Parwen Valerian, Cleric

by Josh on April 30, 2019
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Parwen Valerian, Cleric

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Hi my name is Josh and this is my Cleric Parwen Valerian.

my ingame tag is @iamsmokingone#2455, and you can also reach me at

***2/19/2020 update for mod 18.***

**11/5/2019 added Tactics section with dungeon info and tips.**

This is a General Guide after Module 16 and many of the class independant changes which were made to this game, with a bit of in-depth information about the Cleric class and some of the play styles I’ve found effective as well as many of my own opinions on the class and powers with some explanation’s and also a few highlights on thing’s which do not work as advertised that I’ve personally documented

Mod 16:

Assuming you are at least level 70,

There’s a letter on the table behind Sgt. Knox, read it.

Go to the Moonstone Mask and meet Neverember, collect junk items.

Go through portal and fight your way to Undermountain.

So you got to Undermountain, now what?

What you wanna do is talk to Durnan at the bar, do his quest, then talk to Threestrings and afterwards hit ] and go to the undermountain campaign window, then progress, then you can talk to Threestrings again and get more quests, continue in this pattern and eventually you will begin your first “Master Expedition”, the goal here is to find all the magic relics. there’s 3 in each level and there’s 3 levels to each ME. you get a token type ring for all the ones except the Expedition to Terminus, which gives the Pearl Ring of the Companion, a 1 time easily missed item, so find all 6 for Terminus definitely!

At one of the last quests “Waning Darkness” you get the Choke Chain of the Companion. (now purchasable from the campaign window for 2,500 coalesced magics)

Finally there is a quest  to go to the 3rd floor of Yawning Portal and you get some level 80 uncommon quality weapons (better then level 70 legendary) and also the final companion item, the Plated Belt of the Companion.

At the end there is a token Master Expedition you get to do, then you talk to the runemaster, and she gives you a quest to restore some artifact, you have to go out into Undermountain zones and do the Heroic Encounter things with the big bubble around them and you will eventually get a unrestored relic artifact, also they drop in master expeditions. then you need to farm the Heroic Encounter for the “resonance”, eventually getting enough to restore the thing. After restoring the artifact you give it to the runemaster and she gives you a rune to place at the altar at the start of the ME and also a quest.After doing an ME with a rune (you can just group with anyone lfm in the zone or lfg channels) you open the chest and get some runic etching thing (the first time its always a red one, after that its always random, and you only get 1 no matter how many runes you use) you give to the runemaster and she gives you a “enhanced resonator” which just lets you farm Heroic Encounters in Undermountain for resonance (it takes 10 per rune type to make runes) and also allows you to collect whatever bonus effect the rune bestows during the ME. you then use the etchings to trade to Zok, the goblin under the stairs, for boxes, which if you are lucky will contain some IL 1000 gear or even better, a staff of flowers you can sell for 2 mil AD+, also the apprentice spoils and enchanted thumb sets can drop from Zok’s boxes.

Keep doing your 3x ME’s a day until you get all the gear you want from them, then you never have to do them again!

You have a chance to get your main or offhand Alabaster during any ME where you find all 9 runes. The odds are low, but I’ve gotten the set on all 5 alts I’ve done the Campaign on so they aren’t too awful 😉

**or now just buy mountaineer from Auction House or trade bar store, or buy Burnished from Seal Vendor**

mod 17 added a new area called stardock, you talk to threestrings once more, go to the 3rd floor, and do a token expedition then go to the Stardock area where you will have to do a bunch of daily quests, after days worth of 2 quests a day, you get 2 Warden expeditions, and after doing 2 sets of the warden expeditions you get to do 1 set of Fragment Expeditions. and after 3 sets of fragment expeditions you finish the quests and are awarded a box that gives you a choice of companion gear with +12120 to a single stat.

mod 18 content is just Dailies and weeklies in Vallenhas, you’re used to it at this point, no need for me to go into much detail. Collect the scrolls, go to the flying imp in the cage on the right side of the stronghold to the left of where the overload enchantment vendor would be. Pay 100 scrolls for the “Juma Bag” roll rng and hope for an item that you may or may not need, I only decided to use the spiked defender braces and the rusted iron leggings,  also a chance at pretty much anything on the loot table, coalescent wards, epic companions, epic mounts…..but mostly a undead chicken vanity pet…rough ad….useless potions…you know the drill. You can do the Heroic encounters for the new seals and then talk to the seal vendor or your local VIP seal vendor and buy some armor that possibly you may be able to use…..I recommend only the Shirt and Helmet but if you need any other piece for IL then it’s not gonna make or break you to use it.






Class Features she uses are Divine Equilibrium (Increases your Outgoing Damage by up to 15% the closer it is to half full. You get the most out of it Between 75% and 25% Divinity. You can take advantage of this, and should! 2nd one is Doomsayer (increase your damage by 10% for 10 seconds when you use an encounter that applies a negative effect to an enemy) –> *Break the Spirit, Prophecy of Doom, or Geas”



1st Feat is Piercing Javelin: Your at-wills have a 10% chance to GUARANTEE your next Searing Javelin will Critically Strike!

2nd Feat is Focused Light: When you use Forgemaster’s Flame it makes your next Daunting light become a single target hit that hits Instantly and has a magnitude of 450 instead of 280, it also increases the Bonus you get from Having Radiant pips to 100 instead of  40.

3rd Feat is Sudden Verdict: Your encounters have a 25% chance to fill your pip gauge.

4th Feat is Critical Sun, when Celestial Prominence Crits you can cast it again for free, but not more than once.

5th Feat is Perfect Balance: you alternate between radiant and fire encounter and when you reach 4 stacks of each without breaking the pattern you are granted 100% divinity, has no cooldown.




Q = Forgemasters Flame for Single Target, or Searing Javelin for AOE.

E = Break the Spirit.

R = Daunting Light

1 = Celestial Prominence

2 = Hammer of Fate

At-will 1 = Lance of Faith

At-will 2 = Conflagrate


For most Trash fights she uses Searing Javelin and Daunting Light almost exclusively, use your own judgement for what at will to use when, trash fights are usually short enough where you won’t get to use many of the Feats or mechanics of the class. When fighting trash its good to use lance of faith or scattering light to build fire pips to empower Searing Javelin, for Bosses Conflagrate helps to build divinity because it gives 3 pips you can channel.

For bosses she uses Forgemasters Flame Instead of Searing Javelin, also in places more single target intense I will quickly change these powers around, then back to AOE if need be,

When you run out of Divinity, and you will….Use at-wills to build pips then hold tab to turn them into divinity….Rinse and Repeat. then go back to what you were doing as you should never be far from a perfect balance.

One little trick I like to do is hit FF, then hit tab, hit DL, then hit tab, hit BTS, then hit tab, hit FF then hit tab….. and it makes the perfect balance seamless if even 1 time a sudden verdict procs. you never run out of divinity and can cast encounters left and right.

Hard times calls for Hallowed Ground. Bring up powers menu and swap it to your bar then cast.(usually only use this when people miss a lot of boulders in Lomm.)

One rotation I have found effective for bosses is to get daily ready then wait until I need 1 more radiant shift for perfect balance then charge up my radiant pips with Conflagrate, use soul sight crystal or decanter or atropal essence, then cast break the spirit and start alternating forgemasters flame and daunting light, and after the 2nd daunting light I use Hammer of Fate. But with a good team its always better to use a debuff artifact like Halaster’s Blast Scepter, Thirst, Wyvern Venom Coated Knives etc. I like to use Wheel of the Elements a lot for fun.





