Parwen Valerian, Cleric Mod 16

by Josh on April 30, 2019
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Parwen Valerian, Cleric Mod 16

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Hi my name is Josh and this is my Cleric Parwen Valerian.

my ingame tag is @iamsmokingone#2455, and you can also reach me at [email protected]

my name on the Arc Neverwinter Forums is @pariswinters#7118


—-> Well module 16 has been here about a Month now, I’d been reluctant to redo this guide for this module a bit because so much went into my last guide and the entire foundation it was built on has been removed from the game…but anyway here it is.

Mod 16:

There’s a letter on the table behind Sgt. Knox, read it.

Go to the Moonstone Mask and meet Neverember, collect junk items.

Go through portal and fight your way to Undermountain.

So you got to Undermountain, now what?

What you wanna do is talk to Durnan at the bar, do his quest, then talk to Threestrings and afterwards hit ] and go to the undermountain campaign window, then progress, then you can talk to Threestrings again and get more quests, continue in this pattern and eventually you will begin you first “Master Expedition”, the goal here is to find all the magic relics. there’s 3 in each level and there’s 3 levels to each ME. you get a token type ring for all the ones except the Expedition to Terminus, which gives the Pearl Ring of the Companion, a 1 time easily missed item, so find all 6 for Terminus definitely!

At one of the last quests “Waning Darkness” you get the Choke Chain of the Companion.

And finally there is a quest at the very end to go to the 3rd floor and you get some level 80 uncommon quality weapons (better then level 70 legendary) and also the final companion item, the Belt of the Companion. (I forget the actual name)

At the end there is a token Master Expedition you get to do, then you talk to the runemaster, and she gives you a quest to restore some artifact, you have to go out into Undermountain zones and do the Heroic Encounter things with the big bubble around them and you will eventually get a unrestored relic artifact, also they drop in master expeditions. then you need to farm the Heroic Encounter for the “resonance”, eventually getting enough to restore the thing. After restoring the artifact you give it to the runemaster and she gives you a rune to place at the altar at the start of the ME and also a quest.After doing an ME with a rune (you can just group with anyone lfm in the zone or lfg channels) you open the chest and get some runic etching thing you give to the runemaster and she gives you a “enhanced resonator” which just lets you farm Heroic Encounters in Undermountain for resonance (it takes 10 per rune type to make runes) and also allows you to collect whatever bonus effect the rune bestows during the ME. you then use the etchings to trade to Zok, the goblin under the stairs, for boxes, which if you are lucky will contain some IL 1000 gear or even better, a staff of flowers you can sell for 2 mil AD+, also the apprentice spoils and enchanted thumb sets can drop here.

Keep doing your 3x ME’s a day until you get all the gear you want from them, then you never have to do them again!

You have a chance to get your main or offhand Alabaster during any ME where you find all 9 runes. The odds are low, but I’ve gotten the set on all 5 alts I’ve done the Campaign on so they aren’t too awful 😉









Class Features she uses are Expanded Faith (+150 maximum Divinity) and Divine Equilibrium (Increases your Outgoing Damage by up to 15% the closer it is to half full. You get the most out of it Between 75% and 25% Divinity. You can take advantage of this, and should! For Bosses she swaps Expanded Faith for Doomsayer (increase your damage by 10% for 10 seconds when you use an encounter that applies a negative effect to an enemy *Break the Spirit*



1st Feat is Piercing Javelin: Your at-wills have a 10% chance to GUARANTEE your next Searing Javelin will Critically Strike!

2nd Feat is Focused Light: When you use Forgemaster’s Flame it makes your next Daunting light become a single target hit that hits Instantly and has a magnitude of 450 instead of 280, it also increases the Bonus you get from Having Radiant pips to 100 instead of  40.

3rd Feat is Sudden Verdict: Your encounters have a 25% chance to fill your pip gauge.

4th Feat is Critical Sun: When Celestial Prominence Crits you can cast it again for free (at 0 Action Points) as long as you do it in the next 6 seconds.

