points, +1,000 Critical Strike)


Event Food:


  Lathander’s Dew (+1% Action Points every 3 seconds, duration 30 mins)

  Watermelon Sorbet (+10% Power, +10% Recovery, duration 30 mins)

  Pumpkin Soup (+3% Critical Chance, +5% Critical Severity, duration 35 mins)

  Squash Soup (+3% Critical Chance, +5% Critical Severity, duration 30 mins)


Reusables (potion tray slotted)


  *Empowered Chain of Scales (randomly one of the following:+1,000 Regeneration, +2,100 Power, +420 Defense, +6% Life Steal Severity, +6% Deflection, +10% Stamina Regeneration, +6% Critical Severity)

  Adorable Pocket Pet (randomly one of the following: -5% threat, +5% Critical Severity, +250 Regeneration, +250 Action Point Gain)

  Tymora’s Lucky Coin (+371 to a random stat)


*Must be empowered through Omu hunts/dungeons, starts with only +1,000 Regeneration.




Invocation Blessing (randomly one of the following: +427 Critical Strike/Deflection, +427 Power/Defense, +427 Armor Pen/Lifesteal, +427 Recovery/Regeneration, 15 min duration)


Mounts Insignia Bonuses:

Assassin’s Covenant
  You lose 10% of your Defense, Deflection, and Life Steal, and gain the combination of lost stats as Power.

  Increases by 2.5% with each stack (12.5% with 2, 15% with 3, etc)

  1 Regal, 2 Enlightened

Shepherd’s Devotion
  Whenever you use a Daily power, your teammates Defense, Deflection, and Movement are increased by 5% of your Power for 10 seconds.

  1 Regal, 1 Barbed, 1 Illuminated

Artificer’s Persuasion
  Whenever you use an Artifact power, your Recovery, Movement, Action Point Gain, and Stamina Gain are increased by 10% of your Power for 15 seconds.

  2 Barbed, 1 Illuminated

For the insignia slots, Brutality is BiS because it has power and recovery. For a slightly more reasonable price, you can run all Dominance and Mastery.


Mount Powers:


Combat Power:

Warpainted/Commander Tyrannosaur

 Summons the Tyrannosaur, causing your enemies fear, rooting them for 5 seconds, and lowering their defense by 10% for 10 seconds.
  If targeting a minion, the Tyrannosaurus will consume them.


Equip Power:

 +2000 power (epic) / +4000 power (legendary)


Flail Snail (epic) / Coastal Flail Snail (legendary)

  Using a Daily Power grants 15% / 25% of your total Action Points over 10 seconds.





  Con Artist (3 rings, easy to gear)

  Chultan Tiger (2 rings, 1 neck, gives slightly better dps)

  Sellsword (1 neck, 1 waist, 1 swordknot, difficult to gear with not as high stats as mastercraft rings, +300 power)



(All were chosen due to power as Active Bonus)

  Deepcrow Hatchling (+1,500 power)

  Skeleton (+660 power, +660 lifesteal)

  Archmage’s Apprentice (+660 power, +660 lifesteal)

  Ghost  (+400 power)

  Dragonborn Brawler (+300 power)

  Dragonborn Raider (+300 power)





Dark Fey Hunter – 1/1

Fey Elusiveness – 1/1

Elven Haste – 1/1

Elven Tranquility – 1/1

Elvish Fury – 1/1


Dread Ring:

Reliquary Keepers Strength – 1/1

Evoker’s Thirst – 1/1

Forbidden Piercing – 1/1

Enraged Regrowth – 1/1

Endless Consumption – 1/1


Icewind Dale:

Weathering the Storm – 1/1

Appreciation of Warmth – 1/1

Rapid Thaw – 1/1

Cool Resolve – 1/1

Winter’s Bounty – 1/1



Primordial Might – 1/1

Primordial Regeneration – 1/1

Drow Meditation – 1/1

Dwarves Stamina – 1/1

Abyssal Strikes – 1/1


Tyranny of Dragons:

Dragon’s Claws – 1/1

Dragon’s Shadow – 1/1

Dragonscale Defense – 1/1

Dragon’s Greed – 1/1

Dragon’s Thirst – 2/3

Dragon’s Fury – 1/3


Maze Engine:

Abyssal Syphoning – 1/1

Demonic Influence – 1/1

Demonic Swiftness – 1/1

Engine Inspiration – 1/1


Elemental Evil:

Wave of Force – 1/1

Heart of Stone – 1/1

Blazing Resilience – 1/1

Wall of Wind – 1/1


Storm King’s Thunder:

Cold Hearted – 1/1

Hardy Constitution – 1/1

Chill Determination – 1/1

Glacial Strength – 1/1

Healing Warmth – 3/3


The Cloaked Ascendancy:

Aura of Hope – 1/1

Fiery Frenzy – 1/1

Fey Briars – 1/1

Vision of Beyond – 1/1


Jungles of Chult:

Tyrant’s Terror – 3/3

Overgrown –  2/3

Fight not Flight – 1/3

Death’s Blessing – 2/2



Ageless – 3/3

Bloodlust – 1/1

(or Righteous Sacrifice 1/1)


Acquisitions Incorporated:


Confidence Boost – 3/3

Taking a Break – 1/1




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  • Contractions of Fate
    February 1, 2019 at 5:40 am

    Nice write up with useful gear upgrades!

  • Mark Dwyer
    February 17, 2019 at 7:02 pm


  • Day
    February 19, 2019 at 11:14 am

    “Note: Makos’ gives extremely high power at first but after the 30 seconds Adamantine shares more.”

    But the whole point is taking advantage of this 1500 POWER when you enter in combat to cast quickly AA, and buff your allies’ companions before they attack, isn’t it?

  • Day
    February 19, 2019 at 11:22 am

    On feet gear, Deathstriders could be mentioned too, it shares a total of 1951 power

  • Stu
    March 1, 2019 at 6:30 pm

    I’ve really only just started playing Neverwinter and an DC AC is only my second char (First is Scougre Warlock). Whilst the guid here is greate, what’s the suggestion about picking up items? Can you just go with “recommended” or would you tend to choose based on stats (priority as listed above) ?

    • Kassie
      March 5, 2019 at 11:11 pm

      I would recommend getting primal arms/boots and barovia for the rest while aiming for the ones listed above. For artifact gear it’s tricky because you don’t want to waste rp and mops

  • Michael Haswell
    April 14, 2019 at 6:48 am

    Great job, I’m positive this will have helped a ton of players. Very knowledgeable and straight to the point, I like it 🙂

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