Class Features she uses are Expanded Faith (+150 maximum divinity) and Hallowed Armor, (you take 5% less damage from all sources and 10% less while Channeling)


1st feat is repeated Blessings, because I could see it coming in useful…..maybe. But Soothe isn’t ever enough of a heal for me to use it, so I dropped that Empowered Soothe feat I  had specced.

2nd feat i went with Battle Prayer, why? Because in combat i can’t channel long enough to proc Rhythm of the Heavens because Cleric has no Control Immunity anymore besides Dodge and every trash mob has a CC effect added to at least 1 of their Attacks… so it’s the one I use. I thought rhythm of the heavens didn’t work but its does, i have no use for it though.A friend explained it to me. basically it makes a halo around u that draws in as you channel and when its about diminished you see a bolt of light shoot down, and you have to release tab as the light is hitting you to get the effect to proc, it takes about 3-4 seconds.

3rd feat i went with Blessed Armaments, because I was using exalt (not really worth slotting ever) , but either feat here is irrelavent for a healer so pick your poison and move on.

4th feat Persistent Guardian, Guardian of the Faith is my main single target heavy hitter, of course i want it to add a persistent healbot for 25 seconds, no brainer!

5th feat i went with Angel of Life, it does come in useful when i’m all out of Divinity and the team is getting slaughtered by a boss or something, the other feat relies on channeling Divinity for 4 seconds to increase your healing by 5%…I’ve tried it too and it’s good also. (a friend discovered that angel of life won’t work with the class feature swift prayers)  I hate having to heal, unless it Crits! and it’s only like 1 bastion I have to use, so this feat……when it  does ever get to 30 stacks helps a lot with that.



Q = Healing Word

E = Bastion Of Health where cleanse is needed i slot cleanse here (cleanse can remove runic corruption in Master Expeditions, quite handy there)

R = Daunting Light

1 = Hallowed Ground

2 = Angel of Life

At-will 1 = Scattering Light

At-will 2 = Blessing of Light




Blessing of Light —> Healing Word….Bastion as needed, try to use Blessing before each healing Encounter, Daunting light on the enemy for the Bronzewood Debuff.



***One thing of Special Interest I want to note, Sun Burst is very useful for stopping the life draining shadows in Tong and as well as the Shard of Night Instance in River District, but it doesn’t seem to work in lomm (Paladins Burning Light has the same effect)***


Ability Scores:





WIS and DEX.

WIS is Outgoing Healing

DEX is movement speed and Critical Severity




INT is Magical Damage

DEX is movement speed and Critical Severity



HP, Power, Movement Speed, Companion Influence, Damage to(current module enemy)

Tier 5 Critical Severity….Outgoing healing for Devout and Incoming Healing for Arbiter.

Master Boon is Blood Lust for Arbiter.

Blessed Resilience for Devout.


Use whatever Guild Boons you find most useful, I use Critical Severity, Maximum HP, and Revive Sickness or Mount speed when soloing.



What’s the best companion for Cleric?

Quasit for Arbiter, Clerics have 10k more accuracy with full stamina so ideally you want to always be at cap, which means you need ~95k accuracy for the current dungeon Infernal Citadel, and already being 10k overcap on CA the extra CA from Bullette pup does nothing. (when i get a fully upgraded Quasit I will change this section.)

Polar Bear Cub for Devout, more critical strike.

She uses Bullete pup for now, I just put the lion there cause I like him, Ain’t he cool looking?


Companion gear is


<>Burnt Belt of the Companion +1010 combined rating, +4848 Defense, +7272 Accuracy (from master expeditions)

<>Gold Leafed Grimore of the Companion, +1010 combined rating, +12120 CA (from master expedition or bought at the end of stardock)

<>Gold Leafed Grimore of the Companion, +1010 combined rating, +12120 CA



<>Burnt Belt of the Companion +1010 combined rating, +4848 Defense, +7272 Accuracy (from master expeditions)

<>Gold Icon of the Companion, +1010 combined rating, +12120 Critical Strike (from master expedition or bought at the end of stardock)

<>Gold Icon of the Companion, +1010 combined rating, +12120 Critical Strike


Runestones are 5 Empowered and one Profane.



Companions I tested 🙂

Renegade Evoker (didn’t proc once),

Owlbear cub (didn’t proc once), working now but only works on encounters that fail to crit (at a 10% chance too) ….about worthless :/

Grung (tooltip says its a DOT, from observation it only hit 1 time though, and has an ICD) still broken

Death Slaad (decent, but not impressive….out of all the ones i tested this was best….which isn’t saying much and doesn’t warrant using one),

Cockatrice (not impressed at all, low dmg, who needs root?)

Vicious dire wolf (meh…low dmg low chance to proc)

Celestial Lions Presence: still doesn’t seem worth using.

Xuna (low dmg that only procs off at-wills, cost =/= effectiveness)

Con Artist (oof, very low dmg)



What Parwen Uses <3



Stormrider’s Discipline: +4,000 Power, +8,000 max HP from Storm Rider.

Crystal Golem’s Prescense: +16,000 max HP, +2,000 Power from Crystal Golem.


Baby Deepcrows Presence: +8000 Power From Deepcrow Hatchling.

Ghosts Wisdom, +4000 power, +2000 Critical strike. from Ghost.


Minstrels Discipline, +4000 power, +2000 awareness. from Minstrel.


Stats(with no buffs active):




Sellsword’s Distinct Discipline: +6% outgoing healing +1000 Accuracy (blue quality) From Rebel Mercenary.

Radiant Insight: +4% outgoing healing, +500 deflection (green quality)  from Ioun Stone of Radiance.


Baby Polar Bear’s Instincts: +6% outgoing healing, +1000 defense (blue quality) from Baby Polar Bear.


Baby Deepcrows Presence: +8000 Power From Deepcrow Hatchling.

Neverember Guard’s Discipline: +6% outgoing healing +1000 awareness (blue quality) from Neverember Guard.


Stats(with no buffs active):



poor lion, now I just use him for a mount skin.



Combat Power:

Aureal Armaments: Summon your Swift Golden Lion to Roar and Knockback enemies, You and Nearby Allies **within 20’** gain a shield for 30% of their max HP for 10 seconds, when this shield expires everyone shielded gains 3 stacks of Radiant Weapon, Radiant Weapon causes you to deal an additional 2% damage as Radiant damage per stack, stacks up to 8x and lasts 12 seconds.

Equip Power:

Dominant Force: +10,000 Power (from Legendary Barlgura)




Combat Power:

Aureal Armaments: Summon your Swift Golden Lion to Roar and Knockback enemies, You and Nearby Allies **within 20’** gain a shield for 30% of their max HP for 10 seconds, when this shield expires everyone shielded gains 3 stacks of Radiant Weapon, Radiant Weapon causes you to deal an additional 2% damage as Radiant damage per stack, stacks up to 8x and lasts 12 seconds.

Equip Power:

Providence: When you or an ally are damaged there is a chance (high enough to proc everytime it comes of the 10 sec cooldown in combat, provides a substantial amount of healing) they will be healed for 10% of their max HP and you will gain a stack of radiant Weapon, Radiant Weapon causes you to deal an additional 2% damage as Radiant damage per stack, stacks up to 8x and lasts 12 seconds.


Recently bought a Legendary Barlgura off the Auction House, sadly the combat power “Meteoric Impact” gets deflected even with overcap Accuracy so it’t not really worth using, I tried it out for a bit but have moved back to Aureal Armaments, as it’s at least reliable and also helps the entire team, not just my personal dps.


Insignia Bonuses:

13 brutality 2 dominance.


had to change a few things here, since most offensive bonuses are garbage now i went utility and defensive.