5th Feat is Angel of Death: When you cast 30 encounter powers which cost Divinity, within 60 seconds of eachother, you get Angel of Death, you hit Tab (Channel Divinity) for a second then release it and you can cast Encounters Powers which cost Divinity for free for 12 seconds, this is when its crucial to be at 75% Divinity for Divine Equlibrium, also when you use your damage increasing trinkets and artifacts….like Soul Sight Crystal or Decanter of Atropal Essence. Alternatively Perfect Balance is pretty good when combined with Focused Light, as long as you never break the rotation of FF then DL, so either make your 3rd encounter a Non fire/radiant power or use BTS and carefully monitor your stacks, because if you exceed burning or radiant shift by 2 stacks in either direction it instantly resets and you lose all your stacks….its much more complex then Angel of Death, but also a bit more rewarding. My advice, try both, figure out which suits you, or even better if you have multiple loadouts make one with each. Parwen has 5 loadouts so she knows her feats pretty well 😛




Q = Forgemasters Flame for Single Target, or Searing Javelin for AOE.

E = Break the Spirit.

R = Daunting Light

1 = Guardian of Fatih

2 = Celestial Prominence

At-will 1 = Scattering Light

At-will 2 = Lance of Faith


For most Trash fights she uses Searing Javelin and Scattering light almost exclusively, they are usually short enough where you won’t get to use many of the Feats or mechanics of the class. When fighting Single Targets she uses Lance of Faith as her at-will.

For bosses she uses Forgemasters Flame Instead of Searing Javelin.

When you run out of Divinity, and you will….Use at-wills to build pips then hold tab to turn them into divinity….Rinse and Repeat. then go back to what you were doing…..If the fight goes on long enough Angel of Death will proc and then you should get your Divinity to 75% (you have 60 seconds to use Angel of Death) and use your Damage Increasing Artifact, and possibly any Trinkets, Use Break the Spirit then hit tab to activate Angel of Death and start firing Forgemaster’s Flame then Daunting light Back and forth as fast as you can….for 12 seconds, or if you use Perfect Balance then just keep that balance going xD







Class Features she uses are Expanded Faith (+150 maximum divinity) and Desperate Prayers, (Your Healing is increased up to 20% the closer your Divinity gets to 0.)


1st feat is repeated Blessings, because I could see it coming in useful…..maybe. But Soothe isn’t ever enough of a heal for me to use it, so I dropped that Empowered Soothe feat I  had specced.

2nd feat i went with Battle Prayer, why? Because in combat i can’t channel long enough to proc Rhythm of the Heavens because Cleric has no Control Immunity anymore besides Dodge and every trash mob has a CC effect added to at least 1 of their Attacks… so it’s the one I use. I thought rhythm of the heavens didn’t work but its does, i have no use for it though. Blocky@blockynutz explained it to me. basically it makes a halo around u that draws in as you channel and when its about diminished you see a bolt of light shoot down, and you have to release tab as the light is hitting you to get the effect to proc, it takes about 3-4 seconds.

3rd feat i went with Blessed Armaments, because Exalt is now part of my rotation ( I refused to use it in prior Modules because Parwen was not and never will be the average cleric.)  and the 20 magnitude damage effect adds to my AOE build…..which is what this build primarily is, an AOE damage cleric build, with some healing! I tried the 10% damage feat for awhile, but as it relies on full divinity and I more often then not burn it to 0, i don’t get much use from it.

4th feat Persistent Guardian, Guardian of the Faith is my main single target heavy hitter, of course i want it to add a persistent healbot for 25 seconds, no brainer!

5th feat i went with Angel of Life, it does come in useful when i’m all out of Divinity and the team is getting slaughtered by a boss or something, the other feat relies on channeling Divinity for 4 seconds to increase your healing by 5%…I’ve tried it too and it’s good also. (a friend discovered that angel of life won’t work with the class feature swift prayers)  I hate having to heal, unless it Crits! and it’s only like 1 bastion I have to use, so this feat……when it  does ever get to 30 stacks helps a lot with that.



Q = Exalt,and occasionally Geas.

E = Bastion Of Health/Sunburst/Divine Glow or where cleanse is needed i slot cleanse here (cleanse can remove runic corruption in Master Expeditions, quite handy there)  For solo play I slot Geas here at times.

