Bav to the bone

by Kitty1007 on February 23, 2019
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Bav to the bone

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Hello everyone my name is kitty 1007 but please call me kitty . So to start off this is my scourge warlock build for end game I will explain everything about and I will touch base on how to start off your warlock for new players as well.

  • Races: Human, gain additional heroic feats . Your defence 3% higher. Also with the additional heroics feats you will gain more damage .

  • For new player I do suggest starting off as a tiefling until you think your stats are high enough to change over to human but that just a suggestion.


Stats : your main stats as a warlock are charisma , constitution and intelligence 

Because I want to do more damage I rolled my constitution to 18 so would it will be at 28 which is the highest you can go with a warlock .

Paragon paths : Hell Bringer

Hell bringer is my favourite paragon path it’s what caught my eye when I first started .

Gear: New players once you get to lvl 70 go a full primal set to start off until you are ready to do castle Ravenloft.

Head : Curse Lord’s Assault Ushanka for now I will be changing to the Gallant raid cowl in the future

Armor : Hag’s rags

You can get this armor piece by doing the Ras Manca hunt in barovia

I chose this piece because of the 3 % more damage with ranged powers

Arms :

I use these arms for the encounter power stack with the boots of the willed.

You can also use  jaw rippers  aswell

Main hand : Exalted Obsidian Tecpatl

I chose this set because of the set bonus

Gives you 10% more damage . Which is great

I have set my equip bonus to hellish rebuke because it’s my main at-will plus it will give me 12% more damage

Off -hand : Exalted Obsidian Tecpatl

In my artifact stat increase I have chosen action point gain but you can choose in what you are lacking stats

In my artifact class I use deadly curse


Feet: boots of the willed

 You can also go with the enduring boots if you are low on recovery

Neck : Baphomet’s infernal Talisman

Waist : Demogorgon’s Girdle of Might

Great for any dps class you deal up to 20% damage based on the difference in hit points percentage between you and the target .

You will only get this bonus if you have the whole set

Also the waist gives you +2 Constitution and +2 strength which adds to your stats

Rings :


I have chosen these rings because of the equip bonus witch is great for end game like castle ravenloft to cradle.. Etc and hopefully one I’ll get +5 shadow stalker ?

Shirt & pants :

upper Primal paints

Mako’s spare travel pants



Best shirt and pant out so but the shirt has great stats for damage output.


Main : soul sight crystal for 50% more damage

Shard of orcus wand for set bonus for demo set

fragmented key of stars

Thayan Book of the Dead

Again stat wise

You can choose any artifact for these two last ones for your stat gain


Weapon enchantment : unparalleled Feytouched

With the fey touch you will need to have 100% crit because it doesn’t add additional crit stats

Armor enchantment : Transcendent barkshield

This enchantment is great you can take more hits and so you can do more damage but you do have to count how many times you get hit especially in boss fights .

In my gear I run all brutal and radiants for power, crit , and hit points you can swap the radiant in your defense with black ice but that is your choice.

And in my utility slots I run dark for movement speed gotta keep up with the group but also keeping up in dps

Feats :

DPS loadout :

DPS master soul puppet:

Templock :

I’ve done a lot with experimenting with the temptation path and this is the best I’ve have gotten so far a lot of heals and buffs

Soul binding path :

Everything from gear to mounts and artifacts are the same just the feats I don’t use this loud out a lot but I tried it out for myself to see what it does put out pretty decent damage but I miss my cuddle puddle when using it .


Encounters for tr.

I also have been switching out fiery bolt with

curse bite

For temp : mobs

blades of vanquished armies

Curse bite

Piller  of power

Personals are the same as dps

Temp powers for single Target:

Piller of power

Dread theft

Blades of vanquished armies


For my main I use the chultan tiger for the boost

Ring of grave riker +5

bronze wood raid ring+1

electrum raid necklace +1

I run r14 brutals in all slots

3 r14 bonding runestone grants 65% x3 = 195% of companions stats for 30s

Active companions


25% combat advantage

+2.5% critical severity

Air archon

Increases your damage by +5.0% pulse .5% for other archons

Earth archon

Increase your damage by +6%

When your at full health

Pulse. 5% for other archons

Siege master

Deal 4% increased damage

Only in t9g and cradle replace the siege master with the Alpha compy

+3% increased damage and that increases to 5%

In t9 and cradle

Mounts and mount bonuses

Mounts powers

Combat power : tenser’s Transformation

Equip power : 4000 power dps

4000 recovery templock

Mounts insignia powers

Shepherd’s devotion: increases your powers by 5%

Cavalry warning : whenever you activate your mount power you gain an increase of 10% to everything

Magistrate’s patience: when ever your critical strike targets take psychic damage equal to 10% to your power pulse it heals your teammates for 3% of their hit points

Artificer’s persuasion : whenever you activate your mount power your recovery, movement, action point gain and stamina gain increases by 10% of your power

Protector’s camaraderie: whenever your summoned companion attacks you gain 3% of your power and defense for 10 sec stacks up to 4 x


Guild boons



This one is up to you


Dark fey Hunter

Fey precision

Feywilds fortitude

Elven ferocity

Elvish fury

Dread ring

Reliquary keeper’s strength

Evoker’s thirst

Forbidden piercing

Shadow touch

Rampaging madness

Icewind dale

Encroaching tactics

Refreshing chill

Sleet skills

Cool resolve

Winter’s bounty

Under dark

Primordial might

Primordial focus

Drow ambush tactics

Dwarven stamina

Abyssal strikes

Tyranny of dragons

Dragon’s claws

Dragon’s gaze

Draconic armor breaker

Dragon’s greed

3x dragon’s fury

The maze engine

Abyssal siphoning

Demonic influence

Demonic swiftness

Baphomet’s might

Elemental evil

Wave of force

Heart of stone

searing aggression

Gale of retribution

Storm King’s thunder

Cold hearted

Hardy constitution

Icy wrath

Glacial strength

Chill of winter

The cloaked ascendancy

Aura of hope

Fiery frenzy

Soothing zephyr

Aberrant power

Jungles of chult

Tyrant’s terror x3

Overgrown x3

Lingering curse x2


3x undying death

1x blood lust

Thank you for taking the time to go through and explore my build if you have any questions or concerns feel free to contacted me at @kitty1007ps4

Or on my YouTube channel link below


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