Gladiators Guile x3: thankfully wasn’t nerfed too hard, 10% run speed at 75% or more stamina. Half as effective each time its stacked so it totals at 17.5%

Oppressors Reprieve x2, seems to be a constant heal for ~3k every second in combat, can multiproc.


this is what I use, because I can get away with it, but you may need more defensive ones like champions struggle or return or Victims preservation. Don’t just settle for something, test a few and see what works best for your character!



Head: Infernal Forged Coif

Chest: Ebonized Scalemail

Arms: Shielded Defender Vambrace

Weapon Set: Burnished

Main Hand Artifact Feature: +5% Blessing of Light for Devout and +10% Conflagrate for Arbiter.

Off Hand Feature: +2,450 Power, +10% Crit Sev (its only 7.5% but still better then the other choices in my opinion.)

Feet: Rusted Iron Leggings (-25% Incoming healing so just beware)

Neck: Jhesirya’s Tattered Mantle (Arbiter) Amulet of Tiamat’s Demise (Devout)

Ring 1:Nickel Plated Ring

Ring 2:Ebonized Raid Ring  (i know the picture still shows 2x nickel plated, i will change it soon, the reason i stopped using them is that from testing on preview server with fixed dmg weapon, the effect does not stack, although the tooltip shows it does for snipers perk.)

Waist:Trobriand’s Conduction Cable (Arbiter) Tiamat Sash (Devout)

Shirt: Infernal Assult Shirt

Pants: Pants of the Sentinel

Major Power Kit +1 on all Armor, Major Stamina gain Jewel +1 on all Accessories.


Main: As Arbiter Usually Halaster’s Blast Scepter, Devout I will change to Sigil of the Paladin for Lomm, but otherwise Halaster.

2: Trobriand’s Ring

3:Book of Vile Darkness

4: Arcturia’s Music Box (Arbiter) Tiamat’s Orb of Majesty (Devout)




Human. Reason? purely cosmetic. choose whatever you can stand to look at for hours on end!




Invocation Blessing: Power…Reroll Until you get Power.

Enhanced Superior Potion of Force +10: +3425 Power, persists through death for 30 mins.

Watermelon Sorbet: +10% Power and Accuracy or w/e they replaced Recovery with LOL.

Caprese: + 11k max HP and 3% Deflection Chance

Wild Storm Elixir: +10% crit Severity and 350 Critical strike (lol @  +350 crit…not needed anyway though!)

Potion Slots are Health Stone (Shes burns these bad boys up) Alliance Battle horn and Empowered Chain of Scales.

Then i use the guild food that gives power and HP..Prime Rib?.



Armor: Shadowclad

Barkshield: good for when you do not get hit often but when you do its UNAVOIDABLE type dmg and you need the most possible defense for these hits.(doesn’t work well with spiked defender vambrace, so if you choose this go with some other arms.)

Useless in situations where you take constant AOE dmg.

Shadowclad: good for AOE dmg, you take almost no dmg during these situations with Shadowclad.

Useless for hard UNAVOIDABLE single hits.

Elven battle: all around useful, gives more dodge and a lot more stamina gain, you shouldn’t be getting controlled much but if you happen to it negates most of it.

Useless for AOE and hard UNAVOIDABLE hits.


Weapon:Bronzewood for Devout and Vorpal for Arbiter

Offense Slots are all Radiant

Defense Slots are all Radiant except one Black Ice.

Utility Slots are all Tactical.

Overloads are rank 1 and 2 Mark of the (current module enemy), purchased from the overload vendor at your local stronghold. Or the ap gain corrupted black ice ones off the Auction House. or for Devout the Greater White Dragon Glyph x2 (+800 power and 10% outgoing healing for 20 seconds once every 70 seconds)






Tips and Tricks for most common Dungeons and Raids.


1 Kessels Retreat,

2 Malabogs Castle,

3 Tiamat,

4 Demogorgon,

5 Svardborg,

6 Lair of Lostmauth,

7 Valindras Tower,

8 Epic Cragmire Crypts,

9 Epic Grey Wolf Den,

10 Epic Spellplague Caverns,

11 Fangbreaker Island,

12 Castle Never,

13 Tomb of the Nine Gods,

14 Cradle of the Death God,

15 Castle Ravenloft,

16 Lair of the Mad Mage.




<>1. Kessels Retreat

at the final boss (Akar Kessel) if you lower the 2 beholders hp to around 25% they will begin attacking Kessel.


<>2. Malabog’s Castle, at the final boss if you run near the chest during the lightning you almost never get hit with it. if it does hit you its usually a 1 shot kill so do your best to avoid it. also there is a hidden miniboss fight where you can take on the “opposing adventure party” inside of the castle.


<>3. Tiamat has 3 phases,

phase 1 is only in the beginning and you defeat the summoners to get some dragon heart things which go into your potion slot and will make an area of immunity for your team to 1 dragon attack type, fire, ice, poison, or lightning. fire is the weakest attack, ice won’t kill you but it will freeze you for a long duration, and poison and lighting will both usually kill anyone unshielded.

phase 2 you protect the 2 clerics, the team will split up and kill enemies as they spawn, beware the red aoe because its deadly.

phase 3 you kill the dragons heads, its best to start as a group at the red then work down them to the white. if the team cannot kill them on the first try then phase 2 will repeat again and then phase 3 once more, and each time the heads will rise with less HP.


<>4. Demogorgon has 3 phases

phase 1 you open portals then kill demons to fill the bar. opening only the big purple portals is the most efficient. if their is a tank they can keep Demogorgon busy, if not just ignore him. when he does madness to you, go to the campfires to remove it, it will build over time regardless so keep an eye on it, it will take away your dailies first, then your encounters.

phase 2 you have to fight this giant demon Goristo, he will attack for a time then charge whoever has aggro, the mechanic is to aim him at the yellow portals which will do some heavy damage to him, but usually its ignored and he is just killed without it.

phase 3 fight Demogorgon, just kill him, if he does madness then run to campfire.


<>5.Svardborg has 3 phases

phase 1 you fight giants and their friends, if you get arrows on you run away because it does a freeze to you and if more people are near you it does more damage. if you see red on the ground move because ice pillars come and will freeze you, and if you or anyone gets caught in them you only have about 6 seconds to break the ice or they die and cannot be resurrected.

Phase 2 you fight Svardborg for a bit.

Phase 3 he summons 2 Manticores which you have to fight, here the healer needs to use cleanse to remove their poison, beware ice pillars during phase transitions.

Phase 3 will end usually the second time it comes up and the Manticores are killed, then its just phase 2 until Svardborg is dead.


<>6. Lair of Lostmauth

at the final boss you have 2 phases, one where you fight the dragon (avoid his breath attack) and then he will fly up and you need to run to the middle quickly as the rest of the map will fill with lava. Rocks will fall down after a brief red indicator, avoid them or you will be knocked into the lava and likely killed.


<>7.Valindras Tower

at the final boss she will go immune after her hp reaches 75% 50% and 25%. during this time lightning will strike and it will kill you if it hits you, avoid the red aoe indicators. if the dps is low you will need to kill the caskets when she spawns them and also help anyone she has locked into a hold, so keep your eyes on the team during this fight.


<>8.Epic Cragmire Crypts.

at the final boss he will do some very heavy dmg to whoever has aggro, also he will start huge fires on the ground, you can open the kegs near the top of the map to put the fire out but it really doesn’t help much.  kill the adds when they spawn and try to avoid the fire and big hits from the boss.


<>9.Epic Grey Wolf Den

Last boss is pretty tough if you don’t know the mechanics. she fights normal at first, then transforms into a werewolf and after a bit will go immune, you need to avoid her during this time as she will be spawning wraith claws from the ground to attack people and also lunging at whoever has aggro with a very hard hit. a red spirit wolf spawns and you need to kill it while its within about 10 feet of her which will cause her to take damage again, you repeat this until she is killed.