R = Daunting Light

1 = Flamestrike

2 = Guardian of Faith

At-will 1 = Scattering Light

At-will 2 = Blessing of Light




When combat begins i Exalt then start firing away with Scattering Light,while using Daunting Light as carefully as possible…. and dodging  around constantly, continually firing Scattering Light. If the team needs me to heal i slot Bastion and will reasonably dish out heals as needed, trying to empower my bastions with Blessing of Light and also Exalt when i can, if there are negative effects being applied then i will use cleanse. For solo play she has no use for healing encounters. If a big group of mobs come together then you know its time to bust that Lantern of Revelation and drop Flamestrike! for bosses its cool to slot Soul Sight crystal…remember to exalt before using it and make SURE your daily is up so you can get that Guardian buffed! Wheel of the Elements can be fun too, I like to just give a random party member Fire and then take Earth and Jump into combat.

and thats basically what combat is reduced to now…..1 paragraph.

** I’ll leave this next thing here **

/bind F8 gensendmessage Stuck_Defeatme activate

For bosses or tough Encounters, what I try to do is channel for just long enough to get enough Divinity to cast bastion, move away from red AOE, and repeat this process until the boss or w/e is dead, at this point I do not use Daunting Light, all I can do is try to get enough divinity to keep my buddies from dying and hope the fight doesn’t wear on too much longer. Thankfully this situation rarely happens with a decent group anywhere.

Whenever you get an opportunity to channel and you are not in combat and your divinity is less than 90%, try to take advantage of it, while moving forward i jump then tap tab, it avoids rooting and allows you to keep moving but build increased divinity, your divinity is your main source of damage and healing so its a good idea even in combat to channel it for 1 or 2 sec after casting daunting light, just a little tap even will give you a bit of divinity because of Battle Prayer.



Ability Scores:

DEX and CHA all the way, the rest are pretty useless in my personal opinion, though for my PVP setup I do DEX and INT, for that extra 2.5% dmg or w/e it is.

DEX is movement speed and crit severity

CHA is companion influence and recovery speed (companion influence increases all the stats you recieve from Bonding Runestones. Recovery Speed is ineffectual this module, not to mention Clerics have like 0 powers with Cooldowns. All our Powers cost Divinity <3 )

(on a side note: from using Advanced Combat Tracker, I discovered that all my damage is registered as PHYSICAL, so you would think STR would be the way to go…..but 6 extra points in STR is only a 3% physical dmg boost,I feel other choices are better, but do as you will! also I am not min/maxing with Parwen, I just wanted a great all around build.)



I went for all Power and HP  and then Movement Speed (only works outside combat but still I like it.), Companion Influence (this is good, raises all the stats you get from Bonding Runestones equipped onto your Active Companion.), and then Awareness because my build is not capped their yet, also 2 points in Armor Penetration to get to 68,000 in case I ever do decide I want to do Lair of the Mad Mage….I Don’t like the way it was presented. It was completely Bugged out on the preview server when I ran it…ran it about 3 times. And then it went Live and the mechanics were different and it was all laggy, companions were giving no bonding or augmentation…..So I’m not really wanting to try it again…also I don’t even need to mention we could’t pass the 1st boss.

Master Boon is Bloodlust 3/3


Use whatever Guild Boons you find most useful, my Guild only has Armor Penetration for our Offense Boon so thats what I use, Also the HP one, and Mount Speed.





Summoned i use Stalwart Golden Lion:

His Stats:


Her Stats:


he’s a tank type pet, has ~788,000 Maximum HP and gives passive damage buffs to the team while absorbing 10% of the damage anyone within 5′ of him takes. love it… Other reasons for a Cleric to use an Actual Companion are that it takes aggro and damage off of your hands, it is leashed to YOU and you can use this to your advantage….i mean Combat Advantage, its that circle you see around Enemies that turns blue when you and at least 1 Ally flank that Enemy, so you will learn or hopefully already know how to always try to be on the opposite side of your Companion in combat to have Combat Advantage….also while other classes have Feats or Class Features that give them Combat Advantage, the Cleric has none.

for level 70 content with punishing scaling i will change to an augment, Legendary Ioun Stone of Might, an augment is roughly 10% more stats for you the player.

Augments Stats:


Her Stats:


Companion Power is Redemption: on damage taken there is a chance (seems like 100%) to heal for 4% of your max HP over 10 seconds.

With augment I run Potency: when you attack you get 2000 power basically as long as you remain in combat. does not stack.