<>10.Epic Spellplague Caverns

Boss 1 is Kabal and its the longest fight of the dungeon because of mechanics. You will get chained to a random party member and you need to kill the golems he spawns to generate an orb of fire which will melt the chains, you position on either side of the orb and after about 1.5 seconds it will break the chains, otherwise the chains will do a damage over time you both of you. Kabal is immune to damage until he does his first chains to the team, he also spawns a huge fireball which follows one party member, they need to make the fireball hit kabal in order to make his shield go away. at some point he will summon fire archons and chain everyone on your team. kill the archons then use the fire orbs they generate to break your chains. after killing kabal for the 3rd time he will die.

Boss 2 is a giant plague reaver or something, it has 3 attacks to watch out for, one is the big red eye indicator, which will turn you to stone if you look at him when it hits, the second is a slam it does that knocks you into the air and possibly off the map, you need to stay near the boss and as far from the edges of the map as possible, he hits pretty hard too so its best to try to stay behind him unless you are the tank. he also has a move that tilts the map and you need to run towards him whenever this happens. the tank can aim his eye attack at the floating mirrors and he will stun himself with it.

Boss 3 is Nostura and she has 4 phases.

Phase 1 you fight her.

Phase 2 some orbs come and do a beam attack around the map, move between them to avoid it, but it wont kill you if it hits you so its kinda pointless this phase is even there….only happens once.

Phase 3 she goes immune to damage and randomly curses someone on the team with a damage over time that builds in intensity over time, the only way to remove it is to let her use her eye stun on you. if you get cursed avoid other party members or you will spread the curse to them.

phase 4 she summons some giant tentacles and then you kill them, they spawn portals, you go into the portals, you kill the portals, you fight her. phases 3 and 4 will repeat until her health gets to 25% at which time she will go immune one final time, say you are DOOMED, then do a mild aoe to everyone and fight you for one last bit of her health.


<>11. Fangbreaker Island

In the start you need to have someone run up and kill the little goblin runner so he doesn’t call the Skald up ahead, the Skald makes all the other Giants stronger. the giants will throw huge rocks, there is a red aoe indicator so watch for this and avoid them. its best to take out the goblins then the giants after. run up to the corner of the mountain past where the enemies were and wait for the Avalanche to happen before going ahead or you will be knocked way down the mountain to where some enemies you wouldn’t normally have to fight will attack you. run up to the giants and bears and try to take the groups on one at a time, unless you have really good aoe dps and a tank who doesn’t mind. there will be another avalanche at the end so wait for it before climbing the final part of the mountain.

Boss 1 is Hati a Manticore, when you enter the fight jump off the cliff and run directly northwest and get under the overhanging ice. the boss will do an avalance and if you are out on the battlefield and not under the cliff you will be blown away and possibly off the map and killed. after the avalanche the boss will land and will periodically use a spike shoot attack that will poison anyone it hits, its a deadly poison so its best to have a healer cleanse it. the Manticore will fly up into the air then a red aoe will show on the ground somewhere and after a few seconds it will slam down from the sky onto that spot. watch out because if you stand in the red you could be knocked off the map. it will fly up again at 75% 50% and 25% hp and you will lose all your stamina and need to quickly run to the ledge again and wait for the avalanche to hit.

after the first boss you will go through a series of tunnels where you fight trolls and goblins while waiting on ewan roald to “melt the ice” this will happen 2 times.

Boss 2 is the Dragon turtle and it has 2 phases

phase 1 you fight the turtle, if someone aggros the turtle and lets it hit them head-on it won’t ever do the slam, it only does the slam when it cannot hit the person with aggro with its breath attack. the attacks it does do very low damage and shouldn’t pose any trouble for anyone.

Phase 2 explosive runes rain down and the turtle swims around the map, he will pop up and you need to aim one of the runes at him to make him return to battle, if you miss or fail to hit him when he rises he will do a steam burn to the team then continue swimming around and repeating this phase until he is hit and phase 1 returns. he does this phase at 75% 50% and 25% hp. he dies at about 10% hp and will retreat.

after the turtle proceed to the gate, usually have to kill the mobs here but if you can activate the door without aggro you can bypass them. once inside there will be giants and goblins fighting everywhere and you need to search the sparkly areas (also indicated on your minimap) for the ring of winter, dont fight the enemies here as they will mostly not even attack you, if you have to kill some of them try not to bring them near any others to avoid uneeded timewasting fights,

after searching all the areas you will not find the ring and be able to proceed to the final boss.

boss 3 is Drufi and she will rush at whoever has aggro and do a decent dmg overhead chop from time to time, shes not much of an issue, but she randomly go into different phases… phase drains all your stamina and blows you toward a wall, run toward her to avoid getting impaled on ice spikes on the wall. another phase she will do a red aoe on the ground then summon ice pillars, if you even touch them you get frozen and your team must break them or you will die within 6 seconds. try not to destroy the ice pillars, just avoid them, because she will move to the center of the room and say “winters chorus will be your demise” and then do the “call of winter” which will 1 shot kill anyone not standing behind some ice pillar. this fight is annoying and usually will require using 1 mass life scroll because all the ice will be broken and she will kill everyone with call of winter. also she uses Hypothermia on a random teammate from time to time, 4 arrows will indicate this effect, the team needs to group up and the healer and tank use any damage mitigation they can if possible, a heal or 2 will be needed as soon as it hits because it will hit a few times and do massive damage, if you don’t group up it will kill you.


<>12. Castle Never

Hop on your mount, run up and kill the 2 Barlgura and the Glabrezu and 2 shadow demons. watch cutscene. go through door, kill skeletons. a balgura and 3 shadow demons will spawn at either side of the bridge you are on. kill them, proceed. there will be 5 portals, i usually will summon a companion for this part only to maintain combat advantage in the portal because you jump in them alone and kill a barlgura, a fire archon and 3 shadow demons in each portal. if you finish before others you can run and help them with their portal. once all 5 are closed you can open the door and proceed, you will fight 2 groups of about 8 undead. after defeating them a Nalfeshnee and 2 fire archons will spawn near the next door from a large portal. the fire archons have a nasty ranged attack and the Nalfeshnee has a 4 way Necrotic attack that can 1 shot undergeared players, especially if they have low critical avoidance and it crits.

Boss 1 is Tal’Gath a giant undead beholder, he is simple to avoid, if you have aggro just dodge his big eye lazer attack and the aoe, also you can just move out of the way. the thing to watch out for is the chains of undeath which will be a green beam linking you to another party member, if you get within about 5 feet of them it will suck you together and do heavy damage, usually killing one or both of you, the damage will divide between the number of people it hits and it can be dodged. he has no phases it just one straight up fight.

after boss 1 you move into a hallway filled with undead groups, there are 5 groups of them and once either 30 seconds has passed or someone reaches the end of the room or kills all the undead a portal spawns near the end and a Balor appears, it does a period aoe burn to anyone near it as well as a fire slash to whoever has aggro, the slash can be dodged, blocked or avoided by moving away. once killed he explodes knocking anyone hit back and dealing moderate damage to them.

move on to the hall and in the next 3 rooms you will encounter a pack of undead and 1 servitor of orcus, quickly kill the servitor otherwise he will summon more green chains to link party members, if you get chains then move away from chained teammates and wait for chains to expire. after killing the 3 servitors and the undeads you will make it to a campfire then a portal after a walk down a short hallway.  the portal will teleport you to a disk shaped area with undead moving towards a death charge at the center of the room if the charge fills you will be nuked for 75% of your max hp each time, if you have less then 75% you will be killed, kill them before they reach the center and avoid getting close to them as they deal insane damage. once enough undead are killed the phase ends and you are teleported to a stairway, climb the stairs to reach a campfire and the door to the 2nd boss.