For companion bonuses i went with all Stats….there are many with interesting and possibly useful bonuses though…..but i found all the ones i tested to be buggy so i went with stats.


Companions I tested 🙂

Renegade Evoker (didn’t proc once),

Owlbear cub (didn’t proc once),

Grung (tooltip says its a DOT, from observation it only hit 1 time though, and has an ICD)

Death Slaad (decent, but not impressive….out of all the ones i tested this was best….which isn’t saying much and doesn’t warrant using one),

Cockatrice (not impressed at all, low dmg, who needs root?)

Vicious dire wolf (meh…low dmg low chance to proc)

Celestial Lions Presence (tooltip states it gives a 10% dmg buff for 10 seconds, from observation it buffs the next attack once every ~20 seconds…this really bummed me out)

^ When they fix this I will swap it with Mercenary’s Dicipline.

Xuna (low dmg that only procs off at-wills, cost =/= effectiveness)

Con Artist (oof, very low dmg)



What Parwen Uses <3


Mercenary’s Discipline: +2000 Power, +1000 Combat Advantage from Mercenary

Xeygi’s Insight: +32,000 HP from Energon



Baby Deepcrows Presence: +6000 Power From Deepcrow Hatchling.

Raptor’s Instinct: Tooltip says its 1,500 power per player in group with it…. Observed: I get the full 6,000 Always no matter what. from Tamed Velociraptor.



Mighty Insight: +2000 Power, +4000 Deflection from Ioun Stone of Might



Six Empowered

she had all rank 14 Ruthless this past module, but I’m not trading them for bound runes, i just bought some cheap r8’s and ranked them up and will continue to do so. -__-




Mount Power is Stalwart: +25,000 max HP from Black Owlbear mount.

Also Parwen has the Swift Golden Lion Mount so her Combat Power is Aureal Armaments ( summon lion to knock back all foes and grant nearby party members a shield for 10 seconds that blocks 30% of their max HP in damage, when the shield dissipates allies recieve up to 3 stacks of Radiant Weapon Based on how much of the shield is remaining, the more shield thats left the more stacks you get, which causes all their attacks to deal an additional 2% damage as Radiant damage for 12 seconds.


Insignia Bonuses:


had to change a few things here, since most offensive bonuses are ruined now i went mainly defensive.

Oppressors Reprieve, seems to be a constant heal for ~3k every second in combat, can multiproc.

Warlords Inspiration: your summoned companion deals 20% more damage.

Barbarian’s Revelry: heal for 1% max HP when you land a critical strike. for me this is 2630 healing

Gladiators Guile: thankfully wasn’t nerfed too hard, 10% run speed at 75% or more stamina.

Knights Rebuke, ~800 heal per second in combat, constant




Both Rings and Her Neck and Waist have Major Combat Advantage Armor Kit’s +1 (+880 Combat Advantage)

All Armor has Major Power Armor Kit’s +1 (+880 Power)

Head: Crown of the Lost King , +2000 power when in combat with only 1 enemy. ,(got this from using runes and trading them to Zok for chests  Zok is the Goblin under the stairs in the community zone of Undermountain…Yawning Portal) *alternatively the spy guild head bought from the seal vendor is great for the 5% dmg buff in all of undermountain.*

Chest: Robes of the Last Profit (from Zokboxes), gain 125 power every 5 seconds you are in combat. *alternative is Gurdanns defense (ME boss drop) , +1500 power -2500 defense*

Arms: Curtunk’s Furry Sleeves (Zokboxes) when in combat with only 1 enemy your defense and deflection are increased by 1000.  *alternative is Crash Guards (ME boss drop)

Weapons: Alabaster (get these from doing expeditions, i got mine from the ladys rewards at the end, took 4 days of doing 3 a day, others say they have had the expo bosses drop them)

Main Hand Feature is Scattering light does 10% more damage, its 40 magnitude so from my calculations this buffs it up to 44 magnitude. better than other choices though…..

Offhand Features are  +2450 Power and 10% crit severity (the crit severity one is bugged and is actually only 7.5%…I still use it!)


Feet: Primal Restoration Qualisas (very important with all the AP gain nerfs!) thx SeraphineLaRadiante@lugiary for pointing this out to me <3 though I went back to the Root Stompers (zokboxes) because they have a constant dmg buff (your ranged powers do 2.5% more damage when you are 50′ or further from your target) and they set my max HP above 300k, with primal its 299k (pet peeve!) *alternative here of course is Gurtunks Booties (ME boss drop)*

Neck: Baphomet’s Infernal Talisman (so we’re back to this again eh?)