boss 2 is Cythalar, an Illithilich, he will aggro someone and if they stand in his red aoe path he does a grasp to them and holds them in the air for a few seconds. also minions spawn periodically and should be killed quickly. after reaching 75% 50% and 25% hp he will collapse the room and you will fall onto the next floor down with spikes wherever the red aoe shows, move to and far center of the room for the first drop, for the second move to a corner. the drops will continue after this and the pattern for spikes will be random so watch for them and avoid being in that area.

after boss 2 you will move to a hallway area, jump on the benches along the right wall and avoid waking the sleeping undead. in the second room run near the benches on the left wall or even jump on them to avoid the undead, and in the 3rd room its the right wall benches again. stand in the next room as a group and wait for the cutscene, this may become buggy and the cutscene will not start, either someone has aggroed some zombies in the hall and you will need to kill them or you will need to wait for the game to load the cutscene, I’ve seen this take up to 1 minute to happen.

after the cutscene you proceed down a hall and there will be big green death orbs floating along, block or dodge through them or time you movements to avoid them, at the first doorway go left and do not fight the monsters to the northwest, bypass the room and continue north until you hit a corner, wait for the team then head east into the next room full of monsters, move the fight to either the back left corner or the final room to the right to avoid being hit by the passing death orb as you kill them. go to the door.

final boss is Orcus, he will aggro the tank or whoever is closest to him doing the most damage. his hits are timed and can be dodged, blocked or avoided by moving away. when he gets to 75% 50% and 25% hp he will raise his arms in the air then do a big death charge on the team, this attack cannot be avoided and deals 75% of your max hp in dmg to you. i use a stone of health right after this, but a good heal will work also. death orbs will spawn also and they will chase anyone in their vicinity, they deal heavy dmg so avoid them at all costs. if he is still alive at this point he flies away and summons a death charge in the center of the room, skeletons will move towards it and charge it, if it fills it will do a 75% hp nuke to everyone, kill the skeletons to prevent this and make orcus return. at some point he may go nearly immune to damage and spawn 2 portals, 2 dps need to jump into these portals, kill the fire archon barlgura and 3 shadow demons. after closing the 2 portals he will return to taking damage as normal. these are all the phases and usually you will not see them.


<>13. Tomb of the Nine Gods

(maximize hp to avoid 1 shot kills 300,000 or more, cap armor pen for this content at 82,000, cap crit avoidance for this content at 65,000)

there are 3 paths in the beginning of the dungeon but only one will be the correct one, it will be the one with the big green face thing on the wall, this will change randomly every time you do this dungeon. its best to go to the right as soon as you get on the map and see if its either of the 2 paths to the right, if its not and you can avoid fighting the enemies then move to the left path and proceed, otherwise kill the enemies first, there will be another pack of enemies then a small corner will bring you to some yuan ti and mind whisperers. avoid looking at the yuan-ti during their red aoe eye, and move away from any red ground aoe, one is a claw that does a lot of damage, the other will fear you and make you run away and disabled for a few seconds. after fighting a few packs of these enemies you will reach a campfire and a door. in this next room you will have 4 pack of enemies, one at each corner, and at most you have to fight 2 of them. run to the center of the room first then at each of the 3 paths (north, east and west) you will have 3 carvings of the trickster gods on each wall and you need to match the one of the floor in the center room facing each room to its correct god. you activate the sarcophagus to do this. activating the wrong one will summon a hunt tier spider which can drop a hunt lure material. once all 3 have been done correctly the path to the north will open, be careful entering here as 3 shadows will spawn and do a disabling hold to whoever is in the room, draining their hp during the hold, they need to be killed quickly.  clerics have an advantage for this because we can just slot sunburst and wait till as soon as the shadows start to appear and then knock them back which will stop their hold and if they haven’t done it yet it prevents them from doing it. paladins can also use burning light to achieve the same effect. after the shadows you will go down a long staircase to a campfire.

at the door you will begin trap 1 which consists of drinking potions on the table and matching the color to the corresponding plates on the floor. there are 6 plates on the floor and once you drink a potion 6 animals will appear on them. call out the first letter of the color to your team to tell them what color they need to go to. or if you have teamspeak or discord its easier i guess. once you match all the potions just wait a moment until “trap disarmed” pops on the screen before proceeding, otherwise you can inadvertently trigger the trap and then one of 3 things will happen, 1 the door will collapse and you will need to move the rocks into a pile as a team, 2 you will fall down and have to fight 3 groups of enemies in 3 rooms, 3 you will fall down into a series of rooms with 3 plates on the floor in rows of 3 in each room, only one path will be the correct for each set of plates, if you go the wrong way a green head will appear on the plate and you will teleport to the start of that room, a trick here is using keybindings and summoning the postal portal and bank as well as signpost in the middle of 2 plates, this will make the heads appear but won’t cause you to be teleported. if you did trigger the trap as soon as you get back another shadow will appear and do its drain/hold to someone. then you move around this big room killing “skeleton keys” undead and bone golems. its easiest to go to the right as you will avoid a pack of shadows this way. but if you do encounter the shadows just kill them before they kill whoever they hold. after killing the 3 skeleton keys you will get to a campfire (or back to the campfire if you triggered the trap) and there will be 3 curse altars outside it that need to be activated to begin the battle with the avatar of orcus, the first boss.

from the left to right looking directly forward at the middle one.

1 gives the player temporary hp equal to 900% of their current max HP. (can be effected by anything that increases max HP including buff foods, boons and mount powers) and causes them to be immune to the instant death effect of the green orbs that spawn during the fight. it will be the person who takes this curse’s duty to quickly run or dash to the orbs and catch them to prevent them from killing teammates. good for the tank to take or the top dps if you have more then 1 good dps because the temp hp buff will last the rest of the dungeon and it comes in especially handy at the final boss due to his burn effect.  if the tank can hold aggro its best he takes this, if the dps has aggro it will help for them to take this.

2 gives double damage to adds and 1/2 damage to orcus, healer or tank should take this, or if there is a really low dps they can take it.

3 gives double damage against orcus and 1/2 against adds, good for your top dps or 2nd dps.

Boss 1 is the Avatar of Orcus, and as soon as the fight begins he starts with his familiar timed attacks to whoever is nearest to him or the tank, he will continue attacking whoever is near and has the most aggro, but if someone ranged gets aggro he will clumsily move towards them. he will periodically do a red cone aoe then a wing swipe that knocks anyone hit back into the edge of the room into the pool of undead, this will slow you and the undead will try to hold you down slowing you more, move out as fast as possible. after he reaches 75% 50% and 25% hp he will raise his arms then call down some death magic on random party members, its not very harmful and it can be dodged or blocked but not avoided by moving. after the death magic he will raise his arms and summon down a weak hit on everyone followed by the first death sphere. the sphere visibly chains to one person and must be intercepted by the person with the temp HP curse. the spheres will continue until he is killed, 1 at first, then 3 everytime after that. can usually be beaten before any spheres are summoned.

after this you go to the portal, then through the door and down another long staircase to a campfire and another door, inside this door is a Gravemaster sitting at a throne. once aggroed he will teleport to a random location nearby and summon groups of undead until he is killed, once killed all the adds will vanish. next is a room with a wight and some undead hulks as well as wraiths, kill them then you will proceed to the 2nd trap.

this trap has 6 switches, 4 are labeled “Manipulate Hidden switch” and 2 are labeled “Manipulate switch”.  the order changes each time you do the dungeon but its always the 4 hidden ones first then once of the normal. most groups let me do this part as they sit or afk as its just trial and error, more people doing it helps it go faster though, call out the order as you find them if doing this.