Rings: Ebonized Raid Ring x2 (expedition reward) overcaps crit but i need CA, for level 70 content i swap rings to 2x Assault ring of the spy’s guild with 2x Dark enchant rank 9 each, for more armor penetration. (ebonized raid rings have a 3% increased range damage buff that stacks  2x)

Belt: Demogorgon’s Girdle of Might (Like an old friend)

Shirt: Ebony Stained Raid Shirt (expedition reward) I use the 3% dmg when over 75% stamina shirt because  the one that lowers cooldowns has no use for a cleric, we don’t have cooldowns, we have Divinity!

Pants: Prized Raid Trousers of the Cult (expedition reward) 10% chance on critical hit to restore 25 Action points.


Main is lantern of Revelation or Soul Sight Crystal, also i find some small use out of Gond’s Anvil of Creation as well as the Decanter of Atropal Essence.

Orcus shard is mandatory for set bonus.

for the other 2 i want more max HP because it gives me more healing from all my  Insignia Bonuses!….but do what you need to.




Human. Reason? purely cosmetic. choose whatever you can stand to look at for hours on end!




Invocation Blessing: Power…Reroll Until you get Power.

Enhanced Superior Potion of Force +1: +1,200 Power, persists through death for 30 mins. (cheap on Auction House, buy 99x)

Watermelon Sorbet: +10% Power and Accuracy or w/e they replaced Recovery with LOL.

Caprese: + 11k max HP and 3% Deflection Chance

Wild Storm Elixir: +10% crit Severity and 350 Critical strike (lol @  +350 crit…not needed anyway though!)

Trinkets are Alliance Battle horn, Doohickey, and Empowered Chain of Scales.

Then i use the guild food that gives power and HP.



Armor: Elven Battle  (nothing changed here <3)

Weapon:Bronzewood or if Parwen has to main dps for some strange reason she uses Vorpal.

Offense Slots are all Radiant, except one which is the Heart of Fire.

Defense Slots are all Radiant

Utility slots are all Dark

Overloads are rank 1 and 2 Mark of the Undead Ward.Or for Undead Heavy Dungeons switch one over to Mark of the Undead slayer…or both even, but if you do both use a rank 1 and a rank 2! (you can find these at the vendor who is northeast of the water fountain in the middle of your Guild Stronghold.)



I wasn’t playing Arbiter much but I enjoy it for PVP, i use the last feat Perfect Balance, with Focused Light, and also slot BTS, doomsayer and Divine Equilibrium….gotta watch the stacks and “balance them to 4” helps to burst dmg and kill opponents…in pvp I dont stay alive long enough to proc Angel of Death lol.

also got the wyvern set and the globe thing….erratic drift globe from running my 4 alts through Master Expeditions for a month, i use these for HP increase, and trobriands ring for power and defense. i switch raptors instinct companion combat slot power with the armor pen one, scarecrows presence (4k arpen 1k defense)

Also swapped all Darks in Utility slots for Tactical (incoming healing bonus)

And the rings she uses for PVP are 2 Ebonized Restoration rings (same 3% ranged dmg increase as the Raid rings but instead of Critical Strike and Combat Advantage they have Critical Strike and Defense)  which have 1 offense and 1 defense slot each, all radiant r14.

Neck, Belt and rings have Major Awareness Jewel +1

About Level Scaling:

to do level 70 content now you need roughly 2x the stats you would for level 80, so if you need 60k arpen for lvl 80 you need about 120k for level 70 and depending on whether the dungeon is T1,T2 or T3 you need different stats (i’ve found 106,000 to be the actual baseline for T1, ~125,000 for T2 and over 150,000 for T3) so for venturing back to 70 stuff you may want to beef up your defense and definitely accuracy.

for T1 once inside you need 57k arpen

T2 and T3 once inside you need 97k arpen, except Lair of the Mad Mage, which only requires 68k

Scaling is subject to be changed at any time so hopefully this part can be removed from my guide soon.


Useful Keybindings:

Binds for the Vip powers
Bind them to any key

/bind F3 gensendMessage Vipaction_Overworldmapteleport activate
/bind F4 gensendMessage Vipaction_Mailbox activate
/bind F5 gensendMessage Vipaction_Bankvendor activate
/bind F6 gensendMessage Vipaction_Professionvendor activate
/bind F7 gensendMessage Vipaction_Moonstonemaskteleport activate

/bind F8 gensendmessage Stuck_Defeatme activate


Advice to new players:

Don’t worry about Item Level, concern yourself with understanding the game and in particular your class.

When you reach the Item Level to do the dungeons in a private queue (has a 1,000 IL lower requirement) with friends, then you can start learning it, and by the time you reach the Item Level to do them in public queues you will know the mechanics and have many successful runs under your belt and possibly even end up carrying the team sometimes! 😛

Don’t be discouraged by all the people asking for a specific IL or amount of Power in public and private Channels. Avoid those people and avoid grouping with them for content. You’ll enjoy the game more and also laugh when you see them doing this. I would NEVER ask for IL or Power, what matters to me for hard content is friendliness, willingness to listen…experience and skill is always a + too 😛

Make lots of friends <3 Socialize,joke around and just have fun, there’s hundreds of cool, down to earth players just like you out there (my target audience for this guide!)


LOMM guide: do what I do, just don’t queue for it xD

credits to [email protected] for being my best ingame friend, teaching me the game and recommending me to buy more character slots and play all the classes before settling on a main…i mained Oathbound Paladin my 1st year (my Paladin is Rekk [email protected]#2455)


So thats my guide for now, any questions feel free to comment here, hit me up ingame, or email me at [email protected]


She walks in light, her faith guiding her every step, she knows no fear for she is the Avatar of the Divine….

“Be Faithful, be Virtuous, but above all my friends, be Righteous!”


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    November 14, 2018 at 10:05 am

    I’m dps dc and I don’t care about others ?

  • Saul Clemente
    May 2, 2019 at 9:44 pm

    makes the Guardian Fighter pls!

    • May 28, 2019 at 7:08 pm

      I could make one for guardian fighter. but honestly I would rather leave that to players who main the fighter class, then try to do a workup build for a class i hardly play.
      give it a little time for this module to get sorted out and you’ll see a bunch of fighter guides popping up. my advice for now is trial and error…..thats what i’ve always done, I’m too much of a rebel to follow a guide so I do all my own testing 😉

  • Hessian Black
    May 7, 2019 at 4:13 am

    At least you wrote one most people are sadly happier been the self appointed critic but never the author.

    good read and good pointers cheers

  • Max Damage
    May 8, 2019 at 10:20 am

    >>Rhythm of the Heavens doesn’t actually do anything…at all
    It does. But its random. And its activation is not shown in the HUD. Sometimes i release TAB (divinity generation stops) and instantly i get a medium chunk of divinity restored at muuuch higher rate than it was generated by “tabbing” earlier. Yet it’s still a minor bonus u cant rely on.

  • May 8, 2019 at 8:15 pm

    If you say so max damage, i specced it then tested myself for over 30 mins and it did not proc 1 single time. I think you may be confusing your passive divinity regen with that feat actually doing something, it gives spiking jumps to divinity every 3 seconds outside combat, and just tapping tab will make it restore more…..unless you can prove it works with combat logs or some other means like a screenshot with an activated power pop up, i’m gonna call bs on that

    edit: eh i was wrong sorry about that. a friend on discord showed me how it worked and explained it. thanks for the input

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    Where is the debuff´s companions??? Orcus set ??? Are you a dps???
    Hummmm…. Hummmmm….

  • June 19, 2019 at 3:53 am

    Thanks for the guild as the community currently lacks much detail towards builds for Mod16 which for those of us whom have been playing for quite some time can understand. I’m curious however why there is no mention of a race and why that race was/was not chosen? Historically the race mattered (ie. Metallic Dragonborne) for clerics as the meta. Here though you don’t even mention it.

    • June 19, 2019 at 5:18 am

      She is obviously Human. It used to be a better choice (in my opinion) for the 3 extra heroic feats. most endgame players will agree race is purely cosmetic, especially now. I didn’t include it because it doesn’t matter. Since you asked though I have added a comment on Race to this guide,
      thanks for the feedback!

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