After the trap you will see a broken bridge, and you will need to jump down to proceed, do not go anywhere near the bridge, instead go to the left of it and jump off, otherwise you trigger a fight with a bunch of undead and a Demilich. once down you fight first a pack of Dinos from the left, then a pack from the north, then a pair of big ones from the east. after this you climb a ladder, fight one pack of undead…wight, 2 wraiths 2 hulks and a few skellies. and then you will have yet another trap, which is the first trap again (used to be a “pick the right chest” one but the devs broke it and removed it so now we have the potions twice.)

after the trap you will go into a hall and see 2 cutscenes in quick succession, both can be skipped. then you go into a large room that contains 3 groups of undead, 2 of the groups have bone golems and one has a wight. theres a few wraiths as well and a couple skeletons. once you kill the 3 groups you move to another campfire and the door for boss 2 Withers.

boss 2 is Withers, some old undead guy inside of a contraption that does various effects to the party.

upon entering the room its best to have one team member, (the tank or a dps) go to the other side of withers to give the team combat advantage. during the fight he will periodically do an aoe knockback centered on his chamber. it does significant damage and should be avoid by moving out of the way before it hits. also red aoe circles will appear under you before a hand slams down and knocks you prone, move to avoid this. various effects will be initiated, fire jets will blast across the room, the water on the ground will become electrified and do aoe damage, and he will spawn bone golems that will knockdown players and deal heavy damage, eliminate the golems as soon as possible. you can also have someone go around the outside of the map and kill the undead dwarves withers is using to cause the effects but this is usually not needed as the effect will end after a time regardless. once killed his chamber will break and he will fight you outside it, he doesn’t have much hp outside the chamber and also no longer does the aoe knockback. once killed you move to the door to the northwest of the room (considering the angle you enter the fight) and fight 2 groups of wights, hulks and wraiths.. there will be a small stair then a room full of undead dwarves which will not attack you unless you attack them. open the door and there is a campfire to the northwest and a portal to the final boss to the northeast.

Boss 3 is Ras Nsi, an undead Yuan-ti. as soon as you enter the fight it starts a skippable cutscene. the tank needs to aggro him to the center of the room and keep him there as much as possible so that when he summons the souls they are all in the center of the room and easy to deal with. beware facing him as his overhead chop does extreme damage and also a damage over time burn. the chop can be dodged, blocked or avoided by moving as long as you are not the person with aggro. he will always try to chop whoever has aggro and unless they dodge or block it will hit them. your healer will need to use a cleanse ability to remove the burn each time he does the chop. after doing a few chops he will stop attacking and go somewhere in the center of the platform and wind up, after a few seconds he does a big aoe slash that hits anyone within about 20 feet of him, it will cause partial paralysis if it hits you and also can kill you if you have stacks of broken armor. there will periodically be phases where he teleports to the ends of the platform either on the left middle or right and there will be a red aoe down the entire platform wherever he stands, a few seconds after this starts anyone standing in the red is hit with broken armor which will continue to stack and cannot be removed by cleanse. the only way to remove it is it stop being hit with it and wait for it to expire. try to get as little broken armor as possible. once this phase begins a large etheric skeleton appears at the opposite side of the room from Ras Nsi, you need to move to the opposite of the platform from the skeleton because it will soon tip the entire platform in its direction and anyone near it will be tipped off and die. after he does the skeleton phase he will do a few more overhead chops to whoever has aggro and then a red aoe will appear everwhere except within 5′ of him. stand near him to avoid the aoe. after this aoe he spawns these blue glowing souls which will power his death charge meter if they are not killed before the phase ends which is about 10 seconds. if you miss one or two it will be fine usually, but missing them all and filling them meter will cause him to wipe your team and you will have to reset the fight. after you get him down to 30% hp he will stop fighting and become immune to damage, after a few seconds he will do his death charge, and however full the meter is it will do more damage to your team, if the meter is full it kills everyone and you cannot ressurect, if its near full you may still die but can use scrolls, and if someone still has the curse from the first boss for temp HP it will usually leave them alive, also a blocking tank with high HP. after he does this he may summon the souls again but you can ignore them and focus on him for the remainder of the fight, that was his final trick. he dies once he gets to 5% hp, he can be fully killed but will die regardless at that point as acerak finds him unworthy and kills him.


<>14. Cradle of the Death God

(maximize hp to avoid one shot kills here 300.000 or more cap armor pen at 82,000, cap crit avoidance for this content at 65,000)

this raid has 3 parts each with their own phases

once you activate the portal you begin a skippable cutscene then a 15 second wait (lasts as long as the cutscene)  until a death charge is done and enemies are spawned. the room is a falling elevator and there are 4 corners with 2 torch scones on each corner (*) . one of the torches is not burning (#), the enemies will spawn as follows, 2 bone golems and 2 hulks as well as 2 spearmen and some skeletons will spawn at (z) on either side, a Gravemaster with 2 golems and a few hulks will spawn at (X). this will happen once more shortly after killing the first group. be careful of going to close to the edges as the hulks and golems can knock you off the map, which will cause you to have to sit out the remainder of the raid.

(*)         (z)         (#)

(*)                       (*)


(*)                        (*)

(*)           (z)          (*)

after 2 phases of gravemasters you will begin the floating skull phase where the skull will attach to someone with a visable green chain and they will need to move towards the edge of the platform where a giant phantom acererak is and then the other team members need to attack the floating skull from behind so that when its killed it is aimed towards the acererak phantom, this will cause the HP bar at the top of the screen labeled “protection of acererak” to drain. after 3 times the phase will end and the meter will be depleted. a group of enemies will spawn again as outlined in the beginning and after this there will be a wait then another death charge before some dialouge from acererak and then another spawn of enemies, shortly after this group spawns a gelatinous cube will spawn in the center of the room and tether to someone near it, if there is no one near it it will tether to the first person to apporach it, the cube must be brought to the corners and killed so that its slime will clog the gears and slow the crash, once all 8 gears are slimed the elevator will crash, if the timer runs out before sliming all 8 gears it crashes without brakes and you all die. keep your dps away from the center and avoid using aoe powers here to limit killing the slimes in the wrong place and making this phase last longer then it should. gravemasters and undead will spawn periodically, but can be ignored because as soon as the last gear is slimed 2-3 seconds will pass then a skippable cutscene begins and you are transported to the bottom of the chamber the Atropal is in and you need to run around this circle and destroy all the cords going up to the atropal.there are 3 sets of 2 cords and once the final once is killed a long unskippable cutscene begins. if this phases lasts for enough time there will be death charges. there will big a large red aoe that appears on the ground, move out of this because its heavy damage and most likely will kill you. phantom hands will also grab random party members and hold them, look for these and kill them to free your team mates.


after the cutscene the boss fight begins. the atropal will aggro the highest dps or the tank and do some relatively mild melee attacks, a moderate damage spit attact and a knockdown arm swipe also watch for the large red aoe which is heavy damage and knocks you prone if not dead. there will be many red aoe everywhere on the ground, most do about nothing, the ones centered on you will do a debuff ring to the area after about 10 seconds, move these away from other team mates. after he is reduced to 75% hp he will laugh and become immune to damage, acererak will appear somewhere outside the circle and begin casting magic missle (or something) at anyone near him, it doesn’t do much damage but is still best to avoid him. the Atropal will drop down and begin to suck everyone towards him on the ring, during this phase you can fall off either side of the ring and will be out of the fight for the remainder if this happens. as he is doing the suck you should tap the forward key and position yourself to somewhere near the inside half of the ring, after a few moments he will stop the suck and nothing will happen for about 1 second, then he will do a blow and push everyone away from him, if you are on the outside 1/2 of the ring you will be blown off. as soon as the suck stops i begin moving towards the center so that the push will not knock me off. this takes work but can be done on any class without using dodge or shield or anything but walking. the push/pull will happen twice and then he will go immune again and possibly spit goo on people for a moment before acererak says “you have made me very angry!” and appears to fight you, he doesn’t actually attack though, this is just a dps race and you need to kill him within 10 seconds or so or he will wipe the team and you have to start all over. he only needs to be killed to about 40% to stop the phase, at which point a shield is summoned from the trickster gods (which used to serve a function but no longer does) and the the atropal will return to die. if this phase lasts too long he can go back to doing the push/pull again.


<>15. Castle Ravenloft

(maximize hp to avoid one shot kills here 350,000 or more, 98,000 armor penetration once scaled, use +% dmg to undead rings and overload enchants here, cap crit avoidance for this content at 75,000)

hop on your mount and rush to the gate, kill the pack of spearmen and skeletons as well as the 2 wights and their hulks. strahd will do a short dialouge before opening the gate where you will fight 5 mounted knights, they will spawn at the far end of the bridge and rush whoever is closest, knocking them prone but doing little damage. you can dodge or block their rush. kill them and proceed to the door to begin boss 1, the sisters of strahd.

Boss 1 is the sisters of strahd and this fight has a lot of mechaincs. at the beginning you need to aggro the sister who is not a red floating ghost and bring her over to the left side of the room to break the red links she has with the other sisters and begin combat, she will do a stacking debuff to whoever has aggro and once it reaches 10 stacks her next attack where she shrieks then rises in the air will kill whoever has 10 stacks and it hits, unless they block, dodge, shadowslip or otherwise evade. after she is downed to 75% hp she will do a shriek that will drain anyones AP it hits to 0 and say something and then knock anyone near her back and a book will appear on the other side of the room, someone will need to go to the book and it will cause their encounter to change and also at wills and daily, the person using the book needs to hold down at will 1 to make a light beam that will draw the red ghosts to you, you may need to hit both ghosts with this to get them to come to you and chain together, but once they chain you can hit one and it will also draw the other, just hold it down and move around causing them to follow you and keep them as far from the team fighting the combat sister as possible, if they get near her they will chain to her with red making her immune to damage, this fight cannot be beat without the book being used properly as you will be unable to deal damage. after killing the first sister a red portal spawns in the middle of the room and it must be destroyed within 6 seconds or it will explode and wipe the team forcing a restart of the fight, its best to move the sister near the center when she is low on hp to make it easier to reach and destroy the portal. as soon as the sister dies the book dissapears and the player using it can move to the portal and help kill it. as soon as the portal is killed another sister will become physical and fight the team, the book will appear again and someone will need to use the book to control the remaining red ghost away from the combat. after killing the second sister another portal will spawn at the center of the room and must be killed within 6 seconds or it will explode wiping the team. after killing the second portal the book is gone and you fight the final sister. and if this lasts too long at some point she will summon a giant swarm of undead all around her to attack you, they can be ignored and will dissapear when she dies, but they can wipe a weak team so beware. if bats swarm you and you see 4 arrows on you move away from the team, otherwise this will damage them and you too, after a few seconds away from anyone it will dissapear.

Boss 2 is the Arcolith, a giant construct. tank needs to face him while dps and healer position behind him, move to the opposite side of wherever he is holding his sword when he has one, after his overhead chop attack he will always switch sides with his sword, so this fight requires constant repositioning. its important that the tank or whoever has aggro at the time takes the hit from any big attack he does, otherwise he will instantly go into his spin phase where he moves at whoever has aggro until he kills everyone or you make him hit one of the 4 pillars in the room, hitting a pillar will stun him and make him take more damage for a moment. he will go into the spin phase anyway if the fight lasts enough time, in the beginning it was normal for him to go into the spin 4 times and break all 4 pillars. if all 4 pillars are broken and he isn’t killed within about 45 seconds he will do a final spin and with no pillars to stop him this will wipe the group.


Boss 3 is Strahd von Zarovich, some vampire dude. someone will need to wield the sunsword, which you pick up right before this fight. the sword overrides all your will 1 is a slash attack, not very useful. at will 2 is a spin move which can be held down for 6 seconds and it increases in damage the longer held, if held for over 6 seconds you will be stunned for 3 seconds. encounter 1 is an empower spell which infuses you and your team with the sunswords power, granting you +50% damage for ten second, and doing a moderate heal to your team as well as filling their AP. encounter 2 is a dash with almost no cooldown, useful for moving back to the team after recovering the sword during the boss fight. encounter 3 is a heavy hitting overhead chop with a brief delay before it hits, be careful using this one as it can often miss. the person using the sword will go in between phases of having it and not having it, during the time it is disabled you may even be drawn down to the doppleganger pit, either way as soon as the dopplegangers in the main room are killed you need to rush to the middle of the room and retrieve the sword then get back to the team and use the charge/empower encounter and fill their ap for the damage coming next.  Strahd will take the sword from you almost as soon as the fight starts and then he will begin a phase where he summons exploding lanterns in random patterns in the room, either move away from them or have some damage mitigation and healing handy, with low HP they will 1 shot kill you if they crit. after a few of these lantern phases he will grab someone into the air and you have to fight the “nightmare” which is holding them, ideally before it can kill the person its holding. after this 1 random party member will be teleported under the map and be chased around by dopplegangers of the party, the ranged ones will all use ranged at wills and the melee classes will chase you and use at wills. they wont do much damage and they will dissapear as the party kills the identical ones which spawn above, just run away and wait, after awhile executioners will come, 1st one then more, don’t look at them or you will be stunned, just continue running around.

for the team fighting above you will have 4 dopplegangers to kill and they all have red chains going to the center to the sunsword, if you stay near the dopplegangers the exploding lanterns will not hit you. after killing the dopplegangers the person below will be transported back with the team and the sword in the center of the room will need to be picked up again. after this strahd will either say nothing and then attack, or he will say “attack me if you dare!” and if you do attack him during this time it will not only drain the sunsword, but he will soon do a knockback to everyone and take the sword and repeat the doppleganger phase, these 2 phases continue until he gets to about 25% hp, at which point he will raise your team to the ceiling and the the sunsword will tell you to “raise me to the heavens” meaning hit 1 and use your daily power, wait about 2 seconds until after he says heavens and as long as the sword has 50% or more charge it will usually prevent anyone from dying, after this his attacks are much stronger but he is very weakened so will be dead soon, he may kill some of your team at this point but you should be able to kill him if you made it this far, once his HP is gone he will continue to fight until an additional indeterminate amount of damage is done to him….seems to be about an additional 10% of his max HP. you want to aim to charge the sword as much as possible which is done by using the encounters and dealing damage with it. the charge one gives it the most charge…go figure 😛  if bats swarm you and you get the 4 arrows, run away from everyone to any of the candles along the wall until it goes away otherwise it will heavily damage them and you. As devout i use astral seal and also healing word and bastion of health for this last fight, as much as I love doing some dmg, its not worth it when the team really needs all the support they can get, also using hallowed ground after the sword is retrieved each time is helpful to lower the damage from the aoe, if people can’t or won’t move from the exploding lanterns astral shield helps here too, followed by a heal with bastion.

<>16. Lair of the Mad Mage



Going to the first boss is pretty straightforward, you won’t need to do much healing. For the first Boss Arcturia, you kinda wanna try to stay near the green corner (all of them are colored and im pretty sure green and yellow are the easiest, I know green is, tank and healer always go green together while the dps do 1 corner each) and help tank kill their mimics when they come, use Bastion, and Intercession, but save intercession and at least 1 bastion for cocoon, if you are more confident in your healing or more geared and high power/outgoing healing type build then you can drop Intercession as Bastion will be more then enough. What I do is just go right to the cocooned person and spam the heals. when it blows the cocooned person and anyone else near takes a chunk of dmg so you need to heal that too. every now and then I hit Arcturia with Daunting Light to add Bronzewood effect, mimics too. after this make your way to boss #2. It’s a giant worm thing. has 3 phases. 1 where you just fight it and maybe heal if people are getting rekt or something. phase 2 where there is a giant suckhole in the middle of the room (don’t fall in!) and you gotta kill boulders while also trying not to get killed by constructs. and phase 3 where you have to group up and spam heals….like constantly. i use Healing word and Bastion here and try to get guardian of life going also, Guardian of Life is almost crucial here, or if you prefer use Hallowed Ground, the problem is you are constantly being hit by falling rocks and knocked prone so either dodge them and spam bastion about 20 times or use a daily. Make your way to boss #3. Trobriand is the final boss and is a giant metal dude thing, anyway you just dps him until he is at like 25% HP or so and he does this pillar phase where you gotta kill the 4 pillars, I hit them 1 at a time with Daunting Light then use Sacred Flame, following the team… It’s helpful to have your daily up at this point because as soon as the final pillar is destroyed Trobriand does a huge AOE damage to the team. after quite a few runs I ended up low on AP because of very high dps, so quickly I slotted Astral Shield, and you know what, it seemed to work better then Hallowed Ground! I used Hallowed Ground my first run at the suggestion of my friend who invited me  and then also had sucess with Angel of Life as well as with Anointed Army, but after seeing how well Astral Shield does I 100% recommend the Devout to swap powers during pillars and just use AS. After beating the metal mage you can go back to the campfire and there will be a “secret room” to the north of it. you climb on the golem parts over in the right hand corner and make your way to the documents and you get a bonus Title.


Arbiter: dps, try not to die too!


About Level Scaling:

to do level 70 content now you need roughly 2x the stats you would for level 80, so if you need 60k arpen for lvl 80 you need about 120k for level 70 and depending on whether the dungeon is T1,T2 or T3 you need different stats (i’ve found 106,000 to be the actual baseline for T1, ~125,000 for T2 and over 150,000 for T3) so for venturing back to 70 stuff you may want to beef up your defense and definitely accuracy and critical strike.

for most T1 after scaling you need 57,000 arpen

codg and tong 82k arpen

CR 98k arpen

T4? Lair of the mad mage requires 68,000 arpen

and when it comes out Tower of the Mad Mage will require 80k arpen

Scaling is subject to be changed at any time so hopefully this part can be removed from my guide soon.


Useful Keybindings:

Binds for the Vip powers
Bind them to any key

/bind F3 gensendMessage Vipaction_Overworldmapteleport activate
/bind F4 gensendMessage Vipaction_Mailbox activate
/bind F5 gensendMessage Vipaction_Bankvendor activate
/bind F6 gensendMessage Vipaction_Professionvendor activate
/bind F7 gensendMessage Vipaction_Moonstonemaskteleport activate

/bind F8 gensendmessage Stuck_Defeatme activate


Advice to new players:

Don’t worry about Item Level, concern yourself with understanding the game and in particular your class.

When you reach the Item Level to do the dungeons in a private queue (has a 1,000 IL lower requirement) with friends, then you can start learning it, and by the time you reach the Item Level to do them in public queues you will know the mechanics and have many successful runs under your belt and possibly even end up carrying the team sometimes! 😛

Don’t be discouraged by all the people asking for a specific IL or amount of Power in public and private Channels. Avoid those people and avoid grouping with them for content. You’ll enjoy the game more and also laugh when you see them doing this. I would NEVER ask for IL or Power, what matters to me for hard content is friendliness, willingness to listen…experience and skill is always a + too 😛

Make lots of friends <3 Socialize,joke around and just have fun, there’s hundreds of cool, down to earth players just like you out there (my target audience for this guide!)


credits to [email protected] for being my best ingame friend, teaching me the game and recommending me to buy more character slots and play all the classes before settling on a main…i mained Oathbound Paladin my 1st year (my Paladin is Rekk [email protected]#2455)


So thats my guide for now, any questions feel free to comment here, hit me up ingame, or email me at [email protected]


She walks in light, her faith guiding her every step, she knows no fear for she is the Avatar of the Divine….

“Be Faithful, be Virtuous, but above all my friends, be Righteous!”



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  • SeraphineLaRadiante
    November 14, 2018 at 10:05 am

    I’m dps dc and I don’t care about others ?

  • Saul Clemente
    May 2, 2019 at 9:44 pm

    makes the Guardian Fighter pls!

    • May 28, 2019 at 7:08 pm

      I could make one for guardian fighter. but honestly I would rather leave that to players who main the fighter class, then try to do a workup build for a class i hardly play.
      give it a little time for this module to get sorted out and you’ll see a bunch of fighter guides popping up. my advice for now is trial and error…..thats what i’ve always done, I’m too much of a rebel to follow a guide so I do all my own testing 😉

  • Hessian Black
    May 7, 2019 at 4:13 am

    At least you wrote one most people are sadly happier been the self appointed critic but never the author.

    good read and good pointers cheers

  • Max Damage
    May 8, 2019 at 10:20 am

    >>Rhythm of the Heavens doesn’t actually do anything…at all
    It does. But its random. And its activation is not shown in the HUD. Sometimes i release TAB (divinity generation stops) and instantly i get a medium chunk of divinity restored at muuuch higher rate than it was generated by “tabbing” earlier. Yet it’s still a minor bonus u cant rely on.

  • May 8, 2019 at 8:15 pm

    If you say so max damage, i specced it then tested myself for over 30 mins and it did not proc 1 single time. I think you may be confusing your passive divinity regen with that feat actually doing something, it gives spiking jumps to divinity every 3 seconds outside combat, and just tapping tab will make it restore more…..unless you can prove it works with combat logs or some other means like a screenshot with an activated power pop up, i’m gonna call bs on that

    edit: eh i was wrong sorry about that. a friend on discord showed me how it worked and explained it. thanks for the input

  • May 28, 2019 at 5:46 pm

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    Is Neverwinter we are talking about? I don´think so…
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    Where is the debuff´s companions??? Orcus set ??? Are you a dps???
    Hummmm…. Hummmmm….

  • June 19, 2019 at 3:53 am

    Thanks for the guild as the community currently lacks much detail towards builds for Mod16 which for those of us whom have been playing for quite some time can understand. I’m curious however why there is no mention of a race and why that race was/was not chosen? Historically the race mattered (ie. Metallic Dragonborne) for clerics as the meta. Here though you don’t even mention it.

    • June 19, 2019 at 5:18 am

      She is Human. It used to be a better choice (in my opinion) for the 3 extra heroic feats. most endgame players will agree race is purely cosmetic, especially now. I didn’t include it because it doesn’t matter. Since you asked though I have added a comment on Race to this guide,
      thanks for the feedback!

  • TiCyruss FelStorm
    July 16, 2019 at 3:24 pm

    Do u bronzewood n vorpal bis 4 devout or dps cleric

    • July 17, 2019 at 4:37 am

      I usually use bronzewood for devout and vorpal for arbiter, but depending on the team (if i’m Arbiter but probably not going to be top dps) I will use Bronzewood as dps also, or at times if I need to deal more damage as devout I will use Vorpal. If I could only get one it would be Bronzewood because I like the visual effect better. But Vorpal is going to be something you want if you plan on doing dps seriously….at least until they change enchatments all around again…..

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